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Chapter 19

Linage of Magic: Attack on Einzbern castle!

Tohsaka Residence

It had been a rough evening for the people inside the western styled house. Learning what happened to Archer was bad enough but finding out what lay in store for Fuyuki was hanging over their heads.

The residents had gotten enough rest to start the morning and prepare for what would be a battle to decide the fate of Fuyuki.

With Sakura at the head of this she is planning on sacrificing the people of this city to call forth the grail and use the power to her own end. Clock Tower has a contingency plan ready just for this matter; if Shirou and the others couldn't stop her plans they would destroy the entire city.

As the morning dawned the sounds of metal could be heard!

Shirou was panting while gripping his wrapped up arm. A sword dispersed to particles as Seta, who held his spear Gáe Bolg stood scoffing.

"Is that the best you could do Shirou?" He asked in an irritated tone. "We've been going at this for an hour and that's all you can do?"

The auburn haired teen grimaced. "This is harder than usual. With Archer's arm attached, I have inherited his repertoire of using the weapons he's seen in his life but I still need to focus on what to use. The information is floating through I brain that I think I might burst!"

The Lancer twirled his spear in a lazy fashion. "That is why you are training to focus on what you want in the heat of battle boy!" Unexpectedly he tried stabbing Shirou but the replica mage saw it coming and conjured a broadsword to block it.

Giving an attack yell Shirou hefted the mighty weapon with his one hand over his head, to Lancer's astonishment and landed a blow to the ground.

Lancer got out of the attack range to see a crack on the ground.

He whistled as he landed on the ground. Shirou charged straight at him and through the sword at him!

Lancer timed the velocity of the weapon and narrowly dodged it as it impaled the ground. Quickly regaining his footing Lancer sprinted at Shirou, going for stabbing and diagonal strikes.

To Seta's dismay Shirou was dodging the strikes, with some slight hesitation.

It's as if he can see my attacks coming? the blue haired man thought.

Seta then swung his pole at Shirou's legs but he rolled to the side, got and swung his fist towards his face. Before his fist landed Shirou opened his hand, a dagger appeared.

Lancer moved his head to the left and brought a boot to Shirou's stomach. The blow stopped Shirou as he dropped the knife. He grunted and gripped his right arm in pain. It felt like it would burn off!

"Hmph, you are rather annoying Lancer!" Shirou's voice rang out.

This made said man wonder about him for a moment. That sounded like something Archer would say? Seta got in a defensive stance.

Shirou had a sardonic look on his face as his future counterpart once showed. "I'm ending this now!"

Sprinting he held Kanshou and Bakuya, the white and black swords, and started fighting in a way that Archer did. Going for up and right and left slashes Shirou's blows got harder to attend with.

Knowing that something was wrong with him, Seta had to block the sword strikes and try to calm him down.

"Snap out of it!" He tried reasoning with Shirou, who ignored the plea and swung both swords at the same time.

The sound of metal reverberated through the air as Shiriou's attack grew more intense. Parrying the blow with his spear, Seta wondered how far his mind was gone at the moment.

"Looks like the lass got it right about that arm influencing you huh, boy?" Seta whispered as Shirou changed his patented swords to a chakram.

Shirou then enhanced the weapon in his hand with his projection and solidified it to a more complex shape; it resembled a curved cross.

He threw the metal ring as it went zipping at Seta.

Grunting in annoyance he spun his spear in front and flame ignited to surround his spear and threw it like a javelin!

As the attacks were about to hit a mystical force stopped Shirou's weapon and the flame spear seemed to slow down as well?

Taking a glance to the side Seta saw Alter Mars, in her light armored attire (Lady Kayura's attire from Ronin Warriors except it was light red shoulder and breast armor with black high-heeled boots), with her hand glowing red as she annulled his flame from his spear.

Rin was next to her with her hand out as she concentrated on stopping the spinning projectile.

Shirou looked annoyed. "What are you doing Rin?" He demanded. "Do not interfere in this battle!"

Knowing that he wasn't in his right frame of mind, Rin used the seal she had to stop the progression of Archer's magic circuits from influencing Shirou.

The teen felt weird and then went to his knees. The jewel mage let out a sigh knowing that she had arrived in time but then took her anger out on Seta.

"What do you think you are doing training him without me here?" She demanded her eyes blazing angrily at him. "In his condition he can't overextend himself!"

Seta answered. "The boy wanted to train while you were resting princess!" When he said that this caused her to blush and he gave a wicked chuckle, until he felt a blow to his head!

For the life of him he thought he saw stars and the planet Mars in the distance and then saw a peeved off Sailor.

"Don't make light of this Seta!" Mars stated with a cross of her arms. "You are to practice with him so Shirou can get good with using his arm without restraint but only if Rin is here since she is the lock to stop any contamination from Archer's arm!"

He was going to say something sarcastic but she just gave him a glare which made him stop.

"Besides I'm rather surprised that you didn't notice the sudden change of his demeanor," she continued talking until she had a thought. "Or you did notice and didn't care?" She pointed a finger at him.

The dark blue haired man looked sheepish for a moment as a sweatdrop ran down his head. "I had it under control Rei…my attack would have knocked sense into him before you used those powers of yours to subdue my Gáe Bolg, which you are getting good at!"

He gave Sailor Mars the 'nice guy' gesture; thumbs up with a twinkle coming from his teeth.

"Did he just ping?" Rin upon hearing that noise stated out loud with Shirou coughed at the awkward expression.

She gave him another smack against his head to his dismay. "Even if I did that's hard for me to do! I'm still practicing using my new abilities and I got here in time since Rin woke up with the blood seal burning her hand!"

Seta felt like crap just then. "I didn't mean for that spar to get out of hand, love,"

"Don't call me that!" she snapped.

"Why not, we were together last night?"

Alter Sailor Mars was the next one to get embarrassed as her sister gave Seta a glare as she checked on Shirou.

The teen grunted in pain as he looked at his arm. "What happened to me…?"

Shirou got an answer in the form of a hand slap to his head as he gripped it in pain.

"Tohsaka, what was that for!" He cried out.

"For doing something reckless; you are already in dangerous state. I know you want to test what abilities you have but use better judgment next time!"

He was about to say something but then stopped himself. "I caused you pain when I was in that state didn't I?" He sounded like Archer once again to an extent.

Rin didn't say anything as she gripped where the stigmata was.

"I didn't mean to hurt you…Rin" He said as he tried comforting her but she held out her hand to his face.

It's not him. Shirou is only going by memories of Archer, inscribed in that arm. "Don't say a word Shirou," She stated in an abrupt tone. "As long as you do this with me here then I can forgive this indiscretion this time."

He gave her one of his smiles that made her knees weak but soon turned on her 'cold personality' and gave a huff.

Mars knew what Rin felt; when Shirou turned on to Archer's personality the girls were already there but Rin hesitated when she saw him like that.

She thought that she was seeing Archer once again but remembered what happened and stopped his attack. She thought sadly.

Seta then asked Mars how her training progressed. "It's fine, I'm learning to adapt well to this form. I'm amazed however that Rin has a secret basement to train?"

Rin finished her tsundare moment and answered her inquiry. "When I was still using Rubin he made that suggestion so using him I created that spot for us. Even though I'm wondering now why you two didn't go there?" Her tone took a turn for the worse. "You are destroying my backyard!"

The two males looked at the mess they caused in their spat. A tree was split in half, the table destroyed and there were holes on her nice green grass and the flower bed looked like it wouldn't bear flowers again!

Then Rin and Mars looked like giantess as they glared at them. "You will get this fixed!" the duo said together!

Shirou and Seta sweated bullets at that and numbly nodded.

Mars then noticed that people weren't walking around the neighborhood and it looked barren without the hustle and bustle.

"Doesn't it seem strange that there is no one walking around to complain about the noise?"

Seeing what she meant they looked. "You're right Mars," Shirou answered perplexed. "Usually at this time of the morning people are getting ready for the day. Now that I think about it the news reported that school has been cancelled in the entire city. I wonder what's going on."

Before anyone could give a question two motorcycles were heard coming to the drive way and it was Haruka and Arturia, on their cycles with an extra one lined behind Haruka's.

Gathering around them Haruka gave Seta a smirk. "We found it just like you said it was Seta," she said as Seta looked happy. "Be happy no one decided to loot it."

"You're a class act Haruka!" He said as he checked his bike for any damage.

Alter Mars only rolled her eyes. "I get that you wanted it back but all this for a bike?"

The man gave her a look. "Hey, lass don't bad mouth her!" He proclaimed protectively of his motorcycle. "I paid good money for her!"

She raised an eyebrow as everyone backed away. They knew where this was going.

"What do you mean by her? Do I play second fiddle to an inanimate object now; what is this, a scene from Christina?"

Seta caught the reference and denied it. "Of course not but you got to understand, I fixed her up from scratch and brought it from Ireland!" He said. "It's a symbolic thing we have! Don't start talking like my mother!"

He then realized his mistake and clapped a hand over his mouth. Shirou gaped at the one rule no male was supposed to say. Well he's dead! He thought.

Crap, maybe this will blow over? I mean she can't be that pissed off right? RIGHT! Seta thought fearfully.

The warrior of Mars' face had uncontrolled wrath "Who did you refer to me as!" She replied. "I won't stand here and have you-!" She stopped herself as the others heard what she said.

The purple eyed girl stopped herself as she was creating a scene, along with admitting her attachment to the Irish man.

When did I start talking like we just went on a honeymoon or something? She wondered in her head as she turned and heard whispers from her peers.

"Did they really spend the night together?" Shirou asked no one in particular. "Will wonders never cease?" He hadn't paid attention earlier apparently.

"And here I thought you were the eternal 'man-hater' for us Senshi. The mighty have fallen!" Haruka joked. "The honeymoon phase is over!"

"I didn't think the relationship had prospered that far Rei!" Arturia offered her cheeks blushing. The once and future king England has her girly moments. "Congratulations are in order!"

The jewel mage had a different opinion "Sister I did try to warn you that Seta is nothing more than a womanizer! No sister of mine should fall for someone who values a machine over my sister!" Rin shot out.

Secretly she couldn't handle any kind of machines. One time Shirou asked her to record a show and when he got back home his living room was a disaster. Smoke had come from his television with the wires sticking out.

Misao's voice could be heard as well. "That's right! Look out people, Rei is getting her groove!"

The others looked around for a second before remembering that Misao could do that and let it be. Spirits have all the luck right?

As Mars froze in place in animated fashion Seta just gave her a playful wink.

"Oy, that's an interesting face, you are a lot looser from our previous encounters, I like it!" he said.

The Senshi looked like to start ranting but then just sighed. "I've never gone through something like this so it will take me time getting use to this," She gave him a smirk. "Maybe I can drive 'Christina' and give you tips!"

Seta liked that and grinned before getting serious. "We can do that and more after we deal with you and Rin's baby sister!"

The others stopped the shenanigans and sobered up to the real situation at hand.

"He's right you know?" Arturia said. "We are getting ready for tonight?"

Haruka gave a grim nod.

"Are you two going to train in the special basement?" Rin asked the two. "The flow of time is different down there. So an hour out here is a month of training there and you can leave after an hour.

Rubin had made that special space since he was a fan of DBZ and Negima. He decided to get on the band wagon. He said once when speaking about it after installing it, "If it can work for a saiyan and vampire, why not us?"

"I think it will do us good to get some training done Haruka," Arturia brought up. "As a former Servant I can get you trained in the ways of battling a Servant?"

Haruka looked hesitant. "I'm not sure? Without my sword and powers being half of what they originally were, I doubt I can even graze Rider!" She started remembering their earlier meeting her foolish behavior resulted in her talisman being snapped like a twig.

Arturia looked like she was going to say something until Shirou approached the sandy blonde. "Don't sell yourself short Haruka," he said. "I saw how you handled Rider when you guys were at Einzbern castle earlier! Even if your abilities aren't up to par, you can still take her on. I would accept Saber's training!"

The racecar driver gave a neutral look at the teen and then at Arturia. I guess it wouldn't hurt. I need all the training I can get before what happens later? "I accept king of knights!" She offered with a smirk which Arturia gave a grin to.

When it looked like everything was settled a fancy limousine drove in front of the Tohsaka estate. Everyone wondered who that could be? No one was expecting to see some withered old man bringing a check. Heaven's know Rin is already rich.

"Were you expecting any company Rin?" Rei asked, as she had returned to her civilian form as soon as she saw the expensive looking car.

This got a shake of the head from the heiress as a chauffeur came out and opened the door.

Two female figures came out of the car, to the shock of the part as one looked elegant and refined while the other had an astute and calculating facial expression.

The first girl was a teenager who looked around Shirou and Rin's age. She had blond hair in ringlets with blue ribbons attached and wore a blue, long sleeve dress with white gloves. Her foot attire was white boots with a yellow trim on them. The distinguished foreigner teen had reddish-brown eyes and looked kind of like Rin a bit.

The other girl also looked the same age as she had purple hair styled in a braid, pale skin and her eye color was purple. She wore a purple blouse with a kind of symbol on the sleeve, a white short skirt and purple stockings with brown loafers. Around her neck was mustard colored scarf and she wore a purple hat with the same strange symbol.

The blonde got out and looked at the people in front of the residence and smiled. "I see it is as Zelretch said that there would be people at the Tohsaka residence?"

Second girl placed a thumb under her chin in contemplation. "All according to my calculations…"

"What calculations? You found out about this just like everyone else?" She proclaimed at her but it looked like the smart girl wasn't paying her any attention.

Shirou, Arturia, Rei, Seta and Haruka looked taken by surprise at what she said except for Rin, who looked like she'd eaten something bad glared at the rich girl.

Taking head Rei went to greet the blonde and purple haired girls until Rin grabbed her hand which garnered Rei's attention.

"Do you know this girl, Rin?" She asked quietly.

The black twin tail girl grunted an affirmative. "Well one of them, I'll see what she wants!"

She walked with ease but stomping could be heard as they had wondered why Rin was on edge.

Upon seeing Rin, the blue dress wearing girl had a look of impassiveness and glared at the red-shirt girl.

The two stared at each other for the moment as a spark of electricity went through the air.

Rei recognized that stance as it was what she and Usagi did when they got into arguments in their younger days.

