What Comes Next?

By: TracyCook

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Couple: Brittany/Rachel

Rating: M

Chapter 7

Let It All Out

Rachel could no longer hold back the tears that had gathered over the last four years of being strong and confident; no matter how hard she tried she could not get the flow of them down her cheeks to cease. As she stared into the bathroom mirror she no longer recognized the large brown eyes staring back at her. They were so full of confusion and hurt. Last week everything had been perfect, why did everything have to fall apart right before sectionals?

She let out loud sobs as her body shook and she violently tried to bat away the tears. She had little control of her emotions, which was one thing that both helped her in being a better actress at times, as well as hindered her abilities. Her mind was a scattered mess of emotions and she no longer knew what to think about the people whom which she had claimed to know for so long.

It seemed that her boyfriend was not the heroic male lead that she had hoped that he would be, for he had not stood up for her in front of everyone and he was nowhere in sight in order to save the tortured princess in her tower. Santana hated her because she thought that Rachel had feelings for her girlfriend, which she did, though she did not understand them, but she still wanted them to be together and happy. Quinn was the woman who tortured her throughout her high school years and now she had witnessed desire in those hazel eyes before being completely humiliated and verbally destroyed by that perfect mouth.

"I-I can't wait to just graduate and get out of this godforsaken town and away from all of these people once and for all." She stated through sobs as her tears finally subsided leaving her simply shaking and taking in quick breaths. Of course she did not mean it wholeheartedly; she truly loved Finn and cared for most of her friends.

"I don't want you to leave yet." Brittany stated from the door she had been leaning against. "I would be sad if you left Rach."

Rachel was shocked by the sudden voice interrupting her train of thoughts and she jumped before turning in order to look at the blonde cheerleader. A soft smile graced her full lips at the honesty she found radiating in blue eyes. "You really would be sad wouldn't you?" She laughed softly under her breath; it was a rather adorable scene.

"Well yeah Rach. I mean you are my friend and I was kind of looking forward to spending time together this year. Plus Lord Tubbington hasn't even got to meet you and I know he will love you."

"Lord Tubbington?" Rachel questioned knitting her eyebrows together in confusion.

"My cat." She smiled brightly. "He is a great judge of character. He knew that Wile e Coyote was trying to hurt the Roadrunner way before me. I just know he would approve of you though because you are nice."

The short diva stared with blank brown eyes for a moment as she tried to understand the correlation between the two sentences, finally she understood. At least to the best of her ability. Apparently Brittany's cat could tell who was good or evil and she said that he would approve of her because she was a good person. 'I think that's what she said…' She could not help but smile brightly and laugh a little louder now. "Well, that is definitely a good thing."

"Definitely." Brittany smiled looking down at the other girl who was now laughing. 'I love her laugh… it's so pretty…' The thought was a little perplexing but she tried not to dwell on difficult thoughts. "He is kind of psychic like you."

Rachel could only laugh a little bit harder at this, but quickly sobered up as she realized that the blonde was being completely serious and she did not wish to offend her. Finally she slowed her laughter and simply smiled a large grin up at the cheerleader. "I bet that he is a wonderful cat, Brittany."

"He is." She smiled thinking about her cat for a moment.

Both girls fell into a comfortable silence, it probably should have been awkward considering everything that had transpired over the past week, but they both felt oddly safe near one another. Blue eyes glanced toward the sink and Brittany remembered what had happened earlier and how it had upset the other girl. "I'm sorry about um—" She did not know how to word it.

Luckily as Rachel's eyes followed blue she quickly understood. 'That is the same sink she hand me pressed up against earlier…' The thought caused a blush to cover her cheeks as she remembered. 'God I need to control my inappropriate thoughts…' "It's already been forgotten Brittany, you have nothing to worry about." 'I wish it had already been forgotten… it's all I can think about.' Forcing a smile she looked back at her.

"Okay." She stated in a monotone voice chewing on her bottom lip for a moment.

"Are you feeling alright Brittany, you look as if you have something plaguing your thoughts."

"Playing my what?" Brittany mumbled.

Laughing softly the brunette shook her head. "You look as if you have something on your mind."

The cheerleader smiled in understanding as she again tried to pick apart her thoughts in order to announce them. Honestly she had never had so much on her mind. She was worried about how San would react to her running after Rachel, she was worried about whatever Quinn had said to the diva in order to make her storm out of the room like that, and she despite what the other girl had said, had not forgotten about what happened in the bathroom nor the feelings that it seemed to elicit inside of her. She felt a strange connection with Rachel she could not quite explain.

Watching as the blonde tried to sift through her thoughts, the shorter girl realized that she was probably the last person that anyone would want to share her feelings with and quickly turned to look in the mirror in order to fix her running makeup. "I understand if you do not wish to talk to me about said thoughts that are bothering you, we are not exactly what most would consider the closest of friends and—"

"You are my friend Rach." Brittany blurted out confidently.

