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Chapter 23

End of the Utopia: Breach the NOL Ragna (slumber)

In the 13th Hierarchical City of Kagutsuchi the place has fallen under Hazama's (whose real name is Yuki Terumi), control. The world that used to experience a Continuum Shift (a phenomenon where things repeat with different outcomes) has stopped thanks to Beryl seizing control of the sacred treasure in the boundary, Amatarasu.

With the dark queen's help the green haired man had control of the NOL and all its resources. He sacrificed many lives to create the "Godslayer" Kusanagi; Mu-12 under his control along with Jin Kisaragi and Tsubaki Yayoi.

The world had fallen on dark times; the hierarchy which prospered had little to no power, people struggled to keep up business and Librarium soldiers fought against those brave enough to stand against Terumi's reign of terror.

Those brand of warriors were remnants of the ones who fell in the Ikaruga War.

Bang Shishigami, wanton warrior of love and justice and keeper of the ars magus, Phoenix: Rettenjo, stood as a figurehead to stop the crazed man.

Terumi didn't think much of the queue as much as he thought it was hilarious that the fools would dare stand against his new system. Taking pity on them (and for sadistic pleasure) he had the one who claimed victory on the war and killed Bang's teacher during the war; Jin Kisaragi.

The cold blonde did as he ordered with no argument, to Terumi's surprise as Jin had the power of order to buckle down Beryl's control, but seeing that Jin had personal history with the loud man and his troop, he didn't express any remorse except for a cold indifference.

Joining the muscular ninja with brown hair was Carl Clover; a kid bounty hunter (and one of the best out there) who once went to the same academy as Noel, Makoto, Jin and Tsubaki. He dropped out after his father, Relius Clover, killed his mother and the sister he adored, Ada, for an experiment to create the Nox Nyctores; Nirvana and Ignis.

The blonde, blue-eyed pre-teen, wearing a purple suit top with shorts and a top hat (he's just precious, trying to act like an adult with his polite words, yes he does...sorry) swore his revenge against his father and would offer his support to Bang's cause if only to get to his father.

The squirrel-beastkin girl, Makoto Nanya, who defected from the NOL as soon as she discovered about Terumi (along with discovering origins of one named Noel Vermillion) and became spy for Sector Seven, run by the genius cat beastkin and daughter of Jubei and Nine, Kokonoe.

She wanted to aid in the stopping of Hazama's oppression along with save Tsubaki and Noel.

Together with Iron Tager, known as the Red Devil of Sector Seven and assistant to the foul-tempered scientist (and against her command about them getting involved), they thought they could win their freedom and end this dark age.

Jubei, Rachel and Valkenhayn, had tried to persuade them not to fight against Hazama at this time since it wasn't right but the loud ninja had enough of the despicable man's influence.

"Not only has Ikaruga fallen to the NOL, but now the entire world is at stake," The ninja passionately declared to the trio. "We cannot wait for this 'right time' as we need to create it!"

The two tailed blonde Rachel dismissed his claim as "rubbish" and "suicidal". Jubei tried reasoning with him and said that if they did this there would be no "repeats".

Finding it strange on what he meant the proud man said that even if Jubei and Valkenhayn were the Six Heroes, he couldn't stand by their inaction.

The silent swordsman Hakumen, who had remained neutral throughout all this came and said he would throw his support for what Bang and crew were doing.

"You two have gone soft!" he said to Jubei and the butler. "Even if the world is no longer in a shift, you would stand idly still and do nothing?"

Rachel gave the faceless man a look that screamed displeasure. "There is no option we can take at this moment. This is a fool's battle!" Closing her eyes and turning her head away.

"The fools are you who just stand still!" The swordsman declared. "You are no longer an observer; Takamagahara has all since been killed thanks to that witch with blazing red hair! You have powers that could aid us but refuse all due to a hope that those women are coming here? We need a revolution now!"

Hakumen stared hard at the vampire. "We already helped those warriors that is true, but Terumi has gone beyond we thought possible! It's time you stopped deluding yourself!"

Jubei barked at his colleague. "Don't do this, Hakumen! You know better than anyone about what could happen. Think about what you are doing!"

No one could tell his expression due to his blank helmet but inside the frame the man was once Jin Kisaragi in a different time plane knew. He would be fighting against his past self.

"I am the White Void that will consume any opposition!" He spoke with a silent resolution. "My blade will smite all who oppose me; justice and righteousness are on my side!"

Rachel only scoffed at his ignorance, seeing this as misstep in the grand scheme of things. "A ship of fools is more like it!" she turned away with Valkenhayn at her heels. "Whatever comes to pass, you will share that burden with the ones whom swore camaraderie with!"

With that she vanished back to her home. Jubei tried calling for Rachel but knew the little vampire is a stubborn one and the aged wolf butler wouldn't leave her side.

Sighing at the situation he also took his leave. "Look, I know you got to do this but this is all wrong! Terumi is not someone to against without back up. And what you have here is a ragtag group of misfits."

"I see where you are coming from," Iron Tager answered the two tailed cat known as the "white lotus". "But this situation calls everyone to arms. Even if we lose here, we will at least try to give those who are not here, hope."

The one-eyed cat gave a gruff laugh. "I hope that's the case…" He turned to Hakumen. "I'll expect you to protect these kids, you hear me?"

"Bah, do not concern yourself!" The swordsman arrogantly claimed. "I will only aid when necessary but I have my battle!"

Jubei gave a last glance at the small party and wished them well. He soon took off.

"Friends, it is time!" Bang spoke loudly. "We march to win back our worlds freedom and to banish the one called 'Hazama' back to the pits! May all who stand before us, perish at our burning flames of justice!"

Bang and Hakumen led the party with Bang's followers and some people from Sector Seven, to battle.

A while later the battle ended with the defeat of all who opposed Terumi. With Jin and Tsubaki, the NOL pushed back meager resistance group and after the crying, punishment was laid to waste.

Makoto, Carl and Iron Tager got stripped of their weapons, in this case for Carl, Nirvana, who he called his "sis",

sealed in chamber where he couldn't get to it.

The red devil, who was almost all machine, had his weapons detached from his body and they were in prison camps.

Hakumen, who fought a battle with Tsubaki and lost, ended up locked once again in the depths of the NOL.

Bang Shishigami's punishment was that the place that he lived, Ronin-Gai, a small town in Kagutsuchi, would be ransacked and destroyed. Bang yelled at that but Jin froze him with his Yukianesa and sent him to a dungeon of the NOL.

The green-haired man found the outcome high comedy at the price of the fallen heroes.

"Oh, those small-minded idiots; did they really think they could win against what I'm doing?!" He cackled.

Laughter filled the chamber as the stoic camellia beauty and the handsome ice warrior remained in his station.

The red-haired woman, who was head of the Zero Squadron, looked stoic enough but she was experiencing guilt on what she did; she fought Makoto and Carl to submission. And to her surprise she battled Hakumen.

Thinking about the white armored man she felt sorrow at what happened to him. She didn't know why but when he whispered her name he so sounded sad, as if he was full of regret. Even though she was under Beryl's command her mind was still her own for the most part but when it came to battle her minded shifted to defeat any enemy in front of her.

They went up against the NOL and Hazama is the head of it! I couldn't allow them to gain a foothold and bring the world to chaos! And she really believed what she was doing was correct.

Given she is all for the sake of order and justice, nothing would deter her will. Or at least that's what she believed.

Secretly the only reason she teamed with Hazama was because of Jin. The blue-eyed teen thought about the man she loved since childhood; they were both young and free of guile before it turned to dread.

Jin however, was feeling restless. He didn't care about beating some worthless people lower than trash, he felt that something was wrong with him! The handsome blonde's hand trembled as he gripped the handle of his sword.

Gritting his teeth he snarled in his head. Dammit, what is this I'm feeling? Why does my body react this way?!

Hazama looked at those he controlled and had a curious glance at Jin. He thought that his power of order was acting up again but with Beryl's magic it wouldn't break free just yet.

Looking down at all of Kagatsuchi from the altar, the highest peak of the NOL headquarters, he cackled once again. Hazama thought about all that happened from the various shifts in his universe before meeting Beryl.

"Of course, there aren't any more continuum shifts, not since Beryl has command of it!" He started laughing. "I only went along with her plan as a way to see if this world would change and it has!"

He stomped his foot hard to the ground, lifted his arms to the air and screamed. "By George; I'm only taking over this place just so I can see it fall to the ground! I don't care about fucking order, only mayhem, disease, misery, despair and pain! I will be happy where this leads!"

That was half a year ago. What are the ramifications now?

Orient Town (present)

This small town, home to Chinese restaurants and the now-defunct Litchi Clinic had been the same for the most part since the NOL had stopped supporting the many levels of Kagutsuchi.

Not many people were walking the streets so no one saw the infamous man with the one million bounty in the history of the NOL; Ragna the Bloodedge.

The red-cloaked man with white spiky hair and different colored eyes; left eye was green while his right eye red (thanks to Rachel feeding on his blood in one of the time loops since she had the "urge") looked at the ransacked area with indifference.

