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This story is a Sailor Moon/Blazblue/FF VII/Fate Stay Night/Inuyasha crossover but the Inuyasha part won't happen for a while.

Time wise Sailor Moon takes place in the 30th century, Usagi is the Queen of Crystal Tokyo and it's already been 200 years. But on a particular day it all comes crashing down.

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Chapter 1

The End of Crystal Tokyo?

Crystal Tokyo 30th Century

This story takes place in the future of Tokyo known as Crystal Tokyo where a group of young heroines ushered in peace and tranquility.

They were known as the Sailor Senshi back in the day and they protected their world and universe from any enemy that threatened the world.

The Sailor Senshi are a group of five teenage girls, at first, who fought for love and justice. Sailor Moon leads them, along with being the Princess of the Moon.

In Sailor Moon's past life, she used to go by Princess Serenity and heir to the moon kingdom. The kingdom held a special treasure called the Silver Crystal. The crystal is a majestic gem that has a lot of power and can grant miracles, like reviving a planet or saving a life but at the cost of one's life.

Her Mother, Queen Serenity the first, was matriarch to the Silver Millennium, a Golden Age of peace. The crystal can only be used by Queen Serenity's family, royal descendant's of the moon.

Princess Serenity's guardians are Sailor Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Venus. The four Senshi are respective royalty on their own planets as well, but majority of their time was protecting Princess Serenity. Princess Serenity fell in love with a young man on earth named Endymion but because he was from earth and she was a princess from the moon their love was forbidden by the gods.

Than one day an evil being named Metalia, a mass of dark energy, took control of a woman named Beryl, who had an unrequited love for Endymion, convinced Endymion's loyal guard the Shitennou and the people of earth to start a war against the Moon Kingdom.

When that happened the Senshi tried to defend the Moon Kingdom but they lost their lives in the battle. Endymion came to help as well but lost his life as well. When Princess Serenity saw her lover die in front of her eyes, she committed suicide.

Queen Serenity then sealed Metalia and the evil forces in the Silver Crystal. With the last of her strength she sent her daughter and her court for a new life on earth in the future.

Than one day Usagi Tsukino; the princess's reincarnation, helped a black cat with a crescent-shaped moon on her forehead named Luna. The cat got bullied by a group of young boys until she stopped them.

After the incident the cat talked and told Usagi of her destiny of being a Solider of love and justice, Sailor Moon who needed to stop the evil forces from getting the silver crystal and find her allies; Sailor Mercury (Ami Mizuno), Mars (Rei Hino), Jupiter (Makoto Kino) and Venus (Minako Aino).

Sailor Moon found all her allies and discovered she was the princess of the Moon Kingdom and found her love Endymion; who was Mamoru Chiba who she couldn't stand at first but both fell in love and got the crystal. They stopped Beryl's ambition and got rid of Metalia.

Along the way, they discovered that Usagi was going to usher in a 'Second Golden' age known as Crystal Tokyo and the Senshi would be ascending to their thrones on their respective planets. She and Mamoru would also be the parents to a girl named after Usagi and making her heiress to that newly established kingdom.

They soon discovered other evils and stopped them as well. Along the way they discovered more Senshi by the names of Sailor Uranus (Haruka Tenoh), Neptune (Michiru Kaioh), Pluto (Setsuna Meioh) and Saturn (Hotaru Tomoe), who are the 'Outer Senshi'; one's who protect the earth from outside forces and have different ideals from the Inner Senshi; Venus and the others but are still loyal to Usagi.

After the last battle with Sailor Galixia; the self-proclaimed strongest Senshi, and learning of the 'Sailor Wars' they returned to their normal lives as young girls living there mundane lives and accomplishing dreams before their ultimate destiny took hold of them.

Due to unforeseen circumstances the planet earth went through a second Ice Age and the people of earth went into a deep, deep sleep.

When the beginning of the 30th century happened Usagi Tsukino known as Sailor Moon at the time woke up from her sleep and with her Silver Crystal she released the world from its slumber. After that fateful day the world changed and that is how Crystal Tokyo came to pass.

Usagi was than known as Neo-Queen Serenity and Mamoru went by King Endymion. The Senshi went to their rightful thrones of their planets but still kept their ties to the royal Moon family should anything ruin the peace.

It's been 200 years since that happened.

Crystal Tokyo (palace)

In this peaceful setting it was a beautiful day in the Crystal Palace.

Neo-Queen Serenity was looking out of her palace window, letting the wind blow her long, blond, oddly shaped hair that looked like meatballs on the top and breathed in the fresh atmosphere.

She closed her beautiful blue eyes in contemplation.

I still can't believe it. She twirled a piece of her hair. It's finally happened, after all the battles with the evil forces that threatened the world, we were able to make this majestic peace. To think that this will last a lifetime. she continued thinking.

Of course I will not age anytime soon or the others either for that matter

She opened her eyes and was once again staring at the scenery of the future she and her friends fought for. She let a smile dawn on her face as she turned around to see the love of her life King Endymion who once went by Tuxedo Mask roll around in there bed.

And very soon we are going to have our precious Chibi-Usa! she than began cradling her stomach. She wasn't pregnant yet but she could hardly wait for that moment to become a parent.

Who would think that this could have ended in the most unexpected way?

This place would be seeing its end shortly.

As she turned around to wake Endymion she sensed something in the quickly turned around and saw that the sky had darkened and thunder and lightning was crashing in the distance. From what she saw various people in the street stopped to see what was happening and some stopped to find some shelter.

"What is happening?" she cried as the winds picked up force and was blowing her royal gown and her hair.

In the distance she saw a figure who was wearing a tuxedo like attire and tie with a fedora over his green hair and the look on his face was that of a fox with closed eyes.

The mysterious figure clapped his hands an introduction, making Neo-Queen Serenity tense at his presence.

"Sorry to disturb this little utopia sweetie pie but it's time for this shit bucket reign to come to an end!" the figure said with a menacing smile on his face.

King Endymion woke up from the racket. He also sensed a maniacal presence and grabbed his sword from the night stand and transformed into his attire which was a black suit and a mask over his eyes.

"Who in the world are you trespasser!" the King roared. Neo-Queen Serenity stood at her husband's side; she summoned forth her Silver Crystal into her hands. It gave off a subtle glow.

The figure just stared at them as if they grew three heads. "Me?" he said as he took off his fedora and his hair got spiky as a green aura surrounded him.

"The name is Yuki Terumi and I and my cohorts will be bringing down the house!" he cried as he started laughing maniacal.

In the distance various demons where coming through a portal and was ravaging the place which was once known as Crystal Tokyo. The king and queen looked on in shock as they saw everything they worked hard for crumble before there very eyes.

Neo-Queen Serenity locked eyes with Terumi, giving him a hard glare.

"I will never allow this to happen!" she said valiantly as she lifted her hands with the crystal and a strong white aura surrounded her.

Terumi gave her a mocking glare and a slit of his eyelid opened. "Queenie, you don't know what you are getting into!" and then did the infamous Higurashi laugh as the green aura around expanded.

"Guard, get everyone to a safe haven within the city" Endymion said to the first solider that came into the bedchamber. "And contact the other Senshi!" he commanded as he turned and faced Terumi. The solider wearing a mask similar to Endymion nodded and headed off.

"Usako, we need to transport to a different part of the castle where we can have room to fight him off" he whispered.

She nodded. "I know, I'm just about ready." I just hope I can still transform. She thought and then she used the silver crystal to transport her, Endymion and Yuki to the open part of the palace. Can they hold him off?

Time/Space Gate

The lone Solider Sailor Pluto stood in front of the time gate in shock as she saw what was transpiring.

She had long green hair that went down pass her legs with a part of it in the middle in a bun. Her attire was a white body suit, dark skirt, bow on her chest with a maroon heart brooch in the middle, star neck choker, a tiara and knee-high stiletto boots. Her color's where mostly dark on her costume. She also had a key staff for her weapon with the Garnet orb on top of it.

It was one of the 3 talismans that could bring forth the grail; which was gone.

I cannot fathom how this happened! Sailor Pluto thought as she grabbed her Garnet Rod.

I have to get there and stop this, and how in the world did he get to this time period! Pluto than teleported out of the Time Space plane.

Little did Pluto know that when she arrived there it would already be too late! Machination's where at work to make sure that this future did not prosper in this time and place and end the reign of the Sailor Senshi forever.

Crystal Tokyo

Sailor Pluto arrived to her destination and what she saw broke her heart. Various demons where rampaging through the streets. There was blood and gore everywhere, and buildings in the district where crumbling to ruin.

The winds blew harsh as the very scent of blood was on the wind. She couldn't believe the scene she was seeing. She smelled the vile demons and gripped her weapon tightly against her fist.

"I have to get to the Queen immediately." She said as she was racing across the bridge to get to the castle.

"There must have been a paradox or shift in a different universe to shift this plane out-of-order." she said to herself.

Various flying demons above the castle saw her and started attacking the soldier of Time. They were large 3 eyed crow demons.

"Dead Scream." she whispered as she gathered energy into her staff, fired an orb of purple light from Garnet orb and vaporized the insignificant demons to dust.

With the demons destroyed another pair of demons attacked her. These where humanoid demons with horns, sharp teeth and claw like hands.

One of them got behind her and was about to strike until Pluto elbowed the demon in the gut, smacked it upside the head with the top of her Garnet rod and jammed it into his back as the demon was falling and vaporized it.

