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Merlin was healing nicely. The knights had all come to visit him as often as they could. Though he was still not fully healed, he could walk ... Mostly. Soon the army of Camelot was packing their bags, getting ready to return home.

However, there was one last thing to attend to. The talks of rebellion were becoming increasingly serious. People spoke of how the great Emrys came in their moment of need and warned them of Vortigern's lies. Things were becoming dangerous for the King of Snowdonia.

Vortigern and Alcock went to go speak about these developments with Merlin. Merlin was in his temporary chambers packing his things. After Vortigern expressed his concerns, he awaited Merlin's response.

" And what do you expect me to do about it?" Merlin asked, packing away the last of his things.

" Get Arthur to protect me from a revolution." Vortigern supplied.

Merlin turned to him, "Arthur came here to help your people; not you. He would not fight them to keep you safe."

"Then go to the people as Emrys and tell to obey me."

" You really think I would help you with this deception?" Merlin refused to look at him, " You kidnapped me and tried to sacrifice me. You're people have suffered enough from you."

"How dare you!" The king yelled, grabbing his wrists, "You will obey me!"

The king had a firm grip, he started to twist. Merlin was trying to keep from collapsing onto the ground by bending his way out. This was not helping his injury.

"Stop!" Merlin commanded, " Before I do something you'll regret. You know what I am capable of!"

The king released Merlin.

"I'll report you to Arthur!"

"He'd never believe you." Merlin snapped, "You've proven yourself an unfit leader both politically and militarily. He's known you for a few days and I have known him for six years. I have given my life for him. Who do you think he will trust more?"

Somewhere, deep down inside, Merlin feared the answer to his own question. Arthur trusted Agravaine who time and time again lead him down the wrong path. He had been blinded from Morgana's evils, just like his father. Would he trust Vortigern more because he was his grandfather?

Merlin kept having to tell himself no.

Vortigern was in dismay, "Then what should I do?"

Merlin stared him straight in the eyes, " Hand the kingdom over to Arthur."


The warlock continued, " The citizens of Snowdonia now know he is the once and future king. They will follow him. If you were to give him the kingdom, perhaps he will you mercy by providing you sanctuary away from here."

Vortigern was cross, "How can you expect me to give up everything? Dinas Emrys is my life!"

"When I was a child I warned you not to build here." Merlin stated, "The way I see it you have three choices: stay to be overthrown and possibly be killed, flee with nowhere to go to and leave your kingdom in chaos, or relinquish your crown and seek Arthur's aid."

Vortigern was furious. He quickly rushed out of the room. Alcock knew however that the king would think through his choices. Alcock remained there with Merlin.

Merlin hissed at the wound in his side, he sat down on the bed. Looking at his stitches, Merlin was relieved to see that none had come undone.

"How are you feeling?" Alcock asked.

"Had better days."

Alcock took a good long look at Merlin, "You were just a small thing when I last saw you. Now you're a powerful young man. I felt so terrible for what we did to you."

He delved deeply into Merlin's blue orbs and continued, "Those eyes aren't easy to forget. I remember how scared they were and the horrible thing we nearly did. I understand that you may never forgive me. I deserve no less, but I wish you know that I will follow you."

Merlin gratefully replied, " I have forgiven you. I forgave you the minute you helped me escape. Life is too short to keep grudges. It only poisons one's heart. Besides, I need as many allies as I can get."

They shook hands. Alcock was forcefully amazed by this young man with such strong magic and an even more powerful heart.

"Thank you." Alcock whispered.

After Arthur had finished getting ready to depart, he went to the throne room. Vortigern was there waiting form him.

"King Arthur," Vortigern started, "there is something of great importance which I must speak to you about."

Vortigern took a deep breath in. He looked to Merlin who was starring at him with great intensity. Vortigern knew he had to do it. He didn't want to, but his moment was gone. It was time for a new era.

" Arthur, you have shown great courage and valor. You helped defend my country dispute how you hardly knew who I was. I thank you. My people have become displeased with me and I fear they no longer have faith in my ability to rule." He forcefully continued, "I must step down from the throne and you being my only living relative shall inherit my crown."

Arthur was shocked. He had not expected to gain a new kingdom. He wasn't sure about all the responsibility this would entitle. Could he handle it?

"Thank you, grandfather." Arthur was all he could think to say and then he continued, "And I shall see it that you are provided sanctuary in Camelot."

"Thank you." Vortigern could barely hide his bitterness towards the situation.

Arthur continued" Alcock."

Alcock stepped forward, "Yes my lord?"

"As you know, magic is not permitted in Camelot."

"Yes, my lord."

"However," Arthur added, "the laws will not change in Snowdonia. Not until, everything has settled down and everything can be well looked at. To change a law so drastically so soon could insight panic."

Alcock bowed his head, "Very good, your majesty."

"Also, I will have to leave you in charge until I can return to resolve everything."

Arthur couldn't believe he was doing this. He was leaving Snowdonia in the hands of a magic user, but he saw no other option. Alcock had been Vortigern's head advisor which meant he knew the land better than any other noble there.

" I will do my best to serve you my lord." Alcock replied, "Long live the king."

"Long live the king!" Everyone in the court shouted.

Everyone bowed to Arthur on one knee. Merlin was grinning widely. Arthur was one step closer to being the once and future king.

After that whole ordeal, Vortigern was getting on a horse to leave with Arthur. The king looked at his upset grandfather.

"Why did you do it?" He asked.

"What do you mean?" Vortigern replied.

Arthur continued, " Why did you give up your kingdom? I can see you didn't wish to."

Honestly, he replied, "Emrys."

"Emrys?" Arthur had to hear more.

"I sought his help." Vortigern explained, his fingers tensing, "And this was what he advised."

Arthur was in shock. Perhaps this is what Gaius meant by he would understand one day what others had done for him.

The people of Camelot waved their flags and banners in celebration of the soldier's returns. Fathers were reunited with their children. Wives ran to their husbands, kissing them passionately in the middle of streets. Brothers hugged sisters. Lovers embraced lovingly.

Arthur and Guinevere laid besides each other on a grassy field. They had been talking for quiet awhile. She was so relieved when he had arrived home safely. As Arthur recounted the tale to her, she gasped propping herself up by her elbow.

"King of Snowdonia!" She blinked in amazement.

"Yes." He replied, somewhat in disbelief too.

"That's a lot of responsibility."

"I know." Arthur sighed.

"But I know you can handle it." Gwen rubbed his arm supportively.

Arthur was still not sure, "I find myself confused. More so than I have ever been. I saw Morgana use magic to bring so much pain and destruction. Yet I saw magic used to fight her off. Emrys fought for me despite the fact that I have been trying to kill him for a long time. I don't know what his true intentions are, but perhaps there's no easy answer when it comes to magic. Perhaps there are two sides to the same coin."

Gwen pecked his lips lightly, "You'll figure it out Arthur."

He returned her affections with a deeper kiss as the sun set in the West.

Meanwhile Merlin had returned to his normal duties of polishing Arthur's amor. He stared at his own reflection. The boy with skin as pale as snow, hair like a raven's back, and eyes like ocean.

He was Merlin. He was Emrys.

And so goes the tale of Dinas Emrys.


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