5 people who knew Chuck Bass was into Blair Waldorf before he knew.

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It's a pretty natural thing if a parent is the first person to know that his son has a crush on a girl- only it isn't, if the father and son are Bart and Chuck Bass and the girl is Blair Waldorf.

Chuck Bass was 10 years old, and Bart was breathing deeply through his nose, cursing the day he ever thought he could raise his son alone.

'Charles, stop fidgeting and look at me when I talk to you', Bart said, sternly, looming over his young son.

Chuck immediately stopped playing with the cuffs of his striped purple shirt and obediently looked up at his father, arms now crossed as a sign of the smallest possible rebellion.

Bart sighed. 'What you did today was wrong, and you should be ashamed of yourself.'

Chuck looked down at his feet, his shoulders now slumped. 'Dad…'

'Do not interrupt', Bart said. 'I have never been so disappointed in you. The last thing I wanted to have to do on my first free day in weeks is to have to pick you up from school early because you started a fight. I will not tolerate such behaviour. And I am your 'father', Charles, stop with this infernal 'dad' rubbish.'

Bart opened his mouth to carry on, when he looked down at his small son, and saw his eyes slightly shiny with tears. He sighed.

'Chuck', Bart said, softly. Chuck blinked fast, looking up at his father. Bart rarely, if ever, used his preferred name.

'You disappointed me in front of your teachers today, and the children of many of my friends', Bart said. 'You will be punished for-'

'But she started it', Chuck piped up suddenly. 'She said I was G-A-Y because I were too much purple, and because I like bow ties-'

'Then maybe you shouldn't wear so much purple', Bart interrupted. 'Purple is never becoming on Bass men-'

'And she said that everyone's moms love you because of your girth-'

Bart stared at his son. 'Do you know what that means?'

Chuck shifted uncomfortably. 'No. But it didn't sound nice. And whose mom was she talking about?'

Bart coughed. 'That is none of the business of a young boy like yourself. Or a young girl for that matter. Either way, I want you to apologize to her tomorrow-'


'I told you not to interrupt,' Bart boomed. 'As punishment, you are not allowed any éclairs for dinner tonight and Nathaniel Archibald can not come to stay'.

'Father, that's not fair!'

'And no purple clothes for a week. I need grandchildren to keep the legacy going, and that won't happen if people think my son is gay.'



Bart watched as Chuck ran to his bedroom and slammed the door shut loudly. He sighed deeply for the hundredth time that day. It was time for a drink.

He poured himself some scotch, added ice and stared at the glass, a lump forming in his throat.

He wasn't cut out for this- he could barely look after himself, let alone a child. What would he do for the next ten years or so? How would he deal with his son when he becomes a teenager, if he was having difficulties with him now?

While trying to tame the nagging voices buzzing in his head, Bart heard a loud thump on the front door. Rubbing his head, he went to open it.

In front of him stood Blair Waldorf in a bright red headband and a frilly blue dress. The woman with her spoke first.

'Mr Bart', said the woman that Bart vaguely recognised as Blair's maid. 'Miss Blair is coming to play with Mr Chuck and Mr Nate'.

'Nathaniel isn't here', Bart said. 'And Chuck is being punished, I'm afraid, for his behaviour at school'.

'That wasn't his fault', Blair spoke up, suddenly, and then regretting it. Bart watched curiously as Blair cringed slightly.

'Nevertheless, he isn't allowed any friends over tonight', Bart said, firmly. 'I suggest you go home, Miss Waldorf. Goodnight'.

'So Nate isn't coming?'


'Oh', Blair said, biting her lip. If Nate wasn't coming tonight, then that meant that she could ask Chuck….something. Something she didn't want Nate around for. 'Can I come in and see Chuck for a minute?'

Bart blinked at the little girl. He knew that Eleanor Waldorf's daughter and his son were not the closest of friends, but felt obliged to get along due to their mutual friendship with Nathaniel Archibald.

'But Nathaniel isn't here', Bart said, slowly. Curiously, Blair blushed furiously.

'I know', she insisted. 'But I want to see Chuck.' She paused. 'Please? Ten minutes'.

Bart looked at Dorota, and then back at Blair.

'Okay,' Bart conceded. 'Ten minutes. He's in his bedroom.'

