What Comes Next?

By: TracyCook

Disclaimer: I own nothing. These characters belong to the creator of Glee.

Couple: Brittany/Rachel

Rating: M

Chapter 1

Strange Charm

"I do not understand why you are getting irrationally upset with me Finn; I warned you that this year would be all about improving my vocal ability in order to achieve my dream. You said that you understood that." Rachel stated in a rush as she let out a huff of air and looked up at her boyfriend.

Reaching out the young man placed his hands on her shoulders running them over the brunette's arms gently. "Rach, I'm not upset."

"Truthfully?" She asked glancing into his eyes. "Because you sound rather upset."

"I'm not upset—" Finn started before being silenced by a raise of Rachel's eyebrow. Letting out a sigh he realized that he was upset, but was it really so horrible to be upset that he could not spend more time with his girlfriend? That he could not be more intimate with his girlfriend? "Okay maybe I am a little upset."

The shorter of the two wore a smug grin at being correct about the situation, if there was one thing that she loved it was being right. "I knew it."

"Is it really that bad of me to be upset that we don't get to spend time together? I really miss you, and I know that you have to focus on your future; I just wish you had a little more time for me. You're boyfriend." He added the last part with a soft smile which earned a smile from Rachel in return.

"I warned you that I could not put my relationship first this year Finn. I know that I love you, and it means the world to me, but I love myself too. Sometimes I need to focus on me."

"You always focus on you." Finn mumbled angrily. Instantly regretting it when he witnessed a flash of hurt cross his girlfriend's face. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have—"

It hurt to hear her boyfriend say those words to her, it really did, but she was not going to let him tear her down or hurt her. She knew what she wanted out of life and she knew that she had to be a little selfish to get it and as much as she loved Finn sometimes she felt that he weighed her down. "Don't worry about it." Rachel forced a smile. "It's true, sometimes I can be a bit selfish, but you have to be if you want to make your dreams come true. I refuse to allow anyone to stand in the way of them."

"I would never stand in the way of them. I just miss you." He said with a smile which she again returned. Her smile looked as if it could consume her face at any moment and he could not help but find it adorable.

"Then you must understand that for now you come second to my dreams." She stated seriously.

"I understand." His eyes saddened as he pulled his hands away placing them at his sides.

Reaching out Rachel took his hands in her own and her smile widened even more so as she pulled him close, holding onto his gaze with her own. She truly did love him and want him to be happy and feel loved, but this was her future they were talking about. A relationship she had no control over, he could leave her and break her any day for someone more beautiful. 'Like Quinn…' Her future she could control. "I miss you too." She whispered.

This caused his smile to return as he leant down pressing his lips to hers in a chaste kiss, wishing that he could have more of her.

G g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g

Brittany stared into the brown eyes of the woman that she loved, trying her hardest to portray her feelings. The longing that she felt toward the other, the need for more than just a physical relationship. "I don't think they'll care, San. Please?" She pleaded reaching out and trying to take her best friend's hands with her own only to be rejected as the Latina pulled away as if burnt by a flame.

"Britts we've talked about this." Santana stated as she took a step backward trying to calm her shaking form. Honestly she loved the blonde. She simply was not ready to deal with everyone at the school knowing that she loved her.

"I know." She mumbled in her monotone even voice, though it did waver a bit.

"Then just drop it okay? And give me some of those sweet lady kisses." As she leant in to claim the taller girl's lips with her own she was shocked to see Brittany pull away and look down. While Santana understood where her best friend was coming from, she still grew angry with this. No one ever pulled away from her. She was irresistible in the sex department. 'I suck at talking sure, but I am definitely good with the sexing.' She thought before letting out an annoyed sound and slamming her locker shut. "Whatever."

Brittany reached out to stop Santana from storming away but once again as she reached out to grab the other girl's arm she felt her pull away from her. "San." She whispered softly which undoubtedly went unheard by the brunette. Blue eyes watched as the woman she loved walked away, once again taking a stab at her bleeding heart before taking it with her. Brittany knew that she was in love with her friend, she had always wanted to be more with her, but now that she admitted it Santana refused to give that to her. For her it was just sex.

