Dracula's Angel

Chapter 1

(A Child is Born)

Brock's point of View

It was late when I heard my cell phone ring. Quickly I walked over to it and picked it up. I couldn't stop a smile from crossing my face as I recognized the number I'd been waiting for months to see come up on the caller ID. I turned the phone on. "Sasha."

"It's so good to hear your voice," she said. "I miss you."

"I miss you too," I told her.

"Did he…"

"He sustained considerable damage, but no the slayers were not successful. We may be separated longer than either of us want. The damage was so extensive the master had to go into a state of sleep to recover."

"What about…"

"He'll keep his promise, beauty," I told her. "The child?"

"Born only a few hours ago," She said sounding pleased. "A beautiful baby girl."

"A daughter," I said. I don't know why but I felt a little surprised. I knew my master would not be disappointed the child was a girl; he only cared it lived.

"She wanted the child," Sasha informed me."Even knowing the child could be our master's she wanted it. Katie walked out on the slayers when Sonya threatened the life of the unborn babe. Katie will fight for the child no matter what."

"Katie has separated herself from the slayers?" I said to clarify what had happened.

"She walked out the door on them after learning she was pregnant and them threatening the life of her child and her life if she refused to abort the child if our master had raped her. I followed out after her and gave her my word I wouldn't tell the others what had happened between her and the count."

"You are on your own now?" I asked becoming concerned.

"No, Parker and Memphis are with us. Memphis refused to aid Danielle's son and the others. He has protected Katie and the child relentlessly."

"Katie's lover?" I asked less than pleased. I wasn't surprised but hated the idea of my master's enemy with his bride.

"Parker believes the child is his," The blonde haired woman replied.

"Katie has no reason to think otherwise," I said with a sigh.

"She suspects or at least she isn't sure it's Parker's," Sasha said in a voice that said she knew something I didn't. "She knows Dhampier's grow faster than normal children."

"What does the child look like? Does it favor a parent?" I asked. If there was a chance Parker could figure out the child wasn't his we might need a new plan. We couldn't take the chance of Parker killing the newborn.

"The child favor's Katie I think. I do not know for sure if Angel will keep her blue eyes but as of now she appears to have her mother's eyes."

"Angel?" I said caught off guard. "She named the babe Angel?" I blinked in confusion at the thought.

I heard Sasha laugh before saying, "Yes,shedid. As I said Angel has blue eyes, at least for now, and red hair. Her hair is the color of blood. The child is practically telling them but they don't see it." I couldn't help but let out a laugh at the irony of it.

"Now that the child is born what am I to do?" Sasha asked. "Am I simply to let you know where we are?"

"The count made arrangements when we learned of our predicament," I told her. "There is an alpha that owed him. One that for whatever reason was rather quick to accept. Where are you? He will come to you; but not reveal you are a servant of the master." Sasha gave me their location and we hung up.

"Who was…?" Seeing my face Sedrick smiled. "Sasha. The child has been born."

"A daughter named Angel." The blonde man raised an eyebrow at the name and I couldn't help but chuckle. "Katie doesn't know for sure but she suspects the child might belong to our master. It seems the idea is not revolting to her."

"The count will be pleased; once he awakens," Sedrick said. "How much longer do you think he will sleep?"

"I don't know," I admitted. "The only other time I know he was almost killed was before my time. We can only hope he awakens soon." I looked at my phone. "Now that we know where they are I need to contact Reth. It's time for him to take over ensuring Fox's safety."

"You mean Angel."

I shrugged and dialed the alpha's number. Katie might have named the girl Angel but I was used to referring to the babe as Fox. Angel sounded awkward to me. I would tell the alpha the girl's name but refer to the child as Fox normally.

Katie's point of view

I stood by the window looking outside at the city lights that lit up the night as I held my newborn daughter. I looked down at her beautiful face and smiled. Never had I seen anything more beautiful than the little girl in my arms. I didn't care what genetics said. All that mattered to me was keeping her safe.

When the doctor went to tell Parker how the child measured in weeks I quickly said 34 weeks; and that she was a tad early. The doctor had it at 42 but didn't correct me when I told him. He seemed to read in my eyes that it was important that Parker not know the truth. The moment Dr. Holt had said she measured at 42 weeks I knew the child I had given birth to was not Parker's. It wasn't long enough. I'd only been pregnant for 6 months. There was no doubt in my mind that the little girl I held was half human and half vampire. Angel was the daughter of Dracula.

Gently I stroked the baby's small cheek. "I will always protect you," I told her. I knew deep in my soul it was true. I could still see the site of Dracula falling and his head separating from his body. A sense of sadness flowed through me. After all he had done to me I still couldn't fully accept the idea that he was gone forever.

Anger still raced through me at the thought of Sonya and the other slayers threatening my life and Angel's. I knew Dennis was angry that Danielle had been killed but they had no right to take it out on Angel and I. Angel hadn't done anything; she hadn't even been born yet. Dennis would have killed me out of vengeance against Dracula and nothing else. I had once found them to be courageous and even righteous but not now. Now I thought they were cowards.

The count had said he would come for us. I looked down at my child and wondered if he truly was gone or if he would one day come for Angel and I. Only time would tell.

Hearing my daughter make a cooing sound I looked down at the beautiful child and smiled. Angel would be my hope for the future. Gently I reached down and softly kissed her. I would never let her doubt my love for her.

Angel's point of View

I felt sadness flow through my mother. I sensed her thoughts of my father's death and felt a sense of frustration. I couldn't tell her that he was alive. Seeing such sadness in her blue eyes I did the only thing I could to comfort her. I made a small cooing sound.

The human woman looked down and smiled at me. Her blue eyes held such intense joy as she looked at me. My mother held such love for me I knew we would be okay. Listening to her I knew she would always be there to protect and love me. I knew my father couldn't be with us right now and it saddened me but I knew the day would come that we would all be together again. My father wasn't with me but I could hear him in my head like a person calling in the distance.

My blue eyes looked into my mothers. She would protect me and I would look out for her. I felt her kiss me and knew no nothing could ever take her from me. She was mine. The beautiful brow haired woman looking down at me belonged to me and my father and I would not let anyone take my mother from us. One day my father would come for us and everything would be as it should.

Author's note: This is the sequel to Obsession of Dracula. later the rating will increase.