Percy's girlfriend, Annabeth Chase, watched her eighteen year old boyfriend fall asleep. His eyelids drooped, and his sea green eyes closed. She studied Percy's face intently, searching for any hint of being awake.

She didn't find anything. She continued to watch Percy's face as he slept. She noticed that he looked older than he actually was; worrying about the prophecy years before, the one that predicted he was to die, was most likely the cause of the worry lines running along his forehead.

She noticed then that she probably had them too. Self-consciously, she brought her hand to her forehead and rubbed her forehead. She could feel deeply-etched lines as she brought her eyebrows together.

Dropping her hand, she reached out to caress Percy's face. He twitched slightly at her touch, but she held her hand there. She leaned forward and placed a light peck on his lips, tasting the somehow sweet sea taste of his pink lips.

She was scared; really scared. She was scared of losing Percy to the newest war; the one started by a feud between Athena and Poseidon. The gods were already taking sides, and she was forbidden from seeing Percy.

That didn't stop her. At Camp, many requests had been to move the cabins, which was nearly impossible with the weight of them. Somehow, Hephaestus (the only neutral cabin in all of it) had come up with a weird pulley system that allowed them to move the cabins to their sides.

She reached out and tucked a jet-black strand of Percy's hair back from his face. The tears came from her eyes, slipping out like a traitor would slip details to their master. She stared solemnly at Percy's face, something she wished she'd never seen as of now.

Separation had taken a toll on their relationship. Annabeth was greatly suspicious of Percy and a brunette daughter of Hermes. She wished she'd never developed a relationship with the Son of Poseidon, Hero of Olympus, as they were the cause of the Poseidon-Athena feud.

She fervently hoped they weren't the next Paris and Helen, but, knowing Aphrodite, they probably would be. She took Percy's hand, tracing circles with her thumb on the back of his hand. Hopefully, the war would blow over, and Percy and she could be back to their regular selves; arguing, stubborn, and loud couple.

The biggest wish Annabeth had was that her mother would approve of their relationship, or at least be neutral about it, like Poseidon. But no, her mother had to declare war against Poseidon for 'ordering his sea spawn to contaminate my daughter.'

The tears kept coming, harder than before. A few dripped on Percy, but, being the Son of Poseidon, they didn't affect him. She pulled her knife out of her pocket, and brought it to her arm, nicking it slightly. A plan was formulating in her head, and if this worked. . .

No. It wouldn't. Athena wouldn't fall for it. The wound was obviously self-inflicted, if you knew how to tell. Athena wouldn't believe it came from a 'new abusive boyfriend.' She wiped at the miniscule cut on her arm, rubbing away the blood.

She placed a kiss on Percy's face, and turned to leave. Immediately, a hand shot out and knocked her Yankees cap off of her head, herself now visible to Percy. He felt herself pulled into strong arms, and stared up into Percy's mesmerizing sea green eyes.

"Wise Girl," Percy acknowledged.

"Seaweed Brain."

"How are you?"

"Good, you?"

The conversation was awkward between the boyfriend and girlfriend. It was not how they used to be; the happy, intriguing couple. They were now the awkward couple that was on the verge of breaking up. Annabeth hoped that she could fix that.

"Percy, I-" She was cut off by his lips on hers. Pulling away, he wiped away the tears rolling down her face.

"Shh, Wise Girl. I love you, and that's all that matters."

Annabeth smiled, and kissed Percy again.

"I love you, too, Seaweed Brain."