Hide and Seek


The Creature Above

The cruel sun was high in the sky outside, and its warmth penetrated even a falling figure.

Golden eyes opened to see the world at her feet, hammering towards her. Beneath her, a rolling carpet of dark-green was all she could see. The wind temporarily blinded her from what was going on. For a moment, she wondered where she was. What was happening to her?

That was when she realised one thing: She was falling.

The girl screamed as the massive acceleration woke her up. Her mysterious fall made her whole body shudder and blew her hair flat against her skull. She squeezed her eyes tight shut and when she opened them again, she was still sky-borne. For the falling victim, the world was a deafening whirlpool of confusion. The girl raced downwards, howling and spinning as she tried to figure out what to do quickly. The world blurred and spun sickening around her. Battling through the resistance of the harsh wind, she searched with her hands for something to stop her fall. Her hands slapped against her body, she found several mistakes about her appearance, but what caught her attention was the massive backpack. She never had it last time she remembered, but she thought instantly it was a parachute. There was a large, strange symbol on her chest, made of crimson glass. Quickly, she punched the symbol, hoping something good would come out of it. It began to shriek, bleeping in a synchronised pattern. The girl cried out in growing horror as she clung onto the last threads of hope. The end of her life was nearing. Continuously, she punched the symbol, hoping the parachute would save her.

Suddenly, she felt a violent yank from above followed closely by a sharp explosion. Quickly, she was shaded by a dim-yellow awning of the parachute and she was swung upwards, catapulted side to side.

But it was too late.

She screamed once again, her eyes grew cold with fear and suddenly, she was absorbed by the thick forestry. She crashed into the dense branches and tossed and turned as branches snapped, unable to catch her. Her body slapped heavily to the canopy of branches. The girl had time for a small gasp of horror before she collapsed. There was a heartbeat's silence…and then the entire world blew apart, scattering branches and ripping leaves, sending them spinning lazily through the thick, hot air. The wildlife that lived in the trees chattered in panic, whirling around the upper reaches of the leafy canopy; but the assault on their home was soon over and the forest quieted itself again.

The last thing she felt was the ground swallowing her as she fell…

Author's Notes: Hello ya'll, it's Salverto. This is my first Predator Fanfiction, so please let me off. I generally fail at life anyway. Heh. Alright, things will start to make more sense. I was deeply inspired by 'Predators', but also this is a small story to another Alien VS Predator Fanfiction called 'Beware the Blade'. I hope you guys enjoy this. :3 I won't jabber on, I'll just get on with it.