A/N: A certain lurker requested this be posted here so it could be subscribed to. Um, yeah. So I know that basically telling the story of the game has been done a hundred times over, but when I started this, it was more of a personal pet project, a retelling of the game to include my favorite little chef in the adventure. It was just a personal amusement. then I noticed the Chefs of Symphonia fan group on deviantart was seriously lacking in some good WC stuff -mostly old art and OC chefs- so I decided to post my lil project there to give them something new. Somehow, it got attention from people here. So while I'm still working on finishing up other fics, here's my pet project for you to nibble on. For those who know of my other Wonder Chef centered stuff, there are major differences here.

First of all; no Caleb. He doesn't exist here. Secondly, Adam has a different personality, no nickname, and some other personal changes that you'll see as the chapters are added. Third, this is going to be my first foray into a kind of boyxboy romancing, soooo yeah. Should be light, but we'll see how that goes. Also, the story's POV bounces around, so each character will have a shot at relaying the adventure through their perspectives, although the bulk of the story focuses on two particular characters, the Wonder Chef being one, obviously.

And yes, a LOT of dialogue comes right from the game; since it was a personal project, i didn't feel the need to create whole new words in their mouths. The game script was just fine as is, though I did expand and paraphrase wherever I felt like it. What you see is what you get, so if it's not your cup of tea, feel free to read one of the many other retellings on the site. There are a lot of very good ones that I like reading too, though I'm not sure if any of them are actually finished.

Since I started this fic with the intention of getting the Wonder Chef to join the party, I started straight from his first appearance, bypassing an hour or so of the initial part of the game and storyline. Enjoy.

Tales of Symphonia:
Wonder Edition



Racing through the Triet Oasis marketplace wasn't really what he'd thought he'd be doing today. Then again, being out anywhere in Sylvarant hadn't been high on his schedule list, and he had expected it to be set to around 'when Hel freezes over'. But no, here he was, a slightly smaller than average -and those were his own words- seventeen-year-old boy darting over the sand and holding his chef's hat down on short blonde hair, attempting to escape his travel companions.

If he had to look at one more piece of beef jerky...

"Wonder Chef! Slow down! We have to finish going over the itinerary!" one of the cooks trailing after him yelled in a panicked voice. Big, burly, clothed in the traditional whites of a sous chef's clothes with a red neckerchief, the first of his three guards looked more like a bouncing ball than a man. His face was distorted and red from running, sweat pouring down like tiny rivers, and large unsightly stains under his arms and across his groin area made the fleeing boy glad that he wasn't going to be near a kitchen anytime soon.

Hang on, where were the other two of his keepers? The boy frowned, narrowing one visible eye as he turned back forward and quickly scanned over the crowd before him. It wouldn't do to have his escape be foiled by running headlong into someone, after all. Now, where were the other two cooks?

Oh... there's one. The burly sous chef's twin brother, the line chef guard, had somehow managed to cram himself between several wooden crates, probably hoping to leap out and snatch the boy dashing along. Well, not today!

The blonde darted aside, making straight for the crates themselves. One, two, three! He leaped daintily onto each one, hoped the red cape on his back and the giant wood and metal fork strapped under it didn't hinder him, and flipped over the head of the line chef, crossing the gap of crates and touching down on the flat stone of the oasis town. He smiled back over his shoulder at the overweight man now struggling to get out of his hiding place.

"Wonder Chef! Enough of this! You have to follow the proper procedures! Your father...!" he cried out, oblivious to the various Triet natives giving him and the blonde dirty looks for causing a ruckus in the marketplace.

"Should have told me himself if he wanted me to listen!" the boy shouted back, hands cupped around his mouth. Grinning, he turned and darted off again, still aware that one more of his guards had yet to be evaded.

Some days ago, the oracle had appeared in Sylvarant, a brilliant flash of light that had nearly blinded the Wonder Chef when he first saw it, sitting on a rock on Hima's mountain peak and ignoring the ranting of a bearded entrepreneur attempting to start a business there. He'd fallen backwards with a yelp of surprise, scrambled back to his feet and blinked as the man behind him fell to his knees with a joyful cry. The oracle, the signal for the Chosen to begin her journey for world regeneration. The young chef frowned at the thought of some innocent person being sent off to die for no real reason, then winced at the ringing coming from his pocket.

