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So to recap from the last chapter: Shirou gets in contact with Archer and is going to meet him. Plans are coming to head with Rin and the others trying to keep things closed to Shriou but looks like that will change.

Mordred is scoping out his target, Illya and about to capture her. Rin discovers Sakura's plans. She and Saber are rushing to the next site to stop whatever they are doing.

Lancer discovers his past and attack Sailor Mars, who uses his weapon to stab her heart!

When it seems she is dead, something is happening in her unconscious.

Can Rei pull a phoenix and rise?

Many things and more, right now!

Chapter 17

Lineage of Magic: Flames of hope and steel of despair.

Fuyuki City; Center Building

In the brisk night Shirou Emiya was running up the stairs of the center building, the tallest place in the city.

The hazel-eyed teen remembered when Saber battled Rider at this place. I could never forget this place! This was when Saber revealed her sacred sword; Excalibur! He thought.

When Rider was using her Noble Phantasm, Bellerophon, the stalwart knight decided to unveil her trump card.

However when she did that it nearly cost her life! Since I didn't have the proper training as a mage I almost lost her!

That was also the time he got kidnapped by Illya, which led to the second battle with Berserker, along with Archer fighting him off and taking 5 of his lives.

"And now he's back!" Shirou griped. "I haven't forgotten the words he said! I still didn't know why he hated me so much." Shirou went up the next level. He was almost there.

"I will find out everything this time. Why I saw Rider, why I see these things he sees and finally what is going on with Sakura!"

After finishing that sentence he opened the door and he was on the roof. The teen breathed heavily as he ran up all those stairs. Granted he wasn't overweight as he kept in shape but doing all that running tired him out.

Shirou saw the person he was looking for. Archer was staring at the city, his arms crossed.

The red-clocked, leather attired man didn't even need to look to know that Shirou had arrived. "I see you arrived, Shirou…" He stated.

The hazel-eyed teen glared at him. "Of course I did!" Shirou snapped, tightening his fist. "How am I to ignore someone who I thought was dead?"

Turning around Archer looked at him. He's grown a little taller? In a couple of years he'll somewhat resemble me…

"Tell me, how are you here? Rin confirmed your death when her command spell vanished from her hand!" He yelled. "And now you are here a year later? Does Rin know you are here? "

The projection mage didn't say anything. This made Shirou grit his teeth. "Damn you, answer my questions! What is going on around here? First I'm seeing images I'm not supposed to see, like I'm looking through a peephole, Rider floating around and these magical girls?!" he pointed at him. "You have the answers I want Archer!"

A sneer appeared on the man's face. "So what if I do? What are you going to do about it? Cry? Bitch on to me about not knowing anything?" the man calmly stated.

Shirou growled like a caged animal. Even during the Grail War he never understood why Archer was always cryptic and mean to him. He never could figure him out but this is his chance to get everything out in the open.

That bastard! I'll get him to tell me the stuff I want to know! Shirou tightened his fist.

"Tell me, do you still cling to those ideals of yours?" asked Archer. "Do you think that it will change the situation that is happening now?"

"What does that have to do with anything? I proved my method without doubt when I battled Kotomine!" he brought up the deceased priest. "That you can save people, no matter how small you think it is!"

Archer laughed at him which made the teen even angrier. "What's so funny?"

"You are a fool Shriou Emiya!" Archer started walking around him and Shirou did the same thing. They were feeling each other out.

"You only cling to it only because Kiritsugu Emiya saved your life in the fire a decade ago," Archer opened up a past wound. "You saw how happy he was and you wanted to experience the same thing one day!"

Shirou was momentarily surprised that he'd bring up his dad. "What does he have to do with this?"

"Everything, the words he mentioned that day impacted your life," Archer's voice had an edge to them. "It will bring you down a path of hardships and eventually death!"

The red-haired teen continued glaring and wondering what he was getting at.

"You can't always save people. Sometimes you must make sacrifices for the greater good! But in the end it will kill you! It will betray you in the end!" He ranted.

"I don't believe you! How could my ideals betray me?! I'll stick to them no matter what!" Shirou challenged boldly. "Even if it is a borrowed dream, I chose it for myself!"

This made Archer growl. "You fool, don't try to get all uppity about it just because you stopped the Grail wars! Other things are happening. Like with that girl Sakura,"

Shirou froze. "So you do know about what's wrong with Sakura?"

Archer calmed down and conceded. "Hmph, I also know about Rider and Rin knows I'm her along with the entire goings on in Fuyuki!"

"She knew and didn't tell me?" Shirou became confused. Why wouldn't Rin tell him any of this?

He gave a cynical smile. "What's wrong upset that your ex didn't tell you?"

Shriou shot him a glare.

"You really are something breaking her heart like that," he began quietly. "She loved you and you didn't recuperate her feelings. You led her along like a dog!"

"That's not true, you bastard! I did…do still care about Rin!" Shirou cried, trying to defend himself.

"You couldn't let go of a dream of the past! You are locked in time, waiting to be reunited, yet you don't know your own heart!" Archer continued.

"What do you know? I know myself well. I know I did wrong by Rin, but that doesn't me I don't still think of her as a friend!"

"A friend you say? You don't even see the things in front of you!" Archer said. "The affections lay out in front of you and you still cling to her image. You didn't even know Sakura loved you?"

Shirou didn't say anything. How does he know about that?

"Now you are desperately rushing to find what's wrong with Sakura? Tell me what is it you feel for her? Why do you care so much? Is she your friend or is she something more to you!" he snapped.

What are my feelings for Sakura? I know I want to protect her but do I love her?

"I can tell what you are thinking and you sicken me! Trace On!" Archer threw out his hands and the two swords Kanshou and Bakuya came to his hand thanks to his projection power. He then got into a fighting stance

"What if I were to tell you that the reason all this is going on," The white-haired man began. "Seeing magical girls around, Rider coming from the dead, it all has a deeper meaning."

"Trace On!" Shirou cried upon seeing Archer with weapons projected a silver sword.

He's able to do it effortlessly. I still need to practice! He didn't let the pain show on his face however. "What meaning is that?" he called out.

"That Sakura is the center of all this!" Archer stated. "The battles, people losing their lives, everything!"

Shirou's eyes widened. "What, but …"

"Don't be naïve, boy!" Archer yelled. "Her mood swings, the evil aura you've seen around her, Rin and that Rei girl watching her? She has embraced the darker side of magic!"

Then that would explain that but why would she do that? "Well if that's the case then I'll save her!"

"Hah, don't even bother fool!" Archer said. "She is planning on bringing back the Grail!"

Shirou's heart froze. "She's what?"

"She will sacrifice everyone in this city to bring the grail." Archer pressed on. "The people you want to save will be killed by this girl! One girl will kill everyone!"

The teen became gripped with anxiety. "Sakura…but how could this be?"

"Now you are left with a choice; her or the city!" Archer said.

Shirou was left to muddle on what he learned.

"What are your feelings for her, boy? Do you love her? Could you give up your ideals for her? Do you want everyone to die?!" he yelled.

Shirou didn't answer.

Archer glared at him about to attack. "I will kill her!"

Once he said that Shirou locked eyes at him.

"The reason I am here is to fulfill a purpose. I am a counter-guardian. I protect the balance and get rid of any discrepancy in the world. Be it a good or bad person! She is planning on the destruction of humanity. Granted I've given up on protecting people y but this is a job and I'll see it through!"

"You can't kill her!" Shirou yelled. "I'll figure it out and stop her!"

Archer's glare became a sneer once again. "You can't even master that craft well! The only thing you did was conjure up a piece of crap! You've improved but it still half-assed!"

Shirou was still frazzled but got his head on straight. He was about to battle Archer. But the words he kept saying about his dad, ideals and finally the projection was bothering him.

"How do you know such intimate knowledge about me?" he called out. "You're last message before you died was think about what you can create. You know about my dad and the images I see throughout the day!"

His eyes widened in realization.

(Fate/Stay Night Imitation starts)

"You are me!?" Shirou came to the startling realization!

Archer only frowned. "It pains me but yes," he then slammed his swords into Shirou's sword, which he blocked. "I am you from a different time period. I am your counterpart!"

Shirou backed away and swung his sword at Archer but the experience man side-stepped his swing and brought down both swords across his back!

"AGHHHHHHH!" he yelled as he dropped his sword. He had a gash on his back. The blood oozed out like water.

Shirou then projected his own Kanshou and Bakuya and clashed with him but his swords proved inferior compared to Archer's.

He projected them again and tried fighting in the same style Archer used. The two's blows kept impacting the weapons as the sound of steel could be heard from the distance.

"I guess it's only natural you'd tap into what I do unconsciously!" Archer said swinging both swords one after the other which Shirou blocked and dodged, albeit clumsily at first. Shirou brought his left sword down which clashed against Archer's and swung his body around and went for a right strike to his exposed back.

Archer dropped his swords, brought up his hand to grab Shirou's arm and threw him over the shoulder to the pavement. With a grunt Shirou got back up and in a shocking gesture to Archer the teen enhanced the swords with his reinforcement.

He then charged at him and swung his arms in a cross-slash! Archer tried blocking them but his own swords broke (to his shock) and jumped into the air. He then conjured up his black bow and knocked a Broken Phantasm and shaped it into an arrow!

"Steel of Iron become my arrow; Caladbolg!" Archer's eyes glowed briefly as he enhanced his eye sight with reinforcement and aimed for Shirou's heart!

