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Will the Grail come to being?

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Chapter 21

Lineage of magic: Prelude to destruction!

Section 3

(Fate Zero OST: The Battle is to the Strong begins)

Shirou Emiya had been dealing with a recently revived Berserker (Lancelot) and had had trouble with the armored man!

The projection mage had enhanced all of his body parts to keep up with Berserker. The fallen knight might have rampaged but all his attacks he did were accurate and caused some damage.

Berserker grabbed a fallen pillar and twirled it like a lance and charged at Shirou! The mage backtracked as he tried dodging the blows.

Flipping away from him Shirou traced two short swords and flung them like boomerangs. The swords did little damage as they bounced of the armored man's hide. However Shirou manipulated the weapons by linking wire to the handles.

Maneuvering the weapons the struck Berserker's hide again and again. Berserker growled in anger and smacked the two swords away with a swing of his pillar-staff.

Seeing that as a moment to strike Shirou sprinted towards Berserker and conjured two long swords and slammed the together forming one sword.

"Balanced Slash!" The white clothed man howled as the slash hit home.

Berserker roared and saw a slight tear in his armor and slicked apart his pillar which made Shirou smile. "Looks like that armor is impenetrable?"

Giving a mighty roar that shook the establishment he aimed a ham fist at Shirou who rolled away from it. Berserker did it again and Shirou dodged.

He's not that fast, if I can use my speed to-! He had thought until Berserker caught up to him and rammed a knee to his stomach! Coughing up bile the teen didn't figure he had any kind of speed!

Berserker grabbed him by the neck and slammed him hard to the ground causing Shirou to cough up blood this time!

Grunting in pain Shirou tried to move from Lancelot but the knight's strength kept him from doing that.

Thinking in what he could project he delved to Archer's memories. He had an idea!

Closing his eyes he gave off a subtle glow which Lancelot saw. The helmet wearing man tried punching him until chains wrapped around his arms and legs.

Shirou smirked at his work. "This gift is brought to you by the king of heroes! Chains of Heaven!"

Berserker tried moving but the chains reinforced. Even if they weren't the real deal it still had enough strength to keep him bound.

"It's amazing that Sakura decided to revive you, Lancelot!" Shirou spoke trying to reach out to the Knight. "You should have found peace but to reawaken in this time with your anger still intact baffles me. Saber didn't mean to cause you that grief!"

Berserker tried moving his arms but to no avail. "Those are lies!" He spoke in a guttural tone. "I won't forgive her!" That anger gave him enough strength to snap the chains and charged straight for Shriou.

Enhancing his legs he leapt away from him and summoned a bow and created an arrow. Infusing the arrow with his mana he fired and it launched like a torpedo.

The arrow blasted his face causing an explosion which sent him tittering back. Landing on the ground Shirou called his two short swords and flung them once again as if they were boomerangs.

Berserker sensed them coming and slapped them to the side. Shirou did it again and they came hurtling at him! The swords pierced his arms which made him bellow in pain.

Using reinforcement on the blades they got longer and jumped to the air. Bringing down his arms he cut through Lancelot's armor!

Howling in rage the once noble knight backed away for a moment.

Shirou was going to go for another assault until he gripped his right arm. A sharp pain raced through his body as he remembered!

Not now, ugh! The contamination is spreading even with the shroud on! He thought of Caren's warning about how it was only a bandage to slow it down and contain it.

I'm overusing my circuits but I can't let this get the better of me! I still need save Sakura! Giving a yell he braced through the pain until it subsided.

Berserker swiftly headed towards him as the black-armored man through fist at him. Shirou traced a large hammer and plowed it at his body.

The reverberating impact sent both sailing across the room and landing in a heap.

Holding his head Shirou saw Berserker getting back up. "Tch, you know how to take a hit; it's my turn to end this tedious battle!"

Lifting his arms to the air a golden light emerged. He decided to forge the sacred sword; Excalibur!

Trace On; focus all elements, think of the composition, the weight, how it looks! He urged as the sword started forming.

It came to being as it shined and he came close to it and readied the instrument. "How about I end this with your king's sword, Lancelot?"

Lancelot saw the sword and froze! That sword… An image of Arturia entered his mind as he saw her slay many enemies and he bellowed.

His energy erupted from him the force blew apart his helmet and Shirou saw his face; a Caucasian man with dark blue disheveled hair, needle like teeth and a mad look on his face, stared at him.

Berserker soon conjured his own sword and it somewhat resembled Excalibur; it had fairy letters on the blade and shined like a pristine lake on a sunny day. This was his Noble Phantasm; Arondight, The Unfading Light of the Lake.

The blade shined blue for a moment before Lancelot's anger changed the blade black. It was a sign of his rage and turmoil in what he experienced in his life.

To match the image the corridor they were in changed to an outside area surrounded by trees and a large lake, to symbolize Lancelot's given name.

The teen looked momentarily surprised at the change of setting but soon got ready. I got no time with sightseeing!

Bellowing he sprinted at Shirou who in return di the same thing!

Both blades clashed for a moment! The ground beneath them shattered and chunks of rock and dirt uplifted.

Shirou couldn't get a hold on and soon his replica of Saber's blade broke in two to his disbelief. Then the sword slashed his chest causing him to recoil and fall to the ground.

(Song ends)

Grabbing hold of his chest he wondered if he was going to die like this; without Avalon in his body he wouldn't be able to heal this wound.

Getting a good look at Lancelot's blade he noted that there wasn't a single scratch on it?

The Berserker, who was in his own frame of mind at the moment, answered his unspoken question. "This sword was given to me by the Lady of the Lake, just like Saber's sword!" he explained. "It can't be damaged or broken!"

He gave his sword a swing which cut down a couple of trees. "This sword symbolized what person I was in life but that changed when I struck down my companions. Now it is a dark reflection on my past and it lost its holy attributes!"

Shirou had enough strength to get up albeit weakly. His wound hasn't healed and he didn't know any healing spells.

To go up against a warrior whose reputation holds no room for embellishment is tricky. This is why Lancelot was known as Saber's most efficient Knight! Shirou thought.

He couldn't risk overusing his abilities any farther due to it could kill him in the end but he didn't want to flee either. The others were dealing with their own battles and knew they wouldn't quit either.

Besides his life was spared thanks to his counterpart, he couldn't or wouldn't allow Archer any room to criticize him if he should meet said person in the afterlife.

Shirou thought about the words Archer left him a year ago during the 5th war and that went to a memory where he and Saber battled Berserker (Hercules) and how he conjured her first sword, Caliburn.

Thinking on the memory he got a good view of Hercules' weapon, the giant ax/sword like weapon. Then he started analyzing everything about it.

Shirou soon had an idea on how to beat Lancelot but that would require him to extend his magical circuits! Looking down at his cloaked arm he had to make a choice; if he undid the cloak the contamination would spread quickly, even if Rin sealed it for a while it wouldn't stop.

Why are you even thinking on what you need to do, fool!

For a second he thought he heard a voice ring in his head? And it wasn't a voice he liked to hear.

An image of Archer's back appeared in front of him, his red duster blowing in the wind! Shirou was at a loss for words.

Was this a hallucination image of his future counterpart or a ghost! Not knowing he soon got the drift o Archer's words and he made his choice.

