By Elitemassacre6 aka Britt

Chapter 6

A/N: So, i obviously owe you guys an apology over how long it's taken me to write this. It's been difficult to put together based on the differences in peoples opinions about how this should have come together. Some wanted Berritana, some wanted Faberittana, some thought it was going to turn into Faberry/Brittana, and it isn't guys. I fully intend for this to continue on the path it's currently taking and write it out as it falls from my brain.

It's the smoky, alluring smell of bacon that wakes the slumbering blonde, her eyes opening and closing slowly over a period of five minutes. When she realizes she isn't dreaming, she raises her head off Rachel's chest to breathe deeply. When she exhales, her breathe tickles across the sleeping brunettes breast bone and she slowly opens her own coffee colored eyes.

"Quinn?" The way the other girl says her name...the husky quality having just awaken gives Rachel's voice is something the blonde tries to ignore while Rachel naturally flexes her muscles and pulls the blonde closer, her ear resting on the smaller girl's left breast. Everything from the night before slowly floods back into the hazel eyed-girl's mind, forcing her thoughts away from soft, delicious skin and awaiting bacon for the moment.

"G'morning, I think San and Britt are making breakfast downstairs if you're in the mood to get up." Their eyes lock together and finally, Rachel relaxes her toned arms enough for Quinn to reluctantly slip out and stand up, pulling the girl with her as she does.

"Good morning, Quinn. Would you mind handing me those sweats? Do you need a pair?" She stretched, muscled body long, lean, and attention grabbing, she catches the airborne clothing and slips the warm pants up each leg.

"No, i'm ok. Years of wearing those skirts has thrown away any modesty I may have had about my legs . Let's go, I smell bacon and...waffles?" Rachel nodded, following an obviously hungry Quinn down the steps and into the clean kitchen.

Two plates and mugs were placed in front of them when they sat down, Brittany smiling down at them.

"Look who's awake. Sleep good guys?" Brittany asks, leaning down to place her lips on Rachel's and then on Quinn's forehead before frowning back at Santana about the scowl twisting her lips.

"That's a good question, Q. Have a good night's sleep all cuddled up with our girlfriend?" Brittany softly shoved her elbow into the latina's abs, but also looked back at Quinn, just as interested in the answer. The shorter blonde flicked her eyes over to Rachel's, sipping on her coffee.

"Stop it. Quinn was very drunk last night and she needed me. I'd have done the same for either of you before we were together. Santana, stop looking at her like that, Quinn did nothing wrong." Rachel reached over and grabbed the blondes hand, giving it a gentle squeeze.

"But since you ask, we both slept very well thank you. When did everyone leave?"

"Twenty minutes ago. We made them breakfast then started on yours. We knew that bacon would wake Quinn up. The basement's already all cleaned up, and Britt had Puck take all the garbage out." The hazel eye'd blonde finally looked up at what the other two girl were wearing.

"Where are you two heading?" Quinn asks, tearing into the last quarter of her bacon topped, syrup slathered waffle.

"We promised Annabelle we'd take her to that hands on musuem in Columbus. Got to go pick her up now. We would have invited you two, but we made the plans and everything a month and a half ago. " Quinn bit into her last piece of bacon as Santana grabbed her keyes off the counter and stuffed a beanie over her flowing hair.

"Would you rather take the Volt? That's a pretty long drive." Rachel grabbed her plate and Quinn's too as she stood up, heading to the sink. She dropped them in and leaned up on her toes to place soft kisses on the two bundled up girl's lips.

"Nope, full tank, bye guys." Brittany yelled behind her back as they walked out the door, locking it behind them.

"I guess we're spending time together today unless you have other plans, Rach?"

"I do not. Now seems like as good a time as any to start that conversation." Quinn raised that trademark eyebrow, licking the last of the taste of syrupy bacon off of her lips.

"Was there supposed to be a conversation? You said once we'd had our coffee, if I remembered the night, you'd tell me the truth." That perfect, slim, eyebrow popped, and Rachel huffed out her frustration at the way being close to Quinn made her say things she probably shouldn't

"I did say that. Why did I say that?" Quinn laughed lightly, leaning back in her chair when Rachel pouted at her.

"Maybe because the answer is yes?" The blonde said, both confidence and a lack of it was evident to Rachel in those words. She wanted to tell Quinn that she was wrong, that she'd been trying to save her feelings last night, because everything was already so complicated with Brittany and Santana and the relationship she was as of yet unprepared to make public.

"Maybe...say you are correct about that. What would that mean? Everything is already so..." She tangled her fingers together in a gesture that she hoped Quinn understood.

"It would mean that i'm willing to wait for you until everything is less complicated. Until you're ready. You've given that gift to me once before. I'd be glad to give it to you, now."

"I wish I didn't have to ask that of you. Time is the hardest thing to give, especially concerning something or... someone you care greatly about. "

"I do, Rache. You know that. In the mean time, in between time..." Rachel rolled her eyes at her, laughing light heartedly.

"You have friends and family. Those who love you. And as it always will, that includes me."

"I love you too. Now, let's go." Quinn pulled Rachel on behind her as she headed towards the stairs.

"What? Go? Where are we going?" She stumbled up the stairs behind the rushing blonde, she was going to have to talk to Quinn about the dangers of running on unstable surfaces.

"I may have signed us up for a dance class. It won't screw with your schedule, I set us up on a trial basis. We have to be there in half an hour, so hop in the shower and i'll use San's, okay?"

"Wait, Quinn, what should I wear? What kind of class is it?" Rachel reached out, her hand soft in the blonde's.

"Put on those shoes from the New York number we did and something loose and comfortable. Hurry though, I know you'll want to be early." The taller girl pushed Rachel into her room before turnin and heading into Santana's. She knew th brunette was excited to try something new, and that was the whole reason for her signing them up, for the two of them to have fun together doing something new. And, maybe, in the meantime, all the physical exercise could make her temporarily forget that Rachel, Santana, and Brittany didn't seem to want her the way she wanted them.