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KP - Clean Slate

By LJ58

Part 1: In which Shego learns going straight isn't as easy as being bad, Kim copes with college and her many protectors, and mysteries in the background arise.

Shego walked into the apartment Betty had helped arrange for her and Kimberly shortly after the latter had graduated, and they had returned from their postponed honeymoon that had been quite nice, thank you. Until, that is, they both faced a return to reality, and their daily lives.

Only Shego's daily life was nowhere near as orderly as it had once been. Which was saying something.

She closed the door, locking and activating the security systems out of habit, and then stood there staring at the thick, wooden panel. Right before she banged her head into it. Twice. Then again. By the fifth thud, Kim showed up in the passage that led to the dining and kitchen area, and called out, "Shego, is that….? What are you doing?"

She turned to give a belated smile to her wife, and sighed, stopping before she could bang her head a sixth time. "Pumpkin? You're home early?"

"No classes this afternoon. Someone trashed the Chem lab again, so I decided to go to the library to do some cramming."

"Not you," she asked knowingly.

"Please. I wasn't even near the lab. This time."

"Well, I don't think this is the library, Kimmie," she sighed, walking over to hug her wife. Since the inestimable redhead had chosen Upperton Sci-Tech to attend in favor of any exotic location to stay close to her rather than split up from the start, Shego knew the local media wannabes were still trying to get close to her 'lesbian wife and lover.' She had her own share of paparazzi and other gawkers following her lately.

Then she had a truly horrible thought.

"Kitten," she called her as she did of late. "Why were you in the kitchen?"

"I wasn't," Kim protested. "I just came home to focus on my physics homework. The library was too crowded."

Shego relaxed a little.

"So, you weren't trying to cook again?"

"No," she grumbled. "But I don't know why you carry on like that. I'm not that bad."

"Please. Stoppable told me all about your Home Ec classes. And don't forget, Drew still has a lair he can't use after you….cooked for us there."

"I passed that class," she fumed as she glared up at her wife, not saying a word about that time spent when her memory was missing in action.

"Passing a class does not necessarily mean you know what you're doing, Kimmie," she pointed out. "And I think we both agreed you were going to stay out of my kitchen, and let me handle the cooking for both our sakes."

"Then how am I supposed to eat if you're not around? By the way, why were you banging your head on the door anyway? I haven't seen you do that since you left Dr. Drakken."

"Sometimes I think Dr. D was actually easier on my sanity," she complained as she sighed, and followed Kim back to the dining room, where the small table was almost literally covered with books.


"Well, and a few other things I wanted to check out," she admitted.

Shego lifted a book. "Quantum Theory?" Another read; "The Life & Times of Dark Matter." Yet another; "Space Travel and the Human Element."

"Something I should know, Kim," she sighed.

"Uhm, just some things dad suggested."

"And I take it all the anatomy books are your mom's idea," she asked, looking at the medical texts on the other half of the table.

Kim just gave a rueful grin.

"Princess, we discussed this before we even moved in, and you started college. You have to decide what you want to do. No one is going to live your life except you. I know you think you can do everything, but there is no way you can manage this kind of load if you're not really interested."

"How do you know I'm…..?"

Shego took her by the shoulders, and turned her to face her. "Let's see. The lines in your usually smooth face? The scowl on those pretty lips. The furrow between your brows? Relax, and find what you want, Kimberly. Trust me. Your folks won't mind."

She sighed. "I just hate to disappoint them."

"Yeah, well, I'm pretty sure even you can't do degrees in physics and medicine both at once," she told her bluntly.

Kim's expression made her head hurt.

"No. You are not even going to try….."

"That's not it. You changed the subject again," she complained.

"What do you mean?"

"We always talk about me," Kim complained. "We never talk about you. Just now, you wouldn't even tell me about your day. Or why you were banging your head on the door."

"Sorry," Shego sighed, and sit down when Kim pulled out a chair for her next to the one she had been using. "But there really isn't much to tell."

"Then tell me, and I'll decide if you should go back to trying to give yourself brain damage."

"Funny," the brunette drawled, looking very professional in a dark green skirt with a white blouse, and matching jacket.

"Give," Kim told her. "It can't be that bad."

"Wanna bet," she grumbled, and then sighed, and looked into genuinely caring, green eyes. That really got her even now. The idea that Kim really did care. That somehow something had been growing up between them without either of them realizing it until an accident had literally brought them together, and opened an entirely unexpected life up for the pair of them.

"I actually took Bets' suggestion, and tried to go with my strengths when I went looking for a job," she complained. "I should have had my head examined."