The arrow fired in quick ferocity and the arrow would have done just that until Shirou dispersed the swords and brought out his hands and created a Rho Aias. The arrow pierced the shield, which got rid of six of the seven petals.

Shirou breathed hard as he brought down his hands. Since we are the same person, I can tap into what he will do next! But he seems to be blocking me. The teen breathed and shot a smirk at the floating man.

"Looks like I'm getting up your ally, Archer?" he cracked out.

This caused the man to growl in annoyance. "Don't get cocky you little novice!" he snapped and came down to the ground.

Shirou then conjured the two swords that represented yin and yang and swiftly charged at him utilizing the reinforcement in his legs to speed his assent.

Archer saw him coming and projected a bladed boomerang and threw it at him. He aimed for the swords which sliced them in two but Shirou still charged at him and landed a punch in his face.

The white-haired man stopped himself and landed a boot to Shirou's stomach and then a fierce punch to his face knocking him on the ground.

"I've had enough of this! If someone who can't tell what's in his heart, then I'll end you're life!" Archer then closed his eyes and a glow radiated his form.

The area around him and Shirou changed from night to a barren wasteland of various weapons; from swords to halberds scattered around the battlefield. A ring of fire surrounded the sky which didn't give off heat.

Shirou looked up to see it. "This is…Unlimited Blade Works?" he all but muttered gaining access to Archer's memories. In a way his own Noble Phantasm!

The lone man began his chant for his Reality Marble.

"I am the bone of my sword

Steel is my body and fire is my blood

I have created over a thousand blades

Unknown to Death, Nor known to Life

Have withstood pain to create many weapons

Yet, those hands will never hold anything

So as I pray, unlimited blade works."

With the chant finished Archer held out his arm and flung it out and various swords started floating in the air.

Shirou saw this and gapped. "This doesn't look good…" He replied and soldered on through the pain.

He then summoned the swords but then coughed up blood!

"What's going on!" he croaked out, wiping the blood from his mouth.

Archer saw this and scoffed. "This is what happens when you use abilities that far exceed you! You haven't practiced enough and soon the strain of using this will kill you!"

"Shut up!" Shirou said and rushed towards him!

The man remained silent and brought down his arm. The swords shot like a machine gun towards Shirou who moved from left to right and started rolling on the ground to avoid them.

As he realized the bombardment stopped Shirou got up and looked to see Archer not there. He looked to the sky and saw the sky blanketed with spears and swords! They were coming straight for him.

"BRING IT ON YOU BASTARD! GHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" He gave a yell and started smacking them away with his swords. When it looked like it stopped, a giant sword came rushing to him!

Shirou crossed his swords. "DON'T UNDERESTIMATE ME ARCHER!"


The sound of metals was heard and Shirou tried holding back the attack. Shriou then surprised Archer again by holding back the attack as the sword vanished.

(Song ends)

Both men panted at the amount of energy they were throwing out.

"Well Acher," Shirou replied breathing in hard. "Looks like I'm not taking any of your shit! I won't let you kill Sakura!"

Archer took a breath and narrowed his eyes. "She will cause massive devastation to the city if she's not stopped! You choose her over the world?" he challenged again!

Shirou growled again. "I…I…"

I'm going to have to use my last trump card… Archer thought. "Just so you know, along with Rider being back, someone else has returned…"

"Who would that be, stop hesitating!" Shirou yelled.

Archer's back straightened and looked him in the eyes. "The one person who is forever looking for the utopia she sees in the distance…" he said.

When those words left his lips Shirou dropped his swords. "No…it can't…be…." He drawled. "Saber is…alive? "

The person he had fallen in love with during that time of the war, the one who was always marching toward the battlefield. The love he thought he lost to the abyss known as time had returned here?

An image of Saber appeared in the teenager's head before she vanished.

"Yes, your precious Saber is here as well!" Archer proclaimed. "Due to certain circumstances, she has returned. She is fighting the shadows Sakura calls for. She with Rin and Rei are trying to stop her plans."

Shirou's heart had taken a blow. He gripped his chest as if he was in pain.

"Now tell me!" he called. "If you want to protect Sakura, then so be it! Forget about your foolish dreams of ever becoming a 'hero of justice'. The ideal you hold strongly too with the one you love!"

Images of Sakura began racing in Shirou's head. Everything from when they first met to this time. Then Saber entered his mind, to when he summoned unwittingly, to their goodbye after she destroyed the grail. Her smiling form told him that she loved him. As if it was a fleeting dream she vanished back to her time.

I never thought I'd see her again. She's fighting all these monsters that are coming out at night, with Rin and surprisingly Rei? But Sakura is planning on bringing back the grail! Is this my fault for not seeing her feelings for me? Shirou thought.

"Now Shirou, do you choose the ideal where you kill Sakura for the greater good? Or do you choose to give that up and protect her and forsake Saber?" He asked again.

Shirou looked at him then at the area around him. "Why are you giving me this choice!" he said avoiding the question. "Why must I choose between them? I'll still-"he didn't finish the sentence as three arrows were fired at his feet!

"So you'll hold those ideals? Then I will go about my job and kill her then kill you to end my existence!" He bluntly stated.

"I won't let you touch Sakura! Even if she is a virus in the system she's my…my?" Shirou began but stopped.

"Then you choose her over you're stalwart knight?" he said. "I'll have to say I didn't see that coming. She will be broken hearted as she wants to see you!"

Saber…I protected you, even when you didn't want it. I could never get you off my mind. I want to be with you so much! "Why must it be one way or the other?" he challenged. "Listen to me Archer, I won't let anyone die! I won't let Sakura be in anymore despair and I won't choose between her and Saber!"

"Who do you think you are, God? That is foolish thinking only for the arrogant. You can't have things both ways! Even if you find a way out of this situation you know both women's feelings for you! You can't run from that!"

Shirou looked at him odd. Is he trying to teach me something? It's like he's trying to lead me…

He didn't finish the thought as various projectiles were fired at them.

Shirou was overcome with bladed weapons. His clothes got shredded but was able to put up a Rho Aias with three petals that took some of the damage but ended up straining himself.

Archer was also shocked and placed a Rho Aias himself before the attack but the strain of using his reality marble was at its limit and deactivated it.

After the attack stopped Archer looked too see Gilgamesh, in his civilian attire. The red-eyed king looked disappointed.

"Damn, I wanted to get rid of you while you had your spat!" he griped with his arms crossed.

Archer and a weary Shirou looked at him. The teen was shocked to see him in the flesh and not as a spirit. "You, Gilgamesh how is that possible, Saber killed you!" he brought up.

The king of heroes gave him a perturbed glare. "Things change cur! I thought that would have killed you," alluding to his attack. "But you are much harder to kill. You 're still are half-assed!"

Shirou growled and was about to project a weapon but he coughed out blood again. Archer frowned at the teen. "Stop that, you are at your limit, anymore and you will die!"

"Shut up!" Shirou said. "I'll do what I want! And you Gilgamesh how are you alive?!"

The golden-haired man simply smiled. "Forces beyond your meager human mind can't comprehend intervened! Now to business, you two!" he pointed at them. "I need to get rid of the trash!"

Archer scoffed. "So Sakura is sending you after us?!" he snorted. "Well then I think it's time I bring your era to an end golden king!"

Archer was about to summon his own swords but grimaced in pain as he reached for his heart.

"Hah, what a laugh you are reaching your limit as well!" Gilgamesh brought up. "I was watching the fight and now everything makes since! However Archer I'll make sure to get rid of you first, since you are a danger to Sakura's plan!"

Gilgamesh pulled out Ea from his gate and pointed at the man and charged.

He saw Shirou with his hands out. Shirou protected Archer?

"Stay out of this boy!" Archer snapped.

"Shut up, I'm not doing this for you! I just want to settle are dispute without anyone interfering!" Shirou snapped back.

Gilgamesh just scoffed. "This is getting annoying. But I guess I've stalled for long enough!"

This brought the two to attention. "What do you mean?" Shirou said.

"We have a bigger prize to obtain, that little girl in your house!" he mentioned and soon vanished.

Illya! Shirou thought. "Why would they be after Illya?"

Archer remained quiet until he gasped. Is that what Rin was trying to tell me about before the transmission ended?

He got a call from Rin before Shirou arrived, saying about Sakura's plan. She was going to say something else but it got cut!

Looks like my plans won't even out… Archer looked to see that Shirou was heading for the stairwell.

"Where do you think you're going Shirou!" he called. "I thought you wanted to settle this?"

Shirou looked back. "I'd like to knock your smug face in! I have every reason to kick your ass but I need to get to Illya!"

He was about to open a door until an arrow shot at the door. He ended up surprised and fell on his butt. "What the hell, I've got no time for you!"

"Shut up!" Archer stated walking up and picking him up by the scruff of his shoulder. "Do you know about Illya's unique position?"

"What's that got to do with this!" he roared.

"Do you or not?"

Shirou saw the look in his eyes, the look of someone barely keeping himself in check. "I know Rin alluded to something during the Grail war when it came to Illya's body breaking down due to Servants vanishing but nothing more than that, why?"

"Her unique characteristic is that she's an artificial being born of another homunculus and human. She was to become the next vessel for the Grail when it materializes making her life forefit. But you were able to save her." He revealed. "You probably know she can't grow any older than her initial age. Chronologically she is older than you but her lifespan is limited."

Shirou's eyes widened. "Wait, you mean?!"