Getting up Shirou reached his right cloaked arm.

Berserker saw this and knew that he would have to battle once again. Before he let the madness take over he said, "I will have no repeat of this meaningless battle. Once I swipe my blade you will be no longer!"

The last word came out as a growl as a billowing dark aura shined around him! The area shook as the lake made waves.

(Fate Zero OST 2: On the Battlefield starts)

Shirou took note of where he stood. Dangerous was an understatement but the situation he was in didn't have any alternatives. Either live and persevere or wait and die.

When I think about it my life's been saved many times; by dad, Saber, Rin and even Archer. I owe my life to those who spared me and I think I've been selfish enough!

He gripped his arm. There won't be any chances once I do this! If this is to be one of my last fights I better make it count! He glared at Lancelot and he once again saw the back of Archer as he looked at him with determination.

SURPASS ME SHIROU EMIYA! The image roared with conviction.

Screaming Shirou pulled off the Shroud of Martin and Archer's bare arm showed!

Shirou felt a rush of energy go through him and memories of Archer's past came to his mind; he saw images of Rin, Sakura, Saber, Illya and Rei, battles with Servants and his final goodbye to Saber!

These are the people I fight for! He yelled in his head and held up his arm. Intense mana energy crackled from beneath him as he activated his projection.

"TRACE ON!" He brought Hercules' weapon image to his mind and viewed it like a blue print.

The only way to beat a Berserker is to use a weapon of a Berserker!

An object took shape in his hand as a large blade/ax weapon came to being. As soon as it finished he yelled out the weapons name!

"Nine Lives!" Giving a swipe a gust of wind blew as it knocked down a couple of trees in the lake.

Berserker saw the weapon and didn't think much of it as he screamed and charged at him once again! Gripping the weapon tightly he focused on where he would hit. The attack wouldn't be a single slash!

Knowing he had to find a way to knock Lancelot's weapon out of his hands, he used the rest of his mana for his next attack. He conjured up a couple of swords he saw from Gilgamesh's Gate of Babylon and fired to the volley at the charging behemoth!

Lancelot sensed it and started smacking the puny weapons away from him! Then a red spear materialized and struck his heart! Looking down he saw Lancer's Gáe Bolg! Even though it wasn't real and didn't have its attributes it slowed him down momentarily, that was all Shirou needed.

The white-clothed teen sprinted towards him giving a yell of ferocity!

He swung Nine Lives in faster than light slashes in a total of nine strikes to all of Lancelot's exposed areas; arms, collarbone, windpipe, temple, diaphragm, ribs, penis, thighs and finally his heart!


"Nine Lives Blade Works: Shooting Hundred Heads!" He cried after he completed the gruesome display.

(Song ends)

The attack cemented after a moment and Lancelot sported blood marks on his body! Bellowing in pain the Knight dropped his fabled weapon and went to his knees.

Shirou breathed deeply as his arm felt numb and he noticed his wound from earlier closed up. His eyes widened in shock as it been needled together by small metal swords! Going to his knees he realized that he made his choice and would have to live with the consequences.

During his attack he felt that his arm felt harder to move like how metal hardened after being exposed to fire. Testing his fingers he could still move them. He wondered if he would survive his next encounter. Not thinking about it he turned to a calmer Lancelot who looked at him with gratefulness.

"You have defeated me; one who holds King Arthur's heart!" He whispered as his body started breaking down.

Shirou called out his name. "Lancelot…?"

Lancelot of the Lake soon regaled some parts of history he shared with Arturia.

He watched her from the shadows (in a way) and to keep her sex hidden, Guinevere willingly chose to become Arturia's wife to keep up the image of a royal family and government."

Lancelot looked sad as he said the next thing. "I however loved the queen before their marriage and she in return. As history stated we did illicit an affair that became the core for destroying Camelot! There were times I wanted to run away with her but my loyalty to my king was absolute and I shared her dream as well!"

Images of Arturia and the red-haired, green-eyed Guinevere appeared, parallel to each other in his mind. In a way He loved them both but they were never meant to live in peaceful and mundane lives.

The teen didn't know what to say at first before giving his take on the matter. "Saber did all she could for the kingdom and even if it was fated to fall, like many kingdoms in history, she stood by it to the very end! It brought her such pain and she doubted her own value but through it all she's come to terms with this as you should…"

Lancelot looked at him and gave a sad smile. "Not always that easy as the past shapes us however I see now she is paving a different path. I wanted to battle her but I am glad to fall to the better man; the one to help her change."

With that his body vanished and all that was left was dust.

In the whisper of the wind he heard the subtle words of "Take care of her…"

Shirou looked forlorn at what he heard the Knight say and looked at the lake. Find peace this time; loyal warrior to King Arthur! He gave a small prayer and soon the area turned back to normal.

Opening his eyes, he saw that he wasn't in the same place anymore. He was right next to Saber when they battled and now he found that he was in the hallway?

Not liking this he headed back to where Saber was! During this time he would bump into Alter Uranus! He complimented her on her new attire and she asked how he was doing.

Giving her his explanation she said that Rider wouldn't be bothering them. The duo raced to get to Saber.

Corridor 4

(Fate Zero OST: Let the Stars Fall Down starts)

The sound of metal clashing could be heard as parent and child slammed their respective swords against one another.

One, who was once king of all Britain and the other, scion of two siblings battled it out!

The image of the room changed and they stood in the horrid place they battled once before; the hill of Camlann.

Dead corpses littered the ground and fire belched out from the trees that burned and scarred the land. Various weapons stood unused. This set filled Saber with remorse at the fated day where many fell and she ended up with the wound that would end up killing her.

While she felt that way her 'son' Mordred felt nothing but rage and ire and a slight tingle of euphoria. His thoughts were that he would bury her here.

Saber Lily was on the defensive as she maneuvered around Mordred's vicious attacks. The teen male fought like a man possessed as he swung his sword once again at Saber's blade.

The impact caused strays of energy to slam against pillars and walls and froze them over due to his swords ability.

Growling as he couldn't get through his father's defenses the homunculus yelled in frustration as he went for another swing. His blond hair matted with sweat.

"Why don't you just die, father!" Mordred screamed as he continued slamming his sword. "Die by my Claremt!"

Saber counted his swipes with precision but couldn't keep it up. As much as she tried going for defensive measures she knew that she would have to press on the attack.

Blocking his wild sword swing she grunted at the pain going through her arms. "I have no intention of dying Mordred!" She parried his blow and swung her sword at him which he blocked from behind!

The white armored teen cried out as she jabbed her sword a couple of times which Mordred backed away from trying ton to get impaled. Charging ahead she went for an up-ward strike that nearly struck but Mordred moved away from. Twisting it around she stabbed for his gut but he rammed the sword away before it could impale him.

"DAAAA!" She gave a warrior's cry as she slammed the sword against his and pushed him back a couple of meters. The strike combined with her air sheath gave her that extra push to get some damage on him and he soon smacked into a tree trunk.

Mordred cried out as he fell to the ground. Sweat went down his face as he looked madly at her. This person, who denied him the right of becoming king and denied his existence, he wouldn't stand being tossed away again.