Letting out a soft sigh she tried to contain the tears knowing that she would be with her "family" soon. The Glee club had truly become one of her favorite pass-times. She had grown to feel safe and accepted with them and that was all that she had ever wanted in life. Brittany loved them all and knew they would be able to cheer her up.

Forcing a smile onto her lips she headed into the room.

Rachel was not the only one who was shocked to see the blonde walk into the practice room and take a seat beside her in the front row opposed to her normal seat in the back with Santana. Although her mind was preoccupied with many things at the moment far more important to her, such as Finn and her entire future, she could not help but notice that Brittany's smile seemed less innocent and vibrant. For just a moment she pondered it flashing a soft smile in her direction, which was hardly returned. 'I wonder what is going on with her…'

All of this concern was removed as Will entered the room with a large smile on his features; she quickly grew excited at the thought of having a new assignment.

Brittany found herself trying to get Santana's attention with her blue eyes, begging for her to notice her, as Will entered the room. She had barely noticed the smile that Rachel had displayed for her; it was not uncommon for her to smile after all.

"Hey you guys, how was your weekend?"

As usual most of the Glee members chose to stay silent at the question, responding with simple nods or 'goods' and 'okays', but there was of course one girl in the room who took the question seriously. Brittany watched as Rachel smiled brightly standing up from the chair as if she were about to do a class presentation. Out of all of the members of Glee, the selfish brunette was the most difficult for her to get along with. 'For anyone to get along with… I don't get how Finn can stand her, she always uses so many words I don't even understand…' Still, despite the big words, that large creepy smile that she always wore, and the way that she could never stop talking or trying to hog the spotlight, she actually grew to like Rachel.

The brunette carried herself with charm, a strange disturbing charm. Blue eyes watched as the other girl spoke loudly and confidently. "Mr. Schue, I had the most amazing weekend. I actually spent the entire weekend, making certain to keep time for a good eight hours of sleep a night, composing a new song that I was hoping to perform for you all today."

Brittany smiled softly as she watched the girl talk so quickly and excitedly, it was almost cute. 'Definitely a strange disturbing charm…' Her thoughts were a little disturbing; she had thought Rachel was cute? That was not something she did often. Cats were cute, rainbows were cute, Rachel was not cute.

Will sighed but continued smiling, everyone wondering when he would snap and put the controlling brunette in her place. He was supposed to be in charge. "While I am sure it is a wonderful song, I actually have an assignment for this week."

"Oh. Very well." She whispered out before sitting back in her chair discouraged.

Again the blonde felt inclined to think that the self-centered woman was cute, it nearly made her sick to her stomach. She never found it cute when Rachel pouted because she didn't get her way. Again she glanced to Santana only to see the brunette glance away and scowl. 'I miss her already… I wish we could just be together…'

"This week we will be doing duets!"

All of the teenagers stared toward their teacher, Rachel suddenly growing excited again as the smile returned to her face like a disease spreading ear to ear. She loved performing duets, especially when she had an amazing boyfriend she loved more than anything to perform them with. Reaching out she squeezing Finn's hand glancing over with large sparkling brown eyes. Her smile fell a bit when she realized that he was not as excited as she was.

"Mr. Schue, we always do duets. What's so special about these ones?" Kurt asked disappointment evident in his voice, though he always loved to sing he liked to try new things. Will tended to stick with the old and never let in the new and it irritated him.

"I will be choosing your duet partners."

Suddenly Rachel's heart sank and she started to feel sick to her stomach. That meant that she would not be singing with her boyfriend. Not only was she upset about missing this moment with the man that she loved, she was upset at the thought of him sharing it with someone else. Particularly Quinn who she noticed was wearing a grin.

Brittany found any hope that she had had to perform with the woman she loved disappear as she heard Will announce that he would be choosing the partners. He would never put the two of them together. Somehow she had hoped that Santana would change her mind and decide to sing a duet with her in front of everyone announcing her undying love for the blonde. Now that unrealistic dream was even more unreachable.

