6 people who knew Chuck Bass was into Blair Waldorf before he knew.

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5. Dorota

August 1997

Dorota gulped hard as she looked around the 'apartment'- this is what the Americans called an apartment? Her eyes grew large and wider as she took it all in. When she moved to America, she hadn't expected this. Not…this.

God, she felt so small. So very, very small, in this mansion of a penthouse. The shiny marble floors, the cream carpets, the expensive ivory coloured wallpaper.

'Blair wakes up every day at exactly 7 a.m, any later will make her sloppy…oh, and make sure she doesn't eat any of the infernal 'Nutella' rubbish- or she'll pack on the pounds when she's a little older, I refuse to have her spoil her figure-' said Eleanor, as she walked Dorota around.

'Ms Eleanor', Dorota interrupted. Eleanor looked at her irritably, making the maid blush. 'Sorry…but you talk of the child and Nutella….that chocolate on bread, no?'

'Exactly my point', Eleanor sighed. 'We have to make sure she won't gain such…habits. Blair may well model for my company later on, and either way, she will be watched by everyone in our society. Being soft on her now and allowing her….treats…will ruin that'.

Dorota looked at her incredulously. 'But Ms Eleanor, Blair is 6 years old!'.

'And in ten years, she will thank me', Eleanor said, firmly. 'When she isn't the size of those mammoths on display in the natural history museum. And if you just do as I say, I would appreciate that.'

'Yes…', Dorota trailed off, now looking at the stairs that would, undoubtedly lead to Blair's bedroom.

'Blair should be upstairs, with her friends', Eleanor said, looking at her phone. 'You can go up and introduce yourself, I have to leave for Milan in 15 minutes. I trust you know what to do?'

'Yes, Ms Eleanor', Dorota said. 'I look after Blair well, you no worry…'

With that, Eleanor yelled at her PA to call the car, and was out of the front door.

Dorota gulped and walked up the stairs, immediately spotting the room filled with young, happy voices.

'Serena, sit still! I can't do it properly if don't stop moving!'.

The blond girl at the dressing table happily sprayed herself with a little pink sparkly bottle of perfume, accidently spilling some on her already-paint-covered dungerees.

'Blair', she whined. 'It's taking forever!'

'Then sit still', said the little curly-haired brunette, wearing a prim white dress. 'Nate- NATE. DON'T DO THAT!'

A vase fell with a crash on the floor. A small blonde boy stood next to it, staring down.

'Oops', Nate said. Then pointed a little boy sitting on Blair's bed. 'It's Chuck's fault'.

'Wasn't me!', the dark-haired boy cried out.

Dorota swooped in as Nate appeared to be trying to pick up the chards of the ceramic.

'No, Mr Nate', she said, gently holding the little boy back, who looked at her confusedly. 'You will hurt yourself'.

'Who are you?', Said Chuck rudely, standing up.

Dorota looked at him firmly, knowing when she would have to pull her weight.

'I am Dorota', she said. 'I look after Miss Blair'.

Blair looked at her and sniffed. 'I don't need someone to look after me. I look after myself.'

'Your mamma hired me today. She go to Milan for work'.

Dorota watched Blair's face fall suddenly. Confused, she looked around at the other children, who all seemed to have gravitated towards Blair.

'Blair, she'll come back soon', Serena said, soothingly, hugging her friend.

'Yeah, Milan, that's not far, she'll come back real soon', Nate said, smiling brightly at Blair.

Chuck snorted. 'Sure, Nate'.

'Chuck! Be quiet', Serena reprimanded, as the little boy folded his arms.

'She never says goodbye', Blair said quietly.

Dorota watched helplessly, as the children surrounded Miss Blair, not feeling close enough to the child yet to soothe her. It hurt not to have your mother around often, especially at such a young age.

Suddenly, Dorota felt a little hand tag gently at her pinafore. She looked down to see Chuck looking up at her. She crouched down to level with the small child.

'Blair likes chocolate ice cream', he said quietly to the maid, as Blair moped on the background with Nate and Serena. 'It cheers her up when something bad happens.'

Dorota nodded, slightly shocked at the little boy who had seemed so stand-offish just minutes before.

Dorota walked over to the crying girl, and gently held her shoulders. Blair stopped crying, and blinked, her soft brown eyes still watery.

'Your mamma will come back. She miss you too much', Dorota started. 'How about you and your friends come downstairs, and I go get chocolate ice cream?'