The other demons were hesitant but continued to advance on Sailor Pluto.

I don't have time for these rouges! She urgently thought gripping her weapon.

Before she could attack a streak of thunder struck the demons about to hit Pluto. "Jupiter!" she yelled as the thunder Senshi came out of her hiding place.

"Pluto I'm glad you're safe." Jupiter said as she was running up to Pluto. Sailor Jupiter had a gash on her forehead which kept bleeding on her cheek.

Her appearance was that of Sailor Pluto but different colors. She had a white body suit. Her skirt was green; she had a green bow on her chest with a green heart brooch in the middle and a pink bow behind her skirt. She had her brown hair in a pony-tail and she wore rose earrings. Around her neck a star choker. Her feet attire was short laced high-heeled shoes to her ankles. She also had a tiara with a green gem in the middle.

"Where are the Queen and King? Sailor Pluto asked.

"There in the palace battling someone calling himself Yuki Terumi." She answered, wiping the blood from her cheek.

"So, he was able to break free out the continuum shift in his world?" she said to herself.

"What do you mean 'break free'?" asked Jupiter with a quizzical expression on her face.

"I will explain it later, now we have to get to the Queen!" Sailor Pluto said as she rushed past Jupiter to get into the palace not before she blasted more demons with her patented attack.

Jupiter stared for a moment and started running after Pluto. I wonder what you know Pluto? thought the brunette. I thought that once Usagi became queen majority of the baddies in the world and practically the universe would slow down to a crawl? She continued and caught up to Pluto.

"What is the situation in your court Jupiter?" Pluto asked as they kept running

"Everything was going dandy until a portal in the sky started transporting these demons and attacked the populace. I got my forces rallied and they are still battling them but these guys are strong Pluto. Endymion's guard was able to get in contact with us and said the same thing in their planets too!" Jupiter explained

"Did you happen to face someone their before transporting here?" Pluto inquired

"Yeah, and you won't believe when I tell you it was a large human man, like 8 feet tall, long wild black hair and he one of his eyes glowed red and he didn't talk much" Jupiter explained. "I battled him but his strength was superior to mine and he almost ended up killing me. I found a way to transport him and myself to earth but that took a lot out of me from my earlier battle with him on Io Castle. He was about to strike me down but than a guy in some white get up calling himself the 'White Void' blocked his attack and told me to get here and help out the others. He is currently fighting him at a different part of the city." she concluded.

So he is also here, so that means the other players will be here shortly to offer help. Truths will come to light. I just didn't think it would happen this early on. Sailor Pluto thought.

"Sailor Pluto, I think you know more than your letting on tell me now!" demanded Jupiter.

Sailor Pluto hesitated. "I can't at the moment." was all she said, averting her eyes.

"What do you mean, is that all you can say!" Jupiter roared as she grabbed Pluto by the scruff of her outfit, lifting up Pluto!

"We are fighting with everything we got and get to Usagi and you are not giving any answers!" She continued. "What happened to the bright future we fought hard for, so it can just fall to pieces?"

"Jupiter, calm down now!" snapped Pluto as her eyes got menacing. "As a Sailor Solider we have to protect her majesty and his highness. Once things calm down I will tell you everything but now we got a job to do Sailor Jupiter!" She concluded.

Jupiter placed Pluto down and muttered a "sorry". Sailor Pluto just nodded and the two Senshi continued to the palace.

It's as you say Yuko, there is no such thing as coincidence only Hitsuzen. the solitary solider thought sadly. I was foolish to think that it would never come to this.

Outside Crystal palace

As soon as they reached the outskirts of the palace, Sailor Pluto saw the barrier surrounding the palace. "So this barrier blocks our path?" Pluto said.

Jupiter just nodded. "How do we get in?" Sailor Jupiter said.

"We have to get the others here and combine our powers and hopefully make a breach to reach them." Pluto said.

Before Jupiter could say anything they saw a couple of flashes of light in the distance.

"It's the others and they are still fighting!" Jupiter cried out.

"We have to aid them and after that come back to this spot. Eradicate any demons you see." Pluto said as she raced off to one of the flashing lights to the left.

Sailor Jupiter raced off to the ones on the right.

I hope everyone will be able to make it out of this alive! She thought as she jetted off into the distance.

Sailor Mercury was having problems deterring the enemy she was facing while in Crystal Tokyo.

Planet Mercury (earlier)

Before this battle Ami Mizuno was relaxing on her planet taking a well needed break from her active duties and was about to take a nice dip in her pool, and read a book.

I haven't gotten a moment to myself for a while. That conference was very draining. I guess I can take this opportunity to let my hair down and enjoy this moment! Ami smiled at that prospect.

As she was about to get in the sparkling pool, wearing a blue one piece suit, and tucking in her short blue hair behind her ears then alarms went off.

"Mercury-sama!" one of her vassals said in a frantic voice.

This vassals name was Ayumu and he had short brown hair and brown eyes and he had long side burns and had two earrings on his upper ear. His attire (like all soldiers or vassals representing the planets they are on) was blue military shirt and Blue military pants and brown boots. The sleeves on the shirt were white and he wore a cap to cover is spiky hair. He has been loyal to Ami since he joined her court 200 years ago. He was kind of anti-social and could be a smart ass like any 16-year-old but he was smart and was a higher up in her court. He held a small compact counsel with a hologram projecting from it.

"An unknown enemy is attacking us!" said Ayumu.

So much for my relaxing time. Ami thought depressed.

Ami quickly transformed into her Senshi attire. The attire consisted of a white body suit, a short blue skirt. Behind her skirt was a blue ribbon. On her feet she had on blue high-heeled boots that went up to her knees. She had a blue bow on her chest with a blue heart brooch in the middle. Around her neck was a star choker. On her forehead was a tiara with a blue stone in the middle and she gained three blue earrings on both of her ear lobes.

Sailor Mercury transported herself and Ayumu to the main chambers. Mercury's technology is the most advanced in the solar system.

"How is this enemy unknown?" She inquired as she tapped a button on her throne and a large hologram screen shown overhead. "Is it the Black Moon family or is it remnants of Sailor Galaxia faction?" she said.

"It's neither Mercury-sama." Ayumu said as he and a couple of her loyal guards were scrambling on their counsels to gather as much data as they can.

"This enemy is not in any of the file banks!" another guy screamed as he banged on his counsel.

"Calm down." Sailor Mercury said in a gentle voice. "We have to keep a cool head in a situation like this." she continued. "Have your teams gather as much intelligence as you can so whatever we get we can spread it to the rest of the planets. Takashi you have your team handle getting the innocent to safety in the safe havens" She ordered.

Takashi nodded as he got his troops and headed on out to do as the Princess asked.

Takashi had black hair was tall and had tan like skin and a serious demeanor. He nodded and took off to get his troops in line.

"What are you going to do Mercury-sama?" Ayumu asked.

"I'm going to help out as much as I can, then head to Earth. I am still one of the main guardians to Usagi-chan." Answered Sailor Mercury.

Wow, thought Ayumu impressed. She really does keep a cool head in situations like these. I guess this is why majority of the planets come here for intelligence.

An explosion rocked the courtroom.

"A major shockwave have damaged the castle!" yelled a female as she continued typing.

"The shields are dying down Princess Mercury!" Ayumu yelled hotly as a white flash happened on the screen.

Sailor Mercury and her court saw what appeared on-screen.

The person was a woman who had long blond hair, cold blue eyes and had an expressionless face. Her attire consisted of an armor thong bathing suit which the middle front part reveals her naval and thigh-high toe less socks and the colors on her outfit were blue and white. She also had a very large sword behind her which was floating.

"Who in the hell is that little skank?" the same snotty woman said with her fang hanging out. She had pink hair which were in a pigtail, wore glasses and had a haughty demeanor to her.

"She's one of the major ones decimating this planet along with the various demons." Ayumu stated.

"No, really dumbass, I had no clue giving the fact she caused a shockwave to knock us on are asses!" she yelled sarcastically.

"Dammit Takagi, this is not the time for one of your PMS moments, shut up and do your job woman!" Ayumu yelled as well trying to secure the damage to the palace.

Takagi gave Ayumu a murderous look and had a pissed off look to her.

"Pump the breaks, you did not just say that to me you emo, glorified punk! I'm not the one wasting my time trying to get high off my ass while listing to Oasis 'Champagne Super Nova' on my off time, so don't you start or I'll knock you on your flat non-existent ass!" she threatened.

Ayumu just shot a glare at her direction while blushing and they both continued working. Sailor Mercury continued to stare at the screen, ignoring their exchange and looking at the figure on the screen.

I don't know why but why do I think that I might know her? She thought.


Takashi and his crew were getting the people in the safe havens. The troops were holding of any demons with machine laser blasters.

As a demon was about to stab a woman who was holding her infant child, Takashi jumped in front of the mother and jammed his laser blaster in the demons mouth.

The demon started sweating buckets as it's' eyes got big. "Knocking on heaven's door." Takashi whispered as he ended the demons rampage. Blood splattered behind him that stained a wall.

The woman got up as she stood panting. "Thank you sir." she said, while attending to her infant child.

Takashi only nodded and told her to get to one of the safe havens. This is happening everywhere in the solar system? he thought as he continued blasting the demons with the other troops.

Then he and his troops saw the figure Mercury and her court saw on the screen in the palace.

