This is Chapter 1 in a series of one-shots I will be doing, just for the heck of it. Hope you like it.

Chapter 1:

Batgirl sees the near impossible

I was running. Why? I did something horribly funny to Batman. I was visiting Mount Justice for the first time, but I felt like I was part of their team. Robin gave me a play-by-play of each mission, so I even knew how the team acted! Just then I saw something that scared me in the debrief room.

Artemis and Kid Flash HOLDING HANDS.

"What are you two DOING?" I asked, confused, " I thought you two HATED EACH OTHER!"

Artemis said, "Well now we don't."

Kid Flash, "Exactly."

I replied, "So what, now you're dating?"

Both of them, "Yes."

I gaped at them for a few minutes before saying, "Oh no, I owe Robin 20 bucks!"

The 'Spitfire' couple snapped, "You were betting on our love lives?"

"Yup, but I should have expected this. Oh the Mermaid theory, how I despise you!"

"… What?" Then Kid Mouth commented my name, "Wait, Batgirl? That's not very original."

"… Shut it, Flash Boy."

"Hey!" I stuck my tongue out at him.

"Wait! What is this 'Mermaid Theory'?" Artemis asked.

"Well, when two people who hate each other spend a lot of time around each other, they start being attracted to each other. And-"


"-I was never here!" I threw down some smoke bombs and disappeared.

"Um, Rob, what was that about?" Kid Flash asked.

"You'll see right-Wait for it-Now." Robin told him.

Just then Batman came in. And they all started laughing uncontrollably.

His suit was PINK.

"STOP." He demanded with a bat glare, but that only made them laugh more.

"S-so Batman, h-how did that happen?" KF questioned, claming down somewhat.

"… Have any of you seen Batgirl?"

"No." The three said, staying as calm as possible. Which wasn't very calm, as you would be able to hear their quiet laughing.

"Are you lying?"

"Maybe. Maybe not. We don't know." At that point, they all had to leave the room so as to not anger him more with their giggles.

"When I find her, she…" and he started to mutter things not needed to be heard. BY ANYONE.

I giggled from my hiding spot in the air vents, where Batman hadn't looked yet. But then again, he probably wouldn't fit very well.

"Oh, Batman is SO not going to be happy." I laughed, slowly moving along.

Until I came face-to-face with the man in pink.


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