Nanao was never one to beat around the bush. In fact, her blunt attitude rivaled even the Captain of Squad Two. So, when she was asked to come and meet Lisa, she had not been kind.

"What do you want?" Her words were biting, and the usually strong woman before her flinched. Nanao secretly felt horrible over what she had said, but refused to let her guard down.

"I wanted to see you, Nanao-chan." Her voice was soft, so unlike her normally hearty tone. The said woman blushed, before composing herself and turning her back.

"Well, you saw me. I have paperwork to do, so if you excuse me-"

But her arm was caught in a vice grip, as she strained to get away. Lisa saw that blush though, and was dead set on finding the meaning of it.

It was a secret that Lisa was attracted to the younger lieutenant. Ever since they had met up again at the Winter War, the love had advanced a step.

So the blush was a good sign. She held fast, not letting her guard down. "Listen, Nanao-chan, I just wanted to talk. Hear me out, okay?" Taking a deep breath, she looked down, eyes dark.

"I understand what I did. I was careless, and left you behind. You were so small, and I naïve and young. I should have ran, came home to you.

"I was confident though, in Shunsui's ability to raise you. I mean, look. A lieutenant, one of the smartest in Soul Society, and you have a large amount of people who like you. Something I never had."

Nanao felt her tears, threatening to run down her perfect face. Instead, she looked at the sky, desperately holding them back.

"Lisa, it won't make up for it. You were being stupid."

The ex-soul reaper rolled her eyes. "No shit, Ise." Nanao flinched at the use of her last name. "I have been being stupid for the past one hundred years, trying to fucking forget everything. Trying to forget you. It eats me away, knowing that I made you cry at one point. I love you Nanao-chan, in a family sense and then some. And whether you forgive me or not, I'm not going to hurt you anymore. Just say the word, and I'll walk out forever."

They stood there for a moment, and Nanao wrenched her arm away, rubbing the slightly red spot. Her tears ran quietly down her face, and she turned, to see a forlorn Lisa staring at her in longing and loss.

That alone made her heart thump loudly in her chest. In less than a second, Nanao launched herself into Lisa's surprised arms.

She cried into her blouse, staining it, while the older patted her hair and whispered sweet nothings in her ear. It was a small comfort, one that made both women immensely calmer.

When the tears subsided, Nanao, wiped her eyes, but held on tight to Lisa, trying to find the answers.

"Don't leave." She managed to choke out. Lisa stiffened, but relaxed when hands clutched at her face.

"I won't. Not until you say the words, Nanao-chan." They stood their, comfortable in each others warmth, before Lisa took a step back.

Nanao looked ready to break down again, until she caught the playful wink her friend threw at her.


"Well, come on! I have to inform Shunsui of the recent developments. After all, you're mine now. Can't let him think otherwise."

Nanao reached out, and grabbed her hand, finding it to be soft. She smiled, the first real one in a long time.

"I love you, Lisa."

"Love ya too, Nanao Ise. Now lets go."

They ran off into the night, their quiet laughter the only thing disturbing the silence.