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Chapter 26

Fall of Crystal Tokyo – End of the Utopia (destruction)

Gates of Crystal Tokyo

(Blaze Blue Chronophantasma OST: Sword of Doom II Mu-12 theme begins)

Clashes of light sparked around the 50 square foot of the holy ground where the royal moon family and their vassals live. Trees cut in half, the ground littered with broken rocks and two figures continued clashing in an epic battle of wills.

One named Erza Scarlet, who was in her flight armor; a bikini clad armor to enhance her speed, was matching blows with the Sword of Kusanagi; Mu-12, the blonde murakumo unit bent on destruction.

The red-haired warrior breathed heavy at the amount of damage she sustained; not anyone could push 'the queen of fairies' to her limit, maybe Yoruichi, Kamui, chaos, or even the powered duo Sherry and Brago but an android? That was unheard of!

Gripping her two swords in her hands she narrowed her eyes at the coming unit. "Come on," She charged at Mu-12 and swung both blades at her! The murakumo unit jetted to the right and jabbed one of her blades at Erza who blocked the attack and swung her sword up to hit Mu-12.

Using enhanced speed the blue-eyed unit leapt away. Throwing out a hand 4 small glass cannons, called Steins Gunner, sprang around the sword wielder and started shooting a volley of lasers at her! Running headfirst to the fray Erza swung her blades with expert flair as she deflected the blast of energy.

Getting close to the cannon she aimed for it. Before it could hit however it maneuvered away from the swing. Growling a little Erza saw Mu-12 manipulating the guns around her. The four cannons used a formation; two on top and the other two on the side. Lasers linked together to form a laser net and came charging at Erza.

Erza tried leaping over the net but Mu-12 met her and used her blades to knock her back to the ground. Flipping to her feet the beam net came close until the blue-eyed woman had an idea. A glow encased her form as she switched from her flight armor to one of her other ones due to amount of damage.

Half a second later Erza stood in her Morning Star Armor; orange and yellow pieces decorated her frame and she wielded different framed one-handed styled swords with cross-shaped hand guards. Crying out a yell Erza concentrated her magic energy, slammed her swords together and used an attack based on her armor she wore; Photon Slicer.

A powerful burst of energy corona charged at the energy net and caused an explosion pushing the two back from one another.

"Target not eliminated threat level 80%," Mu-12 stated in a robotic tone. "Rebooting attack," The Steins Gunners returned and started hailing Erza once again.

Leaping with surprising agility Erza used photon blast to retaliate against the lasers causing an impressing light show of destruction as Mu-12 intricate maneuvered the cannon to get to her blind spot but Erza kept up the pace with her attack while dodging with flips.

"Enough of this!" Erza cried as she got close to Mu and landed some strikes at her metallic armor. Mu-12 grunted against the impact before merging the six blades into one and used the Tohsaka blade to slam against Erza's. The red-head crossed her weapons to block which created a crater beneath her feet.

With that the Steinner cannons released lasers stunning Erza. Mu-12 pressed her attack as she went out with successive slashes and kicks and breaking ligaments of the fairy warriors armor! With a last slash Mu-12 immobilized Erza.

Floating above her eight shining blades forged about to impale her enemy. "The chains of fate, the sound of destruction!" Thrusting down her arms the swords aimed straight for Erza!

Just before they hit Erza broke free."Requip!" In a flash of silver light Erza emerged wearing bulky armor known as Adamantine Armor! Crossing her arms a barrier protected her from Mu-12's Wisdom of the Divines.

"Nice try!" Erza smirked as she lowered her defenses. Knowing that she would be slower wearing this she changed to an offensive one; Heaven's Wheel Armor! Her appearance changed as she wore silver armor with bladed wing plates on the back, a metallic breastplate that showed her navel and a long skirt with armor on with silver boots. Her

"Target not destroyed, commencing with attack!" Mu-12 stated as she called forth the glass cannons to eradicate her. Erza dodged and flew to the air.

"You aren't catching me off guard with those weapons of yours!" Erza yelled as she went for various sword slashes which made Mu-12 go on the defensive at this point! Mu-12 still kept composure but looked on edge that a human could keep up with her.

"Danger, threat level rising considerably!" the blue-eyed murakumo stated as she guarded against another strike from Erza.

Yelling a battle cry Erza reequipped a couple of swords to disengage the glass cannons. Flying above she swooped down again and sliced Mu-12 with her swords in hand with a follow-up of swords sailing behind her and impacting Mu!

"Danger, damage taken is 70%!" Mu-12 muttered. "No...I don't want to hurt anyone!" Her voice taking on a timid tone.

This stopped Erza for a moment and looked in confusion. "What, a robot concerned for life?"

(Theme ends)

Mu-12 gripped her head in agony as her former persona; Noel Vermillion broke through with her eyes briefly turning green. "No I don't want this…please stop!" She screamed desperately.

Erza didn't know how to comprehend this, the person she was fighting, fearing for her life.

"I don't want this, I don't want this!" She ranted as she floated down to the ground!

Closing her eyes Erza went to her. Seeing another person Noel looked like a frightened kid. "Please, stop me, I don't want this,"

"Who are you," Erza asked still keeping her guard up. "My name is Erza Scarlet, head of the King Endymion and Neo-Queen Serenity's court. Do you know what you are doing?"

A brief nod from the distraught teen. "My name is Noel and I…I know what's happened... I'm nothing more than puppet, whose only goal is to destroy the lies of this world," Noel fearfully stated as she looked at her hands. "I have killed people in my world that didn't do anything! I'm horrible! I deserve to die!"

Erza didn't like hearing that and gripped the almost naked girl's shoulders. "Do you think anything will get accomplished if you die without taking responsibility for your actions?" She yelled as memories of Jellal came to her head. He went through the same thing, dealing with all the guilt of taking a life.

"If you feel that way, whatever is controlling you, you have to fight and live on!" Her face took a stern expression. "Living is the only path you can take if you truly regret your actions!"

Noel quelled by the tone of her voice but knew that she was right. I found out that I wasn't human; only a synthetic creation to find the Master Unit. I am a copy of… Her memories went to a place where she was a little girl under a tree and she saw a boy, who was a few years older than her with blond hair and green eyes. A copy of…Sa-!

She didn't get to finish her thought as an electrical shock went through her body and pushing back Erza in surprise!

"NOEL!" The red-haired knight of the moon shouted as the girl Noel floated in the air and her eyes returned to blue.

"Recalibrating mind frame," Mu-12 stated as she stared at a confused Erza.

"Noel, are you there?" Erza tried calling for the girl but she was once again succumbed to her true form; the blade of Kusanagi.

Floating in the air was Hazama. The man clapped as he opened his eyes. "Well, the little doll actually fought off her programming after that attack you used, eh?"

Erza looked fearful at Hazama as she read up on whatever she could about the man who started the first invasion attempt. "You are Hazama?"

"Ooo, I didn't know my name was famous around here? Who knew you guards liked gossip?" Hazama smiled as he took a bow.

"Don't patronize me, you dared strike at the king and queen of this place!" Erza shouted defiance at him. "You're evil caused the Senshi to leave this place!"

Hazama looked confused at her ranting as he stood next to Mu-12. "Hmm, everything seems functioning. I'll have Beryl strengthen my control over her."

Growling Erza headed towards Hazama as she weaved her swords in a delta formation. "TRINITY SWORD!"

As the projectile was about to hit Mu-12 used the glass cannons to create an oval barrier around them to block the attack to Erza's dismay. "What, Noel!"

Hazama looked annoyed at what she called his puppet. Taking off his hat, he switched to his unhindered and true self; Yuki Terumi. "Oh will you shut UP?" He cried excitedly. "Noel, Noel," The spiky green haired man mimicked in a whiny tone. "That's NOT her name, queen of the flies!"