Blair physically brightened up for a second- the child obviously had a sweet-tooth- but then became glum again.

'Mother doesn't allow me to eat ice cream', Blair said, monotonously. 'She says it's bad for my teeth. And other things'.

What a pile of-, Dorota thought, before mentally censoring herself.

' Just once won't ruin your teeth. And what your mamma do not know will not hurt her'.

Breaking the rules suddenly became worth it when Blair looked up at Dorota and smiled prettily.

'Okay', she said, and put her hand in Dorota's. 'Let's go. Do you like Chanel?'

'What Chanel?', Dorota said confusedly.

Blair rolled her eyes, but looked delighted.

'I have so much to teach you', she said, her eyes gleaming.

As soon as Dorota had managed to finally sit Nate down (the boy was incredibly hyperactive- maybe sugar wasn't a good idea, thought Dorota), she looked at Serena and Blair, who appeared to be talking animatedly about something. She then looked at Chuck, who sat quietly next to Nate, not really eating the chocolate.

'Thank you, Mr Chuck', Dorota said to him quietly. Chuck seemed shocked for a second- apparently for being thanked for something.

'Tis okay', he mumbled.

Dorota looked at him, not sure what to say. Chuck sighed, looking older than his age.

'When you came, you were a stranger. I don't like strangers. But you care about Blair even though you just met her. Anyone who cares about Blair isn't a stranger to me'.

Dorota looked open-mouthed at the little boys.

Were all American boys so….so….

'Plus, you're gonna need all the help you can get to get Blair to like you', Chuck said, suddenly grinning. 'It took me years to get her to talk to me'.

Chuck seemed to sadden at the last sentence. Dorota chipped in, holding out her hand.

'You help me get Miss Blair to like me', Dorota said solemnly. 'And you can have anything you want'.

'Really?', Chuck said, earnestly, looking-for some reason- at Blair.

'Yes', Dorota said, slowly, looking between him and Blair.

'Deal', Chuck said, shaking her hand. 'But maybe my present can wait for a while. I'll let you know'.

A little boy's crush on the pretty little girl, Dorota thought. Nothing serious could come of it really.

That's what she thought at the time.


11th March 2004

Dorota listened helplessly at Blair's bathroom door, the sound of vomiting making her own stomach bubble with acid.

'Miss Blair, please…' Dorota said, tears welling up.

Maybe it was her fault. It WAS her fault. If maybe she said something to Ms Eleanor….she had tried…

'Ms Eleanor', Dorota had said. 'Ms Eleanor, we need to talk about Miss Blair…'

Eleanor looked up tiredly from the pile of folders and sketches in front of her.

'What is it, Dorota?', she said, her face sagging with tiredness.

'Miss Blair….has been acting odd. She no eat properly, not proper meals…', Dorota started.

'Well, she knows she mustn't overeat', Eleanor said, sketching.

'No…She always tired and she spend lots of time in the bathroom'.

'Dorota', Eleanor said. 'Blair is a girl- she will spend ages in the bathroom. And she's tired because of her late night studying, that's all'.

'Ms Eleanor, Miss Blair make herself sick in bathroom!', Dorota burst out, unable to hold it in any longer.

Eleanor looked up, dropping her pen. She looked at Dorota for a minute, before slowly looking down at her desk.

'Don't talk nonsense, Dorota. Blair isn't like that', Eleanor said, her eyes saying it all. 'Now please go, I'm busy'.

Dorota looked at her, shocked.

Eleanor already knew.

What was worse, she wouldn't be doing anything about it.

Dorota sat on the floor, staring up at the ceiling.

She didn't know what to do. She didn't-

'Blair? Dorota?', a distinct male voice travelled up the stairs, footsteps loud and clear.

Dorota jumped up.

'Mr Chuck?', she called, walking to the stairs, as he walked up.

Oh no Oh no Oh no-

'I came to see Blair?' Chuck said, looking slightly put out, his hair and shirt ruffled from the breeze outside. 'Serena couldn't come to watch Breakfast At Tiffany's, so she made me come instead. Again'.

Dorota nodded, knowing no one made Chuck Bass do something he didn't want to do.

'Miss Blair…no feeling well', Dorota said quickly, blocking Chuck's way. 'You should go. You can watch Audrey Hepburn 'nother time'.

Chuck looked at her, his eyebrows knotting up. Dorota gulped. Chuck didn't look a lot like his father, but they both had the same, piercing eyes, the same firm set chiselled jaw line that made his face all that more intense.