"Who the hell is this chick?" a solder said.

"I'm not sure but we goanna show this bitch not to mess us!" a hot-headed solder said and fired of a shot from his blaster. The figure mealy put up a transparent shield.

"Threat level, insignificant." the figure said quietly and small orb cannons surrounded the solder and started blasting him with thin beams.

The solder that fired the first shot didn't see what happened next as he lay dead in a heap. Takashi and his team stared in disbelief.

"What is she? She's not a demon?" another solder said perplexed. The mysterious figure levitated off the ground.

"I am your death and I shall bring forth the destruction mankind deserves." she continued as she started gathering energy in her hand.

"Men protect the safe havens!" Takashi yelled. "And keep up the force fields no matter what happens!" The figure finished charging and fired a powerful blue blast from her hands. "All shall die." she said as the blast was coming towards Takashi's men. Before the blast reached them a sheet of ice blocked the energy attack that was about to eradicate the solders.

"Mercury-sama!" Takashi said as he saw Sailor Mercury in front of them.

"Takashi good work holding her off." Sailor Mercury said as the ice sheet broke apart into fragments.

"I told Ayumu to send whatever information we had on the enemies attacking this planet to the others. One of Mamoru's guards contacted us saying what's going on. I am going to take this main enemy to earth so I can deal with her. I want you and Ayumu to work together to protect this planet and keep in contact with our allies." She said.

"Mercury-sama…You can't!" Takashi said. "We guard you so you govern this planet as Queen Serenity-sama protects the people of the earth. We will take care of this threat!"

Sailor Mercury smiled at Takashi. "You are very loyal but this enemy is someone I must face!" she said as she stared at the cyborg. "After you evacuate the residents here, head back to the palace and take care of it for me. I leave Ayumu, Takagi and you in charge of Mariner Castle." she declared as she ran off to fight the cyborg that ruined the peace!

"Mercury-sama!" yelled Takashi as one of the other solder's grabbed him to get into the castle.

Sailor Mercury stood in front of the trespasser. "Who are you, why did you attack with all these demons?" She asked.

"My name is Mu-12." she simply said with a cold look to her. She charged at Sailor Mercury and grabbed her by her neck.

Sailor Mercury grunted as she grabbed Mu-12's hand. I've got to concentrate and get her off this planet Mercury thought as a blue outline was surrounding her body.

"Magical interference commencing." Mu-12 said in her deadpan voice.

I have to concentrate and get her to earth! She thought as her planetary sign shined on her forehead where her tiara once was. Then she and Mu-12 transported from Mercury and headed to the planet Earth.

Crystal Tokyo (now)

Sailor Mercury was dodging Mu-12's relentless attacks.

"I shall eradicate you Sailor Mercury." Mu-12 said as various black holes were materializing around Sailor Mercury and shot forth various blast of light.

Sailor Mercury was able to dodge some of them but she still got hit by some and they kept on coming. Sailor Mercury was on her knees, blood spilling from all the burned marks on her.

"This is the end!" Mu-12 said as she was about to fire another volley at Sailor Mercury.

"Bubble Spray!" Mercury said as she let loose a barrage of thick bubbles from her hands that converged to make a mist and hide her from view.

"Irrelevant." Mu-12 stated. "I can still track you." She turned on her sensors to see through the fog.

"Shine Aqua Illusion!" a voice cried as icy water splashed Mu-12 and encased her in a block of ice.

That won't last long. I have to find a weakness on her! Thought Mercury as she pressed the earring on her right ear lobe as a blue visor came around her eyes.

As she was scanning, the block of ice was shattering. I have to hurry she thought frantically. But the strangest thing she has bio-rhythms of a human. How is that possible? She continued typing in more info.

Mu-12's eyes started glowing red as she was almost free from her temporary prison.

"Eradication of Sailor Mercury." Mu-12 repeated her catchphrase.

"I guess I have to take action." said Sailor Mercury as she got up from her place. Mu-12 broke free.

"Sailor Mercury, I have scanned you and I know you cannot defeat me as you are." the unit said coldly. "Your powers are insignificant and I will eradicate you." she charged Sailor Mercury.

Mu-12 fired lasers from sub-space straight at her enemy.

Sailor Mercury dodged to the left and summoned a harp made of water.

"Mercury Aqua Rhapsody!" she cried as she plucked the strings and blasted sparkling water at Mu-12.

Mu-12 placed a barrier around herself, negating the attack.

"That is all you can do?" She said as she fired one of her sword like projections off her back which stabbed Mercury in her left leg.

The blue-haired girl screamed as she went on to her knees.

"This is over. Destruction is at hand Sailor Mercury." Mu-12 stated coldly as she summoned her giant ass sword which was over Sailor Mercury's figure.

"Why do you crave only destruction of me and this world?" Sailor Mercury said.

She spoke without hesitation "The world is horrible and it is nothing but lies, I shall purify this world." Mu-12 said.

"That's not true!" Sailor Mercury said. "As a human we do lie, we are a kind that has done heinous acts throughout history and prone to selfish actions and at times uncaring." Mercury looked into the cybernetic woman's eyes. "But I choose to believe in humanity. That we can change and that there is more good than bad in this infinite world where we live!" She declared.

Mu-12 just stared at her with cold eyes.

"You were never like this Noel!" than she stopped herself. Why do I know her name? She thought surprised. I've never met her before have I?

Mu-12 was staring at the fallen Senshi but for some reason was holding back on her attack. Mu-12 started shaking. "What's….what's happening to me!" she said frantically. "Why do I not eradicate this human?" the unit whispered.

"That is because you know this one Noel." an aristocratic voice said.

Sailor Mercury turned to see a girl who looked about 12 years old. Her attire was a black Victorian dress with red edges on them. She had blond hair that was in a style of pig tails' which were kept in place by two black ribbons that looked like rabbit ears. She had red eyes and in her hand she held an umbrella that looked like a cat and a pink bat floating around her.

"We made it princess." the Cat umbrella said happily. "I still can't believe we made it here on time!" the pink bat said floating around the aristocratic girl. "You like to wait until the last min-"

Then a swift chop smacked the poor pink bat to the ground and she pressed her heel on him.

"That will be quite enough of that!" she said sharply as she looked at Sailor Mercury on the ground and Mu-12, who apparently was really named Noel.

"Noel, you are under Terumi's control!" the girl said. Mu-12 was struggling and placed her hand on her head.

Sailor Mercury looked on perplexed by what she was witnessing.

"Excuse me, but what do you mean that she knew me before?" She said as she took the sword extension out of her leg and was tending to it. After a couple of years of practice, she is able to heal herself with her water magic.

"Now is not the time for this discussion, Sailor Mercury. And my name is Rachel Alucard, do try to remember my name." Rachel said in a snobbish way.

"Am…..i" Mu-12 said as her eyes were turning blue to green? "Ami!" she said again as her eyes turned fully green. Sailor Mercury just stared at her.

"You have to get out of here!" she said struggling to control what she was doing. Her voice sounded more lively than it did before. "I don't want to hurt you." she said as her eyes were turning back to icy blue.

"Damn, she's about to revert to her earlier personality!" Rachel said as she stood ready to fight. "Sailor Mercury, you have to get out of here and head for the palace!" Rachel said. "You have other priorities and you do not want to keep your precious Queen waiting!"

"I still don't know what's going on?" Mercury said while struggling to stand up.

Rachel just stared at her. "Honestly, why do all human's say the most absurd things at such times of crisis?" she said quizzically.

Just than Sailor Jupiter appeared and was running up to Mercury. "I'm glad I made it." Sailor Jupiter said.

"I'm fine Jupiter, just a little worse for wear."The blue haired genius said.

"Yeah, I see that, not your best Ami." Jupiter said as she placed her arm over Mercury to support her.

Before Sailor Jupiter was going to mention Rachel or Mu-12, Mu-12 got back up and blitzes straight to the Senshi duo.

"I will eradicate your existence!" she said about to impale Mercury and Jupiter with a sword until Rachel intervened and blocked the attack with her vassal Nago who was still transformed into an umbrella.

"As I said Sailor Mercury you and your cohort get to the palace. The information you want is important but you must get to the Queen!" she said. Rachel flipped her cape over Mercury and Jupiter and they disappeared in a wave of roses.

"That should get them close to where they need to go." Rachel said as she disappeared in a swirl of roses to distance her-self from Mu-12 and was levitating.

"Engaging Rachel Alucard, Observer." the Murokumo Unit stated as she charged at Rachel in the air.

"This is the end Noel." Rachel said as she dodged Mu-12's punch and lifted her arms above her head.

A red beam of light surrounded Mu-12 and aimed straight into the sky

"This won't kill you Noel, but it will immobilize you. Those girls are the ones' who can put an end to Terumi's machinations!" She said as a giant cross arouse from the depths of the ground.

"Clownish Calendula!" the girl said as a great force of lighting struck the Murokumo unit.

"System shutting down." Mu-12 said as she closed her eyes and fell to the shattered ground.

Rachel calmly levitated to the ground and a gust of wind blew her hair and the look on her face was solemn but had a hint of sadness to them.

"I am sorry for this Noel." Rachel said. "Terumi has gone too far. By somehow breaking out of our universe, he has brought forth nothing but destruction to this universe." stated the girl as she turned her hand to a fist at her side and gritted her teeth which were somewhat sharp.