He nodded. "I am surprised she survived this long. She is running low on time. Whether Sakura gets to her or she reaches the breaking point her life will end soon! This is why they are making plans to get her."

"Then we need to stop talking and get back to my place!" he snapped.

Archer looked at him in aggravation. Was I always this quick to do this stuff? "That's why I stopped you! I'll get us there!"

"I can get there on my own!" Shirou stubbornly refuted.

"You've got no choice!" Archer then grabbed Shirou and threw him over his shoulder.

"Put me down!" He yelled!

"Shut up! This is no picnic for me either!" he yelled back. Enhancing his legs he started jumping from roof to roof.

Shirou was quiet for a moment before asking, "How is Saber alive?"

Archer didn't answer him on that. "You need to think long and hard upon our discussion! Find out what is important to you!"

Shirou was going to fire back a response but remained silent. Was all this, fighting me to get me to realize that I don't know my heart?

As Archer got on the next building he too was contemplating his actions. Yet again, I find myself helping the one I want to kill. He griped. But I can't have it both ways. I either have to go about my mission and kill her or find a way to help Rin and Rei save Sakura… I always wind up helping those sisters in the end don't I?

In his memories he remembered meeting Rin for the first time after she revived him. Then after his first battle where he ended up hurt, he met Rei. He could tell they were sisters off the bat.

Even if she wasn't a master, she still was someone not to underestimate!

Archer quickly hurried to the Emiya residence hoping to stop Gilgamesh from capturing Ilya.

Fuyuki Park

Saber's bike could be heard coming from miles away as she and Rin tried getting to the park as quickly as possible.

Rin had figured out what Sakura was planning and wanted to stop her crew from inscribing any kind of rune on an object in the park.

The blonde' teen got a good view of the park. "We're almost there!" she called out.

The black-haired wizard kept her eyes on the park and tried sensing any kind of magical energy.

"I can't feel anything!" she exclaimed saying a curse word under her breath.

"Maybe they aren't here yet?" suggested Arturia.

Rin gave a slight nod. "Rubin, you feel anything?" she asked the sentient pendant.

No reply came from him.

"Rubin?!" she called out again and took out the star necklace. "Hey!"

"Hey Rin, what's up?" He finally replied.

"What do you mean, I've tried calling you, are you not up to full strength?" she asked concerned.

Rubin remained quiet. "I'm fine Rin. I have enough power to get through this battle! Don't worry, I wouldn't leave you doll face!"

With that statement she placed him back in her shirt.

"HEY!" He cried in protest.

Rin ignored him. The fool is fine!

As they were approaching the park Arturia and Rin's senses went off as they felt something strange happening.

The two locked eyes on Rider as she appeared. The long-haired woman turned to see them and had a frown on her face.

"RIDER!" called out Arturia as she stopped the bike.

Rider quickly sprinted away from them.

"Hurry we can't let her place a rune here!" cried out Rin as she leapt of the bike. Arturia did as well and quickly caught up to her.

Rider was leaping tree to tree. She stopped her progress and turned to them.

"I see you figured out what's going on before I came here?" she inquired. "However this is something you can't stop!" she then held out her hand and a void appeared on the ground next to them.

The sword-wielding teen and the jewel mage prepared themselves as copies of Berserker appeared before them.

(Mahou Tsukai no Yoru (Witch on the Holy Night) BGM Five starts)

"Berserker." A shocked Rin stated.

Rider smiled. "This is only a shadow! Now take care of them!" and she was soon heading to her destination.

The copies of the deceased Greek hero came at them.

Rin pulled out a gem and a bright light blinded them temporarily. The two scattered away from them.

Arturia soon held out her hand and an invisible sword came into her possession. "You won't get in our way!" She yelled and a white flash enveloped her body. She soon became Saber Lily and sliced the arm off a copy.

The mirror image bellowed in agony until she chopped off its head. Saber Lily went for another one where she easily maneuvered around the body and sliced off its torso.

"These aren't strong, they are only here to distract us!" she theorized.

Another one came bellowing towards her and swung his club like weapon at her. Bringing up her sacred sword she blocked the attack but with difficulty.

He swung again and she got pushed back. Saber noticed her arm was numb. She then went charging at him.

The giant went for another swing but she ducked and cleaved him in half.

"Return to ashes, remnant!" she whispered.

Rin enhanced her legs with reinforcement and back flipped away from the two copies. I' can't rely on Rubin, until he's fully charged!

She soon jumped into the air and a glow enveloped her hands. Holding out her index finger she created a star sign. Seven magical glyphs connected to create Orion.

The sign shined with various colors as she held out her hands to unleash her attack!

"Seraphic Prism!" The magical glyphs fired concussive blast of energy at the copies. They bellowed angrily and soon were gone.

Rin landed on her feet and took a moment. Her skills have improved due to using the Kaliedostick. It offered her knowledge to certain kinds of magic that worked well for her.

The two thought they finished off the clones but soon more appeared.

"This isn't getting us anywhere!" The mage stated. "We have to make a clearing and one of us goes!"

Saber Lily looked from where Rider went to their enemies surrounding them. "I'll take care of them Rin," she offered. "You go and stop Rider!"

Rin was about to say otherwise but the pony-tailed teen shook her head. "No time for discussions!"

She promptly held out her sword and an invisible wind came over her sword. Saber Lily let out a warrior yell and slashed them with Invisible air.

"Go now Rin!" yelled Saber!

The teen sprinted at the opening. As Saber nodded her head more came in its place.

"This is getting rather tedious," she mentioned with a grin. "I'd never thought I'd use my holy sword for getting rid of scraps but I'm in a hurry!"

She collected air to her sword again and spun around in a circle unleashing sword wind-like slashes at them. They roared as they died.

The teen then sprinted to where Rin was.

(Song ends)

Rin was trying to catch up with Rider but she couldn't find her. Taking out her necklace she asked Rubin where the elusive woman went.

A beam of light came from the star pendant showing her the direction. She continued after the light until she came across who she was looking for.

Rider was in the middle of the area, trying to carve a rune into the ground. Pointing her finger at her, Rin fired a black bullet like substance.

The blindfolded female sensed it coming and jumped out-of-the-way vaulting herself away.

Rider stared at the mage. "So you've arrived Rin?"

Pointing her finger again a blast formed at the tip. "I won't let you create that glyph here Rider!" she called out. She then fired another Grandr which Rider dodged efficiently.

Growing tired of this she held out her hands with a total of 3 gems in between them.

(Fate/Zero BGM Emiya time alter starts!)

"O flame that burns! O stars that drift in space, combine together!" she chanted as her spell called forth fire and star energy together.

"Der Stern Feuer!" And launched her spell. The flaming beam spread into various beams like shooting stars and struck the ground Rider was on. She couldn't avoid all the blast and ended up hurt.

In the dust Rider jumped out and threw her chained dagger straight for Rin's head!

Before the weapon ended her life a shield came over her and deflected it. She looked down to see Rubin glowing.

"I can't let you deal with her alone, Rin!" he said. "Combine our powers now."

She pulled out the trinket. "I'm not sure I'm worried about you…"

"Hey this is what you called me for right?" he tried reminding her of why he was here. "What kind of guy would I be if I didn't help the person I'm contracted to?"

Rin thought for a moment before conceding. "Compact full open. Maximum mirror gate explosion!"

After saying the phrase and a quick transformation sequence that would make the Senshi proud, stood Kaledo Ruby.

The red clothed cat eared teen had a firm look on her face and not sporting the usual personality quirk. After a month she had gotten used to her new form and adapted to it.

No way would she EVER say any speeches of vanishing evil in the name of justice. She was mage dammit and her pride kept her going for standing the humiliation.

Kaleido Ruby held out her star staff and gave it a little twirl. "Don't underestimate me Rider!" she declared.

Rider stood ready. She had a job to finish and wouldn't let anything stand in her way. She dropped down on all fours and launched herself like a spear at the magical girl.

I need to stop her!

I got your back Rin!

Ruby then did something unexpected. As Rider was about to spear her to the ground Rubin changed into a tennis racket and she smacked her like a ball right into a tree.

"Not what I was going for but that'll do!" she complimented in a whisper and transformed him back to a rod.

Rider got up with a grunt and looked perplexed. "You used a tennis racket?! Really!" she cried incredulously.

It was unlike her to yell but to get hit with a racket?! That shit wouldn't fly with her!

Rider got herself up and sprinted towards the wizard. The magical girl unleashed streams of energy from the star wand. Rider easily passed them and threw the dagger straight for her neck.

Ruby jumped away as it punctured the ground. Electricity was then charged to the baton and hit the chain.

The electric current came at Rider which she ended up getting electrocuted! She gave a small yell before falling to the ground.

Rin breathed easily as she stopped her sister's servant from inscribing a rune.

Before she could get back to the area to double-check a blast knocked her down.

"Ahhh!" she screamed.

She turned to see a figure wearing a purple clock with a zipper with a high color. A witch's hat covers her face. Two long white scarves hung on her shoulders

Ruby couldn't believe what she was seeing.

"What is that?" she croaked out.

"Someone of tremendous power!" Rubin stated.

The clocked figure hovered over them not talking. The phantom was about to move until a wind slash knocked it back.

Saber Lily came in a white flash as she stood in front of Rin holding out her invisible blade.

"Rin, are you okay?" she asked pulling her up.

The magus gave her thanks. "I see you took care of those Berserker copies!" she said.