Placing a hand on her head he declared who she was. "Her name is Mu-12; the Godslayer! And she is here to fight for my cause! Not bake cookies with you sweetheart!"

Glaring at him Erza readied herself. "You dare treat her that way?" She thought about how Mu acted before. She believed, no, she knew that was her personality! "You have no right to use her!"

"I have no right, is that what you're saying?" Yuki spoke as he laughed. "I have EVERY right! She is powerful enough to bring death upon this world and even though you," he eyed Erza with contempt. "Are capable to trade blows with her, I don't think you have what it takes to destroy her!"

Terumi brought Mu's face close to his and licked her cheek. "I mean, you already discovered the timid little blossom she once was, would you kill a 'friend' at knowing this?"

Erza hesitated due to the snake's hateful words. "Tch, bastard…"

"Please, spare me the drama," Getting a view of her eyes he saw something that made him angry. "DON'T TELL ME AFTER THAT BRIEF DISPLAY YOU REALLY THINK OF THIS DOLL AS A FRIEND?" He yelled not comprehending it. "What kind of shit is this some manga where friendship and love will win out in the end?"

"You wouldn't understand what it means to lament, pleading for forgiveness!" Erza challenged him as she looked him straight in the eyes. "I've seen the evil you commenced with bringing these demons and abominations to this world! Not caring for those who end up dead by your cruelty!"

Images of various people crying and screaming came to her head, another image of Noel pleading to Erza to stop her. "You step on people like they are bugs and complain that you don't understand?" A red aura surrounded her frame as it started destroying the ground she stood on with some chunk of rocks floating around her, surprising Terumi.

(Fairy Tail OST: Erza Scarlet theme extended begins)

"I understand one thing about your nature; you are evil and that's all the reason I need!" she pointed her feathered sword at him. "I swear I shall smite this evil you rot upon this world!"

With a leap she charged at Terumi! Scoffing at her attempt Terumi looked ready to call his ouroboros but she vanished in a flash shocking him! Looking around he didn't see her until he felt a presence coming from above.

"YAHHHHHHHHHHH!" Erza yelled as she did a horizontal strike splitting Terumi and Mu-12 from one another and causing an explosion on the ground. Not taking a breath she knew where her real target was; Terumi! "YOU AREN'T ESCAPING, SNAKE!"

Going towards him she changed her swords to a giant metal club, shocking Terumi! "How is a girl like you carrying a huge weapon?" He shouted as he maneuvered away from the attack which made another crater on the ground.

I'll apologize to King Endymion about this later! Erza swore as she reequipped her weapon to a broadsword and went for Terumi once again! "DIE!"

Mu-12 stepped into action as she once again summoned her Steins Gunners to surround Erza. Bending down Mu sent an orb of light to the cannons as it maneuvered by the angle of the weapons and launched her attack with some laser blast. Thinking fast Erza reequipped her armor to her Black Wing Armor; black armor with demonic wings and her hair styled in a ponytail along with changing her broadsword to a skinner one.

With a quick movement she dodged the attack. Thrusting a swing of her arms a crescent slash slapped aside the guns and knocking them aside as she sent another slash that surprisingly pushed the godslayer to the ground and landing in a heap.

Returning to her armor and weapon from before she went for a strike at the snake. Terumi calculated by the weight of that blade she wouldn't be able to get much speed!

"You damn idiot, that's going to cost you that precious life of yours!" He swung his weapon and it started zigzagging around and about to impale her.

To his shock she easily moved her body to the right and swung her sword and struck his body! Putting up his left arm Terumi tried blocking the strike but it cut his arm clean off!

Screaming he held his missing limb as Erza already reequipped her weapon back to her feathered swords as various other weapons from her arsenal spun around her in a dazzling circle. Utilizing her magical energy Erza swung out her arms. "CIRCLE SWORD!"

The weapons broke apart and hailed around Terumi like a hail of flower petals floating on the wind at a cherry blossom viewing. Whipping out his chain the troll tried slapping aside the weapons but some struck his arms and legs as he growled in annoyance.

"Fuck, if I go down because of this woman I'll never live this down!" He seethed still shocked by how some warrior princess with blades was cutting him like ribbons.

Her aura intensifying Erza yelled as she struck the side of his face denting it and sending him crashing to the ground.

"Stand up you coward, there's no way I'm losing this fight!" Aiming straight for Terumi, who got back up in a daze, the knight of the fairy's slashed her swords across his body in the shape of a star-shaped diagram.

"PENTAGRAM SWORD!" She shouted with authority and knocking Terumi to the main gate and crashing into it.

Narrowing his eyes Terumi coughed out blood which made his eyes go wide! Oh this bitch, this bitch is going to die! Getting up once again Terumi sneered at the floating warrior who waited. "You know this is my favorite suit and its shreds now thanks to you!"

A contempt look showed on the scarlet haired woman's face. "I was trying to wipe that joker like grin off your face," She snarked. "I'm not sure what it will take to bring you down but know my sword will shred that evil!"

Laughing with no care Terumi stared at her. "Evil, evil, evil, evil, evil; I'm evil? So what the fuck if I am this form of evil? I can't stand you people who spout words of justice like getting out a fart! It's nauseating, you get that! This belief you have is strange to me and you, honey, brought me pain? Terumi doesn't play that!"

A green aura enveloped Terumi as his clothes got replaced with a yellow cloak with a hood to cover his hair and face. He still had his suit on but with the shirt opened to show his skinny but muscular chest. His left eye glowed green and gave a sick smile.

"Restriction 666 released, dimensional interface deployed, blazblue activate!" His azure grimoire activated and a green aura surrounded his frame while his left arm returned. Ahh, that's much better! Why do I restrict myself? Come on darling, we about to have a ho down!"

(Theme ends)

Erza grunted as she knew he wouldn't be pulling his punches and prepared herself. Before anyone could move an image of Beryl appeared in the sky which stopped them. "Terumi enough, now is not the time for you to fight!"

Upon seeing the queen's face Erza grimaced. This cannot get any worse!

"Oh come on Beryl, I just want to have fun kicking her around and putting her in a pit of despair!" Terumi called out to the queen of the master unit. "I'll even bring in that little bear of despair as my partner!"

"Terumi, your project is almost done, I need you, come back now!" The face replied with force.

Rolling his eyes the cloaked figure gave a glare to Erza. "Be thankful that I didn't finish you, queen of the flies!" He taunted as he snapped his fingers. Mu-12 appeared next to him in a flash. "Doll, finish off the poet of justice and light, my pet is almost done!"

Calling out to him Erza went to strike him but thanks to Beryl's magic he escaped. Looking up the image vanished as well and leaving her to deal with Mu-12! "Don't do this Noel, you said you want me to help you right; all I can say is you need to help yourself, this power is yours and not his!"

Mu-12 stopped for an instant and her eyes returned to green. "Erza…thank you. Please escape!" Her eyes reverted back to icy blue.

Holding back a yell Erza knew that she couldn't reach her any longer and the only chance was to knock her unconscious since now she didn't want to destroy her.

"I'm sorry Noel, but this is something I do as a warrior and as a friend!" She stated before her breathing got harder. I've used more energy than I realized, I'll have to end this!

Making her choice Erza decided to use one of her new armors.

Yelling fiercely she used her second origin! Dawned in elegant armor, she emerged wearing a short blue robe with gold trimming that revealed her buxom breasts while it was held together by a gold bead at the waist. Large framed blue gloves showed on her hands with ribbon decorations on the side. On her shoulders was a gold pauldron with an image of a lion on both. Blue and gold leggings dawned on her legs with knee a protection guard that was also gold. On top of her head she had a tiara with two blue rhombus pieces. The sides of her beautiful red hair were also decorated with two gold beads with them through it.

