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Here we go; this is the chapter that will close the Lineage of Magic arc! A lot of exposition as well! Zouken has been given new life and revived the grail for his sinister purposes. What is his one true wish?

Will Sakura be saved from her prison? What of the sacrifices needed to bring the grail to being?

Alter Sailor Mars, Alter Sailor Uranus, Shirou, Rin and Saber start with the conclusive battle to end the grail wars forever!

Let's see how they do and enjoy!

Chapter 22

Lineage of Magic final: The figure in the light.

Einzbern Castle

It had been a couple of moments since Zouken Matou, the last family member of his clan and ancestor, had completed his task of getting the grail!

He wiped out the entire populace of Fuyuki, killed an innocent girl and used former Servants to make his goal and the grail was in his hands; it didn't look like a cup as it was just an orb spewing out a dark substance.

Zouken smiled at the fact that after all this time of deception and killing it was finally his to command! Now all that was left was to use the grail to grant his wish.

But first he had to stop the opposition in front of him. Glaring hatefully at the assembled group, with Alter Sailor Mars in the head he shouted at them. "Fools, you have nothing left, why do you continue to fight?" He made a gesture to the room. "Everyone you wanted to save is no more; their souls trapped within this!"

He showed the grail. "The souls smelted and soon all their wills will be no more!"

They all looked at it for a moment and Shirou boldly declared, "I guess that means we have to get rid of you before that happens."

Zouken didn't like his tone. "Foolish child, you don't know what you are saying! I have what all magi have dreamed of since the beginning of this futile dream of using Servants and Masters! There is no going back!"

"We aren't going back Zouken Matou!" Rin called out his full name. "We are looking ahead to a future without the need of an object to have our wishes granted!"

"For some of us we have lived for some time and even though we don't age in the needed since we are not invincible for we can still feel pain and experience so much!" Saber stated. "It is our humanity that makes us who we are and I cannot condone a heinous action against life!"

"One day we won't be here, even with the blessings of the Silver Crystal but as warriors our mission is to see your kind of evil destroyed!" Mars yelled.

"So when we say we are ending you, we mean it!" Uranus finished.

Zouken couldn't comprehend why they were being defiant. He had power so why would they continue doing this?!

(Fate Stay Night Realta Nua: Another Heaven begins)

Scoffing at their little speech he pointed his hand at the three bodies still at the sacrificial altar. "I guess I'm going have to eradicate their bodies if you actually do kill me!"

As he gathered dark energy to his hands Alter Uranus and Saber Lily sent forth two projectiles from their weapons to distract him!

Shirou, Mars and Rin ran straight to get the discarded bodies; Rin grabbed Illya, while Shirou got Rider and Mars got Lancer. She had some tears appear as she saw his lifeless body.

I don't care how but I will find a way to save you Seta! Along with everyone else! She swore as they got them to a safe place.

Zouken placed the grail in his body and it gave a dark glow. His powers strengthened as he felt he could do anything now!

Saber and Uranus sprinted at him as the zigzagged through each other in perfect sync. The white armored pony-tailed knight sent a burst of energy towards him which he deflected with a shield. Uranus jumped in the air and her Space sword got longer and sent wind sickles at him.

Zouken moved away and sent magical blast at the airborne Senshi knocking her down! Saber Lily got in the air and swung her Excalibur at his exposed body! A field blocked his body as the blade bounced of him!

Gasping she sent another slash of energy at him but he swiped it away and punched her to the ground! Then a golden sphere stopped him from processing the tailed Knight as Uranus wasn't out of the battle yet.

Grinning with anticipation Zouken held up his hands and a glyph appeared over it. "Hell Blast!" A spear of darkness appeared and threw it at the Senshi!

As it was coming towards her, Saber got in front of her and called out Avalon! The golden sheath shined which it enveloped Saber Lily's body and came charging at him with Uranus flying next to her.

Her planetary shined on her forehead as she called Isaura to lend her more strength.



Both attacks slammed into Zouken causing an explosion. Both landed on the ground but to their shock Zouken looked unscathed.

"How did he survive our attacks?" Saber gaped at his resilience.

Uranus snorted but was feeling inkling fear that this battle would be tough. Zouken turned to them and threw out a hand.

"Dark Rando!" Spheres of darkness launched toward them knocking them back! He started laughing at what suffering he was causing the two.

Lying on the ground as the spheres kept hitting them Uranus created a shield to defend them but it was breaking as soon as she casted it!

"Damn, his powers exceed mine even with bonding with Isaura!" She muttered.

Her spirit appeared to her as the light brown-haired female answered. "You have been in battles and even though I am powering you up, my powers are at their limit as well! Along with the fact he has merged with the grail we can't keep up this stance!"

I see that but I'm not going to fall to something like this! My mission-no OUR mission is that we don't lose to him! Her shield expanded protecting the duo but it wasn't going to last. Saber Lily got up and saw what has happening. "Uranus…"

Zouken continued launching the volleys and was momentarily impressed but he soon frowned. "I hate women who can't let things go,"

He launched a bigger sphere to break her shield and knock her back! Landing with a grunt Saber tried to check on her but a whip of light wrapped around her neck.

Turning around she got pulled to his side and he gave an evil smile. "Well, well, the king of all Knights, submitting to me, I should feel honored!"

Saber grimaced and tried punching him but a jolt of pain went through her body.

"Ah-ah, better not try anything Saber." Getting a good look at her face he looked at her with lust in his eyes. "I can see everyone's infatuation with you? How about I show you what a man can really do?"

The blonde groaned as he brought her closer. Shirou… She closed her eyes..

"Trace On; Overedge!" A moment later the whip ended up cut by Shirou and slashed the two long swords at the man, who moved away. Saber was safely in the teens arms. Zouken looked surprised at seeing him and a flamethrower with a magical beam slammed to his back!

Zouken looked to see Alter Mars and Rin. Shirou moved Saber to where Alter Sailor Uranus position

"Get some rest for a couple of minutes but we will need your help!" He told them as he saw Zouken blocking the sibling's attacks.

Saber nodded as Shirou headed back to the main battle.

Shirou felt like his body was like metal, one move after the other and he thought that he would stop moving.

By removing the cloak the contamination is spreading faster, even with Rin trying to suppress it, it won't hold for long! Shirou traced a black bow with a silver sword called Hrunting; a jagged weapon used by Beowulf.

Just give me a chance to launch the arrow you two! He knocked the arrow and waited.

Zouken got close to the two sisters until Mars through a couple of ofuda to stop him. The paper talismans burned away before they touched his body but that's what she needed to escape with Rin.

Growing flame wings Mars grabbed Rin. As they got in the air Rin continued with the assault of magical beams with using the Kalidostick.

The blast of mana didn't seem to faze him as he got closer. Jetting out a hand Mars sent a flame bird to attack him but conjuring a sword he cut it in half and looked ready to slice them to pieces.

Just before he could Rin gave a nod to Mars and the latter let the mage drop just as the slash hit. Mars flew upwards to avoid the hit and Zouken headed to the fallen magi. As he swung his blade Rin blocked the strike with her magical baton! Then the star on the staff ignited created a shield to knock him back.

Rin then used Rubin's power to stop herself from fallen and stood floating. Zouken stopped his descent and came charging at her!

In the air Alter Mars had a flame bow with her sword-arrow knocked. Looking at Shirou they knew it was time.

"Do it now, Shirou!" She called out and let loose the arrow "FLAME SNIPER!"

Shirou did at the exact time as Mars. "HRUNTING!

Both arrows came at Zouken; the raven-haired weapon went in his throat while the red/orange haired teen's arrow pierced his groin!

The dark-blue haired magi screamed at what happened. Rin had a serious look as she gathered a ball of red energy as she hefted up the rod.

"Coquettish Bomber! "She swung her attack at him which engulfed him for an instant sending him hurling like a shooting star.

Mars then turned to a stream of red light and followed him. Getting ahead of him she conjured her swords and slapped him back to the castle!

Coming back to the ground Zouken's body hit the ground hard. Getting up after taken that amount of damage Zouken looked infuriated at being attacked like this. He decided he wasn't going to lose to mere children.

Mars descended back to the castle and had a grim look. She thought that would have worked but his injuries healed. They needed a way to stop his constant regeneration and as well find a way to get Sakura from his body. She didn't want to risk losing her baby sister.

Rin and Shirou looked readied to attack Zouken until runes appeared underneath them and caused them intense pain!

Both teens screamed as Mars called out to them and aimed a kick at Zouken's head. He swiftly avoided the attack and sent wave energy to knock the Senshi to the ground. The grail infused man then sent a pulse of energy to knock her back further.

"Poor Rei, you can't even protect your friend or your precious sister?" He cupped Rin's face. Senshi tried getting up but pain went through her as she grunted.

Before he could do anything the white-trench coat teen got up. "Get off her you bastard!" Shirou yelled as he tried breaking free but Zouken landed a palm strike to knock Shirou away.

Mars tried getting up but a dark blade pierced her leg causing her to scream!

"You will lose Rin, just as you lost Sakura!" He looked about ready to strike her down.

The purple-eyed girl gasped as she pulled out the sword and flew straight at him trying to make it in time. "RIN!" she screamed.

The mage struggled but couldn't escape! Before he could do anything his hand stopped just above her head. Rin wondered what happened and saw that he was hesitating. Mars slowed down and had the same thought.

"Rin….Rei," A girl's voice asked them.

(Song ends)

The aqua-eyed girl whispered Sakura's name.

"I won't let you kill my sisters, grandfather!" She spoke with determination. Mars grabbed Rin and moved her away from him.

"Wait, Sakura you are still alive?!" Rin yelled at her.

Zouken gave off a look that wasn't mean but of a broken heart and soon turned back to Sakura. "I won't last long, I'm sorry all this happened, and I never wanted any of this!" She cried.

She moved her head to face Shirou who heard her voice too. "Sakura…"

"Shirou….I'm sorry, if I was just more honest with my feelings then I wouldn't have become jealous and carried on like I did."

Shirou shook his head. "It doesn't matter now Sakura, we are here for you!" He cried.

"He's right, we are right here!" Mars said in earnest.

"Rei," Sakura whispered happily. "You are my older sister; I remember how you were protective of me and Rin. I'm happy that you are here now but I have a request!" She took a breath. "I want you to kill me!"

They all froze at what she said.

"What….what do you mean?!" Rin whispered.

During this time Saber and Uranus had gotten better (thanks to some healing from Isaura) and they saw the exchange happening.

"The only reason this happened is because I became a lesser form of the grail when Zouken contaminated me when I was a child!" She explained. "The grail is once again whole and I've seen that if not stopped it will consume everything! Before that you must kill me to destroy all traces of the grail"

Everyone present was against such an action. Rin yelled to her. "We will not resort to that; we haven't fought all this way just to kill you!"

"Rin, I've done horrible things; hurt you, Shirou, Rei, I started this plan for the grail and this is where my life will end! I can't bear to see you or the others hurt by my actions!"

The plumb haired teen soon felt the shifty mage gain control and she fell to her knee. The process continued but Sakura regained control for a moment.

"Please do this for me; it will all end if you can do it!" She pleaded as tears welled in her eyes.

Shirou and Rin stood stunned as they couldn't fathom doing that. For the former; it was one of his best friends and for the latter, a sibling whom she felt guilty for not being there for her.

That's when a voice snapped out. "Don't you dare think about giving up!?"

All eyes turned to Alter Mars who stormed her way and pulled the body up with a hand. The raven-haired, light armored woman looked pissed as she looked at her with anger.

"Don't you ever consider not doing anything, I won't hear of it!" She yelled. "If you feel guilt on what you did then live; that is you're obligation to those you hurt.. You will not take the easy way out of just dying and us moaning your death like that!"

