Green Polo and Cargo Pants

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Summary: Let's just say, Kono gets even. A double drabble based on the title - exactly 200 words long. A teeny response to "Apples to Oranges" - which you could read it first, if you haven't yet.

A/N: This drabble is dedicated to Denese925 and Ghostrider. Thank you to everyone who reviewed/commented on "Apples to Oranges."

# # #

Steve didn't mean to.

But really, it was unavoidable.

He was walking a few steps behind Kono and he inevitably found himself eavesdropping on her as she spoke into her phone.

"Today?" Steve heard her ask. "He's wearing that green polo that you like, the one that you say brings out the blue of his eyes. Why can't you admit that it's just snug in all the right places?"

Steve's step faltered as he glanced down at himself and his green polo shirt.

He guessed Kono didn't realize he was behind her.

"Whatever. Yeah, I have seen him without a shirt on," Kono said, chuckling. "It was for a case. I swear. We had to dive in after an armored truck. Huh? No," she said. "Girl, you wish."

Steve found himself smirking.

"Anyway, I like him in his cargo pants better," Kono added, laughing now. "As if you didn't look, Lori," she added with a soft snort.

Steve almost tripped.

"Oh, I'm pretty sure he knows how hot he looks – right, Boss?" she asked, suddenly turning and causing him to almost walk right into her.

Kono, on the other hand, couldn't help but wink and smile mischievously at Steve.

# # #

A/N: Yes, I know I should be working on "Someone Like You," it's so close to the end. Perhaps that's why I'm dragging my feet? Yes? No, you're all right, it's all the turkey I just ate. Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving holiday.