In her hands she held a halberd with the same decorations and a gold circular hand guard in the middle of the handle. "Behold, my Nakagami Armor!" It's a good thing I trained in Evangelian's time resort! I'll be sure to thank her properly!

The armor she wore was new to her and she felt her magic was draining at a faster rate upon wearing it. I still need to train with this though, gripping her weapon tightly in her hands Erza's magic aura seeped out as Mu-12 analyzed the structure.

"Danger level is A; begin with eradication!" She stated as her Steins Gunners floated around and prepped her blades.

Erza was about to attack until she saw two figures running to the main door of the palace; Luke Fon Fabre and Chisame Hasegawa!

"Those two; oh no!" She muttered as Mu-12 saw them and headed towards the short-red head and light-brownish teens!

Luke and Chisame; who had finally gotten there after Luke dealt with some lower class demons noted an android figure coming towards them! Stopping the hacker Luke pushed her to the ground to avoid the swift movement.

Looking up Chisame pushed him off. "What are you doing?!"

Rolling his eyes he snapped back, "Trying to keep you safe, look!"

Said girl looked and froze upon seeing Mu-12 as she had a sword stabbed in the wall which well could have been her. As she pulled it out Erza stepped in and slammed her halberd against the murakumo's blade!

"Erza-san!" Both teens cried in bewilderment.

"Get inside the castle both of you," Erza commanded. "And Chisame, get those defenses back online, we can't afford to lose it or it will be over for the rest of the planets!"

With a nod Luke grabbed Chisame's wrist and they went inside!

Grunting at the backlash Erza shouted. "You will not harm anyone else, Noel!" With a swing she knocked back the machine who flipped back and manipulated her glass cannons to start spinning around Erza and fired piercing beams at her body. Erza activated a powerful aura burst to reflect some of the beams and knocked the guns away. Pushing her body towards Mu, she spun her blade overhead as a light blue sparkles shined around her body!

"Power level rising to danger level AA!" Mu stated as Erza got in close and called out her attack! Hoisting her weapon above her head and shouted bringing down her halberd.

"Nakagami Starlight!"


An explosion knocked back the two combatant's on each side of the yard! The force of the blow knocked Erza out of her second origin stat and back to her default attire. Damn, I'm exhausted, I can't move!

She tried moving her legs but they felt brittle like they would crack to tiny pieces but she couldn't afford this to happen and struggled to get up. She saw Mu-12 damaged but not out of the fight shocking her.

"No, that was everything I put in that attack!" Erza dismayed, she started to lament she should have trained more with the power boost.

"Threat level C, magic energy dropping," Mu-12 coldly stated. "Prepare to attack,"

She summoned her gunners once again and pelted Erza with prejudice! The lasers felt like knives being stabbed throughout her body! Screaming in distraught at what happened, Erza's clothes ripped apart as she started collapsing. Before that happened Mu grabbed her by the neck.

"Gah," Erza grunted looking at the one who could slay god.

"Destroy target!"

(Blazeblue Chronophantasma OST: Blue Sanction astral finish version starts)

An oval shield produced by her weaponry surrounded Erza. "The seven celestial gods; the world created by the hands of the gods… Everything is false, everything is a lie! The final days have come… Now, let everything be destroyed!"

She summoned a 12-foot sized sword that sparked fear into Erza, there was no way she could survive that!


The sword crashed near her and caused a mighty explosion to rock the entire castle and destroyed some random places in a 30 meter radius!

(Theme ends)

Mu-12 stood with no emotion on her face as she didn't see Erza anywhere. "Target neutralized, returning to the dark Susanoo!" Mu-12 soon had a cloak to cover up her body and a portal materialized.

Turning around her eyes had a sad look. Erza…I hope you survived! Noel said before succumbing to her true nature.

Erza Scarlet breathed heavily as she took massive damage; she thought she was going to die if not for Noel getting some control at the last second and pushed Erza some meters away as the sword dropped down.

"Noel saved me, even if I lost this fight I think there is still hope for her, I just hope someone can save her…" Her eyes got heavy and soon dropped to unconscious.

Some demons saw Erza not moving and were about to eat her until a blast from cannon wiped them out. A long-blue haired figure with red eyes and white armament on her body appeared.

"Shion, enemies eradicated in this section," She spoke in a robot tone.

"Good job KOS-MOS!" Shion could be heard over a radio frequency. "Now get Erza back here!"

KOS-MOS had just been finished by the scientist in Mercury with Shion leading the project and this was her first testing period.

"My mission is destroy anything hostile to keep deaths low; she is out of harm's way." The logical robot stated causing Shion to groan.

"KOS-MOS, that is enough; Erza is the lieutenant for King Endymion and Queen Serenity and she is a friend! We help those in need so bring her back here!" She admonished her like mother would a way would child.

Keeping up a poker face KOS-MOS analyzed Erza once again and would have ignored Shion's command (she had a tendency to do that to her aggravation) but stopped. After two moments the synthetic and beautiful robot picked Erza up.

"Returning to base," She said as she returned to Mariner castle.

Mariner Castle

Shion Uzuki, the pretty scientist sighed with relief as she saw KOS-MOS return with Erza and had some medics rush her to get her healed up.

"Thank you KOS-MOS, you did a good thing," The brown-haired woman smiled.

Not batting an eye KOS-MOS replied back, "The data I have on her is that Erza Scarlet is a top fighter and we will need her later to up the percentage of survival,"

This caused everyone to sigh at her logical nature.

"God dammit Shion, you need to program some feelings into that metallic toy that you created!" the pink haired twin tail Takagi ranted trying desperately to stop the virus from spreading in the systems. "You hear that you blue-haired freak?"

KOS-MOS simply ignored her which made Takagi growl at her!

"Come on, stop talking to her and get back to work," Ayumu stated. "Keep in contact with Chisame; she's the only one that can hack the main system. We have to keep whatever defenses we can or it will be the end of us,"

"Like I don't know that, dumbass?" Takagi snapped typing on her computer. "You think I want this to happen; without the defenses it will be even easier for that bitch witch to floored all the planets and start some apocalypse which I don't even want to think about!"

The brown-haired analyst only ignored his colleague's insane ranting. "Okay Chisame is almost at the access point,"

Takagi only growled and returned to her station. "Shion can that robot return to the surface?"

Shion shook her head. "That last jump took out most of the reserved energy we had; we'll have to leave it to the others on Earth. I know the other planets are dealing with their own attempts to keep their planets safe."

Ayamu stated, " Mars, Jupiter, Uranus and Saturn are pushing ahead but that won't last long, we need those defenses up due to the limited resources due to the invasion and virus."

"with chaos running as a proxy on Pluto, along with Natalia on Neptune, JR on Mars, Akihiko with Jupiter, Guy on Uranus, MOMO on Saturn and Artemis with Venus, they are having a hard enough time along with some of the top fighters of each planet have already gone to some points in Japan before this happened." Shion responded as she brought up images from around Japan.

Takagi looked at her screen. "Hey, come on Hasegawa, move that ass, I'd like to live another day!"

The medium-length brown-haired scientist looked to her screen and saw Takashi, Teddie and Levi lead their forces to deal the demon scourge. "KOS-MOS, help the others outside all right?"

KOS-MOS acknowledged the order before saying something. "My outward appearance is down 5%, Shion I need to be cleaned!"

Shion and Ayumu dropped their heads while a certain pink haired teen screamed. "SWEET CHRIST, WHY DO WE GET STUCK WITH THE UPPITY ANDROID!"

Crystal Palace (inside)

Luke Fabre and Chisame Hasegawa were in the castle but it looked different on the inside; the interior looked dark and crystalized rocks formed on the walls! "This is bad, I had no clue it would be like this!" Luke muttered as he and the hacker stopped in front of a blocked door. It was the throne room.