You denied me everything; my heritage, my ideals of what it meant to be a fabled warrior! Your ideals brought end to my destiny! Fervently he thought.

Mordred gripped his head as he felt strange. He soon remembered that he wouldn't last long since the body he was in had been modified by Queen Beryl.

The body I've always wanted even though I was born female, it won't last! Mordred refused to ever get called a "freak" once again. The only way to keep this is to kill my 'loving' parent and get Sakura to use the grail's power to make it permanent!

Knowing what his goal instilled if he won this battle he grabbed hold of his sword Clarent, a dark hue came around it as it chilled the area around him. Some of the holographic projections turned to ice.

Saber looked at her child and felt nothing but despair. She never wanted to battle Mordred like this.

Mordred, I never knew you existed until Morgana told me about you! Even though you gave me that devastating wound, I never hated you! Why do I have to do this again?

Saber was beside herself as she looked at his murderous eyes and with desperation as well. Mordred…my only child…. Sorrow filled the thought in her head, holding tightly to her blade.

(Song ends)

"Father, it's not right that you get to have a second chance of life while I didn't!" Mordred began as he paced towards her.

Sabers' face was like stone as she looked ready to strike. "I can't tell you why this happened, my child…"

"Don't you call me your child, bastard!" Mordred snapped pointing his sword accusingly. "You were never a figure in my life as a child!"

He laughed out at the irony of his situation. "I had always admired you and finding out I was yours, brought me happiness that I thought I would never go through. However you denied my right to the throne even though I was yours!"

Saber's face had a look of shame for a moment before hardening. "You never had what it took to bear the right of kinghood for England Mordred!"

Mordred sneered. "Fuck that, it was because I was created out of incest that you disregarded me. You knew I would have made the better king! I had every single trait of what it means to be a knight but you still though of me as a child! You didn't have any heirs with the queen and she fucked Lancelot behind your back!"

(Fate/Hollow Ataraxia OST: Stranger begins)

Before he could say anything Saber bum rushed Mordred and struck his sword! Golden energy erupted from the impact.

"You don't know anything about that!" Saber yelled. "Don't speak against your betters, ignorant child!" She got a couple of fast strikes against him but they were getting sloppy

This struck a chord with Mordred as energy came from his blade too, trying to counteract the output. "Don't refer me as a child! You sick pervert who did his own sister!"

After the exchange the two clashed swords for a total of ten minutes. Both tried upping the other with superior swordplay but it always went to a draw.

Spinning her sword around trying to cut him down Mordred side-stepped the attack and looked ready to cut her in half.

Thinking quickly she brought out her metal garbed leg and kicked him in the stomach causing him to gag.

Saber then punched him two times in the face and swiped him away with a wind slash.

Mordred bellowed angrily as he went to the ground.

"I'm ending this now, Mordred!" She called and sprinted at him. A smile dawned on his face as she got close.

What does he have in mind? She wondered as she brought up her weapon.

Releasing a powerful mana burst it pushed Saber back, to her astonishment!

"You had this power, Mordred?!" She cried. It was inconceivable!

Laughing he stared at her. "Of course, I do take after dear old daddy!" He smiled in a maddening way. "The rage I have kept in is about to release daddy and you are going to get the brunt of it!"


Saber lucked out as she brought up her sword but he was pushing her back!

"My ire towards you will never fade! Everything I am has become twisted and perverse! I was only created out of a need to use me as a bargaining chip to help keep the old ways! I was never loved!" The blonde "male" exclaimed.


Mordred landed two sword strikes against Saber who couldn't read his attack patterns.

"I will not disappear again! I will have the body I want and live my life!" He yelled as energy blasted the structure around them, somewhat dispelling the projection of the place they were in.

"You won't have a life since you are under Beryl's command! What kind of life can you lead?!" Saber counted and went for a couple of slashes but Mordred blocked all of them and brought the point of Clarent to Saber's Adams apple.

"A small price, at least I will see you bleed!" He screamed and sent and ice blast by bringing down his sword and sent Saber hurtling back!

Sprinting ahead of the blast he brought down his fist to slam Saber to the ground!


It created a crater and Saber coughed out blood. He then proceeded to slam her form against the pavement a couple of times. Saber's white armor broke from the impact and all she had left was her white skirt, latex top that showed her shoulder blades and her sword.

Punching her again she skated across the ground before getting her footing. Breathing in pain she felt that a couple of ribs broken but she remained resilient. She sent a wind slash towards him but the treacherous knight blocked the cascade with an ice wall by stabbing the sword the ground. He then sliced it and sent ice darts at her. Saber swiped away at them as she raced to attack him once again but some pierce her exposed areas and blood ran down her.

Damn, I can't let up! She continued going against the barrage. I won't have my child go through this pain; I owe him that much!

Mordred looked momentarily stunned at how much of the attack she took. A scowl formed. "Give this up, my rage will kill you this time father!"

Swinging his sword again a burst of energy came at Saber and it froze her legs in place! Gasping she looked down to see she couldn't move. The ice started coming over her body!

Saber tried cutting the ice until she felt a sword stab her hand! Looking she saw Mordred with a sinister expression.

Giving a curse she struggled but taken out his sword he stabbed her left shoulder which got a an understanding scream from her.

"This will be your prison! This ice is like my heart; cold and unyielding!" He whispered as he cupped her face with his hand.

Saber tried pulling away but his hand was like an iron-vice. She got a good look at him; he looked like a male version of her! The former king felt an intense rage towards the ones who brought Mordred back to life.

"Mordred, you are nothing but a tool for them!" She tried reasoning to him.

That earned her a slap in the face. The ice shell came to her neck and she was freezing.

"Nothing would give me greater pleasure in seeing your life snuffed out! Like I said, my life will be secure when Sakura uses the powers of the grail to make me this way! I won't be a freak!" He slapped her again.

Grunting out that she couldn't move her voice went hoarse. "I…I…" She didn't get a chance to finish as her body was encased in ice.

Mordred looked at this for a moment and started laughing. With this he would get his one true wish!

"Ding-dong, the king is dead! Do you see that fate; I have changed my destiny to my own! "

He laughed without restraint. The area changed back to the hall like appearance before their battle started.

(Theme ends)


Saber was sinking into darkness. She didn't know how far she was going but it felt like it would go on forever.

The last thing she saw was Mordred. Her own child bested her in combat once again.

I don't think I'll be reincarnated a second time. I have really reached the end…

As she felt the darkness and silence envelop her consciences she felt someone pulling at her. A single pillar of light shined brightly and she went towards it.

(Fate Stay Night OST: Yume no Owari starts)

It took mere moments and she found herself in a vast green pasture with flowers. The dyed purple as the sun was setting in the distance. The surprised knight looked at her attire to see she was wearing a simple white dress and her hair was loose and not in its tail decoration.

Saber recognized this place, it was the one dream she believed in and had been here before. This place was Avalon.

"The everlasting utopia…" She breathed out the words. The place hasn't changed and it would continue to the end of eternity in a state of now.

A thought came to her as she realized she must really be dead a feeling of dread came over her. She couldn't go back to her friends or Shirou!

Thinking about the teen she felt pangs of regret. She wanted to tell him so many things. Yes, she had been stubborn with him and hard since he was having problems with sticking with her, the first person he loved and Sakura, his oldest friend who had strong feelings for him.

