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KP - Clean Slate

By LJ58

Part 11: In which the Tweebs hand out remote-controlled vengeance, Ron and Yori get serious, and the girls decide to go their own way.

Jim and Tim eyed one another as they studied the readouts from Wade's schematics on the computer monitors around them.

"Anything," they asked Wade as they continued to set up equipment of their own around the genius who had been helping their sister almost from the start.

Even they were surprised to find out Wade had known all about the H'raaglyn, though. They thought no one outside the family knew it.

"Nothing yet, but we're ready and online to detect any stray oscillations once they…." Wade faltered, staring back at them only then, and gaped.

"What is that," he asked.

"Something special. We're not going to just intercept the next carrier wave," Jim grinned.

"We're going to hijack it," Tim finished.

"For what?"

"Just a little Possible payback," the twins told him in stereo.

"See," Jim pointed. "This will shunt their signal back, but only after we add something special to the frequency."

"You'd call it a viral pulse, if you need a simple explanation."


"It's a special sonic pulse that will isolate, and shut down any of their cyber-brains, making it impossible for them to jump bodies. In fact, it will make it impossible for them to communicate beyond ordinary means as well. In short, it undermines, and shatters the entire cyber-linked empire they've had going," Tim grinned.

"One burst, and it spreads virally once it reaches the first cyber-brain, using their own links to attack the entire network, and even that unreachable 'One' those freaks have been babbling about."

"That's…. You can't just send a viral signal like that out into open space. You don't know what kind of damage…..!"

Wade's outrage died stillborn as Jim moved before he could blink, and slapped a small, blinking chip on his nape.

"Sorry, buddy," Jim told him as the modified neural-compliance chip on the outraged young man. "But this is something we have to do."

"Darn straight," Tim agreed. "Hopefully he'll understand that after it's done."

"No need," Jim grinned. "I upgraded this chip so that he won't remember a thing after we remove it. No need to let him know all our secrets," he told his brother with a wicked smile.

"Hoo-sha," Tim grinned appreciatively. "So, we're ready," he asked.

"We're ready," Jim nodded. "We just need a signal to hijack, and that evil empire out there is going to be toast."

"Sweet," Tim grinned, and turned to Wade.

"Find us a cyber-brain signal, and patch in our viral-pulse," he told Wade. "It's time to show the universe you do not mess with a Possible. Even if it is our sister," he added with a careless shrug.


"We are going home," Yori asked as they rose into the air in the small minijet borrowed from Dr. Director.

"We are. Something happened that apparently neutralized all the cyber-aliens in the solar system according to Dr. Director. Still, they might have human agents working to find Kim, and so we have to remain cautious for now."

"So we are going to help guard them?"

"Well, not really. I've decided I really need to ask your uncle if we're going to do this properly. I mean, how do you have a Japanese-Jewish wedding anyway? Is that possible?"

Yori only smiled.

"I think Master Sensei will think of something."

"If he doesn't, my mother will. Trust me," he said with a faint shudder.

Yori only smiled.

"I look forward to seeing how this American-style Japanese wedding is performed," she teased.

"You're just messing with me now," Ron complained. "Aren't you?"

Yori only looked inscrutable.

She was, he noted, very good at looking inscrutable. She probably got all A's in that class.


"Okay, so we're here. Now what," Kim demanded.

"We've reached a decision," King Tomasina told them as the group gathered to circle the pair as they emerged from Betty's jet.

"What is this," Shego growled as she took in the somber-eyed group.

"Just listen to them," Betty asked. "It is important."

"Fine," Kim sighed as she faced the group of Elders last seen at Garyth Mena. "What now?"

"We have decided you must return to court to be properly watched, and protected," an older woman Kim didn't know told her. "For your own good."

"Oh, that one never works well," Shego murmured. "The 'for your own good' bit always ends up with cages and bars."

"You, silence," Prince Roberto growled at her, looking as bitter and indignant as ever. "These matters do not concern you."

