Hey this is the Akuma Shogun here with chapter 2 of Naruto of the New frontier anyway a few things I forgot to mention last chapter are the armors and weapons of Naruto and Asuka Namikaze the Husband wife hunter duo

Naruto is wearing the Raviente Blademaster armor and his wife is wearing the female Raviente Gunner Armor the weapons are known as the Bruno snake Bow for the bow and arrow they both use and Naruto's sword is simply called the Rukudiora sword cause I can't read symbol japanese or chinese or whatever the writing is in but the monster that the sword is made from is called Rukudiora so I will just call it that they have other weapons in seals from the scroll that Naruto took last chapter from his father that had weapons and seals no jutsu accept for the bloodline he has called ME Ni Rokku or lock on eye which like the name implies is for locking on to a target and bullseye hits everytime anyway on with the story

Three hours had gone by fairly quickly and all ninja and civillians were at the old part of town where the demonstration of what a hunter can do would take place.

In a cage made of some kind of gem like material was a black dragon with a purplish tint and a huge jaw with large bat like wings and a long tail with a sharp looking end to it like a spear its mouth was full of jagged teeth and it looked pissed off.

Naruto and Asuka were a good distance away and Naruto was holding what looked like a television remote with only one button on it Asuka had her Bruno Snake bow in hand with an arrow drawn back ready to fire once the Fatalis would be set free from its cage of course things don't always go as planned.

"Move aside only an Uchiha is capable of slaying this beast" said a thirteen year old boy with a hairstyle that looked like a ducks ass and wearing a blue shirt with what looked like some type of fan on the back as a symbol with red top and a white bottom that went down into the tail of the fan.

"I would not even try you little brat that right there is one of the most dangerous types of dragons in any dimension."

"I am an Uchiha I am far stronger than any stupid dragon"

Before any one could stop him sasuke took the cage remote from Naruto pressed the button than ran towards the cage screaming like an idiot while doing handsigns for the fire style fire ball jutsu when said fireball hit the Fatalis it merely looked at sasuke and then faster than sasuke could track the fatalis came after him and had his left arm in his mouth before chomping down and taking the arm of the little fucker with it.

Sasuke screamed so loud that he was heard all the way in iron country.

"I told you that you were not able to do anything the monsters from the world of Pokke are so strong even the weakest of them are resistant to your worlds strongest jutsu the only thing able to kill them are the weapons made from there bones and certain ores that when combined create weapons strong enough to destroy these monsters even the weakest weapon we have called a carving knife is made from a Rathalos tooth which is not easy to get unless its already dead." said Naruto.

"What do you mean only weapons made from the monsters can harm them thats bullshit I am sure anyone skilled enough can kill one of these with a jutsu" said a stupid civilian.

"Actually that is where you are wrong watch and learn as we kill this monster with only weapons and the armor we are wearing will protect us from its deadly attacks" said Asuka.

"I highly doubt you all can kill that thing" said a red haired woman coming to stop behind the pair of hunters. This woman was none other than Kushina Uzumaki the woman who had abandoned Naruto and was unforgivable in Naruto's eyes even with all the redemption in the world he would never forgive her even if she begged him to and did things she would normally never do to get his forgiveness he would not for in his eyes she did the one thing that he would not do to anyone even an enemy she left him to the wolves and wanted him dead she even forced his father into a loveless marriage to gain strong children she blackmailed his father from his real love by saying she would have her killed if he did not marry her Naruto's Fathers true love was actually Mitsuru Yuhii the mother of Kurenai Yuhii and Ichigo Yuhii.

"Than watch and learn" after that was said Naruto and Asuka burst into action Naruto ate a piece of meat before charging forward his sword sliding off his back with practiced ease and coming up in an upward slash before the Fatalis could take off making it cry out in pain as its wings were cut and now it would have trouble getting off the ground to fly.

Asuka took aim with her bow and fired Five arrows at the same time aimed at the soft underbelly of the Fatalis and making it cry in pain.

Naruto took this time to Hack and slash at the tail arms and legs bringing the fatalis to the ground where Naruto jumped up on its head and ran straight to the skull and plunged his sword into the beasts brain severing it from its spine and killing it instantly.

Naruto than jumped off and took his carving knife and started carving things out of the Fatalis including one of its horns parts of its shell some scales and webbing from its webbed hands and feet its eyes and a stone that was as black as the night sky itself.

Asuka turned towards the crowd of ninja and civillian and saw they all had their jaws on the ground at how easy these people took them down and How Sasuke could not speaking of Sasuke he was already taken off the feild to have his wound sealed up and have a wooden arm made for him to use and probably be taught how to use chakra strings to use said arm.

"You see now how strong a hunter is and must be to take down monsters there are rogue monsters in your world and that is why the Frontier is being made you might have seen one its name is Tora the cat how even though its squeezed to death burned struck by lightning and all sorts of other things that should of killed it it just bounces right back up that is what we call a Felyne but she is a special kind she is not bipedal like most she is the queen of the Felyne and is much stronger than you all know."

"We have been sending monsters in to this world gathering agents to become hunters some are missing nin others are the rebels in Kiri and others are clans without a place to call home."

"One of those rogue ninjas is none other than Zabuza momochi and he and his daughter are on their way here with the kiri rebels to join the hunter frontier so if you see them don't attack another is known as Hidan the zombie he will be coming in with a dinosaur like creature known as a velocidrome its tamed so don't attack it unless you want to be killed we have others but they can't come yet do to complications now if you will excuse us we have to go make armor and weapons from the items we got from the Fatalis".

And with that Naruto and Asuka left and the Fatalis disappeared being disintegrated by one last strike from Naruto's sword.

"What have we gotten ourselves into" said Sarutobi as he watched naruto and Asuka walk away.

"I still think he is a demon" thought Kushina before waling away with a teenage girl with red hair like hers this was Naomi her young daughter and twin of Naruto well not twin anymore.

What do you all think of the story so far the next chapter will have the parents who want their children to be hunters to sign up for classes at the frontier and the rebels zabuza haku and hidan make it to Konoha and join up with the frontier as well also if you all have a certain monster you want to appear and be killed or a certain weapon from the series or armor for someone tell me and I will try and work it out the Akuma shogun out for now