She didn't want to cause him any strife or feel obligation since she is alive in a new life. She left him and thought they'd never cross paths.

Tears spilled down her face. "Shirou…Rin, Rei, everyone…." She thought of all she was leaving behind.

Saber looked at the setting sun. She would be content with this scenario. She would leave it to her friends…

"What is with that defeatist attitude, Arturia Pendragon?" A voice asked.

The blonde turned around to see a rather majestic looking woman who appeared in her early thirties with medium-length black hair and wore purple robes.

Saber knew who she was and the figure's name was, "Morgana…?"

Morgana of the Fairies gave a look of acknowledgment to her sibling. "It has been a long time, Arturia. If I'm not mistaken I last saw you dead as I took you to this place once before." Her voice was matter of fact.

Morgana, she had been somewhat an ally and villain in Arturia's reign but she never held her in ill contempt. They had the same mother but different fathers. Before she was raised by her father, Uther Pendragon's allies, her parents raised her for a while, with a young Morgana.

The purple robed woman came closer and placed a kiss on her forehead. "Dear sister, you are not dead yet," She spoke in a serene tone like a goddess.

Seeing her sister say those words she realized she wasn't dead. "I'm not dead, but how?" She babbled out. "Mordred trapped me in ice!"

Morgana frowned at her child's name. "It is thanks to your magic circuits being awakened due to that old fool's interference!" She sniffed.

The robed woman still had her issues with the old wizard Merlin since he had been her better even though she could rival him.

Thinking about that she recalled Merlin appearing to her and saying he gave it a push since her circuits was like a power plant spinning out mana or something like that.

"I wonder if Merlin for saw that?" She whispered as she gazed at her sister.

The powerful sorceress scoffed. "Who knows what that old druid is thinking?"

Saber thought for a moment. "You do know he's in a younger form…"

This sent Morgana in mood. She always found that fuddy-duddy a pain; with his jokes and behavior. One would never suspect that he was nothing more than a dirty old man who had a thing for a nice rump and probably have a quickie under a table if he could get away with it.

It was somewhat exaggerated on her part but she held him in contempt.

The green-eyed girl sweat dropped and wouldn't bring up him again and got serious.

"Did you pull me here, Morgana?" A curious Arturia asked.

Her elder sister turned serious as she answered. "I did. I have watched everything from here and what has transpired between you and Mordred." She felt sadness for her child.

(Song ends)

Even though she had in the beginning only planned to use the homunculus as a tool she did love Mordred and never wanted something like that to happen. With the fall of Camelot the old ways were whispered in hushed tones for a time before regaining some popularity in the new century.

"If you know than you know that she is a male at the moment!" She told her.

This got a nod from her. "I am aware of this Beryl along with her schemes; her power is fearsome. She called Mordred's soul from here!"

Arturia looked surprised. "Mordred was here?!"

"Don't look surprised, many others you know are around but I was told to come meet you," She explained with a clipped tone. "That's not important however. She created that body for him and sped up his growth rate faster than before. He is aging rapidly and his cells are degenerating. He won't last long."

"He's hoping to use the grail to grant his wish!" The knight told her.

For a moment Morgana had an intense face. "That grail is putrid, it won't give him his wish, it will twist it!"

Saber sensed the flow of power she exhibited before calming her down.

Taking a breath the weaver of spells continued. "Even if his body is destroyed, my clairvoyance sees that she will continue using him until his soul eradicated. I won't allow that to happen to Mordred. I brought our child to this world in pain and I will not have his life toyed with!"

The blonde felt the same way.

Bringing out her hands a glow laminated from it and an object appeared. Saber gazed at what she saw and whispered "It' Avalon, my sacred scabbard!"

Avalon floated a little above the caster's hands. It was gold with blue stripes covering it and fairy writing inscribed to prove human hands did not create it.

"How do you have this, I thought it was lost?" She asked.

"I was the one to take this treasure from you before your battle in Camlann." The raven-haired woman replied. "I thought that you wouldn't have gone through with it but I was foolishly mistaken. If you had this you would have lived through it all!"

The robed woman looked remorseful at her actions in the past. "Things would have been different if I never took it but I felt strongly for what I believed in and with how everything went about…"

Arturia stopped her sister as she gently placed her hands over hers and offered a smile

She told her views on the matter that some kingdoms are meant to fall to ruin, that is inevitable and all that is left are remnants of a dream that people either believe or a just made up for future historians.

She never blamed her for what happened since it was a turning point in her destiny. She did all that she could as king and it did leave her with regrets. This time however she would change one thing; as the 'father' she would bring Mordred back and that would be her act of kindness.

The woman of the fae felt Arturia's resolution as their hair blew in the crisp wind. The sun bathed Arturia's body and the sheath Avalon returned to her body.

"You are whole once again, king of knights!" She whispered.

Arturia felt a wave of energy from her body and then felt her link up to her excess mana plant. She nodded her head.

"I'm ready," She stated as a white aura bathed her and she stood in her Saber Lily attire once again.

Appraising her look Morgana raised an eyebrow. "That's a twist; that look is a tad bit feminine on you for one who was raised male."

Saber scratched the back of her head in a sheepish gesture and said Merlin unlocked it for her.

Making a gesture with her fingers Saber's armor changed to attire she used during her time as a Servant.

Seeing that she was in her blue dress with chest armor, silver gauntlets around her arms and her hair style in a French bun she gave her a smile. "What's with the change?"

Morgana explained. "You now have access to both armors," She began. "Your 'default' armor will grant you higher access to your mana flow and attacks while your 'Lily" armor will boaster your speed and accuracy."

Chuckling in an amused fashion she said, "You didn't want to be upstaged by Merlin, correct?"

The beautiful woman flipped her hair. "He always wanted to see you in that get-up, that wretched leacher! I thought it would be wise for you to use this form when you got tired showing skin."

The knight hugged her sister to Morgana's surprise. She never was like this in the past and now she could be honest with her feeling which made Morgana happy for her.

"Thank you Morgana, are may have differed but I know you wanted what was best. I will bring Mordred back to his resting place!"

Morgana had always been a pinnacle of strength and never let anyone see through her exterior but for the first time in a long time she cried. "Please, save our son!"

After that Saber gave Avalon (the setting) a last glance. "I don't think I'll be here again. I hope everyone is enjoying it."

"Everyone is and they want you to live your new life. May the blessing s of Albion be with you, King Arthur; once and future king of Camelot!"

Saber returned to her body to finish her battle.

(Song ends)

Mordred finished his laughing episode and looked ready to smash the ice sculpture to many pieces. He didn't want to leave things to chance if Saber got out of her frozen prison. Lifting up his sword he had a sick look. "Goodbye father!"

A voice cried out releasing a projectile attack! "Space Sword!

The corrupt knight jumped away to see Alter Sailor Uranus had done that attack. "What are-?"

He didn't get chance to finish until he saw Shirou coming at him who traced a dual blade staff which Mordred blocked!

"Get away from her!" Shirou yelled as he broke free of Mordred's defense and changed the staff to short swords and sliced the sides of his arm!