The black bowed silver armored warrior gave a curt nod. "Who is this figure?" The two stood ready as they were wondering who that person was.

Rider came back to consciousness and noticed her unexpected savior. "Phantom…" she said.

Rin heard what the former Servant said. "Phantom is that her name?"

Phantom turned to Rider and without saying anything wrapped a cloak over Rider, making her vanish from the vicinity.

"Wait, Rider!" Ruby cried out.

Saber glared harshly at the witch. "What did you do with her? Answer me!"

Phantom still didn't talk and launched a massive blast of energy, which gathered around her chest.

The duo spread as it destroyed the ground.


It created a crater.

"My god, is that the kind of power she wields?" Ruby said.

"Be careful around her Rin!" He warned.

The scarves around Phantom soon launched themselves at Ruby which broke into a lot of strands. The teen magus took out a couple of gems and deflected some and jumped back.

Holding out her staff she fired a beam of red energy at Phantom but she created a barrier. The scarves continued bombarding the magus.

Ruby created a barrier trying to defend but it broke and wrapped around her. Phantom then tossed Ruby to the trunk of a tree.

"RIN!" Saber yelled slashing at the cloth, breaking her free. Saber then threw herself towards Phantom.

The purple robed phenomenon launched more scarves which she hacked at. When she got close, she swiped her sword trying to decapitate her!

Phantom vanished in a flurry of ravens which she tried attacking but they spread around her.

The Phantom reformed and she continued the cloth attack! Saber gave a yell and slashed, swiped and dodged them to the best of her ability until one wrapped around her ankle!

"AHHHHHHHHHH!" she screamed as she was pulled from the ground slammed back into it!

Her figure created an impact. Phantom did it again and again. She then tossed Saber Lily in the air. Saber swung her body up and unleashed an invisible air current at the ghost.

Phantom created another shield and fired a blast of energy at Saber. The blast enveloped her and she was launched even higher.

Ruby came too and noticed her friend's crisis. "Saber!" she yelled and got back up.

The magical girl held up her staff and gathered energy.

"Coquettish Bomber!" A large ball of magical energy came at Phantom.

The mysterious figure sent a bombardment of its scarves and wrapped around the energy snuffing it out.

"How is that possible?" she whispered as her energy drained from the attack.

Phantom unleashed more scarves at Ruby which tied up her arms and legs. Phantom then unleashed a current of magical power which knocked out Ruby.

The magus back to her original form.

"Rin…" Saber grunted out as she continued falling.

Phantom then unleashed a hoard of magical energy which slammed on her body. Saber Lily screamed and fell with a thud.

Her armor broken and she had cuts on her face.

Phantom was able to beat Saber Lily and Rin!

(Song ends)

The mysterious figure glided to where Rider was going to inscribe the rune for the grail.

Using the two scarves they started writing the ancient text and a magical circle. Once done she used her own magic to infuse with the Lay line to activate it.

It gave a subtly glow. Phantom completed her task and returned to the person that sent her here; Yuki Terumi.

A couple of minutes later Saber woke up from being pummeled by the mysterious ghost.

Saber's armor was in tatters but she soldiered on towards Rin.

"Rin, wake up, Rin!"

The mage woke up with a start. Her body ached. "We survived?"

"I don't think that figure was trying to kill us!" Saber brought up.

With a roll of her eyes Rin got up. "Yeah, it wouldn't try to kill us!"

She then noticed something peculiar and went to the area with Saber following her.

"No, we are too late!" Rin cursed as she saw the rune in place.

Saber looked at it with sadness. "No, she must have done this when we were unconscious."

"Nothing we can do now! I hope Rei and Haruka can hold off on protecting that temple!" Rin said.

The blonde was going to comment until she felt a presence in the distance.

She had a look of distraught on her face.

"Saber, what is it?" Rin asked.

This feeling, I haven't felt this presence in a long time!

"Rin I'm going off to Shirou's place," she said. "I will protect Ilya!"

"Wait Saber, what about Archer? I think he is on his way there!"

She shook her head. "I get the feeling something or someone is waiting there for him."

"All right, I'll head off to Ryudou temple and help out the others!" Rin said and pulled out Rubin. "Hey you ready for a teleportation spell?"

Rubin burped out a reply. "I can handle it Rin!"

Saber also noted his behavior as of late. "Is something the matter with him?" she asked. "He's been off as of late…"

"Nah, just getting pumped. Get going Saber!"

With a nod Saber headed toward her bike. A moment later the roar of the engine could be heard and she was off to the Emiya residence.

Rin closed her eyes and thought about the place she wanted to go. She soon vanished to Ryudou temple.

Rei's mindscape

Rei Hino was still in a conversation with her spirit guardian, Misao. The purple haired teen told her she could help her come back to her body.

"So there is away for me to go back?" she asked.

Misao nodded. "Yes, if you were dead, you wouldn't be here. I think that Lancer deliberately missed your heart by a couple of centimeters."

The raven haired teen became amazed. "He did that on purpose, why?"

This got a snort out of Misao. "What do you think, Einstein, the man says he likes you!"

Rei looked at her in awe. "Are you bipolar or something?"

The pink robed teen got up and pointed at her. "Who are you calling bipolar? I just can't stand ignorant people not seeing the obvious! You did feel something for him, right!"

Rei blushed for a second then her temper got the better of her. "Hey, what do you know about that! What are you a creeper?"

"I don't creep like that! I'm your guardian! I live in this mindscape waiting for you and this is how you treat me?!" she cried out abashed.

"You're the one with the 'tsundere' complex!"

The two growled and stopped. They quickly sat down on their mats.

They remained quiet for a couple of seconds.

"Sorry about that, I didn't mean to say that!" Rei said.

Misao was blushing. "No, I'm the one that called you! I should be a better hostess to my new partner…"

"So you will bond with me, even though we might fight like cats and dogs?" inquired Rei.

The spirit nodded. "I've been waiting here for this day. I don't mind a couple of arguments with you."

They let go of the anger and continued.

"How will you go about with this?"

Misao got up and stood in front of Rei. "I merge with you. My powers will enhance your abilities to new heights," she began. "When that happens I can heal your wounds and offer you the Alter form you need to win against him."

Rei was getting happy but stopped.

"What is the matter Rei, I'd thought you would be happy?"

The purple eyed girl sighed. "I am it's just how do I go about in saving him. I won't kill him. I won't let him die due to Sakura's vendetta with me! It's just she's become strong more so than my powers can keep up!"

Misao continued looking at her.

"I swore that I would protect her and Rin but I couldn't even do that! Do I have a right to go back there and try to save them from this?" Rei lamented.

Misao heard enough and slapped her on the face.

This made Rei place a hand on her bruised cheek.

"Enough of the emosim!" Misao began. "I am offering you a chance to save the one's you love! If you want to go back you have to do it because you want too. You have to have the will to live, to protect the ones that you hold dear!"

Misao placed her hands on her shoulders. "You can do this Rei! Out of the Senshi you are the most attuned to the spiritual awareness of things. You have the ability to purge Lancer of his corruption. All you have to do is believe!"

When Rei head this she closed her eyes. Everything that she's learned up to this point has changed her. Finding out about her siblings and trying to figure out the life she lead in this world was a daunting task.

But through everything she always found a way to get the job done from meeting Usagi and the others, to helping saving the world. Now she was going to pavé her destiny at this moment and save her loved ones.

"Even if my memories aren't there," she began "I am still a part of their hearts! Somewhere I am there waiting for all of them!"

A red glow surrounded her frame. "I am the Solider of Passion. I castrate all that is evil in the name of my guardian planet!"

Misao liked where this was going. "What is your name, Senshi of flames?"

"MY NAME IS SAILOR MARS!" she stood up and yelled for all to hear!

A column of flames sprung from the ground. The fire didn't burn her. They swept over her like a nice shower.

"Those are flames of purity. They are getting rid of the curse of Gáe Bolg." Misao said. "Gáe Bolg can rupture the heart and strike instantly. It is also healing that appendage."

Rei was amazed at what she was hearing. "My powers work like that?"

"Of course you can't rely on it like that. This is a special case. If you were to die, it won't work again, even with my powers. Remember even if you have ever lasting youth, you can still die."

The Miko remembered that all too well. "Memento Mori…I will always remember my humanity!"

Misao then glowed as well and smiled.

"Why are you glowing?"

"That's just the last chain being broken. I can merge with you now!" she said.

The two looked at each other. Both had given firm glances."

"Be warned once this union happens, I will know you from the inside out," Misao said. "I will know what you know in detail and not just flashes of emotion. Of course in time you can control what I see."

The Miko held firm with her resolve. "I will do what I have to. I don't mind that. I accept!"

The kimono clad spirit smiled at her. Then the flames engulfed them and were gone from the area.

Ryudou Temple

Uranus couldn't believe her eyes as she saw her colleague lying dead on the ground.

The Outer Senshi tried squirming her way out of Berserker's ham like hand but couldn't

"Get the fuck off me, behemoth!" she yelled. The monstrosity growled and tightened his grip.

The sandy-haired warrior held up her fist. I don't care if what it takes, I'm getting over there!

She gathered her energy into her raised hand and punched his arm.

The copy cried in anger and dropped her. Sailor Uranus then slammed her fist to the ground an orb smashed in his gut.

The creäture was destroyed.

That attack took a lot out of her but she couldn't stop. She was about to head to where Lancer was but another one knocked her away and she landed with like a brick.

"Ughhh….Dammit!" she cursed.