I truly doubt Takamagahara saw this in their proceedings, the fools! She thought vehemently. Along with the one who hides in the shadows. the girl thought.

"Careful princess, your fangs are showing on that delicate face of yours." Nago stated as he was in his normal, somewhat big cat form.

"Yeah, it's quite unbecoming of aristocratic vampire!" drawled Gii in his usual whiny voice.

The vampire simply landed a couple of slaps at Nago and stretched Gii's cheeks. "Silence, the both of you!" she said snappishly. "Gii I will boil you in oil and I will make a fine, decorative violin out of you Nago!"

The two vassals started whimpering at the thought and straightened up their behavior.

"YES PRINCESS RACHEL!" they both said.

"Good. Now let us clear out of here" Rachel said turning towards the palace which had all sorts of damage on it. "I do wonder how Mr. Hero is doing?" she said with a touch of a smile on her delicate pale lips. "And I should go see how Valkenhayn is doing with those obnoxious demons that dared show me such disrespect. Honestly to take me as some lower class trash like them! I hope he is showing them the error of their ways." the vampire said as she disappeared in a swirl of rose petals that dropped like the fallen snow.

The one spoken of named Valkenhayn, was taking care of those obnoxious demons. He decapitated the last one with a swift hand chop. His attire was that of a butler. He looked like someone in his mid-forties to early fifty's. He had long white hair which was in a pony tail in the middle. On his hands he wore white gloves.

"Say what you will about me." he said in a gentleman like voice becoming of a butler but then his voice changed into that of a wild animal. Most like a wolf.

"But I will not have any insignificant demons say anything like that to Madam Rachel!" he roared as his eyes turned feral and threw the dead corpse into the distance. After calming down for the moment, he took a deep breath.

"I better get to Mistress Rachel. I wonder if she was able to make it to the one called Sailor Mercury?" he said as he disappeared.

Another part of Crystal Tokyo

Sailor Mars was dodging various projectile weapons from the person she was facing.

Her appearance was like the other's but different. She had a white body suit, a red skirt, a purple bow on her chest with a red heart brooch in the middle, a red bow behind her skirt, high-heeled shoes, a red star choker on her neck and star earrings. She also had long raven hair and purple eyes.

The person was walking from a distance. He wore an arrogant smile on his face. The person had golden spiky hair and red eyes. His attire was golden armor with a red cape around his legs. He made a gesture with his arm and more projectiles came out from behind him aiming for the raven head beauty.

Sailor Mars jumped before one of the projectiles came at her feet. As she was in the air she took out her ofuda scrolls, did her Shinto chant, and then threw them at him. The figure simply shredded them with his weapons and they were aiming for her while still in the air!

"Damn!" gritted Mars as she blasted a pillar of fire out of her hands to intersect the projectiles which did hold it off until she landed on the ground, panting.

"What's the matter woman, I thought you would be better than this!" shouted the golden figure. "You are Mars aren't you, the figure of war. All I'm seeing is a half-assed pansy woman who is going through some bad PMS!" he said laughing while holding his head.

Sailor Mars shot him a glare and gave him the 'finger'.

"Shut up, what would a chauvinistic pig like you know about my status?" yelled the raven haired beauty.

"I know a lot about your so-called status and who you are!" the golden figure answered.

"Just who are you? You dare attack my court , bring demons none the less on my holy ground! I can guess that you are with whoever is attacking Crystal Tokyo. I won't allow you to get away this!" she roared as she formed a flaming bow with an arrow in her hands.

"Mars Flame Sniper!" she launched her attack as the flaming arrow broke apart into a couple of more arrows which launched at her enemy.

He saw them coming and slashed them with a sword which looked like a drill to Mars.

Getting an ominous vibes off that weapon he has. thought the Miko.

He noticed that Sailor Mars was looking at his weapon. "If you're wondering what this sword is, it's my most trusted weapon, called Ea: Sword of Rupture" He said, holding it out more so she can get a good view on it.

She locked eyes on the weapon than at him.

"Woman, you're going to have to do better than that to the first Hero, Gilgamesh!" he roared as he charged at Sailor Mars.

"Gilgamesh, the first hero?" she said shocked. She knew about him. She studied that figure in history when she was in school. He was a conceited and tyrannical ruler, son of Lugalbanda and a goddess named Ninsun at least that what the history books mentioned of him.

He got in close to Mars to engage her in close combat.

"Woman, you can't win against me, so bow down to me and I will make you my personal bitch!" he said thrusting his sword at her, which she dodged and she tried punching him with a flaming fist but he blocked it with his sword Ea.

"I'll take care of that castle of yours too! A place like that needs a man to run the show. Everyone will worship me once again like they did in the past." he stated as Sailor Mars continued dodging his sword slashes quickly.

"And I will take care of that Queen too, what's her name Usagi or does she go by that regal title?" Sailor Mars eyes got menacing as he mentioned her best friend.

"She would be so good to shag to have. Yeah that would suit someone of my caliber but you will be the tops for me!" Gilgamesh said perversely with a sick grin on his face.

Before he could blink, Sailor Mars kicked Gilgamesh with her high-heeled shoes in his cranium and grabbed his arm and threw him over her shoulder. He looked shocked that Sailor Mars was able to do that to him.

"I will never allow you to do that to her!" she said in a small cold voice as a red aura surrounded her frame and a swirl of fire circled her. "And if you think I will bow down to someone like you than your crazy to think I would ever do that!" She then threw out her hand as she said her attack.

"FIRE SOUL!" And a giant pillar of fire came at him from her fingertips.

Gilgamesh got to his feet and blocked the attack with his sword, but barely.

He started panting after stopping the attack as he looked in Sailor Mars eyes.

She's got that look in her eyes, like Saber. Gilgamesh thought of the one slew him in the 5th grail war. I'm not going to vanish again! He thought as he stood up.

"Woman, you need to know your place!" he said as he opened his Noble Phantasm the Gate of Babylon as various swords and other miscellaneous weapons where floating from behind him. It is Gilgamesh's own special attack which only he can use and it solidify's his claim of being the king of heroes.

Sailor Mars narrowed her eyes as she saw the weapons. "How the hell can you send for so many weapons at once?" She demanded as the fire was spiraling faster around her.

Gilgamesh just smirked as grabbed three swords in the same hand about to throw them at her.

"Wouldn't you like to know woman!" he said as he launched his attack.

Sailor Mars saw this and launched her attack at the swords.

"Burning Mandala!" She cried as she cupped her hands out and rings made of fire came hurtling at the weapons. The swords went through her attack and she had a look of shock on her face as the swords were going to pierce through her!

Sailor Mars was able to side step them but it still went through her side of her abdomen.

She grunted as she placed her arm on her side to stop the bleeding.

"Woman, my powers surpass yours. That's a sight I like to see; a woman bowing down to her master." he said as he got his Ea and it started collecting energy. It spun like a top as he lifted it overhead. Sailor Mars was still on the ground, grunting in pain.

"Like I said woman, I will take care of that palace of yours and you will be the top for me besides that queen of yours!" Gilgamesh said as he launched his attack.

"Enuma Elish!" he screamed a powerful red blast came hurtling at Sailor Mars!

Is this how it ends? she thought as she saw death coming for her. I didn't live up to my potential as a Senshi or a friend to Usagi? She continued as she gritted her teeth. Everyone, Usagi, I'm sorry I couldn't beat him. she last thought in her head as she closed her purple eyes to her demise.

"Rho Aias." A voice cries out.

Before the attack reached her a shield-shaped like a red flower with seven petals blocked Gilgamesh's attack.

Both Gilgamesh and Mars where surprised to see a shield protecting her.

"What the hell!" Gilgamesh roared as he turned around to see who cast that barrier.

"Wha...who saved me?" grunted Mars as she saw a figure in front of her for the first time.

This person was a tall man who wore a long red trench coat, underneath it was black shirt and pants; he wore steel toed boots made of unknown material, spiky white hair, gray eyes and had a tan skin tone.

"Looks like you could use some help here missy?" the figure said with a small smirk on his mouth.

"Who are you?" Mars asked getting up from her place.

"Heh, you can call me Archer." he said as he summoned two-bladed weapons in each of his hands. One was black and the other was white. The black one was Kanshou and the white one Bakuya. Archer's ability is that of magecraft called projection and reinforcement. He thinks of what he wants to create and solidify's it's existence by knowing the internal structure of the item. It's half-assed magic at best but he made it his own.

"So another servant is here to stop me? I didn't see you in the 5th Grail War, so someone ended you before we met "Archer". I wonder how you're here though; I truly doubt someone summoned you to this world?' Gilgamesh said as he was readying Ea.

"I'm not just some materialized servant Gilgamesh." Archer proclaimed. "My role is that of a counter-guardian and when the balance tilts, I arrive to see it corrected, no matter what world or time it is. Besides this girl has some meaning to me or at least to someone I know."

Sailor Mars looked at Archer with a look. What could he be alluding to; I don't know him, do I? Sailor Mars thought. As she was looking at him she had a quick vision. She saw a girl with black hair and aqua eyes and another girl with plum-colored hair and eyes. The vision quickly went away as it came and she held her head.

Who were those two girls and why do I feel like I know them, like seeing an old friend; but it's something more?

Sailor Mars placed her hand on her wound and using her powers she welded the skin shut even though it hurt and she could have passed out from the pain.