The girl' face took on a look of shock. "But Rei, I'm not strong..."

"Not one word, Sakura! If you are this guilty, find a way to atone for your actions, by living! I will make sure you see the coming days ahead!" She screamed.

Sakura looked at her and there were tears coming down. "I…."

"By my guardian planet and as your sister; We. Will. Save You!"

They all could feel her passion as Mars gave the possessed body a shake. Sakura nodded her head.

"Until then keep fighting until we have a shot, you understand me?"

Sakura nodded once again.

Before anything could be said Zouken returned as he shifted back to his body and sent an invisible force to knock away Mars. Alter Uranus made a wall of wind to cushion her so she wouldn't get hurt.

Giving the priestess Senshi a look of irritation he muttered "I won't let you have her!"

"She's not for you to have!" Shirou barked. "Trace On!" Two swords started to appear but Shirou coughed out blood stopping the process.

Rin felt a stabbing pain on her hand. Looking down she saw the blood seal pulsating. Shirou is running out of time? I don't think I can continue holding it off. She went to Shirou to check on him as he continued coughing.

"Rin get Shirou patched up!" Mars commanded as she stood by Alter Uranus and Saber Lily.

Zouken laughed at the party. This was entertainment for the mage. "My powers are on a grand scale, do you think I'll fall to vermin like you?"

The leather clad Senshi retorted. "You shouldn't undermine us! We've survived worse!"

Laughing Zouken sent many tendrils towards them. Saber sent a burst of energy disrupting the attack. Uranus and Mars held out their hands. "Flare Storm!" Both cried as wind and fire combined and sent towards the crooked man.

The attack engulfed Zouken and the two Senshi were not letting up. Saber Lily took point as she sprinted around the twister getting in sword slashes. As she reached the top she fired a golden blast from Excalibur.

The resulting three-way attack caused another explosion which sent the three back. Looking up they didn't see Zouken. Before anything could be said tendrils stabbed them in the legs and pulled them toward Zouken!

"You have to do better than that, ladies," He proceeded to whip them around by slamming them to the walls.

Saber Lily got out of her bind first by slicing the tentacle off and leapt towards Zouken. Giving a yell she slammed her sword against his chest but a field protected him. Raising a hand he tried to stab her but she moved away and severed the tendrils bounding the two Senshi.

Uranus glided to Mars and caught her as she took the brute of the attack. The purple eyed girl looked at Zouken and floated on her own power.

"You shouldn't move Rei," Uranus began but the fire Senshi rebuked.

"Not the time, we have to keep going!" Combining her fingers a fire orb appeared and she flung out a bird made of fire to attack the mage!

Uranus followed suit and sent wind sickles at him as well. Saber lily jumped away from the oncoming assault. Zouken created a shield to block them and dissipated the attacks, to their disbelief.

"I told you, the grail is giving me infinite power!" He crowed.

"That grail might seem infinite but I can tell it's corrupt!" Mars said. "That will be your downfall Zouken Matou!"

Fuming at what she said, he sent a chaotic force at them. Mars and Uranus made a force field to block the attack. It began cracking.

"Shit, I don't think Misao or I can continue our resonance!?" Mars exclaimed.

Uranus also could feel the same thing. "Isaura is running low!"

"That's right, fall you wenches!" Zouken pumped in more energy. "If I get rid of you two, then the others will be lambs built for the slaughter!"

Saber tried lifting up Excalibur but she went to her knees. "I don't think I can continue. I'm going by my reserves but I think I'm at my limit, even with Avalon!"

"We are in the same boat, huh?" Uranus whispered. Another crack appeared on the shield.

"Time for this to end," Giving another push his powers destroyed the field and sent them back, again.

Rin and Shirou saw what was happening and he tried getting up but the mage pushed him down. "I'll go Shirou!" Before she could the duo felt a pressure keeping them from going to their friend's aid.

"I'll get rid of you soon," The dark mage growled.

Mars looked to see Zouken pacing to them as he got another spell ready for them. She wouldn't go against her promise to Sakura!

A sound of a chant began filling the room. "You, who sleep in the depth of the earth, Dynast who has a soul of ice, with your blue power, on those who stand in our way, you and I together will give ruin and our revenge."

A pentagram showed on the ground the two Senshi and knight stood on. The crackle of thunder could be heard.

"This is bad!" Uranus cried as Saber and Mars grimaced.

"Dynast Brass!" He completed the incantation as lighting began hailing on them!

Start another explosion as Rin yelled out. "Uranus, Saber, Mars!"

Zouken looked at his hand and thrived of the kind of power and spells at his disposal. With it he could control all of Japan in a week as no one could stand against him.

As the smoke settled he didn't see any bodies on the ground. He scowled at what could have happened. Rin wondered the same thing as she thought they could be dead.

Just then she saw a single figure had the trio. Mars and Saber were underneath Sion's arms and Luvia, who wore unique attire consisted of a blue dress, white boots, and cat-like ears, had Uranus in a bubble.

Zouken saw who it was and asked who they were.

"Sion Altasia, vampire and alchemist!" The purple haired teen announced, eyes glowing red.

The yellow eyed nun was next as she had a solemn look on her face. "Caren Hortensia, priestess of the Church organization."

A boisterous laughter came from the blond coiled girl, which made Rin cringe, as she held up her own staff, Saphir, in dramatic fashion. "And I am Luviagelita Edelfelt; top student of Clock Tower and holder of the tool of Zelretch-sama!"

Her gaze shifted to Shirou and seeing her crush in bad shape, she practically screamed anarchy. "My darling, what has become of you my love?!" Luvia soon pointed at Rin. "Did that vile monkey do anything to you?!"

Shirou only gave her a weak wave and a smile for a second before Rin placed his hand down and pointed at her. "Whoa, whoa, whoa, don't blame me for this!" Standing up she defended herself from the accusation. "And who are you calling a monkey?"

For a couple of moments the battle had been forgotten as the two spat out insults of, "Uncouth, degenerated hussy!" and "Vile, traitorous tramp!" Hand motions got used and even a flip of the bird. Hey now, keep it clean ladies, this isn't a morning talk show on meth!

Before any more war of the words could be flown at 65 miles per minute Caren told what happened. "We unleashed Etherion and saw that Zouken absorb its power. It is our fault that he got that powerful to start the ritual. Before our souls got absorbed, Saphir sent us to a mirror dimension where we avoided the effect and came back. We decided to come help you!"

Rin accepted the answer as she smiled. "I'm glad you guys came when you did."

Sion placed Mars and Saber, who ended up unconscious, in the bubble with Uranus as Luvia sent the blue bubble too Rin.

"You should get them healed up, we will handle this cur!" Luvia smiled as she spun the magical rod. "Saphir, prepare for battle!"

"Yes, Luvia-sama!" The British wand rang out.

Sion glared hatefully at the mage as he sensed her blood lust. "A vampire and a magical girl created by Zelretch's invention as a balance to his first wand, huh?" He mused before grinning.

"I don't mind playing with you before I kill your friends!"

(P4 animation: Key Plus Words starts)

Sion growled as she allowed all her vampire instincts to kick in. Glowing dark purple and her eyes became red. Luvia backed away a little, knowing that when she gets like this, she became an unstoppable force.

Readying her staff she decided she would play support for this battle. Caren went to Rin tried helping Shirou heal but it didn't seem to work. Rin then told her to go watch the three bodies they left in the next room, she would figure something out. The white-haired girl didn't argue as she headed on her way.

Caren arrived in the next room to see Seta, Rider and Illya on the ground. The daughter of Kotomine felt sorrow for the three lost lives and then for the fallen population of the city.

She then saw that Illya began glowing softly. For a second Caren wondered if the event would happen soon.

Sion attacked Zouken as she punched him in the face with surprising speed and strength! The man yelled as got sent into a wall before she was on him and punched him a couple of times. She then went for slashing thrusts as the man's clothes got ripped.

Holding him by the neck she tossed him to the air and went straight for him. Landing an earth-shattering kick she sent him hurtling to the ground. Zouken stopped the descent and cupped his hands.

"BLAST ASH!" A void of dark energy spread around Sion as she looked around. That is until a magical glyph appeared around the attack and dissipated it. Looking up he saw Luvia, who had been the one to counteract his attack.

Smiling she spread her hand in a circle as various magical runes appeared and gathered energy. Giving a thrust she called out. "Shoot!"

Various beams came at him as he flew around the attack. As that was happening he forgot about Sion as she was in front of him and punched him to the assault of beams.

Screaming the attack him. Luvia stopped to see their handy work. Zouken was still there but his clothes singed and he looked like he took some damage.

The man looked perplexed at why that was. He had the grail, so why was it…He had a sudden thought that he took control of Sakura, was she trying to prevent the grail from giving him any more power?

Screaming in his head he headed to Sion to engage her in battle. Zouken added mana to his fist and went for punches. Sion had managed to block strikes but it burned her forearms and she gave an annoyed howl.

Grabbing him by his arm the braided violet haired alchemist/vampire hybrid she punched his arm with enough force to break it. Zouken didn't allow that to disturb him as he attached tendrils to her body. Sion growled as it dug in her skin and sending power to disrupt her equilibrium.

Jolting back she held her head in confusion. Zouken changed his hand to a spear and charged at her. "Die you miserable vampire!"

When it looked like Sion would meet her end a rune shield appeared to prevent him from doing hurting her. Throwing an irritated glare at Luvia said girl began her next spell.

I will be calling on this holy spell you downloaded to me, Saphir. I need you to up my physical defense if you can. Luvia spoke in thought.

It's going to take time but I'll do what I can, Luvia-sama! The wand responded in the blonde's mind.

The blue dressed teen held a total of four gems in each hand. A magic circle showed underneath her frame.

Zouken tried stopping it but he felt someone's grip on his body, it was Sion. Struggling to prevent him from moving she gave her a glare. "Make it count, Luvia!"

Luvia's frame became surrounded by blue hue and wisps of energy floated around her. Her voice rang clear as she began speaking the words. "Anaku, Ra, Zuomu, Ranaku, Soramu, Izupeku, Naomu,"

Zouken somewhat recognized that chant as it was a holy spell. "She can't know a spell like that? It's complex magic?!"

Rin also seemed surprise at what her rival was doing. "She is doing that spell?"

Opening her eyes she tossed the gems at his feet which created a tempest to keep him from moving and then pointed the blue star staff at Zouken, her magical power at maximum. "Flame Bless!"

A golden flame appeared around Zouken who started screaming. Sion let go of him at the last instant and pulled out a Black Barrel gun and charged it up. She attached her Etherlite wire to prevent her from being thrown back by the recoil.

"Barrel Replica Obelisk!" A purple beam came from the gun and added to the damage that Zouken was going through.

In his mind Zouken tried contemplating why this was happening; so many kept getting in his way! Screaming loudly the attacks diminished and Luvia and Sion stood in awe that he did that.

"This power is for me! No meager vampire or a mere mage will stop me!" He pushed them back with a blast of energy. Sion dodged the first blow but he sliced her stomach with a hand! Blood spilled from the wound and her feral state calmed down.

Liking what he saw, Zouken slammed her against a wall. He set his sights for Luvia next. He aimed a punch at her but she changed Saphir to a small-sword blocking his strike. She tried slicing him but he dodged and kicked her to the ground.

The duo looked at Zouken and got back up slowly, from the wounds they just got inflicted on. Seeing that the others were still knocked out they needed to keep it going. "You still with me Luvia?" Sion called to her.

Holding her injured arm the aristocrat smirked. "I'm not letting Rin, one up me! I'll continue fighting until Shirou is back to fighting strength!"

"Be wary; with the grail here, all mana is getting transferred to the grail and the spiritual ley line is becoming more unstable!" Saphir cautioned.