Rachel's smile returned to her lips as she looked at Brittany through the mirror, brown eyes connecting with blue. "Good, because I consider you to be my friend as well."

"Okay, so we're friends." The blonde stated with a soft smile.

The diva nodded in response before looking back to the mirror as she continued to clean the makeup off of her cheeks. She had no idea what to say at this point in the conversation and decided it would be best if she stayed silent until the taller girl was ready to speak about whatever she obviously wanted to speak about. It was difficult for her to stay quiet though she found, as she reapplied her lip gloss.

"Rach." Brittany started.

"Yes?" She asked, not turned around yet but catching blue eyes once more in the mirror.

"What did Quinn say to you to make you no longer want to sing?"

Although the words escaped the blonde cheerleader's lips in only a soft mumble, she heard them loud and clear. Her eyes immediately stung with fresh tears but she would not allow them to fall again. She would not allow Quinn to hurt her any more than she already had. Taking in a few breaths in order to calm her shaking body and control her voice she spoke out loud and clear. "She said that you could never be attracted to me and that you would never choose me over Santana."

Brittany took on a look that could only be described as complete and utter confusion. "I love San. Does that bother you?" She questioned not grasping the entire concept of why it had hurt Rachel.

"No!" She stated loudly before quickly adding in a softer tone of voice. "No, that is not the part that upset me Brittany. I want you to be happy with whomever you deem a worthy role in your life, not to mention I have Finn whom which I love with my entirety."

The blonde ignored the tug in her chest at the mention of Finn and just how much Rachel loved him. Honestly a part of her had been hoping that the diva would say that it did bother her, because it bothered Brittany every time that she heard the shorter girl mention how much she loved her boyfriend. 'But it shouldn't bug me… she loves him, I love San… that's the way it should be right?'

"It made me feel unpretty knowing that you could never find me physically attractive. Knowing that no one ever finds me physically attractive, not even Finn seems to find me physically attractive and he is supposed to be the man who loves me. I am nowhere near as attractive as Santana, Quinn, or yourself, and I know that I never will be, and I suppose that hurt my feelings. But no worries I am better now." She rambled confidently before raising her chin proudly and turning to face Brittany who was staring down at her with sad blue eyes.

"You are so pretty Rachel." Her words were simple but honest and that was enough for Rachel at this point, who allowed new tears to roll down her cheeks, these ones happier than the last though she was still upset.

"I do not feel pretty Brittany. She called me man-hands again which quite honestly does not make any sense considering that my hands are far smaller than hers, and as unattractive as I often feel that I am, I am hardly of the male gender." She looked down at bathroom tiles and shuffled her feet uncomfortably.

"Rach. It took me a while to see it, but you are a very pretty girl. I find myself looking at you more than I should. I couldn't stop staring at you today in glee." She blushed a little at what she was admitting before she added. "They are just jealous of your awesome-ness."

Rachel could not help but once again start laughing as she looked up into beautiful blue eyes with large tearful brown, she did actually feel beautiful in that moment. And although Finn had not been her knight in shining armor, Brittany had arrived to save her day and succeeded in making her feel attractive all in one. Plus she could not help but blush at the thought of the blonde cheerleader staring at her and looking at her all of the time. "Thank you so much. You're kind of a genius Brittany."

"I know." She stated seriously, before smiling brightly.

"I am going to hug you now." Rachel announced proudly before moving to wrap her arms around the taller girl's neck as she dragged her body close to her own. 'She is so warm… and she smells like chocolate… gosh I love this… wait. No, this is just a simple gesture often exchanged between friends, nothing to love… but wow. She is so warm and soft…'

Brittany allowed her hands to settle on the diva's hips as she dragged her body against her own, blushing softly at the sweet gesture. It was not often that she felt this sort of contact with anyone; it was usually only sexual contact. This felt far more emotional and it caused her a new sensation than she was used to. "You are so soft and so not a man Rach."

Rachel blushed brightly as she buried her head in the cheerleaders shoulder in order to hide her embarrassment. "Thank you." She mumbled before pulling away and placing some space between the two of them. "For everything."

Nodding, Brittany started to think up a plan for how she could get Santana and Quinn to both see just how amazing the diva standing in front of her actually was. "I just know that if I can get you and San to spend more time together she will see how awesome you are and then everyone will be able to be happy."

The brunette chewed on her full bottom lip doubting that sentence. "I highly doubt that will be happening any time in the near future Brittany." When the blonde started to pout, she found herself giving in. "Although, if you do think of a plan I will most definitely give said plan a try."

"I know just the thing!" She practically shouted excitedly.

Rachel knew that she was going to regret having agreed to the plan at hand, nothing that involved Santana Quinn and her would end pleasantly.

"Slumber Party!"

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