'Okay then', he said. 'Then I'll just go up and say that I came'.

'No no!', Dorota said, panicking. Now Chuck looked a little suspicious. 'Miss Blair- she in bed and ill- she no want visitors!'

Chuck tried to dodge her, but the older woman held him by his shoulders.

'Dorota, what's going on?' Chuck said, his face in line with hers- at 14 years of age, Chuck was already nearly taller than Dorota. 'I want to see Blair!'

Suddenly, there was a loud bang coming from Blair's room. Chuck and Dorota both looked at each other, for a brief moment, before Chuck pushed past the woman, into Blair's room.

'Blair!', he yelled out into her room, before banging on her bathroom door. 'Blair, come out!'

'What?', Blair said, weakly from the other side.

'It's me, Chuck. Get out'.

'Chuck? DOROTA, WHAT'S CHUCK DOING HERE?', Blair's voice when shrill as she panicked. Another slightly choking sound came from the bathroom, as Blair vomited again, unable to stop herself now she had started.

Chuck stopped banging; looking at Dorota, as he tried to work out what was going on.

'Is Blair really ill?' Chuck croaked, his face suddenly pale as a ghost.

'Miss Blair, I-', Dorota stopped, her eyes wide as Chuck attempted to break the door.

'Chuck!', Blair cried out. 'Stop it, I'll come out in a bit, I'll-'

The door lock broke, and Chuck fell into the room, followed by Dorota. Blair sat next to the toilet, her head resting on the bathtub, as she quickly reached up to flush the toilet. Her face was deathly pale, and her hands shook as she slumped back onto the floor.

'Blair? Blair!', Chuck yelled, holding her arms tight. 'Blair, Bl- Whats-Wh-Whats going on?'

Dorota trembled as she sat on the bathtub, unable to stay upright anymore. Chuck, for the first time ever, looked completely terrified.

Terrified for Miss Blair, Dorota thought. Always Miss Blair.

'Chuck, get off me, I'm fine', Blair said, holding her head as she tried to sit up. 'I was just a little dizzy, sick- must have eaten something bad'.

Chuck wasn't stupid.

'What have you eaten all day, then?' Chuck demanded. Dorota and Blair both trembled at the look on Chuck's face. 'Tell me!'

'Chuck- I', Blair started.

'What do you think you're doing? Please tell me it's not what I think it is', Chuck said, quickly, visibly panicking. 'Its not…is it?'

Blair looked at him, and started to cry.

'Blair! Tell me that its not', Chuck ordered, shaking her hard.

Blair cried harder, her hair falling over her face.

'Its-its not. What you th-think it is', Blair wept.

Chuck stared at Blair, and then at Dorota.

'How long has this been going on?', he whispered.

'I no know what to do! I'm so sorry, Mr Chuck, I don't…' Dorota started to cry.

Chuck looked around him, looking like he didn't whether to join them and start crying, or start laughing at the ridiculousness of it all.

He sat down on the floor next to Blair, and reached out for her. She quickly slapped his hand away, crying more.

'Blair', he croaked, running a hand through his hair. 'I'm sorry…I shouldn't have yelled.'

She didn't reply, sobbing openly, not caring if he say her blotchy and red-faced.

Chuck looked almost broken-hearted, so unlike himself, that Dorota wasn't sure she wasn't dreaming some kind of terrible nightmare.

'You're Blair Waldorf', he said. 'You're perfect….so-so why do you do this to yourself?'

Blair looked at him.

'Do I look perfect to you?', Blair demanded. 'I've never been perfect.'

'You don't need to do this to yourself. You're hurting yourself'.

'It'll hurt more if my mother can't accept me'.

'What?' Chuck said, jerking his head suddenly.

Blair stopped crying for a second, looking at Chuck with her soft brown watery eyes.

'Look at me', she said, gesturing to herself. 'I'm no Serena. And no matter how much I exercise, how much I diet, I can't be like her. My mother won't accept me if I look anything less than a Serena'.

'That's the most stupid thing I've ever heard', Chuck said. 'You're not Serena'.

Blair's lips trembled, and she looked at the carpet.

Chuck looked down as well. 'I wouldn't want you to be Serena'.

Blair looked at him as he fiddled with the carpet, managing to conjure up a small smile. 'Yeah?'

'Yeah', he said, touching her hand, before quickly removing it, still not looking at her. 'She's as dumb as a rock and she has chicken-like legs'.