Heeding the advice Luvia sent a barrage of magical blast at him while Sion snapped her Ehterlite wire. Zouken blocked their attacks but they continued going at it, trying to give their allies a chance to heal up.

(Song ends)

The jewel mage had Rubin, place them in a sub-dimension for the time being as Rin tried healing Shirou but she soon saw that his body was becoming swords as it was hard to get to his wounds.

"Shirou, I don't think I can heal you,"

The projection mage shook his head. "Don't worry about it; I don't think I'll leave after this battle anyway."

The twin tailed girl shook her head. "Don't say that, I just have to seal it and,"

A hand moved to her arm and Rin looked at Shirou. "It's far too late, Rin. Sorry that I won't see the day after with you all."

For an instant she felt like Archer was speaking to her. "Shirou…"

"If this is my last battle I want to make it count," He told her getting up. "I need you your help in what I want to do,"

"And what is that Shirou?" She asked getting up with him.

"I am going to create a reality marble!" He shocked his friend.

She gave a small gasp. "Wait, you can't. I know you've improved your magecraft but you don't even have enough circuits to accumulate all that!"

"That's why I'm asking you Rin," He growled. "From Archer's memories I know it's possible for you do it!"

The teen grasped her shoulders. "We can't hold anything back; in order for us to win, to save Sakura, we NEED to do this!"

The aqua-eyed teen thought on his words and knew that he was right. Looking at Mars, Uranus and Saber, they were still down and she was reaching the end of her line as well. She just didn't want to risk losing Shirou.

Before she could say anything Mars woke up. "What happened?" She grimaced at opening her eyes.

Rin quickly explained the situation while Mars woke up Saber and Uranus and soon updated on the situation.

"But how do we go about stopping him?" Uranus questioned. "We can't destroy his body because Sakura is in there!"

Shirou had an idea. "As Rin explained, she will transfer some of her circuits to me. When that happens and get the chance to strike, I'll trace Caster's Rule Breaker; too sever her ties to him!"

"Will that even work?" Saber asked.

"Shirou is right; Caster's dagger can erase anything that is magic! We just have to give Shirou that chance!"

"I'd like to think we can give him the chance but all are energy is low, and Mars and I have reached the end of our unification with our spirits." The sandy-haired woman spoke once again.

Sailor Mars then had a thought. "I can give us the necessary boost we need," They all looked to her.

(Blue Seed: Matsuri uta begins)

"I alluded to finding something at Ryudoh temple; I think I can use it!" She pressed.

"But are you sure, you've never wielded magic like this before?" Saber cautioned.

"It's true you Senshi use magic but that's only wielding your element. This is something different and you weren't trained as a magus!" Rin countered.

Mars gave her a look. "That is correct I'm not but I trained as a priestess and this is part of my mother's legacy. I'm not just using magic but spiritual power as well. I'm hoping that will counter balance what will happen."

They all didn't want Mars using something she's never experienced before but she soon had an irritated face. "Look, we don't have time for this, I will use this spell and it will work; Luvia and Sion can't hold him off any longer!"

Saber looked and saw that the Senshi's assessment was right as they were on the receiving end of his attacks.

Shirou was the first one to speak. "I'm for it; in order for our plan to work I'm willing to risk it!"

"I know we fight but when it comes to your judgment I don't doubt it!" Her fellow Senshi said. "Go for it!"

Saber didn't say anything but she gave a nod.

Finally her eyes fell to Rin.

She gave a sigh. "Honestly my older sister is stubborn; I should make sure not to cave in so much." Rin smiled at her.

Mars smiled back briefly and locked her hands together. She thought about what her mother left her. She started with her lessons as a priestess to get it started and hoped that this would work.

Forming hand seals a gust of wind blew her hair upwards. The spell was intense as it required balance of spiritual power and mana. Since she used magic and not the pure essence of mana it would be a task but she would make it work.

"O trees that nurture life, wind that blows in the distance, embers of fire that burn with radiance, under the name Azalea, become a harmonious circle; Azalea Blessing!"

The circle expanded around her as energy flowed in it. Holding up five ofuda, it charged with the magic and threw them to attach themselves to her companions. They felt a warm glow go through them and their energy reserves became replenished.

"My energy is returning!" Uranus cried as Isaura appeared before her in physical form.

Saber also felt rejuvenated as she held her sword tightly. Rin and Shirou felt better, but with Shirou's case his body was still deteriorating. Mars finished the task and smiled. "Thank you mother…" She whispered.

"So with that, we are ready?" Saber Lily asked.

"Not yet, Saber," Rin said as she firmed her resolve and placed hand on Shirou's shoulder and told him to relax. "I will begin transferring some of my circuits to you but be warned it won't last." She told him. Shirou grunted out an affirmative.

"Begin initial transfer!" She whispered as Shirou felt himself go into her subconscious.

He felt like this before when he gave some of his to Saber that one time but instead of their being a dragon, Rin's scape was a tranquil pool and dolphins swam around. Looking on in awe at the scenery he saw a tiny crystal with a memory; it was her, Sakura and Rei as little girls playing with one another. The image soon showed them taking a picture; a toddler Sakura was being held by Rin, who was to the left and Rei, who was to the right.

They look happy…even if Rei was an outcast she loves her sisters dearly and this is proof of what I'm fighting for! The process completed, he opened his eyes and he saw a blue sigil on his right shoulder-blade. Rin seemed okay since she had energy to spare but she blushed at him.

"Uh, Rin…" He muttered out.

She slapped him quickly, to the shock of the others. "I'll talk to you about seeing something that is private, idiot!" She exclaimed before turning serious. "What's the game plan?"

"We need to distract Zouken long enough for Shirou to free Sakura, then and only then can we destroy him and the grail," Mars began.

"For that we will need a big finish," Uranus replied as she looked to Saber. "Can you handle it King Arthur?"

Saber showed her sword. "I'll need time to charge but I will be ready!"

"So we have to go for a continued assault until Shirou frees Sakura and then weaken him enough for Saber to finish him off?" Rin asked.

"That will be easy, with this I think I can use Archer's reality marble as well!" Shirou spoke confidently.

"All right, Uranus, Rin and I will begin the first assault!" Mars began before the brown tailed girl spoke for herself.

"Misao and I will go first with Uranus!" stated Isura.

Some of the others didn't say anything about her being there at first, since the Senshi explained about the spirits on an earlier date, but now they were curious.

"I think your spell unlocked my potential for her appearance here Mars." Uranus suggested.

"That's right! Now I can help out; Misao you ready for this?" The green-eyed woman asked.

The pink clad kimono wearing spirit soon appeared. "About time I showed up!" She took out her two daggers and Isaura pulled out a silver halberd.

"Looks they are ready, I guess the rest of us will head out after they strike?" Rin stated. The priestess Senshi nodded.

The two spirits looked at the vassals. "We will merge with you when it gets dire!" Misao spoke first. "Since we can only support like this for a limited time."

"As well as destroying Zouken before sunrise or everyone will be lost!" Isaura mentioned.

A chill went through them. They couldn't miss their chance. They all headed to stop Zouken as Rubin returned them to their plane.

(Song ends)

Zouken unleashed a pulse of energy to knock back Sion and Luvia once again and they didn't get up. "Useless trash, be gone from my sight!"

A giant sphere of magical energy launched towards them about to snuff out their existence. Until a tornado intercepted the attack causing it to sail outside!

Turning around he saw Alter Sailor Uranus with her space sword out.

"You; I thought I killed you?!" He barked.

"Same old story, we don't die easy!" She joked as she sent and tornado at him. "Sylph Maelstrom!"

(Slayers the Motion Picture: Midnight Blue stars)

The winds struck but the mage countered by surrounding an earth wall around him. He then changed the wall to spikes and launched them at the wind Senshi. She slammed her fist to the ground and sent a gold sphere to destroy it.

While distracted he didn't knows daggers linked by wire stabbed his body. Looking aghast he saw Misao as she charged flame to it. Before the attack hit he cut the wire and sent a dark magical blast at her.

"Splitting Cat Hairs!" The hair pinned spirit split body to two to avoid and sprinted at him.

Forming back to one being, Misao shot out a fire blast from her hands. Scoffing Zouken made a barrier to block it. He then felt a massive impact as Isaura slammed her halberd against his barrier! The reverberating sound hurt his ears as he looked at her with mad eyes.

Isaura leapt away and spun her weapon over head as she readied her attack. "Gaia Storm!" Throwing her halberd at the ground beneath his feet a massive hole showed and wind, mixed with sand and earth busted toward him!

Zouken screamed in annoyance until a stream of energy showered around him. Uranus used Space Turbulence and Misao shot another fire stream to turn the tempest into glass, trapping the man.

The statue fell to the ground but didn't break. During this time Rin and Mars got Sion and Luvia to Caren in the other room. They soon returned and saw the progress of the battle.

"Going fine," Mars spoke.

"Now it's Shirou's turn." Rin stated as they entered the fray.

As he got close a burst of light knocked him and the others back. Floating like a vengeful God, Zouken laughed at their attempts.

"I don't know what you are planning but this ends now! NO MORE!" Zouken summoned various images with the grails power; they took the form of Assassin, Hercules and Rider. They all started attacking them.

Saber, who had taken on her "Initial" form of what she wore in the two grail wars; blue dress with a silver armor plate and gauntlets on her hands and feet and got in the fray finally. She slashed a couple down. Uranus and Isaura double teamed a couple of copies of Rider with hacking and slashing techniques.

Mars and Misao stood back to back as Mars released flaming arrows at the sword wielding Assassins and the spirit took out one Hercules by weaving a dagger wire around his large frame and scorching the body to the ground.

Rin created the star sign of Orion and unleashed a Seraphic Prism killing a couple as she guarded Shirou on what he was about to do.

The hazel-eyed teen was never good at this kind of thing before; once upon a time, he never knew magic or the supernatural existed. Who'd have thought it would be like this?

If this is what my destiny has brought about by being linked to the damned grail, then I'll see it destroyed! A light-colored light shined over him. His body tensed up as the metal in his body shifted some more.

Time to see if I got my counterpart's shtick! He held out his hand and his mana grew around the area causing Zouken to look in disdain.

"What is he doing?" He whispered before he realized what the teen was going for. "He wouldn't dare?!" Creating more copies he sent them to attack Rin and Shirou but Saber, and the Senshi/spirits came to the fray to stop them.

Rin felt the subtle changes happening as she looked at Shirou with awe. "Make him proud, Shirou…" She thought of his counterpart.

An area bathed in twilight, with a sun setting in the distance and clouds overhead, an image of Shirou Emiya's ideals, made his world. Someone, unlike Archer, who hasn't experienced the pain of betrayal of his ideals but the belief he has in succeeding regardless of what people said.

Using the circuits he borrowed from Tohsaka and Archer swords and various weapons appeared on the battle ground.

"I am the bone of my sword

Steel is my body and fire is my blood

I have created over a thousand blades

Unaware of loss, or aware of gain

Withstood pain to create weapons, waiting for one's arrival

I have no regrets. This is the only path

My whole life was; Unlimited Blade Works!"

He completed his chant and the Reality Marble was whole! All of his companions looked in awe at what he had accomplished. It takes one of incredible talent to form a real marble to the real world!

Zouken didn't like this turn of events. "If you think I'll be quaking in my boots, then you'll be sadly mistaken, you egotistical novice!" He sent more copies at them.

As the hoard was about to overwhelm them Shirou merged some swords together to create a 30 foot long blade and skewered them. The visuals vanished in a dark haze.

"Amazing, Shirou is able to create these with his mind?" Uranus asked.

"It's an impressive feat to say the least but it drains a person mana considerably," A concerned Rin warned. "We have to give him a chance to get closer to Zouken!"

Mars took point! "Then we will give him that chance, Misao!"

Taking heed Uranus called her guardian as well "Isaura!"

