I grabbed the phone out of Louis hand and looked at the picture. It was a whole lot more incriminating than the situation had actually been. Of course there weren't any pictures of me pushing him away, or running out of Starbucks, that would have made things too easy. In the picture it even looked like I was leaning into him, which I had been because we'd been in the middle of a conversation and you tend to lean towards people when you're talking to them. I shoved the phone back into Louis hand.

"That doesn't matter right now. We need to find Amy," I said. I turned to Harry. "You said she left your apartment, any idea where she might have gone from there?"

"She usually just runs off to the pool when he gets pissed at me. I went looking for her a couple of hours later and she wasn't there. That's why I figured she'd gone to stay with you and Danielle. She was really mad at me."

"What did you do?" I asked. Then thinking about how many problems I was dealing with right at this moment I changed my mind. "Never mind, I don't want to know."

"Should we call the police?" Louis asked.

"Let me call her mom, maybe Amy called after she ran off." I grabbed my phone and dialed Cynda. She answered in her typically chipper voice.

"Hey, hun. How's England?" She asked.

"Oh it's fine. Has Amy called you recently?"

"Oh yeah, she called me yesterday. She said she wanted to come home early. She didn't say why though. Is everything alright?"

"I don't know. Any idea where she was?" I asked.

"She mentioned something about being at a hotel for a little while; she said she wanted to be alone."

"Ok thanks, Cynda. I'll call her, I'm sure she's fine."

"Call me when you find her, alright?"

"Of course." I hung up and then turned to look at the guys. "She went to a hotel; I don't know which one though. Let's check the ones closest to the apartment, we should probably split up." We each picked a direction and walked to the hotels that way. I called Danielle on the way.

"What's up?" She asked.

"Amy's missing, can you call her again?"

"I can do one better. I know her Apple password; I'll go look up the GPS on her phone."

"That would be great."

"How long has she been gone?" Danielle asked.

"Two days." I was about a block from the hotel.

"She's at the Hilton."

"Great, I'm on my way there right now." I walked into the lobby and up to the front desk. "Excuse me, my friend is staying here and she told me to meet her but she forgot to tell me her room number."

"I'm not supposed to do that, but you're Reina Carter and if you could just tell one of the boys to follow me on Twitter then I would love to help you out." I rolled my eyes but nodded anyways. She jotted down her Twitter name on a hotel business card and handed it to me. "What's her name?"

"Amy Holmes."

She typed into the computer for a bit and then smiled. "She's in room 780."

"Thank you," I said running towards the elevator. I texted Harry and Louis and told them to meet me there. I knocked on the door to her room but there wasn't an answer. "Amy!" I yelled. "Ames!" I looked around and saw a housekeeping cart. I snatched the key card off and ran back to the room. I unlocked the door and went in. The room smelt terrible. Half of Amy's wardrobe was tossed across the room and there were multiple empty bottles of pretty much everything you could buy at a liquor store.

She was lying on the bed, unconscious. I stepped over a barely touched pizza and the desk chair which she'd flipped over. "Ames?" I put my hand on her shoulder and she moved slightly. "Amy, you need to wake up." She groaned. There was a knock on the door and I answered it. Harry and Louis were there looking quite worried.

"What happened?" Louis asked looking around the room.

"What the fuck did you do to my best friend?" I asked Harry.

"Guys, she's awake," Louis said. I turned to look and sure enough, she was trying to sit up.

"Want to know what lovely, wonderful Harry did?" She asked, clearly still drunk as her words slurred together. I glanced at Harry.

"Ames, I'm sorry-" Harry began, but Amy glared at him cutting him off.

"He cheated on me with some model slut." She then turned her full attention on me. "Looks like he's not the only one here who's a cheater."

"What?" I asked.

"Haley texted me the picture."

"Amy, you really need to hear my side of the story before you start jumping into things."

"Funny, those were almost the same exact words Harry used after I saw him kissing that girl in Mahiki."

"Amy we need to get you home, you're wasted." I tried to lift her but she shoved me back, she was surprisingly strong for her size.

"Don't fucking touch me." She stumbled into a standing position and then tripped and then proceeded to puke in the ice bucket.

"Lovely," I mumbled.

Louis hoisted her off the ground and helped her stand up. "Someone should probably call a car so we can get her out of here without drawing too much attention."

Harry nodded and called their usual driver. We waited a little bit before making our way down the stairs. We figured not many guests would be in the staircase, and thankfully we were right. We slipped out the back door and waited on the side street a few minutes for the car. Amy puked again before we got her into the car.

