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Welcome to this chapter. I know, I'm overdue but I say again this story isn't dead. Writer's block and RL stuff. But I'm back with this chapter but it's a side story. I'm still working on the next arc's layout so this should get you hyped or at least intrigued with how the future of the Senshi's world is looking!



Chapter 27

Side story – Confrontation; The Winged Angel battle


Dimensional Nexus

(Begin Final Fantasy VII Advent Children OST: One-winged Angel)

The battle with Sephiroth had only just begun for Sora and Riku and the two wielder's of the keyblade have already gotten damaged with just a single blow of the long-haired man's Masumune! He had gone through the two in a swift motion that neither blocked.

Riku grimaced as he wiped blood from a cut on his forehead, maintaining his hold on his keyblade. He turned to see Sora gasping as he tried using a Curaga spell to heal is wounds.

I've never gone up against an enemy like this! Riku thought as he stood in front of Sora, who looked surprised.

"Riku what are you doing?" He shouted.

The silver-haired teen answered without looking back. "I'll buy sometime, just get healed up Sora!"

Before the spiky-brown haired teen could stop him Riku rushed at Sephiroth. Bringing up his sword he clashed against Sephiroth, who looked mildly impressed. Riku continued going for swift and powerful attacks but kept getting nicked by Sephiroth's blade along with blocking his attacks. Having enough of being a pin cushion Riku formed a crystalized shield for protection which momentarily stopped the winged man's attacks.

Seeing his chance Riku swung out his arm swept past Sephiroth in a flash. A moment passed before Sephiroth pushed back by the delay as the silver-haired teen narrowed his eyes at him.

"You have potential boy," Sephiroth complimented with a cunning smile. Not listening to him Riku tried aiming a slash at his face but Sephiroth vanished. Looking around Riku tried keeping his defenses but was soon met by an elbow strike to the gut! Looking at the boy with no mercy Sephiroth continued his talking. "But you are nowhere close to beating a god!"


Blood poured from Riku's shoulder as he screamed. Sephiroth pressed his advantage as he swept pass him and 50 slash marks appeared over Riku's body! Grunting in pain Riku couldn't even get a decent attack on the One-winged Angel.

Dammit, Master Yen Sid did warn us should we ever meet Sephiroth that we would have to use caution. I can't even get a spell out at him!

"You have resilience, boy, but the curtain will fall!" Sephiroth spoke almost with pity. He could have expected more from him.

That is until he blocked an attack by brining Masumune and Sora was the culprit!

"He's not the only one fighting you Sephiroth!" Sora got out as he slammed his Ultima Keyblade at him! Looking annoyed Sephiroth swung his blade at Sora's who actually counted by knocking it away and using an aura burst to push him away!

Grunting in surprise Sephirtoh wasn't expecting that! Sora continued his assault as he used Arcs Arcanum getting in thirteen strikes at Sephiroth's body! Hefting his blade Sora smacked the winged-man away! Forging a ball of light with his keyblade, the spiky-haired wonder slapped the ball to the swordsman!

Riku looked stunned that his friend could somewhat hold his own! Sora held out his hand and used Curaga on Riku as he glided towards him.

"Sora…you did that to him?" Riku asked in disbelief. He's greatly improved from when he transverse through dreams.

A cheesy smile appeared on his best friend's face. "Hey, what do you think I've done on my earlier adventure looking for you while dealing with Organization XIII?" Sora asked. "He might be a different version of Sephirtoh but his moves are somewhat the same!"

"Hmph, you're still a knuckle head!" Riku smirked. "I'll let you lead the charge since you have experience. We'll guard each other from his strikes!"

Nodding Sora waited for Sephiroth to break free from his prison.

The long-haired man stared at the two with new intrigue. He hadn't seen this much defiance in a while. "I must applaud what you are doing. The keyblade isn't something to underestimate!"

Sora and Riku didn't say anything at first before Sora asked. "How do you know about the keyblade? Didn't you say that you aren't the one I faced?"