Dorota snorted as Blair laughed out loud. Chuck even smiled.

'Chuck…you can't tell anyone about this', Blair said, quickly. Chuck's eyes darkened.

'Blair, you need help', he said. 'Don't think I'm going to look the over way while you do this to yourself. Does Nate know?'

'No!', Blair said. 'Please- don't tell him!'

'I won't', he promised. 'But maybe if he knew, you could talk to him about it.'

Dorota saw Chuck's face gloom over, as it always did when Nate and Blair were mentioned.

'I don't want to talk to him about it.' Blair said. 'He wants Serena too'.

Blair's face crumpled up as she started to cry again. This time, when Chuck reached for her, she didn't stop him.

'Why can't I be good enough? The way he looks at her…he doesn't have to say it, its obvious he wants her. Why am I not enough? Why not?', Blair cried onto Chuck's shoulder.

Chuck looked over Blair's shoulder, and saw Dorota looking at him. Their faces held the same terrified expressions.

'You're more than enough. Everyone loves you. Nate loves you', Chuck whispered into her hair, wishing, wishing she didn't care about Nate so much.

'But Nate-'

'Fuck Nate', Chuck said, a little too loudly. 'If he doesn't know how perfect you are, then he can go to hell'.

Dorota opened her mouth to complain about his language, only to find that she couldn't; instead she saw the slight smile on Blair's face, the furious and determined look on Chuck's face and knew somehow- somehow- that Nate didn't come into the equation at all.


2nd May 2005

'Dorota, quickly, call Chuck- it's an emergency!', Blair said, urgently, throwing her handbag to Dorota.

Dorota rolled her eyes at Blair's antics, as they waited for Chloe to open up.

'Miss Blair, this not really emergency-', she started.

'Call him!', Blair said.

Next to her Serena scoffed. 'Why do you have to call him for everything?', she said.

'I don't call him for everything', Blair argued.

'Yes you do', Serena retorted. 'I don't trust him; I don't know why you do'.

Blair said nothing, but Dorota smiled slightly to herself as she dialled Chuck's number.

'Mr Chuck, Miss Blair say you come immediately or she kill you', Dorota said, easily. This was the rehearsed sentence she said every time they needed to call Chuck.

'Yes. No. Yes. Yes. No. No, Mr Chuck', Dorota said, before cutting off the call and giving the phone back to Blair with a solemn look on her face. 'Mr Chuck on his way'.

10 minutes later, Chuck walked out of his limo as he saw Blair in between the piles of girls.

'Who died and had their funeral in a clothes store?', he said, confusedly.

Dorota laughed as Blair noticed the many curious female eyes around then look at Chuck up and down. She ruffled up immediately and dumped her bag on him.

'Hold this,', she said, importantly. 'Chloe is holding a once-off-never-again sale. I need you to help me get what I want.'

'Really?', Chuck looked at Blair, incredulously. 'Seriously? You called me to help you SHOP?'

'To carry my bags, really,' Blair looked at him, stuck in thought for a second. 'On second thoughts, go call Arthur, we might need him too'.

Chuck groaned in exasperation, ignoring Dorota and Serena's grinning face.

A few hours later, Chuck was tried of playing Tetris on his phone as he waited in the dressing rooms, waiting for Serena and Blair to finish dressing.

'Hurry UP', he moaned. He looked at Dorota who was sitting next to him, knitting. 'I can't believe I wasted my whole day in the girl's dressing rooms when there's no way I'll see anything-'

'Mr Chuck!-'

'Keep your panties on', Chuck retorted, out of frustration. Dorota laughed quietly to herself, unable to help her amusement; Chuck could easily walk away anytime he wanted, but he would never do it to Blair, as much as it annoyed him.

Dorota's head was filed with vision's of when Chuck would realise he had a crush on Blair- the panicked look on his face is really funny- when Serena came out.

'Ta Dah!', She said, posing in a tight black dress. 'What do you think?'

'I think I can see your ass', Chuck grumbled.

'No you can't!', Serena said, looking horrified. 'Its not that bad is it?'

'Not bad if you worked on the streets', Chuck grumbled again, earning himself a smack from both Dorota and Serena. 'OW! What the- argh! Blair, hurry up!'

'Just…Just a minute!', came Blair's voice. Dorota looked at the stall that Blair was in, noting the slight panicking tone of Blair's voice. Looking at Chuck, she saw he was staring at her stall too.

