"So who's the King that's visiting?" Merlin inquired of Gwen who was busy sewing a dress.

"Not really sure." She replied, looking up at the blue sky, "Arthur didn't tell you?"

He shook his head, "No, every time I've try to ask he gets bombarded with paperwork and questions."

"Same with me." Gwen focused on her work, "However I suppose that is price of being with a King."

Merlin smiled at her, "You're an angel for putting up with that."

She cringed, "Don't call me that."

"What? An angel?"

"Yes, it put too much pressure to be perfect."

Merlin shook his head, "Only you would get embarrassed by being called that."

It was a lovely day to be outside. Merlin was busy hanging up Arthur's cloths to dry. He had gotten in a lot of trouble with the cook earlier that morning, when he attempted to dry the King's tunic over the stove in the kitchen again.

"Merlin!" Arthur called from the other side of the field to his manservant, " Come with me."

Gwen gave Merlin a little smile of sympathy, before he was forced to attend his master. Arthur and he walked to the busy courtyard.

" So Arthur," Merlin strode beside him, "who is it that's visiting?"

Arthur was busy checking his tunic, "My grandfather, apparently."

This was huge news indeed and Arthur was treating it like one would talk about what they ate for breakfast. The manservant knew whenever Arthur acted like this was because Arthur was trying to contain his feelings.

Merlin blinked, "I thought your grandfather was dead."

The king huffed, "As did I, however I got this note out of nowhere from him. I checked for the authenticity of it with Geoffrey and it turns out he's still alive. My father hated him and therefore lied to me, telling me he died before I was born."

Uther seemed to have had a habit of hiding family ties. Merlin pitied Arthur for having to live with people who kept so many secretes from him (Merlin understanding he was one of those people).

"I'm sorry." Merlin said, "But do you think it was a wise idea to invite him here? You don't even know him."

" That's what I hope to change." Arthur continued, " I don't have much of my family left. All I have is Agravaine."

This made Merlin feel worse for Arthur because in reality, he didn't really have his uncle. When Agravaine's discovered, the warlock fears it will break Arthur's heart.

Suddenly a carriage started ridding through the courtyard. It was fancy to a point of being sickening and being pulled by two white horses. It had to be the King: Arthur's grandfather.

"What's his name?" Merlin asked.

"King Vortigern Pendragon of Snowdonia." Arthur replied and walked to the carriage.

Merlin went deathly pale. Those blue eyes of his went wide in absolute terror. His heart began to pound irregularly and his breathing became shallow and sharp.

'No,' Merlin mind panicked, 'It can't be him.'

A hefty man with grey hair and grayish blue eyes stepped out of the carriage. He wore a crown upon his head. He looked a lot like Uther, but that's not what Merlin was thinking when he saw him.

It was who Merlin feared it was, so he ran not caring of the consequences. Arthur was too busy with King Vortigern to see his servant flee.

"I trust you had a pleasant journey?" Arthur inquired.

"Indeed." Vortiergn took a good look at Arthur, "I can see my son in you. Though I suspect you take more after your mother more."

Arthur's head tilted ever so slightly, "Did you know my mother?"

"No, unfortunately, Uther took his leave of me when he was only fifteen. Yet I kept an eye on his accomplishments. I was so proud when he managed to conquer Camelot at the age of twenty, yet I was still not permitted entrance."

Arthur shook Vortigern hand, "I hope to rectify the past and create a new beginning."

" I hope for that as well."

"I'll have my manservant show you to your chambers."

He turned around and couldn't find Merlin anywhere.

"Where is he?" Arthur mumbled, " I swear I'm going to kill him."

Vortigern chuckled, " I see you share my temperament. I can't even begin to tell you how many servants I have executed for disobedience. As unpleasant as it may be, they must learn their place, otherwise how can one manage to rule it the people do not respect one's rules."

Arthur was horrified. He hadn't actually meant it when he said he was going to kill Merlin. It was just a jest and most people would have realized that.

"Well, let me show you to your rooms." Arthur feigned a grin.