Holding a smirk Sepiroth answered. "I am aware of their being other existences out there. Why do you think I'm here to begin with? The world I came from had some meddlesome people there." Brief images of Cloud and Venus appeared in his head. "And since they forced me out, I decided to head to the world where those Senshi came from."

This surprised the duo as they learned some new information. "What do you know about the Senshi?" Riku barked. "If that's the case then they are still alive!"

Sephiroth appraised what they said. "I see, you are looking for them? Well, given Cloud and his sister, Sailor Venus, beat me, I have to at least get rid of you two if you are after them!"

Sora and Riku braced themselves as they flew at Sephiroth and they clashed their weapons at him. An explosion of light illuminated the area from their clash.


In the distance, two figures watched the fighting going on; Vanitas and Demyex. While the former looked on anticipation, wanting to get in on the fight, the latter continued stop shivering at the amount power that was coming from Sephiroth!

"Oh man, I so didn't want to come here!" Demyx complained, his voice taking on a kid-like tone. "I'd rather be celebrating Queen Beryl's ascension to the throne then be in a place where I could die of impalement!"

Hearing enough of his companions bitching, Vanitas punched him in the arm! The brown-haired pussy cat rubbed his sore arm.

"Hey, what was that for? I didn't do anything?"

"Will you shut up? This fight is getting good!" Vanitas spoke, his leer on Sora. For being a part of Ventus' heart that is linked to yours, I know you are feeling dread at facing Sephiroth! Show me how a keyblade wielder battles a superior swordsman!


Sephiroth parried Sora's sword slash as Riku stepped up to his blind spot to attack from behind! Not falling for that tactic Sephiroth spun around and sliced Riku's hand causing blood to flow!

Not thinking about the pain Riku held out his injured hand and used Dark Aura to get a hit on Sephiroth. Not even turning around he sliced the orbs or darkness and stabbed Sora's shoulder!

Sora tried holding back a scream as he pulled his body off the sword and hurled the keyblade at Sephiroth. Smirking with sadistic delight the man only floated above the strike.

"Learn to throw," he critiqued Sora.

The brown-haired teen only smiled which caused Sephrioth confusion. "Who says I was aiming at you?" Sora said as he called out. "Riku!"

Sephiroth turned around to see Riku wielding Sora's keyblade and charged at him with a yell!

An aura bathed Riku's frame as both swords turned to sabers of light surprising Sephiroth. Swinging the swords diagonally and horizontally cutting projectiles hurled at the long-haired man who actually had to defend from the attack.

After it died down Sephiroth didn't see Riku as until he used both keyblades to slash Sephiroth's back startling him!

"Sora!" Riku tossed back the Kingdom keyblade which he caught.

Sora nodded and linked his mind to his friends in their home world. Riku also linked his mind to the other person he was close too.

Not liking what he saw the winged-man hastily flew at them and continued his warpath.

(theme ends)


KH-03 Mysterious tower

At the tower of the powerful sorcerer who trained Mickey Mouse in the keyblade and magic, two figures, a duck with a blue wizard cap and an anthropomorphic dog wearing a knight's garb, were busy keeping guard of the tower while a special guest was busy with Yen Sid.

"Gee, Donald, it's been sometime since we've seen Sora and Riku," The dog stated. "It's lonely without them…"

Donald gave an annoyed glare at his friend of many years. "Oh be quiet, there probably getting in trouble or something, Goofy!" He answered. "I'm happy I can have this time to myself!"

The duck, even though saying that, missed Sora and Riku. It's been some months that the two were sent to another dimension entirely. Even though those were his internal feelings Donald Duck refused to admit it out right.

"Come on Donald, I know you are doubly worried for our Sora," Goofy broke through the heart of the matter shocking Donald. "Out of us trio, you are the one who's caring goes the deepest." He spoke wisely remembering how the duck ran himself ragged over what happened to Sora in their first adventure.

Giving him a look Donald looked flustered before stomping his webbed feet in anger. "I'm not worried!" Just as he pulled out his wizard staff to give a good hit on Goofy until he stopped.

