Greetings, lovelies.
It's been a while.

I apologise for that, I really do.
Things have been super hectic
in real life for me, but with a
refound love for writing and a
burning desire to tie up some
loose ends, I come with exciting
news. I've officially started a
re-write of You've Got Mail.

I know most said I didn't need to
re-write anything if I didn't feel
like it, but the truth is, there's a lot
that I wasn't happy with, both in the
plot and my writing style, which has
grown along with me (I hope!)
And so this way, I'll feel more
at ease with the story, and more
motivated to finally give you all the
ending you've been waiting for and
deserved for years now. I'll be
updating the chapters here to
reflect the new revisions, rather
than starting a new story and
lose all of your wonderful, lovely
reviews! I will ALSO and first be
posting any and all chapters to my
writing tumblr, which can be found
at aichrou on TUMBLR and Ary
on AO3 / Archive of Our Own. That's
where they'll be showing up first,
and where I'll be doing my writing
for the most part these days.
I hope to see you all soon!
Hopefully, I can have reached this
stage and surpass it to the end.

(Note: Some chapters will remain largely
the same, others will shift dramatically,
as I fiddle with various plot aspects. It's
up to you whether you re-read along with
me as I write, but it would be wonderful to
have you join me on this journey again.)

( It's Ary, too. Pleased to meet you. )