"I don't know who you are, but I owe you one. You said your name is Archer?" she asked walking next to him.

"That is correct warrior of Mars; I am here at the behest of the one named Pluto." Archer mentioned as Mars eyes had a look of surprise on them.

"How do you know Sailor Pluto?" she asked.

Archer was quiet for a couple of moments, still keeping his eyes on his enemy.

"That will come later Sailor Mars, but now don't you need to get to the person you need to protect?" he asked.

"I just can't leave you here, and besides I owe this bastard a couple of licks!" she said as flames surrounded her hand.

"Sailor Mars go!" he snapped as he charged Gilgamesh and slammed his two swords against Gilgamesh's sword.

She was about to charge at Gilgamesh as well but Archer stopped her with an intense look.

"Get going!" he screamed as he grabbed Gilgamesh and flash stepped away with the first hero.

"Hey come back!" She screamed as she went to her knees. "Damn, this pain is intense" she grunted.

She was about to faint until a figure supported her. "I am here Sailor Mars." Sailor Pluto said.

"Sailor Pluto?" Mars said surprised seeing the time guardian.

"I came as fast as I could but the demons delayed me." she said looking into the crimson skies. Than Pluto placed her Garnet orb over Mars wound to heal it. Sailor Mars's breathing lessened a bit, letting the energy clean her wound more thoroughly.

"Yeah, they are a real pain in the ass! And this guy named Archer came by and saved me and he says you called him. What do you know Pluto?" Sailor Mars asked.

"As I told Sailor Jupiter, we will discuss this but first we have to get to the others and get into the palace." The older Senshi said.

"Yeah, but this is not over Pluto." Mars said. She could sence that Sailor Venus was the closest. "I sence Venus is over there!" Mars told Pluto.

"Then let's get going!" Pluto said as she continued supporting Mars with her shoulder.

I hope you will be ok Archer. thought Mars as she sent good vibes to the mysterious warrior who saved her.

Another part of Crystal Tokyo

Sailor Uranus was also fighting off her enemy that attacked her in her palace Miranda. She had short sandy blond hair and blue eyes. She had a bishōnen look to her to boot. Her attire was a Sailor Uniform, dark blue skirt, a dark ribbon behind her skirt, a yellow bow on her chest with a yellow heart broach in the middle, a tiara on her forehead with a gold gem in the middle. She wore dark blue short high-heeled boots and a star choker around her neck. In her right hand she held her Space sword which gave off a gold glow.

She was facing a female with long purple hair that went down to her legs; her attire was a tight black skirt, with purple high lights on the edges, and knee-length boots. She had a red marking on her forehead and she had a mask over her eyes which covered them completely. In her hand was a dagger connected to a chain and she was on her hands and feet in a fighting stance.

"Bitch, I don't know who you are attacking me unexpectedly but know I'll kick your ass!" Sailor Uranus said readying her sword.

Her adversary stared at her for a second.

"How do you know about me and why did you attack my palace with those demons? They appeared from some portal and I don't think you caused that so you are working for someone!" Sailor Uranus conjectured.

"You actually seem pretty observant for someone who has a look of a man. I assure you Sailor I didn't want to attack you at your palace or on this planet before you teleported me but I have no choice and the reason I know of you because the one that started this invasion told me about are targets!" she said as she attacked and flung her weapon at Sailor Uranus.

Sailor Uranus dodged the attack and came charging at her adversary. She tried slashing her with her sword but the woman being very nimble and fast was able to jump from the attack and landed behind Uranus and she whispered to her ear.

"Before I kill you, you should know my name." she said seductively "My name is Rider." she said and jammed her dagger in Sailor Uranus shoulder.

Sailor Uranus was frozen in seeing her blood tainting Rider's weapon, dripping to the ground.

She tried to back hand Rider with her fist, to get her off but Rider simply jumped and the chain connected to the dagger lengthened she held it tugging Uranus to the ground.

Sailor Uranus grunted trying to pull the dagger from her shoulder.

Rider took this chance to run up to Sailor Uranus and kicked her in her stomach, jumped over her again and with her chain lassoes the chain over Uranus stomach and arms binding her even more.

"It's no use." said Rider as she pulled once again and Sailor Uranus dropped her weapon.

Sailor Uranus grunted more as her knees went to the ground. She looked at Rider studying her.

"What are you looking at?" Rider said calmly.

"For someone trying to kill me, you seem to like the kinky stuff, if you wanted me this way, you could have asked." Uranus said with a small smile making a joke of the situation and still trying to get the dagger out.

Rider simply just looked at Sailor Uranus stunned. Makes you wonder how she can stare like that with that covering her eyes? thought the Senshi of the skies.

"What's the matter Rider, are you to stun that I was able to figure you out?" Sailor Uranus said.

"I assure you, I have no delusions over what you're trying to imply!" she snapped as she pulled the chain harder and again forced Sailor Uranus to the ground.

"I will end this now!" Rider said readying the other end of her weapon with a dagger connected to it and started twirling it overhead.

"Before you end it, I just have one question, can you give a fallen warrior a final say?" Sailor Uranus asked.

"What is your last say Senshi?" Rider said giving Sailor Uranus her peace.

"What did you mean by you have no choice?" asked Uranus.

"You don't need to know that but all you need to know that not everything is what it seems." Rider said about to throw her weapon at Uranus and ending it all.

Sailor Uranus just smirked "Do what you got to do." is all she said.

Rider was about to do just that when a shining object came hurtling at her head and she jerked her head in time to dodge the object that was about to impale her. The object was Sailor Uranus's talisman; the Space Sword and in a swift motion cut the chain binding the dagger and Sailor Uranus was free from her predicament.

"How did you do that?" Rider wondered.

"Because that weapon is a sacred treasure that belongs to me and me alone." Sailor Uranus said picking up her sword.

"I am a Senshi of the outer rim and dealing with foreign enemies that attack this universe is my duty!" she declared while giving Rider a cold glare. "I am not about to lose to someone who is into S & M." She said with an evil smirk.

Rider also got into her fighting stance.

"World Shaking!"She cried as she collected a yellow ball of energy into her fist and slammed it into the ground as it was coming towards Rider at full ferocity. Rider jumped into the air to dodge the attack, bounced off the wall of a building and came hurtling at Sailor Uranus.

As Rider came into distance of Uranus, she slashed projectiles from her weapon.

"Space Sword Blaster!" she called out.

Rider barley dodged the attack and landed back on all fours and Uranus tried doing a drop kick on her but again she dodged.

"You're very easy at running away." Uranus said while trying to slash her sword at the elusive Rider.

Rider simply scoffed at the notion.

"If you think that than maybe I have to show you my real power?" Rider said alluding to something.

"Like what?" Sailor Uranus said slamming her fist to the ground firing of another World Shaking attack which Rider dodged.

"This!" Rider said and like a gymnast back flipped a distance away from Sailor Uranus. Sailor Uranus stood ready to attack Rider.

Rider got her dagger and in a shocking gesture to Sailor Uranus stabbed her dagger into the side of her neck and blood started spraying everywhere before forming in a circle in front of her forming into a glyph. After it finished forming a giant eye formed in the middle.

"What the hell is this power I'm getting from this!" Sailor Uranus said gripping her sword tightly in her hands.

"This will be your end Sailor Uranus!" Rider declared as she got ready to fire her attack. A white flash was animating from the glyph she created from her blood. Sailor Uranus saw that it looked like a horse with wings.

What the hell, Uranus thought. I don't think I will be able to block it with any of my attacks! This is giving off too much energy!

"This is the end Uranus!" she cried as she released her attack. "Bellerophon!"

The attack came aiming at the Senshi of the skies.

This is it, damn, didn't think it would end like this. I wanted to stay with you for eternity Neptune. she thought of the one person she loved. Uranus placed her sword in front of her as a way to block the oncoming blast.

"You're going to have to earn this death Rider!" Sailor Uranus called to her emissary bracing for the impact. "Michiru, looks like I will be the selfish one this time." she whispered.

"Silence Wall!" and an invisible wall protected Uranus from the attack. Uranus looked around to see the one she raised as her 'daughter' stepped into view.

Sailor Saturn came into view and she shot a piercing glare at Rider. Sailor Saturn had the same get up as the rest of the Senshi but different color variations. Her skirt was purple, dark blue ribbon on the back of the skirt, purple heart broach in the middle of her purple bow, amethyst gem in the middle of her tiara. On her feet she wore purple stiletto boots. In her right hand she held her Silent Glaive; a curved blade at the top, attached to a staff, symbolising her status as the bringer of destruction. She had purple eyes and seemed a bit taller from her first appearance from her time as a kid. Her hair was longer up to her shoulders. She looked around eighteen years old.

"I'm glad I got here when I could Sailor Uranus." Sailor Saturn said with a quarter of smile on her lips while maintaining her glare at Rider.

Uranus looked on in awe but happy seeing Sailor Saturn. "Glad you could make it to the party Hotaru." she said getting next to her colleague. "How were you able to find me?" Uranus asked.

"I would have come sooner but some black mass of a trash heap kept getting in my way. It's name was Arakune and it kept talking very fast, that I couldn't understand.

Than a cat person, named Jubei, came. He said he would take care of Arakune for me and told me to go to one of my allies to help!" Saturn explained.

Uranus got a perplexing look on her face. "Saturn, did you just say a cat?"

