Hey guys the Akuma Shogun here with a story that I asked if I could make my own version of the original author of said story is Battlecharger and he said I could make my own as long as its not exactly like his so here we go

A young eight year old boy with spiky blonde hair orange jumpsuit and whisker marks on his face was running for his life at this moment. A huge mob of around three hundred villagers and shinobi alike were chasing him with intent to kill him you see this boy was Uzumaki Naruto and today is his birthday the day the Kyubbi attacked and he had the Kyubbi sealed inside of him he met Kyubbi and they hate each other.

"Why are you all always trying to kill me I didn't do anything" cried Naruto.

"You attacked our village and killed our loved ones and our yondaime and made Kushina-dono and Kagura-sama leave the village to get away from you." yelled a man who looked extremely feral and had the same features as one of his friends named Kiba.

"But I never did anything like that please leave me alone"

Before anything else could happen time stopped and Naruto was the only one moving.

"I can help you little one all you have to do is go find your fathers scroll in the hokage tower it has a lightning bolt on it and an swirl like the red one on your jumpsuit open it up and use the first seal on it by placing your blood on it it will take you to another world where you can grow stronger then come back and be the strongest person here."

"Who are you" naruto shouted scared out of his mind

"I am what you people call a ghost of the past I am your ancestor Archer I come from the world you will be going to and training you but you need to hurry or you won't live these people will kill you".

"Ok I trust you but if your lying I will tell the old man on you" was Naruto's only comeback before dashing off as time started again and rushed to the hokages office found the scroll opened it and used the first seal a bright flash of light occurred and the young blonde and the scroll were gone and no one would see Naruto for the next five years when he would be thirteen but you see with the time space continuim thing he would be a lot older than that.

(5 years later/10 where Naruto was)

A lot had changed over the five years Naruto was gone Sarutobi the third Hokage grieved and even had those who celebrated the death/disappearance executed in public another thing was Kushina and Naomi came back to the village after hearing about the death of the demon child Sarutobi almost had Kushina executed for what happened but decided against it hoping to change her mind about her own son Naomi had no idea she had an older twin brother and was wondering why Sarutobi or grandpa in her opinion was mad at her mom.

Sarutobi sat in his office the jonin senseis to be ready to select there teams or have the hokage choose them until a bright flash of light entered the room and when it died down two new people were in the room both looking to be eighteen years of age in similar armor only one was male and the other female.

the Male was about six foot five inches and built like an athlete with a little more muscle on his back was a sword with a glowing yellow blade and what looked to be brownish green scales his armor looked like it was made of spikes and bones and metal and the helmet looked like the mouth of what many knew as dragons which were thought to have been extinct he also had a chestplate made of bone with the japanese wording for Frontier hunter on it many wondered what that meant the female wore something similar but with a lot more skin showing and the males were drooling at her figure instead of a chest plate made of bone she was wearing a black bra made of some kind of black cloth type material and hers looked like it was made for distance fighting instead of close ranged like her male counter part she had a bow made of the same type of material on her back while the male had a bow as well but looked like he rarely used it opting for close ranged combat.

"I hope we are not interupting anything My name is Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze and this is my Wife Asuka Namikaze we are dimension traveling hunters and have decided to build the Monster hunting frontier here in your dimension to give a better experience for hunters we will be bringing more hunters with us and will be hunting what you people call monsters or demons when you see them anyway I am also here for the rest of my inheritance old monkey I know who my father is and no matter what I am not joining this village if you don't give me the namikaze clan inheritance than you will face the wrath of a hunter and trust me I don't use chakra and I am way stronger than what you people called the Jubbi no ookami or ten tailed wolf cause when I dissapeared all those years ago I was sent to a world where the Jubbi would be considered a small fry."

"I am sorry Naruto but you can't have that fortune it belongs to Kushina and her daughter" said Sarutobi.

"Fine than prepare to meet your doom and just so we are clear you are not considered family anymore hiruzen"

the hokage winced at that since he always thought of Naruto as his grandson.

"I understand Naruto please forgive this old man and don't destroy this village".

"I had no intention of destroying it yet I plan on way bigger plans I need this area for part of the frontier and to be able to have the hunters guild around here somewhere this would be the forest area where the forest dwelling monsters would be and I already sense some of them in what you people called the forest of death."

"Anyway I am off now I plan on unleashing a few of the monsters I have captured into the forest to allow them to breed and make more so the hunters can have a challenge I also know that hte bijuu are small monsters in the eyes of the monsters I faced and so you know this is my wife Asuka she is mostly a gunner but does use blademaster sometimes I am the oposite as you can see my bow is rarely used and I usually use my blades or hammers or any other melee weapon."

"Naruto can you give us a demonstration of your skills at least if you do I can allow you to start your frontier here if you would like"

"Fine and if any of your academy students want to become hunters instead send them to my guild and I will train them you don't have to worry about that cause the way we train is far different than you all we don't use chakra at all"

"I can do that naruto"

"Good also I will need a plot of land to build our house on my wife and I already plan on having a family and I am starting a hunter clan so please find a nice plot of land we can use to build"

"I will Naruto and Asuka take care"

"Thank you old man"

"Thank you hokage-sama" said Asuka speaking for the first time with an angelic voice that made the males in the room think she was an angel given human form.

"We will release a monster from its trap and show you what it means to be a hunter I hope you all have a place you don't mind getting destroyed"

"Well we have the old sector of the village scheduled for demolision you could use that area for your demonstration"

"Thanks be there in about three hours we have to set up the area and let the fatalis or black dragon of destiny out of confinement and let it go until time to hunt don't worry though they tend to sleep until dark so in three hours when it starts to get dark be ready to watch a hunt and skills only learned as a hunter."

Well what do you all think good bad review please and tell me who you want in Naruto's harem after I get enough girls I will set up a poll and see what you all want the most anyway this will span from monster hunter all the way to frontier which is only in japan right now but I watched videos of the monsters and gameplay and so yeah anyway what do you think this is also going to have the monster hunter world combine with Naruto's world thus making it bigger I won't explain how it happens but it will happen in the next few chapters of this resulting in several nins switching to becoming hunters and such to help stop the monsters from killing everything