'You must be dressed by now, get out', he demanded.

'I'm not. Wait!', she yelled out.

'Blair', Chuck called. 'Blair. Blair. Blair. Blair. Blai-'

'Okay, I'm coming out, you Basshole!', she yelled out.

'Finally', Chuck huffed. 'I swear to God, I'll slit my throat if we have to-'

He stopped talking. Blair appeared in front of them. Dorota stopped knitting.

Blair was wearing a simple strapless, above the knee, white dress, that fitted her frame beautiful. Dorota thought she looked almost angelic as Blair looked at them anxiously. Her dark hair contrasted beautifully with the pale colour, falling over her bare shoulders, the dress being cinched at the waist, showing her subtle curves.

'What do you think?', Blair said, looking confident, but Dorota knew from her eyes that she was anxious.

'OMG, B!' Serena said, tugging at Blair's arm. 'You look so beautiful!'

'Yeah', Chuck croaked. Dorota looked at him, and saw him looking at Blair. His expression seemed conflicted between awe and sadness, giving him a pained look.

Dorota looked away from him slowly. Sometimes, when he looked like that, she wasn't sure it was a crush anymore.

'You look great, Miss Blair'.

But Blair didn't appear to hear her as she saw Serena chatting to some other girls trying on dresses, as she wore her own black dress. Dorota knew she could see the admiration in the girls faces as they enviously looked at Serena.

Dorota watched Blair gulp and look down at herself.

'You look beautiful, Miss Blair', Dorota tried, desperately, knowing what would happen when they got home.

'Yeah…', Blair said, distantly. 'I'm going change.'

Dorota opened her mouth and closed it, sighing as she looked to her side to speak to Chuck, only to see he wasn't there anymore.

She turned back to Blair to see Chuck following her into the dressing room.

'MR CHUCK, NO!', she yelled as she followed him in, all three of them squished into a little cubicle.

'Dorota! Chuck!', Blair yelled out. 'What the- Get out!'

'Mr Chuck, out now', Dorota said, pulling on his arm. 'Miss Blair need to change'.

'She will change- when she promises to buy the dress', Chuck said, determined.

'Chuck, the dress doesn't look good on me', Blair started.

'No', he said. 'The dress looks fine!'

'No, it doesn't, Serena's-'

'No!', Chuck said, loudly, hitting the wall next to him. Dorota started to feel as if she was intruding on something private. 'I'm sick of this! I'm sick of you always comparing yourself to Serena-'

'So what if I do?', Blair bit back, pushing Chuck a bit, so she was pressed against Chuck.

God, have mercy on them, they only young, Dorota thought to herself.

'Its none of your business if I compare myself to Serena or whatever I do!', Blair said, her eyes blazing.

Chuck laughed. 'None of my business? When are you going to get it? Became my business the day I walked in on you making yourself sick! When are you going to understand? You're not Serena, you never will be!'

Blair's face dropped, hard, making Dorota feel cut up inside. Chuck seemed to have realised the harshness of what he had said.

'Blair', he croaked. 'I didn't mean it like that-'

'Get away from me', Blair said. 'It's not like I care'.

Dorota saw tears streaming down Blair's face, as she faced away from Chuck, trying to pull as far away as she could from him.

'Blair, no, I didn't mean it like you think God's sake Blair-'he started.

'YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO BE MY FRIEND!' Blair yelled out. The voices outside Blair's cubicle went quiet.

Oh God, Dorota thought. Have mercy on us all.

'But you don't care! I'm not some charity case, you don't have to feel compelled to my friend because of my problem!', Blair yelled at Chuck, who remained silent. 'It's not like to care...You prefer Serena to me as well, don't you? Like all the rest of humanki-Umph!'

Dorota watched in shock as Chuck suddenly grabbed Blair by the front of her dress and kissed her hard, before pushing her away.

Dorota watched with her eyes wide as Blair took in Chuck, as if for the first time.

'What the hell was that?' she said.

Chuck didn't look at her as he pulled out his wallet.

'Just buy the dress', he said, pushing the wallet on her and then walked out into the stream of girls.

Blair looked at Dorota.

'I guess I'll buy the dress', Blair said, faintly.

Dorota nodded before walking out of the room, looking for Chuck. She eventually found in outside the store, smoking.

'Why you kiss Miss Blair?', she demanded, before whacking him with her bag. Chuck dropped his cigarette.

'Ow! Stop it!', Chuck said.