"I'd say they very much concern her. And me," Kim spat. "Because no way am I getting locked up in some loopy court where you clowns tell me what to eat, or wear, or whatever."

"Princess, as the future Z'Kaara, it has been decided that your cousin's royal estates in the northern hemisphere shall be restored, and you will return to your ancestral lands there."

"In Canada," Kim sputtered. "Who decided that one," she demanded of Mario Tomasina.

"Okay, what is it about Canada anyway," Shego demanded.

Kim only sighed.

"Joe," Kim told him quietly, recognizing a face in the crowd. Respectfully.

"Yes, Princess Kimberly," he asked.

"Slingshot," the pregnant Kim howled, and grabbed his nearest arm, and slung him around, and into the nearest group of Elders.

Said Elders howled in protest as some went down, and some went flying. Joe, after all, was no lightweight.

"Coming," Kim shouted back at an equally stunned Shego who was watching her bound for the trees just beyond the circle of mini-jets VTOLs that had carried the representatives to this isolated meeting.

"Princess! Lady Z'kaara, you must come with us," one of the older women shouted. "It's for your own good!"

"Heard that one before," Shego snorted, racing after Kim who was perched in a branch, looking back at them.

"Listen, and listen good. This is my baby. My life. And I am living it the way I want. Got it? No loopy prophecies, or any of your expectations are going to change that. Deal," she spat, and nodding at Shego, she turned, and leapt with impossible grace toward another tree.

"Damn it, Kitten," Shego howled as she ran after her. "Get down before you hurt yourself!"

"Well," King Tomasina murmured as he stood staring after the departing women. One of the few not to have been plowed over by Joe's body-slam. "That could have gone better."

"Actually, it went perfectly," Betty smiled.

"Lady Elizabeth," one of the outraged Elders demanded. "How could you think that child bolting was perfect?"

"Because I know her. I know where she'll go. The very place I want her to be."


"Home," she murmured. "She'll go home. Where we've kept the special EM Shield up, and operational, and nothing cybernetic is getting anywhere near the city without us seeing it coming."

"Clever," a clearly unrattled Joe remarked as he rose, dusting himself off, and looked completely unperturbed by having been used as a human bowling ball by a woman half his size.

"I thought so."

"Why not just tell her that? Instead of…..?"

"With all due respect, sir," Betty told the old monarch. "You do not tell Kim Possible anything. Even her parents have trouble at times with that one. However, if you understand her, and set the stage just so, you can manipulate her into doing what you wanted in the first place."

"Really," Prince Roberto murmured.

"But only if you are clever, and know what she wants to do in the first place," Betty added, knowing the prince well enough. "I've known that young woman for years. So I know her well enough. I know when, and how to push. I doubt anyone else does."

"Not even Shego," the young prince, still missing a tooth in his ugly sneer demanded.

"Oh, I'd say Shego is almost as close as I am. The difference is, Kim truly does respect her. She did before she mated with her. Otherwise, I doubt even a memory loss would have allowed their bonding."

"I trust you'll have suitable surveillance in place once she reaches home," the king asked.

"Already in place," Betty nodded. "I have two of our best deep-cover agents in place waiting to intercept her."

"You have deep-cover agents in Middleton?"

"Two of our best. Even Possible doesn't realize they work for me," she smiled at the Canadian agent.

"Clever," Joe said again.


Bonnie Rockwaller swore as she flung clothing into an open travel bag, and turned to snap at the man who appeared in her room.



"Yes," she snapped. "No. I mean…. I'm being put back in Middleton! Middleton!"

"Really," her current roommate and lover chortled. "Does this mean….?"

"Possible is going home," she grumbled. "I spend half my life watching that idiot, and making sure she doesn't kill herself by accident, and just when I think I'm finally out…..!"

Her growl of fury had nothing to do with her secret heritage, and everything to do with rage.

"Maybe Dr. Director thinks she's worth it," the young man smiled.