The two continued locking stares at each other trying to intimidate each other but it looked like they were on even ground.

"Hmph, what in the world are you doing here?" Rin asked as the gazing contest continued. "I never thought you would come to my residence Luviagelita Edelfelt!"

Luviagelita (Luvia for short) looked like she stepped in a mud puddle and answered. "Oh my, I assure you I never would have dreamed I would come to your tacky place to begin with Rin! My place is bigger and expansive than yours?"

This caused Rin to growl. "Stop trying to overcompensate, big money. Of course I shouldn't say that given you have a complex about minor details!"

Luviagelita gave a snarl unbecoming of such a refined girl.

"Luviagelita?" Shirou whispered upon hearing Rin call her name. "I wonder how Rin knows her."

Haruka snorted. "The more important question is why she is here?"

No one had an answer as they waited for the two girls to calm down.

When it looked like nothing would get resolved…


Rin through the first slap!


Luviaagelita answered with two slaps at the jewel mage!

This made everyone hold back an automatic gasp. The purple clothed teen only sighed.

"Ohh, that's going to linger!" Seta drawled as Rei smacked him upside the head once again.

The aqua eyed teen gave a small smile to Luvia. "Hmph you haven't lost your touch?"

Luvia had the same smile. "Like I would fall behind someone like you?"

The two acknowledged each other's strength as Rin looked at everyone.

"Hey what was the slap fest about?" Seta called out. "Is there going to be another one?"

Queue slap against the head from Rei.

"Don't worry about that," Rin said brushing it off. "It's something we do."

Haruka and Seta frowned at that, wondering who in the right minds would do something like that.

"I'd like to introduce a fellow student at the association's school at Clock Tower; Luviagelita Edlefelt. She is a mage as well!"

"You can call me Luvia for short as I prefer you call me that!" The teen said pleasantly enough her dignity coming back full steam. She could match Michiru Kaioh in a feminine contest.

The group looked astonished at being introduced to her.

"Wait so she knows about magic and the like?" Haruka asked.

Luvia gave a nod. "Yes, you see just like the Tohsaka's," she said with a sniff giving a roll of her eyes, which Rin glared at her, "My family is a clan of magi and high nobility, much, much higher!"

"Get over yourself; we are equals…to my dissatisfaction!" Rin sniped doing the head toss with her arms cross. Must be a rich person thing?

The blonde went on to explain about meeting Rin at the academy one day and it ended with things getting destroyed, which made everyone face fault at the prospect of Rin and Luvia destroying the entire classroom.

It was established by the higher-ups that Tohsaka and Edlefelt would not take any classes together as it would be disastrous for them in the long run.

The cost of repairs is a strenuous thing that the association wanted to use for important matters; not for two teenagers destroying areas which took years to make.

Both girls are headstrong they were considered rivals as they always tried to one up one another when they are in the same company.

She had similar abilities to Rin; Luvia also could defend herself by using the Grandr curse just as effectively as Rin along with knowing the English Lancashire martial art of combat (pro- wrestling fighting) and is known as the infamous 'Forklift Lady' to her peers and family.

After the explanation Rin asked what she was doing here.

Then the blue dressed teen introduced her colleague. "This one here is Sion Eltnam Atlasia,"

Sion gave a bow. "I am part of the Mage's association as well but part of the Atlas branch in Egypt. I am an alchemist."

Than Sion explained her back story; she was part of an established family of alchemist before their family name went through the mud due to an incident. She was a prodigy scientist and because of that had a high place that matched a representative of the head of Atlas when she was young.

The symbol she wore was that of what Atlas used along with adding the name 'Altasia' to her name. Due to an event that happened when she assisted the Church on an assignment by trying to chase a vampire it ended up with the team dead.

Everyone looked stricken at what she said but she continued with her sorted tale.

The vampire that killed them was a Dead Apostle named Wallachia and changed her to his kind. To her surprise she survived the encounter but not without some consequences, she had a thirst for blood and because of that she didn't return to Atlas for a long period.

With the association and church after her she fled to an unknown town where she met up with a boy with glasses. She then explained that the one she hunted was her ancestor, who shouldn't have existed but due to a curse placed on him by another, but came back after a designated time.

Sion dropped the story there.

To her surprise everyone looked upset about how an ancestor of hers would do that!

"To think a bastard like that would do all that to his descendant?" Rei snapped in an irritable tone. "To me hearing about vampires is a twist…even though there is Evangel…"

Raising an eyebrow Shirou replied, "Really, you are a priestess who has magical powers, transforms to the typical magical girl and have traveled to this world that once was your home, finds it shocking vampires are real?" he concluded. He had gotten Archer's sardonic wit.

Rei was going to snap at him until Rin and Arturia double teamed with an elbow to his stomach.

Seta was going to say something perverted until Haruka 'accidentally' stretched her arms and slapped his head.

Goodness, they are passive-aggressive with their actions aren't they?

Sion gave her a short smile. "I can assure you he won't be bothering anyone again, even though it is curious why none of you are shocked by what I said. Aren't anyone of you afraid of me?"

No one gave a negative answer.

"You seem to be a composed person and I sense no blood lust. Besides we don't hold it against you on what happened as we go by with action then being prejudice." Rei stated.

This got a nod from everyone in the group.

Now Rin looked at the two new arrivals. "All right, that was a nice story but now to find out why you two have arrived?"

Sion and Luvia looked at each other and nodded to one another as the ringlet blonde answered.

"We are tasked with overseeing if Fuyuki will be destroyed or not!"

They knew what she meant by that. Not wanting to crowed the front yard they headed back inside.

A couple of minutes later they were in the dining room and Shirou made Luvia and Sion a cup of tea.

Knowing that it is polite to drink Luvia took a sip and her expression had a surprised look.

"My, the fragrance of this tea and taste is magnificent!" She praised as she drank like a lady at a fine dinner party. "It has such a unique flavor I can't pinpoint.

Sion also took a drink and had a smile appear. "This is good! It's better than what I have at home!"

"You, Shirou you are called yes? I wouldn't mind making you part of my family!" Luvia had a smile on her face at the projection mage.

Rin spat out her tea while Arturia's face was like a stone statue.

She's competing for him! They both thought as there glares were like jackals ready to pounce on a gazelle.

The jewel mage gave a cynical laugh. "I'm sorry what did you just proclaim? He is not yours!"

Luvia gave her a mild look. "He is not your property Tohsaka! Besides I've heard that you have already given him his walking papers months ago!"

How in the world did she figure that out? I know I didn't say anything about that! "Listen he is not or ever going to be yours thunder thighs l so you better move on!"

The long-haired blonde ringlet girl placed her cup down and looked frazzled. "Hmph, such vulgarity, I never knew that you'd resort to such words? Of course I would never do that to someone who ended up suspended for using magic she wasn't supposed to!"

Rin looked ready to strangle her as an image of a white tiger appeared behind her. "Don't go there with me Goldilocks! He is not yours!"

An image of a green Chinese dragon appeared behind Luvia as she held her hand to her mouth. "You have no claim to this man. He would make an excellent husband for me!" Her expression took a turn as she had a wicked smile appear.

The well minded people took their saucers and tea cups and took a couple of paces back from the quarreling teens.

As it looked like a war was about to break out Shirou gave an exasperated sigh. "Ladies, I don't think this is the time for this." He tried reasoning with them. "Luvia," he looked at said girl, "Didn't you want to talk?"

Luvia looked back at him and then at Rin and calmed down. "You are right Shirou-sama!" she said adding a suffix to his name (to Rin and Arturia's chagrin)

Rei looked baffled as she wondered what kind of power Shirou had over the female population?

I know he's handsome but this is reminding me of what that Negi kid goes through. Shirou's not even British and seems to have game? Rei thought perplexed. This better not turn out to be one of those 'harem' situations I am not for all that nonsense!

Seta looked impressed that Shirou converted another female to his ever expanding harem.

Haruka just ignored it as she was all business.

Arturia was dealing with it the best she could; by not acknowledging the Casanova who was her former Master.

Sion looked impassive as she always did and drank her tea.

Ah isn't life grand sometimes?

When things calmed down Luvia began. "Sion and I have been made aware of the situation and are here to give you needed information." She brought up. "The city is on lockdown at a certain part and has issued people to start evacuating their homes."

"Now that you mention that, when Haruka and I were on the road the streets were empty?" Arturia stated which made Luvia nod.

Rin gave her a scathing look. "Gee, I wonder who would have done that."

Luvia gave her a look and Sion decided to continue the explanation. "We are trying to keep things calm on our end but it is going to become hard to get people out of the city before that ritual starts."

"Pretty much, you guys are trying to halt the spell by getting the people out of the city." Rei said next.

Before she could answer her cell went off and went for it. After a couple of moments Luvia looked fearful. She continued listening to what the person was saying and after that hung up.

"What's happened Luvia?" Shirou asked concerned.

It took a moment for her thoughts to gather and give an answer. "It looks like no one will be exiting this city. That was another colleague of ours and says a barrier surrounds it!"

This was not the kind of news they did not want to hear.

"Hmmm, it seems Sakura is craftier than I gave her credit for?" Rin stated contemplating. "She has sealed the residents in."

"We are like bugs trapped in a glass," Seta said making an analogy. "Now we are just waiting for the sun to burn us alive..."

"This will cause panic for the residents of the city!" Haruka stated. "If this gets out of hand then things can go down!"

Sion then called someone, getting on the ball with this. "Yes, this is Sion; put me in with the mayor please!"

After a couple of rings the line picked up. A frantic voice could be heard as the high-ranking alchemist calmed the voice down.

"Yes, I heard the news. Kischur Zelretch will call you to give you instructions on what to do Mayor. Just keep calm and make sure it doesn't get out just yet. Make a reasonable excuse about not letting people exit their homes for the time being."

After that she hung up the phone and sighed. "That won't give us much time. Now you see what is happening? You all have to stop Sakura from calling the grail!"

Luvia gave a look to Rin and then at Rei. "Zelretch informed us of the connection between you two. I know you want to save her but you must make sure that ritual is stopped."

"There is no need to tell us that Luvia!" Rin said crossing her arms. "As someone related we have a duty to stop things like this from happening."

Rei could agree for the most part but still didn't want to resort to those measures just yet.

"Is Zelretch trying to keep things calm at Clock Tower as well?" Arturia asked.

"Not just with Clock Tower but the entire Mage's Association. From what I heard it's surprising they are giving us leniency on this account. " Sion answered.

"Then we'd better continue training since we have some hours left!" Haruka stated.

Arturia got up. "We should use this time wisely and plan. Rei, you mentioned you already finished training? Do you want to continue?"

Rei shook her head. "I learned enough of what I can do and I will trust my abilities. Besides I need to head to Ryudou temple once more."

"I'll give you a lift!" Seta offered. "I need a change of atmosphere!"

"Are you sure Seta?" Rin asked him. "Do you think your skills are up to par?"

He gave her a cocky smile. "I'll trust my instincts on this. Before I woke up Shirou, I made sure to be the first one in their by 5 am. You should get going down there as well!"

Rin looked like she was going to press but Luvia coughed. "You should get more practice in dearie; the fate of this entire city rest on your easily breakable shoulders."

"I don't need you telling me that, trucker girl!"

Luvia ignored the jab. "How about this, I will whip that fighting spirit of yours into shape along with help you with that pendant of yours!"

The jewel mage looked surprised. "How do you know about Rubin?"

The blond heiress smirked and pulled out a similar star pendant but the color scheme looked blue.

"But that's…!" Rin began as she pulled out Rubin.

"Whoa looks like another magical girl is born?" Haruka said with a hint of a laugh. "The rankings have gone up!"

Seta whistled. "I know I'm new to this but from what you told me, your sister called forth that necklace, correct?"

"From what she explained but why would there be a second pendant?" Rei answered curious.

Luvia replied to the purple-eyed girl's question. "This is the counterpart to that pendant!"

"Counter-part," Rin added.

She nodded. "I was surprised at first when she suddenly appeared before me but she quickly explained the situation," Luvia than prodded the blue necklace to respond. "Isn't that right, Saphir?"

"That is correct mistress!" A woman's voice answered could be heard. She sounded polite with a British accent. "My name is Saphir it is an honor to meet you all!"

Everyone looked at the talking trinket in shock and then at Rubin, who was still in hibernation mode while Sion didn't look shocked at all.

"I have worked with Luvia for some time so I already know the specifics." She replied easily, brushing her braid aside.

Seta said, "Compared to Saphir, it looks like Rin got the short end doesn't it?"

Haruka, Arturia, Shirou and Rei nodded in unison and thought the same thing Rubin is a pervert!

This got an aristocratic laugh from Luvia. "Oh ho-ho, I've heard tales of Rubin being a pain at times! Too bad you couldn't have Saphir! Of course she is someone up to my level unlike you. This must mean your skills are not up to par?"

"How on earth did this happen? I didn't think Rubin had any siblings and Zelretch didn't say anything!" Rin raged, trying to ignore the insults that her rival through at her like garbage.

Saphir had an answer. "We are opposites as there is day and night to use that term. Father doesn't always disclose much of anything about us given that its usual one pendent born but this is a unique case! You can think of me as his older sister, if you like?"

The more the pendant talked, the more Rin thought she got jipped. Of all the people to end up with a dimensional artifact it had to be that overzealous cow?

"She has told me that Rubin has less power to go on, so that is the reason I am offering to share her powers so you can at least use him to his full capabilities for a time!" offered the English teen.

Rin looked at her partner in concern. "It is true that his powers are getting drained but why not Saphir's as well?"

"I don't use the pendant's powers indiscriminately like you so she has enough power for the time being but she is feeling the effects of the eroding of this place so I will help you but only if you prove to me you are worth all this trouble?"

The jewel mage locked eyes with the aristocrat. "I won't back down from this! I have a sister to save and I will use whatever I have to!" Don't worry Rubin; you will be back to your old self! Along with teaching her a lesson!

The red/brown-eyed girl smiled with an evil glint appearing in her eyes. "I do hope you are prepared though, I won't go easy on you darling?" Her voice sounded like syrup on pancakes on a Sunday morning breakfast.