"This place too…" he had been on a campaign destroy any of the NOL branches and while he did the area's he hit that had any cities or towns were in the same shape!

He knew who was to blame for all this; the same ass-hole who brought ruin to his childhood and caused him grief with his youngest sister, Saya.

"Terumi…!" He muttered the name like a curse as he thought about the man.

During his younger days he lived with his younger siblings, Jin and Saya and they all had the same trait of blonde hair and green eyes.

They ended up being raised by a nun at a church, who was the younger sister of Konoe Mercury, who went by the nickname, Nine (and one of the 6 Heroes). Celica A. Mercury, who became a nun after the Dark War, took care of the ophen children. Ragna loved their caretaker and had fond memories of her. He could remember his sweet but frail sister, Saya, with a smile on her face and his pesky brother Jin, pining for his attention since he was jealous of the sickly girl.

Than one day when Raga was heading back to his home he saw the church burning and no trace of Saya or Jin! Running to the flaming building he called for them with panic until he saw Jin in the middle of the blaze with his sword that he had gotten from Saya sometime before.

He asked what happened to Saya and Jin just gave him a blank look for a second. Ragna asked again forcefully until he felt something get lopped off; his right arm.

Screaming in pain he dropped to his knees to see Jin had done it but he thought he could see a silhouette behind the non-speaking boy.

Closing his eyes tightly Ragna snarled as he saw the strange figure and taunting him. That's when he blacked out.

Ragna stopped his trek as he continued thinking about what happened than; Jubei, who was one of the 6 Heroes from the Dark War, found him and took him in. During this time his missing arm got replaced with what he thought was the true Azure Grimoire and the beastkin decided to train Ragna in how to use it.

The green/red-eyed man looked at his right arm as a warning kept ringing in his head that he was always told.

"Listen to me, kid," Jubei had told him one day after training. "Don't mistake the power of the 'azure' as your own, ya'hear?" The cat had then given Ragna a keep the sake of a former friend's belongings which was the red cloak and sword he used now. "This hear belongs to a man simply known as 'Bloodedge'."

Rags expression was a grimace as he placed his arm down. Yeah, I remember…from him and the "rabbit!"

His journey led him to relink with Jin and discover who caused that incident to happen; Yuki Terumi. He had battled bounty hunters wanting the bounty on his head and met up with a unique set of people.

He thought about the girl he bumped into and she resembled his sister to the T; green eyes, fair skin and her voice! Except the blonde liutenant wasn't confident. In fact she was a shrinking violet. Ragna found out her name was Noel Vermillion and thought it was just some coincidence about her looking like his deceased sister.

The cloaked man brushed her off as she continued hounding him and headed to destroy another part of the NOL and that's where he linked back up with Jin. The battle was even until Ragna landed a blow to his obsessive brother and went to the lower corridors of the place; the gate.

There he meets a formidable opponent in Hakumen and a battle ensues. Even with all his power and skills he couldn't defeat the white armored faceless man and would have met his end there until he activated the Azure and defeat him.

Then he continues through the deapths until he sees Noel Vermillion fighting Nu-13; a Murakumo unit who had light purple hair in a braid and an eyepatch covering her left eye. He interfered in the battle and when Nu saw him she had a glossy look to her eyes and spoke his name with affection.

He didn't understand how she knew his name and when she mentioned something about "being one" and initiated a battle with him. The battle wasn't in his favor even after giving the humanoid a death-blow and he wound up in the edge of where the cauldron was, bleeding and actaully thinking about going for suicide with the demented girl/android.

The heat stung his eyes as he hung on as Nu got closer and flung her body at him, embracing the injured man. Right there, he thought he was going to die. That is until an arm reached for him and grabbed ahold keeping Ragna from falling over. Looking dazed he saw that Noel had been the one to save him. He looked down and saw that Nu was no more.

After that Rachel appeared and said that his battle with Nu always led to his death but thanks to Noel, who she said is the "true owner of the Azure Blue" has changed the future.

Then Terumi made his presence known and had Noel "acknowledge" his presence by looking at him. The surprised shrinking violet did just that even with Rachel's intervening but the damage was done. Terumi came to being and full power thanks to Noel being the Eyes of the Azure.

Ragna saw the person he hated most and the rage he had up to this point busted like a dam and tried to attack the person who made his life hell but Rachel held him back saying that he could not defeat him.

Terumi mouthed off to him and mentioned how the next act would be like. Ragna thought that he was looking at Noel as he spoke that before vanishing.

After that event, Noel clung to me and started asking questions before I scared her off…I haven't heard from her in seven months. He thought as he ran his hand through his hair.

He didn't mean to snap at her but since she looked like his sister, he didn't know how to deal with her. He had decided to find until something unexpected happen that changed the world as he knew; Terumi took control of the NOL!

The man, blindsided by this, as the things he knew turned upside down as the world spiraled out of sync. He had ended up losing contact with Jubei and Rachel and wanted to know how this happened.

A while later Rachel had contacted him to the sardoinc man's disbelief. Like a typical conversation between the two, he yelled at her at what was happening and bombarded the vampire's ears with questions. The pig-tailed vampire only smacked his head in response and told him, "The situation has changed; the continuum shift has finished. Takamagahara has no control."

He asked what that meant but felt a blow to his noggin again. "That does not concern you. As of now, you are to not fight the one called Terumi at this time! Do not think of joining some rebellion against him either!"

To Ragna it felt like she was scared for him by giving him that warning. Could Rachel have a heart underneath that high horse, aristocratic exterior? Has love finally appeared in that tiny body of hers for it to shine like the sun?

Going by his train of thought he told her what he thought. She only whipped her hair at him and said "Don't be idiotic, the day I would care for you is the day you actually started using that thing you called a brain, foolish boar!"

As she vanished she left him with words of parting. "Uncouth, degenerate, ape!"

Damn, that's cold! So that's where he stood now. He heard of Bang Shishigami's rebellion and they met their end by the hero of Ikaruga (and his younger, overly enthused, brother,) Jin.

Ragna couldn't comprehend how Jin got up in that business. Sure, he was in a high place by being a Major but Ragna thought Jin wouldn't stand for being controlled by Terumi!

Then there was Noel, he heard that she wasn't herself either! He felt that now was the time to settle scores with his past.

This was why he was in Orient Town; he needed supplies before he bum rushed the NOL. He had a feeling he would meet many battles.

That was when he felt a presence. It wasn't human energy he was feeling but more from an object. Signing in aggravation as he ran a hand through his hair he spoke.

"I know you're there, come out!" His voice sounded exasperated more than angry.

The small figure, wearing beige cloak appeared. Another peculiar sight the small person had a long object attached to the back.

Moaning as if in pain (and the sound of a growling stomach), a boy's voice came from the figure. "So…hungry; if I don't eat anything soon, I think I'm going to die where I stand!"

To prove the point, the figure went to the knees and dragged said body to Ragna, reaching for his hakama styled pants. "Please, save a small life from perishing, kind soul?"

As quick as a glass falling to the ground, Ragna easily moved away from the figure. "Sorry, don't got time for you," He deadpanned without batting an eye. "Have fun dying, kid!"

The cloaked figure gave a gasping kind of noise and muttered. "Dang, that's harsh…Luna, he didn't fall for it!"

As Ragna moved away he heard the voice of a girl now. "Move over Sena, I'm taking control now!"

The voice of said person announced as the figure pulled of the cloak to show a girl with long blond hair mixed with peach, styled in four pig tails that went to her ankles. Her attire fashioned like a magical girl; sleeveless white shirt with buttons and a blue lining, mini skirt.

She wore white gloves on her hands, same colored shoes with steel toed guards in the shape of a heart. She sported a large bell around her chest.

The most distinct feature (other than her outfit) was that her eyes, which were green, the pupils had the shape of hearts.

The spiky white-haired man looked astonished. That was not what he was expecting, not only did she look like a person at a rave, drinking and dancing… didn't he hear a boy's voice coming from a girl's body?

A snarl escaped Luna's mouth as she pointed at him dramatically. "Hey, Ragna the Suckedge; you dare leave a poor child to rot away like that?"

Eyes twitching in annoyance, Ragna covered his eyes. What the fuck, why do I always get the crazies around here?!

"You ough'ta be put away in jail for child abuse, you pedophile!" She accused!

Blinking thrice, that caused Ragna to snap and he snarled back. "Whoa, wait, who are you calling a pedophile, you brat…uh…brats? You're the one coming outta know where like you are dying!"

"I am dying, you snaggle tooth, retard!" She countered back easily! For a little girl, she certainly knows her words, doesn't she?

Growling at his luck he looked to the heavens than looked around him. He then said in a loud voice, "Hey, does anyone have a happy meal, please?!"

Luna stamped her feet in anger as he said that. "Luna doesn't want a happy meal, suckedge, she WANTS a meal! And don't be cheap with it either!"

