Invader Zim – Disney World Madness!!

(Inspired by an odd conversation at McDonald's Saturday night ^_^)

By Sam & Shaun (but mostly Sam)

Part I

The Egg & the Announcement

Dib lifted a large boulder in his front yard, and pulled a worm out from under it. "Perfect!" he said, holding it up, "If I hook up my new, miniature spy camera to this worm, I could spy on Zim and he wouldn't even know it! Fwa-ha-ha…"

It was the first of July, and over 80 degrees, but Dib didn't care. Even massive heat couldn't stop his endless quest to rid the planet of all things supernatural. The sun glinted off of his glasses as he headed back towards the house, cupping his prize between his hands.

His sister, Gaz was sitting in the shade of the front step, playing her Game Slave 2. As Dib approached her, a sinister grin spread across his face. "Hey Gaz," he said. She glanced up, annoyed. "Worm!" he said and dangled it in front of her face.

"Eww!" Gaz said, "Get it a way from me!!" She then commenced to beat her brother on his big head with her GS2.

"Ow! Ow! Ow!" Dib said, then ran inside yelling, "DAD! Gaz is hitting me!"

"He started it!" Gaz shouted, running after him, "He shoved an ugly worm in my face!"

The siblings raced through the living room and down the stairs to the Prof.'s lab, both still yelling about who "started it".

The Prof. put a hand out and they fell silent. "Not now, you two," he said, "I'm in the middle of something very important!"

Dib and Gaz watched as Prof. Membrane stood aside to reveal a giant green spotted egg. "What's in that, Dad?" Dib asked.

"Um…they don't know yet," Membrane said, "They found it off the coast of Zanzibar and sent it to me to examine. So far, there haven't been any leads. This egg-shell blocks our x-rays. The only clue we have is…well, I'll show you. Gaz," he said, "Would you get me that can over there?" He gestured to a table on the far side of the lab.

Gaz walked over and stood on tip-toe to reach the can. Then she brought it over to her father. He opened the can and she grimaced. "Eww! More worms…what is it with boys and worms?"

"These are important worms, Gaz!" Membrane said, "They've been injected with dozens of chemicals to make them tasty to our little friend… whatever it is…" He pulled a worm out of the can and dropped it in a small hole that had been drilled in the egg. A loud CRUNCH was heard as the worm disappeared. "You see? There is already something alive inside it, and it's developing as we speak! Fascinating, isn't it?"

"Sounds alien to me," Dib said, climbing onto Membranes chair and looking over his notes. He spotted a pile of photos. "What're these?" he asked, flipping through them.

"Oh, those are photos from the expedition team that brought the egg back," Membrane said simply.

Then something in one of the photos caught Dib's eye. In the corner of the photo was (unmistakably) a bit of Zim's Voot Cruiser flying away over the trees of Zanzibar. "Aw, man!! It's ZIM!!! That must be his egg!! He planted it in Zanzibar to hatch and wreak havoc!!" he cried, shoving the picture in his dad's face, "See? See? See??"

Membrane rolled his eyes and snatched the picture away. "If I've told you once, I've told you a million times, these aliens are all in your head. It's high time you started putting all that energy into more important things…like school work, perhaps."

"But it's July…" Dib said helplessly.

"Oh…right," Membrane said. He pondered that for a moment, and then snapped his fingers. "Oh, that's right, I wanted to tell you something last week but you know how it is, having the egg arrive and all…"

Dib and Gaz glanced at each other, wondering if their father would ever get to the point.

"But anyway," Membrane said at last, "I've been meaning to tell you that I've scheduled us a bit of a vacation!"

Dib and Gaz didn't look impressed.

"Is it to the Science Museum again?" Dib asked.

"Like last year?" Gaz said.

"No, their closed for renovations this year, and I don't see why you didn't enjoy that as thoroughly as I did." Prof. Membrane looked indignant.

"No offense Dad, but watching a simulation of two atoms performing ionic bonding isn't exactly fun by our standards. Educational, but not fun," Dib said.

"Boring you mean," Gaz said.

