3rd P.O.V

From deep within Forks in a forest came an agonized cry, it was heard by all, it came from a human who loved a vampire her name was Bella and the vampire she loved was Edward who left her with his family because it seemed that Jasper almost attacked her because she got a paper cut at her party which made him thirst for her blood but really he felt all the blood thirst from his family added on top of his which made it unbearable because Bella's blood sings to Edward.

Meanwhile her father Charlie was looking for her with a search party because she didn't come home that day. The shape-shifters heard of Bella's disappearance began searching for her. They found her eventually and brought her home. She was sad that Edward and his family left her that she didn't want to live any more so decided to go to the Volturi for death.

She wrote a note to her father saying that she is going to Italy for a vacation and to not worry about her. She packed all her things ready to plead for death at the hands of the Volturi for any price.

Bella's P.O.V

I have nothing to live for though I will miss my Charlie, Renee, and Phil. My heart aches when I think about Edward and his family. I don't blame them for leaving me because I am just a weak worthless human and they are vampires.

I think if I was still with Edward he wouldn't change me into a vampire because I meant nothing to him. Since I meant nothing to him I will the opposite of what he asked of me I will not keep myself out of danger which he should know is physically impossible with me.