As he was about to touch it Chisame stopped him which made him turn his head towards her. "Don't go touching anything; if it's locked then that means someone doesn't want us going in,"

"Yeah but the king could be in there!" Luke stated.

Turning her body away she folded her arms. "We can't get weepy eyed about worrying King Endymion; he would want us to go about our assigned task," She looked at him. "That is what you told me when you grabbed me to come here,"

The scarlet haired teen remembered what Endymion said and only nodded. "Yeah I got you this far but we now need to find a place to hack the control panel and get things running again,"

Pulling out her cell Chisame checked the map of the palace. "I'm not getting good frequency but we need to head down there!" She pointed to the left. "That's the only relay point I can make out. Once I'm linked I can get in contact with my cohorts on Mercury and try to get things online again!"

Nodding with resolve the two went deeper to their destination where the fifth witch was.

In the room where she hacked into Viluy smiled snuggly at the coming duo. "My, to think they would try to stop my virus? Goodness I might have to get physical with them?"

Couple minutes passed before they made it to an open room which was spacious. The duo looked around confused as it appeared different; everything had a wires connected and a computer in the middle of the room. Luke felt a chill go through his spine in knowing that someone made their home here.

I wonder what happened to Yue. I thought he would be here?

Chisame not paying any heed ran to where there was a computer and started typing on there. Some moments passed before she was on the network before it froze on her!

"Hey, what happened?" Luke asked to a frustrated Chisame.

"Double checking the parameters on this to see how far the hack is going," She explained. "I don't want to just dive in there without a way out."

As that happened a figure appeared behind and shot energy like blast at them. Seeing it happen Luke pulled out his sword and deflected the beam scattering it to the sides with Chisame covering her face from the smoke. Keeping in front of Chisame, Luke called out to who that attacked them.

"Welcome to my domain of technology, worms!" Viluy stated as she smiled at them. "I can't have you disable my lovely virus; all the defenses need to come down for Queen Beryl to have easier access to control everything!"

Gripping his sword tightly Luke didn't move an inch. "Looks like we have some exterminating to do?"

"Hey, hey, I'm not a fighter; don't get me involved in this!" Chisame barked as she activated her pactio and soon had a wand in her hand.

Snapping her fingers electrical wires spread around and bounded their arms and legs! Yelling out they both hung upside down with a chuckling Viluy present at their situation. "I control everything in this domain," the witch explained. "The moment I sent the virus I changed this area to a sub dimension, separate."

Chisame and Luke struggled but felt an electric shock go through them. "Uh-uh, don't do that. I can't have you do anything weird." Holding out her hand sparks raced around her fingers. "I need to take out the one that can put an end to my territory!"

The teen girl freaked and thought about how her life would end! She hasn't even fallen in love! Sure maybe a small part of her yearned for a certain British boy and maybe act on the feelings when he was older but to end like this?

"Mosaic Buster!" Crying out her patented attack a wave of nanobots racing toward Chisame as she screamed!

(Persona 4 Golden OST: Time to Make History starts)

"Persona; Koyru!" A voice cried as a long 15 meter golden dragon appeared in front of the girl and created a barrier to protect her! Eyes widening from what happened, she and Luke saw three figures; one the enigmatic Yue of the Moon with an indifferent look, a girl with short brown hair and wearing a green school-outfit and a guy with grayish hair wearing a black school suit!

"Yue, Chie and Narukami!" Luke called out to their comrades. Yu was one of the newer recruits to Endymion's court while Chie was on Saturn's court.

A card descended upon Chie, which she kicked and summoned her persona; Tomoe to use her spear to slice them free and grabbing Chisame before they hit the ground. Yue half-heartedly caught Luke while muttering, "Be more careful will you," His face still indifferent.

Chisame soon asked how Narukami and Chie were here which they explained they came from one of the underground tunnels while the palace was under siege and met up with Yue only some minutes before coming here.

While the group got together Luke asked what happened to Yue while he was away. The white-haired man closed his eyes. "I've been sensing a strong power coming from the throne room; Queen Beryl has trapped Endymion in there and has caused time to disorient around the palace."

The others found it hard to think that Beryl already had the castle under ruins. "Wait does that mean he's," Chie muttered before Yue shook his head explaining that Endymion wasn't dead.

"That means there's a chance," Yu stated as he pulled out his katana. "Hasegawa, we'll give you the time to get everything back online and maybe with that get this space destroyed!"

"Do you really think I'm giving you that chance?" Viluy stated as electrical wires spread around her and pierced towards them.

Taking point Yue made a barrier to block the attack as Chie used Tomoe to dissect the wiring while Luke and Yu charged at the girl. Leaping to the air Luke gave a yell as he swung his sword down which got blocked by the witch. Spinning around with his sword on the ground Luke used Guardian field to somewhat damage Viluy. Yu changed his persona to Izanagi who fired an electrical stream towards her as Luke jumped away.

Shocked by the attack Viluy used here attack to cancel out the persona user's attack as she speared towards them. Using the electrical circuits they sprang from the ground causing the ground to break. They struck like whips to attack the crew. Knocking an arrow in his bow Yue released arrows of energy to destroy some while picking up Chisame and gliding away from the blue-snow haired witch's attack!

"Hey you don't have to hold that tightly!" An embarrassed and frantic Chisame cried being in the attractive man's arms!

Ignoring her ranting Yue spread his wings to gain speed in avoiding Viluy's continued attack. Holding out her hands the witch was about to use another mosaic buster to bring them down until Chie came in and kicked Viluy down to her shock. Giving her a smirk Chie went for various kicks to continue distracting Viluy. The witch leapt away as wires covered her arms and formed to a laser blaster. Aiming she fired a beam attack at Chie, who instantly rolled to the ground and called forth Tomoe again. Slamming a fist to the ground the teen girl used God's Hand as a giant fist slammed into Viluy hard and knocking her back!

Not stopping the attack Luke rushed in as he channeled his own innate magic power to his blade. Jumping to the air he flipped and slammed his blade to the ground causing the ground to spread open and flame mixed with rocks burned her severely.

Tiring of this Viluy snapped her fingers as the same demons that were outside appeared around them. They attacked the group with prejudice. Chie, Yu and Luke stood back to back as they went all out against them. Adding their persona's elements to enhance themselves(Chie her legs, Yu his katana) they struck the medium-sized human demons while Luke got some strikes with Swallow Fury and Light Spear Cannon.

Yue got Chisame close to the computer and placed a barrier around her. "Nothing will get past my defenses, do what you need to do," He spoke quietly. Stating that Yue engaged some winged gremlins by firing blast of energy at them and others to keep them at bay.

With a nod she summoned her pactio and seven electronic sprites appeared; they would offer her support as she entered cyberspace.

(Theme ends)

Upon entering Chisame with her sprites saw a monolith that represented Viluy's virus. The structure was 20 feet tall and spreading throughout the magical and electrical systems of the nine planets.

"Ok, bigger than I anticipated," Chisame grimaced at the sight. "We have to make containment around this obelisk so it doesn't spread any further along with finding an antidote to restore everything." An irritated sigh escaped her. "Who'd have thought I'd be involved in another cyber-attack? I transferred from Mahora to this!"

Calling to her sprites she had them start scanning the tower while she had a board appear beneath her fingers as she typed with vigor. After two minutes she got all the data. "This is unique; it has a program that it will collapse upon itself if anything disturbs its phase."

Before she could type anything else a reaction came from the virus as it glowed and spouted defenses to get rid of any outside influence.

"Chisame-sama, it's about to attack!" Negi (the sprite) whined as he and his siblings tried containing the virus.

"Not what I wanted to hear, it's never easy!" She stated with a smile. "Hmmm, let's see if I'm up to snuff with this?"

Putting in a command she linked up to the place she was stationed in; Mercury. It was only some seconds before images of Ayumu and Takagi showed a video screen.