"But Luna," the boy whose name was Sena responded from the body with a different expression. "He won't buy us anything if you call him a pedophile old man!"

Another snarl erupted from Ragna about being called that name! "Will you two…brats, stop calling me that! And I won't buy you anything, so go crawl to some other town and mooch of the next person you see?!"

Luna took control once again as she glared at him. "Humph, calling Luna and Sena brats, we are no such thing! Luna is going to kick your ass, ass-munch!" She pulled off the cloak from what she was carrying the Nox Nyctores, Arma Reboare: Muchorin.

It looked like a staff a magical girl would use; the handle was pink with a red sphere in the middle with a heart-shaped surface on top. It's ability to incarnate matter.

Ragna looked at the two souled kids 'weapon with acute apprising, that is what he felt from the star.

Grabbing the handle of his giant sword, he ready to fend of the foul-mouthed girl…boy…whatever! "Listen you punks, I'm not in the mood to babysit you're asses, so I'm going to make this quick!"

Luna stuck out her tongue and gave a quick smack to her butt. "Nya-nya, you couldn't fight your way out of your own asshole, mother cracker!"

"Da fuuuuuuu, you shit, time to give you the spanking you're mommy never gave you!" He threatened. A thick air of seither gathered around his weapon.

Luna had an aggravated look as she saw his power gathering. "Um…Luna, we shouldn't do this," Sena muttered. "Didn't Mr. Jubei tell us NOT to fight, Ragna…"

"Oh shut up, Sena! Don't make me drink milk; I know you can't contain the pain of intestinal pain bubbling at the pit of your stomach and making you do those weird bodily functions!"

Sena moaned. "Don't do that; we share the same body and you'd be hurting yourself as well!"

"Heh, I won't if you let me do this!" She gathered her own power as she glowed light blue/green.

Ragna examined the girl/boy's technique. He didn't know who they were but they seemed to have some control of their sealed weapon. Just before the battle could go underway, Luna/Sena's body stopped glowing and briefly closed their eyes. Ragna looked on confused as he lowered his sword.

"Hey, brats, you okay over there?" He really didn't want to beat up a kid. They weren't evil, just obnoxious, like any kid who has a penchant for foul language.

The episode ended as the girl in question opened her eyes and the feeling she gave off was different from Luna and Sena. Raga felt another presence within that body.

"Does that body house another soul?" he wondered.

The girl came closer to him and she offered a kind smile and spoke in a soft yet gentle tone. "Hello, Ragna the Bloodedge,"

Ragna sputtered out a reply back. "Uh, who are you and why did she…he…whatever they are, start pulling off the dissociative disorder?" He was thankful for listening to Rachel when she spoke her philosophic, know it all, BS when she got on her nobler than thou horse; which reeked of roses!

That got a laugh from the mysterious person who now dwell in the body. "I'm sorry for their behavior, they are normally behaved but they are at the age," She apologized as she gave a bow.

"Nah, don't worry about it, but that Luna girl's got a mouth on her! Where did she pick that up from?" Ragna exclaimed.

She only gave a minor shrug but moved on to important matters. "I'm sorry for making this brief, but I can only stay on the outside for short intervals."

Ragna waited with crossed arms as she gave her name.

"You may refer to this body as Platinum, Platinum the Trinity," She offered as she explained some of the circumstances. "Three souls inhabit this body through this sealed weapon, Muchorin and they trained by your master, Jubei."

This brought a surprise to Ragna. "Old man trained those brats? I'm shocked they didn't give him any gray hair!"

Platinum got a giggle from that but got serious. " One of the reasons that we are here is to give you a warning; do not get close to Terumi Yuki!"

The green/red-eyed man growled at the sound of the name. "Listen transcendent spirit, nothing is going to stop me from getting my hands on that bastard! I don't care what I hear from the bunny leech or old man Jubei! His ass is mine!"

Platinum shook her head. "This is different from other continuum shifts, Ragna. The continuum shift and all the probabilities are over. Terumi's plans have gone beyond what anyone could comprehend. If you go to him, it will spell disaster for you!"

Ragna gave a snort. "I don't know you're history lady, but one thing assured, Terumi has caused enough damage! Rat bastard's getting his and there isn't a thing for you to stop me!"

The former hero who inhabited the body felt light-headed as her time was running short. "Please, please, hold on a while more. There is more than you see at the moment and…." Her voice started trailing as Platinum's body collapsed in Ragna's arms.

The man shook her very briefly as he felt like she wanted to say something more! "Hey, come on, don't just throw out cryptic shit and leave!"

It was already too late as the third spirit was again sealed within the weapon. Whatever she was going to say, he wasn't going to know for a long while.

Sighing he felt the tiny body stir as green eyes met his that looked on in confusion.

"Damn, Luna's head feels funny…" Platinum muttered in a girl voice. Sena soon piped in as well. "I started feeling sleepy, I wonder why we keep experiencing these black outs?"

Platinum's face soon turned to disbelief as she was in the arms of Ragna. "Ahh, Ragna the suckedge, what are you doing to Luna's healthy body? Are you trying to have your way with Luna, pedophile?"

She moved a couple of inches away from him as if he was on fire. "I bet you slipped Luna and Sena a mickey?"

Blonde haired girl gave a scandalous gasp. "EEEEEEEK a pervert," She screamed for the town to hear.

"Ragna the suckedge is a child molesting, stanky-ass, dick sucking, pussy grabbing, pedophile freak! EEEEEEEEEK, my purity! My innocence of waiting for my first time is gone by a lecherous old man!"

Bewilderment etched on his face at all the names he was getting called by the overzealous girl/boy child! And how in the hell was she getting in all those e's in her wailing? God, this wasn't a helpless maiden getting chased by a man in a mask!

"Will you shut up for a second?" He yelled at her as she stopped her constant need to call him every nasty name in the book. "Look, I'm not a pedophile and I'm not fighting you! "

Eyes widening at what got said, the voice that came from Platinum's was a boy. "Did you hear that, Luna? He doesn't want to fight us!"

Luna's voice came out next as she gave him a weary look. "Wha…what's this? Is suckedge acting mature?"

"Enough with Suckedge, you miserable…" He muttered incoherent words for a second (which Luna filed away for future use) until he got it all out of his system. "Look, I'll buy you dinner so get you're tiny ass in that restaurant or no dice!"

Platinum was waiting at the door entrance. Apparently she was there as soon as the word "buy" got dropped. "Hurry it up, I'm starving over here!"

Muttering on why he got stuck with the crazies, he marched his way and ordered food for the "magical girl"

Chinese Restaurant

This scenario seems familiar…Ragna thought on as pile of dishes piled as Platinum was stuffing her face that could fill four people!

This reminded him of the time that Taokaka, of the Kaka clan, mooched off him to get her food.

How the hell he winds up in these events was beyond him. The clanking of another bowl getting done by Platinum could be heard as she asked for another helping.

Even though the economy had fallen on hard times, restaurants and stores kept on going. It hadn't sunk to anarchy just yet.

A small Chinese woman, wearing a red Cheongsam appeared with the helping of food. Platinum drooled at getting it in her belly!

"Hey, I'm not made of money, so lay off the pork dumplings and General Tso's chicken, all right?" He admonished the little piglet. "Aren't you a girl, shouldn't you be eating with a little dignity and finesse?"

She gave him a look. "Hey a part of this body belongs to a boy, so Sena could be the one chowing down!"

Ragna truly doubt that. "I don't know you but I get the feeling he's a bit refined for such things," He munched on some fried rice. "You lack manners!"

"How rude, Luna is a refined lady!" She greedily munched on some duck noisily and soon went for the other stuff.

Refined lady my ass! Man snarked in his head.

After the meal, Platinum rubbed her full belly. "Ahhh, that was good." She looked at him with disdain. "Thank you, suckedge!"

Need to kill rising. "Look, the name's Ragna, get through your head!" He spoke.

"Luna, Ragna 's right, don't be rude!" The ever polite Sena replied.

Sighing at her luck she relented. "Thank you…Ragna,"

Ragna only scoffed as he paid the tab. He had enough money this time around from experience. No way did he want to get run out-of-town like a criminal. Well, technically he branded as one but he wasn't dammit!

His left arm trembled for a moment as seither leaked from it. The fuck is going on? What is this sensation I'm feeling? "Hey, little mooch, I'm heading out so where are you headed?" He asked seeing that dinner was done. Crap, she ate like a hog and still didn't look obese? That's the metabolism of a kid for you!

Platinum puffed out her cheeks. "I don't have to tell you anything!"

Sena talked out. "Luna…" A sigh of exhaustion escaped the figure's lips as he told Ragna. "Mr. Jubei had taken care of us for a while and when all that stuff happened with that small rebellion against Hazama, he told us to take refuge on the lower levels of Kagutsuchi where the Kaka's live."

"Kaka's…you know Tao then?" Ragna thought about the cat girl who took a liking to him and the other Kaka kittens.

"That crazy fur ball; yeah and she's way annoying!" Luna spoke this time. "Mr. Jubei had wanted us to keep tabs on what going on around this place as he's busy doing…well, whatever he does."

