Jace POV

Oh crap. The Circle's after me, and there's nothing I can do to hide. 'Just keep running, just keep running.' Is the only thought that crosses my mind as I jump over a wall and land on what seems to be a pedestrian-only road. The only person apart from me on this road is a red-head, who seems to be the most beautiful person I've seen. Apart from me, that is. As I run to her, I have this compelling feeling to pick her up and take her with me, away from all the troubles in the world. But my mind tells me, 'You need to worry about keeping yourself out of the troubles of the world, Jace.'

As I run in her direction, she appears to notice the 3 gang-members of the Circle and me running towards her, and her body stiffens. As I run closer to her, I inspect her closely. She has green eyes and freckles dotted on her nose. I succumb to my instinct of picking her up and taking her with me, so that's what I do. As I fling her over my shoulder, she starts wriggling. One of the gang-members get so close to me that he slams his lead pipe over the girl's head, and all her struggling stops.

'Get a girl knocked out, and get her into your troubles at the same time. Great job, Jace.'

I mutter to myself as I disappear from the gang-members view.