He had ignored the man again -he was now calling out praises and thanks to the Goddess Martel- and dug out the gold disc in his pocket, the source of the ringing. Clicking it open, he rolled his eyes heavenward at the message he knew he'd be getting from it. 'Return to base. Next assignments will be in Tethe'alla.' He clapped it shut before it finished and pulled the Wonder Fork from its place against his back, lifting it into the air and teleporting to the secret base hidden within Hima's mines. Once there, he threw a fit, demanding to remain in Sylvarant so he could support the people there until the journey was through.

What was the point of going to the flourishing world when it was Sylvarant that needed him more?

"There you are!"

The blonde's thoughts had been enough of a distraction for the third guard, his dessert chef, to sneak up on him from another avenue and grab his arm. Startled, the boy spun on his heel to face the lankier man, overcompensated for the motion, and fell back, nearly yanking the man down with him. The dessert chef pulled on his arm, getting him back on his feet, and gave the younger chef a scolding look.

"You know better than to be seen in the open like this, Wonder Chef. Your duties are to hide and disguise, so that recipes may be taught to those who seek your knowledge." the lanky cook told him sternly, "Now, have you bought your ingredients? We're to leave for Tethe'alla immediately after you've done so."

The Wonder Chef yanked his arm free, scowling up at the older man. "I told you, I'm staying here!" he shot back, "There's no reason for me to be anywhere else but here in Sylvarant!" He would have said more, but there was a sudden uproar in the town. Cries of fear and panic filled the air, tension rippling through the marketplace, and suddenly people were scattering, racing for homes and places to hide. "What's going on?" the blonde murmured in alarm and concern, looking towards the town's entrance. There was only one way into the walled city, so whatever was causing this new ruckus had to be from there.

"Desians! Hide! Run!" someone yelled out in a panic, and the dessert chef gave a start, turning to flee in reflex. He hadn't been part of the Wonder Chef Family long, and still was skittish when any mentions of Desians or human ranches came up. This was the break that the younger chef needed. He darted forward, towards the source of the panic, and then threw himself behind several clay jars, peering out around them at the sight of a group of men and women dressed in red clothing, light armor and metal helms gleaming in the desert sun despite being lightly coated in dust and sand. Desians, half-elves and humans that controlled human ranches, places where people where dragged to at a steady rate for inhumane reasons, full of torture and misery and pain; what reason did they have to be all the way here in Triet? There was no nearby ranch, and the closest was in the same region as Iselia, whose prison stock came from transfers done by other Sylvaranti ranches.

He could only pick up brief bits of conversation, not enough to understand what was going on, but seeing them start to drift apart gave him some cause for alarm. No sense being around for them to catch. The Wonder Chef pulled the fork from his back and held it before himself, focusing on the mental image of the second floor of the Mirage inn. It was on the other side of the cluster of Desians headed his way, and it was where he'd planned on hiding in wait for the Chosen's group. After all, even the Chosen had to sleep sometime, right?

A burst of white smoke later, there wasn't a trace of him to be seen when the Desians passed by the clay jars.

Lloyd was ten kinds of pissed that these Desians just couldn't leave him alone. Wanted posters? Really? What was so special about his Exsphere that had them stalking after him all the way out here to the desert? On top of that, he was stuck hiding behind Noishe's bulky form with Genis until the cluster broke up and went their separate ways. Finally! A chance to breathe!

"This is serious. We gotta hurry and find Colette!" the silver-haired boy behind him muttered. Lloyd froze in place and turned to glare at his friend.

"I thought we were looking for her to protect her, not save us!" he accused. Genis merely threw up his hands in exasperation.

"Not gonna be able to do much protecting of her if we get caught because of you, Lloyd." he countered dryly, and that was true. Unable to protest that, Lloyd just sighed harshly and moved back forward, glancing around the area first to be sure it was clear, then darting over to the billboard where the wanted poster had been pinned up by the lead Desian. Genis joined him shortly after and the two of them spent a few moments studying the crudely drawn image on the paper. The brunet grimaced at the depiction.

"Am I really that ugly?" he asked of his companion, dreading the answer that would come. He'd always considered himself rather well off in looks, not dashingly handsome or anything but at least not horrible enough to shatter mirrors, like that poster seemed to indicate. Genis looked like he was trying to hold back a barrage of snickering, shaking his head.

"That's good, actually. They'll never find you with that for comparison." he replied and laughed when Lloyd's crestfallen expression told him that that wasn't the response he was hoping for. "Relax, Lloyd! The poster is hideous, and you're not. No way is anyone gonna think you're the guy in the picture."

