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Chapter 2 Trouble

Clary POV

Only now as we sit on the bed do I see that he has the most beautiful gold eyes, and tanned skin. His gold hair is ruffled, and reaches his eyes. My gaze travels down his body as we talk and I see a bloodstain on his sweater's sleeve. He must have noticed I was staring at him, because he examined me too.

"Why is there blood on your sleeve?"

"Remember I told you about that gang-member hitting you with a lead pipe?"


"Well, I tried to stop the blood-flow, and because of that, your blood stained my wonderful sweater. How dare you!"

I laugh, but I'm actually very serious about the matter.

"So, you're saying that you're being chased by a city gang called the Circle, and they want something from you but you don't know what that is?"


"Oh! I didn't catch your name, kidnapper."

"Jace. Jace Lightwood."

"Kidnapper sounds like a better name for you." But then, my mind takes in his name. "You-You're Alec's and Isabelle's adopted brother!"

"Yes. The one that disappeared 'under mysterious circumstances.' I got Max killed, that's why I left. They only want me, and they will destroy everyone I love to get me."

I take a deep breath. Max was like a brother to me. "Lets… Change the name is Clarissa Fray Morgenstern."

As I finish with my last name, his eyes widen and his mouth drops.

"Clarissa Morgenstern."


He laughs, and says "Well, you're pretty lucky I took you with me."


"So, my father, Valentine runs the Circle?"

"Indeed. You should have noticed his 'business' meetings. Or are you an ignorant little girl?"

I try to think of a clever come-back, but none comes, so I continue the conversation. "My father was abusive. He kept on coming home drunk on weekends, and kept on shouting about some secret."

He smirks, and tries to imitate some deep jazz singer voice. "You're lucky you have me."

"I would think differently. Besides, my father is not my father. And I have an Uncle that takes care of me. "

"Just like an obvious statement is 'not obvious', your father is your father, ma'am." he says sarcastically.

"Shut up."

"I would like to act differently. Not everyone can hear my golden voice 24/7, you're supposed to count yourself lucky."

"And how lucky I feel." I mutter under my breath, but just enough so he can hear.

I lay back on the bed, while Jace stills sits on the edge. "Why do I feel like I'm getting waves of heat sent up my back?"

He laughs. "You were sort of bleeding through the whole conversation, I threw you down on the floor, and your head was hit in the same place as yesterday."

I fly up, and have the sudden urge for some food, as my mouth is going dry.

"Well, that means you need something sweet and medicine and stuff like that."

"You areee realllyy nottt a good doctor."

"But one hell of a teenager I am."

I hear his voice from a distance, which tells me he went to get bandages. I hear footsteps, and then he's right next to me on the bed. "Turn around, Clary."

I turn around on the bed, and then he begins to put bandages on my scar. An electric spark seems to be created every time he touches me. 'I'm not falling for some guy, and I won't." I think to myself. A sudden knock on the apartment door interrupts all my thoughts. As Jace finishes bandaging my head, he goes to check who's at the door.

I get some extra time to scan the room, and I realize that it's a 1-room apart, with a leather loveseat in the top right corner, with blankets all over it. Probably where Jace slept. And a small cabin, that probably holds more than just clothes. As my mind goes out of examination, I see Jace run to the cabin, sling a duffel bag onto his shoulder, and shout "COME ON!" at me.

As soon as I run to Jace, the door bursts open and 4 men are standing there, with these small Xs on their bare necks. They all wore bandanas so we couldn't see their faces. One ran to me as the rest began to fight Jace. I didn't know much about fighting, but could hold one man off. 'These may be different.' My mind says as the man picks me up and throws me to the ground, and a searing pain shoots through my back. I kick him in his crotch while I was down, and jump up. He blocks everything I throw at him, because all my hits are sloppy because of the scar on my head, the blood loss and my back. I get grabbed around the shoulders and pushed to the floor. Another one of them comes up to me with a lead pipe, and is about to begin hitting me with it, but Jace runs over to him, round-house kicks the guy that's holding me down and punches the man with the lead-pipe in the face. They both fall down to the floor at the same time, and the only word that can escape my lips is an "Ow." Before the world darkens around me.

Jace POV

She fainted. Dammit she fainted.

After that vicious fight, Clary's all beaten up, and I am pissed at how I couldn't protect her. I'm carrying her down the fire escape, and hoping there was no gang-backup waiting for us on the ground floor.

As soon as I reach the pavement, I run to the subway, hoping that New York doesn't give a shit about girls near-death in the hands of some guy. The first place that I can take that won't be guarded is there. Only there. As I stare at Clary, I fall in love a tiny bit more. Her eyes are closed right now, but I can remember them open, with a green that could paint a thousand gardens. I feel so calm, yet I know that feeling calm will never be the same. As I stare at Clary, I hear the cabin door open. And out come 7 gang members.