"Yeah, I know it sounds far-fetched but with everything that we deal with, is it really out of the ordinary?" Stated Saturn. "He walked on his hind legs and a gruff, wise voice to him."

Uranus just nodded and stared at Rider.

Rider stared at the new arrival.

"I'm impressed that you can block that, but I should tell you, I didn't go all out, because if I had it would have destroyed that barrier of yours!" Rider explained.

Sailor Uranus and Saturn just gave her a cold glare and ready for Round 2.

"I guess I will fight both of –"she stopped and looked to the distance.

Rider nodded and jumped to a building.

"Where do you think you're going?" Sailor Uranus yelled and swung her sword in a vertical slash, sending a projectile from it.

Rider flipped of the attack just glanced at her. "We will finish at another time Uranus. You better be ready when the time arrives!" she concluded and jumped off into the distance.

The two Senshi watched as she left. Sailor Uranus wasn't happy on letting her escape.

"Damn it!" she screamed as she punched the ground. "I will get that bitch next time I face her!" she declared. Sailor Saturn looked at Uranus and gave her words of encouragement.

"I'm sure you will be able to do it Haruka-Papa!" Saturn said. "We should get to the others and eradicate any demons we see!"

Uranus nodded, got up from the ground and ruffled Saturn's hair like a kid.

"You know just what to say don't you Hotaru-chan?" she said smiling

"Haruka-Papa, don't do that." Saturn said blushing trying to get her hand off of her head.

Uranus just laughed. "Just because you had a growth spurt you will always our Hotaru-chan!"

Saturn just sighed and giggled a little.

"Let's get going to the palace and I'm worried about Neptune!" Uranus said.

"Right Let's go Uranus." Saturn said as the two Outers headed for the palace, hoping to find one of the others.

In the distance Rider met up with the person who told her to retreat. The figure had plumb colored hair and eyes. Her attire was a black leather top and black leather pants. She had a demure quality about herself even though she was a teenager as she looked at Rider.

"Why have you asked me to retreat? I could have ended those two?" Rider asked

"Everything is going as planned Rider and the one in shadows asked that we get out of here for now." she told her. "Besides we are not to kill them yet, just test the waters. Are you disobeying me Rider?" she said in a dead pan tone.

Rider shook her head. "I would never do that Sakura, you are my master, and I will follow you for as long as you need me." she answered.

Sakura smiled softly. "You are no longer a transmigrated spirit summoned by the Grail, you can do what you feel is right." she told her.

"And since I have returned by the one who is in shadow, I will make it my duty to watch over you. I have you as my original master and not you're worm of a 'brother'." Rider said.

"It is true that I don't need energy from you because I am corporeal and back to my original power level but you have the choice to do so if you so will it Sakura."

Sakura just smiled than it turned into a frown as she held her body and started shivering.

Rider went to her and took her in her arms. "Are you all right Sakura?" She asked concerned.

"I will be fine Rider. I will find a way out of this, no matter what." Sakura said as she alluded to something. Than a portal opened and Sakura gestured to the darkness as she walked in it along with Rider silently.

London (Fate universe)

In a different dimension in London; a girl with aqua colored eyes, long black hair with some parts tied in two pigtail. Her attire was a light blue nightgown. Her name was Rin Tohsaka and participant in the 5th Grail War that happened about a year ago. After all that happened she decided to study to become a full bred magus and decided to study with the Mages' Association after her Junior year of high school; Clock Tower.

It was easy to get her papers in order and continue her general education in London while improving her magecraft with the Association. Rin Tohsaka was studying an ancient rune book on Thaumaturgy in her room.

As she grabbed a pitcher of water to quench her thirst, the glass she was about to pour the water into cracked. She stopped herself and looked at it strangely. She had a bad feeling something was or is happening.

She whispered one name to herself "Sakura…?"

Then her view came to a picture of herself, Sakura, a boy with red hair with tan skin, a young adult woman with short brown hair and a girl with white hair and red eyes in the picture.

This picture was taking before I left for London. she thought. My nerves are getting the better of me. The Grail War is over and the Servants have gone back to their rightful time periods. I do hope you are all right Sakura?

She then threw away the glass that broke and got another one but her thoughts went back to how that glass just cracked. Her finger traced the glass aimlessly. She placed her hand on her head to move her hair from her eyes thinking about her sister.

Rin was not the kind of person to let her emotions get the better of her. Ever since she was a little girl she knew about what it meant to become a magus and the pain of sacrificing some things for a goal even if it went going against her heart. She than decided that she would give Taiga a call to see how it's going back in Japan when she wasn't busy.

She than sweatdropped knowing that her former teacher would hate being called my her infamous nick name. The magi just hoped that nothing has changed for the better.

She drank her water and returned to her book, knowing that the dark thoughts in her head would not disperse for a time.

Another part of Crystal Tokyo

Sailor Neptune was dealing with her adversary at the moment. Like all the Senshi mentioned, her attire was the same but different color variations. She had a teal skirt and cerulean bow behind her skirt. A cerulean bow with a teal heart brooch in the middle, a tiara with a turquoise stone in the middle. She wore strapped high-heeled shoes and had sea-green mid length hair.

The person she was fighting was a woman wearing a purple gown with a hooded cape which didn't show her eyes or her hair. She had a sinister look to her as she tried blasting the Senshi of the Seas with a magical blast which she dodged.

"You cannot escape my spells Neptune so why don't you give up?" she said.

She fired another blast at Neptune but the sailor back flipped to escape the blast.

"You have to try better than that!" Sailor Neptune said with a cynical smile and flipped her hair in contempt, taunting her enemy.

The woman had a look of apathy on her face as she scowled at her. "You always had that uppity, pompous air about you which I have always hated for a life time!" she said angrily.

Sailor Neptune looked at her with confusion. "Sorry, I don't believe I have ever met you and certainly would never acquaint myself with someone who tries to destroy me." She said as she glared coldly at her.

The mysterious woman just smiled evilly. "You wouldn't know about the lesser people where you lived in that castle of yours dear Neptune but you will LEARN!" she said as she lifted up her arms and various blasts came striking at Neptune.

Sailor Neptune's eyes widened as the blast came to her. She tried running but the blast came to her and struck the ground she walked on, which caused her to collapse and a single blast was able to strike at Neptune's ankle which she grunted in pain. The figure came floating on by Neptune.

"I should tell you my name before I cast you to the abyss dear Neptune." she gloated. "My name is Caster and all you need to know is I truly despise you. I despise your beauty, elegance and your nobility. I should have been the one to rule Triton castle not you!" Caster said with distaste.

Neptune just stared at her. "What are you talking about, I do not know you, unless you are talking about the past than I surely don't remember someone as you. But actually it's a good thing sweetie; I guess you weren't important enough for me to remember." Neptune said with a cool smile.

Caster had a look of fury on her face and slapped the smart mouthed Sailor a couple of times.

"You bitch!" Caster screamed as her slaps caused Neptune's cheek to swell red and blood coming out of her mouth. She stopped herself and looked at Neptune. "I see what you're trying to do. You want me to lose my composure well that is not happening." she said as she floated in the air collecting a ball of purple energy in her hands.

"This will be the end and I will have the title for most graceful!" Caster said as she sent the blast straight to the fallen Sailor!

Sailor Neptune closed her eyes waiting for the impact.

"That's right, let despair take control of you and die!" the spell weaver said.

That's when a mirror appeared before Neptune and a circle like barrier came between her and the blast. Caster was looking on in shock at these turn of events. Than the mirror reflected Caster's spell right back at her.

Caster looked on in shock as she teleported from her spot to appear in another.

Sailor Neptune got to her feet and held her mirror.

"If you are wondering what this is Caster, than I shall tell you!" Sailor Neptune said as she caught her breath. "This is my Deep Aqua Mirror and it reveals all truths to me. It protects me when I am in danger. It can bounce any kind of blast thrown at me." She said taking the talisman.

Caster gritted her teeth preparing another spell.

"Deep Submerge!" Neptune said firing off her attack. It was a ball of magical ocean water shaped as a sphere which she launched at Caster.

Before the attack hit, Caster placed a barrier around herself, dispersing it.

"Don't be getting cocky, I am not a witch for nothing dearie!" Caster said.

"If you're a witch than I don't think you deserve the title for most graceful and eloquent sweetie." mocked the graceful Senshi.

Caster had a look of scorn on her face and fired off anther blast which Neptune dodged and she fired off another attack which Caster blocked.

Than Caster blasted a couple of broken pillars which transformed into a living rock golem.

"You can't fight your own battles!" Neptune yelled at the enchantress.

"This is a battle to the death and I will be the one to triumph!" Caster said and directed the golem's into attacking the Senshi.

Sailor Neptune tried dodging the rock creatures but one was able to knock Sailor Neptune in the stomach and she coughed up blood and fell to her knees. She clutched at her throbbing stomach.

It was able to break a couple of my ribs! she thought trying to get out of this situation.

Caster looked on and had a smile on her face. "This is the end of you!" Caster said.

"You might have the upper hand, but you forget one thing Caster." Neptune said defiantly.

"And what would that be?"

"My mirror can never lie to me, it sees through things as they are!" She cried and lifted her mirror at the soulless creatures.

"Submarine Reflection!" and a blast of clear light came from her mirror which dissipated the spell which brought life into the soulless creatures.

As the inanimate objects fell apart, Caster fired off her blast which she collected in her hands and Neptune fell to her knees.