Bonnie turned to glare.

"You're just happy to see me going, aren't you? Don't think I haven't noticed you sniffing around that new girl in admin."

"Penny is just a….."

"Big-titted cow who radiates pheromones," she asked bitterly. "Like someone else I know."

"Wow, you must really hate Possible."

Bonnie said nothing as she tried to slam the case shut, but settled for a vicious swipe closing the zipper as she glared at him.

"I spent most of my life training and prepping for real cases, and I'm being stuck with…..babysitting! Again," she seethed.

"Well, knowing Possible, at least it won't be boring," the man grinned.

He wasn't grinning when Bonnie walked out of the room carrying her bags. He was laying unconscious between the beds.


"No problem, boss," Monique Robinson grinned over the communicator. "This actually works out pretty well for me. I was hoping to go back to Middleton to start up a boutique of my own. This will be the perfect cover, and it will finally give me a chance to stick a very talented thumb in that jerk Cocoa's eye," she laughed.

"But nothing personal," Betty Director drawled, knowing her seemingly carefree agent was one of her best at strategy and tactics. Just as Rockwaller made up for her attitude with her skills in covert intelligence.

"Hey, the man stole all my designs while I was still an innocent high school kid," Monique protested. When I'm suddenly of age, and he has to pay me, suddenly I'm a no-talent hack? I don't think so," she said with a seemingly playful smirk.

Betty knew better.

"Just remember the primary job. And you'll be working with Rockwaller again."

"Okay, this job just took a step down," Monique sighed. "Who'd she piss off this time?"

"Not that it matters, but she snubbed the Saudi prince last month, and she's been on administrative leave anyway. This is her way out of that with….ah, dignity."

"Bonnie? Dignified," Monique chortled.

"Just remember. You are not GJ surveillance keeping an eye on the most valuable woman in the cosmos. You are just friends. Got it?"

"Right. So, same-same?"


"What about Stoppable?"

"He'll be around, but….we can't count on him. He's taking….other directions."

"Always knew that boy would finally grow up."

Betty sighed.

"Everyone does."

There was an explosion in the background on Betty's end, and someone howled indignantly as matching voices only laughed appreciatively.

"Mostly," Betty sighed. "Just get out there as fast as you can. I'll have bookkeeping set you up so your cover looks legit."

"Good, I'll need help opening up in this economy. I report in as usual?"

"Yes. Remember. Deep cover, Robinson. No one can know. Ever."

"Understood," she said, and shut off the communicator she rarely used except to report to a boss no one knew she had.

"Well, well, Kim and Bonnie back in the same town? This is going to be fun," she beamed, and went to pack her newest designs first.


"You're kidding," Shego asked.

"Nope," Kim sighed, relaxing in bed next to her lover, and mate. "Dr. Director has been keeping an eye on me ever since I accidentally injected that genetic matrix into me. She thinks I don't know it, but Bonnie and Monique have been watching me for her. Bonnie from the start. I think when she thought I was getting suspicious of her, she brought in Monique."

"Does Monique know about….? You know?"

"I honestly don't know. Not that it matters, she's still a friend. One whose tips have really helped me out at times. Although I'm certain she was tossing tips Betty's way, too. Still, I have never doubted her friendship."

"And Bon-Bon's?"

"Oh, she's no friend. She's a rival," Kim laughed. "She's been incredibly jealous of me ever since she learned what happened to me."

"Hence the rivalry," Shego nodded as she eyed her.

"Well, that, and we've never really liked one another. What," she asked at Shego's expression. "You think just because we're from the same planet we have to like each other?"

"No. No. Although…. No, I'm not even going to touch that one," Shego laughed herself now. "I was just thinking. What kind of life is our brat going to have growing up like this?"

Kim smiled.

"The best, Emmie," she beamed. "The best."

Shego didn't bother to argue as Kim leaned over to kiss her.

Again, and again.

….Never The End.