'I will wait outside, Miss Blair', Dorota said quickly. Bart Bass gave her the…what did the Americans call it? The Heeby Jeebies.

Blair nodded quickly and ran to Chuck's room, leaving Bart all by himself. He looked pointedly as his son's door closed.

What on earth did Blair Waldorf want with his son?

Never mind, Bart thought, you don't have the time to poke into the lives of the children. It can't be anything terribly interesting.

Was it?

Leaving his conscience at the front door, Bart walked towards his son's door, and opened the well-oiled door slightly.

Inside he saw Blair walking towards Chuck, who was lying face-flat on his bed.

'What exactly did you do to Georgina Sparks?' Blair asked, curiously, looking at her companion.

Chuck, on hearing her voice, jerked up suddenly and jumped off the bed.

'What are you doing here?' he asked quickly, trying to smooth his hair.

Bart looked at him with interest, noting his nervousness around the little girl.

'Waiting for you to answer my question', Blair said, sweetly. 'What did you do to Georgina Sparks?'

Chuck huffed loudly, plopping himself back on the bed. ' I just pushed her over'.

'Excellent', breathed Blair, her eyes shiny with glee.

'I pushed her into a puddle', Chuck carried on.

'Even better', said Blair, cheerfully. Bart watched as Chuck seemed to puff up with pride as Blair praised him.

'I guess pushing Sparky into a puddle is worth getting in trouble with Ms Kennedy and Bart', Blair said.

'That's not what I got in trouble for.'

'Then for what?'

'I called her a bitch.'

Bart watched, almost smiling before frowning again, as Blair's eyes nearly popped.



'That's a bad word!'

'Duh, Waldorf, and I thought you were the one with both beauty AND brains'.

Bart found himself slowly smiling at the way his son managed to make Blair Waldorf blush, even when she disapproved of his behaviour. Blair giggled and Bart saw Chuck's face positively shining, almost as if having her approval was important to him.

Something was weird here.

'Anyways, Waldorf', Chuck said, leaning back on his bed some more. 'You never said what you really came here for. Archibald boring you already?'

The slightly hopeful tone of his voice didn't escape Bart's notice.

'Even if he was, I wouldn't come to you for amusement', Blair retorted, before her expression changed to a slightly nervous one. 'I wanted to ask you something'.

Chuck sat up, curiously. 'Did Tom Hanford try to touch your boob again?'

Blair's face went bright red. 'No! And you weren't much help in that'.

'Tom Hanford touched a girl's boob before me. It wasn't fair'.

'What are we? Some kind of sport?'

'It didn't really count anyways. Your boobs are hardly there.'


'I would've helped you if you let me touch them', Chuck said, grinning broadly.

Bart decided that he would be talking to his son's teacher about more than just Georgina tomorrow morning.

'Shut up', Blair squeaked, and pushed Chuck back a little bit. 'That's not it, anyways.'

'Tell me then', Chuck said, lazily.

Blair opened her mouth, and then closed it, thinking better of it.

'Never mind', she said angrily. 'I was stupid to think you could help me anyways.'

Bart moved back, way from the door, when he saw Blair walking towards it.

'Wait!', Chuck said, jumping off the bed, pulling on Blair's hand. 'I'm sorry, telling me!'

Blair opened her mouth again to yell at him, but then looked down at her hand, which Chuck was still holding tightly. He looked down at her glaze and tore his hand away, blushing furiously.

' I'm sorry', Chuck said again, earnestly.

Blair looked at him, and sighed.

'Okay', she said. 'But you have to pinky promise not to laugh or say anything bad like you said to Sparky.'

'Pinky promise', Chuck said, solemnly. They held their pinky fingers together for a moment and shook them. 'Now what is it?'

Blair blushed even redder than before. 'I wondered if….if….Nate ever talks about me?'

Bart's heart did an oddly loud thump as he saw the look on his son's face….anger? sadness?...guilt?

'Is that all?' Chuck said, bitingly. 'Why don't you just ask him?'

'No, no, that's not what I mean', Blair urged. 'Does he ever talk about doing…stuff…with me?'