"I was counting on that and this is where your pride led to!" berated Caster as she floated down and grabbed Neptune by her hair.

Sailor Neptune grunted as Caster got from under her sleeve a colored jagged knife and placed it against her neck.

"This is the end of our battle Sailor Neptune, after this I should make sure to give my thanks to the one who dwells in shadow for reviving me from the Grail War to set up my revenge on you!" Caster said as she pressed the blade further into her skin and drew a drop of blood.

Sailor Neptune eyes narrowed at Caster coldly. "What do you mean Grail War; I thought you said you knew me from the past of the Silver Millennium before its fall?" She said trying to struggle against the iron grip.

Caster had a small smile on her face. "A lot of things happened after my first reincarnation as a normal human being, tell me do you know of the one named 'Medea'?" she asked.

Sailor Neptune had a look of shock on her face. "Wait, you're the Medea?" she said. "I thought your name was Caster?"

Caster looked at her prey. "That's only a title I used to hide my real identity in the Grail War. All servants use the titles they are given to specify what class they are in, mine was Caster given the fact I use mana." she explained to Sailor Neptune. "Not that info is going to do you well when you die!" she cried as she was about to press the knife into her neck and end Neptune's life.

Than someone stabbed Caster with a sword and the former Servant went to ground. Sailor Neptune grasped her throat and looked to see who saved her.

The person who saved her was the one who contacted her and the other Senshi. The guard had a mask that covered her eyes. Her uniform was silver shirt and pants to show she was part of the moon court. She had blond hair that was in a French bun and had a lean body. She got her sword from the ground and looked at Sailor Neptune.

"I am glad you are not hurt Sailor Neptune." the guard said with a small smile as she grabbed Neptune by the hand to pick her up.

She gratefully accepted and stood up. "What are you doing her Arturia, I thought after you contacted us you to get the civilians to safe havens?" asked Neptune.

"I was but then, I had a strange feeling to see what was happening outside. After leaving the safety of the building I checked my surroundings. I saw you battling this person and had a feeling like I knew her once?" the one named Arturia answered.

Before she could answer a powerful blast of energy knocked the two to the ground.

Sailor Neptune and Arturia looked to see Caster who had a thick aura surrounding her and her hood was not on her face.

Caster had blue eyes and medium length hair and elf ears. Her eyes were glowing purple as the scowl on her face deepened. The wound she sustained was healing.

"How dare a mortal stab me down like that, know your place scum!" screamed Caster as she fired a purple beam which contained Sailor Neptune and another beam wrapped around Arturia's body and was choking her!

"This has gone on long enough. Sailor Neptune I will kill you but first this insignificant worm!" and she tightened the blast around Arturia. Sailor Neptune tried getting up but the barrier surrounding shocked her and she went down again.

"Don't do it Caster! It's me you have the grudge with not her!" Neptune said.

Caster ignored the plea and focused more energy into ending the one who knocked her down.

Arturia tried struggling but couldn't do anything. Then as she was trying to get loose her mask came off and Caster got a good look at her eyes. She stopped what she was doing and had a look of shock on her face.

"How is this possible, you cannot be alive!" shrieked Caster as she stared at Arturia. Her eyes were green.

How can she be here in this period? But looking at her, she is the one who rescued that girl I was going to use for a sacrifice to call the Grail and those two magi. thought the sinister witch. It is Saber!

As she was thinking this Arturia realized that the beam was losing its strength.

I have to get out of here and help Sailor Neptune. she thought struggling. But what can I do? The only reason I was able to one up her was sneak up on her, I am just being a nuisance to Sailor Neptune, it's not like I have any abilities. I practiced and fought hard to become one of King Endymion's guards and only know basic sword play! she continued thinking. But because I want to stand with the Senshi, I have a duty to uphold and can't let this be the end. I will not yield to this heartless knave!

Than Sailor Neptune's mirror reacted and Neptune looked into the mirror to see why it was reacting. Her eyes got wide in what she saw. In the reflection Arturia was wearing a blue dress with some armor on it and in her hand it looked like she was holding something.

I don't know what this means but it looks like she could be a reason in all this! Sailor Neptune thought.

Then as Arturia thought her life was going to end, she was fading to unconscious she saw something.

She saw herself in front of a field of Everglades and a vast blue sky that looked like it went on for eternity. Then the image changed to see her underneath a tree while holding a wound, the image changed again when she was fighting off a couple of skeletons with a girl with black hair and aqua colored eyes and seeing Caster in the distance about to sacrifice a girl, than it switched again to her fighting a golden figure who was Gilgamesh and finishing him off after their exchange. Image changes again and she appears with someone.

The person she saw was a guy who was a teenager. He had brown eyes, red hair and tan skin and he was smiling at her. She smiled too than she disappeared from his vantage point returning to when she came back to sitting underneath the tree with someone looking at her and saying something she could not here.

Is that me? She thought and then in a flash she opened her eyes and stared at Caster. Caster locked eyes with her.

"I might not know what those visions are about but for some reason I know we have battled before!" she declared.

Caster scoffed at that. "Even if you are starting to remember this will be your requiem. Farewell!" Caster said as she tried crushing her.

Then Arturia squeezed her right hand it seemed she was holding something and slashed the beam that was holding her.

Caster looked on in awe at these turn of events. Arturia charged straight at Caster while wielding the invisible weapon and tried to strike her down but the spell weaver placed a barrier to block the attack. The weapon looked like it wasn't going through to Neptune but then it was cutting through and Caster teleported from the spot before it stuck her down.

Arturia than swung the weapon in an upward arc and a powerful gust of wind blasted Caster back.

With this happening the barrier around Sailor Neptune dissipated and she rushed to help Arturia and fired another Deep Submerge from her hands which Caster dodged at the last second.

"Damn You! I will have my revenge on you yet Sailor Neptune!" Caster said gritting her teeth. Then she turned her view went to Arturia. There is no mistake she is Saber but I wonder how this is possible? How did she find a way into this universe after her reign as king ended? I will have to investigate this matter later! She than created a portal and escaped.

After the battle Arturia let go off what she was holding which dissipated into particles and fainted due to a lack of energy. Sailor Neptune raced to check on her.

"Arturia are you all right?" asked Sailor Neptune. Arturia opened her eyes and nodded her head slowly to the Senshi.

"I am all right Neptune, but did you fight her off?" she asked.

Sailor Neptune's face showed surprise "Arturia you don't remember what just happened?" asked Neptune

Arturia shook her head in confusion wondering what she was talking about.

"I don't remember much after I blacked out but it feels like I was about to reclaim something I felt I lost a long time ago." answered Arturia as she looked at her hands. It felt like she was holding a sword given the way she handled it but how could that be, could there be more to this young woman then meets the eye?

I wonder what she just did, it looked like she was holding something but I couldn't tell what thought Sailor Neptune than she remembered what her mirror showed her before Arturia attacked the witch. She looked like she was wearing something different but it didn't show me much, I should speak with the others about this after this invasion is over! And Neptune helped her up to her feet.

"Sailor Neptune!" someone yelled. Then she and Arturia looked behind them to see Sailor Mercury and Sailor Jupiter running toward them.

"Hey what's Arturia doing here?" asked Sailor Jupiter.

"She came here to help me apparently." answered Sailor Neptune with a small smile.

Arturia blushed at this comment. "I do apologize for interfering in your battle Sailor Neptune but when I saw who you were fighting my body reacted on its own."

Sailor Mercury and Jupiter eyed Arturia curiously for a moment. "It's all right Arturia, I'm just teasing you and I do appreciate your help." Sailor Neptune said.

"So who did you end up fighting?" asked Sailor Mercury.

"Someone from the distant past." Sailor Neptune said. "I don't remember her though, I thought that all are memories from the past life returned?"

Both Senshi thought about this before Sailor Mercury answered.

"Well there could be holes in there, I mean it was a thousand years ago and whatever connections we have with these enemies, we have to put it on the back burner for now and get to Usagi and Mamoru!"

Sailor Neptune and Jupiter nodded.

"I will head off back to the safe haven and guard the people your majesties!" Arturia said.

"Just be careful getting back there and stay in contact with the other planets." Sailor Jupiter said as she and the other two started heading towards the palace, hoping to meet the rest of their team.

Arturia has a kind of power sleeping with in her. I wonder if that power could be used against us or be a force to help us, I will bring this up to the others after this crisis Sailor Neptune thought as she looked back at Arturia and for a moment she thought she saw Arturia holding a shining golden blade in her hands and a sheath with ancient writing inscribed on it on her side and she was wearing a blue dress with armor gauntlets on her hands.

Sailor Neptune shook her head, thought she imagined it and continued with the others. On the way they met up with Sailor Uranus and Saturn and now had to find Sailor Mars, Pluto and Venus. Speaking of Sailor Venus she was in the fight of her life.

Another part of Crystal Tokyo

Sailor Venus was in a sticky situation. Her opponent was a swordsman and he was good! She could barely get through his defenses. She found herself lucky that she wasn't squashed like a bug by his giant ass sword which she wondered how in the world this guy could lift that thing was beyond her.

Sailor Venus's attire was like the rest but different color variations. She wore a white body suit with a dark blue bow with an orange heart brooch in the middle, wore an orange mini skirt with a yellow bow behind her, ankle strapped orange high heels. On her forehead she had a tiara with an orange gem in the middle and around her neck she had star choker. She had long blond hair and she wore a red ribbon. Her eye color was light blue.