"I'm glad I was able to get through," Chisame stated.

"Glad you were able to do it," Ayumu gave one of his rare smiles. "We couldn't get in but thanks to tethering the area we can help you. We've been keeping an eye on your progress."

Takagi only scoffed. "Hmph, it's about time you linked up; you should have moved your ass faster!"

A vein appeared on Chisame's head. "Hey you think you could do any better with flying monkeys and witches flying around!"

Sparks appeared between the two rivals before Shion appeared. "Not now you two," She spoke before turning her gaze to Chisame. "Your sprites are sending us the data, they somewhat quarantined our link but the other planets are about to get over run! You need to get in the heart of the tower!"

"You make seem so easy!" Chisame griped as she continued typing in data while talking. "I'm not much of a fighter,"

"You're going to have to learn fast though," Ayumu stated. "We'll continue offering support on our end but like Shion said only way to stop this is getting inside the thing."

Knowing that they were right, Chisame firmed her resolve. "I'm going to need some backup with this,"

Takagi answered. "What is that all; hey you better help our hacker!"

With that someone else entered the space of cyber reality as a gyroid with long green hair and blue eyes appeared; she wore maid like outfit. Once Chisame saw who it was she gave a smile. "Who'd have thought the vampire would allow you to help us? Doesn't she thrive off seeing a shining utopia destroyed?"

Taking note of one who Chachamaru considered one of her close friends she answered. "Mistress has 'mellowed' out in these last hundreds of years," She said.

"Where are you linking up?" The brown-haired teen asked.

"I am currently outside the palace walls in a secure spot," Chachamaru responded with ease. "I will aid you while you get to the core, Chisame."

"Aren't you worried someone will break the connection?" Shion asked concerned etched on her face.

Gyroid answered with logic."I have a companion watching my back,"

Outside a small puppet holding two sharp daggers in her little hands Chachazero confronted stray demons that found Chachamaru's hiding spot.

"Heh-heh, what's small toy like you going to do to me?" A fat one with a plump belly burped out as he stepped closer with naughty intent. "That machine looks good to rub a nut too!"

Chachazero cackled wickedly as her eyes shined at the amount of blood lust about to go down. "And here I thought it would be boring," With a spring in her step the puppet stabbed the fat demon's eyes out and instantly cut his stomach as his organs fell out. A final slice cut off the head as she continued laughing.

The others stepped back as if seeing the boogie man alive. "Wait, isn't that a certain mage's puppet?" one asked his companion getting scared.

Eyelids squint as the answer crashed upon them and they sweated in fear! "Wait, isn't that the Dark Evangeline's puppet?!"

Gasp could be heard as tales of Evangeline's cruelty from the past entered their minds along with hearing about the puppet that liked misery and despair.

"Kikikiki, let's not stop the fun now," She cackled as she jabbed a dagger at them counting who she would go for next. "All ya'll are going to be my bitches!"

"AGHHHHHHHHH MAD PUPPET ON THE LOSE, FLY AWAY!" One yelled before he met his untimely end of his head cut off and landing at Chachazero's feet before stepping on it and blood oozed out.

The little puppet soon cut, stabbed, and tortured them with happy perversity. "Oh yes, I've been waiting 200 years for this, kikikiki!"

Ah yes the life of a sadistic puppet never gets boring.

Back in cyber space Ayumu's screen narrowed in at the tower still being contained. "Hate to break this up but now we've got to do this now before we lose our holding ground."

Chisame and Chachamaru got ready as the virus tower broke one part of the barrier and the sprites started bugging out.

"55% damage to the shield and it's getting stronger with each wave!" One shouted.

"Support each other in defenses," Chisame commanded as she flicked a screen in front of Ayumu. "That's all the data I have, I'll leave it to you and the others to continue supporting me and Chachamaru!"

Reading it briefly Ayamu understood.

"Why is she snapping orders? Isn't she the new one?" A snarling Takagi stated.

"If you have any better ideas then please say something!" Chisame snapped back. After growling the two turned from one another.

The defense virus resembled Viluy's as they had mechanical armor on their bodies and started heading towards them.

With a wave of her wand Chisame's outfit changed; a leotard decorated her frame as cybernetic armor got placed on her shoulders, kneecaps and feet. Her hair got placed in a ponytail and a scanner screen on her left eye. Her outfit looked like Yuna Kagarazaka from Galaxy Fraulein Yuna but with red and white instead of white and blue.

"Not sure what you can do with those robots running around the place," She said to Chachamaru.

Chachamaru didn't say anything as her eyes briefly had data floating around them before thirty copies of her emerged behind them. "I think that is enough?"

Whistling impressed Chisame smiled. "Let's clean this stuff up! Boys I leave you with Ayamu, Takagi and Shion, don't let me down!"

"YES CHISAME-SAMA!" The seven electric sprites saluted.

Chisame and the Chachamaru army took off as the copies materialized gun barrels, long protrusion knives/blades and missiles to start wiping out the scourge of data. Chisame with the original got some attacks by thrusting her wand and eradicating a large portion with a powerful magic blast as they jetted around the place dodging and trying to get to the core of the tower.

(Persona 4 Arena OST: Yu Narukami theme starts)

Outside the battle with Viluy looked ready to end as Luke stabbed a demon in the gut and wiped it clean with using Frigid Blast. Chie supported him with her skills as the kung-fu enthusiast evolved Tomoe to her 3rd tier persona; Haraedo-no Okami.

"Go for it Haredo-no Okami; Agneyastra!" Chie commanded.

The duel speared warrior of purification struck the stray demon by sending flaming rocks to eradicate them. Yue kept up his defenses still protecting Chisame as crystal shards bisected any enemies that got close

Yu took care of Viluy by having Izanagi in his greatest form; Izanagi-no-Kami and sending an electric current with a swing of his katana Viluy side-stepped the attack. Manipulating the data in the area various guns appeared on the walls and unloaded on Yu. Swiping his sword Izanagi sent an electrical blast to cancel out the blast and wiped out the guns.

Face etched in shock Viluy saw that majority of her reinforcements were already taking down and Chie and Luke appeared beside Narukami.

Not wanting to back down she hurled another Mosaic Buster at them to which the trio dodged and spread out to attack her.

Deciding she needed an upgrade she changed her attire to match her domain; light-blue armor decorated her frame with high-tech gear with a blue energy knife coming from a wrist gauntlet she wore. On her back four blade-like weapons doubled as wings floated behind her.

Jetting toward them Viluy hurtled beams of energy at them. Luke blocked with his sword which sent him hurtling back while the other two used there persona's for defense but ended up damaged still. Extending her knife to a blade she charged at a still recovering Yu. Before she got in close Chie pushed him aside and took the blunt of the attack.

Screaming in pain Chie was knocked unconscious. Seeing his friend her Yu sent his persona to engage the powered up witch. Luke went and took Chie to Yue's side.

The persona and witch clashed as energy sparked between them. Yu tried firming his will but felt it wouldn't be long before Viluy would get the upper hand on him.

"Give up boy, I rule this area thanks to my virus," She gloated. "It powers me up so not even your power is a match against mine!"

Growling out Yu gripped his wrist in pain. Dammit, it this keeps up she'll cut it off!

Hope looked lost for Yu until he saw the area turning back to normal! Viluy looked around in surprise which gave Izanagi his chance as he slammed his sword to her stomach and sent her crashing to the ground!

Luke and Yue, who the latter was healing Chie, saw that Chisame stirred from her astral form returning to her body. "Does that mean she did it?!" Luke asked to which Yue rolled his eyes.

"If she's back and the area turning to normal, the answer would be yes!" Replied a sardonic Yue.

Chisame opened her eyes as she saw them and gave a smirk. "Mission is complete, the virus is destroyed!