A look of disbelief came over him as he didn't expect to see Shirou or Uranus appear as his father's last-minute saves!

What could have happened to Lancelot and Rider; did they lose to this trash? He wondered and got distance from them.

Not giving him a chance Alter Uranus unleashed her World Shaking and the terra attack kept him at bay before he could do anything!

Uranus and Shirou stood in front of the stature that contained their friend.

"I'm going to say I'm not sorry we interrupted this moment," Uranus commented as she got in an attack stance. "Can't have you killing our comrade!"

Shirou also got ready. "I still owe you for cutting off my arm!"

Anger couldn't even describe what he was feeling! He didn't want to waste time on them and get rid of Saber! "I should have decapitated you! I won't make that same mistake twice!"

As the trio got ready to battle they all turned to see Saber released from her ice coffin.

(See-Saw: Life goes On starts)

Getting a good look Shirou whispered Saber's name in awe.

The tattered teen went to her knees in exhaustion but she wasn't cold due to her energy keeping her warm.

"How can this be, I almost had my moment to kill you!" Mordred yelled!

Saber ignored Shirou and Uranus and only looked at Mordred. "This battle will end now, my child!" She stood up and she re-forged her Lily armor!

Holding out her hand Excalibur appeared and it shined brightly! "Shirou, Sailor Uranus; I'd ask you let me finish him. I have a promise to keep!"

Seeing that she wanted to take care of this Uranus and Shirou steeped to the side with no argument.

Mordred sneered. "I don't know how you got back, father but this time I will plunge you to the cold abyss this time and-!"


Barely brining up his Clarent to block Saber Lily's attack she looked at him with a serious expression. "I won't waste time talking with you, I know what I must do to free you from this chain of hate!"

Mordred knocked back Saber Lily with a swing of his sword and activated his mana burst once again! The area turned to ice. "I will be free when I kill you and get my wish!"

Saber Lily then activated her mana burst and it was silver mixed in with gold energy! Everyone in the room stood amazed at what she had done!

"The wish you want is not worth having. Even if you defeat me, you will forever be bound to Beryl." She argued back.

"The body you have won't survive the transformation due to it being tainted. She will continue attaching your soul to replica bodies until your soul is defiled and wither to nothing!"

Her eyes glowed white as well. "I won't see such a thing happen to you! Mordred this ends now!" She demanded.

The light got brighter and to the astonishment of the people in the room a shell-like structure surrounded her. An instant later she was in her 'default' armor from how Shirou remembered her from.

Uranus whistled, Shirou eye's widened and Mordred looked like to having a heart attack.

"How is this…" he began.

I feel it, my reserve mana flowing through me. Mordred, this is the last time! Saber thought as she sprinted at him!

Mordred also sprinted and the swords bounced off each other!

Mordred struck which Saber easily dodged and swiped at him! She nicked his arm even though she was trying to go for his legs. Mordred tried stabbing her as he maneuvered his way to her back but she blocked his attempt by bringing her sword to defend her vulnerable spot.

Ramming her elbow to his face she broke his nose and with the distraction she got a lethal blow by slicing his shoulder!

Screaming in pain his aura exploded as the entire are turned to a frozen atmosphere. Alter Uranus casted a shield around her and Shirou so they wouldn't get frozen like popsicles.

Stabbing his sword to the ground icicles jetted out to impale Saber but she sent a wind slash to disrupt the course! Saber launched her body at him and stabbed his left shoulder-blade!

Grunting in pain he grabbed her by the shoulder and tried freezing her but holding on to his hand she did an over toss.

The homunculus didn't know how she got access to this amount of power but he wouldn't lose to her again. Getting back up, he started charging for his last attack. He would send her to the depths of hell in a frozen prison.

Saber didn't look perturbed as she knew he would go for an all or nothing attack.

Shirou looked worried along with Uranus and the Senshi asked why she doesn't just attack and end it.

The projection mage knew Saber well enough that she had a plan and answered to just trust her.

Getting ready Mordred stared hatefully at his father! "May this be the final time I lay eyes on you!"

His body glowing a dark hue of blue he charged at her as he gathered all his energy to his sword, which looked on the verge of breaking since there were cracks in it.

Saber would wait till he was in range; she didn't have the chance to mess this up!

As he brought up his sword when he was three inches away Saber held out her hand and a gold barrier appeared in the shape of a sword sheath.

Mordred recognized its shape and realized he was screwed!

"Avalon!" She yelled.

Slamming into the greatest defense, Avalon broke into ribbons which surrounded Saber's body and sword!

Hefting up Excalibur it shined brilliantly momentarily before swiping it head to toe on Mordred's body! His sword snapped due to the energy!



(Song ends)

The sword rang out and Mordred stood there momentarily. No one moved until a line showed on Mordred's body. He soon went sailing across the hall screaming!

Shirou stood stunned at what she did; she had Avalon once again! He recalled how it was in his body for a time and helped him heal any wounds he had if Saber was around him.

Alter Uranus powered down her shield and looked at Saber in wonder. She has indeed changed. I will no longer underestimate her value!

(Fate Stay Night Saber image song: Tooi Yume (Distant Dream) begins)

Saber returned Avalon to her body and had Excalibur back in her sub pocket and went to the fallen homunculus.

Walking closer she saw significant damage on Mordred's body and saw a peculiar sight; he was much shorter?

Mordred's body had regressed back to his original image; an exact look-alike to Saber.

The girl glanced at her 'father' and back at her and she groaned in misery. "How could this have happened again; beaten by my parent!"

The corrupt teen had bitter tears. "All I wanted was to someone to accept me! I wanted to show everyone I had what it took to rule! I am not a twisted freak! I am the child of a king who deserves worship!"

Saber didn't say anything for a moment as Mordred lamented.

"But I am not human…aren't I? Just a tool birthed by a sorceress who is the sibling to the all mighty king! I thought with this new life I could get what I want but now I will die miserable again!"

Shirou and Alter Sailor Uranus got close to Saber but still gave them their privacy.

"What do you think she'll do?" Uranus asked Shirou.

Shirou remained quiet as they waited for Saber's choice.

"I'm nothing but trash! Just end my life and be done with it, treacherous king!" The green-eyed homunculus cried getting out that last bit of rage.

Saber bent down and did something that shocked Mordred; she hugged her.

Placing Mordred's head in her arms she comforted her. "You are not trash; you are a living person despite your birth. You have feelings like everyone else. By having you in my arms like this you are a living being."

The girl eyes widened at the feeling welling up inside her. It was a comfort to her.

"Let it go Mordred, you were not meant to be brought like this. Your body was already deteriorating and the wish from the grail wasn't going to make you human but something worse. This is my act of kindness for you."

Mordred didn't say anything. Her animosity and jealousy had slowed down to a crawl. She got sleepy.

"But father…what will happen to me; will I find darkness yet again?!" Her voice sounded like a lost child.

Saber looked at her child/copy's eyes. "You will have a place to go too and won't be alone."

Mordred smiled as her body started breaking down to dust. "Father, I don't feel angry anymore, I just feel content and at peace. Is this what freedom feels like?" Her voice got quiet at each syllable

She nodded her answer. "Enjoy it, my child."

