AN: I have nothing against Twilight characters (I love them!), but they would be the perfect characters for a story like this, and we all know it.

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Bella POV

I got out of my car slowly, resisting the urge to start posing. All the boys in the area fawned over me, as usual. I payed no mind to them, my heart racing. Would they like me, would they hate me? I hate me! I practically retreated into the corner, sobbing, but a bouncy girl came up to me.

"Don't slit you wrists. Let's be friends!"

I nodded my head. A friend in five seconds, who knew? "I'm new to this academy, you?"

She shook her head. "Naw, I've been her for a couple months." She glanced around quickly before leaning closer, whispering, "It's a lot of drama."

I gasped, nearly passing out. "Competition. That's not good..."

The girl shook herself. "Anyway, I'm Alice."

I smiled. "My name's Bella."

We stood there like that for a moment before the guys ran up to us.

"You're so pretty," one of them said to me, his eyes lighting up.

"Thank you," I responded shyly. Guys always wanted to be near me, yet I was still terrified of them.

"I'm Mike Stanley," he told me. "I think you're the best Mary-Sue this school has to offer."

I blushed, responding, "Thanks."

I felt Alice take my hand, leading me away. "See? You're already so popular!"

I giggled slightly, following her into the dorms, my backpack of items on my back. We approached the receptionist. "You'll be rooming with Lauren."

I turned around to meet eyes with the glaring blonde before quickly turning back to the older lady. "I'd rather room with Alice."

The receptionist looked up, meeting my eyes. Her own glowing orbs seemed to shine. "Yes, right away!"

Alice and I jumped up and down. She mentioned, "Even the adults like you!"

Lauren scoffed, turning the corner, "Sue me, Mary-Sue."

I smirked. "I'd love to bless you, but I don't want to spare any of my awesomeness on you."

Lauren let out a hmph before turning on her heel and striding out of the room, a small posse filing after her.

Alice whispered to me, "That's Lauren, one of the top Mary-Sues of the school. The others would be me, Rosalie, you, Jessica, and Angela."

I nodded my head, taking in all of the information she was feeding me. "What about the Gary-Stus?"

Alice's smile widened. "That would be Jasper, Emmett, Edward, Mike, and Eric."

"I can't wait to meet them," I told the pixie girl.

"I'm sure you can't, but you'll have to wait," she retorted, opening the room to our dorm. "Welcome to our room."