Membrane sighed. These children were impossible. "No matter. I think you both will enjoy this year's trip." He pointed in the air dramatically, "We're going to DISNEY WORLD!!"

"Really?" Dib and Gaz said together.

Membrane nodded. "Yes, and the plane leaves at 7:30 tonight, so pack your things!"

Excited, the kids ran off to pack. Membrane chuckled contently to himself, then resumed feeding the egg worms.

* * *

Meanwhile, at Zim's freakish little house in the cul-de-sac, Zim and GIR were down in the bowls of his base. Zim was searching for his egg. GIR was playing with a rubber moose and a rubber pig.

Zim had torn the lab apart, searching. "GIR!!" he yelled at last, "What have you done with the egg??"

GIR didn't answer. He was hitting the pig with the moose. "And then the moose ate the stinky piggy!!" he said, then turned to his master, "What?"

Zim growled, "What did you do with the egg??"

GIR cocked his head to one side, "The green one?"

"YES! The green one," Zim said, growing more and more impatient.

"I put it in the back seat when we went to the jungle!" GIR said, "He wanted to see!" GIR giggled insanely and tossed his toys in the air.

Zim sighed. "Computer," he said, "Take me to the main hanger." The floor opened up and began to lift him up to the roof as GIR jumped on.

There was a rare moment of silence between the two until GIR asked, "Do we have a not-main hanger?"

"Yes, why?" Zim asked, confused.

"What's in it?" GIR asked loudly.

"The emergency escape shuttle. I took it out of the Cruiser to make more room," Zim said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"Ohhh… I understand," GIR said. He thought for a moment (a rare sight indeed) then spoke up again, "What if we blow up and can't get away?"

"You speak nonsense GIR!! Nothing can harm the finest in Irken engineering!!! Do you hear me?!?! NOTHING!!!!!!!!!" shouted Zim at the top of his lungs.

"What about the bee?"

"I told you never to mention that horrible bee again, GIR."

GIR nodded, then completely changed the subject (loudly!), "Can I fly the shuttle?"

"No, GIR."

"Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, Please-"

"OK! OK! Just don't crash it, and be very careful," Zim said, exasperated.

"Yaaaaayyyyy!!!!" imitating Zim's voice, GIR yelled out, "Computer, take me to the not-so-main hanger!"

The computer's voice rang out through the house, "Should I?"

"Oh, very well. Proceed, computer," Zim said, waving his hand, like he always does.

"Right," came the computer's voice. A whole opened up in the wall and GIR was sucked into it, laughing crazily.

Zim sighed as he was brought to the main hanger. "That took forever!" he said, annoyed, "Computer, are you sure all features are working properly??"

"Running diagnostic…" computer said, "No. The coffee machine is broken. I was fixing it."

Zim rolled his eyes and set to work, trying to locate the egg.

* * *

The day had gone and Zim still had not located the egg. He was beginning to worry. If the egg fell into human hands, the consequences would be disastrous. Frustrated, he called for GIR to report to the main hanger. Not getting an immediate response, he peeked out the window, scanning the reddening sky for any signs of the escape shuttle.

"I'll have to remember to reinstall the shuttle into the Cruiser, to prevent this from happening again," he muttered to himself.

Then he caught sight of the shuttle zipping past the windows of the neighbors' houses! "HI BABIES!!!" GIR yelled as the shuttle did a loop in the air.

"GIR!!!" Zim yelled, "Get back inside before someone sees you!!!"

"Oh…" GIR said, disappointedly slowing the shuttle and steering it inside the base once more. Then he screamed, "BYE BABIES!!!" and promptly made his way up to the main hanger.

"That's better," Zim said as GIR arrived, still looking dejected. "Now then, I've searched the Cruiser thoroughly and the egg is nowhere to be found. What did you do with it?!"

"Oh yeah…" GIR said, "It fell out the window!"

"WHAT!?!?!? How did that happen, GIR?????" Zim asked angrily.

"Well we were flying along… [Begin memory sequence, with GIR narrating] and the egg told me that it wanted to see better…"

Memory GIR: "What's that, egg? You wanna see better? OK!"