"Artie." Will announced ignoring the annoyed glare he received from Rachel's direction. "You will be singing with Mike."

"Mike?" Artie asked glancing over at the other man. Mike was his friend certainly, but he had hoped he could sing to Brittany and win her heart over after the stupid comment he had made about her intelligence. Sighing he forced a smile and shrugged.

"Tina and Kurt, you two will sing together."

Kurt smiled brightly crossing one leg over the other placing his hands over his knee. This made him happy; at least he would get most of the spotlight. He was not afraid to admit that he was a diva and he loved to play the lead role. Usually the female lead if acceptable.

"Quinn you will be singing with Finn." These words caught everyone's attention. They all were well aware of the constant love triangle going on between Quinn, Finn, and Rachel.

Rachel's head snapped backward and brown eyes burrowed into the blonde who now wore a smirk of deviation as her hazel eyes danced with mischief. Obviously she was enjoying the arrangement more than herself; quickly she glanced to Finn only to see that he too did not seem too upset with the pairing. Heart pounding in her chest the controlling brunette had to force herself to calm down, Finn had told her that he loved her, chosen her over Quinn twice now, she should trust him. Finally Rachel looked back to Will and she quickly asked "Are you certain this is a good idea Mr. Schue? Finn and I are obviously more compatible vocally and I think—"

"Rachel, I have already assigned the partners. You will just have to accept them."



This silenced the brunette which earned a smirk from Brittany who had been watching the drama unfold. Watching Rachel was always comical because she was so ridiculously over the top in everything that she did. Sometimes it was admirable, usually it was embarrassing, and at all times it was hilarious to witness. Though she could sympathize, she knew that she was going to be completely upset with whoever got to sing with the woman she loved, but she would never react like Rachel.

"Santana you will be paired up with Puck."

Brittany felt her heart start to pound against her ribcage so hard it could break it. She was pretty sure that was possible. Glancing up she finally caught Santana's eyes for a moment before the Latina smirked across the room at Puck. 'Those are her sexy eyes… she is giving him her sexy eyes…' Her heart continued to race as she fought the urge to jump up and claim her woman.

"Sam, you're with Mercedes."

Rachel watched as they smiled brightly, it was so obvious that they were dating. 'Of course they get to be with each other… wait! That only leaves—"


The blonde snapped her attention to the front of the room and she smiled innocently at Will awaiting who she would be paired up with. Not taking into account that everyone in the room had been paired up except for—

"You will be with Rachel."

Both girls let out visible sighs as they looked over at each other. Brittany was shocked when her heart completely stopped as she stared into cold deep brown eyes; it almost made her blush with the passion that they held. 'Strange reaction.' She thought to herself absentmindedly, so distracted in the moment she did not even notice the daggers that Santana was shooting at Rachel.

"May I suggest that I do most of the singing and you stick with your specialty?"

Blue eyes turned to slits and any sign of pink on her cheeks or a smile on her face disappeared. "I would like to sing." Brittany stated before facing forward in her chair once again annoyed with the controlling woman. Why did things always have to go her way? Again she wondered how Finn could date someone like that; she probably told her what to do all the time. 'Kind of like Santana… only different because Rach is way more annoying about it…' When Rachel had not responded the blonde added in a monotone voice "and, I'm more talented then you."

G g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g

"I was thinking that maybe we could perform a song from one of my favorite Broadway musicals—" Rachel started her eyes widening as they sparkled with excitement and her smile spreading ear to ear. She always got this way when she spoke about music.

"—I already chose a song." Brittany mumbled, interrupting the other girl before she could begin to explain. Sometimes the brunette was as interesting as Will, always choosing music that she had never heard of. 'She's cuter than Will though…' There it was again, that word that became creepy when used in correlation with the brunette. It was true though, there was something cute about her obsessive almost crazy nature, she was more passionate than everyone else in the school put together and that was admirable as well as annoying.