Hearing about his master, Ragna contemplated what he could be doing? Well it wasn't his business as he had one job to do; get rid of Terumi.

"This is where I leave you, get back to the Kaka's, Platinum!" Ragna walked off with that.

Platinum found it strange that she could have sworn that she or Sena didn't give them that alias to use. She wondered how'd he figured it out. Scoffing she decided to head back to the Kaka village. She was positive that Jubei would be there.

In the causality weapon, Trinity Glassfille, who used to go by the Platinum Alchemist, was one of the six Heroes in the Dark War, could do nothing but pray that nothing else would happen to bring about the end of the world.

On a rooftop , Lambda 11 observed what happened between Ragna and the child. The imitation Murakumo Unit, controlled by Sector Seven's chief scientist, Kokonoe, looked on passively as she continued scanning Ragna's departing figure.

"Ragna…Ragna…Ragna," She whispered in a monotone level. She resembled Nu-13 but had black and white armor and blond hair styled in a braid. She was sporting her battle attire and had a visor over her face.

"That's enough, Lambda!" A voice rang in her head as an electronic image of the pink haired scientist with glasses and a cat-like looks. "Come back to base!"

Giving off a last look, Lambda generated a field to get back to her master. "Returning to base."

Sector Seven

In the laboratory of Sector Seven, a small confederation that run by scientist who preferred science and technology over Ars Magus and was the opposite of the Library, a certain beastkin scientist was going through motions.

"The fuck is that idiot doing?!" A voice shrilled.

Kokonoe Konoe was harping mad, as she typed furiously on her keypad. Lambda had just returned and she had processed the data she gathered on Ragna.

She had her creation spy on him for the past seven months without him knowing. Any battle he got in she analyses and had it incorporated into Lambda's file storage.

Sucking on her lollipop, she grimaced. "Damn that idiot! He knows he's got no chance against Terumi!" She raged as she activated another screen showing said person going to the main branch of the NOL where the troll was.

"If he goes and fights him, he has little chance of making it out alive!" She finished calibrating the AI. "I'm the only one who is going to kill that cretin!"

The half-beastkin scientist was a young adult with a rather slim build. Her eyes were golden and had two pink tails. She had long pink hair which she keeps locked in a pony tail and wore frames around her eyes. She had a tailor styled lab coat styled after the Kaka tribe that showed off her belly. Her lower half garbed in Capri pants and her feet in a type of shoe.

She was the daughter of Nine and Jubei and wanted revenge for what Terumi did to her mother. The scientist didn't get along with her father (for unknown reasons) and never mentions him.

While waiting for the calibration to finish with Lambda, she made her way to another room where another person needed some love or hard love, depending on your view on the matter.

The two tailed cat woman looked at the other person that had recently got captured earlier; Tager. During a small interval when he got taken prisoner Kokonoe made it a priority to get him back.

Tager was on a steel bed getting repaired by various machines. "Kokonoe, are you sure she can handle this?" he asked.

She gave him a foul-mouthed reply. "You are talking to a genius, buster! If my creation could get you're fat red ass out of the fire, I'm pretty sure she can take on the likes of Terumi!"

The red devil of Sector Seven grimaced. "I did apologize for that if my memory serves me…and no need for you to bring up my behind, Kokonoe."

Kokonoe brushed it off. "Yeah, yeah, I know. You did what you're heart, or whatever you call it, get the better of you because you thought that a tiny rebellion by some obnoxious, loud, screaming justice, barbarian, Tarzan fool, could stop a power that got power away from the imperator?!"

"It wasn't my best asses on the problem at hand; others are still there as well." Tager responded.

"Look, Terumi doesn't give a flying pig about those he's kept in submission. Hell, he's practically left that place undefended with only a few of the NOL soldiers still stationed there. He's just keeping them for the pleasure of using them some form or another."

Tager wondered how Makoto was doing. "What of Makoto Nanaya?"

Scientist raised an eyebrow at the question. "She's still alive from what I gathered," She scanned his body once again. "I get the feeling that she won't get killed anytime soon…even though my sources tell me Relius is on the prowl and has taken an interest with her."

The red skin man/cyborg grimaced at that. During his captivity, Makoto had mentioned about the time Relius arrived there to watch them and his meticulous eyes never left her.

That man is rather enigmatic. If memory serves, I believe he has history with Kokonoe? The black, spiky haired man wondered. Along with what caused Carl to join the group.

"Hey, don't be thinking about that creeper, you hear me Tager!" Kokonoe brought him out of his line of thinking. "It's already hard enough to deal with Terumi's reign, no need to get that indifferent joker involved!"

With a grunt of affirmation he moved the conversation along. "Given all this time, I have heard the name Beryl going around for these past couple of months."

Kokonoe didn't say anything as she continued with a scowl on her face.

"I haven't seen her but her influence has caused uproar with anyone captured by the newly established NOL. Do you know anything about her?" Tager continued.

Her facial expression showed mild annoyance, as if a fly was about to land on a table full of food. In her head she thought about the time Rachel arrived before the event, which was known as the "Bang Rebellion" occurred.

Kokonoe wasn't pleased of having the observer in her lab; every time she materialized she brought the stink of roses. And those yapping animals didn't do anything to brighten her mood.

The scientist growled in annoyance at the intrusion. Rachel simply ignored her as if she didn't say anything and asked her a peculiar question about remembering someone.

The two tailed woman looked suspicious at her and asked how that could be relevant. To Kokonoe's anger, Rachel evaded the question and said that another wave would soon come upon this world.

She also brought up some details about Beryl. The only thing she said was that this Queen Beryl is from another universe, all together! The scientist finished thinking of the past.

Iron Tager asked the question again and Kokonoe snarled.

"Look, I don't know jack shit about her! The facts however show that she is powerful enough to bring Terumi into power and lock away the Imperator!"

It was true, all her data on the matter with Queen Beryl was scarce except for what Rachel told her.

"She is a phenomenon I'm not worried about at the moment. She hasn't been seen for a long while! Maybe whatever place she allegedly comes from propelled her back there or something!"

With a few quick button mashing she completed his examination. "Now, stop asking questions like you are on a date and wait till you recover."

She marched her way back to the main room. "I'm glad you're safe, Tager…" She stated quietly as she continued on her way.

The big lug's eyes softened at what she said. She might run him to the ground but she was descent beneath it all.

Flopping to her chair she saw that Lambda was ready for departure. This was her only chance to get rid of Terumi! For Kokonoe, she didn't do this for justice or any of that shit she found nonsense. It was simply revenge for her!

"All right Lambda, your mission is to head to the main NOL branch and face Terumi! With all the data you've collected, you shouldn't lose!" She commanded the AI.

The braided-blonde Murokumo unit beeped out an affirmative before teleporting to her mission projective.

Pressing her fingers against the bridge nose, Kokonoe had a lot riding on this! The world is already screwed! If this doesn't work, I'll have to use "that".

Amber eyes locked on a button on her counsel and pressed it. An image of Nuclear Warheads showed on the screen. I don't want to but if this is the end, it should go out with a bang! She narrowed her eyes in contemplation. Even though I have one other plan that will go into effect soon enough...

NOL Headquarters (Hazama's chambers)

Hazama has had a rough day. With everything going about, dimension hopping and brining Beryl's plan to fulfillment, he hadn't had a moment's peace!

The only thing that would get him relaxed was one thing!

"Ahhhhh, the best thing humanity ever created is a bath!" he surmised as his body was in a white bathtub with bubbles covering a certain area. His muscles felt relief at the amount of heat.

On the rim of the tub were cups of boiled egg. Taking on and breaking the shell, he swallowed the egg hole like a snake. This was actually a favorite of his.

The closed eyed man mind went to all that happened with his last dimension hop from the Fate universe. In the rift between dimensions he briefly saw another version of himself going somewhere! Another befuddlement was that his alternate version was traveling with a white snake.

The two men briefly looked at one another and glared hatefully at each other before going about their way. Who'd have thought I'd wind up meeting another "me" and he as well traveling through dimensions? Must be the end of the world if someone brought him into a fold!

They had unexpectedly accessed each other's memories briefly, since as he guessed, they were the same being.

So it is true there are many universe's with me in it? I'm not even going to think about it since it has nothing to do with me! He swallowed another egg and basked in the calmness of it all.

That is until a loud explosion knocked him out of his euphoric state!

Opening an eye in aggravation he could only figure that a certain person could do all that and ruin his relaxation time!

"Well, well, Rags doesn't disappoint!" He got out of the tub as water dripped of his pale, thin body." I was planning on going after him soon any way!"

Walking to his room got on his usual tuxedo/fedora attire. Swiping a hand over his face and bringing it down his face, Hazama had a sinister smile. "Oh, Rags, Rags, Rags, you are a hapless idiot!"

He started up for the altar.

NOL Alter

Ragna ran through out the building hacking and beating up various Librarian solders that got in his way! He had done this for a total of thirty minutes and looked like he was getting somewhere!

