Reina's POV

"Re we are going to be late if you don't put your clothes on right now!" My best friend Amy yelled through the bathroom door.

"I just can't decide what top I want to wear," I sighed defeated.

"How many tops did you bring? We aren't even spending the night!"

"I figured that I'd choose the one that looked the best with my hair today but now I can't pick."

"Oh my god," Amy sighed. "Just let me in."

I unlocked the door and she slipped out of the crowed hallways of West Prep. She was wearing a skirt and her Love Harry shirt. She shook her head as she looked around at the mess I had made of the bathroom. Make up and clothes were strewn all over the counters, eye shadows color coordinated with shirts.

"You haven't even put you're make up on yet?" She shrieked. "6 hours, Reina. 6!"

She looked over the blouses and tossed me my favorite ruffled tank and gray cardigan. She began loading all the rest of the clothes back into my bag. She glanced at me. "What are you waiting for get changed so we can get out of here!"

I pulled off my school uniform and slipped on my jean shorts and my top. "How do I look?" I asked.

"You look great, as usual." She handed me the Urban Decay Roller Chick palette. "You can do you're makeup on the way."

My phone buzzed and I pulled it out of my pocket to check caller ID. It was mom. "Perfect timing now let's get out of here!" Amy said grabbing my arm and tugging me out to meet my mom out front.

"Hey!" I said slipping into the front seat and pulling down the mirror.

"You two ready for tonight?" My mom asked.

"I am, Reina here only decided what she was going to wear five minutes ago," Amy said.

"I thought you picked last night?" My mom laughed.

"Yeah but I needed options! I have to look perfect tonight. We did get front row seats for a reason."

"You know you don't do well with options," My mom sighed.

"Oh shh!"

There was a pause as I put on my mascara.

"What's for dinner?" I asked.

"Are you always hungry?" Amy asked from the backseat.

"Most of the time."

"I swear you are all five guys combined. How they all made a pretty girl I have no clue," Amy shook her head. My mom laughed.

"So One Direction huh?" Mom asked.

"Yep," I laughed. This with how every conversation with my mom started. It usually finished with my ranting about spoons or carrots and she would just be staring at me confused. How we convinced her to drive me and Amy to the concert was beyond me.


Two hours later we pulled up out front of the arena. "You two have your tickets?" Mom asked for the hundredth time.

"Yes mother!"

"I'll see you girls later!" She yelled out the window before driving off. As my mom had no interest in going back stage she had just gotten a general admission ticket. Amy and I on the other hand had gone the whole nine yards. We weren't sure if the guys would be back stage preshow but it was our best bet for getting to meet them. We'd be the girls asking Big Time Rush if they'd seen One Direction around.

We flashed our passes to the guy at the door and he let us in. There was a lady that looked official that smiled when she saw us. "You must be the last two VIP girls."

"I told you we were going to be late," Amy said.

"Shut up!" I hissed.

We followed the lady down a hallway and into a room where lots of other people were sitting. Most of the next hour went by in a blur as Amy and I spent the entire time looking for One Direction and not paying any attention to the BTR guys at all.

"Well damn," Amy muttered as we were escorted with the other fans to our seats.

"At least we have front row seats, that's what we really wanted anyway," I told her quietly.

We sat down and I pulled out my phone to text Haley and Sierra, two other One Direction fans I'd met on Tumblr that were coming to this concert. Hey dolls, are you two here yet? Our seats are awesome. Stand up and yell if you're here. Xx –Re

"REINA CARTER!" I heard someone yell and turned around to see the girls waving from way in the back. I held up my hands in a heart and they did the same.

"Those two are awesome," Amy said laughing.

"Aren't they though?" I said sitting back down.

"Fifteen minutes," Amy said checking her phone.

"I can't wait!"


For fifteen minutes Amy and I sat in almost perfect silence just absorbing everything around us. The atmosphere was perfect. The "Text us your thoughts" screen was full of One Direction references and I wished for the millionth time that One Direction had their on headline tour.

Then the music started and five gorgeous guys appeared out of nowhere.

"I think I'm going to die," Amy said.

"Breathe doll, they haven't even started singing yet."

I have to admit I was swooning a little inside but I was not about to let anyone else know that. I looked down the line. Zayn looked great as always, Louis's hair was perfectly messed up, Liam was a cutie, Harry looked crazy and I couldn't help but smile and then I saw Niall on the end. He looked at me almost as if it was perfectly timed.

Typically I would say he wasn't really looking at me. He was looking over my head or at someone next to me but it was the obvious connection and I looked down smiling. I was sure I was blushing. I looked back up at him and he was still staring right at me. I turned to Amy.

"Is there something on my face?" I asked concerned.

"Bitch, you look fabulous. Now shut up and listen!"

I turned back to the guys. Even as I tried to look away I could feel his gaze on me and I found it impossible to look anywhere else. The first song stopped and I saw Niall lean over and say something to Liam. Liam smiled and nodded before looking my way.

They couldn't be talking about me. Could they?

I looked at Amy to see if she noticed but she was off in her own world singing along to the music in What Makes You Beautiful. I tried to ignore him and listen to the music and I was successful for about one and a half songs. I was dancing with Amy jamming out to the music like we did in my room on weekends.

"Niall is coming over here," she said stopping her dancing abruptly.

"No he's not," I said whirling around to see him coming down the stairs walking past all the other girls in the row. He held out his hand to me and I took it. I was too dazed to even think about this. My only thought was: This is going to be all over Tumblr tomorrow. I hope I look pretty.

Another World started playing and Niall was looking at me, singing to me. Me. I'm typically the cool one around celebrities, I've met a few and we've even had actual conversations, but none of them had ever sung to me.

The song ended and he pulled me in for a hug. I put my arms around his neck still absolutely confused. "Come back stage after we're done? You can bring your friend." He asked quietly.

"Um yeah," I whispered. That was all I could come up with? Um yeah?

He squeezed my hand as I walked off stage and took up my seat next to Amy.

"What just happened?" She asked me.

"I have no idea. He wants us to come back stage."

She began tweeting on her phone immediately. My phone lit up with multiple texts.

AmyG10: I'm going to meet my future husband because ReCarter and Nialloffcial just fell in love on stage.

Re! OMG text me as soon as you get the chance. What just happened? xxHal

I think I just died a little inside! That was amazayn. Kiss him for me while you're backstage haha –Sierra

I guess you aren't sticking around for the BTR part huh? –Mom

The last song finished and Amy grabbed my arm. "Let's go Re! We can't be late for this very important date!"

"Are you going to faint?" I asked sounding more like my usual self again.

"Oh lordy I hope not."