In the morning at Professor's huge dome shaped building, I woke up in the bed. I was seen wearing a white linen knee length dress with short sleeves and my same hair down. Harrison asked me, "Are you okay? How did you feel?"

I said, "I'm fine I guess. Thanks for taking care of me from my injuries while I'm sleeping." Then, something just came to my head from the past. I said, "Oh, I haven't answered your question before I ran out of you. My name is Kristina. I'm twelve years old from California, United States, back in my real human world."

"Ah, what a fine name, Kristina." He smiled kindly.

I smiled, "Thanks, Professor Harrison." Then I ask my question, "Anyway, why are you so interested in humans like me? I mean, I don't see Lightning McQueen and every cars seen every human in here, the whole wide world."

"I first came into your human world when I was twenty years old. I studied them through all of my life. I was so obsessed with them and wanted to see what they're like and the body structures of them. So I had my workers invent the machine, the Human World Portal Machine that transport each car to the human world where she or he could experience every kind of humans." He droved towards the clothes that are hanging in the hangers and the shelf with hats, sunglasses, shoes and sandels, and a box filled with socks.

I amazed with my widened eyes, "Wow! You had a lot of human stuff!"

He nodded, "That's right. I found those lost things from everywhere and the junkyard in the human world. We washed them and kept them as my collection."

"Wow, you sure loved humans many times!" I exclaimed in surprise. Then, I asked him, "Anyway, can I come back to Radiator Springs again? So I can see Guido and getting my broken bike back."

He nodded with a kind smile, "Of course you can, Kristina."

I smiled, hugging him, "Thank you, Harrison."

"You're welcome."

Later back in the Radiator Springs, Professor Suman and I arrived. I was seen riding in the cart with dome shaped window or glass hatch that is hooked by Professor Harrison's back. I wore pink T-shirt, my long hair tied in high pigtails with pink hair holders, blue knee length pants, white socks and brown hiking shoes. We saw Lightning McQueen, Mater the Tow Truck, and the rest of the RS (stands for Radiator Springs for short) gang with the sign above them which said, "Welcome back, Kristina!"

I waved my hand and cried out with a smile, "Hi, everybody!"

The whole RS gang shouted in happiness, "Welcome back, Kristina!"

I exit the cart and ran towards them. Lightning McQueen smiled, "Hey, Kristina."

"Hi, Lightning, everybody." I smiled. Then, I gave him a hug and smiled, "I missed you so much, Guido. I'm feeling better now."

He smiled, hugging me back, "I'm glad you are, Kristina."

Luigi drove over to us and smiled, "Oh, Kristina. We got a surprise for you."

"Really? What is it?" I smiled excitedly.

Luigi answered, pointed at something, "Look over there at my tire store."

I saw my bike is fixed! I smiled, "My bike! It's fixed!" I hugged Luigi and smiled, "Oh thank you so much, Luigi and Guido." Then, I gave him a thankful kiss on his cheek. Luigi blushed bashfully and sighed, "Oh gosh."

I got onto my bike and smiled at Guido, "Hey, Guido, wanna race with me to the Wheel Well Motel? Or you better catch me if you can." I drove off to the right fast and smiled, "Yeehaw!"

Guido laughed as he followed me. Sally Carrera smiled at Harrison, "Kristina is a very nice human girl."

"She is, indeed, Mrs. Carrera." He smiled back.

At Tailfin Pass, Guido and I were racing, chasing and driving with each other with our joyful. This is kinda similar to that when Lightning McQueen and Sally Carrera made their first date while driving thru the road. I laughed, "This is so much fun!"

"Yeah!" He laughed. He drove ahead of me fast and smiled, "You better catch me if you can!"

"Oh yes I will!" I laughed very loud while chasing after him. We see a huge waterfalls behind a bridge. I suddenly saw Guido's looking at me with his beautiful smile and his shiny eyes. I stared at him in my dreamy eyes. He was very beautiful, well, I mean, handsome. But I wanna say that he's more adorable. But no matter. I love him very much as my special true love. I started to smile with a blush on my cheeks. He winked at me and drove off fast. I made a determined smile and chased after him.