Once again Rachel found herself interrupted whilst trying to explain one of her amazing ideas. "Oh." She whispered out, sitting on the stool in front of the piano watching the cheerleader with wary brown eyes. "I see. What pleasant song will you be gracing my ears with this fine afternoon? A hit Broadway number perhaps?" She asked with hope practically radiating off of her.

For a moment Brittany wished that she knew a Broadway song that she could sing for the other girl if only to make her proud. Then she realized that thought was stupid, she did not care if Rachel was proud of her. "You talk funny." She mumbled before turning to the radio in order to click play. "And no."

The music that assaulted the brunette's ears caused her jaw to clench. She would not be doing a duet to this song. "Brittany." It was too late it seemed as the blonde started to dance around the room, with such fluidity it caused Rachel's jaw to unclench a bit and fall open. She had always known that Brittany was an amazing dancer but she had never actually taken the time to watch her dance before. She blushed as she realized that her brown eyes had wandered the expanse of the blonde's body taking in the sliver of skin where her cheerleading top rid up revealing her toned abdomen, and of course her perfect legs. The way that she danced was so sensual, sexual even, and that made Rachel uncomfortable causing her to glance away and focus on her hands.

"Everybody look at me, me.

I walk in the door you start screaming.

Come on everybody, what you here for?

Move your body 'round like a nympho."

The words themselves were enough to make the brunette blush, add in the fact that the cheerleader was now closer to her in proximity trying to force her to watch her dancing, it was becoming unbearable. She could practically feel the heat radiating off of Brittany who was now only two feet away from her and although she would berate herself for it later she could not help but allow her large brown eyes to wander upward. What she saw caused her breath to catch in her throat and she definitely did not understand the reasoning. It was uncomfortable for her, she never reacted this way, she was Rachel Berry always in control.

"Everybody get your neck to crack around.

All you crazy people come on jump around.

I wanna see you all on your knees, knees.

You either wanna be with me or be me."

As the blonde sang her hands moved to lift her shirt just a bit revealing more of that perfectly toned abdomen. Brown eyes immediately glued to the exposed skin and she bit down on her bottom lip, blushing some more out of discomfort. 'She is so beautiful… wait what? Why would I think something like that…?'

"Maneater, make you work hard, make you spend hard.

Make you want all of her love.

She's a maneater, make you buy cars, make you cut cards,

Make you fall real hard in love."

Rachel decided that the odd attraction toward Brittany had rationality behind it; it was obvious why she had stared at her. Why she was completely uncomfortable. The dancing was sexual, the song was sexual, and sexual was not something she had much experience with. The blonde cheerleader obviously had much more experience and an amazing body, one that she would kill for.

Often she found herself telling people she loved the way that she looked and yet she found the need to exorcise every single day in order to keep in shape. 'And I still do not look like her… this must simply be vain jealousy… Rachel I never thought you would stoop so low.'

"And when she walks she walks with passion,

When she talks she talks like she can handle it.

When she asks for something boy she means it,

Even if you never ever see it."

Brittany would be lying if she did not admit to herself that she enjoyed seeing Rachel's brown eyes darken with desire, and maybe she did roll her hips a few more times than necessary simply to watch her bite down on that full bottom lip of hers. It was hot. It meant nothing more, she loved teasing and showing off her body for attention, so what was the big deal if she got to feel confident out of it?

"Maneater, make you work hard, make you spend hard.

Make you want all of her love.

She's a maneater, make you buy cars, make you cut cards,

Make you fall real hard in love."

Once the song had come to an end, her voice died down as did the dancing. A thin layer of sweat coating the blonde's skin as she gave a soft smile. Secretly she wanted the ambitious girl's approval though she would undoubtedly be insulted. Brittany knew that her singing was not that amazing and next to Rachel her singing paled in comparison but she still thought she was fairly good.

"So, what did you think?" She asked despondently as she moved to sit beside the other on the stool. Blue eyes watching her, awaiting and nearly pleading for approval.