"What do we do with her?" Harry asked.

"Take her to Danielle's I guess? She's going to need to sleep and probably throw up some more. I have no idea how much she drank. I'm surprised she's not dead."

We pulled up outside Danielle's flat and dragged Amy inside. Danielle screamed when she saw the state Amy was in and started running around trying to get things she thought would help. I grabbed an old blanket and we sat Amy up in the bathroom. She was asleep or passed out again now but I didn't want her throwing up all over the carpet when she woke up.

"What happened?" Danielle asked. We all sat down in the living room.

"Harry cheated on her and she drowned her sorrows in vodka and god knows what else."

"You should probably call Niall," Louis told me.

"Why?" Then I remembered. "Oh god, the photo." I grabbed my phone and called him, it went straight to voice mail. "Hey, it's me. We really need to talk. Can you come to Dani's? Amy's here, she's-well she's going to be ok now. God everything is just so messed up. Just come, ok?" I hung up. I started crying and Louis hugged me.

"It's going to be ok."


I must have fallen asleep because when I woke up I was under the covers in my room. I could hear voices outside my door in the living room. I tried to listen though the voices were a bit muffled. I thought I heard Niall. I got up and went to the door.

"You should really let her explain before you go and do something stupid," Danielle said. She sounded incredibly pissed off.

"I don't know what happened, but I'm sure there's an explanation," Louis said.

"She didn't kiss him, Niall. They were hanging out and he kissed her, she pushed him away. When she came home she was crying," Danielle had managed to calm down a tiny bit. "She didn't want that to happen."

"Why didn't she call me as soon as it happened?" Niall asked.

"She found out Louis and Eleanor broke up, she wanted to talk to them."

"And then Amy," Harry said.

"She called you as soon as she had a free minute," Danielle said. It wasn't exactly true. I should have called Niall before I went to Louis's but I didn't. I was afraid that he'd get upset; obviously I was on to something with that idea.

"I need to talk to her," Niall told them.

"She's asleep," Harry said. He was closer to the door now; I guess he moved to block Niall. I reached forward to open the door; I couldn't hide from this forever.

"I'm awake now," I said. No one moved. "How's Amy?" I asked.

"She stopped throwing up," Danielle said. "I moved her to the couch; she's been sleeping for a while."

"That's good." Everyone was staring at me. I reach for Niall's arm and he flinched away from me. "Can we talk? In here?" He hesitated before nodding and following me back into my room. I glanced in the mirror and realized why everyone had been staring at me, I looked horrible. I was paler than death and my eyeliner and mascara was smudged from crying or sleeping, probably both. My hair, which I'd put into a bun before leaving for Starbucks, had come undone in chunks and now just looked like a mess. I pulled the hair tie out and rubbed my eyes a bit to see if I could fix my makeup a bit.

I finally turned around. Niall was standing in the middle of my room, he was looking at me but it was obvious he wasn't really seeing me. "What Danielle said, about Zayn kissing me and that I ran away from him, that's what happened. I swear I would never cheat on you." He didn't say anything. "I met him at Starbucks to ask him about girls he liked, because me, Dani, Ames and Elle were supposed to be setting him up. The plan backfired though and here we are." I laughed humorously. "And Elle's gone home, and Ames tried to kill herself. I guess Danielle is the only one left without a problem." I dropped down onto my furry rug and leaned back against my bed. "I'm sorry. I don't know what you want me to say." I looked at him. "You might as well leave, if you aren't going to say anything." He walked out without looking at me.

Danielle came into my room followed by Louis. "What happened?" She asked quietly.

"I guess we broke up. I don't know."

Louis didn't say anything but he picked me up and sat me on my bed then disappeared. When he came back he was holding the extra cartons of our Ben & Jerry's, three spoons and a pile of my favorite movies. "What do you want to watch?" He asked. "I'll let you pick this time."

"Sleepover," I said, pointing and one of my favorite silly girly movies with teenage Alexa Vega. Danielle smiled and she hopped on the bed with me and snatched a carton of Half Baked.

"Excuse me, that's my favorite!" Louis said.

"Excuse me; I don't think anyone asked you!" She said back taking a big bite. I opened the carton of Phish Food and took a nibble. I tried to smile and my friends and pretend like I was ok but I couldn't quite do it.

Louis wrapped his arm around me and gave me a sideways hug. "You're going to be ok, I promise."