Than to her astonishment Mordred smiled at her and her body was no more. Then a spirit of a tiny baby appeared, crying on the ground.

Shirou and Uranus got closer and looked stunned at what happened. Something like this never happened; usually the soul just leaves? Who'd have thought, right?

Than a figure approached the squalling baby and picked her up.

Saber was the first to say the individual's name. "Morgana…"

In spirit stood her sister as she cradled her child. Some tears spilled down her eyes and looked at Saber. "Thank you, my sister; Mordred can now rest in peace."

She soon vanished back to the land of spirits.

Saber had a look of firm resolution on her face. Shirou looked ready to comfort her but the knight looked at him in all seriousness. "Let us be off Shirou; we still need to stop Sakura!"

With that she took off. Shirou looked lost at what she said but Uranus placed a hand on his shoulder. "Let her have some time. She needs it…"

Shirou could only nod and the two followed the knight out of the corridor.

As they ran Saber swore she would put an end to the grail for everyone connected to the temptation. No one needed to go through the heartache it brought. However a silver lining was that she felt happy that Shirou felt concerned for her.

Unknown to the trio Morgana remained there for a minute as she held her child in her arms. She looked at Saber and Shirou in curiosity.

"You will find peace for a while longer Mordred and then one day you will have the parents you deserve. They will love you."

She returned to Avalon.

(Song ends)

Main Chamber

(Fate Zero: Samsara begins)

Rin Tohsaka had been through this once before fighting Sakura and at that time the battle they went thru was brief but this time a lot was at stake. Dodging a couple of tendrils from the red-stripped dress teen Rin rolled avoiding the relentless attacks. Sakura laughed as she held out a hand and launched an orb of energy towards her sister! Rin held swiped it away with a shield and fired her Grandr in rapid succession. The blast bounced off Sakura's field.

The white-haired girl sinked her hands to the ground and a wave of darkness came at Rin! The red duster wearing teen moved away from the attack as it slammed to the other side of the room causing an explosion.

Rin went to her pouch and to her disbelief she only had a couple of gems left. Grunting out a curse she would have to make her next attack count before using Rubin and the Jewel sword.

Sakura once again launched tendrils at her and it joined to one giant drill like structure to impale her. Throwing out her hands she threw her gems and cried "Tri-Flame!"

The jewels slammed to the drill tentacle and caused an explosion. Flinging her arms around her head to protect from the ensuring heat and dust Rin blazed toward Sakura.

The possessed teen sent more tendrils at Rin. The twin tailed girl feinted to the left and flicked a gem at her and blasted the remaining tendrils with her magical rod!

Seeing her sister's pathetic attempt she cut the piece of jewelry to pieces with a scoff. "And here I thought you were a supposed prodigy, sister?"

A glint appeared on Rin's smug face. "Oh dear sister, I am!"

The shards of the gem she destroyed turned to tiny sharp needles and pierced her around her body! Screaming in pain she started cursing Rin for such a tactic.

Rin threw herself at Sakura as she gathered mana to her hands and feet. Arriving she landed an elbow strike to her abdomen, a two punches at the face and finished it off with a heel kick to topple Sakura to the ground!

The mage knew that wouldn't be enough and she was right as Rubin warned her to get back as a pillar of dark light enveloped Sakura.

Her eyes glowed and she started laughing. Her wounds began healing themselves, to Rin's chagrin, as she wrapped a shadow substance around the jewel mage!

Struggling to break free she started sinking to the ground as Sakura crawled on her and started giggling like an imp. Then a pulse of energy was sent at Rin and she screamed in pain.

It went like that for a couple of moments before a whisper of "Farewell..." uttered from Sakura's lips and flung Rin's body to the sky and slamming more tendrils at her!

Landing heavily to the ground, Rin breathed in a tepid paste as she was lucky Rubin casted a field around her to lessen the damage but with Sakura's mana overcharged by the piece of the old grail it was hard to heal.

Looking mildly amused Sakura paced towards her. "You are more trouble than you are worth; die quietly so I can continue with my work!" She deadpanned.

Shaking her head Rin had one gem left and decided to use it to heal her wounds. Saying her incantation in German, a light-green glow enveloped her as she rid her body of the toxins.

During her training with Luvia, she had developed a spell to counteract Sakura's corrupt powers but she could only do it once per day.

Sakura swiped her hand and formed the shadows into a claw hand to slash her sister to pieces that is until Rin changed her pendant to a baton and energy erupted from the staff. Both energy streams slammed together as both sisters tried out powering the other.

Sakura, I never wanted something like this to happen to you! Rin reminisced in her head. I wanted you happy and not come across this lineage!

A smiling image of Sakura entered her mind as she saw her being brought to the Matou families care. She had always felt regret about that day and even though she watched her from a distance she fooled herself to thinking that her sister would be happy in that setting.

But with everything that's happened she knew that she, as a sister, failed to see that Sakura had been miserable. Being raped by Shinji, tortured by the head of the Matou family to improve their lineage she was tormented with guilt upon finding out about it.

This must be my way of rectifying my mistake! I loved our father but now seeing that he placed the magic ahead of his own children I can't condone his actions! Sakura! She shouted in her head as she pushed out more energy.

Sakura had similar thoughts roaming in her mind. She never wanted this, all she needed was being with her sister and experience happiness but her father had different plans.

Seeing that she didn't have the basic elements to control magic he chose to give her to Zouken.

My life was hell because of father's selfish choice! I found no light only the darkness. I lost my innocence to them; I lost Shirou to a ghost and my sister! Her jealousy bellowed as she pumped in more energy.

I could handle Shirou being with Saber but not with her; not my sister!? Why did she get with him and I'm the last choice! I have always been weak but now I will have what I want. Noting will deter me, not my long-lost older sibling, the king of knights or especially my sister RIN!

It was at a stalemate of the amount of energy and the strong-willed siblings didn't look around to giving up.

"Stop this now Sakura, I am only trying to save you!" Rin pleaded.

Sakura retorted. "Feeling guilty at what happened to me?"

Rin gave a gasp.

"I don't need your pity; you gave up on me a long time ago and wouldn't get me out of my place! I have finally have power enough to end my cursed family; ones who favored the magic over me!" She bellowed.

Rin grunted as she was getting pushed back, her duster shirt flapping in the wind, trying to add more energy. "It might have looked like that to the outside but mother became disheartened at what father did and I'm making no excuses for her but she was the wife of a mage! You also knew what it meant for siblings sharing the same magecraft!"

"You think I give a fuck about that? You all threw me away and I will end it!" With a final push she knocked back Rin!

Rin skated across the hall and stopped. Looking surprised she saw that Sakura had summoned glob like substances that stood around eight feet. There were a total of five and she gave them the command to strike!

The globs came towards her and launched dark spear like attacks at her! Flipping away the tendrils broke the ground apart.

Having no other choice she returned Rubin to his pendant shape (she wanted to conserve the remainder of his power) and pulled out the crystalized dagger! It gave a luminous glow as it dissipated more of the attacks which Sakura looked surprised in.

A magi's life is not important, the only thing she has to protect above all others is the sanctity of her soul! She thought as she sprang up and destroyed an incarnation of the grail.

Two tried to topple over her but she swiped a couple of slashes to destroy them and kept on coming.