'Miss Blair has boyfriend-'she knew it was the wrong thing to say as soon as she said it. Chuck's eyes went dark.

'Like I can forget it!', Chuck hissed at her, looking shocked at what was coming out of his own mouth.

Dorota tapped her feet. 'Why you kiss-'

'I don't know, okay? I don't know. Just leave me alone!'

Dorota stood and watched him silently for a moment. This wasn't over and wouldn't be the last time something like this happened, she could feel it.

She massaged her head, feeling a migraine coming on. All this would lead to a big fight one day. God help Blair when that happened.

'Always remember, Mr Chuck', she said, seriously. 'God is always watching'.

And with that, she walked back into the store, leaving Chuck outside.


31st December 2005- 1st January 2006

'It's nearly time! It's nearly time!' Blair yelled at the top of her voice, excitedly.

'Blair! Stop acting so unlady-like and get off that table!', Eleanor shrieked at her daughter.

For the first time, Blair didn't seem to care what her mother thought of her. She jumped off the table and ran to Dorota.

'Sorry, mother', she called out, before wrapping herself around Dorota's arm.

'Its nearly time!', Blair said quietly into Dorota's ear, still excited.

'Calm down, Blair, it's just the new year, not big deal', Chuck drawled out, next to her, drinking champagne.

'Mr Chuck!', Dorota said, crossly. 'You no old enough to drink!'

'Yeah,', Blair scoffed. 'Like he cares, I'm telling you, his liver will be out before we graduate middle school'.

'Who needs school when you're rich?', Chuck said, trying to look like he didn't care less, but Dorota could see, as always, he was enjoyed riling Blair up.

'Do you pride yourself on being almost illiterate?', Blair retorted.

'Do you pride yourself on being so bloody stuck up?', Chuck said, in the same tone.

'Mr Chuck! Language!', Dorota said.

'No, I pride myself on actually, maybe, having a future', Blair said, looking at him angrily.

Dorota saw the slightest look of hurt appear on Chuck's face, before it changed back to the expressionless canvas that reminded her of the first- and only- time she had met the older Bass.

'Yeah, a future', Chuck bite out. 'A future with poofy dresses and diamond rings and Prince Nate Charming'.

'And what's wrong with that?' Blair said, pushing him at his chest with her hand. 'Nate is a million times better than you!'

'Oh yes, perfect Archibald', Chuck said, bitterly. Suddenly, Dorota looked at him, everything clicking into place. 'Always fucking Nathaniel'.

Chuck Bass is in love with Blair Waldorf.

Stupid Dorota, she thought to herself. Stupid, Stupid, Stupid Dorota-

'What's the supposed to mean?', Blair demanded, pushing Chuck.

'How do you know Nate is your Prince Charming?' Chuck said, looking at her intensely, his insides clearly twisting. 'What has he ever done for you that was remotely prince-like?'

'That's not the point!', Blair said. 'Nate is kind and polite, gentlemanly-'

'And who holds your hair back when you puke your guts out? Who do you cry on when your mother says she wants you to look like Serena. Who. Is. Always. There?', he yelled. 'Like you care- life's just one big fucking fairytale to you'.

Blair looked at him, not sure what to say. Dorota was speechless. Chuck looked like he regretted everything he had just let out.

'Fuck you, Chuck Bass', Blair said finally. 'Fuck you.'

'Don't come crying to me next time Eleanor's pissed with you', Chuck said, his hands in his pockets, his eyes looking anywhere but Blair.

When did it all change? Dorota thought to herself. When did Chuck Bass…

Then it hit her.

'…Maybe my present can wait a little while. I'll let you know.'

Chuck's always wanted Blair.

'Don't expect me to come help you when you can't stand up from all the hurling you do'.


'Go find, Prince Charming then. You know the old fairytale- if you don't kiss your true love at midnight, they won't be the one you spend the entire year with.'

'Fine!', Blair said, and walked away.

'Like I care!', Chuck yelled back.

He huffed and looked at Dorota, who still looked Shell-shocked.

'What?', he said, rudely, before the clock chimed midnight.

'Miss Blair will forgive you', Dorota said.

Chuck gave her a small smile.

'I'm not important enough to earn Blair's forgiveness', he said, slightly sadly. 'Happy new year, Dorota'.

With that, he kissed Dorota quickly on the cheek, before walking away.

Dorota watched him walk away.