When she thought it was over, as the Berserker copy loomed over her,

"Grandr!" a bullet like blast pelted his back until he was destroyed.

Uranus looked to see Rin taking a breath.

"Rin, what are you doing here?" she inquired.

The magus helped Uranus up. "Stopping Sakura from inscribing a curse on this place!"

She then noticed Lancer was there. "Lancer?"

Rin then noted that he was in agony. "What is he doing?"

Uranus couldn't bring herself to say at first but did. "That Lancer fellow as you called him…he killed Rei!"

The teen eyes widened. "No, you are mistaken…she can't be dead!" she yelled.

Taking notice of Re's fallen form the jewel mage lashed out! "LANCER WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY SISTER!" she yelled.

This made the blue haired ponytail man look at her. He had grief written on his face.

Before they could move more Berserker and Assassin copies appeared.

"Get out of my way; Seraphic Prism!" she created the star sign for the Archer Sagittarius and launched the blast toward them, destroying them.

Rin rushed towards her sister.

Lancer was still guilty at what happened. He was going to place a hand on her cheek until an explosion made him jump away from her.

The teen girl held out her hands. "Get away from her!"

Lancer's grief turned to anger. "Girl, get away from here!"

She held her place. "I won't you killed my sister, I won't forgive you!"

Then Sakura came from the sky and landed near them.

"Well, sister, looks like you are moaning the loss of Rei?" she asked.

Rin glared at the younger sibling. "How could you do this Sakura? Do you know what you've done?"

Sakura gave her a mock glare. "What I've done is rid myself of one of my problems and now I start with you!"

Rin was prepared to fight Sakura with everything she had. The plumb-haired teen smirked and floated back in the air.

"Take care of them, Lancer!

Lancer growled at Sakura but then succumbed to the control.

Rin gave him a look. "I'm guessing she's controlling you?"

The blue wearing man didn't say anything.

Then Uranus jumped in front of Rin. "I'm not letting him get off the hook either!"

The teen didn't care if the Senshi was going to help. All she wanted was vengeance for her fallen sister.

"Now that's unfair, how about I do this!" Sakura said and held out her hands. Then copies of Berserker and Assassins appeared once again.

"I won't let anything stop me this time!" Sakura said and watched the battle.

Uranus and Rin stood back to back.

"Do you think you can transform?" The tomboy asked.

Rin replied. "I already did and used up Rubin, he's resting!"

"Heh, we really need a break with this stuff!" she joked.

The teen smiled as well. "I know what you mean!"

Before either of the combatants could move they all stopped and looked at Sailor Mars' body. They started feeling magical energy building up in her body.

Lancer held down his spear. "Rei…?"

Sailor Uranus became shocked as well. "What is this feeling I'm getting from her?"

Rin was the next to say something. "Is she coming back?"

Sakura also looked on in mild curiosity.

Then a red glow enveloped her and Mars woke up, to the surprise of everyone there! The wound that Lancer inflicted healed, to his and everyone's surprise.

"She healed an attack from my weapon!" Lancer was astonished.

Uranus smiled. "That's the way, we Senshi don't die easily!"

Rin had some tears in her eyes and smiled. "Rei!"

Sakura growled. "Looks like you can't even kill a simple girl Lancer!"

In her mind however she was relieved knowing she was all right.

Zouken looked with a calm indifference. Just because she's back, she won't beat Lancer!

No, she can do it! I believe in her! Sakura said.

Lancer was going to say something but then Sakura gained control over him again.

Mars looked at him with calculating eyes. Rin and Sailor Uranus gathered around her.

"Sorry I worried you two!" Mars offered.

"Just don't do something like that again, you hear me!" Uranus said.

Mars then saw Rin wiping tears off her face. "Come on Rin, don't cry!"

The tsundare teen scoffed. "Don't be silly, I wasn't crying."

The raven haired girl smiled and turned a serious eye to their enemies. "I'll take care of Lancer!" she instructed. "Take care of the trash around this place!"

"What, but he impaled you!" Uranus argued. "I'm not sure how you did that but…"

Mars held out her right wrist and they noticed a red bracelet with an orb crystal with the Mars insignia on it.

"What is that?" Rin asked feeling a mystical power radiating from it.

"The next step for us Senshi." She said and walked towards Lancer.

Before the two could stop her the copies started attack them.

Uranus flipped over them and launched another World Shaking. Granted the orb of yellow light was smaller than it was at first but it did momentarily stun them. Rin finished the rest of them with a Grandr.

"I hope Rei will be okay dealing with him!" Uranus said dodging a sword slash from the Samurai Assassin and kicking him in the gut.

Rin dodged Berserker's punch and threw a gem at its head, blowing it up. "Hey, she'll be fine!"

Lancer stood ready as he brought up his spear once again. "Mars, you survived that which is shocking but I'll make sure to kill you this time. No one can stop my spear a second time!"

The purple eyed Sailor narrowed her eyes. "The only reason it missed my heart was because you stopped yourself," she revealed. "Your body is still your own! You have to fight it off Seta!"

"Don't call me that name!" he snapped. "I know who I am! I can't escape this fate any longer. I'm nothing but a dog that follows my master's command!"

"You are more than some dog, you are a person! And I will save you from my sister's grasp!" she yelled passionately.

Misao appeared before Rei in spiritual form. "Are you ready Rei?"

I've been ready! She replied in her head.

"Then say Mars Alter power make up! When you are ready I can merge with you!" She returned to Mars' heart.

Sailor Mars then glared Lancer and at Sakura. "I promise you Sakura, he will be saved! Then I'll save you!"

Sakura scoffed. "With what dear sister?"

"With my new upgrade!" Mars cried.

She lifted up her hand and said her new transformation phrase. "Mars Alter Power, Make up!"

A crimson light shined from the bracelet and flames danced over Sailor Mars. Her clothes came off and she stood briefly nude, with a red light outline. Then she donned new clothes for her upgraded form.

Her new attire was reminiscent of Lady Kayura from Ronin Warriors. The armor was light red. It consisted of light weight shoulder armor on her left side and chest armor. She wore high-heeled black leg armor to her knee caps. On her arms and hands she wore light-colored fingerless gloves. She still sported the star choker on her neck and the red star earrings on her ear lobes.

Underneath the armor she wore a black latex suit.

Attached to her hips she had two flat handles which were swords and a pouch to store her ofuda's in.

After the transformation the Mars planetary sign shined brilliantly before it was replaced with her patented tiara with the ruby in the middle.

Now stood Alter Sailor Mars. The battles halted for a moment as everyone looked at the newly awakened warrior.

"Do you feel that energy?" mentioned Rin. "She's grown powerful."

Uranus didn't say anything and only nodded. That's the power she was granted? That's the power of Alter? I wonder when it will be mine to have.

Sakura had an angry look on her face. "Oh please, just because you went through a transformation, don't think you'll stop me!" she yelled. "Lancer finish her!"

The Irish bred hero tried not listening but it got the better of him once again. He spun Gáe Bolg and got ready. The Alter got ready as well.

"Lancer, I will finish this!" she said. The two remained quiet and didn't move for a minute until Lancer made the first move.

(Shakugan no Shana 2 opening Blaze starts!)

With this all the battles continued.

Lancer quickly swung the pole of the spear at Mars but with her upgrade she was able to dodge.

The spear wielding man then went for jabbing strikes. However Mars was able to see which way he was going to attack and dodged. She then went for a couple of back flips to get her further away from him.

Lancer sprinted towards her and went for swiping her legs. The Alter did one last flip and caught the spear with her feet.

She then tossed the spear in the air and got back on her feet. The spear came down and she caught it with one had.

Lancer didn't like his spear being in anyone's hands. "Give that back!"

She than started spinning the spear a couple of times and threw it at him!

As the spear came hurtling at him he easily caught it in the middle and began jabbing once again.

The Alter decided it was enough playing around. As he was about to jab it at her throat she jumped into the air and attached flame wings to her back!

"If you thing flying is going to save you, then think again!" he cried and launched himself. He tried going for a horizontal slash but she evaded it.

"This new power is amazing!" she complimented.

"See, I knew you would like these perks!" Misao said in her head. "Are you ready to go all out?"

"Yes, it's time to end this!" With that said she held out her hands and attacked him with fireballs.

Lancer saw them coming and spun his lance around in front trying to block them.

He then threw the lance back at Mars! Gáe Bolg spun like a buzz saw aflame.

In a surprising gesture she clapped her hands together and manipulated the flames to direct the spear back to him.

"GHAAAA!" he gave a yell as he dodged his own attack. The spear stuck in the ground. "How'd you do that?"

"Fire is my specialty, Seta!" she told him. "It would be simple if I can control them!"

He got his spear once again and made a rune of fire in the air and spiked it. His weapon coated again in black flames.

"Well, let's see you try this!" He sent fire like slashes at her. Mars avoided them and created a flame shield to block the rest.

"What is this? You are stopping my attack?" he cried.

She put the barrier down. "Those flames are created out of hatred Seta. Do you really think I will allow that to stop my flames of purity?"

He scoffed. "Silence, it looks like I'll have to go for it again." He got bent down on his knees. It looked like he was going to throw it. "And this time I'll end your life!"

Alter Mars was ready this time around. She couldn't get hit with his attack or she would die permanently this time.

"I won't give you the chance!" she grabbed the handles on her waist. The blades were skinny in nature like a rapier. She charged straight for him and clashed against his weapon.