They both felt something.

"Do you feel that, Goofy?" he asked putting a hand to his chest.

Goofy noted his chest getting hot. "I do Donald. Could Sora need our powers?"

Upon hearing that Donald looked worried. He immediately snapped. "If he does we give it to him!" Donald closed his eyes as a blue light enveloped his body before it shot to the heavens. Same thing happened with Goofy as a green light did the same.

"Whatever happens we have to believe in him Donald," Goofy stated smiling. "Along with Riku!"

Donald nodded. "You can do it Sora and Riku!" He yelled shouting encouragement to his friends.


Disney Castle

King Mickey Mouse was busy signing documents for a new village being built-in the castles expansive plain of land. It has been rather slow for the king after the situation with Xemnas and the dream drop adventure. Nothing had come about the treacherous man's schemes yet but Mickey remained viglent of that task. But he couldn't do that at the moment.

He wore a short-sleeved jacket that was mixed with black and red. His usual smile on his face was now gone due to the amount of work. Along with Sora & Riku being gone, it was mostly up to him to defend their dimension from any threats about Heartless or stray Nobodies.

As he got through his third stack of tedious paperwork he felt a cry coming from Riku! They two bonded given the previous adventure in the castle a year ago.

Getting up from his seat Mickey's dog, Pluto, looked concerned at his master and whined.

Patting his pet and friend's head the white-gloved mouse answered giving a smile. "Not to worry Pluto, I just feel Riku needs my power." King Mickey opened up his window to look at the blue sky.

"Riku, I know you and Sora can win the battle you are fighting!" A red glow enveloped his frame and streaked to his friend's need. "Stop the darkness that threatens that world."


Dimensional Nexus

Back to the fight Sora and Riku were on their last breaths as the two fought hard but Sephiroth had once again decimated them. Sora looked tired but he wouldn't give up hope, the power boost he asked his friend's would come!

Riku also looked worse for wear but he believed that whatever Sora did would bear fruit. "Come on Sora, we can't wait for the miracle to happen; we make our own!"

Sora agreed and stood up. "Yeah, I'm not giving up! I believe that we can survive this fight!"

Sephiroth smiled as if pitying them. "Please, that hope is an illusion. Whatever you asked for hasn't come and I truly doubt it will amount too much!" After saying that, the Jenova offspring leveled his sword and passed them by. Various slashes appeared over their bodies as they yelled and flung back around the nexus, bouncing off the walls like rubber balls! "All that waits is the darkness that will consume you!"

Just as silver-haired man said that three lights shined; blue, green and red as it the duo lights enveloped Sora while the red took to Riku! The keyblade wielder's felt the feelings for their companions giving them strength.

"Sora!" The cries of Goofy and Donald filled Sora's mind and heart which brought a smile to his face! "Don't give up, we're with you!"

The same experience happened with Riku as he pressed his hand to his chest. "Riku, you reached this plateau of being a keyblade master, I know you can do this task!"

Sephiroth looked surprised by this. Where did those lights come from? He could see that their wounds healing.

Sora opened his eyes with determination. "Sephiroth, we have friends and we won't fall to you! Even if you are stronger than us, our friends give us strength no matter what dimension we are in!"

Riku locked eyes with Sephiroth. "Sora is the light that shines. I am one bathed in the darkness before the dawn and nothing will stop us!"

Both held up their keyblades as they started their Drive forms!

(Kingdom Hearts BBS OST: Ventus theme, begins)

A moment later Sora, garbed in silver and black clothing, looked brand new. This is his strongest mode called Final Form. He held his Ultima Keyblade that floated to his right while Oblivion, the black keyblade, floated to his left in a circular formation using latent telekinesis.

Riku also obtained a Drive form called Dawn drive his clothes surprisingly changed to his attire he wore when he was pretending to be Xeonheart but it was white instead of black. Emblazed on back of the coat was a heart emblem with two keyblades. He even had a white headband on his head.

Slashing his swords Sora declared his current form. "Drive form, Final limit!" A white light cascaded around the area the chocobo-styled hair teen stood.