Blocking an attack with his sword Ragna swiped it across unleashing a dark seither that resembled the face of the notorious Black Beast from long ago! The Solders yelled as the attack knocked them back. Placing his sword in his sheath he felt that he was getting close.

"This is the same energy I felt all those months ago…" He muttered as he looked at the door leading to the cauldron.

Taking a breath Ragna opened the door and sprinted to the outside of the highest point of the NOL. His first view was of an altar that looked broken for some time.

It was big for the most part and he remembered what Rachel told him about Noel becoming something else.

"Dammit, and I wasn't here to do anything for her!" He tightened his fist as he got closer to it. As he got a foot closer he heard laughter coming from top of the Altar.

Looking up Ragna ground his teeth on who he saw. Applause could be heard. "Welcome, Rags old boy!" Hazama told him.

The face of evil he saw in his nightmares has appeared in front of him! "Terumi!" Ragna yelled.

"That's my name," Terumi smirked. "Rags, it's been ages since I last saw you! Many things have happened once the trigger pulled all those months ago!"

Ragna knew what he meant by the trigger being pulled. "You got that right; you of all people usurping command from the very place I hate! This will make my job easier!"

Terumi feigned cowardice. "What, you are going to stop me? Ragna, what did I ever do to you?"

This caused Ragna to yell at the troll. "You made my life hell, you sick son of a bitch! You took Saya from me!"

"Hmmm, Saya…I don't know what you are talking about!" Terumi shrugged his shoulders. "I've done a lot of things that would make your hair turn white…oh wait, it already is!"

Ragna growled once again.

"You shouldn't worry about the past now, Rags, for it's the future that should scare you!" Terumi declared as if he was on stage with his arms up.

"I have no future as long as you exist, asshole!" Ragna exclaimed taking out his large sword! "The time is now bastard! You'll die here!"

Terumi observed him without a care in the world. "Oh dear, it's one of those 'I will destroy you in the name of justice' or whatever you kids watch nowadays?"

Ragna sprang up and slammed down his sword trying to smash Terumi. The trickster sprang away as the sword landed. Ragna went for another sword slash and then gathered darkness into his left palm and tried slamming the attack into Terumi.

"Hell's Fang! "He yelled furiously.

Terumi spun his body away from Ragna as the white-haired man brought up his sword and sending another wave of darkness at him in the shape of the head of the Black Beast. Terumi held out his hands as his Ouroboros chain snaked around the black beast attack and snuffed it out.

Growling in annoyance Ragna locked eyes with his adversary. "Stop running around ass-hole!"

"When have I not heard that?" Terumi sounded bored. "Seriously you hero types need to come up with a new shtick!"

Ragna was about to attack him again until a ball of energy came at him. Smacking the attack with his blood scythe he looked to see Tsubaki Yayoi, in her battle attire. Another person stood next to her as he wore a sapphire like attire.

"Oh crap, not you too Jin!" Ragna rolled his eyes.

Jin stepped forward as he pulled out his Yukiensa. "Brother…it's been so long!" He spoke in euphoria. "Finally I can kill you after all this time!"

Ragna grunted out a response. "Now is not the time Jin!"

"Haha, please, stop worrying about that pestilence and fight me, brother!" Jin continued walking toward him.

Terumi raised an eye brow at being called a "pestilence" from Jin. "Whoa, Jin-baby, is that spell breaking again?" Is it because Ragna is here that his power of order is acting up?

It was true that even though Jin was under his command that power of his always seemed to spike at the worse times!

And Beryl is still working on that invasion…I might have to speed this up! Terumi thought.

"Jin, back off now; I've got no time to deal with your coddling issues!" Ragna barked at him.

The green-eyed man laughed uncontrollably. "But brother, it's your destiny to fall to me! No one will have that pleasure of taking your life as the blood drips away from your dying corpse!"

Ugh, does he have to smile when he says crap like that! Ragna wondered.

"Tsubaki, stay back, !" Jin returned to his normal mind frame for an instant as Tsubaki nodded.

Terumi didn't want this battle to continue and was about to intervene until he smelled roses coming to his nostrils. The scent caused the tuxedo wearing man to grimace.

"Oh fuck, the uppity vampire returns!" Terumi spoke.

The Lolita vampire, with Gii and Nago at her tail, Rachel appeared as Ragna looked at her with surprise.

"Bunny rabbit, what are you," He didn't finish his sentence as he felt a blow to the head. "Gah, what's that for you leech?"

"The dog needs some discipline for disobeying his mistress orders!" Rachel sniffed. Even though she talked to Ragna, her eyes never left Terumi.

"Get off your high horse; I'm not listening to all these warnings!" Ragna snapped.

The pig tailed girl with red eyes locked eyes with Ragna. "You are a fool for turning up here; don't you know that it's you who he needs!"

Eyes widening Ragna spoke. "What does he need from me?"

Before Rachel could say anything a rift opened up and appeared Lambda 11. "Jump completed," The artificial murakumo unit spoke.

Terumi had a feeling he wouldn't be getting back in that bath anytime soon. "Another guest; and look at that, it's from Sector Seven!"

An image of Kokonoe appeared above Lambda. "There you are Terumi! You're smarmy ass is mine, asshole!"

Scratching the back of his head Terumi had to ask one thing. "What is with people calling me that, am some monster that deserves such a title?"

Without missing a beat, everyone present said 'yes' simultaneously. Damn, not even a thought!

"Oh, just want it to make sure!" Terumi said as he soon stopped joking and his view to the automaton. "Kokonoe, honey, still in moaning I see? It's been years since I took you're mother's life," he drawled out speaking of the great wizard Nine.

A growl was heard from the image. "Shut you're damn face, ass bucket! Lambda, prepare to engage!" Her image vanished as the braided blonde Murakumo unit activated.

"Acknowledged, preparing to battle!" Lambda spoke.

Rachel shook her head. "That girl will never learn, will she?"

"Brother, stop paying attention to all these hateful women and look at me!" Jin relished.

This is getting out of hand, I better step this up! "Tsubaki be a dear and engage that toy from Sector Seven!" Terumi commanded the Zero Squadron leader.

The long red-haired woman nodded as she materialized a short sword with a book that doubled as a buckler shield.

"Get outta here, rabbit, Terumi is mine!" Ragna said to Rachel. "Whatever plan he has for me, it's going down the tubes!" The red clothed warrior than sprinted toward Terumi!

Rachel was quick to glide after him. Jin saw what he was about to do and stabbed his sword in the ground, creating icicles to protrude out of the ground. Ragna saw it coming and sliced the avalanche.

"JIN!" Ragna yelled angrily at getting blocked by his brother!

"Come now, brother! Let's play again and again until you're body gives out so I can kill you!" Jin rambled out as his mind was purely focused on Ragna.

Grunting out a noise of frustration Ragna, slammed his sword against Jin's. If I su

Rachel saw the battles beginning and decided to stop Terumi herself. She walked up to the man who glared at her.

"Don't be glaring at me with those nasty eyes of yours! Shouldn't you be drinking that god awful tea of yours?!" Terumi yelled at her.

She simply scoffed at his ignorance. "Oh my, are you upset, Terumi? I had no clue it was your 'time of the month?'"

"Oh you didn't just say that to me?" He demanded. "You know what; you need every ounce of your ass kicked!"

Rachel chuckled amused. "I haven't had that said to me in a long time; does a simple seminarian like yourself think I can't keep up with you?" Rachel changed her familiar, Nago, to an umbrella and propped him up as if she was going to play a spirited game of Croquet.

Cackling at the vampire with free abandon, Terumi took off his hat as his hair got spiky and a green aura surrounded him. "You, keep up with me? Won't you be surprised former observer?"

Rachel used the wind she commanded to enhance her speed to attack Terumi, who in return took out his chained hook.

(Blazblue OST: Condemnation of Wings (BGM) begins)

Tsubaki glided at Lambda and swung her sword upwards as it changed to a Claymore. Lambda easily glided backward to avoid the attack and held out her hands using Gravity Seed. A glow illuminated from them as a large field appeared underneath Tsubaki

The Wing of Justice felt like she was slowing down for an instant as Lambda soon conjured up ethereal swords and spiked them towards her. Holding up her book she blocked them for an instant until she felt her defenses felling.

Gliding backward Tsubaki charged herself up as her book fluttered open and used Install. Having enough energy for her attack Tsubaki held out her book, which floated in front of her and charged at Lambda; an energy field surrounded her frame and using Sanctus Aequum.

Lambda saw it coming and the swords floating behind came out front blocking the charged assault. Tsubaki went for a leg sweep, followed by a swipe of her sword that changed to a sword-whip that got in a couple of strikes.

Lambda counted the whiplash strikes by bringing her hands up and sending a column of swords from the ground at Tsubaki.

The Valkyrie like warrior jumped upwards from the attack and jetted at her with an aerial attack like a hawk about to attack its prey. The strike hit Lamda and Tsubaki went for another of her attacks. She lowered her body and went for a Shoryuken like move called Benedictus Rex.

