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Old Man and the Desert

Chapter 1

Location: Tatooine

It was a typical day for Ben Kenobi. It had been 15 years since he had handed Luke over to the Lars and the boy was growing up quite well. He was like most boys his age. He played with his friends and did his chores around the farm. It seemed that Ben's guess that Tatooine held too many painful memories for Darth Vader was true. The Empire didn't very much care for the desert plant and there wasn't much to take.

Meanwhile, Ben did his usual routine. He did some morning exercises and had a light first meal. He then prepared to head out to collect from water from some hydro-machines he had nearby and then do some mediation.

However, today was different. Overhead, Ben saw a ship was zooming through the sky—no, it looked more like it was crashing. A large streak of smoke was trailing from behind it and the ship was coming in too fast. It looked like it was preparing to make an emergency landing not far from the cave.

In a burst of sand, the ship crashed near some rocks and Ben hurried to see if there were any survivors. Quickly, he climbed down and saw that the side of the ship had been torn open like a tin can. Small fires were burning all around it and he feared that it might trigger an explosion.

Ben called out, "Hello! Is anyone there?"

The smoke made him cough. He covered his mouth with his sleeve and carefully tried to pry the hatch open, but it wouldn't budge. Ben then pulled his lightsaber from his belt and ignited the blade. He used it to cut the locking mechanism and threw the door open. A plume of black smoke emerged from the opening, but he ignored it and crawled in.

Inside the ship, Ben saw that it had several compartments, but most of it had been damaged. He saw a body buried under a fallen support beam and another in the infirmary. It looked like there were no survivors, but suddenly he heard a moan from the cockpit.

Ben hurried to the stranger and swiftly picked him up and carried him over his shoulder. He was a light young man wearing a battle-suit. It was clear he wasn't part of the Imperial army. Ben then made his way out of the burning ship and just in the nick of time. Once he cleared the debris it exploded. The fire had reached the fuel cells and a large cloud of smoke touched the sky.

The old Jedi watched the fumes and knew that the cloud would cause unwanted attention, though it couldn't be helped. For now, he had to take care of the injured young man. Carefully, he placed him in the shade by some boulders.

The young man must have passed out. He was limp and no longer groaning. Ben pulled away the protective facemask so his patient could breathe better, but he was astounded to find that he was a she. The woman looked to be in her mid-twenties with long black hair and a beautiful youthful face. Slowly, her eyes began to flutter and she began to focus.

The woman stared up at Ben and instantly gasped. She tried to get up, but her right leg gave away and she fell. Ben grabbed her arm and she cried out in pain. The woman then sank down onto the sand and supported her weight on her left arm. She was staring daggers at him and ignored the blood dripping down her forehead and split lip.

"Val-it Tor!"

Ben had no idea what she just said. It wasn't any language he knew. He raised his hands to try and calm her down and said, "It's all right. I'm not going to hurt you." He then gestured towards the debris and stated, "Look, your ship crashed. I saved you. I pulled you out."

The woman followed his hand and saw the burning ship. She slowly staggered up to her feet, but Ben could see that she had a broken leg and arm. She seemed entranced by the fire and watched it burn away in the distance.

Then, in surprising good Standard, she said, "Those bastards…" before she fainted.


An hour later, Ben managed to carry his patient back to his cave. He laid her on his bed and treated her wounds. It appeared that she did have a broken arm and leg, but also a slight concussion and several bruised ribs. He had just finished putting on a cast on her leg when she woke up.

Shocking, red eyes sprang open and she quickly grabbed Ben by the throat and wrist. Ben was not happy. He saw that she was scared and he slowly freed himself from her reach.

"Now, it that anyway to thank your savior?"

Ben could tell from her reflexes that she was a fighter. He was glad to see that she was letting him place her hands back on the bed. She didn't resist, though she was still too weak to be doing any heroics.

"Wh—Where am I?"

"My home. You're on Tatooine."

"My ship."

Ben moved to get her a cup of water and handed it to her. She was having a hard time keeping her grip, so he held it steady so she could drink. He even supported the back of her head until she was done.

"Gone. It was destroyed in the crash. You were the only one I found alive."

The woman nodded her head and said, "I need to go back. The others—the others are waiting for me."

Ben placed the cup down onto a table and sat beside her in a chair. "You are not going anywhere. You need to rest. And I appear to have found myself a houseguest."

"No. I need to go back. They need me."

Sternly, Ben said, "Those others can wait. You need to recuperate. Also we're the middle of nowhere. It isn't exactly easy to get around in the desert."

The woman thought about this and looked down at her broken leg. Ben could almost see her figuring out the best plan, but a broken leg complicated things. Yet, reluctantly she agreed.

"Fine. I'll rest."

Ben smiled at her stubbornness. He said, "That sounds like a very wise decision, young lady."


Over the next 2 days, Ben tried to make his guest comfortable. He gave her a pair of spare clothes to change into and helped redress her bandages. She was quiet at first and a lot weaker than she thought. Often, Ben had to feed her and assist her to the bathroom. Though mostly she slept. It wasn't until the third day that he discovered that she was running a fever.

He noticed that she was sweating and it was difficult for her to breathe. Ben got a bowl of water and wiped her forehead with a damp cloth, but it wasn't much help. She needed medicine.

"Now, you mustn't move. Try to rest."

"No…no…I-I need to get back. My father needs me. He's depending on me. I need to report in. I…I can't."

"Hush," Ben said. "It will be all right."

She then reached up with her unbroken arm and grabbed his shoulder firmly. Her eerie eyes were shining and she leaned in close to study him. "Wh—Who are you? Are you my servant?"

Ben rolled his eyes and pried himself free and said, "Yes, I suppose I am for the time being."

"I…I never had a man as a servant before. Are you a gift?"

Ben wasn't sure how to respond. It was a bit flattering to be considered a gift and he suspected that some wealthy worlds did do such things, but he figured she was delusional. Her fever was casing her to hallucinate. He thought it best to humor her and said, "Yes, I am a gift. Now, it's time for you to go back to sleep."

"But I'm not tired. I…I'm thirsty."

The old Jedi was not surprised. She was sweating so much that she was probably dehydrated. He carefully picked up a cup of water and get into the routine of supporting the back of her head and helping her drink. She was as helpless as a baby.

"Thank you," she said. "What's your name?"

"Ben Kenobi. Though, I doubt that you'll remember."

The woman laughed, but then stopped because it hurt her bruised ribs. She laid back down and said, "Ben…Ben Kenobi…"

He got up and patted her hand and said, "Yes, and you are in need of some medicine. I need to go get some so I'll be back."


Ben stopped dead in his tracks and turned to face her. He was midway towards the door and had already picked up his supply bag. He watched, as she lay in bed delirious with fever. She didn't look afraid, but he wasn't sure what nonsense she could be thinking.

Reassuringly, he said, "I promise. I'll be back. After all, you're in my home."

Then, out of nowhere she said, "Liar…you're name isn't Ben …you're…you're really a knight."

Ben was about to rush to her side and ask her how did she know, but he saw that she had fallen asleep. He briefly pondered the likelihood that she knew the truth, but decided there was enough time for that later. He would ask again when she was better. Right now, he had to pay the Lars a visit and get some medicine. It would take too long for him to travel into town. He didn't like leaving his patient for that long.




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