"Of course not honey, I would never dream of holding my punches against you!" Rin voice sounded like a calm brook going through a deserted forest on a spring day.

A spark flew between them which everyone caught.

"All according to my calculations…" Once again Sion noted her catchphrase.

"How is that?" Seta asked perplexed.

"Given that these two share a rivalry it is only expected that 9 out of 10 chance a fight is inevitable to break out!" She calculated.

Rei and Haruka dropped their heads at how she was analytical.

"Makes me wonder if she could be a challenge for our Ami-chan?" The blue-eyed woman spoke.

"That would be something to see!" Rei complimented. "Two mathematical geniuses going at it, I can see it happening."

"Well that's those two, I guess I need to prepare as well!" Shirou said.

"We should train together!" Artuira offered.

"I wouldn't mind going up against you kid!" Haruka said.

"Don't call me kid!" Shirou said back.

Rei looked on at the assembled party. "Well I'll be back in an hour so that should be long enough for you guys to come back?"

"Will you be okay though?" Rin responded which made Rei smile at her.

"I'm the big sister Rin, you let me do the worrying. Train and get Rubin back to his perverted self since we will need him!"

The raven haired girl gave Rin a sisterly hug. "We will get Sakura back!"

Rin nodded and tightened her hug.

After that the Irishman and Japanese girl headed to the temple for what Rei needed to do.

"Let's get going downstairs than!" Shirou said as Luvia locked her arms around him. She is a bear trap that one.

"Yes, let us go my beloved!" She cooed. "Then after we can plan how we will spend the rest of our lives together!"

Shirou then felt the stares of Arturia and Rin and not nice ones!

Even though the red shirted, black skirt wearing teen has stopped pursing him old habits die-hard and she wouldn't stand for her rival getting her claws into him.

Arturia only scoffed. "Lets' get going Haruka!" As she walked off with Haruka, who gave a look of pity at the projection mage.

Sion followed along. You couldn't tell but she was far from impressed with how he dealt with that situation.

Why does this always happen to me? He complained in his head, walking down to the basement and opening another door.

A white flash appeared and opening his eyes he was in a different dimension; it had various areas connected to a certain season.

"Whoa Rubin created all of this?" Shirou whispered.

"I was amazed myself at first," Rin said. "But now is not the time for gawking, we are on the clock. We can train for a month and only an hour will pass so make it work people!"

She locked eyes at Luvia. "We are going to train in the winter field, you're fine with that?" Her claws were raring to get out!

"Of course I don't mind. It's like your heart; cold and unmoving!" Luvia jeered. She gave the first taunting attack!

Rin snorted. "More like that ice cave of yours, nothing grows in there!" She fired back.

Tiger and Dragon started another glare contest as Haruka looked decided where she was going to go. "I'm going to train in the summer field than,"

She took out her transformation rod and a moment later stood Super Sailor Uranus.

Sion saw her transform and looked at her like a specimen. "Transformation with magic without wasting any excess energy, that's intriguing."

Uranus gave a curious glance. "It's not that impressive is it?"

"What's more that you are connected to a planet of the solar system? You have my interest piqued, I will battle with you. From what Zelretch mentioned you will need the help. I will give you good results."

Taking a glance at the purple figured girl and wondering what her chances with a vampire-alchemist, she agreed. "All right, maybe this can make me tap into my potential?"

Arturia looked ready to say something until Uranus pulled her aside. "Listen this could be a chance to talk some things out with him!"

The French bun girl blushed. "What does that have to do with anything? There is nothing to discuss with that cad!"

"Everything, with Shirou not knowing how to deal with females, he's standing around like he's got hemorrhoids!" She said.

Arturia and Uranus looked at Shirou was busy thinking about something.

"I won't promise anything but I do want to see how far he's come?" She responded.

Sailor Uranus clapped her on the back and gave her a wink. "Good luck," and then she called for the Atlas alchemist. "Let's head out!"

Sion nodded and the two ran to the summer area.

Luvia and Rin sprinted to the winter field not before the latter called Shirou and said "Remember, I will feel if you are overexerting yourself. If you go far I will stop the fight!"

Shirou gave thumbs up as acknowledgement. Rin then gave her rival a sinister smile and ran ahead of her.

"Don't worry my love; I pray that you won't need that vile woman's charms!" She serenaded until Rin grabbed her by the ear, giving it a tug.

"Oh stop trying to score extra points with him fatal blossom!" Rin's voice screamed.

That left Shirou and Arturia.

"Well I guess we should head to the spring field area then?" Shirou suggested.

Arturia only nodded and looked at Shirou's bandaged arm in concern. Hmm, I shouldn't push him to his limit. I don't want him being influenced even if he has the scared Shroud of Martin. Even though this would do me a favor in checking to see if I can tap into my mana supply?

She recalled from her mind scape with what Merlin told her about how her body was like a factory supplying an endless supply of Mana but needed an extra push.

He's already done that but now I need to practice on my own in starting it up!

Shirou then gave her a glance. "Saber, don't worry, I won't fall prey to Archer's memories. Just teach me like you used too!"

This made her eyes go wide. "Shirou with what's happened,"

"Saber, please don't underestimate me!" He interrupted. "I'm not going to stand on the side lines! I want to keep up with the rest of you. I want to save Sakura!"

The green-eyed girl glanced down. Of course, I have to put my feelings on hold. This is no time for emotions! "All right Shirou, but remember, I go all out, so don't complain!"

Shirou gave a nod.

As the groups settled to their designated areas they began the harsh training to improve their skills!

Einzbern Castle; Illya's room

Illya Einzbern rested on her bed with no comfort. Her muscles were becoming atrophic and her breathing was lessening.

The silver-haired homunculus wondered what time it was. Her sight was losing strength and saw objects as blurs at times.

"Shirou…big brother are you going to come for me?" The snowflake haired girl wondered as she coughed once more. The spasms were becoming worse with each passing hour.

Gilgamesh soon appeared, wearing his normal attire of brown pants, a black leather jacket over a long yellow shirt and his hair matted down and not its usual spiky style. He looked bored at the coughing spell going on.

Illya got control of the cough and vaguely saw Gilgamesh and she wrapped her arms around her body and curled into a ball.

"Please, leave me alone," she whimpered pathetically, her usual vigor gone completely. "I don't want any of this! My life is already ending what else do you want from me?"

The gold haired man rolled his eyes and threw the girl over his shoulders. To his surprise she didn't weigh less than a feather.

"What we want is for you is to fulfill your purpose puppet," He commented as he walked her out of her room.

A couple of minutes later they arrived in the altar room where the spell to call the ritual would take place.

Illya saw a sigil embedded in the middle of the ground with a couple of stone pillars surrounding it. Her eyes widened in horror as she had a dream about this before.

"No, let me go!" Her body started moving with gumption and her arms hitting the back of Gil's back (to his annoyance). "I won't go through that ever again! The time for the grail is over!"

She struggled like that for a couple of moments before her strength left her. Gilgamesh walked near the pillars and tossed her to middle. She gave a cry of pain as she found herself on the rock plated floor.

A silver, transparent shield surrounded it as she tried touching it. "Let me out of here!"

Gilgamesh walked to the barrier and gave the girl a glare. "Listen puppet," he threatened darkly. "You are not going to give me any trouble! This has always been the fate bestowed upon you by your ancestors!"

Illya remained quiet and wondered how he knew about that. "You know about my family?"

The king of heroes looked offended. "Of course I know, during the interval between the 4th and 5th grail wars, I made sure to polish up on the history behind this. You are not meant to live in this world! So do me a favor and live up to what we want!"

The pale girl didn't say anything and curled in a ball once again. I'd rather die than let them get the grail!

As he moved away from Illya, Mordred soon appeared. "It looks like things are getting prepped up for tonight?"

"Tch, there is no need to remind me of that boy!" He told Mordred. "Is that barrier around the city?"

The blonde duplicate of Saber gave a nod. "They can't leave the city per Sakura's instructions. Now all we have to do is get some sacrifices and the grail will appear!"

Gilgamesh thought on that for a moment. Makes me wonder who will be the pawns to sacrifice their life to bring the grail. I know that Sakura will use the transmutation circle to suck the souls of the residents for energy but four special lives need to be taken? Could she want to use her sisters and their friends?

He didn't want to think of Saber dying just yet since he still wanted to battle her and get some action with her. Only I as the one true king shall end that woman's life or make her my queen where I will rule the planet governed by war.

Gilgamesh still remembered his plans for taking Sailor Mars' castle and ruling with Arturia. That woman's powers couldn't last long with me in our previous battle. It will be easy getting rid of her and taking on the king of knights!

Mordred looked at the girl on the floor and for a moment had a look of pity on his face. He felt sympathy for her given her situation given that he is a product of two siblings and couldn't do a thing to change that.

We all don't choose how we are born just as flowers don't choose to bloom in the most desolate of places… he mused. I also don't have enough time. If I want to stay in this shape, Sakura needs the grail to grant me wish!

Both men looked at one another and sneered.

Sakura Matou and Rider soon walked down the stair rail, making the two look up at them.

"It is good she is almost ready!" Sakura said looking at her captive. Illya had fallen unconscious once again.

"Are you ready as well Sakura?" Mordred asked.

The plumb haired girl only smiled. "I have gone through the text until I memorized them. With using the rest of my mana I will reform the grail and it will come in all its divine glory!"

She said the last part in an obsessive way, which drew concern from Rider. The tall vixen knew that something was off that didn't seem like Sakura.

Granted it was the worms but it looked like something deeper. The violet-haired woman couldn't pin point it but she knew she was running out of time. Once the ritual started nothing would stay the same.

Sakura is this really what you want? What grew from revenge against Shirou and your sisters has turned to an obsession for the grail. Rider thought mildly.

Giving a glance at the gold and blond-haired figures, she wondered what would happen to them.

"Rider," Sakura said as said person looked at her. "You once swore to me that you would do anything for my sake, that wasn't a lie?"

She gave a nod. "When I swore that I meant every word. I wish you happiness Sakura!"

"I will be happy when it finally comes. Now I ask this because soon my sisters will arrive this evening and they will try to stop me. Whatever it takes you must bring them to their knees!"

She then said the rest. "All of you must defeat them and bring them alive so I can use them as the main figures to sacrifice."

Mordred gave his own nod while Gilgamesh gave a lazy wave.

"Everything will happen soon," She whispered her voice tinged malice to it. "I will see the life eternal!"

This time around Gilgamesh heard her as well and gave a curious glance at Rider, whose face remained neutral as ever.

Getting calm of her feelings Sakura looked out the ceiling window. "In four hours it will begin! I wonder how you will stop me now, sisters?"

Ryudou temple

Rei and Seta had arrived to the temple and were heading up the stairs. Wondering why she wanted to come here he asked her.

"Because," She said back. "I feel like something urging me to reclaim something but I don't know what."

Seta accepted the answer and Rei was happy about that. She felt weird about it as well. Since seeing her mother and having her place something in her, it felt like it was compelling her to visit her roots.

Everything felt slightly familiar. Giving a glance around the temple some objects looked trashed as they had fought here last night.

"I guess we went overboard, huh?" Seta scratched the back of his neck. "Do you think they knew it was me?"

"Who knows, but if they say something you better pay!" Rei said absent-minded as she started looking for something.

Seta gave her a dubious glare before Rei saw a large azalea tree. Rei walked to the tree and placed her hand on the trunk.

"This is what we are here for?" Seta asked perplexed. "A stinking tree… I didn't take you for tree lover?"

Rei ignored him as she felt something familiar about it. Closing her eyes she saw her mother under the tree reading a tapestry to her as a girl.

Are these my memories of the past? She wondered going through the motions. I can barely make out what she's saying!

The past image of her mother continued reading the piece of paper, gave her daughter a smile and a peck on the forehead. As the past images left, she saw her mother place the tapestry in the hole of the tree.

Is this what I'm here for? But why would I need that? Wondered the priestess.

She opened her eyes as she went looking for the hole.

Seta glanced and saw what she was about to do. "Do you really think something will be in there, lass?" He asked her.

Rei just shook her head in confusion. "Not sure but…" she stuck it in there and felt around. After a couple of moments her hand came out blank with nothing.

She looked disappointed. I was foolish in thinking that something would be in there! It was in a different timeline...

"Rei I don't mind coming here but you have to go in greater detail!" He argued. "We do have something to do later, right?"

Her temper slightly flared. "Don't patronize me Seta, I know, it's just…"

"It's just what?"

"It's just that I'm remembering something my mom did a long time ago. Since she told me she helped out the church on assignments at times it came to me that this was her favorite spot in the entire temple." She explained.

Seta didn't speak as he let her continue.

"Mother had strong spiritual powers and used spells and charms to protect this place from demons that appeared. There was this spell that she made for her allies that rejuvenated them when their energy and physical strength was gone…"

The pony tailed man looked interested. "So you're thinking is that you want to use that spell on us for when we need it?"

Rei nodded. "I'm not sure if I can pull it off but it's worth a try, besides…" Mom, when you gave me that gem it felt like I was going to need it for something important. If it were my memories then maybe I could recall it and use the spell you created?

But since it wasn't there she wondered if that in this continuum her mother never needed it.

About to give up hope she bumped into her classmate Issei.

The blue haired teen looked pleasantly happy to see Rei and had a blush on his cheeks.

"Hino-san, I didn't know you had come back?" He said. "Still need more info on my aunt?"

She gave him an uneasy look and then saw Seta. The poor boy looked broken that she came with a guy.

"Um, Hino-san is he…a friend of yours?" He trailed off uneasy as Seta gave him a look.

"I'm the boyfriend!" He said rudely which dampened his spirits even further.

No, I missed my chance? Issei didn't care if he was a Buddhist, he wanted to fall in love like any self-respecting boy his age!

Rei elbowed Seta in the gut. "Don't pay any attention to him, Issei-san, "She mentioned. "However I would like to know something."

This made him happy (and Seta looked on in content, squinting eyes). "Anything for you Hino-san."

"This might sound weird but did your aunt have like a kind of tapestry she used or kept in storage?"

The glass wearing teen looked thoughtful for a moment. "Well I do recall she did have something but she usually put it in the base of the giant azalea tree on the shrine."

Rei looked on in anticipation.