The uppercut landed to Lambda's chin which sent her rocketing in the air. Stopping her movement Lambda landed on the ground and used Sickle Storm; the sickle attack headed towards Tsubaki.

Growing wings on her back she briefly took to the air and moved her book in front of her. The grimoire grew extended wings and charged up a ball of energy and launched it. "Aequum Eleison!"

The powered attacks cancelled each other out which caused a bright explosion. Lambda's vision ended up blindedfor a moment due to what happened.

Kokonoe couldn't see from her vantage point. The output caused a magnetic pulse throughout her machinery.

"For fuck's sake!" She gripped, trying to get the link back online.

Back to the battle, Tsubaki took the advantage as she changed her sword to quarter-inch staff and swung the pole against the Murakumo unit's stomach. A loud thud could be heard as Tsubaki then charged the tip of the staff with ethereal energy to try to short-circuit her.

The install attack was enough for Lambda to state that her fighting output was down to 75%.

On Kokonoe's side she wondered if Tsubaki was ever this strong. "Dammit, I don't want to retreat; Lambda, add all energy reserves to attack!" She yelled.

Lambda heard her master's command. "Recharging!"

Tsubaki had an idea and used the Izayoi's powers; to block out light! A clear dome surrounded them which cut o Kokonoe's link from Lambda!

Kokonoe uttered a curse word. "Damn Izayoi's ability to block out any kind of light or sound! Lambda? LAMBDA!"

Lambda was left by her lonesome. "Processing data; will continue fighting!"

(Theme ends)

Tsubaki held out her hand. "No, this battle will end; INSTALL!" She held her hands in prayer as white wings grew on her back once again and her beautiful red hair blew in a wavy arc.

(Blazblue OST: Shinsou (astral finish part) starts)

Her attire changed to that of a Valkyrie wearing a dress along with a hair piece with wings on her head. She charged at Lambda and a white flash surrounded the doll. Tsubaki than began floating in the sky, looking like an angel to ascend to the heavens.

"White feathers for innocence, Black feathers for darkest sin! We are the messengers and hammers of God, come to deliver righteous justice! Let sinners be punished," An image of a large stature of a woman holding a spear of light materialized behind Tsubaki as she was going for her astral heat; Requiem Aeternam.

"LET JUSTICE BE DONE!" She finished the chant and through her arm down. The stature mimicked her motion as the spear of light impacted against Lambda!

An explosion occurred which caused Lambda 11 to shut down! Tsubaki came floating down as she returned to her normal NOL fighting attire as she went to her knees and gripped her head in pain.

"I can handle this…" She muttered in pain.

Kokonoe was able to reestablish connection but was too late. "Lambda, LAMBDA!" She yelled frantically. Tsubaki soon silenced the image off once again by using Izayoi.

The wielder of the Izayoi saw Jin and Ragna battle and would have intervened until she the effects of her ars magus kicked in and collapsed, unconscious.

"Jin..." she muttered.

(Theme ends)

(Blazblue OST: Under Heaven Destruction starts)

Jin and Ragna's battle had only started moments ago and the two were battling it out like titans. Ragna's strikes had lethal intent and strong however Jin's strikes were elegant and smooth as ice but didn't lack any power like his brother.

The blonde man sheathed his sword to go for another technique of his and went for a vertical outward slash with his ice element. Ragna went for a horizontal strike with his darkness which caused minor shock waves to run rampant.

Jin went for jab strikes with his sword as it was quick which Ragna blocked for a moment before slamming his sword hard against his blade.

"Brother, this is wonderful!" Jin rambled excitedly as if he was celebrating his birthday. "I get to finally kill you!" Jin stabbed swung his sword out sending a flurry of icicles at Ragna.

Ragna held out his left arm and briefly activated his azure which created a shield to block the assault. "Dammit Jin, why are you even following that hack, Terumi?"

The Hero of Ikaruga created an icicle and landed on it, riding it like a jet. It impacted Ragna's body hard and Jin grabbed his shoulder with his hand.

Grunting out in pain Jin's face looked happy. "That's right, brother, you will freeze!" Using untold strength ice erupted from the ground holding up Ragna.

Ragna tried breaking free of the ice but couldn't. Looking at Jin angrily, he yelled at him.

Jin smiled sadistically he stabbed Yukianesa to the ground and channeled all of his power. "Freeze eternally, brother!" The ground froze instantly in a sheet of ice which started covering Ragna.

Taking out his sword he placed the sword within his scabbard. "Arctic Dungeon!"

With a snap of sheathing his sword the cage that encased Ragna broke apart and damaging him. Ragna's body was cold and his skin was blue.

The fight with Rachel and Terumi, which skewered on Terumi's side, stopped as Rachel looked momentarily stunned at what happened while the green haired man whistled.

"Well gosh darn it, the kid had it in him after all?" Terumi spoke that borderline on impressed.

Rachel's usual stoic face had a hint of sadness on it before she smiled. "Do not take that idiot of the equation just yet!"

He eyed her with contempt.

Jin walked to his brother. "Yes, I did it! Now I'll finish the job!" The blonde never noticed a foot hitting his stomach causing him to gag out. "How is this…?"

"Please Jin, that wasn't your best!" Ragna cracked out a smile before turning serious. "It's my turn to rage out!"

Ragna rushed at Jin and gathered dark energy to his sword using Dead Spike. The uppercut shaped like the dark beast engulfed the cold blonde and knocked him in the air.

Jin yelled as Ragna followed up by jumping and delivering a down kick which slammed Jin to the ground hard. Landing Ragna grabbed Jin's face moved it to his.

"You have a lot to answer for, little brother!" Ragna yelled.

(Theme ends)

The green-eyed man's face looked at him with denial. "What are you talking about brother?"

"Don't play games, you idiot!" Ragna continued. "I've heard what went down with you. For some reason you ended up in Terumi's control!"

Jin looked confused but turned angry. "No, my will is my own! All I want now is to kill you brother!"

Ragna had an idea to use this to his advantage. I remember Jubei always mentioning that Jin would be my greatest opponent. This isn't his best. "Listen up Jin, stop being dogged around by that idiot controlling you!"

The sapphire wearing man briefly stopped struggling. He had a flash of memory as he thought of the past as he recalled being in Hazama's office with Tsubaki. He felt something amiss as he saw a woman with red hair use something to knock them out.

Next he was in some contraption as he felt his mind getting fuzzy. His vision came back to Ragna and soon clarity. I…I feel like something is breaking.

Jin soon realized the manipulation. His power of order that had kicked in and it cut him free from Beryl and Terumi's influence. The sapphire wearing Major briefly looked at Terumi and held his hand out to him.

"Bastard…I'll kill you!" He soon fell in Ragna's arms, unconscious. If he was awake he'd come in his pants at the thought of his brother holding him.

Ragna laid Jin down. "You are a pain in the ass, Jin! Don't think I've forgiven you but rest easy!" He said quietly and headed to where Rachel and Terumi are.

Rachel floated around the tuxedo wearing man as she summoned a gale force mixed with lighting to strike against him. Terumi spun his weapon around him creating barrier to block the vampire's magic. Swiping his arm his Ouruboros sniped at the red-eyed vampire.

The blonde vampire changed Nago to a chair which the weapon hit. Snapping her fingers she charged the cat chair with electricity so it would go through the chain. Terumi released his weapon from the chair before it hit him.

Nago soon changed this form to a cannon to shoot out pink rods that stabbed the ground forming a circle. Raising an eyebrow Terumi got out a taunt. "Don't tell me this is some way of telling me to stick it to you good?"

"I hope you continue running your mouth, louse, as my lighting will sear the skin off your bones; Baden-Baden Lily!" She raised to the air with her cape a flutter as powerful strikes of lightning struck the rods.

Terumi ended up electrocuted this time around before maneuvering away from the hailing storm of lightning. Growling annoyed Terumi threw Ouroboros in an up horizontal strike. It gained speed and appeared as a blur surrounding the vampire.

Rachel noticed it and floated above the revolving chain. The fox faced man opened his eyes as he set up the trap. The head of the chain attached itself to her ankle! She gasped in surprise.

"Uh-uh, none of that annoying floating around!" Terumi cackled as something strange happened.

Rachel started feeling a force pulling her to the ground like a magnet and it wasn't the chain. Looking down she saw a magical glyph appear.

"Princess, something strong is pulling us down there!" A panicky Gii squeaked out.

The cat also complained. "We can't stay afloat!"

Rachel snapped making them quiet. She felt something peculiar about it. Even before Beryl came in the picture, the former observer knew for a fact that Termi couldn't do any kind of magic. And the only one who could use it was…

"No…it can't be?!" She whispered.

Ragna sprinted toward her. "RACHEL!" He yelled.

"Turn back this instant, don't get caught you ruffian!" She yelled back to him with urgency which stopped him in his tracks. She never raised her tone unless under dire situations.

