Thunder rumbled outside. Lightening shot through the sky. Harvey sat at his piano, music flowing from it like rain from the sky. Kate sat on the couch, reading her book. Her pregnant belly rested on her lap. As she read, she kept an eye on Harvey. It seemed that every time the thunder sounded, he flinched for just a split second before he continued playing. She put her book down and waddled over to Harvey. Sitting down beside him, she saw that she was right. He jumped whenever he heard thunder. As his piece came to an end, she said,

"Harvey, are you afraid of thunder?"

He turned to her, confused, "Why would you think that?"

"You jump every time thunder goes. You look scared even now."

Harvey shrugged, looking down at the keys on the piano. Kate laughed and said,

"It's fine, love. Come `ere." Harvey leaned over onto her shoulder. Kate held him closer and said,

"Harvey! You're shaking like a leaf!" He grinned sheepishly up at her and said,


She said, "Harvey, don't worry about it. You're just fine being afraid of lightening." Harvey sighed and closed his eyes. They sat like that for a few minutes, just enjoying being close to one another. Each crack of thunder brought Harvey cuddling closer to Kate.

Kate's eyes widened. She grinned, then silently took Harvey's hand and put it on her belly. The baby's kicking brought a smile to Harvey's face. He leaned over until his head was lying on top Kate's belly and his legs hung off the side of the piano bench. Kate kissed him and said,

"Harvey, I love you. But do you mind if we move over to the couch? Sitting without something to support my back is killing me." Harvey opened his eyes and grinned. He sat up and followed Kate over to the couch. She sat down with her book, and Harvey put his head back on her belly. She attempted to read, but Harvey's puppy eyes kept interrupting her, not to mention their offspring's insistent kung fu madness. She put her book back and said,

"So, how on earth did you get to be frightened of thunder?"

"I don't know, and I don't care. I just don't like it." Kate smiled and lightly smacked his face.

"Let's just hope the new Shine child doesn't share your fear." Harvey chuckled and sat up to kiss Kate. Thunder crashed outside and Harvey scooted closer to her. She laughed and wrapped her arms around him. Kissing him on the cheek, she whispered,

"I'll hold you `til the storm's gone, m'kay?" Harvey nodded and cuddled closer to Kate until the storm had passed.