Lloyd felt somewhat reassured by that. Something still told him he was being made fun of, but he couldn't figure out how. Shrugging his shoulders to discard the thought, he gave a small sigh. "Well, as long as that's okay, let's get to searching around here for signs of Colette. Somebody's bound to have seen her, right?" Genis nodded in agreement, but grabbed him by the ribbons of white fabric that hung from the collar of his red jacket, holding him back before he could run off. "What?" he complained to the shorter boy.

"We just got here from the desert. I don't know about you, Lloyd, but I'm hot, thirsty, hungry, and seriously need to make sure there's not sand in places there shouldn't be." Genis pointed out grouchily and pointed towards the nearby door that led into the Mirage inn, "Let's check in and get ourselves some rest. Just a little bit, and then we can spend all day looking for Colette and the others, okay?"

Lloyd relented a bit, agreeing to the food and water, not so much to the checking for sand. Then again, he was covered from neck to toe in dwarven-crafted clothes, sturdy red jacket and gloves with matching boots, tucked into thick black pants and all held together with both brown leather belts to support the sheaths of his twin swords and leather suspenders holding up his pants. It would have been pretty hard for sand to get past all those layers. Genis, in his light blue and white shorts, shoes, and vest with black undershirt, was less lucky. His pale skin had reddened from sun exposure and his gray eyes looked cloudy from fatigue.

Another sigh and the older boy led the way into the inn, heading down the steps to the door at a steady pace. Once he opened it, Genis ran right in, rushing past Lloyd in a race to whatever passed for the dining room to start pleading for water. He didn't get that far.

Lloyd flinched as Genis impacted someone that had been on their way out of the same dining area, the two of them falling back onto their respective rumps with a collective yelp of pain and surprise. Rolling his eyes, he hurried over to pull Genis to his feet, glancing him over quickly for any sign of injury before looking to the person he'd run into.

He blinked, startled, at the immediate sight of blonde hair, part of which had been swept aside to cover the left eye. Blonde hair, in Lloyd's mind, meant Colette, so that's what he blurted out before the rest of his brain could point out that Colette would not be wearing weird green and white traveling clothes and a red cape.


The guy -Lloyd only just now discovered the person Genis knocked over was a boy because of the way he sounded when he groaned in pain- stopped rubbing at his stomach and looked up at him in confusion. Blue eyes. He had blue eyes, just like Colette, but where Colette had eyes that were bright like a springtime sky, this guy had them as deep as the sapphires Lloyd's dad, Dirk, worked with at the forge. They were oddly pretty and Lloyd found himself weirdly fascinated by that thought.

Genis looked at his best friend with equal parts exasperation and confusion. Had he been out in the sun so long that he was confusing random strangers for Colette now? He gave the blonde on the floor a quick appraisal. Well, maybe it wasn't too farfetched. Same color hair, similar colored eyes -eye, seeing as the other was covered up-, so there was a little cause for confusion there. But the clothes had to give some sign that this definitely wasn't Colette.

For one thing, Colette wore the white clothes of the Chosen, making her stand out in a crowd. She was kind of on the short side, but that was a given since she was a girl and a little younger than Lloyd. This guy was shorter than Lloyd -considering where Genis collided on him as compared to when he ran into the brunet- but not short enough to be Colette. His hair was short, Colette's was long. He was wearing a green shirt with shiny brass buttons and long white sleeves ending in green and gold trimmed cuffs, a brown leather belt with brass buckle, green pants and sturdy brown shoes with a red cape. A giant gag fork of some kind was strapped to his back under the cape, part of its harness crossing over the front of the guy's shirt, faded leather a clue to its age.

How the heck could Lloyd confuse this weird guy with Colette? He wasn't that stupid was he?

And for that matter, why was he still staring at the guy?

"Excuse me?" the guy returned at last, an incredulous tone in his voice, "I think you have the wrong person. I'm..." He stopped, one hand clapping over his mouth as his eyes widened.

"Something wrong?" Genis asked, growing a little suspicious of the stranger's behavior. The other boy held his pose for a moment longer, then slowly lowered his hand, looking a bit sheepish.

"Um, well, actually, I'm not sure what to do in this situation." he replied, and silently accepted Lloyd's offer to help him stand up. Genis caught sight of a flattened chef's hat once the other boy was on his feet and picked it up, noting its trim was the same green and gold as his shirt.