Not wanting anything to happen to Rachel he continued coming until Terumi jumped in front of him and landed a foot to his face! Ragna stopped his fall and swung his sword at the troll! Terumi blocked it with his trick knives!

"Ass hole, what are you doing to Rachel?" He demanded at the demented man.

Terumi only laughed. "Something even the uppity bitch didn't see coming! Come on out, Phantom!"

The purple cloaked figure that didn't show a face appeared beside the field that surrounded Rachel. Ragna looked surprised at seeing such a being.

"Who is Phantom?" He demanded as he went with a couple more strikes with his sword trying to hit Terumi.

Terumi dodged his sword slash and jabbed his hand in Ragna's stomach! A wound appeared which caused him to cough out blood. Ragna grabbed the hand and did an over toss. Terumi landed like a cat and sniped his Ouroboros around Ragna's leg. In a surprising bit of strength he lifted the red clothed figure and slammed him to the ground.

Ragna's battles with the NOL solders and Jin had exhausted him but he wouldn't give up ! "Let go of her, Terumi!" He was remembering the time he was helpless to save Saya!

The green haired man laughed once again. "Sorry but I can't have her be on this stage for a while, Rags! Phantom, you know what to do?"

Phantom didn't say anything but an aura of power surrounded the mysterious figure and the magical circle grew larger. Rachel knew she couldn't escape this kind of power. She gave Ragna a look and he back to her.

Don't look so sad, idiot! I tried to keep you from Terumi's grip but this too might be destiny…unless she turned to Jin's fallen figure. She didn't want to do it but if he was to become a hero, she had to hesitantly place her faith in him.

Holding out her hand she spun a transportation spell around Jin and he vanished from the spot. With that done, I must leave this stage for a time. I hope that those Senshi don't take all day in getting here!

She soon vanished within Phantom's spell, to Ragna's shock and Terumi's elation! Phantom soon went about her merry way as well!

Ragna grew angry as he had enough. He held his left hand out. "I'm not letting you get the better of me, jackass; Restriction 666 release, Dimensional Interference Field Deployed! BLAZBLUE ACTIVATE!"

A thick aura of seither coated black surrounded Ragna as he used his imitation Grimiore.

Terumi laughed. "Worried about that wench? All right Rags, get ready cause I'm about to take you on an all-night blitz; Restriction 666 release, Dimensional Interference Field Deployed! BLAZBLUE ACTIVATE!"

A green aura surrounded Terumi and the two went to blows! Ragna continued leaking out seither of the Black Beast as he went for many strikes! Terumi, who was calmer, countered each of Ragna's blows with ease!

Ragna wondered how Terumi got this powerful.

The grim reaper sent a wave of darkness at Terumi! The head of the NOL held out his hands and stopped the attack, to Ragna's aggravation. Ragna sprinted and swung his sword in horizontal slashes which Terumi blocked with the chain of his weapon. With keen reflexes Terumi flicked a couple of trick knives stabbing Ragna in the foot!

Grunting at the cheap shot the white-haired man brought up his leg to kick Terumi in the arm which the green haired man blocked. Ragna swung his arm toward his enemy and used Hell's fang which connected to Terumi's gut which he extended the blow by bringing his other arm out as a bigger blast of darkness swept Terumi away screaming.

Terumi looked somewhat impressed by what happened but slashed away the attack that consumed him with his butterfly knife. He got the thinking if he should show what he learned?

Nah, not the time; I'll just go for the regular moves! Swinging out his arm his Ourouboros snaked out and split too many chains.

Terumi expertly manipulated the chains as they surrounded Ragna. Bringing up his sword, the dark infused Ragna changed his sword to a scythe as the blade jetted to out to a curve and jumped toward the troll.

Swinging and hacking away the chains, Ragna went for a diagonal slash which made Terumi flipped away from. The slash attack cut the remains of the altar and crashed to the ground. Landing back on the ground Ragna added power to his hand to create a claw of darkness and sent it at Terumi.

Holding out his hand Terumi called Ouroboros to protect him. The attack slammed into the temporary field until Terumi had another idea. His eyes glowed yellow and various glyphs appeared around Ragna.

Slitting his eyes Ragna jumped away before spears made of light impaled him. Ragna was lucky he did cause once they hit the spot it melted the ground.

"Crap, that's acid?" Ragna guessed as he headed toward Terumi again, bringing down his scythe to slice the sneaky bastard but once again Terumi moved away from being bisected.

Striking his arm forward Terumi used Venom sword to knock Ragna back. Pushing the assault Terumi brought down his leg imbued with energy. Reacting to hostile intent Ragna brought up his blood-scythe to defend.

A clash of energy erupted that destroyed the floor. Grunting annoyed Ragna focused all his energy to his weapon. Stunned by this development Terumi narrowed his eyes.

"You really think you can stop me with that fake?" Terumi yelled in disbelief.

Ragna didn't say anything as he continued focusing his energy and the force blew Terumi in the air. Seeing his chance Ragna went for his last attack.

Swinging the blood-scythe at Terumi's body the blows cut his clothes and body. Ragna used his pent-up anger to push through the fatigue he was going through.

"I'll show you the power of the Azure! Know what fear is, for there is no hell; only the darkness that consumes you!" The voice that came out of Ragna sounded warped.

With the repeated slashes and being linked to the azure the strikes were devouring Terumi's soul! Ragna's body consumedwith the darkness and looked demonic as a left-wing of dark energy emerged and continued sucking Terumi's vitality.


With a last slash he pummeled Termi to the ground. Floating down to the ground the ground sizzled at his touch. His previous wounds temporarily healed thanks to the azure.

Ragna called off the azure and went back to normal. He had done it, Terumi was dead!

Turning away from the fallen figure Ragna thought about saving Rachel. Damn, I guess I better find her even though she'll curse me out for taking so long.

That ended up being a mistake on Ragna's part as he felt a chain wrap around his foot! Snapping his head to see what the deal was he saw, to his shock, Terumi!

Green haired man smiled perversely at him, his clothes trashed from the thrashing but he seemed all right?

"You…how are you still?" Ragna grunted until a swift movement from Terumi's hand sliced his throat with a knife!

Blood dripped from the wound as the white-haired man grabbed his damaged throat and went to his knees.

"Oh, Rags, Rags, RAGS; did you really think that move would have done jack shit to me?" Terumi called as he reveled in seeing Ragna in pain. Terumi whipped away his weapon which did a 180 and impaled Ragna, going through his stomach, causing blood to gush and doing it again as if he was sewing cloth.

Blood continued flowing as Terumi kept yelling "Die, DIE, DIE, DIE, DIE, DIE!" as Ouroboros stitched his stomach. Wanting to torture him some more, Terumi pulled the chain which caused a grievous wound to appear causing Ragna to roar in agony.

His stomach muscles were raw and Ragna breathed as if running a marathon.

Terumi soon aimed a foot to connect with Ragna's head and another wound. Ragna tried getting up but the Ouroboros chain snaked around his body (once again) and began draining his energy.

"I have picked up a few things before this battle, idiot!" Terumi explained. "It pains me to say I had to use my partner's gift to actually survive that move!"

He grabbed Ragna by the hair and punched him in the face breaking his nose.

"Now, it's time to start this little jamboree!" He snapped his fingers and an orb appeared around Lambda's non-moving body.

He contacted Phantom to get Tsubaki healed up. "And Jin is missing now too; that little condescending bitch and her constant interference will give me gray hair one day!"

Losing Jin was an inconvenience but Terumi rationalized that the cold hero of Ikaurga couldn't do anything for the time being.

Looking down he noticed that blood stained his good shoes. "Come on, you are messing up my shoes! That wound isn't even enough to kill you…yet."

Grunting out another derogatory name at Ragna he took them to his office. Inside Ragna saw from his blurring a capsule like pod on the floor with a body; inside a man with golden hair. Ragna wondered who that could be. As if hearing him

Terumi answered with a sniff. "Someone who thought he could do whatever the fuck he wanted too! King of Heroes they call him."

He dropped Ragna in the center of the floor and a moment later Lambda's body appeared next to him.

Glancing up at the people in the room Ragna tried forming words but with his throat cut nothing came out.

"Awww, what's the matter, buddy? Do you wanna play catch with good ol' dad?" Terumi addressed Ragna like a kid as he got down on bended knee. "Sorry, dude but you'll be going to sleep for a long while!"

With a snap of his fingers a hole opened next to Ragna and Lambda's bodies. What Ragna saw shocked him as his eyes widened in disbelief.

Getting a good look at what he saw Terumi laughed. "That's right, ass-wipe; I have my very own cauldron in my suave office! And guess what, it's for you two cats."

Ragna tried moving away but couldn't.

"Uh-uh, none of that." He gave a punch to Ragna's head. "Now, you might be wondering why I'm about to smelt your body with her, huh?"

Ragna only glared hatefully at Terumi as an answer..

"Hmmm, come on don't stare like that, your face will freeze if you aren't careful," Another laugh. "Anyway to make a long story short, you know about the Black Beast that brought ruin to this world; well you are it!"