When the blow hit fire erupted from her weapon. Lancer was struggling against her. She continued smacking his weapon with her two swords. Each blow had fire on them and it looked like he was getting weak.

"What is wrong with me?" he asked as he blocked her attack and tried jabbing her in the stomach.

She crossed her swords to protect her middle and jabbed one of them at his shoulder which he backed away from. "They are purifying the evil within Seta!" she told him blocking his attack once again. "It's almost over!"

Lancer narrowed his eyes. "Shut up, it's over when I see you dead!"

Mars released a fireball at his feet which he backed flip from.

He backed away and his spear glowed red. "I'll see you in hell; Gáe Bolg!" and threw the spear.

Mars took the air to dodge but the spear zig-zagged until it pierced her heart once again!

(Song ends)

Sakura looked elated at the permanent death of her sister. "Good, looks like she's kicked the bucket this time!"

Lancer looked momentarily sad at seeing her body drop to the ground. When it did the dupe burst into flames.

(Melty Blood The end of 1000 years (Red Arcueid) remix theme starts)

"What how is that possible?" he yelled.

Then he felt a presence behind him. He turned to see Alter Sailor Mars with her swords crossed in front of her and her hair was glowing vermillion.

"When you dodged my attack I created a copy!" she told him. "I won't fall to the same trick twice!"

He was about to go at her until he noticed he couldn't move. "What's wrong with me?"

"I snuck a talisman on you during that weapon clash! My powers have expanded so I can get rid of that evil power!"

He growled in anger. "That won't happen! I'll get free and kill you!"

"No, this is the end of you Seta! The darkness will be purged!" Her hair whipped in a beautiful arc as she charged her attack. Her eyes turned reddish/orange.

Misao it's time to resonate!

"I was waiting for you to say that! Time to burn some pigs"! She yelled in excitement.

We aren't killing him you know…

"Yeah, yeah same thing, go for it!

The spirit joined her powers with Mars and she felt refreshed.

A giant fireball was being created. O flames that illuminates the darkness penetrate this evil! " The two chanted.

"Infernal Raze!" She uncrossed her swords and launched the fire stream towards him!

Lancer screamed as the ball of fire enveloped him! The fire was ridding him of the spell which was cast of him and inflicting minor damage (since Mars didn't want to kill him!)

After the attack died down Mars sheathed her swords and ran towards Lancer, who had collapsed.

(Theme ends)

Sakura wasn't happy about losing Lancer! "No, how could this be?"

Rin and Uranus, who were still fighting the doppelgänger's, saw what happened.

"Hell yes, she did it!" Uranus stated.

"I hope that stopped him." Rin muttered and fired another Grandr.

Alter Sailor Mars got to Lancer and cradled his head and placed it on her knees.

"Seta…" she whispered.

The dark blue haired man woke up groggy and looked at Mars. "Rei…you're all right!"

"I should be saying that to you!" she responded. "I held back but I still hurt you. I'm sorry…"

He shook his head. "Don't be, you saved me!" he gave her a smile. "I knew you could do it…"

Mars blushed lightly tapped his forehead. "Stop trying to win brownie points!"

Lancer chuckled and coughed a little. He then got up from the ground. "I remember everything now," he began. "Some crazed dude with green hair knocked me out and I wound up in his clutches. They did something to me and manipulated my memories so I wouldn't forget. Sakura kept control of me."

Mars looked at Sakura who glared daggers at them. "But now that control has been severed! Now we stop her!" she then looked at him. "They keep calling you 'Lancer', were you a Servant?"

He gave her a nod. "I was part of the Lancer class when I participated in the 5th Grail War. I didn't win due to Kotominie tricking me and I died protecting Saber and that twerp!"

Lancer then narrowed his eyes at Sakura. "I'm not forgiving her for taken control of me! Thanks to this however I can fight with my spear!" he pulled out his weapon. "I'll help you guys!"

"We can use all the help we can get!" she told him. Then she collapsed and he caught her. "I used a lot of energy!"

"You need rest!" he instructed her.

She stubbornly refused. "No, we have to stop her!"

Then a voice was heard in their heads. "Don't push yourself, Mars!" Misao said.

Lancer looked around. "Who was that just now?"

"You're worst nightmare genius!" Misao snarked. "I'm Misao, Sailor Mars' spirit guardian!"

"You certainly have attitude lass," he remarked. "Are you pent-up or something?"

"Who are you to say that to me, dog-boy!" she yelled. "I'm not some male whore like you!"

Lancer took offence to that. "Hey, who are you calling a male whore!"

"Misao, what is it?" Mars interrupted the two.

"I can help your friends while you get a couple of minutes of rest!" she said.

The man snorted. "What are you going to do, skip around and pick flowers from the garden?" His voice dripped with sarcasm.

Then to the duo's surprise she materialized in physical form and smacked him upside his head.

"OW, what you do that for?" he griped.

The purple haired teen rolled her eyes. "I can't believe Rei has fallen for a panty-chasing, bed climbing, pervert!"

He was going to snap back until Mars placed a hand in front of him. "How'd you do that?"

"I can come to this plane of existence when are bond is strong enough!" she replied. "I think combining our powers sped up the process, since it takes a while!" Misao replied and started walking to the others.

"Lancer, watch her back, I'm going to help her friends!" she called.

Lancer held Mars. "Let's hope she can lower the numbers!"

"Don't worry; she can get the job done. I'm just wondering why Sakura doesn't push the advantage."

He looked at the teen girl and noticed she had a stiff look on her face. "What's wrong with her?"

Sakura was trying to gain control of her body. She didn't want to do anything until Her sisters were ready to stop her.

Don't be foolish child, Zouken said. The corrupted grail and worms are eating at you. You will soon succumb to them once again!

Sakura struggled. I don't care. If I can't get in full control at least I can stop myself for the time being!

The young-looking Zouken scoffed and continued watching things unfold.

Rin and Sailor Uranus were hanging on the ropes. With Uranus' limited powers and Rin running low on mana, they were being overrun.

Then cherry blossoms stated falling around them. This garnered weird looks from Rin and Sailor Uranus who were on the ground.

"What's going on with this flower storm?" asked Sailor Uranus. "I didn't see any cherry blossom trees in this place."

"You got me…Hey someone's coming!" Rin pointed at the person.

Upon a closer look it was Misao and she had a Japanese umbrella. She was heading towards them without a care in the world.

The Berserker and Assassin copies turned around as well.

"Ah, the blossoming of these delicate flowers is a wonder to behold," Misao said as she placed the umbrella down. "It can cover up the impurities of this world!"

Rin sweat dropped and Uranus shook her head. "Seriously, this girl is our Deus Ex Machina!"Uranus said deadpan.

Misao heard that and pointed dramatically at the Senshi. "Don't be rude Sailor Uranus! You should feel honored that I have come to help my mistress's friends!"

"Mistress…you mean Rei?" Rin asked.

She nodded. "Yes, now I, Misao, will purge this place of its impurities and let the flowers bloom!"

The copies had dumbfounded looks and then decided to attack her!

"Hey, get you're ass in gear and move!" Uranus barked.

(Melty Blood OST Aoko Aozaki theme begins!)

As they got closer the kimono clad teen smiled serenely and flipped over them. While in the air she threw a couple of daggers at the ground around their feet and landed gracefully.

The copies looked confused.

Misao's smile quickly turned cruel. "You bastards will be burning in hell tonight!" she said with her tongue out and unhooked the top of her Kimono.

On the back of her chest she had a tattoo which had a tiger surrounded by fire. She also sported a bandage wrap around her moderate chest. It was reminiscent of a Yakuza wife. She also unlinked her hair and her medium length purple hair blew in the wind!

In her hand was a wire connected to her knives handles. The shadow's tried moving but the ended tangled.

She gave a laugh. "It's time to light up your life!" she said and lit the wire. A fire traveled through the line and ignited their bodies.


"Flaming staccato!" she whispered.

The monstrosities were destroyed. She then sprinted to get rid of the rest, her wooden sandals slapping against the pavement.

An Assassin tried slashing her with his katana but she blocked the attack with her dagger and rammed into his forehead killing him. A Berserker rushed towards her but she simply flicked a dagger with a wire in its eye and ignited his body destroying him.

More appeared and she cursed. "Come on, where do these freaks keep coming from?"

She then decided to end this! Misao jumped into the air and let loose with many daggers which attached to the ground forming the shape of a hawk.

Landing on the ground she clapped her hands and energy froze the shadows. "Pathetic beings created out of false pretenses, know your place!" she licked her lips and the energy started flowing in the sky as she had a cocky smile etched on her face.

"Blossom Requiem!" She said and the fire took the shape of a bird of prey and eradicated the shadows.

It went into the sky and then exploded and gave a final screech. The embers fell like the namesake of the attack.

"The scent of these petals is wonderful…" she whispered like a woman in love.

(Song ends)

The Shadows stopped appearing. Rin and Uranus looked impressed on how Misao handled the copies of the former Servants.

"Now that's what I call flower power." Uranus joked.

This made Misao and Rin roll their eyes.

Misao then got her arms back in the sleeves of her kimono and reattached the pin to her hair. "I am happy I was able to aid the both of you!" she said pleasantly.

Rin became somewhat bothered by her shift in personality but didn't say anything more on the matter. She reminds me of myself…I'm wondering if this is a running joke?

"Let's get back to the mistress!" Misao said and led them back, her sandals making the 'click, click, click' sound on the pavement.