"What happened," Kim asked gently, knowing Shego had been pondering trying to get a job as a security consultant, or something similar to help seal her status as a legitimate citizen on the right side of the law again.

"Well, the first three dozen security firms laughed me out of their offices," she sighed bitterly. "Literally," she added just so Kim would get the picture. "Then I tried a few smaller businesses. The second one I tried was the Southwest Jewelry Exchange."


"I spent the rest of the day in jail trying to reach Betty to bail me out rather than just walking out, and starting trouble for all of us," she pointed out.

"Jail? Wha….? How? Why?"

She gave a weak chuckle. "Part of it is funny. Now. At the time, not so much," she muttered, and shook her head.

"If you don't want to tell me….."

"I might as well. I'm just surprised Cyclops, or Nerdboy hasn't already tipped you off," she complained. "Anyway, I walked into SJE, and asked for the manager. Right? Before I could blink, everyone in the place, and I mean everyone, had their hands in the air."

"Was someone holding it up while you were there," Kim exclaimed in confusion.

"That's just it. They thought I was there to rob them. So the hands go up just as a cop drives by outside. He sees me through the window. He sees the hands in the air, and suddenly half of Upperton's elite police force is there, and I'm under arrest."


"Yeah, it was a real laugh."

Kim dropped her head.

"Then the jerks wouldn't listen to me when I tried to explain. I had to call in Bets, which really galls. And….."

Kim's shoulders were shaking.

"Are you laughing at me?"

"I'm sorry," Kim's head came up again, a grin spread ear-to-ear. "But….."

She stopped to burst into laughter. "That is the craziest thing I've ever heard. They thought you….? They just put their hands….?"

She laughed again, her much increased belly at near six months shaking as she tried to hold her sides..

"It wasn't that funny."

"And you…..?"

Shego gave a weak snort. "Okay, it was stupid. But, damn it, Kim. How am I supposed to show I'm reformed if crap like that keeps happening?"

"You could go back to being a hero," Kim said mischievously, rubbing the mound that had replaced her once slender, trim abdomen.

"Oh, no. Been there, done that, and I burned the damn shirt!"

Kim sniggered at that one.

"You know what I mean," she grumbled.

"Aw, Shego. It would be great to have you on the team…"

"Let me remind you, Pumpkin, that you aren't even on the team right now. Even Bets agrees that for the duration you are off mission status. It's college, and a quiet home life for you, Kitten."

"Man, as Ron would say, that tanks."

"Do not start quoting Stoppable to me," Shego growled, making her smirk.

"Well, it does. I finally get out on my own, and I can't even…."

"What," the green-skinned woman asked as Kim froze, and a familiar look spread across her face. The kind of look that made Blueboy crazy, and usually meant trouble for her.

"What are you thinking," as that smile etched across her face turned Shego's way.

"That's it. I've got it. It's perfect."

"What have you got? What are you thinking, Pumpkin," she asked uneasily.

"The perfect job. The way to show everyone you really are serious about reforming."

"Uh, please don't tell me you expect me to take your place."

"Oh, no. I wouldn't expect you to do that, Shego."

Shego gave a genuine breath of relief.

"You can join the local police department," Kim exclaimed excitedly.

Shego stared blankly at her for all of five seconds.

"Are you insane," she thundered.

"What? It's just what the doctor ordered," she went on, her eyes still lit with excitement at her idea.

"I look terrible in blue. I look terrible in a uniform. You know what I mean," she glowered at Kim's smirk, "And I still hate cops!"

"You could be….. I don't know, undercover. Or part of their elite response units. Don't they wear unmarked uniforms, or something?"

Shego slapped a hand over her face. "Princess. That has to be the dumbest….."

"I'm just trying to help," she complained. "Say, maybe we could even ask Betty if she would….."

"Oh, no. Nuh, nuh, nuh, nuh, nuh. One favor in a lifetime is my limit, and I've already had to call her for three. Three! I'm never going to live it down."


"Well, duh. Getting me pardoned," she reminded her.

"Okay. That's one. And your bail thingy today was two, right?"

"Actually, there was….something else."

"Really? I haven't heard about anything else."

Shego glanced at the far wall.


"She helped me set up the honeymoon. Okay? I wanted everything perfect for our trip after you graduated. Especially after that loopy alien business, and she….made a few suggestions."

Kim smiled again. "That was sweet. I really did enjoy Koka Kuli. Maybe we could go even back to the island for our anniversary," she suggested with a smile.

Shego smiled herself at that. "It would be nice. But remember, by then we're going to be dragging a brat around."

