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Bella POV


Here Lauren and I were, standing next to each other as the candidates for queen. Everyone else had been spooked out of running, leaving just us to take the entire stage.

"Get ready to be princess," I muttered.

She laughed snarkily. "Yeah right."

I rolled my eyes, replying, "I'm serious, because the princess tiara is the only one you're going to get to wear."

"You wish," she retorted.

I wasn't able to reply because the principal interrupted, announcing, "Class, it is a great honor to be named queen or king at this school."

He pointed to Lauren and I on one side and the Gary-Stus on the other side. We smiled brightly, waving at the crowd and hoping they voted for us.

"Now I'll announce the candidates," he said. He turned to the Gary-Stus first. "The candidates for king are Edward and Mike." He rotated and faced Lauren and I, raising his hand. "The candidates for queen and Lauren and Bella."

We smiled again, and I even threw in a little four finger wave.

"It's time to announce our winners," the principal told the crowd as they cheered. He beamed and went to grab a slip of paper from another student. He opened it, reading, "The king for this year is Edward Cullen!"

The screams and cheers grew even louder as the crown was placed on Edward's head. He grinned and winked, causing the girls to screech at extremely high volumes, and I had to force back a giggle. Way to win them over, Cullen.

The principal left to grab another slip of paper. "And the queen for this year is Bella Swan!"

Cheers for me echoed around the room as well, and I smiled broadly as I felt the weight of the crown. I did it! I was queen!

The principal lifted his arms above his head. "And now it's time for the first dance. Edward? Bella?"

I glided over to Edward, still ecstatic about my win. "Would you like to dance?"

"Of course." He offered me his hand which I happily took.

Everything had gone perfectly. I was queen, and I was with Edward. There wasn't anything else that I wanted.