Sakura looked fearful at what was happening to her creations.

Another tried firing a condensed orb but Rin sliced off the top layer of the things body and it turned to mush. The last one went with a volley of attacks but the mage created a shield around her to destroy it and sent a wave of pure mana at it killing it.

Sakura tried to create more but her body froze! She realized to her shock she was reaching the end of using her powers! Giving a scream she held out her hands. "Stay away from me!"

Rin let the attack hit her and it slashed some parts of her clothes and she got cuts on her skin. Some of her blood splashed on Sakura's cheek causing her to look at it momentarily. She raced at Sakura and leapt in the air.

As she started bringing down her weapon she continued her thought process. Even though I'm supposed to protect my soul over my life, I cannot die for I have an obligation to live for the ones I love and care for!

She got closer as Sakura's eyes got even more scared. Father, forgive your foolish daughter but I cannot live like this anymore! It won't bring happiness for either of us!


Rin stabbed Sakura's stomach! The possessed teen gasped out loud at the pain she was going through.

"Lassen Sie!" Rin barely whispered.

A burst of light came from the dagger and Sakura screamed!

Sakura toppled in Rin's arms as tears poured down her face. Sakura's hair turned back to its natural hue and the red tattoos that marked her body were gone.

(Song ends)

Some tears came from Rin's face as she held her sister. The jeweled sword shattered to dust as it completed its given task.

"Finally, this nightmare is over…" She trailed off as she held her sister. Then she felt a punch hit her stomach causing her to gag!

Gasping she looked to see Sakura with a sinister grin. "Sakura…?"

The voice that came from the girl's voice wasn't Sakura. "Sorry, try again heir to the Tohsaka family!"

(Fate Stay Night OST: Unmei no Your starts)

Sakura than punched Rin away and she went screaming.

Looking up she wondered who it was until she remembered that Zouken still possessed her! "You…you are Zouken Matou?"

Zouken laughed. "That is correct, I am happy you knocked her unconscious with Zelretchs' toy! He knows how to get the job done!"

Rin struggled to get up. "How is this possible? I thought that I freed her if I used that sword?" She was confused.

Turning his puppet around, he sneered. "The grail possessed her at first but I had a plan in motion before all this began. She at first wanted to use the grail for her own ends but I eventually altered the plans to meet my ends." He explained to a distraught Rin.

The teen couldn't believe her ears; after all that her sister was still possessed by someone else and it was the old head to the Matou family!

"My crest worms are a piece of work. I added a part of myself in them a long time ago and once my body bleeped out of existence I awoke as part of Sakura's body along with her absorbing me my consciousness became whole. Now the time is now!"

Sakura's body started changing as it turned to a young, fit man in his early twenties with shaggy blue hair and eyes who was rather attractive but he was far from being kind and considerate.

Grinning with evil intent he radiated power as he tapped into the last remnants of the grail.

Rin got up and fired a Grandr at him but it was blocked. Not relenting she continued firing volleys at him. "Give her back!"

He laughed at her futile attempts and flicked out. Stopping she looked around until he was in front of her! Getting over the shock she aimed a charged fist but he caught it and slapped her down.

He chastised her actions. "I knew you would become trouble in the future since you were Tokiomi's heir but to think you got this far? I need to eradicate you now!"

Grabbing her by the neck he started choking her! Rin grabbed the star pendant and sent an invisible force to push him back.

Zouken shrugged it off and looked at the ritual settings. "I'll settle things soon!"

Rin wondered what he was going to do before she figured it out.

Saber, Shirou and Sailor Uranus were close to the main room of the mansion. Since Rin and Sakura's battle the area wasn't as expansive and the area was returning to normal.

As they headed down another corridor they spotted Alter Sailor Mars who was ahead of them.

Shirou called out to her and she stopped. She got quickly got them up to date on the situation as she left Illya with Lancer and beat Gilgamesh.

Before the others could say anything they all felt a shock go through the entire castle!

"What is this intense feeling?" Alter Uranus asked.

Mars felt an intense power as she pointed. "Let's hurry!"

With that she led the charge and everyone followed her.

Zouken floated above the ground as he focused on his first goal. He pointed to the pillars and a glow radiated from them.

I'm not as strong as I'd like, I need a pick me up. He mused as he looked at the bare ceiling to see the moon hung high. Don't you think it's time Zelretch?

Outskirts of Fuyuki; Tower of Etherion.

All the magic practitioners got ready as Sion, Caren and Luvia felt an intense power coming from Einzbern castle.

They had waited a deal to give them time but readings showed that activity has spiked. The braided vampire/alchemist looked at a screen shot of Einzbern and showed Zouken in his prime.

Seeing that people who saw it gasped while Luvia scowled, Caren remained stoic and Sion contemplated what to do next. The blue dressed mage snapped in an irritated tone. "Did they fail?!" She then took out Saphir. "What's going on there?"

The blue star pendant responded. "I can't tell but a massive power is blocking me from linking up to Rubin!"

Luvia scoffed. "This can't be."

Caren shook her head. "We can delay it and now we have to make a choice…"

Sion tried thinking of every logical scenario but it all went back to thing. "Gather all magic in the chamber. We are going to fire Etherion!"

This sent some people in a panic as there were cries of "It's too powerful," or "It will kill everyone!" Sion silenced them with a glare and they got to it.

"We will carry the burden of this choice," Luvia brought up.

This got a wry smile from her. "Still not a choice I'd like to make!"

Then a random person activated a com link and told them Zouken was on the line.

Caren answered and told them to patch it through.

The image of Zelretch and another guy with long black hair, eyes and wearing a red mage cloak, Luvia knew him as Lord El-Melloi II. They looked grave at what they were feeling.

"We have reports coming from Japan that something is amiss," Zelretch stated. "Even though ones who have a dash of magic are feeling it too!"

Melloi looked agitated. "Whatever is happening you have to use that cursed thing already! We are already coming up with excuses for the press!"

The old jewel mage commented without looking at him. "You really are hung up with getting rid of Japan, aren't you Waver-kun?" Zelretch poked fun at him. "Even if it's one part of it?"

"Don't call me that name! I don't want to resort to that since they have all sorts of games I still wanna play!" He responded like a kid.

Caren and Sion raised an eyebrow at the eccentric man as Luvia sighed. She knew the professor's fascination with the Otaku lifestyle.

"Besides the grail must not come to being; that is our job as figureheads in Clock Tower!" The long-haired man stated.

"Anyway do what you must," Zelretch told them. "If it is Zouken, get rid of that pile of worms once and for all."

Just as the feed ended Lord Melloi cried out. "Avoid any Maid cafes if you can!"

This caused the females to sweat drop. What a way to cut through a seriousness of the situation right?

Looking up the tip of the tower gathered energy as Sion looked at the image of Einzbern.

"I'm sorry; we have no time left…" She whispered as she firmed her resolve. Sion wanted to believe in the ones in there but with things moving to this point, there was no other option.

"Maxium output is imminent Lady Sion!" Someone cried.

"All coordinates, set!" Another spoke.

"Everything is in the green!" The last voice barked.

The nun and jewel mage looked at her before Sion gave the call.

"FIRE ETHERION!" Sion yelled as she thrust her arm out.