The aura Riku gave off was like the coming of the dawn in the distance. "Drive form, Dawn limit" he gave one slice of his keyblade.

Sephiroth could feel they got stronger and kept a neutral face. They powered up from those lights? This will prove interesting. He hadn't fully recovered all his strength from being defeated in his world no thanks to Cloud and Sailor Venus. Even with Caster's magic, it would take him some time before he's back to full strength.

(Theme ends)

(Kingdom Hearts II OST: Battle to the Death, starts)

"No matter," He muttered to them. "Let me bear witness," Sephiroth jetted towards them going insanely fast!

Both teens nodded to each other and flew towards them. Riku took point first as he charged his power to the blade; it changed to a light blade!

Swinging the blade at Sephiroth the man parried the strike and tried slicing Riku with a horizontal slash but the teen instantly flash stepped away and slammed his blade at him! Sephiroth blocked the strike and looked amazed at how Riku improved! Riku moved to the left and went for swinging his sword trying to break the winged man's defenses but he proved formidable not being overpowered!

As Sephiroth was about to attack Riku, Sora jumped in and blocked the strike! He took over the fight to give his best friend time to start his next attack. Sora used duel blade style slamming them against the winged man's Masumune.

Sora used telekinesis to start control the keyblades as they kept at Sephiroth that swiped and stabbed him to which he countered. It was actually becoming a standstill. Recalling the keyblades back to his hands Sora used Magnera to pull Sephiroth towards him which worked.

Not falling for that Sephiroth went with the flow and sent a silver flare orb to destroy it. Sora soon started flying around and attacking him. The swords flurried around Sephritoh trying to hit him. Flipping to the side Sora used his keyblades to send a stream of energy to block his movements.

Riku soon came in as he charged at Sephiroth and stabbed him in the stomach, to the handsome man's surprise! Taking the sword out Riku and Sora nodded to one another and began to attack him. Growing annoyed with their tactics Sephiroth swiped his sword sending a shockwave to knock them back.

Gliding in the air Sephiroth held up a hand and a small halo circle with a red orb formed. "Fall to darkness!" He had one in his sights and used Sins Harvest.

Sora started feeling weak as he screamed and hurled through the air! Riku called his friend to see him in a dire situation and immediately flew towards Sephiroth trying to stop the process but met with a quick draw stab to the gut!

"SORA!" Riku cried for his friend falling into the abyss of the nexus!


Vanitas saw this and growled in anger. He didn't want anyone killing Sora except for him. Calling his Dark Void Keyblade he was about strike against Sephiroth until…

"NOOO, don't attack him!" Demyx yelled wrapping his arms around his waist surprising Vanitas. "He'll kill you like the crying dog you are!"

"The fuck you doing, let go of me, wuss!" Vanitas yelled. He got mad at the man's backhanded comment as well! "And who do you think you are calling me a dog, pansy!"

(Theme stops)


KH-03 Mysterious Tower (Yen Sid's study)

In the tower Master Yen Sid sensed the power being sent to Sora and looked concerned. "I feel strong power coming from far away" He muttered as a female, who looked around 15 years old walked in. She wore a pink strapless mini dress and white shoes. Her hair was to her upper shoulders, she held a kind of radiance about her that brightened up a room.

"Master Yen Sid; is this about Sora?" the girl asked with concern. Her name was Kairi; childhood friend of Sora and Riku and a one of the seven Princesses of Heart. She was recently discovered to have the power to wield a keyblade and was in the process of training. The brown-haired teen was studying up on magic at this point.

Yen Sid looked at his student and nodded gravely. "I'm not sure what but I feel something's off," He ominously stated.

Kairi moved to the window to see Goofy and Donald looking to the skies. "Whatever it is, I'm positive Sora can defeat whoever he's fighting." She spoke bringing a hand to her chest.

I believe in you. You and Riku! A heavenly light enveloped her body as it also went to the sky, surprising the wizard. May my light protect you Sora along with you too, Riku. Please accept it! Kairi prayed with all of her heart.