This year wasn't his year, but – and Dorota had a gut feeling about this- one of these years would be.

One day.


31st December 2006- 1st January 2007.

'Miss Blair…Mr Nate isn't coming', Dorota said.

'What? Why?', Blair said, pacing up and down, ignoring the swarm of people downstairs.

'He go with his parents to see grandparents', Dorota said. 'He come back in 2 days'.

'But today's New Years!', Blair said, desperately. 'We have to kiss at midnight!'

'I'm sorry, Miss Blair!', Dorota said.

'This isn't fair! Why is this happening to me?', Blair said, miserable. 'First, Serena disappears and now Nate's never here….'

Dorota watched Blair as she looked out of her bedroom window. The downstairs party was all in rage, people laughing and screaming, but Blair didn't seem to want to join them.

'I hate always being alone', Blair said, not looking at Dorota. 'I hate people always leaving. This is my first New Year's without Nate or Serena, did you know that?'

Of course, Dorota knew. Suddenly, she had an idea.

'Miss Blair, I be back. Quick call…home', she rambled. Blair ignored her, not caring.

Dorota walked quickly to the bathroom, slamming the door shut and dialling.

Only ten minutes left, she thought, urgently.


'Mr Chuck!', Dorota hissed. 'You come here now!'.

Chuck laughed.

'Why would I come to the Waldorf New Year's party?'

'You come quickly or I kill you!', Dorota hissed loudly. 'I learn lots of deadly moves in Poland. You be dead in seconds'.

Chuck sighed.

'I hate you sometimes, Dorota. Blair won't want me there'.

With that he hung up the phone. Dorota flipped the phone shut, satisfied with herself.


11.55p.m, 31st December 2006

'Blair?', Chuck said, as he came into the room. Blair jumped from the window ledge she was sitting on, nearly falling off.

'What- What are you doing here?', Blair said, looking irritated. 'You weren't invited.'

'Bass's are always automatically invited', Chuck said, grinning at her.

'Shut up, Basshole', Blair said, looking back out of the window. Some people had started the fireworks early.

'Where's Nate?', Chuck said, almost cautiously.

'Who cares?', Blair said. 'I'm perfectly fine'.

'You always are', Chuck murmured. Blair looked at him, glaring.

'Go home, Bass. Or at least go downstairs. Just leave me alone. I'm not in the mood', Blair said.

'So Nate won't be here to kiss you Happy New Year', Chuck shrugged. 'Its not such a big deal, is it?'

'No its not', Blair said. She looked at him for a second. 'Okay, so it is. He was supposed to be here!'.

'He has a good reason'.

'He has to see his famous politician of a granddad, whatever'.

'One kiss won't change your entire year, Blair'.

'That's not the point!', Blair said, jumping up from her seat. 'It's just not fair!'

Chuck looked at her.

'It's not fair that Serena's gone. It's not fair that Nate doesn't seem to care about me-'

'He does-'

'Cut the bullshit, Bass. Tell me, has he ever told you he loves me?', Blair said, her throat closing up, already knowing the answer.



'He doesn't have to, B', Chuck said, using her nickname for the first time in ages. 'Who wouldn't care for you?'

Blair looked at Chuck, at his conflicted expression.

'Sometimes', Blair said, the lump in her throat growing. 'I wonder if you care. At all'.

She looked down as Chuck looked up. If she had looked at him, she would have seen the shocked expression of his face, followed by the look of hope, then confusion.

'I don't know why. It doesn't matter', she mumbled.

Chuck walked up to her slowly, sitting her down on the ledge, and held her hand.

His heart seemed to be at his throat, for some reason.

'You're my best friend', he said. 'Sometimes….I think you're a better friend than Nathaniel. Don't tell him I said that.'

Blair laughed, as the fireworks increased.

'Nate is useless sometimes', Blair said, then blinked. 'I think it's the first time I've ever said that out loud.'

'Finally', Chuck said.

People screamed loudly downstairs as the ball dropped, and the new year was announced. The firework's outside increased, bright, and shining into every corner of Blair's previously darkened room.

'Happy New Year, Blair', Chuck murmured, looking at the fireworks. 'Happy year 2007'.

Blair smiled at him slightly, before she moved closer to him, kissing him gently.

Dorota smiled quietly from her hiding place.

It was sweet, gentle, unforced …a kiss between two friends with their hearts at their sleeves.

It would be enough, for now.


One- Bart Bass

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Four- Gossip Girl

Five- Dorota

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