A mighty blast erupted from the tower that shook the woodland area.

Einzbern Castle

Zouken smiled evilly as he felt the mighty blast coming towards them. "You might want to pray…" he replied to Rin as she saw the powerful blast coming towards them.

She looked fearful of it. "No…" She whispered.

Mars and the others saw an intense light as well.

"NO, THEY FIRED IT!" Shouted Shirou.

Uranus and Saber narrowed their eyes as Mars cried out her sisters' names. "Rin, Sakura!"

Lancer, who was almost out with a still sleeping Illya, saw the light as well and stopped. "This is it…" He stated.

Zouken saw it coming and laughed. "That's right; bring forth the destruction of this place!"

The blast collided with the castle and a shockwave destroyed trees and some animals!

Everyone in the castle screamed!

Rin hesitantly looked up to notice she was all right? She then saw a sight that made her yell out in disbelief. Zouken held out his hand and absorbed the magical energy to his body. It gave him the recharge he needed!

(Song ends)

Gasping out Rin called out and asked what he just did?

"I had a feeling that Zelretch would do anything to stop me and he would resort to using this. But I am a parasite, I thrive off the nutrient value of mana and Etherion is the most potent out of everything in this word!"

His body glowed darkly as he tightened his fist. "Now that they used up their last resort, how about I offer up some lambs?"

Rin grew pale at what he meant.

Back at the tower Sion and the others were distraught over what happened! They saw he footage of him eating the blast like it was a midnight snack.

Luvia dropped her knees to the ground. "It's over…he's going to kill everyone!"

Sion slammed a fist at a wall which broke as she cursed. "I should have found another way!"

Caren remained quiet as she contemplated if what Zelretch saw in the other realities will come to pass.

Entering the main room Alter Mars and Uranus, Saber and Shirou saw Zouken.

Shirou noticed Rin on the ground and beelined for her. Rin looked out of it as he got her attention.

"Rin, where is Sakura?!" He demanded.

Rin didn't answer at first but soon pointed at Zouken. Everyone got close and heard what she said.

The raven-haired Senshi looked angry at what she implied. "Sakura is…?!"

Zouken smiled at her. "She is sleeping within my body, elder sibling to the Tohsaka lineage," he began which made Mars' skin crawl. "I know all about you and it is nice seeing you after a long time. Even in the first timeline you never liked me for what you thought I did to Sakura but couldn't do a thing about it!"

"Now look at you, glammed up in your armor and you think you can stop me now?" He laughed.

Mars didn't take her eyes off him.

Saber and Uranus stood in front of Rin as Shirou went next to Mars.

"Bastard, give us back Sakura!" He yelled!

Zouken gave an indifferent look. "Sorry but I still need the energy she possesses. Now it's time!"

He pointed the air and the full moon showed. "Let the ritual commence!"

Lancer was almost to the door until he felt a pain radiate in him and vanished. The blue-haired man found him and Illya back in the main room with the others behind him.

"Lancer, Illya!" Rin cried out.

"How'd I get back here?" He wondered until Uranus barked at him. "Get out of here now!"

Lancer didn't ask any questions and was about to when Zouken held up his hand to freeze him in place.

The others looked ready to retaliate but he froze their bodies as well.

"Watch what happens first," He drawled out as he teleported Illya in his arms.

Pointing at the first pillar the body of Rider appeared still encased in a dome like field. Zouken already knew who did it and deactivated it.

Chains wrapped around her body keeping her in place. Rider grunted in pain as Uranus looked surprised.

"Rider!" She yelled.

Next Zouken held a yellow orb with fierce energy radiating from it and moved the ball to the next pillar; an after image of Gilgamesh appeared, to Mars' amazement.

"That's not the real Gilgamesh as Terumi has him but I am glad he left half of his power here…" He explained.

Terumi kidnapped Gilgamesh?! She thought in astonishment. Never thought I'd say this but hope the twisted bastard makes him suffer! She then focused on the event at hand.

Zouken noticed he needed one or two more and looked at Lancer.

The blue-wind glared distasteful at him. "Back of grampa!"

Grinning he moved the man's body to the third pillar, to the surprise of everyone.

"SETA!" Mars screamed out.

"He is a servant reincarnated, so it would stand to reason he would be a part of this!"

Mars tried breaking free but couldn't as she gave Seta a look of desperation.

(Fate/Stay Night OST: Tenchi Hou Take begins)

A large magical sigil appeared underneath his floating body. "It is time to activate the runes scattered throughout the city! Citizens of Fuyuki your time is at an end!"

With a snap of his fingers the magical glyphs activated around the city! Random people wondered what was going on until some people fell dead to the ground.

A red flash radiated the city as panic set in and people ran and hide from what was happening but nothing could stop their souls for being absorbed as fondle to start the process of getting the grail.

Everyone in the city lost their souls and white ethereal substances floated around Einzbern castle.

The party looked on scared, displeased and in sorrow at what was happening.

Smiling Zouken placed Illya's body in the middle of the area and the poor girl started screaming in agony.

"ILLYA!" They all screamed with Shirou being the loudest.

The dark mage created a portal on the girl's stomach and the dismembered souls entered the void.

The young homunculus continued screaming as tears appeared in her eyes. Lancer and Rider looked fearful as they felt a mysterious power coming from her.

The souls became a beacon to bring the grail to this plane of existence. Zouken pointed at Rider first and her soul left her body!

Next was Gilgamesh's pseudo soul as it went next. Mars knew what was next as she cried out the man's name. "NO, SETA!"

Seta gave her a kind smile and mouthed the words "I love you". An instant later his soul left and went inside Illya's.

Alter Mars had tears in her eyes and her heart broke. "SETAAAA!"

Zouken laughed as everything was becoming whole! The grail would soon appear. The white-haired girl's body started convulsing as a dark orb ejected from her body.

Illya numbly looked at the people who tried to rescue her and looked at Shirou, Rin and Saber in particular. I'm sorry…I love you all…. Illya gave a weak breath as her body went limp.

The others couldn't believe what they just saw; besides the population of Fuyuki being wiped out, Rider, Seta and Illya were left dead without their souls!

The head of the Matou family laughed as he held the grail in his clutches. "Yes, I have it after all this time, the holy grail! I will finally have my grandest wish!"

Mars and the others felt his freezing lose affect as they collapsed to the ground. They didn't speak as they looked intently at Zouken.

Shirou called his swords into his hands and enhanced them. Rin activated Rubin as she gathered energy. Saber changed to her "Lily" form, as she wanted to have enough speed to cut him down and her sword shined. Mars and Uranus merged with Misao and Isaura, who warned them to be careful, as a red and yellow aura radiated their forms.

Zouken looked amused at what he saw. "Hmph, you think you can beat me?"

Uranus began. "We aren't going to just beat you,"

"We will eradicate your existence from this world!" Saber yelled.

Rin said the next phrase. "We are going to avenge everyone who was lost!"

"We will not lose hope in this battle!" Shirou roared.

Mars screamed. "We will save everyone who was lost, no matter what happens to us!"

"THE GRAIL WARS WILL END WITH US!" They yelled together with passion as they all started for Zouken Matou.

(Song ends)

The battle continues…

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