The duo nodded and turned to orbs of light and merged with their vessels.

"We will give you as much power you need!" The green-eyed spirit told them.

"Don't waste it!" The purple eyed spirit said as well. The two Senshi glowed red and yellow and their signs appeared.

Rin looked down at Rubin and wondered if she could continue using him. As if he heard her, he spoke. "Like I told you, I will help out as much as I can! Use me at your disposal!"


"Hey don't worry about me, after all I'm the Kailodostick! How about this; you take me to a maid café so I can look at the sweet honey's up in that shit?"

This got a small laugh from the proud mage. "Such a perv, now activating full power!" A red sphere surrounded her as she changed to her magical cat eared, girl attire!

Mars looked at her and smiled. "Broke down, huh?"

"Don't be jealous, sister! I can work it if I have too." She spoke, pride leaking from her voice.

"Shirou, get that thing ready we will give you an opening!" Uranus spoke. "Saber once he's done, you know what to do?"

Saber nodded. "I leave it too you then!" Shirou gave a nod of his own.

Cupping his hands he fired another Blast Ash to eradicate them until Rin held out her baton and created a giant cylinder shield to block it!

Uranus and Mars took to the air, as the latter grew flame wings while the former had wind like wings on her back.

Grabbing her two skinny swords Alter Mars created a giant orb of fire and concentrated. "Ass hole, give Sakura back now!" She unleashed her Infernal Raze at the mage.

Stopping the flame Senshi's attack and held out his hand, Zouken leered at her. He tried pushing it back but Mars shot her sword-arrow at him, piercing his stomach! The orb slammed into him and he roared at the flames. It looked like it damaged him some.

Alter Sailor Uranus went next as a whirlwind surrounded her frame and gathered speed. "Storm Binder!" She spun her sword and unleashed two twisters at him. It engulfed Zouken and he was spinning at an alarming speed!

Getting out of the attack he became dizzy. He still couldn't get the grails full power since Sakura had found a way to lessen his contact. He cursed at her internally to give him some sway but she was proving just as stubborn as her older sisters.

You monster, I won't let you get what you want! She challenged him. My sisters and friends are still fighting and it would be wrong if I didn't hold my weight! I won't let this turn to a travesty where I die! I will live!

Scoffing at her new-found confidence he got himself in order and didn't see the Senshi. He did however come across Rin. "The fuck; what are you going to do?" He called to her.

Smiling, she waved Rubin in an intricate pattern until two magical glyphs appeared above and underneath him. "Carve thy holy seal of light, to banish my foe to everlasting light; Éclair de Larmes!" Rin completed her spell and the rune sent forth two streams of light causing him to scream loudly!

"Damn all of you, AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" he raged as he dispelled her attack and looked like a ravaging animal. He then saw Shirou holding a jagged dagger. "No, I won't have you striking me with that thing!"

He tried going for another spell but a burst of energy knocked him back. Saber held her sword in a defensive measure. "You will go through me if you want him!" She called out.

Growling madly he looked to the sky! I will get clear of this field and once I am a couple of meters above the castle, I'll destroy everything! Zouken streaked to the air and the others wondered what he was trying to do. Rin saw his upward assent and shouted. "He's trying to escape!"

The dark blue haired man laughed. "I can still escape this place; I will kill you all!"

Shirou was having some trouble with maintaining the field but he had to give it his all. He had just finished creating Caster's weapon but didn't know if he could get to Zouken since he couldn't fly!

Floating above the castle, Zouken lifted his hands. "THIS POWER I WILL KEEP FOR ETERNITY!" He gathered his powers.

(Song ends)

The trio landed on the ground and Shirou looked distraught. "I can't fire any weapons to bring him down!"

"Then we will bring you to him, but you'll only have one shot!" Uranus exclaimed.

Mars nodded. "It's almost dawn, if we don't then everyone's lives will be lost!"

Rin looked at Shirou. "Hey, you are a 'Hero of Justice' after all, right?" Rin asked him. "You will save us all, won't you Shirou?"

Shirou smiled back. "I leave it to you!" The mage then reinforced his legs and relied on the memories of Archer to improve his maneuverability. Sprinting to a wall he leapt to off the wall!

Rin started it off as she launched a cannon ball sized blast at his feet. "Go for it, Shirou!" She cried as it took him a couple of meters into the air.

The two Senshi nodded and flew after him.

Zouken was still gathering energy and he was fifty feet in the air. He didn't suspect that any of them would be able to make it. "Fools, you'll die here and now!" He unleashed some minor blast to disrupt the teen's ascent.

Shirou saw them coming and jumped from the sphere, which was destroyed by Zouken's blast and for an instant, thought that' he'd fall to his death until he felt an air current.

Looking to his side he saw Alter Uranus, with a smile. "Make us proud, Shirou Emiya," She whispered and launched him further to the air.

Shirou double checked his structure of Rule Breaker and stood ready.

Zouken created another glyph with his eyes that launched spears of darkness at him. The teen didn't want to lose this momentum and couldn't turn away!

A giant snake of fire swallowed the attack whole and flew in Alter Mars! She raised her swords and crossed them. "Get on the back of them!"

He did just that as she got him in range. "Save Sakura for us, my friend…" She whispered and uncrossed her arms, sending him faster towards him. "GO!"

The white-clothed Archer look-alike got ready as this would be his chance! Zouken saw him and his eyes widened.

"Die and succumb to the grails power boy; Angra Mainyu!" Throwing the sphere it crashed into Shirou!

Giving a scream, Shirou became engulfed in the sphere of madness. The boy had been through this before but the feeling of animosity he felt was a hard thing. All there was, apathy, dislike, anger, sadness, contempt, and hatred; all the creations of humanity in a single spot.

He had overcome this by projecting Avalon last time but no such blessings was with him this time. In it his own feelings turned against him. His anger at not saving Illya or Sakura, not being able to admit his own feelings for the one person he loved above all and his hatred for living through the Fuyuki fire, all those years ago.

Shirou though he was over such guilt but it, to his anger, was still there in the pit of his heart; the shadow that he didn't want to acknowledge.

I still feel guilt at living through that…if Kiritsugu hadn't saved me, I'd be… His body felt heavy and he didn't think he was moving any longer.

I need to stay here, where there is nothing here…

(Guilty Crown OST: Hill of Sorrow begins)

Outside the Reality Marble had collapsed due to Shirou not maintaining the field and Rin and Saber saw what had happened.

"SHIROU!" They both cried out. Caren walked in, with Sion and Luvia who were watching it.

"He's been overcome by the grail's pollution; Angra Mainyu," Caren spoke.

They all turned to her. "What is that?" Sion inquired.

"The tale is rather long but the abridged version; a normal man was once chosen to bear all of humanities sins in an old civilization on his shoulders and became the evil they feared by torturing and sacrificing him. If they did that, then they, as they believed, 'couldn't be evil' if a single person held their sins." The priestess/nun spoke.

"What kind of a sick joke is that!" Rin snapped irritably.

Caren shook her head as she continued looking at the orb. "It is what they believed then. Due to that he began to hate all of humanity that birthed him by accepting their sins. Than during the Third Grail War, the Einzbern's summoned him as another class called Avenger but only used once and his class had no skill whatsoever and soon killed. But the essence absorbed into the grail and caused it to become tainted."

The others had a chill. "You mean…" Luvia asked with a scared voice.

"Yes, that is the true tainted form of what made the Holy Grail defiled. Shirou won't last that long in there…" She drawled out.

Saber caught her breath. "No…Shirou!" She whispered and then took a deep breath. "Shirou, you can't fail!" She belted out. "Don't succumb to the dark influence!"

The jewel mage also yelled. "We are here for you, don't back down!"

Sion looked confused on what they were doing but soon shouted encouragement as well. "You've come this far, no quitting!"

"Rise up, Shirou Emiya!" Caren spoke loudly.

"That's right, we are all counting on you," Luvia shrilled. "Don't let up, love!"

Rin gave a stern glare at Luvia before continuing. "You are a Hero of Justice; we are putting our faith in you!"

In the sky the two Senshi saw what happened and heard the girl's voices. Isaura and Misao told them the dark history of the grail as they heard what Caren explained to Rin and the others.

"We can't let the kid fail, Mars!" Uranus responded before calling out. "This better not be your best, kid! Wake up!"

Mars looked at the sphere. "Don't back down, Shirou; we are all fighting and supporting you!"

Zouken had laughed at their failed attempts. "Fools, no voices will penetrate that sphere, he will soon die and you along with him!"

Shirou was succumbing to it until he saw a light in the darkness. Looking at it he saw a figure he thought he wouldn't see again. "Father…?"

The man had shaggy black hair and wore a gray fashioned kimono. The man had a cigarette in his mouth and smiled.

"Shirou, you have people who believe in you." Kiritsugu told him. "You don't want to let them down right?"

The auburn haired teen shook his head. "Dad, this is different from before. I might not…

"Might not make it? You aren't a quitter, Shirou," the mage killer said in a firm voice. "You believed that you would be a Hero of Justice! It is a grand dream that I for one, never wanted you to take however you held it like a shield and have proved it, with no doubt!"

Then Shirou heard the voices of the ones calling out to him. "The others…" He felt their unity in what they wanted him to finish.

Senpai, please hold on! A voice rang in his head.

"Sakura…!" Shirou burped out.

Shirou, please, we've just reunited, it's too soon for us to part once again…Another familiar voice rang.

"Saber!" Shirou called out.

Kiritsugu gave him glance. "Don't make them wait, my son!" He blew a puff of smoke. "After all, you are an Emiya; blood or no!" He then held out his hand.

Shirou didn't hesitate as he grasped his father's hand. "Go for it; Hero of Justice!" Kiritsugu's voice rang.

A flash of light emitted from Shirou as he grasped his father's hand.

Zouken continued laughing as the sphere got closer to the rest. Soon he would be rid of all of them. He didn't suspect that would change soon.

Then the sphere started breaking apart like an egg. Zouken didn't know what to think as he saw a figure jump from it at an astonishing speed!

"No, how did you survive?" Zouken yelled.

Giving a roar of anger Shirou brought up Rule Breaker. "I'm not dying today, bastard; release Sakura!" Throwing down his arm he struck the middle of Zouken's chest.

"RULE BREAKER!" The projection mage shouted.


(Song ends)

A yell came from Zouken as the effects of the dagger took place. He felt the loosening of Sakura's body from his own and his magical circuits were becoming undone.

AHHHH, this child….fuck…! "Grrr, how is this possible!" Zouken threw back his head and Sakura emerged from his body! Shirou held out his arms and caught the girl. Sakura gave a weak gasp and looked at the man she loved. "Shirou…"

"Your back, Sakura!" he firmly held her as they began falling to the ground fast. They would eventually land and make the scene as they would paint ground red if not stopped.

Uranus and Mars saw the them and jetted after them.

"Sakura, Shirou!" Mars cried out for them. Shirou had fallen unconscious during the free fall and let go of Sakura.

Mars expanded her speed and grabbed Sakura first with Uranus grabbing Shirou!

The purple-eyed Senshi had tears in her eyes. "Sakura…oh Sakura!"

"Rei…sister?" Sakura whispered

Uranus smirked at Shirou. "You did good kid." The teen smiled back as they saw Zouken fallen to the ground.

They quickly headed to the ground and saw their companions.

Rin smiled as she saw her siblings, Shirou and Uranus come but the reunion ended up short. A dark substance leaked from Zouken as he landed on the ground hard.

He groaned in misery at what was happening with him. Not only were his magical circuits destroyed, he couldn't use the grail and along with the fact Sakura was the holder to the treasure since he used her body.

"Look what you've done to me?!" He wailed in agony. "My body is rejecting the grail! I can't keep up this form!" his voice sound distorted as his body started turning to mush and it somewhat got bigger.