"You have improved." Rachel started with a bright smile. She was being honest; the blonde had greatly improved her singing skills. Not that it had been all that easy to focus on her voice while she was standing two feet away from her practically stripping.

"You really think so?" Brittany breathed out a smile gracing her lips and her blue eyes brightening considerably.

"Why else would I say it?" She questioned bluntly.

"True, you just don't give compliments often." She mumbled once again returning to her monotone voice as she looked at the brunette, watching her closely. As her face scrunched up in worry the blonde could tell it was not all going to be compliments and that discouraged her.

"Well I am only speaking the truth." Pausing Rachel smiled hesitantly as she continued. "But I do find one small flaw in the song that you chose for our duet. I think that it may be a little too promiscuous for my taste and I feel uncomfortable singing about such personal subjects."

"I don't understand." Brittany mumbled, once again thrown off by the other girl's large vocabulary.

"I mean it is a bit too." Pausing to let out a soft breath she said in a hushed tone. "Sexual."

"That's why I like it."

"Yes, but this is a duet Britt and I was hoping for something a little more emotional. Something that actually reached down into the soul and told a story, not a song about provocatively eating men." She shuddered at the thought before smiling at the sensitive blonde who was now frowning and looked completely baffled. Reaching out a hand before fully thinking it through she placed it over the other girl's giving it a soft squeeze. Lately she had cared a lot more about the people around her and allowing them a moment to shine, as long as she still got to be the star.

"This songs about eating men? Gross." She mumbled, sidetracked by the thought of physically eating a man. "Unless you're a zombie. Is Nelly Furtado a Zombie?"

Rachel's eyes widened as she heard the question and she could not hold back her laughter, sometimes it was ridiculous how naïve Brittany was. How could someone be so gullible? When she had met the blonde it had been a quality that really agitated her, not because she thought she was unintelligent, more so because it was so difficult to get her point across without it being twisted into something else. Like currently. "No, she is not a zombie Brittany, and that is not the point I was trying to make either."

"Thank god. I do not support zombie-ism." She stated, her voice even.

The seriousness behind the statement caused her smile to spread as she laughed a little. It was definitely cute that Brittany did not support "zombie-ism." 'Cute...? Like a child cute, not like Finn cute.' Her mind reminded as she suddenly remembered the skin contact she was making with the other woman, brown eyes glancing down at their hands. She felt inclined to remove her hand but allowed it to stay in place. Why? She had no idea.

"It is always good to stand up for a cause." Rachel beamed before continuing. "I think that you did an amazing job with the song Brittany, truthfully. I just wish you would tap into your emotions a little more, not everything is skin deep."

"My emotions?" The blonde questioned cocking her head to the side, watching the other closely. Brittany rarely shared her emotions with anyone, not by choice, but still. She had tried on numerous occasions to share her feelings with Santana but the Latina had always distracted it with "sexy times" and "lady kisses" saying that she hated when feelings were involved so after a while she had learnt to suppress them. Ignore them all together, and now Rachel of all people wanted her to open up about them. "I don't talk about those." She mumbled.

"Why not? I find that it helps to talk with someone about them."

"That isn't what San says."

"Santana?" She questioned, noticing the way that blue eyes cast downward and the other girl's body tensed at the mention of the name. "Did something happen between you and Santana?" She pried as she often did, but this time it was only partially for her own sake. Rachel was curious as to what had happened between the two cheerios, they had always seemed so close, and she pretty much lived for the drama, but she also wanted to know for Brittany's sake.

Brittany looked hesitant to answer, feeling like she had already said too much. Santana could be touchy and she did not want anyone to know about the feelings between the two of them, she was supposed to keep it purely sexual in the eyes of their friends and schoolmates. "It's nothing."

Not being one to take a hint or back off from something she wanted to know the brunette pressed on, tightening her grip on the cheerleader's hand. Ignoring the softness of her skin, because that was not something she should be noticing at the current time. "It's something Brittany. Please, you can tell me."

"Why do you want to know?" She asked, more confusion than usual written across her face as she glanced down at their linked hands. Pushing the strange sensations traveling across her skin away and biting down on her bottom lip.