"You don't? Why? You're just saying who you are, right?" Lloyd questioned, confused by the other boy's words. The blonde laughed, and it might have sounded pleasant if it hadn't been tainted with nervousness.

"That's the problem. I'm not really supposed to say who I am unless you find me, and my name..." the boy paused again, and Genis caught a brief glimmer of mixed emotions before they vanished, too fast for Lloyd to catch. "Well, my name's not important in my job." the boy finally finished wryly.

"That's stupid." the half-elf butted in derisively, "Of course your name's important. It's your name; what have people been calling you since you were born? 'Hey, You'?" He held up the battered hat. "By the way, you dropped this." The blonde gave a dismayed little cry as he took it back and spent a moment gazing at the dirtied white sadly before sighing and stuffing it into a travel pack he had on hand. "Are you some kind of traveling cook?" Genis asked, making his assumption based on the clues he'd gathered. He raised an eyebrow when the blonde gave him an incredulous look.

A traveling cook? Really? Had no one in Sylvarant made any mention of the legends of the Wonder Chef? He felt a bit hurt; he didn't even qualify as an old wives' tale anymore. Part of him wanted to cry for a bit. He quickly shook it off.

"Um, not really." he replied slowly, then sighed, shaking his head. Well, he'd already made a mess of things, no point trying to salvage this fiasco. "I'm the mysterious gourmet, the Wonder Chef!" he finally declared, lifting his hand into the air. He blinked a few times -oh, that's right, he'd put the Wonder Fork back into its harness- and then brought it down to cover his eyes as he flushed in embarrassment. "Oh Goddess, I screwed that up royally." he muttered as the brunet and silver-haired kid both started laughing.

"What was that supposed to do?" the shorter kid managed to get out between snorts of laughter, "Come on, really? That's how you introduce yourself? That's so lame!"

The young chef's face burned hotter, turning more red as the laughter went on. Maybe going to Tethe'alla wasn't such a bad idea after all. He stiffened when he felt a hand on his shoulder and brought his own down, blinking at the red-clothed teen that smiled at him, eyes still laughing merrily.

"Let's try that again, okay?" he suggested, "I'm Lloyd Irving, this is my best friend, Genis Sage, and you are...?"

The Wonder Chef blinked again, mouth agape at the silent invitation to say his name. His name; he could give them his name and not his title. They could be the only two people in both worlds, outside of the Family, to know his real name. It was dangerous, it was risky, it could cost him so much later on.

Oh, to Hel with it. He was going to die anyway, for what he was planning on doing. He smiled slowly, encouraged by Lloyd's friendly grin and outstretched hand, then reached back to grasp it in a handshake.

"Adam." he returned warmly, "My name's Adam Voraci. It's nice to meet you."


It didn't take long for them to all be sitting at the same table, talking over cups of cool water and mostly empty plates of food, dishes that Adam had cooked up with a smile. He learned quite a bit from the two boys; how they were from Iselia, how their friend Colette had gone on the journey of world regeneration because she was the Chosen of Mana, how they had been ousted from their village for reasons they didn't really want to talk about, and how they were now looking for Colette to join her journey. Adam listened intently, eyes wide with awe and eager to know more about them. Until he became the new Wonder Chef, he'd never really spent much time outside of the secret base where the Wonder Chef Family resided.

There had been a time when he was able to go out and make friends, but then that incident occurred and he never was able to leave again...

He dismissed the fledgling memory before it could fully surface and resumed listening to the two boys. They finished by saying they needed to keep out of sight of the Desians in Triet as they searched for Colette, and Adam's interest grew.

"I saw them myself just a while ago. That's why I was hiding in here." he told them. He considered his next words, then nodded, making his decision then and there. "If you're looking for the Chosen, is it all right that I join you?" he asked. Lloyd and Genis both looked at one another in surprise, then at him.

"It'll be dangerous." Genis pointed out.

"That's fine." Adam replied, shaking his head. They were going to try to dissuade him. How kind, but very much unnecessary.

"There's gonna be Desians, probably. And monsters. And lots of fighting." Lloyd added, concerned expression on his face, "Can a Wonder Chef fight?" Adam smiled, tilting his head as he rested it on one hand.

"It depends on what kind of fighting you mean. Cooking battles are a cakewalk for me. If you mean like physically beating something with a weapon..." he trailed off at the boys' unified nodding, "Ah. Well, I trained a little bit with that kind of fighting." He couldn't hold back the wince at remembering being severely scolded for beating a wooden dummy with a perfectly good frying pan. "I'm not all that great at it, but I'm pretty sure I can hold my own in a battle. If nothing else, I can throw food at monsters."