Mars had gotten the rest she needed and got back on her feet, with Lancer following her example.

"Hmph, you can hear her coming a mile away wearing those accursed things!" Lancer stated.


The spirit slapped his head with said sandal. "Oh shut up, a real proper woman walks with finesse and poise!"

He rubbed his head. "You aren't one of those delicate women, more like a man in a woman's body who knows how to drink a keg of ale!" He laughed at his joke.


After two smacks he was left on the ground.

After Misao calmed down, Mars thanked her ignoring what happened to Lancer. "I'm glad you were able to help them Misao!"

Misao gave a confident smirk. "Those jokers couldn't stand a chance against me!"

Uranus just scoffed. "Don't get over yourself; we still got to stop Sakura!"

Lancer got up as he knew it was time to face the one who controlled him. "Let's bring her down!"

Rin looked at her sister. "Sakura enough!" she called. "I won't let you inscribe anything on this place!"

Sakura stopped her internal battle and smirked. "You figured out my plan Rin? I shouldn't be surprised, you are a prodigy" she sneered.

"Sakura, this plan won't go as planned!" Mars said. "You've lost Seta and your reinforcement isn't coming anymore!"

She gave them a firm look. "No, my plan is not through! I will call forth the Grail and eradicate all the people in this city! My dream will be realized!"

This got their attention. "What dream, Sakura? I thought you wanted Shirou!" Rin cried.

"Please I don't care about any of that shit!" she cried in ecstasy. "I want to see the life eternal! I want power beyond my wildest dreams! Everything can just die!"

Mars looked at Sakura and got a vague sense. "Something's off. I'm not sensing Sakura in there!" she revealed.

"What do you mean, that' is Sakura!" Uranus said.

Rin also agreed. "No, that's not Sakura! Something's changed!"

"Rin your sister is still in there but her spirit is getting weak!" Rubin said breaking his silence. "Someone is overpowering her!"

"Who could do that?" Misao asked. "I thought Sakura was in control?"

Sakura started laughing at them. "She's still here, fools! But she's taken a nap for the moment!" The voice that came out of her sounded male.

"Who the fuck are you?!" Lancer cried pointing his spear at her.

The plumb-haired girl smiled. "I am someone who helped build the grail a long time ago," the voice started. "I am the head of the Matou line. I have been alive all these centuries, concealing my true self by deceiving my family who got curious about who I was. I am Zouken Matou!"

"Zouken!" Rin cried. "I thought that Sakura killed you!"

This made Zouken laugh. "I would have died but she absorbed me instead. What she didn't know is that I lived off those crest worms for years. In a way they helped sustain my spirit. As she grew more power-hungry, I also grew. Now I can control her!"

Alter Sailor Mars heard enough and launched a flamethrower attack at Sakura's body. The controlled girl held out a hand and a barrier protected her!

Lancer leapt in the air and went for a diagonal slash. She danced around him and aimed a kick at his head which sent him plummeting down.

Before the rest could do anything Sakura/Zouken held up their arms and a gravitational force pressed them to the ground.

The party cried in pain at the amount of force pushing them. Then tendrils appeared behind her and launched them at their bodies.

Misao got up and created a barrier, protecting them.

The tentacles were destroyed but that used up Misao's power.

"Misao!" Mars cried as she went to her.

"I have to rest, Rei," she said. "I'm sorry…"

She shook her head. "Don't worry, rest!"

Her partner then vanished back to Mars' heart. Then in a shocking scene her Alter form changed back to her normal Super attire. Sailor Mars collapsed on the floor in exhaustion.

"Rei!" They called out as Lancer rushed to her and Rin checked her pulse.

"She's fine but unconscious" Rin stated.

Uranus growled. "Damn, she's beaten us and we barely have enough power!"

"That's what I want to hear!" Sakura/Zouken said. Sakura held out her arms and placed them in a barrier!

"Now time to get this over with!" Sakura then walked to the middle of the shrine and inscribed the text.

The ritual was complete and it glowed brightly.

Zouken laughed like there was no tomorrow. "It's done! Now all I have to do is get that doll and everything will be ready!" he crowed.

The party couldn't move due to the barrier.

"Now I should rid myself of you scum before you ruin my fun!" Sakura held out her hands and a sphere formed.

That is until a gentleman wearing a brown suit with a cane arrived.

"Now, now, I think you've had your fun Zouken!" the man said.

Rin noticed who he was along with Rubin.

"Zelretch/Father!" they both said at the same time.

The bearded man waved at them. "I'll get you chaps out of there in two shakes!"

Sakura growled. "No matter if you are here, Zelretch! I already finished what I wanted!" she then pointed at Rin and the others. "Know this, by tomorrow night I will activate the magical circles surrounding the city and the Grail will come! No one will be safe, not even you!"

Sakura/Zouken then laughed and vanished.

Zelretch sighed. "It's hard to fathom how low he's sunk!" he muttered.

He walked to the barrier and tapped his cane against it. It broke apart and they were free.

Uranus and Lancer looked at the man with suspicion.

"Who is this old fart?!" Seta asked.

Rin introduced him. "This is Zelretch, the creator of the Kailodostick and a high member of Clock Tower, of the Mages' Association!"

He gave them a wave. "I am sorry for being late. I never imagined that Zelretch would still be alive!"

"Like we needed your decrepit ass, get the hell out!" Rubin barked half-heartedly.

Zelretch eyed the trinket with curiosity. "Rubin, what's the matter, I know you have more insults than that?"

Rubin remained quiet. "Rubin, tell me what's wrong!" Rin asked concerned.

"I think I know what's the matter, I'll tell you when we go back to your place Rin!" he said all business. "Things have already gone farther than I anticipated."

"Wait what do you know?!" Seta asked as he picked up Mars.

Uranus also wanted to know. "Along with why Zouken was afraid of you?"

The old man gave them a sharp look which made them shut up. "I will tell you when we are back at the Tohsaka residence!"

With that said he walked away from them and vanished.

"Come on, we have to go back!" Rin said taking charge. "I just hope Archer and Saber can get to Ilya before it's too late!

Rin then invoked Rubin and they were transported to her house.

Emiya Residence

Back at Shirou's house Illya and Taiga finished their dinner. They ordered Okonomiyaki (Japanese pizza).

The short-brown haired teacher sighed in satisfaction as she drank her green tea. "That really hit the spot, right Illya?"

The silver-haired girl rolled her eyes. "Yes, but you ate more than you should have! I only got two slices!"

"I'll buy some dessert for us when we go home!" The teacher replied.

Illya only massaged her temples. Why didn't I move in with Shirou again?

All was going good until they heard a noise.

"What was that?" Illya said.

Taiga got up. "Stay here Illya, I'll go check!"

She soon left.

Illya began thinking of her situation that plagued her. I've lost my sense of taste, everything is bland now. I have no sensations when I touch and my sight is failing me. I'm really dying….

The red-eyed girl placed her head on the table. "I might have a couple of days at best."

She then noticed that Taiga wasn't back yet.

"I bet she went to the restroom. With all that food she ate I'd be in there for a good half hour!" she muttered and gasped. "When did I start talking like that? Oh bother, I'm hanging with Shirou too much! Honestly and the girls thinks he's suave when really he's just like any horny, dumb male! Even though now that I think about it Kiritsugu had a juvenile side as well…"

With that said she checked the bathroom and didn't see anyone there. She then went to the kitchen and no Taiga.

"This is getting ridiculous!" she then checked the window and saw her parental figure knocked out on the grass.

"Taiga!" she yelled sprinting outside!

What could have happened to her? Her mind raced.

The girl went to the adult and checked her pulse. "Good, she's breathing but who did this to her?"

"That would be me!" a voice said.

She spun around to see a blond-haired, green-eyed Mordred. He had his sword sheathed.

"Is that you Saber?" she asked backing away.

Mordred shook his head. "Hmph please, my name is Mordred!"

"Mordred…wait you mean Morgana and Saber's son?! How is that possible, Saber is a girl?"

The male growled. "Don't say anything more on that matter!" he snapped. "Now come with me, you're needed to bring the grail to this world!"

When Illya heard that she went pale. Those dreams she was having, they were warning her of this moment. "No, not that, I won't be a cup!" she took off from him.

Mordred sighed and caught up with the snow fairy.

He picked her up from her shirt. She swung her little arms and legs. "Let me go! I won't become the grail! The grail wars are over!"

"They are but you are needed to bring it back!" he said and gave a chop to her neck, knocking her out.

As he did that Gilgamesh appeared. He looked around to see Taiga and Ilya knocked out.

"Hmph, looks like you captured the doll!" he complimented. "Good, now let's go before those fools show up!"

Then a red flash appeared and stood Archer and Shirou.

"Tch, I shouldn't have jinxed it!" griped Gilgamesh.

Shirou saw Taiga and went to her. "Taiga!"

Archer summoned his swords as he saw Mordred with Illya. "Put her down, boy!"

Mordred frowned at the white-haired man. "I'm not a boy! My name is Mordred and we are going to take this child!"

When he said his name Archer appeared shocked. "I see, well If Saber is real, why not you?"

Shirou had gotten Taiga back inside and saw Gilgamesh. He held out his and soon wielded a projection of Excalibur.

The brave teen overheard what he said about being Saber's son. That's her child? But how is that possible?

He then attacked the king of heroes.

"Gilgamesh, give Illya back!" he said.

(Mealty Blood, Ciel theme Basilica begins.)