Laying Sakura and Shirou at Caren's feet, Alter Sailor Mars and Uranus, Rin and Luvia stood in the forefront. Sion stayed with Caren as well since she still had her wound.

"Saber this is the time!" Rin told her which the blonde complied.

"Stand back when I give the signal!" Saber said as she held up her sacred sword and started gathering the energy enough to vanquish the taint of the grail.

Luvia and Rin slammed their staffs together and created a barrier to contain the contamination. Mars and Uranus used their Senshi energy to solidify the barrier.

It was getting hard since the blob was getting bigger and a vague image of a person showed. It screamed in agony as it thrashed a hand against the barrier.

"Hold strong everyone!" Mars called out to the rest.

"I'd suggest you hurry up, Saber!" Luvia yelled until she winced in pain at maintaining the barrier.

(Fate Stay Night: Sword of Promised Victory starts)

Saber closed her eyes and felt resonated the surrounding nature with her sword. Her sacred blade was not something created out of human hands but of those of divinity. Its blessed blade is the hope of all humanities wishes and truly divine.

The blade got longer as golden light shined from it. Saber hadn't used this much power since her battle with Gilles de Rais, Caster of the fourth Grail War.

Blessings of Albion, be with me in my time of need…she prayed as Avalon appeared and wrapped around her body. She also started using her reserve mana in her body to strengthen the blade.

In England at Clock Tower, Zelretch and Lord El-Melloi II continued watching the current events on a screen.

El-Melloi looked stunned at what he was witnessing; he had been there on that fateful day when Saber used Excalibur on that day.

"I never thought I'd be seeing this sight again…" He muttered in awe.

The Dead Apostle/mage grunted out a response. "Hah, that's the way girl! Waver-kun, we are going to see it in person!"

Before he could protest, the man's arm wrapped around his neck and dragged the poor bastard. "Unhand me, you decrepit, old fart!"

"Where is your sense of adventure Waver-kun, Alexander would want you to see this sight!" Zelretch explained.

Bringing up his former Servant, Waver looked down briefly. "Don't bring up that idiot…let's go!"

Growling a happy laugh, Zelretch teleported them to Enizbern castle.

Back at the sight Caren looked positively bewildered by the sight. "This sacred light, meant for all to behold."

Sion held her wound and could agree. Despite being a vampire she stayed her ground until she sensed figures behind them.

They saw Zelretch and Melloi appear and she wasn't surprised at seeing them. The alchemist vampire looked at them with disbelief at how they appeared.

"How did you…" she began but Melloi brushed her off.

"Not the time Sion. We are here to witness the end of the grail!" He brought up. In his head he thought of Rider. My friend, are you watching this from beyond? It is a sight to behold.

Zelretch saw Sakura and Shirou on the ground and checked on them. Glancing to Sakura the girl's mana drained from her body and Shirou was at his life's end.

Looking grave he wondered if they would be able to achieve the "event". He then sensed a resonance from behind him and it was familiar.

"Justeaze…" He whispered.

Another punch from inside the barrier knocked them to the ground but their barrier held.

Before they wondered if they could survive another attack Saber called out to them. "It's completed!"

The four turned to see Excalibur in its glory! Mars and Uranus looked in disbelief; it had enough power to eradicate someone of Sailor Galaxia's caliber when she was possessed by Chaos.

Rin had seen Excalibur in action during this battle and from the previous year but never like this. Luvia pretty much lost her shit at seeing it. "My god it's huge!" She screeched.

Rin continued staring but retorted. "Understatement of the century…"

Saber stepped a foot across the other as she stood in front of them. "Drop the shield, this won't last any longer!"

They did so without argument. The contamination started spreading as soon as the barrier became undone. It got close but ended up burned by Excalibur's intense aura. The shadowy figure looked somewhat scared as the beady red eyes glared at the once and future king.

"This war of the grail is over, be cleansed by my sword!" She called out.

She swung her sword back as the energy tore through the already damaged ceiling. Zelretch created a barrier around them so they wouldn't get hurt.

"EX-"She swung down her sword! "CALIBUR!" The sacred light launched like a streaking comet at the grail. Zouken could be heard wailing as the light hit him!


A pillar of light engulfed him as he had his last thought. An image of a woman with silver hair and red eyes appeared in his mind. It was Illya's ancestor; Justeaze Einzbern. Her image was walking away from him in a slow fashion.

Justeaze, I've always admired you. I became devastated when you died all those years ago. You were the first homunculus and a walking beacon of magic. You became part of the grail and I wanted to see you…

He lifted his hand at her image as she turned slightly, giving him a brief look of her face. The words I never told you were these; I love… Zouken Matou didn't get to say his last words as he and the grail were destroyed.

An explosion wiped out all traces of the grail as they all saw what was left; a single bead of light in the sky.

(Song ends)

Wondering what that was Rin wanted to check it out until a hand stopped her; it was Zelretch.

"Zelretch-sama…" She said.

Rin then noticed the head professor, Melloi as well and jumped up a little. "Lord Melloi?!"

He gave her a cynical smile. "Nice seeing you again Ms. Tohsaka…"

Saber dropped her sword and went to check on Shirou but once she saw him the Knight caught her breath. Rushing to him she saw how he had lost some color and could see metal straps on his skin. Zelretch gave her some space as she held his fallen form. "Shirou…."

Rin also saw what happened to Shirou as he ran his mana to the ground at saving Sakura and felt horrible; they lost another person.

Mars checked on Sakura and felt that her life was going forfeit as well. "This is not happening, why are we losing people we love…is there no hope left?" She fought back a sob as she thought that if Sailor Moon were there then she could use the Silver Crystal but she wasn't.

We've come this far just to fail? She gave into her emotions and let out a sob.

Uranus was going to comfort them until she saw that the single speck of light was still hanging in the air and asked what it meant.

Rin was going to say something until Rubin glowed along with Saphir, surprising the coiled blonde.

"Rubin, what's the meaning of this?" She asked him.

The pendant spoke. "It's time Rin…"

She didn't need to know what he meant. "No…."

Luvia was also taken aback. "Saphir, why are you glowing as well?"

"Mistress, I am part of this as well. That spot you see it the true form of the grail," Saphir said, surprising the others.

"Wait, that's the grail?!" Uranus barked surprised.

"It is part of the untainted part…" Rubin explained. "Listen, Rin summoned me by our dad's book and in turn I granted her access to the Second Magic to see parallel worlds or time in this matter. We are part of the five great magic's in this world."

Saphir continued. "And since we are, we've seen many worlds and this one has reached the event that father saw!"

They all looked at the old mage who nodded. "I've been traveling different worlds to this and I saw that this wouldn't have happened if key players were not here; namely the Senshi. In all of them you all die but now…"

"We will call the one who destined to arrive!" Both wands said.

Rin looked ready to cry. She never once conceived about losing her perverted partner. Sure, he annoyed her but he grew on her. "Rubin…"

"Listen Rin, this is what you need to do for us; only you can relinquish my contract with you…"

The twin tailed girl looked at her sisters and friends. This was her choice to make.

Grasping hold of Rubin she whispered. "I, Tohsaka, Rin who made a covenant with the Kaildostick, hereby relinquish my bond with the one named Rubin!"

A flash erupted and the star pendant floated from her fingers. To Luvia's surprise, the same thing happened to Saphir. Both teens changed back to their normal attire.

"Why is Saphir going away as well?" Luvia inquired.

"She is the older 'sibling' to Rubin, who in turn birthed by Tohsaka by calling him through space/time of the Second Magic. It's not surprising that she is going as well." Melloi explained.

"These two will usher in the one who will set things straight." Zelretch told them.

The two pendants went into the rift which caused red and blue light to intertwine. Then a beam of purple light shot out of the room!

For an instant they didn't know what happened until Illya's body started floating towards them.

"Illya…" Rin whispered.

Then a white cloak wrapped around the little girl's body.

Caren looked in stoicism as she answered. "The spell I placed on her has activated and brought out the dress of Heaven!"

Zelretch nodded as he gave an answer. "I planted various scenarios to get to this point, I had Caren find the robe used by Illya's ancestor and placed inside the girl's body. Once certain things added it up, then the spell would be released!"

They heard his answer and didn't know what to say. Zelretch planned some things to happen, which would count for him putting a blind eye to Rin getting the book to call Rubin and Saphir in the beginning.

Then to everyone's surprise the girl's body started glowing and got bigger. Her arms and legs got longer to that of a grown woman. Her hair became longer to her back and her face got mature. A silvery crown appeared on the woman's head.

The last thing seen was her eyes opening; she had piercing red eyes. The mysterious woman looked at each of them in wonder and spoke.

"My name is Justeaze Einzbern," She spoke. "I am the core of the grail and I wield the Third Magic; Heaven's Feel!"

Rin, Luvia, Malloi, Sion and Caren gasped at what she said. The Senshi looked confused but could tell Justeaze felt important.

"In essence she wields the power of the soul; she can bring back the dead, with their souls intact!" Rin explained to them after they asked.

Alter Sailor Mars widened her eyes. "You mean she can…?"

The Saint of Winter looked at the Senshi with cool indifference. "Yes, I can restore what was once lost. This is magic in the truest form and this miracle won't happen again."

The white-haired woman turned to Zelretch and gave him a nod. "I hope you are happy with this outcome, Zelretch?"

The vampire smiled. "That I am, Justeaze. It's been a long time…"

She only gave him a nod.

"Oh that reminds me, Caren?" He asked the priestess of the church.

The yellow eyed teen nodded and summoned a coffin to their location. They all looked on in wonder at why she'd bring a coffin.

Rin got closer and saw who was inside it. The jewel mage gasped as Mars went to support her.

"It's…Archer?!" she whispered.

Mars quickly checked and saw the tan skinned man. He looked peaceful.

"Why is he here?!" The raven haired woman demanded.

"Zelretch wanted to make sure that if you got to this point to restore all that was lost." Caren explained calmly.

Everyone didn't say anything for a moment.

"You mean…?" Mars whispered.

The girl nodded. "Let us watch first."

Saber, who was by Shirou, saw that the boy wasn't even breathing. "Shirou…" She whispered.

The dress wearing woman heard Saber and floated near Shirou and casted a sad look. "My brother…."

This caused a few to become confused when she said that.

"She inhabits Illya's future adult form; the Einzbern's lineage is composed of homunculus, who inherits some memories of others." Melloi explained to them.

(Ar Tonelico III OST: Exec Cosmoflips begins)

A large pinkish-red magical glyph appeared underneath her feet as Justeaze floated in the air and cupped her hands in prayer. She started singing an unheard gospel that made her voice clear sounding across the room.

A golden sphere showed in front of her and it became undone. Many souls released at that moment as they frolicked around the room as they rejoiced at being released.

No one uttered a sound as the process was going on. Then as her eyes were still closed she held out her hand and returned the souls to their respective bodies.

In a random hospital bed, Taiga Fujimura had her eyes closed and appeared to had talked too her old classmates from high school, Reikan Ryudou and Otoko Hotarzuka, who had apparently visited her during the soul extraction.

A moment passed and they all started breathing once again. Reikan rubbed the sleep from his eyes as Otoko wondered why that happened to them.

"What happened to us…?" The short-haired Otoko asked confusion evident in her voice.

Reikan couldn't give a concrete answer as he gave a cough. "I couldn't tell you but I'm glad you guys are all right," The blue haired man looked at Taiga for an instant. The tiger looked melancholy. "Hey Taiga, what's with that look, we just got knocked out?"

"It's more than that Reikan-kun," She told him as she placed a hand over her chest. "It's like I was in a cramped space and felt I was losing substance until…" Taiga thought she saw a woman in a heavenly white dress. She then grew concerned for Shirou and Illya, her two charges. Then she turned and looked out the window to see people waking up.