Yen Sid gave one of his rare smiles before turning his view to the sky. Continue on with your mission to bring back the Lunar Queen and the planet protectors; keyblade masters!


Dimensional Nexus

(Tales of Xillia OST: That sword, Dancing Magnificently theme begins)

Sora continued falling through the nexus and couldn't find a way to stop! Not only was his physical strength depleted but his magic energy went to hell as well! Lamenting about the fact he forgot about Sephiroth from his universe using such a tactic he didn't put in consideration that this one, who apparently was the original, could do the same!

I don't want it to end like this! Images of what happened to Crystal Tokyo popped in his heads along with the friends and allies he had to leave behind! We have to bring back the Senshi and help them reclaim their world!

The passionate teen knew the feeling of losing ones' world to darkness given what happened in his first year of claiming the keyblade which took him on a journey to restore the balance of the worlds.

With that thought he noticed a pearly light shining before a tube engulfed his body. Opening his blue eyes he felt a warm glow coming from it. Sora recognized this light and could only belong to one person. Kairi!

He felt all her emotions in that light and his wounds were healing! Pulling himself up Sora flew straight through the path the light was taking him!


Riku ended up having severe slash marks on his chest and his left arm went limp. Even with his new drive form Riku still was under par against the famed swordsman. Growling at Sephiroth, Riku tried going for another attack before the long-haired man kicked him in the stomach causing him to gag!

"Hmph, I guess you two couldn't even fight me like this…?" The figure muttered to himself which Riku caught.

What did he say? Riku bewildered thought.

As Sephiroth went for the last strike to end the battle a light covered his body and healed Riku's wounds startling Sephiroth and pushing him back! "What is this power? It feels like that Senshi's power?"

Riku only smirked and silently thanked his childhood friend Kairi. You're always pulling us out of trouble. "Sorry, this is none of the Senshi helping us but a friend!"

When he said that Riku turned around just in time to see Sora energized and healed! "And with her and our other friends believing in us, we aren't failing!"

Sora grabbed his keyblades handles and charged at him along with Riku. One glowed with a white light while another with a silver hue as both used their union attack; Eternal Session.

Sora and Riku began with Last Saber as they jabbed at the silver clothed man who tried to parry their attacks but the wounds from his previous battle prevented him from parrying the attacks! Taking the chance to get some distance he flew away from them and was going to try one last Harvest Sin.

Seeing Sephiroth's motion, the two keyblade fighters swooped on in. "No you don't!" Sora cried!

"Go for it!" Riku yelled encouraging his friend. Next they used Dark Cannon to immobilize his movement with dark fireballs which started damaging his body. They soon hurled the blasts in the air and forged a fireball net to stop his flight! Sephiroth stopped at being outmaneuvered!

Hmph, Caster's magic defenses I absorbed is weakening? He thought impressed by their ingenuity.

The two soon jetted at him using Master of Heart as their keyblades became sabers of light which empowered by Kairi's power was formidable against someone of Sephiroth's power!

Striking and stabbing left and right, Sephrioth's started losing feathers on his wing and his clothes were getting shredded. Hmmm clearly I underestimated these boys worth? He arrogantly thought as another strike from Riku slammed him away. Sora came from the bottom while lifting his swords up and slashing Sephiroth to the air! Both came together and struck him at the same time as 13 blades of light danced around their bodies damaging Sephiroth with its intense light!

Knowing the finale was coming Sephiroth calmly kept their gaze. These two will be formidable warriors once they've grown.

"We're ending this Sephiroth!" Sora cried as he through one of his keyblades at Sephiroth! Riku mimicked his friend as both blades flew around cutting Sephiroth before coming on opposite sides. A light beam came from Sora's while a dark light came from Riku's as the energies intertwined and damaging Sephiroth!

Sora began adding his energy to the attack. "ETERNAL-"

"SESSION!" Riku finished the attacks name.


Sephiroth was flung back after the attack finished. The duo returned to their average forms and breathed heavily but knew the fight was over.