The person she was facing was a guy and kind of cute in to the self-proclaimed goddess of love. He had blue eyes, blond spiky hair and a solemn, calm look on his face. His attire was a high collar black sleeveless shirt, black pants and boots. His chest had two straps and what held it together was a kind of wolf pin from Sailor Venus's perspective. In his hands he had a large sword.

Seriously, how in the world is he holding that? She thought as he came charging at her unexpectedly.

He swung the sword horizontal which she ducked and tried tripping him but he flipped over her and went for a down slash until she summoned energy imbued chains that looked like hearts connected together which it struck instead but Sailor Venus was struggling against the pressure he was adding.

"Hey, watch where your swinging that, you could hurt someone!" berated Sailor Venus. The heart of chains was beginning to crack.

The man simply just ignored her remark and continued adding more pressure. Than his blade started glowing which blew Sailor Venus into the distance and she crashed into a wall. The impact shocked her and she went down. The man came charging at her again, sword held high.

"This is the end." he simply said in a monotone voice and swung his sword down.

Sailor Venus opened her eyes and held up her hands and she summoned a sword from her hands which clashed against his.

"Hah, you thought you could get rid of me that easily spiky!" she retorted as she got up and still holding on to her sword.

"Let me introduce you to my Wink Chain Sword!" She said and parried his sword strike to the ground.

Glad I took up sword lessons from Haruka on my down time, she thought as she got into a fighting stance.

"I don't know who you are attacking me from out of the blue like this but I don't think you are bad as you seem?" Sailor Venus said. "What is your name?"

The man stared at her for a moment and said his name. "Cloud Strife."

Sailor Venus waited for him say more but he didn't. "Wait a minute, you just gave me your name and you're not going to say why you're attacking me, what your plans are, what kind of villain are you?" she asked surprised. "Seriously keep with the dynamic; it makes it much simpler and keeps it fresh!" she concluded.

Cloud gave her a look. "Why should I have to explain myself to a man loving whore like you?" Cloud simply said.

Sailor Venus had an irked look on her face. "What the hell, who are you calling me that with your thirty dollar haircut!" she cried irritably.

Cloud simply shook his head than before he could say anything more his eyes got all glassy. A dark aura was around his eyes.

Hey what's going on with him, I finally get him to express some emotion but now it's like he's different? Sailor Venus thought as she saw a dark aura around him.

Cloud got into his fighting stance and ran up to Sailor Venus and started engaging in a sword fight with her. She was pretty moderate when it comes to sword play but she was still not up to snuff with the likes of Cloud. After a couple of moments of them going back and forth he was able to destroy her sword and he nicked her left arm which drew blood. Sailor Venus jumped away from him.

"Eat this, Crescent Beam!" She said as she fired a beam of light from her index finger.

Cloud blocked the beam with his sword and swung it to another direction.

"Sailor Venus, this is the end of you!" Cloud said and lifted his sword in the air and started swinging it in a circle and meteor's started forming and through them at Sailor Venus.

"Meteor Strike!" he cried.

Sailor Venus concentrated her energy as an orange glow surrounded her frame.

"Crescent Beam Shower!" she cried as she fired a beam from her hand which shattered into countless energy beams, blasting Cloud's attack.

The two were struggling with their attacks, holding back the incoming blow which could leave them battered. Than Sailor Venus saw Cloud's eyes as she concentrating on her attack and on his face was a look of surprise for a moment but then his eyes turned glassy again.

What's going on with this dude? She wondered than another dark aura was surrounding his frame and his attack pushed through Sailor Venus!

The attack came on her and it left her bruised and battered, her Sailor uniform in tatters.

Sailor Venus tried getting to her feet but than a sword came to her neck and she stood frozen.

She looked at Cloud whose eyes still looked glassy.

"I will kill Sailor Venus. I am going to make you pay for leaving me, sister." he said.

Sailor Venus had a look of shock on her face.

"Wait, what do you mean by sister? I didn't do anything to you pal, so you better not be projecting any negative aspects at me emo!" Sailor Venus cried. He wasn't paying attention as the dark aura surrounded him again.

What in the world is with him? He calls me his sister but that's not possible. I was an only child. Sailor Venus thought. But I'm sensing something familiar about him?

Sailor Venus got a good look at him than she was able to tap into his emotions for moment. The flood of emotion coming from him was despair and a longing to see someone. Then she saw something in his memories that made her stare at him in shock. What she saw was a little girl with a boy with blond hair and blue eyes, he looked about seven and the girl looked like she was four. But Sailor Venus got a good look at the little girl and it was her!

Wait why am I there in his memories, I don't know him do I? She thought.

Than Cloud lifted his sword about to strike Sailor Venus who was still reeling from what she saw.

Than it appeared time was slowing for the both of them. As he brought the sword closer, Cloud saw a figure in Sailor Venus's eyes and it looked a girl wearing a pink dress and praying before being stabbed by someone. When Cloud saw this image he stopped himself right away. Sailor Venus came close to dying. She saw him struggling against himself.

"No…I won't do it!" he cried as he dropped his weapon and went to his knees.

"Hey are you ok, Cloud?" she asked getting from the ground and checking to see if he was ok.

"Stay away!" Cloud screamed and Sailor Venus flinched at that.

"I am not going to lose someone important to me again!" he said holding his head.

Sailor Venus couldn't stand by and let him go through his suffering and placed her arms over him.

"Let me go!" he screamed again trying to get her away from him but she wouldn't budge an inch.

"I don't know what's going on but for some reason I know you aren't bad Cloud." Sailor Venus said and had her arms around him. Than an orange aura started enveloping Cloud and he started to calm down.

What's going on with me and why I'm doing this? Well whatever the reason I just feel like I have to do this! She thought as the aura around her got stronger and Cloud's dark aura was dissipating.

This feels nice and warm. I somehow feel this has happened before. thought Cloud. The moment didn't last as a blast knocked the two away from each other. Sailor Venus was flung to the right and Cloud to the left.

"What happened?" Sailor Venus cried looking around to see who did that.

What Sailor Venus saw was an image of a woman but she looked like a shadow. Her hair upwards.

"I can't have you doing that meddlesome Senshi!" the shadow declared and she teleported herself and Cloud to a different place. Sailor Venus got a good look at the shadow and noticed she vaguely recognized the shadow.

"Wait!" Sailor Venus cried trying to stop them but she was too late.

What could that have been? Why did I start glowing around that guy and why was I in his memory? She thought frantically. And what did he mean by calling me his sister? He also seemed to have all this anger at me.

"And just who in the hell was that mad shadow woman?" she said out loud with a perplexing look on her face. "Dammit, that voice sounded familiar too, like something I wanted to forget!"

"Uh-oh Minako is talking to herself, someone better call the cops!" said voice from behind and Sailor Venus spun around to see Sailor Mars who made the snide comment with Sailor Pluto supporting her.

"Rei, Setsuna you're all right!" she cried as she went to hug the two Senshi.

"Minako, don't get so emotional!" berated Sailor Mars struggling against Sailor Venus's embrace but she had a small smile on her face. Sailor Pluto was also surprised but happy seeing the lively Senshi.

"I am glad you are all right Sailor Venus." said Sailor Pluto after Sailor Venus lowered her arms from them.

"Yeah, but the person I was fighting…something strange happened when I was with him?" Sailor Venus said alluding to the experience that happened to her.

"Like what, if it was a guy you probably got the hot's for him and tried convincing him if you could be his girlfriend." Sailor Mars teased the love obsessed Senshi.

Sailor Venus shot Sailor Mars a look. "I'm being serious Rei, even though he was cute I didn't do that, I think it was something more!" she said with a serious expression her face. "He did say some strange things though."

"What did he say Venus?" asked Pluto.

Sailor Venus dismissed her question with a shake of her head. "Something I can't think about now. Sorry."

Sailor Mars conceded to what Venus said. "I'm sorry Venus, I was just trying to lighten the mood, I've never seen you this serious before." she said.

Sailor Venus got a soft expression on her face and smiled her one million smile.

"So are you two ready to go?" Sailor Pluto asked them.

The two Senshi nodded seriously and headed off to the palace and along the way they met up with the others.

So Venus was facing him I see. It really seems that one cannot play with the hands of fate no matter what individual's destiny has in stored for them. Sometimes fate is quite cruel and I will have to answer to the choices that have come to pass. Pluto thought to herself.

Outskirts Crystal Tokyo

In the distance a lone girl with long light brown hair tied in a pony-tail, wearing a pink dress and was looking at Venus, Pluto and Mars meeting up with the other Senshi.

Aerith was staring at Sailor Venus the most.

"I'm glad I was able to offer some help to you. Trying to hold off that darkness in Cloud was even beyond my scope of interference. I leave it to you, his sister, to help Cloud. Very soon you and some of the others will know your true memories." the ephemeral girl said before disappearing like vapor.

Mysterious voice: Can the Senshi break through the barrier in time to save Neo-Queen Serenity and King Endymion?

Who are these mysterious enemies that attacked the Senshi and what connections could they have with them?

Allies also have come to aid the Senshi but what could they possibly want?

Sailor Pluto knows the answers but will she tell her comrades in arms?

Neo-Queen Serenity and King Endymion are fighting Terumi but how will that battle go and can Queen Serenity still transform to her former personae?

Find out in the next segment!

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