Mariner castle

The hacker's statement was true as the castle's electronic and magical systems were back online with power to spare!

Ayumu in an out of character moment pumped his fist in the air! "THAT'S THE WAY GIRL!"

Shion, Takagi and the other co-workers stared at him in surprise which he blushed.

"Okay, that's everlasting proof Narumi has emotions but that sums it up," Takagi stated as she started typing in data. "Sending the antidote to all systems, that should stop anymore portals from popping up,"

The brown-haired woman scientist also started entering in some data, "With that the teleport devices back online. We can start sending and retrieving some of our people back to aid us!" Shion said.

The brown-haired boy also did that. "Let's just hope nothing else starts happening!"

Crystal Palace

(theme ends)

The area returned to normal as Viluy wasn't in her dimension anymore which meant that this would be an easy victory for the guardians of the planets to issue some payback!

"No, how could you break my virus?" She shouted loudly which she aimed at Chisame who only smiled.

"Hmph, I've been doing this for a long time now and I have some teachers who taught me well!" Images of her fellow scientist came to her head along with Negi who gave her the pactio needed to do it. "I'll admit I thought I was going to die but luckily I had some help!"

Eyes filled with rage Viluy, who was still in her mechanical armor speared towards Chisame to kill her but she slammed to a shield created by Yue, whose eyes glowed blue.

(Guilty Gear X2 OST: Awe of She starts)

"This is our counterattack," He spoke with cold indifference as he sent a shockwave to knock her across the room.

Thanks to healing by Yue, Chie decided to use one of her persona's new moves. A card descended and she gave a swift kick as Haraedo-no-Okami came in and spun the duel-speared weapon overhead. "Don't think, feel! Dragon Hustle!"

A transparent Chinese dragon spun around the others as it increased their offensive, defensive and agility!

Luke sprinted at the witch first as he pulled out his sword as he went with a flurry of sword attacks, faster and stronger thanks to Chie's support.

"You're finished! Arise, resound, and become the blade of destruction! Lost Fon Drive!" With a final swing of his sword he sent a burst of light that destroyed Viluy's armor and made her cry out in anger and puzzlement!

Scar marks bled on the ground as Viluy's eyes got blurry. "I have to escape from here," She choked out before seeing Yu in front of her with a determined glare. "NOOO, NOT NOW!"

Ignoring her pleading Yu called for Izanagi-no-Okami once again and the white clothed deity of Japanese legend shined brilliantly.

"Thousands die while millions are born," Yu Narukami stated as Izanagi used Myraid Truth as the persona turned the blade of truth in a single circle as glyph appeared as energy slammed into Viluy and ending her reign of terror!

(song ends)

Sighing with exhaustion Yu collapsed to his knees. Chie and Luke rushed to the teen who only said he was fine.

"I guess with the virus destroyed looks like we can start are assault in getting rid of any stray demons," Chisame stated to Yue who crossed his arms.

"But first we need to get to King Endymion," He said as the others soon remembered it wasn't over until they got to.

Before they could move a figure walked in the room stopping them. The figure appeared female who had brown skin, long white hair and blue eyes. She looked mechanical as if she were an android.

Upon looking at her Chisame gasped which got the others attention. "Do you know who that is, Hasegawa?" Chie asked concerned.

The brown-haired teen didn't answer as she was in shock at what she saw. Why does she look like KOS-MOS?

High-heeled steps could be heard as the mysterious figure stopped and sneered at them. "Targets located," She said as she looked at each in turn. "My name is T-elos and I will be the end of this pathetic scourge!"

No one moved as T-elos changed her hand to a blade and,


In an instant T-elos appeared at the other end of the room and with a click of her heels Yu Narukami, Chie Satonaka, Chisame Hasegawa, Luke Fabre and Yue collapsed in a heap of blood.

Smiling at what she did the beautiful but perverse android changed her hand back to normal. "Hah, and you all beat that fool Viluy? Trash!"

In the main throne room Endymion finally got free from his bindings and fell to the ground! Gasping the black-haired man couldn't believe what he was seeing in front of him; all the vassals trying to fend off the new threat of enemies, even some that were part of the circle!

He even saw some android beat up Yue and the others. "No, this isn't happening!" He yelled not wanting to believe it! All their hard work and it was being destroyed at the seams! As he tried going for the door a chain wrapped around him and slammed him against a wall.

Opening his eyes in pain he saw Yuki Terumi smiling at him. "No escaping for you," He pulled Endymion's hair and teleported him to the roof of the castle.

On top the two saw Queen Beryl, wearing a slinky purple gown with a hair net over her long red hair styled in a pony tail that would make Regina the Evil Queen from Once Upon a Time proud.

Throwing Endymion to Beryl's feet Terumi looked at the city. "The witches are dead,"

Queen Beryl only scoffed. "They served their purpose." She turned to Endymion who struggled to get up but the queen had him bind by magic. "My love, it is time for the finale,"

(Once Upon a Time OST: The Evil Queen theme starts)

Lifting her arms up Beryl activated her magic as purple smoke started surrounding the entire kingdom of Crystal Tokyo.

The battle with Laxus wasn't going good as Lucy, Happy, Konoka, and Yukiko were on the ground exhausted while only Natsu and Gray were the last men standing against the powerhouse of lighting.

"Damn, he's stronger," Gray muttered going to his knees.

Natsu stubbornly refused to admit defeat. "He might be stronger but he has no heart behind those fists of his!" Natsu had flame erupting from his body as he charged at the armor wearing blond who only met him with a punch that made the pink-haired wizard cough blood and fall to the ground.

Before he could kill them Laxus stopped as he saw the purple smoke heading their way. He gave them a hard glare. "If you survive what's about to happen, I'll gladly kill you next time!" With those words the smoke enveloped him and he was gone shocking a still standing Gray.

"What does he mean by that?" He saw how the smoke continued covering the area and noted his strength was leaving him. "What's happening to me?"

The same smoke enveloped Sherry and Brago, whose battle against Yoruichi, Kanji, Homura, Tear and Kotaro ended somewhat in a draw as Brago only sneered.

"Let's go Sherry!" He said as he vanished within the smog along with the coiled blond.

Yorouchi sensed something vile from the smoke and barked to Tear to place a barrier around them! Not hesitating Tear used her second fonic hymn and a crystalized barrier formed around them.

"What's this smoke about?" Kotaro asked as he viewed it with skepticism.

"Nothing good," Yoruichi only replied.

Setsuna and Tsukiyomi's battle ended with the latter winning and she had the former in a hand lock as she fondled the half-crow girl's breasts. "Now what will I do with you?" She purred as she licked Setsuna's cheek.

Groaning Setsuna elbowed her in the gut and sent a burst of power to knock Tsukiyomi some meters away. Taking her chance Setsuna headed to where Konoka and the others were sensing something vile.

Coughing Tsukiyomi only smiled. "Nothing you can do now," She whispered as the smoke took her to Beryl's side.

Marluxia's battle had Naoto, Kamui, and Subaru struggling against him as he slammed the butt of his scythe to the ground. "You call yourselves fighters?"

Kamui's eyes glowed fiercely as he was about to attack until the purple mist enveloped them and started taking their energy. Marluxia looked disappointed.

"Oh, the curtain is about to fall? How droll," He soon vanished making the trio confused before they collapsed to the ground.

"Kamui, Naoto!" Subaru coughed before falling unconscious.

Naoto looked to the sky and wondered if this would be the last time she'd see anything?

Kamui didn't want this to end and used whatever strength he had to get Naoto and Subaru on his shoulders. "I'll have to find cover somewhere, nothing good will come of this ominous feeling I'm getting."

He soon headed to his destination; the outskirts of the city.

Evangeline wasn't the least bit exhausted as Larxene was breathing heavily, her arms felt like rubber from all her lightning attacks didn't get through Eva's defenses.