Then, we arrived at the Wheel Well Motel. I put my bike down by the log. He and I watched the huge view. It's a huge Radiator Springs dessert. I smiled with my sparkling eyes, "It's beautiful down there."

"Yeah." He nodded with a smile. Then the song, "Out Of Thin Air" from Walt Disney Aladdin and the King of Thieves.

Guido the Forklift: You showed me the world

When I was all locked up inside.

You reached out your hand

And took me on a vehicle ride.

One look at your smile and I could see the light

Shining everywhere.

People like you, don't come out of thin air.

I blushed with a smile in love and said, "Oh Guido." I began to sing.

Me: You don't understand.

There is so much that you don't see.

Just think if you can,

What growing up had to be like for me.

Your fathers a man,

Who teaches you who you are,

Mine was never there.

So how can you say?

I don't come out of thin air.

There's so much I want to know.

Guido the Forklift: You've got the chance to learn.

Me: If it means I have to go.

Guido the Forklift: I'll be right here when you return.

Our wedding can wait.

Me: I love you.

Guido: I think it's worth this small delay.

Me: Maybe you're right.

Guido: And won't it be great

To have your father see our wedding day.

Me: I've waited so long.

Guido: It isn't too late.

Me: To learn the truth.

Guido and me: And know at last we can finally say.

Guido: Your father is really there.

Me: There's so much that we might share.

Guido: And you'll finally learn.

Me and Guido: You don't come out of thin air.

We finished singing as the music ends. Then, we kissed each other on the lips.

Later back in Radiator Springs town at Route 66, the Human Portal Machine is now standing between me and Harrison. Mater asked me sadly, "You sure you're not coming back, Kristina?"

I nodded with a smile, "No. But I'll come back to visit here someday if I want to. It was my promise."

Hudson Hornet explained to me, "A promise that comes from your heart. It has to do with hope and wills. If you made a promise, then you will with all your vow or heart."

"Yes, that's exactly I did right now, Doctor Hudson." I smiled.

Then, Professor Harrison push the botton on the flat panel on the ground that is attached to the invention. Then, the same white portal appeared. "There you go, Kristina. The portal is on."

"Right." I nodded with a smile. Then, I turned to Guido and hugged him with my tears, "Guido, I'm gonna miss you."

"I'll miss you too, Kristina." He smiled with his happy tears, hugging me back with his lifters. We let go of each other. Then, Mator the UFO appeared and went over to me. He smiled, "Dad gum." I giggled and pet him, "Hee hee. Goodbye, Mator." I walk to the portal as my head turned to everyone in here, this town of Radiator Springs and waved goodbye with my smile, "Goodbye, everybody! I'll miss you all!" Then, I disappeared into the portal. It disappeared, too.

Sheriff sniffed with his happy tears, "I'll never forget that kindly human girl again."

Ramone asked him, "Say, Sheriff, are you crying?"

"No, but, it was my tears of happiness. I'm glad she's home where she belongs with her own family."

Red the Fire Truck sniffed sadly and drove away, sobbing like he did when Lightning left this town, and went to his big race to win the Piston Cup that he's always dreamed about his whole life and get that big ol' sponsor and that fancy helicopter he was talkin' about.

Professor Harrison asked, "What's wrong with that red fire truck? Why's he crying like that?"

Mater told him, "Oh, when we met him, Red used to be afraid of her until he conquered his fear and felt sorry for that human fella, Kristina. He wants to make friends with her and didn't want her to go away forever."

"I see."

At my backyard of my house, I placed my bike by the bush which is near my door which is at the back of my house. I look up at the sky and see the clouds in the shape of Guido the Forklift. My thought said in my head while I'm smiling, "Guido, I promised that I'll see you again with all my heart."

The camera took a closeup at the sky with blue birds passing by the sun. With my heart, I remembered what said to me. When a person leaves you, it'll never leave you. It'll stay within your heart the more you'll be strong inside.

The end.