A/N: It's actually a complete coincidence that this story plays during Christmas. XD I came up with the idea, liked it enough to write out and then figured, "Hey, it's almost Christmas and this is a cheesy romance fic, why the hell not." I'm very happy I get to write about Desarm again, as he's actually one of my very favourite characters~ Even though he's with Hitomiko in this one, I can't manage to think up a complete fic that focuses on him because all of my fics are about romance and I imagine love is not the first thing on that guy's mind. XD

You'll quickly notice that I use Hiroto and Midorikawa's human names, but Burn, Gazel and Desarm's alien names. The reason for this is simply that that's how I know them. The names of these three were rapidly mentioned once or twice, while Hiroto and Midorikawa were addressed by their human names for an entire arc, so I got used to hearing those. I hope the name-swapping isn't too disturbing, I personally have no problem with it. As for Aphrodi... I don't think we heard his real name even once in the anime, so I'm sticking with his God name. XD

This chapter is pretty short as it's just the prologue, but I promise to update soon! Enjoy this new story and please leave a review, minna-san! (And as always, ignore the inaccuracies. OTL)

Winter. The last holiday of the year had arrived, bringing with it a suitable amount of snow. As the flakes fluttered outside the window of his apartment, Hiroto managed to drag the artificial Christmas tree to an empty corner in the living room and set it straight up. The seventeen-year-old high school student hummed along with an English Christmas song that played on the radio and turned around when he heard his boyfriend enter the room with a box of Christmas ornaments.

"The collection has grown once again," Midorikawa pointed out as he dropped the box next to the tree. He raised a light-hearted eyebrow at the other boy. "You never pass on sharing in the Christmas spirit, do you, Hiroto?"

"I don't see why I should," Hiroto smiled. "Christmas is a time of love and unity. I simply feel blessed that I get to celebrate it with my special one for the second time." He reached into the box and fished out a garland, which he then wrapped around his boyfriend's neck to pull him closer. "Let's make this Christmas a great experience too, Midorikawa," he whispered.

A small blush filled Midorikawa's cheeks as he pulled out of Hiroto's grip. "We should decorate the tree first," he reasoned, but his lips curved into a cheerful grin when Hiroto placed his hands on his back and dipped him gently, bending along. "I don't want a lot for Christmas – this is all I'm asking for," he sang along with the radio in an accent-filled, but correct English.

"Hiroto, come on," Midorikawa laughed, and he let out a small yelp when his boyfriend moved back up and pulled him into a dance, whirling to the rhythm of the song. "All I want for Christmas is you," he continued with a loving smile.

"Idiot, this room isn't big enough to dance!" Midorikawa protested, missing an innocent lamp by an inch as he clumsily tried to keep up with Hiroto's movements.

The redhead kept one hand on his back, the other entwined with his boyfriend's, until they reached the sofa, where he curved the two of them back again and let Midorikawa land on the couch. He grinned playfully as he rested on top, and Midorikawa grinned back.

"It's almost Christmas…" Hiroto whispered, and he brushed his fingertip from Midorikawa's right cheek to his left one, using his lips as the bridge. "It's a holiday, it's evening, and it's snowing out… we should make the best of our time off."

"Fine with me," Midorikawa answered, and he happily accepted Hiroto's lips when they softly pressed against his own. The two boys quickly sank into the kiss, closing their eyes and filling the gap between them. Just as Midorikawa wrapped his arms around Hiroto's neck and pulled him even closer, letting everything around them fade into a blur, the doorbell pierced through their moment and forced the couple to break the kiss.

"Who could that be, at this hour?" Hiroto wondered out loud, and he got up on his feet to go and greet their visitor. Midorikawa followed him and the two of them made for the front door of the apartment complex. When they opened up, they saw somebody they almost failed to recognize due to his figure being hidden under a big coat, a scarf, a tuque, and to top it off, an umbrella to shelter himself from the snow. What gave him away, though, were his distinctive blonde locks that the wind carried in a ponytail.

"Aphrodi," Hiroto raised his eyebrows in surprise and stepped aside to make way for their friend. "What brings you here?"

Aphrodi entered the building and folded his umbrella back. When he removed his tuque as well, both Hiroto and Midorikawa instantly noted the worry swimming in his scarlet eyes.

"I need your help. Suzuno and Nagumo have broken up."