"Because I was hoping that I could help with the situation." Pausing her brown eyes widened and she quickly added. "Unless it is something sexual because I would have no idea how to help with something like that, considering. But, if it is not something sexual than I would really love it if you would open up to me about it so that I can try and fix the problem.

"You're cute when you ramble." Brittany stated in her monotone voice, before thinking it through. That always got in trouble. Speaking without thinking, which was most of the time.

"What?" Rachel asked, her voice cracking as a bright pink blush spread along her face and down her neck. 'Did Brittany just call me cute? Why in the world would she say something like that? More importantly why do I care and why is my heart racing all of a sudden?' Hastily the brunette pulled her hand away from the cheerleader's soft one, no longer feeling comfortable with the contact. Which Brittany noticed taking offense to it and feeling slightly guilty about. "I'm cute?"

"Only when you ramble hobbit." She said trying to cover up the slip of her tongue, if Santana were here right now she would have killed them both. Brittany needed to pay attention to her wording from now on. "You become all intense; sometimes I wonder if no one interrupted how long you could talk."

"Oh." She breathed out, honestly a bit disappointed. She always wanted to feel beautiful and for a moment she had.

"Yeah." The air in the room grew tense and heavy.

Rachel was at a loss for words which was not something that Brittany had ever expected to see, and she knew it was her fault. She had made things tense with her weird admittance of the brunette's cute-ness, she had caused the other girl to pull away almost as quickly as Santana had earlier that day, and she actually found that she missed the contact. Not that she would ever admit that tidbit, at least not purposefully. After a few minutes went by blue eyes glanced into brown and she saw a mixture of emotions there. Embarrassment, fear, worry, and caring. 'I guess I could just tell her… everyone pretty much knows anyway…'

"I'm in love with someone… and they don't love me back."

Shocked that the other girl had actually opened up and told her something about herself she searched deep blue depths with her own, finding the hurt behind them. Smiling softly she placed her hand on top of Brittany's once more. "I understand what that is like. She'll come around Brittany, you are an amazing girl who deserves better than her, but she'll come around."



"How did you—" She started but was stopped when she felt a squeeze of her hand and smiled softly, it was nice to have someone care to be perceptive of her feelings. It was nice to talk about her feelings without being verbally attacked or told to shut up. Even if it was Rachel she was sharing with. "I'm not amazing enough for her." Her voice held so much pain that the brunette wanted to wrap her in a hug, sometimes she was too innocent and naïve.

"She's not amazing enough for you Brittany. Out of all of the cheerios you are the only one who has ever cared for the Glee club and genuinely treated people nicely. Yes on occasion you call me a hobbit or tell me you have more talent than me but you are still nicer than Santana and Quinn combined. So in my eyes you are far too amazing for her." Smiling brightly she thought about what she had just said and remembered the perfect song that they could sing at their duet. It would not relate to her and Finn, but at least it would hopefully make Brittany feel better about things with Santana.

Brittany felt her blue eyes start to fill with tears but she quickly pushed them away, she hated crying. One time she had cried after having sex with Santana and the Latina had told her to go home, that she didn't want to take care of her. Since then she never cried and she was not about to start showing her vulnerability in order for Rachel to tell her to leave as well.

Before she could thank the ambitious brunette, she had stood to her feet and let go of her hand. Smiling wildly, it was almost crazy how excited she became. Her emotions constantly changing, it baffled the blonde.

"I know just the song!" Her voice squeaked as she turned and rushed out the door.

Blue eyes watched as Rachel disappeared, feeling a little awkward. She did not know if she should get up and leave, stay and wait, or simply burst out in tears right that instant. Everything was starting to overwhelm her. Suddenly the brunette peeked her head back in the doorway, still smiling brightly, which Brittany again found cute to her own disappointment. "We will meet up tomorrow to practice; it was nice talking to you Brittany." And with that she bounced away.

"Yeah." 'She is so weird…'

G g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g

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