"Now, now young one, no need to fret, auntie Eva will make it all better," The dark Shinso vampire spoke her voice smooth as velvet.

The blond nobody scowled at her as she saw the smoke enveloping the city underneath them. She was about to head down there before she felt a tug on her left leg.

"You aren't going anywhere for this is the end!" Eva smiled wickedly that scared Larxene, who was a sadist to the core. Her leg started freezing and soon her entire body!

With a swift kick Larxene was no more. Flipping her hair Eva only had a bored expression. "So much for entertainment. Hmm?"

She looked at the city. "What does Beryl have planned by using a sleep spell mixed with an energy draining one?" Her vampire senses went off as she had a foreboding about Subaru being in distress.

Swiftly flying she saw Kamui running while carrying his brother and the detective as he tried escaping some stray demons. Not even wasting effort she froze the opposition and placed an invisible barrier around her departing son.

"That will protect you; don't ever say I never did anything nice," she smiled as Chachamaru and Chachazero flew to her.

"Mistress," Chachamaru said.

"Glad you are back," She turned a glance to her miniature puppet covered in blood. "Had a good day?"

An enthused nod was all that was needed for an answer.

"I'm getting strange energy signatures from the palace," The gyroid stated.

"Not surprised. Queen Beryl is whipping something up," Eva sounded serious as she narrowed her eyes. "It's a darkness that puts my evil to shame,"

This surprised the duo as Eva was the most feared Shinso vampire to ever walk the earth.

Vanitas clashed with a black-clothed Sora, whose unison with Asuna and Negi ended some minutes ago and knocked out. Kiyo and Zatch, Megumi and Tia, Mitsuru, Yosuke were all down.

Sora breathed heavily as he saw Vanitas going for another strike against him until Riku blocked the attack and nicked Vanitas' arm with his keyblayde.

Jumping away Vanitas grew angry at someone else interrupting his battle against his "brother". The dark copy was about to attack until the smoke enveloped him to the shock of Riku and Sora.

"What happened to him?" The spiky brown teen said in confusion.

"Nothing to be concerned with," Riku replied in earnest. "Sora, we have to go, that mission Master Yen Sid mentioned to us before we got here is about to happen!"

Saying Sora had a frown on his face. "It's happening now? But the others, our friends need us!"

The keyblade master shook his head. "I know how you feel Sora but-"

Before anything could be said a portal opened above the palace of Crystal Tokyo.

Mariner castle

The computers in the palace were going off as everyone measured the oncoming data.

"What the fuck?" Takagi shouted throwing out some colorful words. "What is this pattern? Crystal Tokyo is being overcome with something that is damaging the viewing screens!"

Ayumu didn't say anything as he tried assessing the data while Shion looked fearful.

It's finally happening, darkness will envelop Tokyo and all of Japan, She thought as Ayumu noted her facial features.

Does she know what's going on?

"This an emergency," Shion commanded. "Get our people back to any planet or area in Japan but get them out of Tokyo, NOW!"

The crew didn't even dare say anything and got to work.

Crystal Palace; rooftop

(Theme ends)

Beryl, Terumi and Endymion looked at the shroud that Beryl covered the entire area with. "My forces have done enough and are now safe within the confines of the palace," She stated. "That funnel to your present, Terumi!"

The troll pulled out a remote panel and whistled. "That's just what I needed baby, he's all ready to go!"

With a nod Beryl focused her energy to creating a portal above the palace.

"What are you planning on doing, Beryl!" Endymon shouted trying to get up but Terumi booted him in the head with a foot.

Turning to the man she loved she answered. "The end of everything you hold dear," She said as they soon saw a claw appear from the portal!

(Blazblue Chronophantasma OST: The Highlander Takamikazuchi theme starts)

A bipedal beast with four heads and sharp teeth with a coating of darkness descended from the portal and landed on all fours! The beast was a towering 50-foot tall. The body leaked of seither as the ground became corroded and destroyed the some parts of the castle.

Endymion saw it and paled at the sight. "What is that monstrosity?" He whispered in fear.

"That King Endymion is a monster that will end this place era of prosperity!" Terumi mocked as his eyes glowed green. "Behold the Black Beast!" He yelled.

The Beast roared that shook the entire city. People in the safe havens started panicking.

A human Luna, who tried staying in contact with a computer in an underground haven, was suddenly offline. The black-haired woman held her chest as she feared that no one would survive this.

Beryl who soon floated above the beast called out, augmenting her voice with a sound spell. "Black Beast, as your mistress and owner of the sacred treasure, Amaterasu, I command you, eradicate this city!"

The beast roared once again and stomped around the city breaking things and sending out a beam from its mouth killing unsuspecting citizens.

Destruction ran rampant as the Black Beast stomped its way through the city and with no opposition stopping it.

Eva, Chachamaru and Chachazero look on with bewilderment.

"Mistress, that monster is…" Chachamaru didn't even finish her sentence.

The blonde vampire only looked on stone faced. A beast that destroys everything in its wake and knows nothing but carnage and despair. "Queen Beryl has won this battle, this place will be a dead zone soon enough. If anyone should survive I pity them."

Eva soon used a spell to take them out of the confines of the area.

Back to Sora an Riku the two looked scared at the beast coming their way and destroying everything!

"Riku…that looks even stronger the Xemnas!" Sora called out.

The long-haired teen didn't say anything as they saw their friends still knocked out! Before they could reach them Negi, Asuna and the others vanished from that spot.

"Huh, they teleported?" Sora spoke before it dawned on him. "Someone from one of the planets did that!"

"Good cause now we have to escape this place!" Riku replied which made Sora angry.

"But if that's the thing we have to beat we should stay and fight!" Sora yelled as he was about to strike against it until Riku decked him in the cheek.

"Sora, that beast is not something we can beat!" Riku chastised his best friend as he pulled Sora close to him. "We are here because Yen Sid said we would be needed for a purpose and that was being a key for the Senshi when the time happens and that is now!"

Sora listened to what his friend said and looked sad at everything that happened to this point.

"I know how you feel, we bonded with these guys and became our friends but now are mission is priority and we can't get it done if we are dead," he pulled out his keyblade. "Whatever happens the others have to hold the fort but WE are the only ones that can bring the Senshi back to save this place!"

With a nod Sora understood as he pulled out his keyblade. Crossing their keyblades together a keyhole appeared in the sky and a door opened. Both floated towards as Sora and Riku saw the monster continue with its destructive rage.

"I promise we will return," Sora swore. Riku squeezed his shoulder in understanding they entered the nexus of dimensions and the door closed behind them.

Crystal Tokyo had fallen within only an hour. Majority of the vassals were either separated in different parts of Japan, missing or captured by Beryl and Terumi.

Endymion looked at the continuing chaos unfolding in front of his eyes as tears came down. He had failed his people he swore to rule with benevolence and his wife; Usagi Tsukino aka Neo-Queen Serenity II.

"Usako, I'm so sorry!" He wept as it was too much to take and he fell unconscious.

Terumi rolled his eyes at what happened. "Bah, he's missing the good part." Then he sensed something from another dimension. Why is that I sense my energy signature in that world the king of the flies is from? Closing his eyes he viewed another him indeed in the Fate universe.

He was about to go but something prevented him from going. Hmph, I can't go, oh well, I hope whatever "I" have planned with that digital snake and fighting some annoying brat with black hair will make me proud!

The green haired lanky man cackled at the thought.

(Theme ends)

(Dead Zone OST: Ihadurca theme starts

Queen Beryl had the beast continue rampaging before she returned him to his crypt. Using sound magic she amplified her voice. "Citizens of this city and all over Japan, I Queen Beryl have risen and dethroned the current monarchs of this kingdom!" She boldly declared.