"Our daughter won't be a brat," Kim gasped in protest, both hands clutching her rounded belly as if defending her.

"Oh, please. If she is anything like you or I, she is going to the be the biggest brat in the history of brats," Shego sniggered knowingly.

"Are you saying…..?"

She only grinned at her gaping, incredulous wife.

"Gotcha," she grinned, and leaned over to kiss her before rising to her feet. "So, what do you want for supper?"


"Real food, Kimmie. Remember, you're feeding two, and I am pretty sure it's still too early for weird cravings."

"Not for me. I want pizza!"

Shego laughed. "Thanks, Kimmie. You always did cheer me up."

"Really? So, you'll talk to the police chief tomorrow? Would you like me to come with you? Or…?"

"Kim, I'm not going to be a cop," shouted the woman from the kitchen as a pan clattered after she walked over to the cabinets.

"But it would be perfect," she complained as Shego shot her a glare at finding the pan out of place.

"Stop whining."

"I'm not whining," Kim pouted as Shego straightened the kitchen to her satisfaction before she began sifting things in the fridge to find what she wanted.

"I can hear you pouting from here," she called back, head still stuck in the fridge.

"Someone's going to sleep on the couch," she muttered.

"Hope you enjoy it," Shego shot back.

Kim blinked, having forgotten how good her wife's hearing could be at time. "I wasn't serious," she sputtered, and glared at her books as their conversation replayed in her mind.

Shego did have a point. She did need to focus. She did need to find her own way. Only that didn't mean she couldn't help Shego with her problems. She was always better at helping others than coping with her own life. Always had been. So to her, having her wife become a cop just made perfect sense.

Maybe Betty could help.

She started to pull out her Kimmunicator she carried in her pocket again, since her professors frowned on the high-tech devices most students carried into class. They certainly didn't want her using one, since everyone knew she was in easy reach of a young genius with more knowledge than the entire university library could boast.

She had not even switched it on before a green hand flashed over her shoulder, and the device was plucked out of her hands.

"What did we agree," Shego asked archly as Kim looked up and back rather than turning her head.

"I wasn't going on a mission," Kim protested, only then turning to look up at her wife in a green and black apron adorned with a motto Kim felt was both cute and apropos at the time she bought it.

It read simply, "I cooked it. You eat it."

"But I know you, Kitten," the older woman grinned smugly, holding the device away from her. "You can't help butting in where you aren't wanted."

"I so do not butt in….!"

"You were about to call your nerd to try to hook me up with the police chief. Weren't you?"


"Kimmie," Shego scowled.

"I wasn't." She wilted under the glare, and sighed, "I was going to ask Dr. Director to hook me up with the city police commissioner."

Shego just shook her head.

"I'm just trying to help," she told her, rising to hug her. "I want you to stay happy here. To stay…."

"Hey. Hey, I'm not going anywhere," Shego assured her, seeing the worry in her green eyes now as she read Kim's train of thought with ease after going through the past few months with her on the hormonal train ride she was rather glad Kim was taking on their behalf. "Things will work out. You'll see."

Kim grumbled as she stood up, and lay her head on Shego's shoulder as her arms wrapped around her.

"What was that," Shego asked as the redhead mumbled something just on the verge of being inaudible.

"I said…. Things were simpler when we just fought each other."

Shego hugged her wife, and grinned. "Call Cyclops," she told her, one hand holding out the Kimmunicator as the other remained wound around her blatantly pregnant wife.

"You'll try my idea?"

"Not for a single, solitary second," Shego smirked. "But you can ask her if we can borrow her training facilities. We both need to work off some steam, and we're not exactly made for local gyms."

Kim beamed. "That would be spankin'," she agreed, and eagerly thumbed the device to power it on.

"Nothing rough," Shego growled, eyeing her belly. "But you obviously need to vent."

Kim only beamed at her.

"Kim? What's up? You need help with your Physics?"

"No, Wade. I'll muddle through that on my own. I need you to put me in touch with Dr. Director. We have a request."

"All right, Kim. One second," he told her.


"I just cannot believe that ungrateful woman has not shown up to break me out," Drew muttered as he worked in the corner of his cell under the moonlight filtering in the window to rewire the television remote he had stolen from the day room earlier.

His cellmate only grumbled, and tried to ignore him.

"Years of loyal service, amended contracts, Karaoke nights! For what? For what, I ask you?"

"Will you keep it down," the burly man on the top bunk demanded. "Some of us actually try to sleep in here."

Drew glared up at the man. "Sleep? How can you sleep on those dreadful instruments of torture they pass off as beds. They don't even have…..!"