This somewhat spooked her classmates as they gave each other a look. Never in their life would they ever think that someone who was infamously known as the "Tiger of Fuyuki" could sound demure and quiet.

The moment was quickly silenced when they heard a growl. "Hey I'm hungry, Reikan, get some grub in here!"

The duo fell to the ground as they face faulted at what she said. Never mind, she's never going to change! They both thought in disbelief.

Secretly Taiga thought on the matter carefully and her intuition guessed that Shirou knew something and would talk to him soon.

At Ryudo temple, Issei had awoken to find himself on the floor of the temple. Getting up he saw more of his relatives and fellow monks waking up.

For an instant he thought he saw a flash of light come from that castle and headed to his room.

His concerned mother asked him if he was all right and he replied with a curt response. Shutting his door, he moved to his desk. Issei made his choice; he would start working on his essay and apply to a college away from this city.

He wasn't sure why but something important happened and he didn't like the aftertaste. Getting a stack of paper he started writing.

I'll be damned if I'm staying in this jacked up place! He thought as he wrote faster. Eventually his hard work would pay off and go to Kyoto and occasional visit on the holidays.

(Song ends)

Back at Einzbern castle the crescendo of Justezae's song ended as she floated down.

"The people of Fuyuki city have returned, as well as the mystical ley line purified." She started. "I left the suggestion that it was a dream on what happened to the citizen's."

Some had raised eyebrows about that, namely Uranus and Sion. "You'd think they'd brush it off as that?!" The sandy blonde asked.

"They will come to their own conclusion on the matter," The Homunculus replied back easily.

Rin then saw that the others haven't been recovered. "Hey, what about Shirou and the others?"

"I am getting to them, don't worry." For an instant she had Illya's snobby attitude that didn't go unnoticed by the mage and scowled. Yep, that's Illya all right or a part of her!

"Zelretch, please bring me the bodies in the other room!" She asked.

The mage complied and got Melloi to help him, to his disbelief and brought out Seta and Rider.

"Why are you bringing Rider out here?" Uranus demanded. Apparently she still held a grudge.

"She is as a victim as everyone here. I know the circumstances regarding her rebirth," She said. "I think it would be best if she is here for Sakura, to experience life."

Saber then brought Shirou and laid him down, Mars brought Sakura and Uranus had grabbed Archer and brought him there as well.

"All will return back to whence it came…" She spoke quietly and activated the Third Magic once again.

A rune appeared beneath the fallen forms and a gust of wind arced through the area. For Shirou, the right arm attached to him returned to Archer and his original arm had returned! The shrapnel in his body also vanished.

Rider's body glowed briefly as her soul had returned along with Seta's. Sakura, who had been left considerably weak and was on the brink of passing over, had all her body purified of any remnants of the grail and crestworms cleaned from her system.

Finishing the process the soul-ed homunculus got up. "Everything is restored. I must commend you all for ridding the world of the tainted grail," She congratulated the heroes.

Rin and Mars grasped hands as they smiled down at seeing their loved ones back. "Does this mean no one will ever see the grail again?" Sion asked the spirit.

"The grail has completed its purpose and once I'm gone, no trace of it will ever be seen again," She explained.

Malloi looked solemn. "After all this time, the Grail Wars is officially over and we saw one of the lost magics' in action."

With a nod the old wizard agreed. "The system we put together all those years ago has finished its purpose. I am happy to see you again."

The beauty gave a hint of a smile and then it looked like something dawned on her. "I have one more thing to tell you; during that process I have brought back Illya."

Everyone who was still awake and not recovering gasped.

"She's no longer dead?" A concerned Rin asked.

Red eyes met aqua eyes. "She is my descendant and has inherited some of my memories. I feel her fate has been cruel enough and granted her an opportunity to experience the next phrase of life."

The leather-clad Senshi smirked. "That's a good thing, I might not know the kid but she's far too young to lose her life in that way!"

The Saint of Winter turned to the Senshi next. "You two, I know your mission and what you need to carry out. Beryl's powers are formidable, be warned."

They took it to heart and she held out her hands; a blue and red sphere appeared. "I will return these too you as well, Rin."

Holding out her hand the wands retained their pendant forms. "They have completed their function and will aid you in the coming battles ahead."

Sighing in relief, Justeaze looked at them once again. "This miracle is once in a lifetime for some of you. I will not appear again and only a part of my memories will live within Illya. Goodbye…"

With that the soul of the first homunculus of the Einzbern family left her descendant's body. Illya's shrunk down to her earlier age and still wore the dress. Zelretch caught the floating girl.

Emiya residence (five days later)

The sun began coming in the horizon as the new day began.

Shirou Emiya awoke from his slumber and he was in his bed. Stretching his arms over his head, the projection mage wiped the sleep from his eyes. Getting up he opened the window to see the sun shining.

It has been a week since the battle at Einzbern castle finished and many things happened since then.

The aurburn haired teen looked in the mirror and saw his newly formed arm again! The magic had returned everything back to normal and with it his magic circuits worked properly like an average mage! Thinking it was good that he was in his right frame of mind he headed to the kitchen to start making breakfast.

He and the others had to meet up with Zelretch today as he had something to tell them. Starting the rice he thought about what happened after the battle.

Einzbern castle (past)

The battle was over and there were a lot of tears from the sisters since they got Sakura back and the two men they love came back to them through divine providence.

The flippant Archer looked astonished he'd returned as well. He explained a part of him knew what was going on, since his arm was attached to Shirou. The white-haired man gave him acknowledgement for what he did but still found him a naïve fool. Shirou thought the same thing of him but he grudgingly respected him.

Rin was happy to see him back which he gave his own smile to. "Sorry about keeping you waiting, Rin,"

She shoved her elbow to his stomach and crossed her arms. "That is for doing things on your own!" She then reinforced her foot to step on his steel-toed shoes. "This is for never telling me anything!"

The tall man waited for her next action but he stood in disbelief as she pecked him on the cheek.

Her cheeks flushed as she turned away from him. "Don't put me through that again, idiot!" Her tsundere side came out strong.

Archer gave a cynical chuckle. "Women…"

Mars rushed to Seta in a spur of emotion and hugged him tightly. He cracked out a joke about missing him. She kissed him on the lips and quickly said "I hate you!" and hugged him again which he didn't dislike in the least.

Rider appeared melancholy at the experience. She was alive and the ones she fought had brought about this. She wasn't a Servant now but a human being just like Saber and Lancer. She still had her abilities and wondered what she was going to do now. Sakura gave her a hug and was happy she was all right which she returned.

Shirou was having his own thing as Illya wrapped her arms around his waist and squealing that she didn't feel pain anymore as she was human. "Now I can grow up to become your bride, Shirou!"

The teen gave an uneasy chuckle and scratched the back of his head. "Well, about that…" Before he could say anything more, an arm moved him away from the snow fairy's clutches and he was in the chest of Luvia!

"Unhand him child, he is not yours!" She demanded with a stink of arrogance. "He shall be my husband where we will have five kids and will teach them the honor of the Edelfelt family way!"

Shirou blanched at what she said! "Wha-what!?"

Illya narrowed her eyes and aimed a dynamic kick to the rich girl as she comically fell to the ground. Pointing at her the red-eyed girl declared her position on the matter. "Back off, he's not for you!"

Luvia glared at the horrid little troll to interfere. No way was Luvia going to let some homunculus turned human put his shit on lockdown! "We have a strong bond of love that surpasses the fabric of time and space!"

Rin heard enough and got in it. "It's only lust on your part, a tart doesn't love!"

The first metaphorical slap was thrown! "What did you say? Un-elegant hussy!"

A second metaphoric slap commenced! "It's obvious isn't it?"

"Don't get in this Rin, you already have a grown-up version of Shirou!" Illya pointed to said man, who looked indifferent at what he saw.

She blushed briefly but grew ferocious. "He's still my friend and I will not have someone like Luvia or you end up with Shirou! Besides he's your brother!"

"Not by blood, even though I think of him regardless!" Illya fired back.

Sion, Haruka and Rei sighed at the proceedings going on before Caren calmed them down. "I think we have other matters we need to get too first." She began.

Lord Melloi agreed. "Quite right and Clock Tower will need to discuss what happened. With the proceedings of firing Etherion there will be consequences."

They all grunted in frustration before Zelretch picked up the man by his cape, causing him to flail around. "Let go, Zelretch!" It reminded him on how his Rider did that to him ten years ago; it was major embarrassment for him.

"I think we can let that go," The bearded man said. "It was my choice to let them take responsibility for it and I won't say anything."

"That is a blatant way to throw your authority! The higher-ups won't stand for this!" He rambled on.

"If you don't, I'll cut off all your assets to get all that Otaku shit you have in your room!" He explained with a cunning look.

That froze Waver in place. "I won't say anything on the matter as the grail is destroyed!" He was quick to agree.

Rin, Luvia, Sion and Caren only rolled their eyes at his eccentric behavior.

"Anyway there are some things to talk about but I think you all deserve a break to refresh yourselves." Zelretch explained to them.

The big group agreed. Arrangements got made before they left the castle. Rei, Seta, Archer, Sakura and Rider would stay at the Tohsaka residence while Illya, Haruka, Saber and Caren would stay with Shirou.

Sion decided that since her role in this done she would return to Misaki town and check on a couple of individuals as she got a text message during the battle for Shirou's heart, from Ciel.

The alchemist locked hands with Uranus as they developed a mutual bond of respect and admiration and said her goodbyes with the others. Zelretch used his magic to get her there instantly.

Rin then pulled out the two star pendants and tossed Luvia the blue one. "Saphir?" she asked.

"She belongs to you, right?" Rin stated as she pulled out Rubin. "I think you can use her more than I ever could."

Luvia had a brief smile. "I'll do just that but I don't think I'll need her powers. I actually know a younger classmate that might have some use for this!"

"Oh, I guess the act of a magical girl is beneath someone like you," Rin taunted. "Of course you are a tad bit too old for playing magical girl!"

The coiled blonde narrowed her eyes before having a devious smile. "Hmph, at least I'm not going around in that get up? I guess you don't know when to give it up?"

A growl escaped Rin as she looked at Illya, who was continuing glaring at Luvia. "I will pass him along, wake up Rubin!"

An instant later he woke up and exclaimed happily. "Yes, I'm back! Damn, I thought I was really going to die for a minute but now I get to see all you lovely honeys around me and can make my plan for the greatest harem of debauchery and sex a reality!"

He whistled to Shirou. "Come on bro, you seem to have the touch to make the girls twinge in their pants! I'll need you for this!"

A stream of tears fell down Shirou's cheeks. "Stop making me sound like a pervert!"

Mars raised an eyebrow. "You aren't doing anything to defuse this situation in the first place. Some would see it as you getting off on such a thing!"

He gaped at what she said.

"What the Senshi says is correct, fool!" Archer crossed his arms.

"Don't get involved in this!" He yelled.

Seta had his own opinion. "Hey, let's not throw away this chance! He is offering and-ahhh!" A pull of the ear by Mars shut him up. Some laughed at the horse-play two remained quiet at the exchange; Saber and Sakura.

Shirou looked at the both of them and thought on the matter of choice. As much as a jerk Archer is, he and Rei are right on me not doing anything! I have to come to terms with this.

As all three looked at one another a voice broke the silence. "I don't mean to disrupt this love affair but you all need to rest. How about you all sleep on the matter and we will reconvene in a couple of days?" Zelretch offered.

They all agreed as Melloi and Luvia got around Zelretch not before Luvia wrapped her arms around Shirou's neck.

"Ah, Luvia-san?" He exclaimed.

She looked at him with affection. "My love, we must part for now but know that even if you don't love me in that way, I won't stop fighting for you!"