Using her powers she had various images of Japan under siege as her current generals were ordering lower demons to do their bidding.

"You thought I died but I have arisen and what do I see when I return? A world filled with nothing but hope! You people who perverted yourselves to forgetting the coldness of fear, the sickening despair that wallowed in the pit of your stomachs! Where is the evil that should have flourished?!"

She projected an image of herself as it was for all to see; like an imposing goddess of darkness about to descend upon a tower.

"I have finally reached my goal and not even your saviors of the 9 sacred planets of the gods are here for you? Where are the benevolent Senshi of Love and Justice? They are away and have forgotten about each and every one of you! They do not care for the plight you have endured from my forces. They send their guardians who only prolonged the inevitable! No hope remains but only the darkness that shall shroud you!"

The beautiful queen laughed. "Sailor Moon and her Senshi will no longer be able to save you for with my generals and the Black Beast, I have all the pieces on my side! No one shall end the reign of Queen Beryl! I declare myself Queen of Crystal Tokyo! Wait it will no longer go by that name for I shall name this place Dark Neo-Tokyo!"

Her magic enveloped her as a flash of purple light surrounded the entire city of Crystal Tokyo; areas turned dark and beautiful monuments changed to gothic attire.

"And as your one true queen I shall have your king be my suitor!" She showed an image of an unconscious Mamoru on the ground. "I shall bear his seed and have the heir to Dark Neo-Tokyo where darkness, fear and despair will rule, AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

Lightning struck various places to emphasize her point.

"The happiness you've experienced is a fleeting memory for now there is only the darkness!" She called out before returning to her new throne room with Mamoru.

(Theme ends)

Dark Crystal Palace; throne room

(Evil Zone OST: Sorrow Long Day starts)

In a haze of purple Beryl returned as she walked to her throne and sat down. "Oh yes, being the queen has advantages!"

Snapping her fingers Mamoru soon was on a bed. "Soon my love," She said.

Terumi soon entered and saw a bed in the middle of the area. "Don't you wanna do the deed in bedroom? That's in bad taste, don't you think?"

Beryl only sneered at him. "What do you want, snake?"

Not paying attention to her snappy attitude Terumi spoke. "Not to piss in your pot, Queenie but during that lovely speech I sensed certain people leaving this dimension!"

This brought Beryl to attention as she waved her hand and the king disappeared in a swirl of smoke returning him to his bed chamber.

"And who are they?"

Terumi snapped his fingers and an image of Sora an Riku flying in the nexus. "I think they are keyblade wielders,"

Beryl only gave him a look. "And how do you know who or what they are?"

"Oh a 'friend' told me," Terumi stated as he linked up his mind with the other version of him who had some details on that matter.

The red-haired queen closed her eyes and soon realized what he meant. "You aren't worried about another Terumi running around?"

"Nah, he's got his own thing to do," Terumi smiled like a fox. "So what will you do?"

Beryl thought before she had an idea. Closing her eyes she concentrated and a figure appeared; he wore a dark cloak and hood hide his face along with Vanitas.

"You two, I need you to kill those two boys for me!" Beryl stated pointing to the screen. Upon seeing Sora and Riku the one figure appeared abashed as he took a step back. "Yes, I know your history with them! Now go!"

Vanitas smiled with ecstasy at seeing Sora and pushed the other Organization's figure to the portal. All that Beryl and Terumi could hear was, "Don't be so rough!" and a "Shut up Demyx!" and they were gone.

After weaving her spell Beryl appeared dizzy. "Anything wrong, Evil Queen Beryl?" Terumi asked in fake concern.

"Nothing is wrong!" She snapped. "I just need some rest but now I have everything I need!" Beryl looked at all the images she kept up. "I have what I desired before I was possessed by Queen Metalia!"

Turning her head she looked to Terumi. "Those Senshi will not come back to this place. Even if they do find a way by those two wielders they will have the Black Beast to contend with! Not even Sailor Moon and her silver crystal will be able to stop my reign!"

Terumi only bowed. "Then I shall return to my domain; I have a certain golden king to break in," He soon went through a portal.

As he left Beryl went to her knees and gripped her head. "Ughhh, this power…why is it affecting me?" After groaning for a couple of minutes she got herself under control.

"I'll have to return to where Amatareasu is," Beryl replied as she remembered she left a piece of her soul to dwell in there and find out what she needed to know. "But now rest,"

Waving her hands Queen Beryl returned to her new bedchamber.

Terumi who had secretly placed a recorder there saw what happened to Beryl. "Heh, she's over taxing the powers she got granted? Very soon I'll just have to swoop in there. I will send all the dimensions linked to this on and send it to a course of nothingness!

A green aura enveloped his body as Terumi cackled at the prospect of getting his plan underway!

Nexus of dimensions

Sora and Riku didn't say much as they floated to their destinations. Mostly they were upset by what happened.

"A power that is on par or even surpasses Xemnas and it destoys a city that we all swore to protect!" Sora stated sadly thinking about the lost lives and their friends there. "I swear we will find the Senshi and put an end to Beryl!

Riku didn't say anything before he saw a figure coming towards them. Stopping his ascension Sora saw the figure and stood frozen!

"What…but that' Sephiroth!" He called out as the one–winged angel stopped and heard what Sora said.

"Hmmm, two boys and one knows my name?" Sephiroth spoke his interest piqued. "Hmm, I traveled this nexus where time has no meaning and I can confirm there is another me in the you come from but know I am the one true Sephiroth," He easily spoke calmly. "You two have interesting powers," He pulled out his Masumune blade and got in a stance. "I'd like to test it."

Riku growled as he called out his Way of the Dawn while Sora had his Ultima Keyblade out!

"Test us, huh? Won't you be surprised when we pass it!" Sora yelled holding out his blade. This isn't the same Sephiroth I know but he's still got that evil aura about him!

I heard about this guy from Sora, he battled him in the outskirts of Radiant Garden; we have to survive this and get to the Senshi!

The battle between keyblade wielders and the one-winged angel would begin!

Federal Era; unknown

Inside a large Japanese castle Usagi Tsukino was having a restless sleep. Sweat drenched the sheets before she woke up with a start and wiping her brow.

Looking around Usagi felt something wrong in her heat; she could have sworn she heard Mamoru lament about something. Holding her chest she felt something evil had seeped its way to Crystal Tokyo. "Mamo-chan," she whispered before she saw a woman wearing a kimono with dark hair in a bun and red eyes. She had a fan in her hands.

Taking a step back Usagi firmly stated the name. "Kagura,"

"So the moon princess has finally awoken?" Kagura of the wind stated in an irritated fashion. "I'm surprised you could sleep with all that movement you made,"

Usagi didn't say anything as she turned her view to the window.

"Ignore me all you want but you will use that gem for Naraku!" Kagura threatened.

Hearing Naruku's name Usagi only shivered. "I will never use my powers for that monster!"

"Not my problem, he has your crystal and without that you can't escape! Your friends won't even appear!"

Usagi locked eyes with the incarnation. "I believe they will save me, Hotaru and Setsuna will come here!"

"Hmph, not even concern for the blue-haired girl?"

When the blonde was reminded what happened to Ami, Usagi had some tears in her eyes. "I believe she is fine; that man Terumi did not kill her as he said that attack was supposed to take me to his world!" Her eyes shined with valor that made Kagura jump a bit.

She has that much faith in her friends?

Slapping open her fan Kagura left the bunny's room.

Sitting back down Usagi had to hold on to hope that she would escape. Naraku is only keeping me alive so he can use my crystal, he won't kill me!

Her thoughts went back to the feeling of dread. Mamaru, please be all right! She prayed not knowing that her once shining utopia that flourished under her rule had fallen and the love of her life was in the hands of her greatest enemy; Queen Beryl.

(Theme ends)


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