The golden-haired figure scoffed. "You dare order a king around? Know your place!" he then summoned a random sword and clashed with Shirou.

The teen blocked Gilgamesh's first swing but Gil broke Shirou's projection. He then swiped at him which made Shirou back away. The red-haired teen traced Kanshou and Bakuya and clashed with him.

Gil was getting tired and got two slashes on Shirou which made him bleed and kicked him in his stomach.

Archer soon attacked Mordred who just jumped away from him while holding his hostage.

"Give her back!" Archer snapped and forged a bow.

Mordred then held Ilya in front which made him grimace.

"Coward!" He cried

"Say what you will, we are taking her!"

Before anything else could be said or done the roar of a motorcycle could be heard and a moment later a figure jumped over the wall and into the backyard.

Saber Lily held her sword ready as she saw Gilgamesh!

When Shirou saw her he froze. Even with her new attire, he recognized her instantly. "Saber…" He cried.

Saber turned to see Shirou and gasped. "Oh, Shirou!" she whispered.

Archer rolled his eyes. "This had to happen now?"

Gilgamesh wasn't happy that the two lovers were having a 'moment'. "Fuck this, back off you fake she's mine!"

But the one angry to see her was Mordred. He looked at her and his anger came to the surface. "FATHER!" he yelled, dropping Illya and pulling out his sword. It was a black blade and the hilt was blue.

Saber saw him coming and blocked the strike!


Energy raced through the backyard. Saber parried the blow and tried swiping her blade at his face but he moved and struck from the left!


She blocked the attack once again and went for stabbing him but he slammed her sword against the ground and punched her face!

Shirou immediately raced towards Mordred. He traced Excalibur once again and slammed it against his blade!


"You aren't getting near her!" he yelled and went for another swing.

"GET OUT OF MY WAY!" Mordred yelled and broke Shirou's sword and kicked him.

Saber came back from the ground and charged at him. She unleashed a wind like slash!

Mordred saw it coming smacked the blast into the sky with his weapon.

He then picked up Shirou and tossed him to her.

"Shirou!" she helped him up. The blonde never expected to see him again. "Shirou, I…"

Shirou coughed and gave her a cheesy smile. "You're looking good Saber!"

She blushed and turned away from him. "Don't say this stuff now!"

Saber and Shirou looked at Mordred.

Archer decided to keep Gilgamesh busy as he fired low powered arrows at him.

Gilgamesh either swiped them aside or dodged.

"She still feels something for that trash?" Gil said as he swiped his sword trying to kill Archer.

The red cloaked man jumped away and fired another arrow. "What can I say, she's got good taste!"

They continued their fight.

(Theme ends)

Saber got a good look at her opponent. "This feeling I'm getting, who are you?!"

Mordred looked crazed. "You don't recognize your son 'father!'"

A sharp pain went through Saber as he told her that. "No…Mordred…" she remembered fighting her child at the battle of Camlann.

He had usurped the throne and a battle waged where her most loyal knights died. In the end she killed him not before Mordred stabbed her as well.

Saber remembered one crucial thing. Mordred had the same face as her. Now he looked more like a male then a copy of her.

"How is this possible, Mordred!" she asked as her voice cracked.

Mordred gave her a cold glare "The enemy of the Senshi brought me back!"

"Beryl…?" she inquired.

Shirou didn't say anything as he knew this was important.

"Yeah, she gave me the body I wanted! Now since I'm a man I can take what's mine!" he then took a glance at her sword.

"No you can't have this sword Mordred!" she said. "You aren't even supposed to be alive!"

"Oh like how you aren't supposed to be!" he snapped. "You have this reincarnation and I don't? I will take what is rightfully mine and I will rule!"

Saber's heart was breaking but she had to stay firm. "Mordred, this life you have is not your own. You are following someone who is using you!"

"Like I care, as long as I kill you father, I don't care what I have to do!" He said.

Shirou heard enough and stepped in front of her. "Shirou…?"

"I've heard enough, I won't let you touch her Mordred!" He declared. "You won't harm her!"

Saber briefly placed her hand to her chest and her eyes watered. "Shirou…"

Mordred scoffed. "Please, don't make me wretch! She doesn't need love; she needs to die for bringing the fall of Camelot!"

Then a figure appeared in the middle of all the battles; Sakura.

She saw Illya and waved her hands and the little girl appeared in her arms. When she spoke it was in her voice but still under control by the worms and Zouken. "I'll be taking this object!"

"No Illya!" Shirou said.

"Damn you!" Archer cried.

"Illyasiviel!" screamed Saber.

"Mordred, Gilgamesh finish them!" she said and vanished with the cargo.

Gilgamesh eyed the trio. "Well looks like we have a schedule to keep now!" Gil said. He then retrieved Ea from his gate.

Archer changed the bow to a long sword and clashed with Gilgamesh.

"I've had enough of this nonsense!" Mordred said. "Father it's time for you to die!"

He held up his dark sword and about to cut Saber in half. The white armored teen was about to strike until…



Shirou pushed Saber out the way but ended up with his left arm cut off!

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Shirou screamed in murder as he collapsed.

"NO SHIROU!" Saber yelled as tears stung her eyes.

Archer saw what happened to his past incarnation. "No!" than!


Gilgamesh stabbed Archer in his gut! Archer looked at the shocking display.

"Ughhhhh, damn…." He croaked out.

"Look here, I got my first kill!" he pulled out his sword Archer grabbed his gut and fell to the ground and blood stained the grass.

"Archer!" Saber yelled again and held out her golden sword at the two.

"Don't even Saber!" Gilgamesh said. "Now with no protectors I can have you anytime I want!"

A portal appeared.

Mordred looked at Saber! "Father, the next I see you I will end you!"

"Back off child, she's mine for the taking!" Gilgamesh snapped.

Mordred ignored him and walked in the portal.

Gilgamesh scoffed after him. "Saber I'll be getting the bed ready for you!" He walked in it and it vanished.

Saber couldn't believe it. Not only was Illya taken, Shirou ended up losing his arm and Archer ended up stabbed and could be dying!

"No, no is not happening!" she said and went to Archer. She moved him as gently as possible and laid him next to Shirou, who was unconscious due to the shock of having his arm cut.

"I have to call the hospital!" she said.

As she was about to do that a figure appeared out of nowhere.

This person was a teen girl with light long gray hair and wore church robs without the hood. Her eyes were golden in color.

"I wouldn't do that." The girl said quietly.

Saber looked at her. "Who are you? This is an emergency!"

"My name is Caren Hortensia," She told her. "Please keep calm Arturia," She said revealing she knew her name. "I was told by Kischur Zelretch to come to this place. It appears I've arrived too late."

She went to check on Shirou first. "This boy is in shock." She then arrived to Archer. "This one is on the brink of death."

Saber looked surprised. "No, Archer is dying?"

The angelic girl nodded once. "We have to get these two to safety and prep for surgery."

"But where will you take them?" Saber asked.

Caren looked at Saber. "I will take them to a place you know well; Fuyuki church."

The church wearing teen threw a cloak over them and they all were taken to the church.

This night has ended in triumphs and failures. What does the future hold for Mars and the others?

I leave this chapter on a cliffhanger.

More stuff happened this time around. Sailor Mars achieves her new attire (yeah!) with Misao getting her corporeal form as well.

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Sailor Mars' powers have expanded now since she's bonded with Misao. She can use her fire abilities to purify anyone possessed as well as damage enemies.

I got that flaming wings from Shakugan no Shana along with her hair changing color too. Of course the hair could have been from Type Moon's other franchise Tsukihime as well.

Again her strength, speed and the like have increased so it's possible for her to keep up with Lancer.

Lancer will go by his name when his not fighting and when he's not then Lancer. Same thing with Saber!

The battle with Archer and Shirou at the beginning was a call out to Unlimited Blade Works. It didn't go exactly as it did in the movie and I had to change some dialogue so it could fit in this story.

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He knows what's wrong with Rubin also, he will explain that soon.

Now I introduce Caren Hortensia. She is part of the Fate/Stay Night franchise.

She makes an appearance in Fate/Ataraxia, a Visual Novel. She is part of another organization in the called the Church. It's like Clock Tower (a part of the association) but they deal with demons/vampires. While the Mages' Association deals with the magic side of things.

They get along now but it was rather heated in the past (as I've read). Type Moon has connected the Mages' Association and the Church in all their franchises.

Now I know Zelretch hasn't ever contacted Caren in the storyline in the series but this is fan fiction so I'm thinking realistically he would know some people at the Church like Caren.

I know I am giving her powers she shouldn't have but it makes things simple for me. I've read she doesn't have any magic circuits but for the sake of this story we will say she has a small spark, so she can do some things.

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I might give her personality a tweak but will try to keep it the same as I have read online.

Rin and Saber get some action in. If you are wondering who that character was her name is Phantom. She's part of the Blazblue franchise.

She is a character you see in Continuum shift. Apparently (and it is hinted upon) that she is Kokonoe's mother and Jubei's wife. Her original name is Nine.

I don't know much about her as well, since they haven't expanded upon anything except that she is part of Terumi's group, along with Relius Clover, Litchi Faye-Ling and Tsubaki Yayoi (game canon).

All I know is that Nine is a powerful witch who uses pure magic and not an Ars Magus. Yes I expanded upon her and gave her extra set of abilities.

Will we see her again….maybe!

Now Illya is captured and Sakura will begin her plans for calling the grail.

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