"But since she died, a lot of the younger cousins took out whatever she put in there for their own convenience."

The raven-haired woman only looked dejected.

"However," he brought up "I do have something that might interest you, I'll be back."

Issei ran to his room and came back a couple of minutes later. "Sorry for the wait but I had this stashed," He opened the tapestry and Rei saw that it looked like from what she saw in the vision.

"Issei-san I know it might be a lot to ask but could I see it?" She asked him.

Issei didn't even need to decline her offer. He would have drunk an entire lake just to make her happy. "Here you go, Hino-san!"

As he gave her the paper, Seta gave the boy an irritated glare. Little nerd wanker!

Rei read the contents and could tell this is what she needed it. This is it, what my mom read to me a couple of times when we were at that tree. I had always thought it was poetry but it was a spell she wanted to use!

Then to her shock the words on the paper vanished. Rei had to double-check to see what had happened. Wait why did it do that?

Then her spirit Misao contacted her. The pink robbed teen had kept a view on what was happening.

I think it is a safe mechanism so no one can read it! She mentioned.

But I read it only once and…! Rei stated.

Don't be quick to anger Rei, listen if what we found out about your mom is correct then she was being cautious. Since no one has that amount of power without making a few enemies and not all could be demons.

Rei let that thought sink in her head. Now that you mention it, mom was paranoid at times for good reason. But now I don't know what it's called!

The spirit reasoned with her partner. You are her daughter, even if you only read it once it's been inscribed in your heart, which means that when you have a need for it, it will come to you, just like your lost memories.

The Senshi looked calmly at the now blank parchment. Thanks for keeping me calm Misao!

The purple-bun haired teen simply smiled and returned to her domain.

Folding the parchment up she thanked him and was about to give it to him until he declined.

"You don't want it back?" She asked confused.

He gave her a funny look. "Why would I want some paper that I can't read?"

This made Seta and Rei have blank looks.

"What do you mean by that?" Seta stated.

"It's as I said, the paper was blank to me when I read it." He said.

Rei looked at it and could tell that her mom did something of a charm. Is it possible mom had a vision and planned for this to happen?

"Thank you for all the help, Issei-san" She said and gave him a kiss on the cheek (to Seta's disapprovement).

The nerd had steam coming out of his ears and hearts for eyes and soon fainted in euphoria.

I am hanging with Minako far too much, I never would have done that before… Rei mused in her head.

Seta gave a scathing look to the boy and raised an eye brow. "My grandma, what powers you have!" He scathed.

Rei only smiled and gave him a kiss on the lips. "Don't pout, besides he helped me more than he realizes."

"Does that mean you have it?" Inquired Seta.

"I have something, we should get going, the others should be done by now!" She said. Before leaving they had asked his older brother to carry Issei to his room.

The older man gave Rei a curious look. "You look like a relative of mine that passed away?"

Rei only gave him a mysterious smile. "Maybe in another life?" She simply offered and left with Seta.

Issei's brother eyes widened a little a bit. That's what my aunt said at times!

He would soon take his brother to his room for rest and continue on with his duties on maintaining the shrine and getting things fixed up.

Tohsaka residence

It had been an hour since Rin, Luvia, Sion, Arturia, Haruka and Shirou went in the basement to train.

Rei and Seta returned and wondered what could have kept them. The priestess checked the clock to see that they were a couple of minutes late.

Giving a concerned glance Rei folded her arms. "This is not right, what's taken them?"

Seta had a thought. "You now that I think about it but since Rubin is in that hibernation state do you think his powers are weakening? That would mean that the space would break down…"

Her eyes widened at the statement. They never thought about that possibility since they assumed the space was infinite. Could they have been trapped in there?

"We need to go in there!" She declared and marched to the door but Seta held her hand.

She looked up angry. "Let me go Seta, we can't let any of them stay there!"

"Doing that will only get you in trouble!" He snapped. "We wait another couple of minutes."

Rei glared at him momentarily before sitting back down.

After a couple of moments however the door opened and there missing friends came out.

Arturia and Shirou came out first. They were breathing hard and they had bruises on their bodies.

"Shirou!" Rei called out.

"Saber!" Lancer exclaimed smirking.

The two gave a weak nod and went to the living room to rest. Next Sion came holding an unconscious Haruka, which brought concern from Rei and Seta.

Before any questions could be asked Sion answered with "She wanted me to go all out and I did."

Rei was left speechless. She always knew that Haruka was a hard head but now.

Sion placed the sandy blonde short-haired woman on an available couch. "I'll admit though that she got better at anticipating some of my moves but her working on half of her abilities is hindering her which cost her lost."

The dark blue haired man could only shake his head in shame. "I'm not sure about that Ms. Vampire…"

The braided purple haired alchemist ignored his jab. "If you are looking for Rin and Luvia, Rei, they will be up in a moment."

Rei looked expectantly at seeing her sister and her rival. As the alchemist said footsteps could be heard.

In the door way was a disheveled Luvia, her hair was a mess, dress was in tatters and had marks on her pretty face. She was a hot mess.

Like a damsel she gave a fake sob. "I am just stunned!" she began. "Just stunned; stunned at the travesties I had to endure and there were nights where I-!"

She didn't get to finish as Rin had kicked her bottom to move her from the door way. Luvia landed on her face in comedic fashion.

"Will you move your ass, obnoxious cow, it's taking up space!" Rin said unlike herself.

Rei and Seta looked stupefied at what they heard. The mage was usual composed if not a bit haughty.

Rin gave the two a small smirk. "I hope the hour was well spent, sister!" She replied and headed to her room. "We will speak after we get some rest."

Seta and Rei soon saw that the party were sleeping, even Sion.

"What on earth happened in there?" A quizzical Seta asked.

Rei could only shake her head. "We'll just wait till they feel refreshed."

They had slept for an hour before they woke up and gathered in the living room.

"What happened, you didn't come out exactly!" Rei questioned them.

Shirou answered sheepishly. "Yeah about that, for the most part Saber, and I had finished and were waiting for the others."

The blonde took up after him. "The training went well…for us."

"I had reached my limit with trying to fend off Sion's assault," Haruka brought up as she gave a tiny shiver.

Rei glanced at Sion who looked impassive at best.

"But what about the leaving on time part!" Seta asked with a frown.

Everyone in the room looked at Luvia and Rin, who had remained quiet.

"Well Rin would you like to add something to this story?" Rei questioned, arms crossed.

The black twin tailed girl only coughed and avoided the dreaded stare.

"Luvia something you want to say?" Seta said next.

The blonde coiled teen pretended to file her nails.

When it looked like they wouldn't say anything Sion answered. "I will explain in full detail what happened!" She stated easily.

This made the two magi look up in shock. "Hold on don't you dare!" Holding out her hand, Rin began

"There is no need to bring up such a spectacle!" Exclaimed Luvia, slammed her hands on the coffee table making some cups jingle. The rich like their tea!

Before an argument could break out Rei gave them one of her specialty glares. They felt something evil remained quiet as Sion began.

Training area (last day)

During the month of training (since time moved differently) each group have expanded upon their abilities with success and were ready to head back out except for Rin and Luvia.

From Sion's perspective they two teens were still battling it out. She could feel their energy signatures even during her battle with Sailor Uranus along with Shirou's and Rin's.

Being that she was the first one back at the entrance she was waiting for the rest. She had calculated that the axis of this dimension was becoming unstable. It had been like that since the middle of the month.

Arturia and Shirou had returned a couple of minutes later and told her their experience out there.

"Not only we trained together but different things kept coming at us!" Shirou replied uneasily. "It was like some swarm."

Sion had asked what they were.

"It's hard to put it in words but they were monsters to say the least…."Arturia replied. "But now that I think about it they looked more like demonic beings!"

The projection mage and alchemist looked worried. If demons had found a way in the area than that would mean the space was faulty.

"How long will those two go at it?" Shirou asked. "We have to go! We have to stop Sakura!"

Checking her watch she could tell that they had to go. "Shirou stay with Haruka, Saber you come with me!" Sion said as she and Arturia headed to the still battling mages.

Shirou looked at his covered arm. "I haven't seen Rin much since she had to seal my powers but I think I have a handle on it now." He alluded to an event. "With it I think I can save Sakua."

He had taken time to think about what he felt for the once kind girl and then thought about Arturia. He could tell there was still something between him and the stalwart knight but it felt like a wall was between them.

He had tried getting close but she always dampened it. The auburn haired teen then thought about Sakura.

I still haven't come to an answer just yet. But that's not important since we have to stop this from happening!

He then waited patiently for the rest of the group to assemble.

Rin and Luvia were haggard as one didn't want to lose to the other.

"This has gone on long enough, cow!" Rin cried as her finger had gathered energy for the Grandr curse. "You really think you can beat me?"

An infuriated Luvia, whose sleeves were missing due to taking it off for battle purposes, growled. "Beat you; I will pile your corpse to the ground!" She also gathered magic to her finger.

"GRANDR!" Both cried out as the attacks slammed together causing an explosion. The two jumped back and went gun wild as Grandr's being fired.

After the volley had died down Rin threw some gems at her rival but Luvia counted with her own causing even more destruction to the snowy field.

"Don't think I will let you get over on me!" Luvia screamed as she sprinted to Rin and slammed into her like a truck.

Giving a cry Rin like a cat drenched, she fell to the ground. Luvia then sat on her and had an evil smile. She then threw her gems point-blank at her body causing Rin to scream in pain!

Taking advantage of her rival's predicament she grabbed her legs and started spinning her.

"Come on, come on, come ON!" she yelled while laughing and letting Rin go.

As she was thrown through the air Rin grabbed a jewel and created a barrier of wind to cushion her fall as she slid to the ground. Gripping her arm she spat out some snow-covered dirt.

Using reinforcement Rin sprinted to Luvia!

Seeing her Luvia got in a defensive stance until Rin flipped over her and landed a three combo punch, the last one being more powerful blew Luvia back.

"Seraphic Prism!" She called as she made the star sign of Orion.

Luva saw it coming as she got up and called out her own attack. "Trinity Buster!" Three rainbow-colored orbs launched and slammed to Rin's attack.

Both mages gave yells of determination.

"I WON'T LOSE TO YOU!"They screamed and another explosion happened.

Sion and Arturia could only look in bewilderment that after all this training, they still had energy and more to continue going at it!

Then both noticed that the ground they were standing on started vanishing but the two fighting didn't seem to notice.

"We have to get out of here. I don't think the equilibrium here isn't stable anymore!" Sion estimated.

Arturia nodded. "Rin, Luvia it's time to stop!"

The two didn't hear her as more explosions happened.

"THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!" they cried. Knowing that they couldn't hear them they had to stop the battle.

Before another attack could be thrown Arturia and Sion had jumped in the middle of the now vanishing field.

"Stop this now you two!" Arturia said. "Are time is done we need to get out of here!"

Rin looked at Arturia with confusion and frowned. "Who are you?"

Sion looked concerned as Arturia gasped.

Luvia also looked at them with awe. "I don't know who you are but I want to finish my battle!"

Then in a shocking gesture the two had started attacking Sion and Arturia by using Grandr.

Sion grabbed Arturia by the waist and jumped away from them.

"How is it that they don't know us?"Arturia cried as they had returned to the ground.

Sion remained quiet before ascertaining something. "I can only think of one thing, you and Shirou said that mysterious things were coming in this axis correct?"

The blonde nodded.

"My theory is that those two, in the heat of their training got infected with some parasite!" Sion concluded.

A perplexed Arturia looked concerned. "How would you know that?"

"I noticed something on the back of their necks!"

Arturia was going to say something but Luvia and Rin appeared behind them and they had blood-red eyes.

The blonde then saw something on said locations. It looked like a root.

"How do you propose we get it off?" Arturia spoke.

"Aim for the root." She instructed. "I have looked up those bugs up before during a mission with the church. They are low-level demons from a place called the Makai."

"Makai...?" Arturia uttered.

"It is a place where demons and the like live!" Sion explained.

The two magi girls had sinister grins on their face.

Knowing that they had to get out Arturia summoned her sword (it was invisible covered by air) and Sion whipped out a whip like estenision.

"I'll take Rin," Sion stated as Arturia complied. "Luvia will be my target then."

(P4 Arena OST Missions for the Brilliant Executor starts)

Then Sion, using her enhanced vampire physiology sprinted towards Rin in a matter of seconds.

The possessed teen looked surprised but aimed with a kick that Sion blocked and slapped her away.

Getting from the ground Rin fired an array of gems at her! Sion rolled to the ground dodging them and going for a sliding kick. Rin jumped from the ground and went for a grandr.

Seeing the pellets of magic Sion sliced them in half with a whip cord, Ethelite.

Sion gave a cold murderous glare to Rin, who blanched at seeing her. Swinging the cord at her in quick succession the alchemist was able to attach it to her leg and bring her down.

Rin gave a cry of pain as she landed on the ground.

Then Sion had a smile on her face. "This is where my true abilities shine!" She said.

A glow came from the cord and it logged itself to Rin's leg.

Then Sion used her ability of "hacking" Rin's body. The power she wields by using the ethelite is used for reading minds by connecting through the nervous system between her and her opponent.

She could tell what that person is feeling however the reverse is true as well. Also while attached this gave Sion the ability to control her opponents and in the right way make phantasmal copies of people based off memories to attack her enemies.

Not wanting to use the full extent of the ethelite whip she focused on hacking the demon out of her body by sending it waves of information.

Rin soon started convulsing in pain as the parasite demon unattached itself from her body.

Seeing the parasite in its true form (it looked like a mosquito) she swung her ethelite whip and killed it.

The jewel mage fainted as Sion caught her.

Arturia was parrying Luvia's attacks. After her training of slaying various monsters and demons and practicing with Shirou, the knights' speed had improved. Knowing that she didn't want to kill a companion she had to find a way to get rid of the parasite.

Luvia tossed some jewels in the air which distracted her for a moment and then went for a wrestling drop kick at the same time as the gems fell down on her head!

Getting knocked back Arturia had been able to change to her Saber Lily white armor form.

"I wasn't planning on going to this but I've got no choice." She said as more of the ground was vanishing.

She held out Excalibur as it as it shines gold. "You will forgive me if I don't hold back Luvia?"