Luvia got closer and was about to kiss him until a double kick knocked her away from him courtesy of Illya and Rin!

"Time for the hag to get going!" Illya cried! "Ta-ta, darling!"

"Don't call us, we'll haphazardly call you in the hopes some water splashes on over that frame of yours and melts you away!" Rin drawled out.

Luvia screeched at them but Melloi held her back. "Ms. Edelfelt, you know the rules about keeping you and Tohsaka apart!"

Zelretch returned them to England post-haste. He didn't have enough of a budget to cover everything at the moment.

The gang looked around the battle field and at the coming sun. Mars and Uranus returned to their civilian forms as Rei and Seta embraced one another.

They soon hopped on the motorcycles and returned to their respective places.

Emiya household (present)

Shirou finished reminiscing as he finished making breakfast and called for his housemates to get some food. A couple of minutes later they ate their breakfast, with a surprise visit from Taiga.

With a cry of a tiger, Taiga devoured her food. After living off hospital food (which sucks) she was happy to get the nutrients she deserved. During the past couple of days Shirou and Illya explained the circumstances of what was going on.

Taiga was understandably upset about this and slapped Shirou across the face which surprised him. She had never hit him before when he was a kid. She had tears in her eyes that he should have told her this and that she wasn't a helpless person; she loved him like younger brother and Illya like a daughter.

"I don't care about that and now that I think on it, Kiritsugu-san did have that mysterious job he did, but you are my family and nothing will change that!" She then offered them a hug which they accepted.

Illya broke down and apologized to Taiga. "You are fine now, Illya!" she coddled a crying Illya.

Shirou, relived to tell her everything on the matter.

Illya admonished Taiga for how she wasn't saving anything for everyone and she wore Rubin. Rin had decided to give him to her as she would have more use for it then she did. The jewel mage would train her in the ways of magic during Illya's off time from school.

He ate his food in silence as he sat next to the demure Arturia, who gave him a smile which he returned. Shirou thought on the circumstances on how they got back together.

Fuyuki City (two days ago)

Shirou had gotten up to get some exercise in as his body still felt sluggish to him until he got a text from Sakura.

Sempai…no Shirou, I want to go on a date with you today! It read.

The hazel-eyed teen looked shocked. He didn't think she would be this bold? He continued reading.

I want you to know something which is why I want you to meet me in town today! Please say you'll come?

Shirou had to recheck what he read and looked stumped. He knew he had to make a choice. His line of thinking was that since she'd gone through so much and with the experience of being possessed he wanted to make her feel better and texted back yes.

Word got around the two households that Shirou and Sakura were finally going on a date.

Rider for one was happy that Sakura had the courage to take the reins on her feelings for the boy as she got her friend ready. The former Servant, who went by "Kaya" now, wore a dark purple short-sleeved shirt which showed off her trim belly, gray pants and shoes.

Her long violet hair was in a pony tail while her bangs fell to the front of her shoulders. Thanks to Clock Tower, she had a forged identification and said she was a distant relative to Sakura and Rin.

Some hours later he headed to meet Sakura, with Caren and Haruka giving him a boost of encouragement while Illya tried stopping him from going but met with a karate chop to the head by Rin, who had stopped by to visit.

She had a talk with Shirou about his choice and Saber was absent right after breakfast. All he told her on the matter is he made his choice which she only remained quiet on.

He gave a wave and was gone.

As he made his way to the rendezvous point Archer waited for him with his arms close before the junction to the bridge; he wore black pants and a sleeveless shirt that showed his masculine body.

The teen ignored him and was going to pass him by unmolested until his counterpart said something. "You are a fool, Shirou Emiya."

He turned on him quick. "What do you mean by that? I'm being honest with myself!"

The white-haired man got in his face and looked down on him. "Are you sure you are not doing this out of obligation?"

Shirou grimaced. "It's not like that…"

"You disgust me, Shirou!" He said as he walked off before saying something profound. "You don't give Sakura enough credit. If you aren't careful, you will break her!"

The teen didn't know what to say. He had been through everything for the sake of Sakura. Why would he be doing this if he didn't love her? Thinking on that he made it to the bridge and saw Sakura; she wore a light teal shirt with a long skirt. The plumb haired girl waved to him happily.

"Shirou, I'm glad you made it!"

He offered up a smile as he placed an arm around her. "So you know where you want to go today?"

She giggled and said anywhere would be fine as long as she was with him. The two soon started their date. A little away from them Seta and Rei watched them.

"You wanna follow them?" Seta asked.

Rei didn't offer an answer as she looked at Shirou.

Be honest Shirou. The priestess and Irishman went along their date, with occasionally checking up on the two. She wasn't going to interfere.

After a couple of hours of checking out places Sakura would like to go and eating nice dinner, they just talked about mundane things. In Sakura's head, she was happy that he spent all that time with her. He was a gentleman and made her laugh.

For Shirou, he got to know her on a different level than just a friend. He knew she was quiet but she did like things that surprised him. Then his mind went to Arturia. He wondered where she went.

In a couple of tables down Rin, Archer, Illya, Kaya and Haruka were there spying. Rin and Illya shared binoculars at what was happening. Haruka and Archer just drank their tea and coffee as they watched them.

"I wonder how they got you involved, Haruka?" Archer took a sip from his cup.

"You know how it is, making sure they don't get over their heads," She offered up as she pulled Illya down. "Drink your milk like a good girl."

Illya puffed out her cheeks. "The nerve of you, I have to make sure my brother doesn't end up with milk jugs over there!" She proclaimed adamantly.

Archer flicked her head causing her to yelp. "Don't use such language. Where do you pick that up?"

Kaya didn't say much as she used her perfect eye sight to read Shirou's lips. Secretly she had a feeling for the teen as well but for Sakura's sake, she wouldn't go with it. She could dream about him all night if she wanted to!

Rin motioned for them to be quiet as she got a good look at Shirou's face. Archer only sighed at his now girlfriend's antics.

What are you going to do now Shirou? the aqua-eyed mage wondered.

(Shakugan no Shana OST: Aka no Seijaku begins)

As the dessert came Sakura asked him a question which he didn't hear and she asked him again. Still no response from the teen.

"Shirou…" She asked again and as if he heard her for the first time he turned to her.

"Oh, hey Sakura, you like your dessert, right?" He ate his ice cream. "Mmmm, this really hit's the spot right! It would be good with some coffee, right?"

She then grew quiet and he knew something was wrong. "What's up, Sakura?"

"Shirou, I would like to thank you for what you did for me." She began.

He was going to say something but she cut him off. "Please listen to me!"

Shirou didn't back talk and let her say what she wanted to say.

"I never got the chance to thank you; you freed me from grandfather's influence and now I can go and live my life! I never told you my feelings since I thought that as long as I was at least near you, I could be content but…" She stopped as if trying to sort her feelings. "You were with Saber for a short time and that changed you. You shared a bond with her even after she vanished and I thought then I would be the one thing you need but Rin took that chance."

He remembered that period. He was like a lost puppy looking for his way before Rin took it on herself to get him back to living and they did enjoy each other's company, even if Rin could be somewhat abusive with her "tsundare" qualities.

"I'm not angry at Rin for that anymore. I mean, I hold some contempt for it but I realized then if I was honest from the start, then maybe all of this wouldn't have happened. Then with grandfather enacting his plan I changed and wound up with him to attack a sister I didn't even knew who existed. My emotions became opened and decided then I would do what I wanted; nothing would be held back but it was anger as well and I said horrible things to you. My heart broke when I fought you, my sisters and friends."


"Then I had hope after what Rei said and what Rin was doing for me. People I didn't know risked everything. I know it wasn't all for my sake but I am here thanks to everyone and decided to change." She looked at him in the eyes which he didn't waver from. "I have always loved you, Shirou!"

Eyes widening he heard her first confession at school but that had been perverted with lust with the smell of candy in the air. Okay, not candy but you get the gist!

"I love you so much it hurts! I've waited all this time and I want you to feel the same way about me!" She gripped her chest. "I love you for who you are and I will always support you!"

The teen didn't know what to say, someone declaring their feelings for him this passionately was foreign to him. Sakura loved him fully. He didn't deny that he found her attractive and when she had been on the dark side her lowered inhibitions was sexy. He was about to say something until he thought about Arturia.

I shouldn't be thinking about her!

Shirou shook his head and spoke. "In all honesty I never picked up on your feelings Sakura. In the beginning I thought of you as a friend and nothing else but as you said with me being involved in that battle for the grail I did take you for granted and then some."

"I thought that no matter what you'd always be there and I did think of you as someone who didn't get mad about stuff like that and I was ignorant and wrong on both counts. Sakura, I do love…"

Sakura looked down with a small smile. "Don't lie to yourself, Shirou."

He caught his breath. "Sakura…?"

She looked at him and her face was firm. "I've known you as just as much as you've known me and I can tell what you are thinking. The one who holds your heart is Saber, right?"

Shirou didn't know what to say!

"While I was coming to and from unconscious when you held me when we were falling, I heard you whisper her name while you were knocked out." She explained. "Shirou, why did you decide to come here? Out of an obligation because of my experience? I don't want that, Shirou!" Her voice got a little loud which made him pay attention.

"I tell you my feelings and you are throwing them back in my face by denying who you want and it's not me!" Tears escaped her eyes. "This is already hard enough, Shirou and all I ask you don't take that from me. I can say with no doubt that I do love you! Even though I know you don't love me the way I do you."

She grabbed his hands. "Don't underestimate me, Shirou. When it comes to love it's not always pretty and someone gets hurt but I will move on from this."

"Sakura I'm-!"

Sakura did the one thing that would shut him up; she kissed him fully on the lips (to the groups shock on the other table). Archer and Haruka covered Illya's eyes as the girl struggled to see.

Bringing her face up her cheeks flushed red as tears stained her eyes. "Don't say you're sorry, stupid sempai!" She admonished him. "That will have to do for me. I am happy you spent time with me today but I need to move on from you. You are my friend."

Shirou got up from the table. "And you are always mine, Sakura."

The plumb-haired girl turned from him. "You need to get going, she is waiting for you." She walked off from him and whispered something that he barely caught. "Maybe in another lifetime…"

He was about to walk to her but then he would be walking over her last ounce of pride and headed out the door. Pulling out his cell phone he got a text from Rei that said to meet Arturia at Fuyuki Bridge.

Texting back thanks he ran like a man in love (which he was!) Go young man, find true loves embrace!

(Song ends)

Sakura went to the table the others were sitting at and Rin embraced her sister. "I won't ask how you are doing, Sakura."

She cried her heart out. "It hurts so much, Rin, but you, Rei and Archer were right. I needed closure in order for me to move on from him. But that doesn't stop this pain."

Rin comforted her, rubbing her back all the while. "I know honey, I know!"

Archer felt bad for Sakura. Even in his time he never did end up with her and always wondered what it would be like if he made a different choice. "That fool knows how to break'em doesn't he?"

Kaya gave him a side glance. "I don't think you should talk, you are him after all."

The white-haired man gaped at what she said but couldn't deny it. Honestly, that kid is going to be the death of me!

Illya didn't give any snarky reply as she whispered her brother's name and said something mysterious. "The day before yesterday I saw a rabbit, and yesterday a deer, and today you…"

Fuyuki Bridge

Outside Arturia, who wore a brown tank top and ripped blue jean shorts was staring at the water.

The moon was full and she had ridden her bike around the city all day. She left when she heard Shirou mention about going on a date with Sakura.

She felt crushed when she heard but expected the outcome. He did fight for her and now they can…The green-eyed teen didn't finish that train of thought. It hurt too much to even think about Shirou.

Arturia thought about what happened earlier.

She roamed around the city earlier she thought about everything; her "child" Mordred, her sister Morgana, Merlin, Lancelot and Guinevere.