He couldn't help but laugh at Lloyd's startled expression. "I'm the Wonder Chef; I have recipes for all kinds of food, from dishes that can heal and restore mana or cure ailments, to ones that can inflict status effects or affect my surroundings." he explained with a smile, "It makes me valuable, wherever I am. So, may I join you in looking for the Chosen and then join your group in the journey?"

"You'll have to ask Professor Sage, once we find them." Lloyd pointed out uncertainly, then added in a firmer tone, "And her name is Colette; stop calling her 'Chosen'. I know that's her title and everything, but she's still a person!" Adam lifted his hands, face set into a serious expression.

"I know. I know how that is. It's not fun being known only for your title." he agreed wryly. He quickly replaced it with a smile once he noticed both boys were looking at him strangely. "Ah, never mind. So, are we ready to go out and look for Colette and your other friends?"

Genis nodded in answer to Lloyd's silent question, the brunet looking at him to check on his friend. "Yeah, we're good to go." Lloyd agreed cheerfully, "We're looking for a blonde girl, that's Colette. She'll be with Genis's sister, Professor Raine Sage. She's our teacher in Iselia." He scowled suddenly. "There's also that stuck-up mercenary with them. His name's Kratos. He's the one who didn't want us coming along, but I'll show him that I can protect Colette!"

"Yeah, right after we ask them for help with the Desians chasing us." Genis piped in with a bark of a laugh. Lloyd didn't look amused. Neither did Adam. At hearing the name of Kratos, he paled, eyes widening as his mind raced. What were the odds that the Kratos Lloyd was talking about was the Seraph that was under Yggdrasill's orders? Pretty high, if he was in the Chosen's group.

Which meant that Adam couldn't warn Colette about what was going to happen, couldn't tell her about Cruxis and Tethe'alla and the need to fight against the angels. He'd lost this fight before he even started. He forced a smile before either of his new companions could notice and nodded.

"All right. Let's get going then." he agreed and headed out of the inn with them.


They spent much of the day searching the oasis town for information, talking to shopkeepers to see if any of them had seen the Chosen. One man eagerly regaled them with the story of how his house had been blessed by her passing, pointing out the distinctly shaped hole in his wall that resembled a petite girl. Adam stared at it and looked to Lloyd for an explanation.

"She's kind of a klutz." the brunet remarked with a sheepish laugh.

They also had to dodge the patrolling Desians and Adam's ditched chef guards. When given looks about that last bit, he made up a story about how they wanted him to start his travels on the other side of Sylvarant when he wanted to start on this side. Genis didn't look too convinced, but Lloyd happily offered to help shield him if they saw any wandering cooks, which Adam was all too grateful for.

Lloyd thought the fortune teller was kind of a rip-off. She wanted a hundred gald before she'd tell where Colette was -and he kind of had to borrow the money from their new friend, Adam, who didn't seem to mind so he supposed it all worked out- and then it turned out she didn't even have to 'divine' it or whatever. She knew because that's where Kratos said they were going, where being the Triet Ruins.

"So they ended up already being gone by the time we got here." Genis sighed with a shake of his head, "Just great. Now we have to go out into that desert again and follow them." The three of them leaned against one of the wooden buildings in the marketplace, taking advantage of the shade. "We don't even have enough gald to stock up on water for the trip out!" Lloyd blinked at the shorter boy before looking over at blonde chef on his other side. He was already shaking his head.

"Sorry, Lloyd. I spent most of my money on ingredients and my own supply of water. If we split what I have, it won't last us more than a couple of days." he pointed out, "And how long would it take us to get to the ruins?"

"Three to four days. We'd be severely dehydrated by the time we reached the ruins, and if we get attacked by monsters on the way..." Genis added worriedly. No one said anything more. They all knew the most likely end to that train of thought.

Lloyd lifted his head in sudden thought. "Hey, what if we went outside the city and just picked on monsters for a bit?" he suggested, "That billboard had some posts for bounties, right? If we filled out a few requests, we could earn enough gald to stock up on water and then find Colette." Both Adam and Genis brightened at the idea, and Lloyd felt much better about the situation now that they had kind of a plan in place. "There were even some bandits out there. We could sort of... you know..."

"Rob the robbers?" Adam filled in with a small smirk, "I don't suppose there'd be any harm. After all, that money didn't belong to them in the first place."