Saber Lily then made the light of her sword glow brighter which made Luvia cover her eyes. Pushing the advantage Saber ran behind and held up her weapon.

A gust of wind started covering the blade and went for where the insect was.

"Invisible Air!" She yelled as the wind slash accurately sliced off the parasite and destroyed it.

Luvia fainted and Saber caught her.

Holding the blonde in her arms Saber leapt from the spot with a fast Sion, who had Rin on her back, as she caught up with the sword wielding teen.

(Theme ends)

Shirou saw them coming as the two landed Saber returned to her normal attire and laid the two girls down.

"What happened to them?" Shirou asked checking on them.

"They got possessed." Sion answered. "We need to get out. The training has sufficed but now this area is becoming unstable."

As they agreed Rin and Luvia woke up.

"It seems you are awake?" Arturia asked the both of them

The two teens looked confused and at each other and remembered what happened.

"We were almost done with the raining but then these mosquitos came out of nowhere!" Rin began.

Luvia nodded. "But even though we got rid of all of them two snuck up on us. After that it cost our feelings to go out of control"

"Which caused us to continually fight each other without rest…"Rin finished it off. "I didn't think something like this could happen."

Sion answered. "Maybe it's time to fill up Rubin," She eyed ringlet teen knowingly. "Right, Luvia?"

Luvia grimaced at that. It was true that she did promise that. And they have trained for a while and she saw Rin's potential (magic and strength wise).

"Hand over Rubin" She held out her hand with impatience.

Rin placed the pendant in Luvia's hand and the blonde brought out Saphir. "Transfer magical energy, Saphir!"

"By your command, mistress!" The blue pendant stated. The blue necklace started sending the needed energy to Rubin.

The process took a couple of moments before it ended. Luvia handed the trinket back to her. "That should last you a battle or two but it's not permanent."

As she held Rubin, Saphir said. "His being will end soon. I'm sorry I couldn't do enough Rin…"

Rin shook her head. "This is enough, thank you Saphir!"

Luvia waited a couple of moments before clearing her throat. "Aren't you going to say anything to me?!"

"Like what?" Rin replied.

"Oh I don't know how I helped you bring back Rubin or training with you for an entire month!" she screamed.

Rin thought about it before shaking her head. "Oh…right…good job!" She said in an unenthusiastic tone.

Luvia let the cats out as they began war of the words.

The trio looked exhausted and headed back upstairs, with Sion carrying Haruka.

Tohsaka residence (present)

Sion finished the explanation as Rei and Seta just looked at the duo.

Rei had a hand over her face. "Let's see, that area was damaged which drew demons due to Rubin being de-powered is fine but the reason you were late is because you continued arguing?! I get the possession but really?!"

Luvia and Rin looked embarrassed.

Shirou could only shake his head. "At least we are out and did all we can to get ready!"

Arturia agreed with that sentiment. "Now all we have to now is infiltrate Einzbern castle."

"It won't be easy though, we are on the clock to stop Sakura and her goons!" Seta brought up.

"There can be no room for failure on this," Rei mentioned. "No matter what we have to stop that ritual; if we don't a lot of people will die."

They each gave a nod. They had two hours left as it was almost evening.

"Now that the matter is settled, Luvia and I must head to where the tower will be." Sion brought up.

"We don't want to resort to using it but…"Luvia said in a hesitated tone. "We won't have any choice if the situation doesn't change before midnight."

Arturia said, "You won't have to do anything for we won't lose."

"Just give us that amount of time and we will stop her plans for killing anyone in the city!" Shirou said next.

The two teen girls gave each of them a leveling look and accepted their determination.

"May the blessings of the gods be with you…"Sion said as she took her leave.

Luvia also started to go but stopped by Shirou. "Shirou-sama, I will win your heart one day. Till that day wait for me dearest?"

Shirou only gave an uneasy chuckle and Rin kicked her out of her house.

"Don't let the door slam on that bottom on the way out!" She yelled and slammed the door!

Seta, Haruka and Arturia could attest that she was indeed Rei's sister.

They soon saw the limousine leave for its destination.

"With all this on the line we can't lose!" Rei began. "Everything has led up to this moment and we can't hesitate!"

Everyone shared the girl's sentiment.

"Let's take some time before we head out!" Arturia replied. "We each need time to ourselves before are objective.

They each agreed and headed and went to places to think.

(Parasite Eve Main Theme (Orchestral version) begins)

Rin had decided to enter the study hall and look at a photo album. She had a picture of her and Sakura as girls. "The one thing I want to do is be there for you this time around, Sakura…I won't let the grail have you!"

Then she felt a pulsation coming from Rubin who had awakened.

"Morning Rin…" He exclaimed happily.

Rin smiled down at the pendant. "Nice knowing you are doing well? I hope you enjoyed your nap for what's about to happen?"

"Yeah; even in my hibernation I could tell what was happening at times." He began solemnly. "I know that my sister is in this time plane, Saphir, who is my counter-part, appeared. I also know that this might be my last battle with you…"

The aqua-eyed girl looked astonished at that. "Even with having your energy restored?"

"Even with that extra boost I am 'living' on borrowed time. Rin don't worry, I will help you achieve what you want and that's to save Sakura, right?"

Rin closed her eyes as she thought about her baby sister. "I don't want to lose her or Rei. I think my family can become whole again if we can survive this ordeal!"

The star pendant hesitated for a moment before replying. "Even if you guys find a way, you know that Rei has another duty outside this universe right? You might not be able to stay with her…" He cautioned. "She is a protector to a monarch along with being royalty of her own court."

The mage frowned. "The thought has come up but I will find a way for us to stay together. Even if I have to go with Rei to stop her enemy! But first I…no we must save our baby sister!"

She than had another thought. "Besides even if she's royalty, we are still siblings which means I'm part of that lineage as well. In a way I am second in line!"

Rubin gave a wry chuckle. "I have no doubt to argue against that logic. I'm glad I'm partners with you, Rin-chan!"

Rin gave a mock of surprise. "My goodness, that's the first time you added a suffix to my name Rubin? You have also calmed down with the perversion?"

"I know right; I must be growing up?" He joked.

She smiled down at him and gave a final look at her album with longing and decided that she would take another picture with her sisters.

Hold on Sakura! I won't abandon you again, not this time!

Arturia had decided to go to one of the manor's sun rooms with her thoughts. The pouring of sunlight kept the room lit up. She sat down on the couch.

Tonight will be when my skill is put to the test. I never thought this would have happened again. The grail coming back, the battles with former friends and enemies, I thought I would live my life in the servitude of Neo Queen Serenity and King Endymion? Now I discovered my past…

Her thoughts went to Mordred; her only child. His birth was a scandalous one. During an event after she was crowned king and saved Guenevere, Merlin had gotten the idea to place a penis on her for sport, as a way of proving that she was a boy.

Arturia at the time was mildly surprised but accepted it since it wasn't going to last. Only very few people in her court knew her real sex and that was Merlin, Guenevere, Morgana and her trusted friend and knight, Lancelot.

She grew sad at that. She had battled her once friend in the 4th Grail War. He was a Berserker and raged a battle with her, Alexander the great and even Gilgamesh with the rest of their masters during an event with Caster.

The Knight had been able to defeat him but with a heavy heart.

I caused such misery on them with keeping my secret. I knew that Guenevere and Lancelot loved each other but circumstances prevented them to end up together.

Some tears came out of her eyes. Guen dealt with our marriage to the best of her ability since I had to uphold of being a male. I'm thinking that's why Merlin did that, to give her a child but then my sister got in the way of that.

Lancelot, god rest his soul, was the shadow and I was the light. He supported us and vice versa but the circumstances were just too cruel.

As if fate smite the kingdom of Camelot, Morgana had found out about Merlin's joke and used magic to infiltrate the castle and casted a suggestion on Arturia. The only reason she did that was because the old religion was dying out and given that Guen, who found out later she couldn't get pregnant, caused her to become hysterical and denounce the religion of mages and Wiccans.

The blonde didn't really feel that way since she thought anyone should believe what they wanted but with war, famine and the people's unrest with her, it was a lot to bear.

She at first didn't know that she had gotten Morgana pregnant but years later a young 'boy' came to the court to try to become a knight of the round table, Mordred. However the mysterious knight kept on the helmet so no one knew what she looked like.

Arturia saw his potential and accepted and for a time it worked out but that was the first trigger for the kingdom's destruction.

Then Morgana revealed to her that Mordred was their 'son' but since Arturia was really female, her 'son' was really her daughter but kept it secret for a time.

She had planned on using Mordred as a way for 'him' to get the throne but once I realized that and saw him, I knew he was not meant to rule.

This caused the queue to happen; with Mordred finding out about Lancelot and Guenevere, he spread the word around which caused the knights to fracture and take sides with either Arturia or Lancelot. Merlin wasn't there as he was sealed up somewhere.

Morgana was distraught at what her son did, for even though she didn't want the old ways to die and would have been content for both religions being prominent, she never wanted them to come to blows.

Battles waged, friends died and all that stood in the end was her and Mordred.

During the exchange between 'father' and 'son' Morgana appeared to them in astral form to plead not to fight! But it went on deaf ears as Mordred was upset that his own mother would use him this way and denounced her.

Arturia as well wasn't happy with her for tricking her and impregnating her with their child. Even though Mordred was a product of close blood ties, she still loved her child.

Avalon, her sacred scabbard, had been taken before the battle, which she suspected that Morgana had a hand in taken the treasure as it was blessed by the old ways and she broke that covenant by not finding a way for these things to live in harmony.

Without Avalon's protection her 'son' gave her the severe wound but she ended up killing the homunculus.

It went to pass when she pleaded to the world to become a Servant and win the Holy Grail.

After all that and I was reborn to my current parents and I had a fascination with Old Arthurian legends. I found out what happened to Lancelot and Guenevere.

Thinking about the two made her a little depressed. It was so long ago.

My trusted knight became a hermit to live out his days in dishonor and my dear Guen; she became a nun as a way for recompense. All these tragedies, it's like fate had a part to play in this as well.

Arturia wiped the tears. Now Mordred has returned all thanks to Queen Beryl and this Terumi person? I won't let my child cause any more havoc. For what he did to Shirou and for the sake that he finds peace, I will put an end to his cursed existence!

Making that declaration she thought about what she once said to Shirou. "I stood by the kingdom but the kingdom didn't stand with me…" she whispered.

"I gave everything to build Camelot with all my trusted advisors, friends and knights but it came falling down."

This time she would make a difference. She would everything in her power to support her comrades in this attempt.

"May the blessings of Avalon be with us…"She whispered.

Shirou was in his room stewing as well. He wanted to make sure everything was fine with his arm and started projecting various weapons that were in his memory and Archer's.

Knowing that he couldn't afford to hesitate with anything that could happen in there, he didn't want to burden Rin with anything.

She and Rei have a lot to deal with. I want to support them as well and save Sakura.

As he thought about the circumstances with Rei a flash of memory went through him. He saw himself talking to Rei at the Ryudou shrine with Rin and it vanished.

Gripping his head he had wondered where that came from. Could it be a memory from Archer's timeline? When he was me? That means that the Archer that I know didn't exist and Rin must have had a different Servant.

He stopped that thought as it was getting confusing with Archer and he being counter parts. I didn't know Rei then but Archer as 'Shirou' did. In way since I am him, I knew her? Fuck it, I'll just say it's a memory and that's all!

He checked the clock. "It's almost that time…"

Seta and Rei were spending their time together. They decided to head to the furnished basement. She was on his lap and contemplating her memories of her mother and Lancer.

"It's still hazy but I feel like it will come," She said.

Seta looked amused. "That's good to hear, given that my memories of you are coming back to, even though I'm wondering on some aspects as well."

Rei laid her head on his chest. "Even if my memories don't come back, I know my feelings for you now. And since I know I can tell you that after this I will have to leave…"

The spear wielding former hero looked surprised as he casually wrapped his arm around her waist. "That's right you are a slider aren't you?" He said making reference to that 90's show.

She rolled her eyes and lightly punched his chest. "This is important that you know this Seta, as much as I want to stay I have a mission to save Sakura and then return to my dimension and stop Beryl and Terumi's scheme!"

Brining up Terumi caused Seta to get angry. "That wanker; I still haven't forgotten what he did to me! If I see him again my Gáe Bolg is going to stick him up his arse!"

His Irish accent coming unhinged and the way he said the posterior and thinking about the troll in said position caused Rei to laugh and he soon joined her.

"I don't care if you can stay, Rei, but I won't let you take these wanks on your own, you hear me?" he said rather seriously.

"Seta, you have already been dragged into this and I don't want you going through anything else. I want you to find a peaceful life with someone else and have kids. Don't put yourself out there for me!"

To his surprise the priestess had tears in her eyes. "Listen Rei, I am the reincarnation of the fabled Irish legend but I'm still me. With that on my plate and everything that's happened, my life isn't what you may call 'normal' anymore."

He held her wet cheek with his hand. "Fate be damned, I am sticking with you to the end of this long journey which is my choice. I'm going to be there for you and your friends!"

Rei gave him a smile. Even though she hasn't been in love before she felt that this was right. She had crushes with Yuuchirou or Mamoru but she thought that this was it.

"I won't say the words now," She said getting control of her emotions. "Since that's like saying we won't live through the battles ahead. I will say this; I am going to wait for you!"

He repeated the phrase. "I will wait for you…"

They got closer and kissed on the lips. The two held hands for a moment and Rei broke off the tender kiss.

"It's time…" She said.

Seta gave a brief nod and got up.

Haruka had been thinking about her situation. With her powers halved, she wondered how she would do even with being trained by the alchemist who was always fifty steps ahead of her.

The blue-eyed pianist/racecar driver still dismayed by that. She even had a hunch that if she was at full power she wouldn't come close to beating Sion.

That's passed now. I have to look to the present. She vehemently thought in her head.

The Outer Sailor still had her pride though and even if it led her to confrontation with people in her heart she felt the same way as her friends and comrades; to keep peace and help people.

This experience has changed her and now was thinking more clearly on certain matters. Haruka found it funny that she might have gotten soft thanks to Usagi and the Inners after all the years they've been together.

