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"Can you get the door?" Booth asked Parker as they stepped out of the elevator. Parker nodded, taking the keys from his father.

The two headed straight to the kitchen. Booth left the bags of food on the kitchen table and Parker assisted by taking out the containers of food.

"Bones…" Booth called as he shrugged out of his jacket, setting out to look for her.

Her laughter reached him before he got to the living room. "Bones!" He wasn't expecting to find her on the floor with the baby.

She shot him a sideways glance, still laughing. "Look!" Michael stood between her spread legs, his small fists clinging to her hands. The boy bent his knees and bounced back up. Again and again.

"Adorable." He admitted, a bit entranced by both Brennan's laughter and the baby's. "But why are you on the floor?" He walked closer, squatting by her side. "Did you fall?"

"What?" Brennan tore her eyes from the bouncing baby to look at Booth. The worry etched on his face was unmistakable. "No." Brennan recounted the mishap with Michael's diaper change. Picking up a fallen diaper wasn't an easy task. "I couldn't stand up." So, she changed the baby's diaper on the floor.

"Why didn't you call me?" Booth passed a hand over the swell of her stomach.

"We're fine." Brennan assured, stating there was no reason to worry him over the phone. "You're here now. Help me up." She was proud of her independence, but in certain situations help was necessary.

"Oh, Bones." Booth shook his head. Sometimes he wondered if he'd make it through the pregnancy with the scares she gave him.


After dinner, Parker sat with Michael on a blanket on the carpeted living room floor. Booth loved how enthusiastic his son was with the baby. He could already picture his boy spending time with his little sister.

A few minutes later, he rose from the couch. "I'll be back." Booth told Parker. "I'm going to see if Bones needs anything." Booth waited until his son looked up at him.

"Okay." Parker waved him off, getting back to his game with Michael.

Sock clad feet led him to the bathroom. He slid the door, turning just as Brennan was exiting the shower.

"Here." He grabbed her favorite fluffy towel and passed it to her. As she took care of her upper half, he dried off her legs and feet.

"Thank you." Brennan acknowledged how thoughtful he was. Sure, sometimes he could go over the top with his overprotectiveness. But in certain circumstances his actions merited a reward. When he stood up she wrapped her arms around his neck, crushing his mouth to hers.

"Mmm…" Booth's murmur was swallowed by their kiss as his hands landed on her hips. The kiss was simple, but sweet and he pressed her as much as possible against him.

A loud clatter reached them from the living room and with a regretful sigh, Booth tore himself away from Brennan.

By the time Brennan joined the others in the living room everything seemed to be in order. The baby was rubbing at his eyes and squirming in Booth's hold. Before the fussy grunts turned into full blown cries Brennan took the baby.


The rustle of clothing and soft movement woke Booth. The outside street lamps filtered a bit of light through the blinds, making it easier for him to see that his partner was wide awake.

"Hey, where's the little guy?" Booth looked around, searching for the baby.

"Right here." Brennan took his left hand and guided him to feel the baby. Michael was arched like a bow along the length of her belly, cuddling close.

"Oh." Booth blinked, squinting down to better see the small figure. "Seeking warmth, eh?" The covers rode low on Brennan's hip. He figured it was so she could keep a better eye on the boy. The little guy had a foot resting on her belly. Brennan stroked her enlarged abdomen, gave the boy's foot a soft squeeze before resuming the caress on her belly.

"She's being very active right now." Brennan suspected the movement had attracted the boy.

"Maybe." Booth scooted closer, careful not to disrupt Michael. He passed a hand up and down her side. "He probably misses his Mom." Booth rose on one elbow, maneuvering to kiss her cheek. "And I'm pretty sure Mikey can tell that you're a Mommy." He placed another kiss above her navel. "As for our little girl…" He settled back on his side and rubbed her right forearm. "You haven't stopped since yesterday morning." He advised her to rest. "I'll watch the little guy." His hand moved to her shoulder, kneading softly.

Sleep came without giving her a chance to fight it. Even before she opened her eyes she could tell it was early morning. Brennan felt rested, enough to face the day. In an unconscious gesture she reached out to touch Booth. Her hand made contact with a small body, forcing her eyes open.

She took her time cataloguing the scene before her. Booth was on his back, keeping an arm around the little boy resting on his chest.

He was a good father, she knew. Witnessing that scene was like taking a peek into the future. In a couple of weeks their daughter would arrive and Brennan was sure she'd be greeted with a similar image.

She scooted closer, placing a hand on her partner's right thigh. Booth stirred with the touch, mumbling something about her being naughty. The sleepy comment got a chuckle out of her, making a very awake and alert baby turn to face her.


Booth rubbed a hand across his jaw, scratching at the stubble he found there. He vaguely remembered Brennan getting out of bed and taking Michael with her. He took a few moments to dart his eyes around the room before getting out bed himself.

He went about his morning routine without haste.

"Mornin'." He managed to say through a stifled yawn. Parker was seated on the couch with Michael, snuggled close and covered with a blanket. Parker returned the greeting, never tearing his eyes away from the television. It seemed his boy had somehow convinced Brennan to let him watch a bit of TV before breakfast.

His partner was moving about his kitchen with some difficulty. She'd manifested her distaste of the 'small' kitchen. It was a complaint he heard often these days and it was a clear reminder that they needed to hurry up and find a place.

Their place.

"Good Morning, Bones." He snuck up on her and she swatted his arms away. He chuckled softly, knowing perfectly well she hated when he did that while she was cooking. But he did it anyway, loving her indignant huff every time he startled her. "Let me help you." He sent her away, stating it was his turn to make breakfast.

"This doesn't count." Brennan pointed out that he took over when she was done prepping. Before he had the chance to make a comeback, the doorbell rang.

"Expecting someone?" He frowned as he saw the time displayed on the stove clock. It wasn't even ten yet, so he wondered who was at their door.

"No." Brennan was as surprised as he was. "Angela?" She wasn't expecting her friend to be back until late afternoon.

"I know." Angela nodded, sharing an embrace with her friend. The entomologist closed the door after himself, announcing how difficult it was to wait until later that afternoon to get back. "We had fun." Angela clarified. "But I miss my baby."

"Hey, guys." Booth poked his head out to greet the couple. Hodgins waved at Booth as he followed the women to the living room.

Michael made happy sounds as his mother wrapped her arms around him. "I missed you so much." Angela confessed, raining kisses on her son's cheeks. Hodgins joined his wife's side, demonstrating his love as well.

Brennan rested a hand on her stomach and shot a glance at Booth when he joined them, standing a few feet away. He stared back at her, a silent communication passing between them. Booth shot her a wink, no doubt reading her emotions. She smiled back at him just because.