Narrating GIR: "So I stuck it out the window! But it got heavy after a minute, so I let go,"

Memory GIR: Holds egg out window, suddenly happens to see exotic bird fly by, forgets about egg, and lets it fall from at least a mile in the air. [End memory sequence]

"It must be broken by now," GIR guessed.

Zim's jaw fell open. He was totally speechless.

Then the computer spoke up. "Egg has been located. Location located. Location on screen in laboratory."

Zim was brought out of his stupor by this. "Finally! Some good news! Computer, quickly, take us down to the lab!" And the floor sunk once again, carrying them down to the lab.

* * *

Back at the Membrane household, Dib was trying to stuff all of his paranormal stuff into his suitcase, and quite unsuccessfully. Seeing as his suitcase was much too small for a decent amount of things, trying to overstuff it was downright impossible. He sat on it, trying to press it closed, but it snapped open and catapulted him off of his bed and onto the floor. He looked up to see Gaz standing in the doorway. He grinned sheepishly and asked her, "You wouldn't have any extra storage space, would you?"

"No," she said flatly.

"I'll give you a dollar," he prodded.

"Um…no," she said again, and started back down the hallway to her room.

Dib poked his head out the bedroom door, smiling slyly. "I'll let you in on a little info I found on-line…about 'Attack of the Mutant Cowslayer Part…III'," he said.

Gaz stopped in her tracks. For months she'd been playing 'Attack of the Mutant Cowslayer Part II'. No one knew when the next installment was coming out, and the GS people weren't talking. In an instant she was nose- to-nose with him, hand on the collar of his T-shirt. "Tell me," she said.

"If you impale me, I can't tell you," he said, and she released him. He cleared his throat, "It's going to come out in three weeks. It has 15 levels plus 7 hidden levels. You get 8 new weapons and there are 26 new types of villains and completely all new bosses! This is all before you finally actually corner the Mutant Cowslayer himself! After three games, you actually catch up to him, Gaz. Haven't you been playing all this time for just that reason?" Dib grinned, "Now about that extra space in your suitcase…"

Gaz suddenly smiled and took her brother by the arm. "Right this way," she said pleasantly, leading him towards her room.

* * *

Zim's computer had located the egg at Dib's house. Since the satellite cameras couldn't penetrate the walls of the house, it only showed it from an outside view. Zim sat in front of the monitor, shocked. How had the Dib human come upon the egg when it had been dropped so far away from his home?

As he pondered this, GIR had recovered his toys from earlier and was hugging them happily. Then he went back to banging them into each other, pretending that one was eating the other.

The horrible squeaking finally got to Zim and he shouted, "GIR!! Stop that noise!!" GIR's lower lip trembled, but he obeyed. "Thank you," Zim said, "I need quiet in order to navigate the probe-bot."

"The what?" GIR asked, coming up beside him.

"The probe-bot," Zim explained, "I'm using it to infiltrate the Earth boy's house and locate the egg."

"Oh…" GIR said.

And so they turned their attention to the monitor, which was displaying what the probe-bot could 'see'. It entered the house through an upstairs window and stopped suddenly.

Footsteps could be heard on the stairs. Prof. Membrane came up the stairs calling, "Dib? Gaz? How's the packing coming?"

Dib appeared in the doorway of Gaz's room. "Great, Dad. We should be ready to go soon."

Membrane nodded, not thinking it strange that Dib was putting his things in his sister's extra suitcase, "Good, good," he said, "The plane leaves in about an hour, so we'd better be going."

Gaz stepped out of the room beside Dib. "No problem. I think we've got everything we'll need," she said, "Are you bringing that weird egg?"

Membrane put a hand to where his chin would be if it wasn't covered by his lab coat, "Hmm…maybe that would be best…"

"WHAT?!?!" Zim cried, shutting off the transmission, "They can't leave! Not with my egg!! GIR, we'll have to follow them to…wherever it is they're going!"

"Yay!" GIR cheered, throwing his toys in the air.