Along with being in this dimension; even if it wasn't her birth place she was warrior that fought for peace, to stop any evil that hurt innocent lives.

This is a work of fate but as Usagi told us before we left; we will build a destiny based on our own beliefs!

Once again she felt lighter and saw a humanoid person next to her. This made the cynical woman jump in surprise and realized that the figure was transparent.

"You are almost there Haruka," The figure said and it sounded female. "Take the last step and you will regain what you lost…"

She vanished and Haruka wondered who that was. "Could she be my spirit guardian? Does that mean I am close…?"

The proclamation of regaining her old powers spurred her on as she had a cocky smile. "Looks like I'm not out of this yet!"

She checked the time and got ready as well.

(Theme ends)

Each person came back to the living room and it was time.

"We have no time left," Rin said. "We know what we must do!"

They all gave a firm look.

"Stopping the ritual," Arturia said.

"Beat any enemy in front of us!" Seta replied next.

"To save the people of this city," Shirou said.

"Coming back alive," Haruka mentioned.

"Saving Sakura," Rei mentioned with a firm determination.

They each nodded at one another and got ready.

(Begin Fate/Hollow Ataraxia OST Wars begins)

"Mars Crystal Power, Make up!"

"Uranus Crystal Power, Make up!"

After that the two were in their Super Senshi attire.

Knowing what they were thinking Mars answered. "I am going to conserve my energy first. Even in this stage my powers are stronger now than they were previously."

Uranus could understand that reasoning. Soon I'll be able to do that as well but what did that person mean one more step?

The Blue Spearman of the Wind was next as he transformed to his Lancer attire; an ultramarine body tights, covered with protection runes (that he got in his former life by studying under Scathach) and wore steel toed shoes.

Arturia Dragon followed as a white flash covered her body and soon became Saber Lily. Her white armored glistened with brilliance for a moment and soon died down and her hair was in a pony tail.

Shirou still wore his mundane clothes and wished that he could "armor up" so to speak until Rin smirked at him.

"Don't feel left out; Rubin is going to give us new wardrobe!" She mentioned which made him blush in embarrassment.

"What are you talking about, what's wrong with what I'm wearing?" He admonished.

Rin only gave him a look. "Shirou don't be dense. Everyone knows you need some synergy when it comes to the big battles. I know this is important but we have to dress the part!"

He was going to rebuttal that but everyone present agreed. Knowing he was outnumbered he just sighed.

"Make it quick…" he muttered.

Rin was happy to oblige as she held out the pendant. "Do it now Rubin!"

A red flash of light enveloped the two and a second later they had new wardrobe.

Rin wore a red duster with two buttons in the front that exposed her lower stomach a little with the material hanging behind her lower back, black shorts held up by a belt and on her arms she wore long-sleeved gloves.

She had white colored short heeled shoes with some red pigmentation on the edges. The jewel mage had a small pouch to store her gems and she wore Rubin around her neck. The jeweled weapon they created was in the pouch as well.

Shirou's attire consisted of the same attire that Archer once wore but with a minor detail a his was white with a dark blue armor under the clothes; long-sleeved white shirt on his left arm and sleeveless on his right with the shroud of martin being exposed, along with a white duster around his waist and steel toed shoes.

The group looked impressed at the two. "Now that's styling mates!" Lancer said with a smirk.

"Yeah, now everyone looks the part!" Sailor Uranus jokingly stated.

Arturia had to admit in her head that seeing Shirou like that really got her feminine drive going. All statuesque like that if only she could take a picture!

Rin looked at her outfit and wondered why her almost borderland in the sexy look?

"I thought a change of pace with your attire needed spicing up and went with that!" He replied with some excitement.

Rin only rolled her eyes. "After everything I've been through, I can accept it."

Sailor Mars looked amused at this. "I see Rubin is back to normal. He dressed Shirou like Archer with some minor details?"

"Of course I did, I thought it would work for him since in a way they are the same person!" The trinket replied wryly.

Shirou looked down his attire and smirked in a way that would do Archer proud. "Let's do this!"

After the compliments settled they went outside.

Tohsaka residence (driveway)

The team gathered around the vehicles they were going to take.

"We are heading to Einzbern castle!" Saber said as Shirou got on her Yamaha V-Max.

Rin got a ride with Sailor Uranus on her bike (which had the appearance of Snow Villiers eidolon in their Gestalt mode) and it was yellow.

"First time I'm riding these absurd things!" She griped.

Uranus revved up her bike. It purred smoothly. "Hmm, if it's possible I would like to keep this!"

"How did you get this bike in the first place?" Rin asked.

The Outer took a moment to answer. "Found it in the same place Saber got hers. You'd be surprised how many bikes they got in there, it's like they are prepared or something?"

Thinking about that shop Rin thought that maybe she should check this place out. It seemed too convenient that they got it with no trouble but after this.

Sailor Mars hopped on Lancer's bike which was a Harley-Davidson model Wide Glide and the color was blue (it had enough space to hold two as Lancer customized it when he was in Ireland).

The raven haired woman felt giddy at the prospect of riding this. Mission and code aside she felt like a rebel.

Wrapping her arms around his waist she smiled.

"You ready to do this, love?" He asked having a cocky grin. Being with a female does that to a man.

She gave him a foxy like grin. "Tear this bitch up!"

Giving a whoop Lancer brought up the handle of his Glide and started it up. It sounded like a bear in heat!

"Let's get going!" And like that was off like a shot!

Sailor Uranus scoffed at his insolence. "That punk isn't going to out race me!" She grunted.

Her competitive spirit became aroused as she got her bike in motion and headed off! Hers sounded like a panther catching a wilder beast.

Rin held on for dear life! "I better live through this!" she screamed holding tightly to the Senshi's waist. Neptune would be jealous if she saw that!

"Ready Saber…" Shirou asked.

The knight gave a firm nod. "Always…"

The Yamaha V-Max roared like a lion and caught up the other two.

Outskirts of Fuyuki (couple miles away)

Sion and Luvia had arrived outside the city limits. Thanks to Zelretch (perceiving something like this could happen) he had given them a marble sized gem before they met up with Rin and the others.

They were a couple of miles away from the city. The area was a forest.

"This is where Etheron is?" Luvia asked in curiosity.

Sion only nodded.

Then a compartment opened as it spread opened and a thirty foot tower stood. It looked archaic then mechanical on the outside.

As it finished a door opened and out stepped Zelretch along with Caren.

"I am glad you were able to make it out of there," Caren mentioned to the two.

"I believe it was cutting it close though," Luvia replied as she took out the small gem and it looked drained.

Zelretch examined it along with Sion's and scoffed. "The energy has been completely drained thanks to that sigil around the city. I'm amazed it held out."

"Did you contact the mayor?" Sion asked which got a nod from Caren.

"He made a convincing argument but it stands to reason that the truth of the matter will get out. Unrest has already started happening at the church. Only some of us know what's really going on."

"Which means that people will get curious and find out the city is cut off." Luvia said in a hushed tone. "Then if that spell is activated then they will all die and even if some survive by a miracle the power of the grail will wipe out the remaining few?"

"If we see any form of energy being outputted then we will fire a blast to destroy the castle and half of the city!" Zelretch stated.

The three females didn't say anything which made him feel like crap.

"It has been voted on all three factions of association along with the higher-ups of the church. Not everyone can be saved so we have taken the ones we really need should this fail."

The yellow eyed priestess gave him an emotionless stare. "That is why I am here and not some of my colleagues?"

"We can't have you in the blast zone." He had a gruff voice when he said that. "Along with making sure you are safe as well Luvia given your position. If Rin dies we can't have someone who matches in strength with her, get killed as well.

Caren and Luvia remained quiet as he said

Sion wondered about Ciel for a moment. I'm glad to know she is not in Fuyuki now. She called me saying that she had to check on something the city where Tohno and Aracaid are. However with this happening everyone in Japan will know that Fuyuki will be destroyed if it comes to pass.

"Sion, you will lead this operation," Zelretch stated which got a look of dismay on her face. "I can count on your analytical prowess to make a sound judgment in the charging of Etheron. I would stay but given the situation I must return to England and keep the others in check so it doesn't go south. Once we feel there is no time I will contact you to tell you when."

The alchemist didn't respond for a moment and thought about the responsibility.

Caren and Luvia placed hands on her shoulder.

"You won't be alone on this," Caren said.

The aristocrat also showed her support. "We will take on this burden too," She gave him a glare. "I won't let the association treat us like we are cattle. We have free will."

Zeltretch wasn't mad at what they decided. In fact he was happy. "Be careful though."

With that the old vampire jewel mage disappeared leaving the trio.

They all sighed after that.

"Now we just have to hope that Rin and the others can pull it off!" Luvia said quietly.

Sion also hoped that they could stop the progress for Sakura calling the grail.

Caren said a silent prayer. I hope they can bring about that event that Zelretch told me…

After that the three females went to the tower, preparing for the worst.

On the road the three bikes roared through the outskirts of the city. During this period they were worried they wouldn't have gotten through the shield but thanks to Rubin he had created a barrier around to bypass it.

The drivers saw Einzbern castle in the distance and were five minutes away. The sun was setting and knew it was time to start their fated mission.

Shirou, Rin and Rei were the most anxious as they thought about far Sakura has gone. All for revenge, the jealousy building up and the abandonment she felt towards those three.

"We'll be there any minute!" Saber yelled over the wind.

They each acknowledged what she said and sped up.

Einzbern castle

In the castle Sakura waited in the compartment where she would start the spell. It looked more like a throne room setting as she used part of the grail inside her to expand the room and other areas since she knew battles would be starting.

She had dispersed the three to certain areas to handle her sisters, Shirou, the Senshi and the two former Servants.

The plumb-haired girl smiled perversely at the coming of battle. She would kill all who threatened her desire!

In her body she felt that Zouken was asleep for a time and didn't want him influencing her actions. All I want is for me to kill all of them! If he wants in on the action he will have to wait his turn!

Her inner battle with him was at a standstill since she used her powers to keep him bound. But since then all the good she felt for sisters at the one incident where she was in Ryudou was gone. Her desires were free now.

"It's time I got ready as well!" She snapped her fingers and her leather attire vanished in a haze of darkness.

Her attire changed completely and her hair and eye color weren't the same after her transformation. She now wore a red stripped dress composed of black ribbons that revealed her legs, upper arms and shoulders and had red tattoos etched on her skin. She wore no shoes. Her eyes the color of blood and her original purple hair was now white.

Groaning in satisfaction she could hardly wait to get the sacrifices ready. Now she was waiting the battles to get underway.

"Let's begin my sorted game shall we?" She seductively said as she looked at Illya.

The girl was chained to the middle of the pillar. She groaned and lost consciousness again.

Wrapping her arms around her shoulders she started glowing and a portal appeared as she saw that the party had arrived

"I need opening entertainment first; go Assassins!"

Masked cloaked figures started spawning for the portal she created. These were beings from the fourth grail war that Kotomine used for a time. They varied in appearance but they were all one in the same.

Since she was part of the old grail she could call them up. The masked figures looked at their mistress and vanished to greet the Fate team.

Einzbern Castle (entryway)

They had parked outside the forest and hoofed it through the wood. None of them spoke as the soon saw the castle.

Rin sensed something strange about the castle and it looked bigger then it initially was before.

"She must have expanded the place?" Shirou said eyeing everything in suspicion.

Lancer looked anxious as he saw where he once was. "This place should be used for a Halloween party to scare kids, gives me the creeps!"

"You're not the only one!" Uranus gripped as memories of her sword getting destroyed.

Seeing that Mars remained quiet Saber was going to ask something until Mars told everyone to quiet down in a clipped voice.

"What do you sense Mars?" Uranus asked trusting her spiritual awareness.

Whipping her head around Sailor Mars narrowed her eyes. "Get ready, we aren't alone!"

Shirou looked to where she glared and saw figures coming from the darkness!

The mass shapes took form of clocked beings with white, almost skeletal mask.

They each braced themselves.

"What are those things?" Rin whispered as she grabbed some of her jewels.

Lancer called his Gáe Bolg to his hand. "Enemies that need eradication!" he gave his pole a twirl.

Saber Lily called Excalibur in her hands (in its invisible sheath of wind).

Sailor Uranus tightened her glove. From her training she was able to use her main attack more consecutively then she did before but still lacked the strength it once had but she hoped it would be enough.

Sailor Mars had fire on her fingers.

Shirou had Kanshou and Bakuya in his hands. "We are here, why don't we say hello?"

(Fate/Stay Night Realta Nua, Another Heaven begins!)

The group of assassins attacked the group. They had small daggers, clubs to battle them.

Shirou attacked a small group and went for slashing strikes and easily dodged them. Stabbing one in the neck, it turned to ash.

Before another one came up behind him Shirou reinforced his leg and kicked it in the face breaking its mask.

More came as he hacked away at them. His moves were somewhat like Archer's but he had his own style as well.

Tripping one to the ground Shirou stepped on its wind pipe and sliced the Adam's apple.

Shirou then threw the two short swords like boomerangs which tore apart some of their ligaments. The white-clothed teen traced a black scythe with a chain with a ball at the end linked to the handle.

He utilized Archer's memories to bring it to being and had knowledge on how to wield it. Bringing it overhead he spun the bladed weapon and the ball smacked the assailants busting their heads and the blade sliced open their insides of the poor fools who got close to him.

Lopping off a head Shirou traced another weapon to replace the scythe, Zweihander, a German weapon which was a two-handed sword.

Gripping it with two hands Shirou launched in a vicious attack dismembering more of the plague of shadow people.

After he concluded the others looked somewhat fearful of the teen.

"Continue this battle at the cost of your lives!" He whispered and went to attacking.

Shirou started feeling his right arm tingle. I've got to make it through this; please don't break down now!

Sailor Mars back flipped away from some and unleashed a fire beam to burn the suckers alive. They howled in agony at the flames torching their frail bodies.

A couple threw daggers at her but a wall of fire stopped it in its tracks. One swiped at her but she jumped away and landed a drop ax kick to its head.

More were called and Mars looked positively gleeful. "You shadows are going to burn to the wick!"

A circle of fire surrounded her body and she cupped her hands. "Burning Mandala!"

The fire rings sliced them in half. The cloaked figures stopped for an instant.