I've changed so much since that time and they all want me to live my life without hesitation but without the person I love its meaningless!

At one point Seta and Rei had caught up to her as she was on the far outskirts of the city and parked her bike near the forest. She asked them how that was possible when Rei pointed out that cell communicator she had.

"GPS system and thanks to Ami-chan's enhancements, it works better!" She mentioned.

"What do you want you two, I'd rather be alone." She said.

"We aren't going to stay here long," Seta answered. "Just to tell you, not to run from your feelings, lass."

Arturia snorted. "I don't run from anything!"

"You took off without warning, that's running." Rei replied. "Don't run from Shirou again."

She shook her head. "He already made his choice and Sakura…"

"Sakura will be just fine, Arturia!" Rei snapped at her. "She is far stronger than you guys give her credit for and I'm not saying that as her sister."

Seta calmed her down by placing a hand on her shoulders. Rei muttered a "sorry" to Arturia but she brushed it off.

"You are right to say that to me, Rei!" Arturia stated. "She is strong and I am the weak one. I can't even tell him my feelings because I don't want to fall and shatter. What am I to do?"

"For one, get your cute little ass back to Fuyuki!" Seta suggested. "We are getting news that they are at dinner."

"Why are you doing this?"

Rei answered this. "We all see it, even Sakura but Shirou isn't. Rin and I discussed this with her earlier and she wanted to have at least one day with him, to see if it was worth it. It will hurt but she will go on like the rest of us."

She pulled out her cell to check the time. "Get going, to the place you had your date!"

Arturia appeared surprised and asked how she knew that which Rei said that it happened when she was in the timeline originally.

Giving her and Seta a hug she got on her motorcycle and zoomed off.

"So, you think this is worth it?" Seta wrapped an arm around her shoulders.

"I don't need to say anything on that matter," She coyly stated before texting Shirou. Rei soon wrapped her arms around the tall man's neck and kissed him.

The memory stopped their as she now waited at Fuyuki Bridge. Arturia cupped her hair, that she let loose, behind her ears. Is this really all right? Am I not taken away someone's happiness again?

(Saber Image song: Tooi Yume begins)

"Saber!" A voice yelled to her as she caught her breath.

Turning around slowly she saw Shirou a couple of feet behind her, breathing hard. "Shirou…?"

"I'm glad I made it here!" He exclaimed and walked up to her. The two didn't say nothing at first as they were lost in thought before Shirou took the lead.

"I'm an idiot!" He cried which she found confusing.

"I'm an idiot for denying my actions all this time! As much as I tried to hide behind my convictions I lied to myself all the while!" He got close to her as she took a step back ever so slightly.

"Shirou, I…"

"Saber, I'm not sure how all this happened and to grasp about you being here baffles me but the dream I wanted has come true, after all this time! I get to see you!"

Arturia held back her emotions as she turned away from him. "Shirou, please, are brief love was a flight of fancy. I was a Servant who was only a remnant of a fallen dream. You helped me break out of my dream where I did find peace. And I am granted a second chance at life, without my previous memories. I didn't know you existed!"

The blonde continued her rant. "A year has passed here but for me I lived in a different time. All the while not knowing my roots and this happens and I see you however you've moved on which you should do but…"

"But what Saber?" He asked with hesitation.

"My heart was always, always, for you. It never stopped even when I saw you again; I remembered my feelings for you. I thought our dream had ended but I realized that even when the story is over, their will truly be no end to the people linked to it. It goes on, through the happiness and the tears, it goes on."

Her head briefly turned to him. "And what do I see at the end of my dream?" She turned her body towards him and he became mesmerized by her beauty. It was how they met the first time. "I see you, Shirou!" Tears ran down her eyes.

Shirou embraced Arturia which she returned. Placing a hand on her cheek he leaned in to kiss her. After a couple of moments they broke it off.

"Saber, these words I say to you now; I'm in love with you!"

"And I you, Shirou Emiya!" They kissed once again.

(Song ends)

Emiya residence (present)

Arturia smiled at him as he smiled back. Illya stared daggers at the one who had Shirou's heart. She thought of ways for her to get in it and make a harem of the situation!

Haruka looked content as she ate her food. She had grown accustomed to this peace but her mind always went back to when they would return to Crystal Tokyo.

Caren ate her food without complaint as she would be heading back to the Church once she hears what Zelretch had to say. It was a quiet breakfast until it was time to head out.

During the escapade with the city, it was decided that school would be cancelled for a bit, to get everything back on track but that didn't stop Taiga from going to work and get stuff done.

She gave Illya a hug and expected her home before it got too dark which Illya gave a curt response. That responded with a massive roar of "I don't know why I let you into my home, you little twerp, see if I care! Waaaaaaa, Illya hates me!" which resulted in her running away with tears in her eyes.

"Should we see if she's all right?" The voice of Haruka rang, raising an eyebrow.

Illya only rolled her eyes. "She will be fine, this is typical Taiga!"

"Yeah, she'll forget about it a couple of seconds and then say-" Shirou said before voice cried out.

"I'll be here for dinner, Shirou, so make me my favorites!" Taiga called, waved and went to work.

Haruka and Caren had a large drop coming down their head. Then they went to the Tohsaka manor.

Tohsaka manor

They arrived on time with Sakura greeting them with a smile and didn't hold any kind of grudge towards Shirou or Arturia.

They waited for Zelretch who popped in and after Sakura warmed him a cup of tea, which he fawned over, he got to business.

"Yuko knows of the accomplishment that you all achieved and is proud of you!" he said.

"Since that's done I guess we have to return to our dimension!" Haruka replied.

The others looked surprised but Rei agreed. She gave her sisters a firm glance. "I did what I said I was going to do; save you, Sakura!" She placed a hand over Sakura's. "You are no longer bound to Beryl or Terumi and with Haruka and I unlocking our Alter powers, we have another task ahead of us and I'm afraid it will be bigger than this!"

"She's right, Queen Beryl is still on the loose and even though we took care of some of her minions, who some are not allies," She gave a look to a quiet Rider and Sakura. "She will probably be reeling from the drop of power she lost."

"I have to go as well," Saber spoke up to Shirou's surprise. "I am happy that my old memories have returned but I am a guardian to the Moon Kingdom and I must do everything within my power to aid them!"

Seta said the next thing. "Than what about us; are we to let you go about this alone?"

"Sister, we just reunited, I don't want you going again!" Sakura said bravely which Rin concurred.

"You might need our help and I will offer my help." The quiet Rider said. "I will not forgive Beryl or Terumi for what they did to Sakura!"

Archer also added in his cents. "I'm only involved in this thanks to the one named Pluto. I want my debt paid to her in full."

"We won't let you go at it alone, we will help you!" Shirou offered.

The Senshi and Arturia looked astounded at the support they were getting.

"I don't know with everything that's happened…" Rei said but Seta interrupted her.

"I told you before, be it fate or chance, I am here of my accord, I won't let nothing happen to you and besides I need to shove my Gáe Bolg up Terumi's arse!"

The purple-eyed girl smirked at the concept. "What do you say Haruka, I know how you are when it comes to this being 'Senshi business'?"

"If it means we have more of a chance to knock that witch off her pedestal, who am I to say no?" The blue-eyed woman snorted giving approval.

The fate group looked pleased on the matter until Zelretch told them some important information.

"That' is the thing to discuss, Yuko explained to me that it is unstable to cross dimensions as this time due to an incident happening!"

Rei gave him a curious glance. "Which is…?"

"This is hard for me to say but Beryl has begun another invasion while you Senshi are dealing with your individual missions!" He told them. "Along with Beryl has sealed Yuko for interfering for a while."

Haruka slammed her fist against the table. "No, that can't be?"

"She struck when we are gone? What about the vassals?" Rei wanted to know.

"From what I understand they are holding their own for the time being so there is no need for rush," Zelretch continued.

"She struck while the city was at its weakest, she is a heinous person!" Arturia whispered.

"What are we to do while our home is being destroyed along with everyone else risking everything?" Demanded Haruka.

Zelretch calmed the woman down. "Now, now, you've trained them for a long time and I believe you have seconds in command leading the charge? You will have to believe in them. When the time comes for you to leave this place, you will know!"

"So what does that leave them while their friends fight Beryl?" Rin asked with a cross of her arms.

"I believe you are to grow stronger during this period. I will tell you of any developments until then. Speaking of which I have a message from Yuko about your friends; I believe her name was Minako?"

Their eyes widened at what he said.

"Well what does she say?" Rei asked.

"That they know the circumstances of what's happening since Yuko told them a while ago and not to worry, you all will find a way home!"

"That's easy for her to say, but I wonder how-!" Rei stopped as she thought about something.

Shirou gave her a curious glance. "What's wrong Rei?"

Is it possible that "they" are going to be put to use?

"Rei, if you have an idea say it to the class!" Haruka spoke.

"Haruka, we will use this time to train and when we have the chance we will return to the others. We just have to believe in them!"

The sandy-haired woman didn't know what to think until she also remembered who were in her court and smiled. "I see, she hasn't cut all access just yet!"

"What are you guys going on about?" Seta asked them.

"We will explain it later but now what about Yuko?" Rei asked.

"She is fine and actually content for the time being. She will leave it to others to get you back home, If they haven't fallen yet."

"Not those two, they survived beings with no hearts, they'll be fine!" Haruka encouraged.

"Well just stay calm and do what you can for that day to arrive. The warrior of Venus and her gang are training as we speak so you should do the same!" With that he vanished.

They all remained quiet for a moment. "Looks like we need some training?" Archer said giving an ironic smile.

"I wouldn't mind, I would like my vengeance on that annoying clown," The one formerly known as Rider said.

"Take a number!" Seta replied with a wild smile.

Sakura looked at her sisters. "I'm not sure what I can do, but I will help out as well!"

"Me too, me too!" Illya cried as she pulled out Rubin. "Once I get my training in, the birth of a new, younger, magical girl will be on the prowl! Watch out bad guys, for I'm on my way!"

Rubin spoke too. "Yee-haw, this is going to be sweet!"

With the positive energy going around Rei, Haruka and Arturia smiled. Even though their friends and allies were fighting at this exact moment, there was still light in the darkness.

It was nighttime as all the residence was asleep except for one, Rei Hino. She had awoken unexpectedly from a dream she had, it was about Crystal Tokyo.

In her vision dream she saw that everyone was in pain and the skies were dark. In the distance she saw a raging beast made of something she didn't know. It roared which caused the very earth to quake in fear.

Rei didn't know what to think of it but she knew it was an event that might happen. Looking to her left she saw a shirtless Seta, still asleep. Giving him a peck on the cheek, she grabbed her rob and went to get some air.

Taking in the scenery of Rin's garden she liked how quaint it was and looked at the full moon. Whenever she saw it like that, she couldn't help but think of Usagi and the others.

With knowing that Minako and her group were good, she wondered if Usagi and her team had found a trace of Pluto. "I hope they are able to find her; we need everyone if we are to defeat Beryl…"

She then turned around to see her sisters; Rin was wearing a red rob while Sakura wore a white night-gown.

Giving them a curious look she asked why they were up.

"We saw you head out," Sakura mumbled. "I was concerned and wanted to come…"

Rin rolled her eyes. "So before she talked her way out of it I pushed her here," She then glanced at Rei. "You seem troubled."

"I am, I think I had a vision of what could happen to the place we will be going to soon?" Rei explained to them.

Walking up to her Sakura lay her head on Rei's shoulders. "Whatever Beryl is planning, we will stand by you, Rei."

Rin then wrapped her arms around the two of them. "I don't want our family being broken up again. We will go with you as we said."

Rei took comfort in her sister's strength and they would continue looking at the moon for a while, lost in their own thoughts but never alone.

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