Bart's eyes widened at her sentence. He had half a mind to burst the door completely open and yell at them both. They were only ten years old! They couldn't possibly be talking about…

'You haven't kissed him yet?' Chuck said, loudly. Blair squeaked, and shushed him quickly.

Bart breathed freely again.

'Your dad might hear if you keep talking that loudly!', Blair said, urgently. Chuck grinned at her.

'Blair Waldorf has never been kissed', Chuck said, his smile bigger than ever. 'Wait 'til I tell Hazel this'.

Blair stamped on his foot.

'You said you wouldn't laugh!', she said shrilly, as Chuck yelled out in pain, holding his foot. 'It's not funny!'

Chuck tried not to smile. 'It's a little funny, Waldorf. Even Nelly Yuki's had her first kiss'.

' Don't mention that know-it-all', Blair said, looking like she was about to cry. 'What won't Nate kiss me? Is it my breath? Or my face? What is it about me? I know I'm not beautiful like Serena…'

Chuck blinked as Blair's mouth wobbled slightly.

'I think you're beautiful', he said quietly. 'You're like an angel'.

Bart breathed loudly as he took in the look on Chuck's face. It was the way Bart himself used to look at…

Bart cleared his thoughts. So many years ago. He turned his attention back to the two children.

'Stop lying', Blair cried. 'Nate doesn't love me. If he doesn't love me, then he will never kiss me. And if we never kiss then we'll get m-married. And now everyone's had their first kiss and I haven't.'

Bart watched as Chuck slowly put his hand in his pocket and pulled out a hankerchief. He gave it to Blair.

'Trust you to carry a handkerchief like an old man', Blair sniffed through her tears.

Chuck ignored the comment.

'I'm sure Nate loves you', he said, sounding slightly miserable. 'He'd be crazy not to'.

'Maybe he doesn't want to kiss me because he knows I'll be no good at it', Blair said. 'What if he does kiss me and I mess it up because I don't know what to do!'

Blair started crying. Bart breathed heavily as he watched his son's turmoiled face. Suddenly, Chuck's face became completely serious.

What he did next nearly made Bart choke on his own spit.

Chuck walked to Blair and, holding her face in his small hands, he kissed her full on the lips.

Blair looked at him in shock as he let her go, tears drying on her face.

'Chuck!', she squeaked, almost speechless. 'You…You.'

'Don't hate me', he said miserably.

'You just stole my first kiss!' Blair screamed. 'My first kiss EVER!'

'I know,' Chuck said, looking at the floor.

Blair saw the look on his face, and immediately stopped talking. Chuck looked at her, his 10 year old face suddenly more mature than his years.

'That kiss doesn't count', he said. 'Now when Nate kisses you, you'll know what to expect'.

Blair opened her mouth and closed it again, like a fish.

Suddenly, she hugged him.

'Thank you', she said, smiling shyly at him. Chuck gave her a small smile back.

'I need to go now and find Nate', she breathed, not noticing the pained look on Chuck's face.

'Okay,' Chuck said, smiling sadly. 'See you, Blair'.

'Bye, Chuck', she said cheerfully.

Bart only managed to move away from the door in time to see to Blair skipping out.

Blair saw him. 'I'm going to go now, Mr Bass', she said, smiling unknowingly. 'Thank you for letting Chuck see me. It really wasn't his fault that he pushed Georgina into a puddle.'

'Chuck will be out to play tomorrow', Bart promised, his mouth suddenly very dry.

'Goodbye, Mr Bass', Blair said and she walked out the front door.

Bart stood, in silence, for while, before walking to his son's room. There, Chuck was sitting, slumped on his bed.

'Charles?', Bart said, slowly, not knowing what to say. Chuck jumped up when he saw his father.

'Blair's gone now', Chuck said, quickly. 'I didn't invite her up here, I promise'.

'I know you didn't. Bart said. 'I just wanted to tell you that …'

Chuck looked at him expectantly.

'…you can wear purple tomorrow if you want', Bart finished lamely. He made to go to the door before he said anything else.


'Hm?' Bart said, not thinking to berate him for the 'dad' slur.

'You know how Georgina said that all the moms love you?', Chuck said, miserably. 'How do I make Blair Waldorf love me?'

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5 people who knew Chuck was into Blair Waldorf before he did:

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