"What you guys afraid of fire?" she asked them.

The specters glanced at each other and some decided to run off. The Senshi of fire continued her onslaught by getting rid of the cowards.

She summoned an arrow of fire and launched her deadly projectile in the middle of the running hoard.

It pushed them back to ground and burning some. She then pulled out a couple of paper talismans and tossed them at their bodies.

The red skirted Senshi clapped her hands together and the ones with the ofuda burned till they were wiped out.

Taking notice that they kept coming, she then called Misao. Her spirit took corporeal form and smiled with luster.

"About time you called my mistress!" she said and brought out her daggers.

The assassins started attacking her but she sprinted through them and stabbed them in the kidneys. They held their bleeding stomachs and then noticed a wire had surrounded them.

The purple, bun haired teen smiled as she pulled the wire with her fingers. They tore like wet paper.

Seeing her handy work done Misao gave Sailor Mars a smile and returned.

Mars created a fire bird to strike at more assailants.

Rin had been tossing her gems at the cloaked figures and they exploded. One had a club and tried smacking her but she rolled away and fired a Grandr curse at it and it was destroyed.

They came like gnats as they surrounded her. Getting bored she held three jewels between her fingers and began chanting her spell until a magical glyph appeared on her hands.

"Prism Sword!" She tossed the jewels in the air and the scattered in different directions. Clusters of six crystals dropped from the sky and the holy energy burned the denizens of darkness wiping out a horde.

This assassin group started throwing ninja stars at her. The mage created a temporary shield around her blocking the projectile attack and lowering it.

I have to give some praise to Luvia after this? That training paid off! She thought and gave a shook of her head. Nah, I don't her getting a fat head than she already has!

Rin grabbed two yellow gems and threw them at their feet. Wondering what was going to happen they proceeded to her.

"Stalagmite!" Rock spikes sprang from the ground impaling them as they turned to dust.

The jewel mage then had a look of determination. "I have no reason to fall to worthless clowns like you!"

She then fired a Seraphic Prism at her group eradicating them.

Sailor Uranus had been going on the defensive a little as she went for some old fashion punches and kicks but they only did so much damage as she threw one over her shoulders.

Knowing that she would have to just believe in her powers she had now she held up her arms and a ball of yellow energy was forged.

"Space Turbulence!" She through the energy in the sky and it looked like shooting stars and the blast bombarded them. They cried in pain as each blast incinerated them.

Uranus looked proud of what she did. "I'll make sure to send you a muffin basket Sion…" She whispered. Her energy didn't get low but knew it would catch up with her if she wasn't careful.

Kicking a jagged sword from a figure she expertly caught it with one hand and slashed one down. Even though it wasn't her sword she could use it for a time by bringing them down.

Twirling the sword like an expert she took a stance. "Let's see if I've gotten rusty?" She swiped once.

She struck two times.

Three times as the figures fell to the ground.

Another tried stabbing but she cut through the middle of its face by swiping the sword upwards. It fell to the ground.

"Who needs powers?" She said and continued with her hack and slash tactics.

Lancer sprinted through the group he was fighting and slashed and stabbed them as they writhed in the ground.

A couple jumped from the sky and about to land on him until he stabbed the ground with his spear and extra blades jutted from the ground stabbing them dead.

He had used some runelogy on his spear to use that attack. "Who says I have to go by what I used when I was a spirit?" He said and spun his spear like a buzz saw slashing them from the waist up.

More bum rushed him as Lancer gave a howl of laughter. "You punks aren't going to last against me; I was demigod for cripes sake!"

He sliced off heads, stabbed them in the groins, feet, tendons, anywhere he found an opening. Then he saw a bigger one with a mace and slammed it to the ground causing an earthquake.

This stopped him momentarily as the big galoot ran at him smashing anything in its way.

As it brought the mace down Lancer leapt away and rolled to the ground. "Sorry dude, you aren't no Hulk?" He called out.

The behemoth snorted and went to attack him again. Lancer remained calm and closed his eyes holding Gáe Bolg behind him.

Wait till he is a couple of paces ahead of me… He thought and when he felt the time was right he activated his Spear as it glowed red.

"Gáe Bolg!" He yelled and the spear looked like it zig-zagged around his arm and struck the heart and some other spares behind him.

They cried in anguish and fell to the ground.

"My spear can cause instant death for those who don't know!" He stated as his voice took on a frenzied tone. "The blue wind will kill every last one of you bits!"

He held out his fingers and started writing an intricate rune in the air and it took effect. "Flame of Scathach!"

A sphere of fire was created and he slammed his pole at it. The ball of flame slammed into the assassins left burning them in a blaze of glory.

"Outta my sight punks!" he gloated.

Saber Lily was having a grand old-time as well slashing through the scourge, her blade being invisible to them they didn't know where she would strike next.

The pony tailed blonde launched wind slashes extinguishing their short-lived lives.

One assassin looked like a girl with a pony tail and had a dagger and attacked Saber's blade.

The knight had to watch this one as she looked like she knew what she was doing.

Pony tailed assassin went for quick swipes and kicks which she blocked with her sword and her gauntlets at times.

Saber went for a diagonal slash but she maneuvered around the blade and brought up her other hand and another knife appear about to stab her in the face.

The white-armored skirt knight then activated her mana burst as a flash of light knocked back the assassin.

Giving a grunt of pain the cloaked figure got back and sprinted towards swiping her hands trying to kill Saber.

Having about enough of this Saber held the sword in her right hand and slapped the knife from her left hand. The clocked figures eyes widened at that given that no one could pull an attack like that with just a single ligament.

Seeing an opening Saber charged at her bringing up her sword and tried slicing her in half but the ever quick woman flipped away and sprinted away from Saber.

"You will not escape!" The brash teen said and ran after her.

For a couple of moments it went like a chase from an old cartoon until the figure stopped and Saber held up her blade.

"This is far as you will go!" She declared.

The figure didn't look scared or concerned as she had given the motion for all her conjured assassins to attack her at once.

Saber looked around at all of them came to a decision. I won't use my greatest attack yet so I'll have to go for this!

The blonde then held out her left and forged a ball of light from her mana supply. It was somewhat strenuous.

Magic was never something she studied in both her past life or present given that the she thought complexities of it were tedious but she had to step up her a game at times to keep the enemy guessing.

"This is something I've toyed with let's see how you like it?" She said and coated her sword with it.

Instead of its usual golden light it gave off, it was pure white and the blade was 15 feet long! It was like a light saber!

The surrounding party fidgeted at what she carried.

"We have a mission to start and a friend to save you won't get in our WAY!" She yelled the last word and spun the sword around slicing and decapitating all the shadows.

The female assassin couldn't comprehend what she just saw. She could conjure more but it would take a couple of minutes which she didn't have.

The mana had dissipated as Excalibur returned to its normal size and hue.

Before she could even move Saber Lily stabbed the head assassin in the stomach!


"This nightmare ends now!" She whispered and took it out.

A gaping hole created as she placed her hand over the wound.

"I've failed…" were the last words she'd say and burst to dust.

Then the other assassins broke down as well and the battle field was clear of the menace.

(Song ends)

The team gathered around each other.

"You took out main person, didn't you Saber?" Lancer asked giving a grin.

"I had noticed she wasn't attacking and figured that she was the brains behind everything that happened." She replied.

Shirou noticed that she looked fatigued. "Saber, you seem winded…"

"Don't worry Shirou, I can still fight!"

The white clothed teen accepted her answer.

Rin looked at her hand and felt the sigil burn ever so slightly. I'll have to stay vigilant with this.

They were ready to enter the castle. "Whatever happens we will stop her!" Mars said to everyone present.

The Fate group didn't need words as they shared the same feelings and walked on through the gates.

Einzbern castle (inside)

In the door way they noticed that the area was like a dingy cave which brought surprise to Shirou and Rin.

"How did she turn this to a cave?" Shirou wondered out loud. "The beginning area looked like the entrance to any old mansion before!"

Rubin, who is conserving his energy answered. "She changed it using the remaining of the grail she inhibits in her body. It feels like she only did this recently!"

Lancer looked with suspicion. "I wonder what they have planned for us then."

Before anything could be said Sailor Mars, Saber and Shirou felt something.

"What's wrong you three?" Uranus exclaimed.

"Someone's here watching us!" Shirou replied.

They waited a couple of moments before seeing a door a couple of meters ahead of them.

"We have to go forward; we have no time to stay here!" Rin said as she started running.

As she did a dagger joined by a chain came from the rear of them about to impale Rin!

Shirou, who had used a sensory ability, traced a chakram and threw it like Xena! The spinning disk sliced the chain-dagger in half and Rin turned around to see what Shirou did.

"Don't be in a rush, Rin!" He admonished quietly which was like Archer. "Take a look…"

She and the others looked to where he pointed and out stepped Rider. The tall gorgon looked impressed as she smiled.

"It seems you have improved since the last time we met Shirou Emiya?" She added.

Shirou didn't even crack a smile. "Still up to the same tricks, aren't Rider?" This brought up the time she pulled this with him a year ago.

"Well you know a girl's has to make a living somehow!" she said and casted a view at the party.

"My, you have all gotten stronger even you Sailor Uranus?" She stated in awe.

The dark-blue skirted Senshi growled a little.

The long violet-haired woman smiled. "Are you still crying over that sword of yours? Who do you think whose fault it is that it was destroyed in the first place?"

Sailor Uranus didn't say anything and tried to stay calm.

As she got closer Lancer summoned his spear, Mars a flaming bow with an arrow and Saber with her sword and stood ready to fight her.

"We attack in at once!" Mars took charge. "The more of us the less she will get a handle on us!"

The figures were about to attack until Uranus held out her arm, stopping them.

"I want you guys to go and stop Sakura!"

This was a surprise for everyone here, especially Sailor Mars.

"Sailor Uranus…?" The raven-haired girl said. "We can defeat her here!"

The mature woman shook her head. "You guys need to save your strength for the battle with Sakura!" She insisted. "That battle probably has taken its toll on the rest of you but not me! I can take care of Rider!"

"Oh my, the weakling wants to start-up a battle with me? I should feel honored?" Rider had a mock of surprise on her face.

"Come on lass, let's just kick her ass, we need everyone to battle the big bad!" Lancer said but this got a frown from the prideful Senshi.

"Listen I don't want to be selfish but this is something I feel I must do!" She cried closing her eyes. "Not only have I been the weak link but I needed help from the easiest of battles before this! I have to prove to myself I can do this. I am Solider first!"

She gave them a firm glance "Believe in me! I won't fall to her again!"

Rin was going to say something but Mars held her sister's shoulders.

"She's right. This is something she has to overcome even though I want us all together but this is fate. No…this is her will telling she needs to do this! We can't take the rest of her pride away as we have done!"

Saber could understand that along with Lancer. Then they ushered Shirou and Rin along and headed to the door. Shirou opened it and they ran in.

"Make sure to come back to us then Uranus!" Mars cried to her friend. "I won't accept anything as an excuse, not even death!"

Sailor Uranus gave a wry smile. "Of course not, that's something you'd do!"

Giving an amused smile she was out the door. When it closed the doorway disappeared which drew concern for Uranus.

"It will only open when one of us is defeated," Rider said, twirling her weapon. "I can assure you it won't be me!"

The sandy blonde Senshi smiled and looked ready to fight. "Funny, that should be my line! Like I told you when we first met; I won't lose to a woman who's into S & M!"

Rider then sprinted towards Uranus who had gathered energy to her fist!

Their battle is starting!

In the hallway the group of 5 continued down the hallway. It looked like a regular castle interior and they went through the next door.

Saber noticed that the area wasn't like the last; it was a room filled of treasures and the area was also big.

Taking a look the Irish native gave a roll of his eyes "I feel like Scrooge McDuck should appear swimming in all this gold?" Lancer stated looking at a mound of gold coins.

No one laughed at his joke.

"Come on now, don't be uptight!" He replied.

Before Mars could say anything a hail of swords came rushing towards him!

"Lancer, get down!" Saber's voice rang throughout the hall!

He didn't hesitate and dropped as Saber brought out her sword and sent an air current attack to destroy the weapons.

They looked up to see a floating Gilgamesh. He was wearing his golden armor with the red cloth hanging behind his waist.

The red-eyed king gave a smile. "Always knew when I attacked, didn't you Saber?"

Saber Lily glared fiercely at him. "Gilgamesh, you would have to show up now!"

Lancer got back to the others and shared his contempt for the one who killed him in the 5th war. "I owe you a lashing, bastard!"

Gilgamesh crossed his arms and looked indifferent. "What was that…" He held a hand to his ear. "I thought I heard a dog yapping?"

The blue-clothed man didn't like being referenced as a dog and had his spear ready. "What you say, arrogant, puissant!

"I'm sorry, I said a dog. Or would you rather I say bitch?" He taunted.

Saber, Rin and Shirou looked ready to intervene on Lancer. He was getting angry and that wouldn't help in this situation.

"Don't do nothing rash Lancer!" Rin said trying to calm him down. "He's only doing that on purpose to lower your guard!"

Gil looked at the two teenagers. "Well, well, if it isn't Archer's old master; I'm surprised by this, did he dump you?"

Rin had an angry scowl on her face.

"As well as the faker hero," He turned to Shirou. "Taking a note from that fools passing? Here I thought you hated him with a passion?"

Shirou snarled. "You wouldn't know anything about that! I'm here to stop all this!"

Gilgamesh narrowed his eyes. "You, stop us, please. This isn't the grail wars boy! There are no rules to govern when we should stop fighting!"

The gold clad warrior floated down to meet them. "I gave Archer the killing blow which ended up ending his worthless life," He continued on to the aggravation of the others.

Mars had remained quiet throughout all of this. She waited.

"This time the grail will come and everything will be in my grasp!" Gilgamesh exclaimed.

"You are planning on betraying Sakura then?" Rin exclaimed.

"Of course, she's been acting strange as of late and our partnership was one of convenience, nothing more! But I will make sure you sacrifices are brought to her after I bring you to your knees!"

He opened his noble phantasm; The Gate of Babylon as all the weapons he used in his life appeared behind him. "I will finish our battle Saber and this time I will be the victor!"