(Theme ends)

"We won!" Sora talked trying to gain his breath.

Riku while happy looked skeptical before seeing Sephiroth giving them a chilling smile.

Being the one surprised Sora cried out. "That didn't work against him?" As he got ready Riku held out a hand to him.

"It did Sora. We damaged him good but I don't think our power alone is enough to stop him." He spoke giving a glare to Sephiroth. "Besides, something tells me he was either holding back because he wouldn't let those attacks get through to him."

Sora tried keeping his poker face but failed. "Oh come on, after all that, he's not destroyed?"

Riku shook his head. "You said you've fought a different version of him before, right?"

The spiky-brown blue-eyed key wielder soon remembered what KH-Sephiroth once said, "Only Cloud can destroy me!" The memory echoed while he was in Hollow Bastion/Radiant Garden.

Sephiroth smiled a chilling smile. "It seems you caught on. As you defeated me I will give you answers. Yes, I did hold back due to me being recently revived. I am still weak from my last battle with Cloud and it will take me sometime before I'm up to full strength. But consider this a victory, not everyone has the right to battle with me and live."

Riku and Sora remained quiet at the revelations.

"Only Cloud can kill me!" He left out another piece of information about who else could end his life. "So that also adds to the fact you couldn't get rid of me. And we will not battle again because your energies have all but gone. I have no reason to stay here."

He turned away from them as his wing appeared. "Go and continue your journey, I will not stop you. But remember this; I will rule that world like a god, you better come prepared!"

The duo felt a chill as he said those words."I won't let you!" Sora hurled his keyblade but a shield protected Sephiroth as it returned to his hand.

"I told you, I will not fight a useless battle. Now. Go." With those words the former Shinra soldier left.

Sora felt dejected about the fact they couldn't stop him from going and it showed on his face. "Crystal Tokyo's already fallen and now the others got to deal with him?"

Looking at where Sephiroth was going Riku answered. "He's in a weakened state so I doubt he can do anything. Sora, we just have to believe in the others. I don't think someone like Yoruichi or Kamui would fall easily."

Sora looked at him and gave a smile. "Yeah, I'll have faith. So where do we go from here?"

His keyblade started reacting as a beam of orange, green & sea-green light aimed to the right of the nexus while Riku's, which sported red & yellow, aimed for the left!

"Hmm, we need to split up and get them then?" The silver-haired teen stated. "Mine is red so Sailor Mars will be in that direction!"

"Looks that way and mine is orange so Sailor Venus and her team are this way; this is reminding me when I tried finding you," Sora spoke.

He nodded. "Yeah but our destination will bring us back together my friend." Riku held out a fist.

Sora got his drift and did a fist bump. "We will see each other again along with getting the Senshi!"

The two then took off to the separate paths.


Seeing the battle unfold to a standstill and seeing Sephiroth head towards SM- Vanitas looked calmer that Sephiroth didn't kill Sora. "Man that battle was intense!" Deymx spoke wiping sweat from his brow. "I really thought they had him that time!"

A snort was heard. "Please, like getting rid of Sephiroth is ever easy!" Vanitas was part of Sora so he had access to information he was privy too. "They are heading to get those Sailor tramps. Which means I'll follow Sora," He gave his comrade a look. "You go after Riku and make sure to finish your job!"

"Man, Beryl got the wrong guy for this job!" he complained. "I'm not a fighter, I ran away from Cerberus in the Underworld and-! " Demyx sounded emo before grabbing his head. "Hey!"

"Shut up you little willow!" Vanitas yelled outright and followed Sora, keeping his power down and tailing his counterpart.

Giving a sigh, Demyx followed Riku doing the same tactic.


The battle against Sephiroth ends in Sora and Riku's victory but not without some revelations. Sephiroth continues his voyage to the Senshi's world now under Beryl's rule. What will happen next? Find out next.


Sorry, but I end there. I will say that plot along with the keyblade champions won't happen to after the Azure Moon arc finishes up, which will go into a sub plot.

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