Notes: I'm not too familiar with the term drabble, but I think this might fall into that category.

This isn't really character-specific, but I did have Edward (his POV) and Bella in mind when I wrote this.

This is a one-shot, but I do have ideas for a "color series," so we'll see how it goes.

Contains some dark themes.

The song featured is "The World" by Earlimart.

Disclaimer: I own nothing Twilight. I merely play with the characters for entertainment. No copyright infringement intended.


Perhaps my sin was in loving you too much. I see now it's possible to love someone to death. And I'm sorry for that. Please forgive me.

When I think of you, I see green. Or I should say, wherever I see green, I'm reminded of you.

Green is the color of money, greed, envy. But to me, green is the color of love. Because when I loved you, we were surrounded by green.

Green of the leaves, of the grass and the moss, the green of nature. But like love, that green fades, withers, dies. Green is ephemeral and elusive. But all is not lost. Seasons bring new life and hope. Why couldn't love be like evergreens – strong, steady, and true?

I was true. Was I wrong to love you so much? Is love bound love at all?

Bliss is for me our time in our meadow. It was our tiny niche in the world, carved out by nature just for you and me. Nothing else existed except your heart and my heart.

Where did it all go wrong?

One day you loved me, the next you fell away. I replay that time and dissect your every gaze, your every sigh, our every lost connection to find the culprit. But it's like trying to pin down the wind.

I am lost.

I want to go back to our space. I want you surrounded by green. I want to dig a hole in our meadow and crawl in it with you. That's the only way I know how to be close to you.

You said you were sorry. You said you couldn't help it. You said people changed. You said you didn't know why. You said, you said, you said.

You said to please forgive you.

I didn't say I did.

I was driving you home that night. Earlimart was singing on the stereo, "Oh, the world is all around us, have you noticed me? Yeah, the world is all around us, now it's plain to see, that the world has overshadowed me."

It wasn't raining, it was just tears in my eyes.

I took my eyes off the road, my green eyes you once said you loved, to look at you and to ask you to please forgive me. I let go of the wheel and pressed my foot down.

As they pulled me out of the car, out of the wreckage that was my life, I saw your eyes staring back at me. I didn't recognize you. How could I, when you were gone?

But don't worry.

In the haze of my memories, you will always ever be green.