So now they had something to do to get more supplies. Eager to get started, Lloyd led the way back to the town's entrance, flanked by Genis and Adam. They hadn't even reached the open gate when a voice yelled out at them.


They turned collectively, curious as to who it was that called them, then had a collective look of dread spread over their faces as a small party of Desians walked towards them. The leader pointed right at the brunet. "You're Lloyd Irving, aren't you? You look just like the wanted poster!" he demanded and Lloyd just groaned under his breath. He really didn't want to have to deal with this.

"I'm not that ugly!" he snapped back irritably, waving a hand at Genis who had opened his mouth to say something, "So what the hell do you want?"

"Get him!" the Desian ordered, sending his two comrades rushing forward with whips in hand. He himself hefted up a longbow, readying it with arrows.

"Ah, dammit! Adam, Genis, take care of the guys with whips!" Lloyd barked, dashing around to deal with the bow-wielding Desian. Now to see if they could get out of this one in one piece.

Adam yelped in surprise at the orders, one hand diving into his travel pack before throwing it aside, chosen weapon in hand. "Okay, Adam! Time to show what you can do!" Genis declared as he started flipping his kendama, a circle of light blossoming at his feet. Okay, so the kid could use magic. That meant...

The Wonder Chef winced as he darted forward, frying pan in hand. That meant he'd have to keep both whipmasters busy until the spell was done. Luckily, him running up to one of the Desians with a cooking implement in hand startled them enough for him to get in one good hit. Being slammed upside the head by a frying pan could not be a pleasant experience. The Desian went down, stunned, and Adam spun to bat aside the whip coming at him from the other one.

"Little runt!" the second Desian snarled and Adam blinked even as he dodged another lashing, running up under the attack to get in close. That was a woman's voice; he was fighting a woman? No time to dwell on it, he jabbed the frying pan into her stomach hard. When she doubled over, he lifted it to bring down on her back. Enough to stun, not kill. Adam couldn't bring himself to do that. He hesitated, trying to decide where best to strike to cause minimal injury, and paid for it when his wrist was suddenly snagged by the first Desian's whip.

"Ack!" He was yanked backwards onto the sandstone just as the bow-carrying Desian fell under the onslaught of Lloyd's sword strikes, spilling blood over the ground. He flipped over, jerking back on the whip to throw his new 'partner' off balance.

"Fireball!" Genis cried out, hurling several spheres of fire at the Desian holding Adam in place with her whip, "One more to go!" The stunned Desian was already trying to right herself, so Adam spun in place where he knelt, swinging the frying pan aside as he moved. Centrifugal force increased the power of the attack and the pan smashed right into the Desian's head, denting her helmet and sending her sprawling onto the ground, unconscious.

He found himself breathing hard as he lowered the pan, hand moving to rub gingerly at the injury on his wrist. Lloyd had moved to stand by him, reaching down to help him up. After a moment, he accepted the help and got to his feet as Genis scampered up to join them.

"Hey, that wasn't too bad! Kinda funny that you were using a frying pan, though. I thought for sure you'd use that giant fork of yours!" Lloyd remarked cheerfully. Adam didn't quite hear it all, eyes drawn to the corpses of the two Desians the brunet and Genis had dealt with. His face paled once the stench of blood and burnt flesh hit his nose and he quickly turned away, swaying slightly. "Hey! Whoa! Adam, you okay? Are you hurt?" Lloyd added in concern, his hands grabbing the chef by the shoulders to steady him, "Come on, they were easy to beat. You couldn't have gotten hurt too badly, right?"

"Don't let your guard down, Lloyd, talking like everything's just gonna fall at your feet." Genis remarked dryly, "He's okay, I was watching him. He might have a bruised wrist, but that'll be taken care of pretty easily." The brunet gave him a sour look.

"I'm not letting my guard down! They were pitiful to start with and the only person who looks like they're gonna fall at my feet is Adam!" he shot back. Adam lifted his free hand to press against his head, still gripping the frying pan in the other.

He was about to say something when he heard a strange sizzle in the air not too far from them. There was a split second where he lifted his head, eyes wide with alarm meeting Lloyd's puzzled look, and then pain just blasted through him, the sting and burn of electricity coursing through him and Lloyd. His hand opened reflexively as he opened his mouth to scream, the sound lodged in his throat. The frying pan fell to the ground, and shortly after so did Adam and Lloyd, collapsing onto the sandstone in an unconscious heap, with Genis's cry of shock the last sound either of them heard.