Saber gripped her sword about to fight him until an arrow sniped at his feet causing the king to jump back.

"Oh, if it isn't the flaming calypso…?" Gilgamesh said amused.

They turned around to see Sailor Mars with a flame bow. "I'll take care of this pig!"

Rin and Lancer were against her fighting him.

"He's strong Rei, much more than we can comprehend!" She pleaded trying to convince her sister. "It took Saber to finish him. I know you have gotten strong but you are no match for him!"

Lancer agreed. "I hate to say it but she's right, love. What do you think you can do against him?"

Sailor Mars heard what they said but didn't care. "I told you I fought him when he invaded my kingdom and only survived thanks to Archer's intervention," She explained. "This is the one that caused him to die along with threatening to take what's important to me, I won't stand for it!"

To the others surprise a red glow appeared over her body.

"Mars…" Shirou whispered.

"I know you have history with him Saber, but I am telling you, not as royalty but as a friend, let me handle him!" She asked the Knight.

The two locked eyes for a moment and Saber gave a nod.

"What, but Saber!" Rin began but the pony tailed blonde shook her head.

"I believe she will bring an end to the king of heroes!" She said with the utmost confidence. "Let's give her this chance!"

Rin wasn't in favor of having her sister battle someone who fucked the rules but Shirou then stopped her.

"She's right Rin, don't misjudge your sister." The auburn-haired teen mentioned.

The twin tailed girl wanted to object but then felt something about her sister and stopped.

What is this I'm feeling…she has a strong will and composed?

Sailor Mars looked at her sister. "Leave this to big sis, all right?" She smiled and gave a wink.

Rin was hesitant but then smiled. "Make sure to come back, Sakura will need you as well!"

The Senshi of flames nodded as she saw Rin, Shirou take off for the exit.

Before Saber could leave Gilgamesh launched a volley straight at her!

Mars then released many flaming arrows which had enough force to knock back the weapons and he stopped.

"What the hell, you've improved?" Gilgamesh looked surprised.

Mars lifted her fingers upwards and pillars of fire erupted from the ground entrapping him.

Lancer and Saber looked at her. "That won't last long get going; I'll leave it to you guys to reach Sakura!"

The blonde nodded and sprinted to where the two magi waited.

Lancer rushed back to her and gave her a kiss on the lips. A second later he smiled.

"Make it hurt, love!" He said.

"I always do, don't I?" She replied back with a smile.

With that he sprinted to the others. Saber opened the door and they passed through it.

Mars smiled briefly before her flame pillar was destroyed as Gilgamesh had his Ea with him.

"NOOOO, what did you do? I wanted to battle the king, not you!" He roared which caused Mars to scoff at him.

"Saber has more important matters to deal with but this means we can settle this feud!" She held out her hand and her bracelet shined.

"Mars Alter, Make-up!" a second later stood Alter Sailor Mars in her light red armor and she pulled out her two thin swords from the sides of her waist. They were inflamed.

Gilgamesh looked taken aback as he looked at her new attire. "You think this will stop me, bitch? You've already proved to me that you are not worthy of the title of war or that kingdom,"

Alter Mars didn't say anything.

"You are a woman, who is meant to bow down before my perfection as I ravage that body of yours but the king is what I want at the moment not some skank like…!"

He didn't finish as Alter Mars slammed the back of her blades against the right side of his face, burning it.

Giving a scream he was sent hurtling back and crashed in a pile of gold coins.

He looked enraged as he saw Mars, with flame wings attached, look at him. "I think that's enough! You've said your peace now let me say mine!"

The aura around her got intense as some of the treasures were melting as she pointed her sword. "King of heroes, heed my words when I say this; I, a woman, will bring you to your knees!"

She telepathically got in contact with Misao. Resonate now, my friend!

Of course, Princess Mars; tread carefully! Misao warned and her energy mixed with the Senshi and color of red mixed in with pink energy surrounded her frame. Her planetary symbol shined.

Gilgamesh looked ready to pounce then started laughing. "If you think you can hang with me than let's go all out!"

He then gave a yell and a golden energy washed over him. His wounds healed and red tattoos started appearing on his armor and on his cheeks.

"We will see who is left standing," He began as he floated in the air, his weapon in hand, giving a patronizing grin. "The king of heroes or the goddess of war?"

She gave a small smirk, gripping her sabers. "We'll know soon enough…"

Saber and the others continued through the corridor as another member of their party had left to fight.

"I don't think we will be able to stay in a group like this if this keeps happening!" Rin brought up.

"They know what they are doing! Those two do this for a living right?" Lancer stated.

Saber agreed. "They have kept the peace going on in their dimension, just believe in them!

"I see another one!" Shirou called and they opened the door.

The area looked like a rustic chamber for knights to battle in.

In it two figures were there. One was the blonde "son" of Saber; Mordred and next to him was an dark blue armor-plated person who was 7 feet tall and someone Saber thought she'd see again.

Saber froze on who it was. "No….Lancelot it can't be?!"

Rin gasped as Shirou and Lancer felt a deep hatred in the air.

"This feeling is intense!" Rin stated.

"No kidding Sherlock," Lancer fired.

Shirou had no response as he became concerned for Saber.

Mordred looked happy at seeing his own parent appear. "Father, I see that you are surprised at seeing good, old Lancelot after all this time?" The blonde said smiling wickedly. "He was getting restless!"

Saber locked eyes at her child than at her trusted knight. "How is this possible; I defeated him and thought he found peace?"

Mordred frowned. "Peace? Father, he lived life as a hermit because of you! Sakura is giving him a chance to stop your friends!"

The blonde felt sorrow for her friend. When we battled in the 4th war I had no idea who he was until the end when I struck the critical blow. He revealed all his regrets…" Saber felt sorrow for her friend then and now.

Shirou could tell that Saber was distraught. "Stop bringing up what is history you bastard!" He called out to the blonde male.

Mordred locked eyes with the outspoken mage and scoffed. "You are still living? I thought the shock of losing your arm would have done you in?" The treacherous knight stated. "I should have gone for your neck instead so I wouldn't here this drivel!"

The hazel-eyed teen showed him his bandaged arm. "Glad you didn't, a friend helped me. Now like I said, stop making Saber feel guilty!"

Saber turned to Shirou. "Oh Shirou…"

Mordred's face had a mad look. "She needs to die for what she did, for what she put me through!"

"No, she doesn't!" He admonished at the boy. "She did the best she could and I won't let you or Lancelot discredit her like that!"

The former Berserker growled upon hearing his name and Mordred looked livid.

Saber also was finding solace in his words. He's right, I have overcome my past. I just needed reminding of what I'm fighting for!

Lancer looked at the duo and noticed the doorway. "Well lass, it will be just us two," He began at Rin.

Rin looked at the former Master and Servant combo. It must be fate? "Shirou, if you are going to battle please be careful on what you use that arm for! I won't be able to seal it since I won't be here!"

"I'll try not making you worry, Rin!" Shirou said and gave her a smile that was his and not an 'Archer-esqe' one.

She smiled as well and looked at Saber. "This is something you will settle with your son Saber?"

The green-eyed teen nodded. "It's time I taught my child some discipline. We will make it out alive and help you save Sakura and Illyasviel!"

Lancer gave her a smirk. "You better, this is a team after all!" He then took Rin in his arms, to her outrage and sprinted to the door.

"Stop them now Berserker!" Mordred yelled pointing at them.

The Berserker roared and went for them.

Shirou, to the surprise of Mordred, flash stepped in front of Lancelot and traced a rather large hammer and smacked his body!

Lancelot went crashing to a wall and Lancer and Rin made it to the exit.

"How were you able to do that?!" Mordred screamed until Saber got close to him and swiped her blade! He moved away but ended up with a scratch on his arm!

He looked at it with wonder for a moment and his eyes turned cold. "Father, how dare you?!"

Saber Lily had a cold face as she held her sword towards him. "You started this battle first son, and for that I won't show any mercy!"

Mordred then growled and held out his own hands and his weapon Clarent appeared (a jaggaed sword). It gave an icy glow and he wore blue knight ware armor (previously from the red armor he wore in the fall of Calmlann)

Shirou saw this and called to Saber. "I'll handle Lancelot, you take your son!"

Saber gave him a nod and smiled. "I know you can do it!"

The teen smiled and turned to the behemoth that had gotten up. "I think we should take this to another room," He began and had a long black bow appear in his hands.

Shirou traced Caldbolg and turned to an arrow. He then fired and the attack sent Lancelot to the next room. He soon flash stepped to battle the once Berserker.

Retuning her glance to her child, she braced for whatever was going to happen.

"Mordred this battle was never meant to happen twice…" She said.

"Well father, it has and I won't be dying this time!" He stated. "My grudge against you will never falter, I'll see you dead!"

His icy aura started freezing the surrounding area. Saber Lily didn't show an ounce of fear as she readied Excalibur. The wind sheath came off and revealed in its majestic glory.

"Mordred, this twisted existence of yours will end. In the name of Albion, I'll free you from this chain of hate!"

The two came to blows as their swords slammed together causing an explosion of holy and ice energy.

Main room.

Rin and Lancer were the last two heading towards the teen who manipulated this entire scenario.

Going up one more stairwell they stopped and saw the tall door chamber.

"She just had to update this entire castle?" Lancer rolled his eyes. "What is with the bad guys updating their pad?"

Rin wasn't in the mood for jokes as she pushed the doors and stepped in. Lancer seeing that she was gone headed in.

(Tenchi Muyo OVA OST Tokimi is Watching starts!)

What they saw in the room was a spacious area fit for royalty. They stared in awe at what she did to the main chamber.

Walking a couple of steps they didn't say anything as they tried in vain to find Sakura. Lancer was ahead to guard her and saw an unconscious Illya.

"It's that girl!" He cried and ran to where she was chained up.

Rin ran after him but kept a lookout for her sister.

Getting closer he stopped and could only looked disgusted on the way they treated the pale girl.

"These bastards make me sick!" He gripped as he summoned his spear. "I'll get her out of there!"

Before he could slice the chains binding Illya until a malevolent giggle could be heard.

Rin frowned as she scoped the area. "Where are you hiding, Sakura?"

The duo finally saw a patch of shadows and it took human form. Rin looked in awe at the appearance of her once kind-hearted sister.

"By the gods…Sakura is that you?" She asked.

Said girl completed her entrance and had a sick grin. "This is me, sister dear!" Her eyes glowed red which spooked Rin and Lancer.

"Looks like you went for a makeover?" Lancer stated, trying to cover his fright with making light of the situation. "Nice, all you need is a little blush to add color to those cheekbones of yours."

Rin elbowed him in the stomach. "Not now!"

Sakura still smiled. "Lancer don't tell me you are still upset for what I did," She walked a little closer. "I thought you enjoyed my company?"

The Irishman looked angry. "I know I'm a flirt but what you did was immoral, you degenerate wench!"

"Oh my, a man who has ideals about sex; maybe I should have taken on the form of my elder sister…"

That sent Lancer over the edge as he made his way to attack her.

"No, don't Seta!" Rin cried.

He ignored her and leapt in the air. "You crossed the line, bitch! Gáe Bolg!"

The spear flew from his hand as it made its way to Sakura.

"Sakura!" Rin screamed.

The spear went through her chest and she gasped. She then started giggling and then turned to laugher which made Lancer spooked.

He landed on the ground and called his spear to his hands.

"What did you do that for?" Rin berated that action.

"She was asking for it!" He snapped back. "Anyway, didn't that give you an opportunity to see that normal means won't beat her?"

Rin could acknowledge that with a logical standpoint but didn't want Sakura to die.

To the surprise of the two they saw her wound heal as tendrils covered her wound.

The dark stripped dressed girl looked ecstatic at them. "I have fully embraced my inner powers of these crest worms. Your noble phantasm doesn't have effect on me anymore!"

Lancer looked at his spear and growled. "I hope you have a way of stopping her…"

Rin went to her pocket and the object she and Shirou made was with her. "I do, but I can't use it yet…"She whispered. "Look, I will deal with her, you get Illya out of this castle!"

He looked shocked. "I'm not going to leave you!"

"You must, don't you remember that Fuyuki has a bullet to the head?" She exclaimed. "If we can at least get Illya out of here then the ritual won't begin!"

Lancer looked ready to argue but she interrupted him. "Please, this is a priority we must do! No matter what, we can't have people die due to one person's ambitions!"

Looking in her eyes the red-eyed man reluctantly nodded. He then ran back to the wall and cut Illya's chains.

The tiny girl fell limply to his waiting arms. Sakura didn't seem to mind that he did that.

Holding out his spear at Sakura as he made his way to the door he called to Rin. "I'll be back after I get her to safety, so stay alive until then!"

Rin gave him a smile and he ran out.

"Hmhm, he won't get far…"Sakura said mysteriously.

Rin narrowed her eyes. "What do you mean?"

The white-haired girl only shook her head. "Don't worry about other people, sister!" She drawled out. "Worry about that you won't live through this!"

The black-haired teen grabbed a couple of gems from her pouch. "Don't be writing anything on my tombstone yet Sakura," She challenged. "I'm still here and I won't hold back!"

Sakura gave her a sneer. "Hold back? You don't even know the meaning of the word!"

All her memories started rushing to the surface; from when she was taken in by the Matou's, to Shinji raping her and seeing Rin with Shirou, she finally snapped.

"I won't be a walking mat to no one! I will see my ambitions made real as I kill you, Rei and Shirou and anyone who stands in my way!" She shouted. "Along with bring the grail to grant my wishes!"

Dark tendrils started coming from the ground and it looked like it was attached to Sakura's shadow.

Rin felt negative energy and shivered. I need to use the jeweled blade, but I have to weaken her. I might have to resort to using Rubin if it goes south.

Do what you have to, Rin-chan! Rubin replied to her mind. I'm not going anywhere yet! Save your sister!

The red-duster wearing teen looked on in determination. "That ritual won't happen for you need Illya and we won't let you kill anyone in this city!"

Her magical energy erupted from her body and it was light blue.

Sakura looked smug. "Sister there is much more going on then you know!" Her energy was dark as night.

In Sakura's sub-conscious a young-looking Zouken was chained up in a table but one of his eyes started opening.

Almost time…

(Song ends)

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