The different colored eyed man looked surprised.

"Yeah, shocking and I won't even go into that detail. Just know that now this play will take on a different turn. To bring destruction to that moon bunny's kingdom will need a lot of power and that is what the Black Beast has!"

Pointing a finger to Kokonoe's creation he explained that Lambda was really Nu-13. Her soul had traveled the boundary after falling into the Sheol Gate. During that period before Terumi and Beryl's plans Kokonoe had Iron Tager retrieve Lambda's body from Ibukido (which Relius Clover created sometime in the past)

The scientist erased all the memories Nu experienced in the past which made Lambda an emotionless doll that obeyed the scientist.

Terumi grabbed the doll's braid making the head pull up. "So this is your beloved Nu. And I have to say, Kokonoe is a cruel person to tamper with someone's life-like that? And you think I'm the bad guy?"

Ragna only narrowed his eyes and looked at Lambda's face. As if responding to the situation Lambda woke up. A clear image of Ragna appeared.

"Rag….na?" She sounded like a little girl. "Ragna…Ragna?!" She moved her hand towards him. "I've missed you….after all this time."

Ragna felt sympathy for her and moved his hand towards her. Even if it was a small gesture he wanted to make her last moments wonderful.

Before they could touch hands Terumi kicked the artificial human into the cauldron. Ragna had enough strength to call out her real name. "NU!"

As she fell Lambda burned the image of the person she loved in her heart. She had finally reclaimed what was once lost to her; memories of Ragna. Another image appeared in her memory bank of a girl sitting under a tree, it was sunny and she was enjoying herself with her brother, Ragna.

"Ragna…I will always love you…it will never stop!" Then her body vanished in darkness.

Terumi laughed at the plight. "Oh come on, that's rich! A stupid robot found a heart? Ha-ha-ha, that's material for a movie, don't you think Rags?" He turned to said person.

"Te…ru…MI" Ragna seethed as he tried getting up, his body leaked of seither.

The green-haired man didn't look impressed. "Well, the dog has a little bark left in him? Well save that gumption for the main performance!"

Terumi moved his hand in a fast motion and his hooked chain materialized impaling Ragna in his left shoulder. Ragna walked back slowly and then started falling to the cauldron below.

No, this isn't how it ends? I didn't….Ragna soon closed his eyes as his body went deeper into darkness.

Back on top Terumi whistled. "Well that's done. The process should take an hour at best; who would have thought I'd be going back and creating that failure?"

He walked back to his desk and clicked a button on the surface. An image showed Ragna and Lambda's bodies floating next to each other as seither started encasing them.

"Yep, this will be a grand party and that king with his thirty dollar haircut won't know what hit him!" He crowed.

Another image showed the battle of Crystal Tokyo commencing; various people were fighting demons and the Witches 5.

"Even though those Death Buster chicks won't last long. Mu-12 can handle them along with…" He looked at another capsule, Tsubaki was getting healed. "Maybe I should have Tsubaki unleash her ars magus full powers?"

He soon thought against it, no use over playing the fun just yet. He then saw how Gilgamesh's progress was going.

"Hah, the process is going slowly, don't worry, I'll use you soon enough, Golden King!" Smiling with no hint of remorse.

Terumi's thoughts moved to what he did before taking his bath. I was planning on bringing Ms. Moon to this place to make sure she couldn't interfere with what will be happening in the Federal era but that brainiac had to get in my way!

He had located them earlier and teleported to their place. He had his aim at Usagi but Ami jumped in front of her.

I'm not sure where she is now since that spell was for only the bunny? Oh well, not like she can do anything by her lonesome in this world…even if she was once a part of it.

Terumi soon went back to the image of the Black Beast growing. "That's right my pet, gain all the nutrients you need. You'll be having a feast tonight!"

The sound of a maddening cackle could be heard throughout the NOL.

Lower Levels of Kagutsuchi-Kaka village

Taokaka had just returned from napping in her favorite place in the world!

The cat-girl, whose face coved by a beige cloak hoodie and showed only a view of red eyes and sharp teeth in a constant grin. Her hair braided in twin tails and had long sleeves to cover her arms.

Tao was the pinnacle of innocence as she looked for the good in people but would defend those she held dear, like "Good Guy" or "Lacking Lady" as she referred people by nicknames she created.

Of course it's been a long times since she had Litchi Faye-Ling (or as Tao called her "Boobie lady") famous dumplings. Her skinny stomach howled for a taste of the decadent pork filled goodness!

"Meow-Bobbie Lady hasn't been seen in such a long time!" Tao complained muttering as she kicked a pebble on the ground. She also missed fondling those huge knockers of the Chinese doctor. She could monopolize those puppies all day and they wouldn't lose the jiggle or the wiggle!

She also noticed that "Scruffy man" (Bang) or Little guy (Carl) fellow bounty hunters hasn't been around either. This made the beastkin sad; none of her friends were around anymore.

"Of course Cat person shows up from time to time and little shrimp girl has stayed with Tao and company for a while!" That added some pep in her step. She wondered if Platinum had come back?

As she was about to leave her spot a portal seemed to open. Tao looked struck at was happening.

"A big hole…" She said in wonder as it blew her hair in wild directions.

Then a figure appeared in the flowerbed. Tao, who was curious (since she's a cat) went to the body and poked the person, who was female, on the cheek.

"Hey-hey, you can't sleep here, this is Tao's favorite place Blue-hair lady!" Tao sounded annoyed but soon her facial expression turned to affection as she saw the person had a kind face even if she was unconscious.

"Meow?" She whispered as she stopped poking her. Then another rift appeared which frightened the poor cat as she hopped over to the side to see another figure.

"Hey, it's Ice man!" She cried excitedly. It was Jin Kisaragi and he looked awful, bruises on his handsome features.

A moment later a small two-tailed cat wearing a beige cloak with a hood appeared. Tao saw him and smiled. "Cat person?"

Jubei smiled at seeing Taokaka but soon turned to the two figures. He instantly ran up and checked the girl's pulse first and soon Jin's.

"Their life-force is still intact!" He sighed getting rid of the tension.

Tao asked Jubei if he knew the girl.

"Well…I knew of her once, Tao but that's a story for another time but now grab the girl!" Jubei went for Jin and in shock he lifted up the man with ease.

Tao didn't offer any complaints as she held the blue-haired girl in her arms. "Meow, I wonder what her name is?"

Jubei offered up a response. "Her name is Ami, Tao and she and this guy here," He motioned to Jin in his arms. "Will be necessary for our counter-attack soon!"

Tao looked confused on what he said for a moment before following Jubei back to Kaka village to get the two figures healed up.


In the darkness where no light shined a single figure floated in the darkness. The silver-haired man thought of revenge against the ones who beat him.

He continued thinking that until a light fell upon him. His face showed and he was smiling. "Hmm, looks like my time to return is upon me?" Expanding a dark wing he flew through the pillar of light and soon entered the dimensional abyss.

Sephiroth had planned this before he got beaten by Cloud and his sister. He had taking some of Caster's powers and linked up a type of resurrection spell. It took time but finally it worked.

By being part of Cloud's darkness he knew where Caster came from and who revived her. He would be using that as a driving force to head to a new world and make it his.

"I might as well enjoy the journey? No point of arriving there quickly for I have all the time in the world." Sephiroth smiled evilly.

He soon flew through the dimensional nexus.

Kokonoe: Greetings lost children! This here is my special segment where I explain all that's happened! Well nothing much to say on that front.

Tager: Kokonoe, don't treat the readers that way! Bang Shishigami started a minor rebellion which got him, Makoto Nanaya and Carl Clover captured. Along with Hakumen being trapped once again!

Kokonoe: *rolls eyes* Hakumen had it coming with his trifling ass! Look where all that shit got him? And now one of the protagonists gets captured, not to mention Lambda and they are about to get turned into the Black Beast!

Tager: That is rather unfortunate. With that force looks like Terumi and Beryl will have the piece to declare check mate on the residents of Crystal Tokyo?

Kokonoe: Yeah, it sucks for them; wherever the Black Beast goes no life will flourish for a bit unless there's a certain someone who can whip up miracles like some imperial goddess?

Tager: Do you mean..?

Kokonoe: Oh, who cares! Now all we have on our side is a brother-obsessed, tsundare male and Ami aka Sailor Mercury and who knows how she's linked to this!

Tager: What do you mean?

Kokonoe: I can't access any files on her character for this dimension. I bet the author is keeping that under wraps?

Tager: Most possibly. He is still trying to decide some factors what to do with Ms. Mercury.

Kokonoe: You give her a Ms.? Why not me? You can't say that shit to me? Don't I get any respect?

Tager: I believe we've gone off topic, professor.

Kokokone: Whatever; Rachel ends up in what you can say is a dump, if any of you readers are curious. Platinum appears and tries to warn off Ragna in pursuing Terumi. Of course being the stereotypical protag, he ignores it!

Tager: And now the wheel of fate continues turning in another direction.

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