"Zip it, fruitcake. I don't care about your mommy's beds. Your sidekick's wife, or anything else you want to rant about right now. I just want to sleep," the big man huffed, but didn't actually get physical.

Even Big T knew better than to actually cross the weird guy with blue skin.

Sure, he could beat him senseless. Sure, he could make him whine, and curl up in a ball, and even beg for his mommy. But then Big T just might wake up with his bunk wired to the power lines, or something equally nasty. The blue guy might be past loopy, but the he could be scary in his own way.

He had proven it too many times.

"Hmmph," Drew muttered, and snapped the pieces of the remote back together as he then carefully checked the batteries. Twice. After all, sometimes it was hard to put them in right since they didn't exactly label those things properly. "You can sleep all you want after I'm gone," he said, and pulled on his shoes to walk to the door of their cell.

"Yeah, and where are you going," Big T smirked, looking over the edge of his thin mattress.

"Why, out, of course. I thought I would take a stroll," Drew smiled his manic smile as aimed the remote at the electronic lock, which promptly opened with a faint buzzing and click.

"Holy…..! Whoa, dude, wait up. I'm with you!"

Dr. Drakken smiled coldly as he then agreed that it did make sense to slip away in the chaos of freeing every prisoner they could as he and Big T easily walked out the main gate past the diverted guards. His mind was already filled with ideas of how to finally bring down his longtime teen nemesis, and more importantly, punish Shego for betraying him, their evil family, and…and violating her contract!


Ron was meditating.

It might look like he was carelessly heaping incongruent ingredients atop the bun on his plate, but he was actually meditating.

His distraction was evident when he took no notice of the fact Rufus kept snatching the slices of cheese he occasionally put between layers of various meats and pickles on the truly monumental sandwich rising before him.


He kept seeing those giant, two-legged cats.

Mr. Dr. P.


Dr. Director!

One-eyed cat-lady.

Okay, pretty hot one-eyed cat lady. For an old lady. But still!

Then Kim came home, and that first day she was back at school, he had seen…a red-haired cat-girl. And he was pretty sure KP had never been a cat-girl before then.

Okay, sure, there was that time she dressed up at the villain's expo, but…..that was a costume. Not a…..weird, full-body makeover like those changelings right out of that silly Twilight series. Except with cats instead of wolves, of course.

So…..what did he do now? Did he do anything?

This was, after all, still Kim Possible. His best friend since forever.

Only…..was it really?

First she had gotten pregnant. Then married… Shego! Now she was looking like a big, not so cute-and-cuddly cat whenever he turned his mojo on. What if…..? What if she was being experimented on? Again! What if some weird villainous plot was going on right under his nose.

He lifted his sandwich, and took a large bite, chewing thoughtfully.

Wade. He had to call Wade. He was sure to have answers. He was, after all, the brains in their outfit.

He paused, frowning darkly, and eyed his culinary creation.

"Hey, what happened to my cheese," he complained to the tiny, pink rodent grinning at him from the table as he rubbed his belly.

"Cheese," the small mole rat sighed and grinned as he rubbed his fully belly.


"I believe I have found her," the man said as he drove down the street of the innocuous small town the three other men in the car eyed with disdain.

"Others have made the same claim," one of the men grumbled in complaint, sounding far from convinced.

"They were wrong. And rightly suffered for their mistake," another drawled, eyeing the man in the back seat that said nothing as he eyed the town around them as they drove on, hidden behind the sedan's tented windows.

"They were wrong. I am not," he said, and pulled up a stop sign, and glanced to his right at one of the many innocuous structures around them. "Or do I mistake my own vision," he asked them as they all looked toward the singular house their companion indicated with a nod of his dark head.

The men all looked to the drive, then at the tall, tawny feline that nuzzled a redheaded female before he climbed into a van, and drove away.

"Now, tell me again that I am mistaken," the driver demanded.

"So, they did come to this world," the hitherto silent member of the group hissed. "Then, there is every chance that she is here, too."

"Just as I said."

"If you are right, we must not act precipitously. We must be beyond clever if we are to seize our prize, and perhaps ultimate power."

"Well said," the fourth nodded. "Return to our quarters. We shall…..plan. Still, if she is not here with the refugees, you will be the one to suffer for wasting my time with a few stray cats," he growled.

"I am not wrong," the driver said grimly.

He did not, however, completely mask, his own uneasiness when the man replied, "For your own sake, you had best pray that you are right."

He glanced back at the obviously human female, and drove on.

"I am," he grumbled as he watched the van depart in the opposite direction in his rear view window. "I am."

To Be Continued…