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She takes a deep breath as she glances at her reflection in the mirror.

She lifts the soft fabric of her camisole tank and gazes at the spot just above her waist. That's one, she thinks to herself. Next, she turns around and catches the dark flesh to the left of her back, two. She raises her arm and stares at the bruise on the side of her ribcage, three. She runs her fingers across the welt just below her neck. Five, she counts again before finally looking at her face.

"That's five." She breathed, cringing at the sight of the bruise on her right cheek.

Five more bruises that were a result from her and the wolf's arguments that now plagued her body. It'd been going on for nearly three months now, but had she said anything? No. Why? The only logical answer she could think of was because he promised to get better and that after everything…she still loved him. Did it anger her that he could put his hands on her and still claim to love her? Hell yes, but the remorse that showed in his eyes after he realized what he'd done cancelled out her anger and replaced it with hope. Hope that he'd stop, hope that he'd go back to treating her like the princess he said she was, and hope that he would change.

Tyler and Bonnie were the perfect couple on paper. He was Mystic Fall's star jock and football captain, and she was cheer captain with Caroline. They both looked great on each other's arm and from the outside, it looked like nothing could go wrong with their relationship. Then Mayor Lockwood passed away and Tyler started acting out. He began drinking more and partying with his hot-headed friends, and losing control of his emotions, of himself. Bonnie was worried about him but she didn't really think much of it until the night that they got into a heated argument that lead from screaming and yelling to him lashing out on her and striking her across the face. She'd stumbled over onto to the foot of her bed and sat there in shock. A pregnant silence filled the room as they both replayed what had just happened in their heads before Tyler broke the silence. He approached her with profuse apologies, tears welling up in his eyes while she remained in shock, silent tears rolling down her cheeks. He dropped to her level and wrapped his arms tightly around her waist, pressing his head against her abdomen crying out profuse apologies and pleas of forgiveness and "I love you"s.

She'd taken a moment to compose herself and regain control of her trembling hands. She entangled her fingers in his dark hair and shut her eyes tightly.

"It's alright, Ty. It's okay baby." She whispered.

That's when it all began, when the idea of him putting his hands on her became "tolerable." Ever since that night, their fights have become more physical to the point that their fighting puts Eminem's "Love the Way You Lie" video to shame. Bonnie strayed away from telling her friends about it because she didn't want to paint Tyler in a bad light, but maybe that's what he needed...

Tearing her eyes away from the mirror, Bonnie padded into her closet and pulled out a pair of jeans and a red t-shirt. She stood under the shower head savoring the comforting feeling of the hot water on her sore body. Reluctantly getting pulling herself from the water's comfort, she hastily wrapped a towel around herself, glad that the mirror was fogged so she couldn't see her bruises again. Within the next ten minutes, she had her hair brushed into a high ponytail, and was dressed standing in front of her mirror. She reached for her foundation and gently spread it over the bruise on her face and then focused on her neck. Realizing that makeup would cover up the raised welt, she settled for a matching scarf and layered it around her neck, thankful for the fall weather. Bonnie slid her brown leather jacket on, slid on her matching riding boots, and grabbed her backpack and purse off her bed before making her way down to the kitchen.

As she was grabbing a Vitamin Water in the fridge she noticed a note from her dad.

Bonnie, it read, I had to leave early this morning for a last minute business trip so I won't be home until next Tuesday. I'll check in with you when my plane lands. Love you, Daddy.

Bonnie snatches the note off the fridge bitterly, thinking that she wouldn't have to deal with this whole Tyler situation if her dad was ever home to scare the hell out of him. Shaking off her anger, she made her way to her car and headed to school.

Just as Bonnie got out of her, Tyler appeared beside her stepping to take her bags off her shoulder.

"Hey, you." She smiled, and met his awaiting lips.

"Mornin' beautiful." He murmured swinging the bags over his shoulder and draping his free arm around her shoulder.

They made light conversation as they weaved their way through the crowd of students, and Tyler glance at her face, definitely noticing the extensive amount of detail that Bonnie had used to cover up her scars; His heart lurched every time. He didn't understand why he reacted the way he did with Bonnie, but he knew that it was wrong and that he had to get it under control somehow. Whatever the rage was that he felt whenever he got riled up had something to do with his werewolf gene being triggered, that much he knew.

The two approached her locker, shared a brief kiss and he went on to his own locker. As soon as he was out of sight, Bonnie pressed her forehead onto the locker next to her. So many emotions were flowing through her mind, but she barely had time to mull over her thoughts because Caroline and Elena soon approached her. Caroline, as bubbly as usual was glowing, most likely from her date with Matt the night before while Elena showed exemplified just how much people become like their mate by donning Stefan's brooding forehead, deep in thought.

"Oh and then he just happened to know that lilies were my favorites! Blah blah blah blah…" Caroline went on and on about her date with Matt while Elena "uh-huh'd" and "mm-hmm'd" as she typed profusely on her phone's keyboard. The three made their way to English class and braced themselves for a never ending lecture on how to develop a poetic analysis.

Bonnie spent the class period trying to avoid the constant throbbing that she felt along her ribcage and the urge to tell someone about the mess that was her love life…


As soon as the day ended Bonnie and her crew all headed straight for the locker room to get ready for cheer practice, something that Bonnie wasn't quite looking forward to because she was tired, emotionally and physically.

As the three girls all made their way to the football field, they ran into their football players, well at least Bonnie and Caroline did. Matt and Caroline continued to walk to the field talking animatedly about something while Bonnie and Tyler strayed behind.

"So are we still on for tonight?" he asked, tucking a loose curl behind her ear.

"Of course." She smiles standing on her tip toes to press her lips to his.

As always, Tyler got carried away whenever he was that close to Bonnie. He wrapped his hands around her waist and brought her closer, intensifying their kiss. The realization of where they were came to Bonnie's mind.

Breaking the kiss, "Ty, stop."

He continued to plant kisses down her neck, "Aw come on Bon, no one's around to see." He murmured into her neck.

Bonnie turned her face away from him forcing him to make eye contact with her.

"What?" he urged, taking her by the wrists and pressing her back into the wall behind her.

She flinched from the contact against her bruise that was already there before making eye contact with him, "Tyler, let me go." She panted.

He immediately dropped wrists.

"I'm sorry." He whispered, cupping her face and placing a kiss on her forehead.

With that he slowly backed away and then ran off to join his teammates on the field.

Bonnie took a moment to regain her composure, glancing at her wrist at the reddening spots that began to develop.

"Get it together Bonnie." She said to herself before she jogged from the area beneath the bleachers to join the rest of the squad on the track.


After cheer practice was over, Bonnie booked it to her car in hopes of avoiding Tyler again one, because her emotions were a haywire and she couldn't handle another one of their "confrontations" and two, she knew that he'd ask about their date tonight and she wasn't so sure that she wanted to be anywhere near him at the moment.

She needed to feel safe, to breath. She planned on going to Elena's to hang with her but if Tyler decided to go looking for her that'd be the first place to check. Caroline's place would be next. The only place that he'd never venture to would be the Salvatore place….

Bonnie pulled up to the Salvatore's garage, which was behind the house, and made her way to the backdoor. It was locked, which was unusual. She tapped her fingers against the window hoping that Stefan would be home instead of the elder Salvatore. Sure she and Damon had settled their differences over the past couple of months, but she still preferred Stefan…

To her slight dismay, Damon's bright eyes appeared to her through the window of the door, his trademark asshole smirk plastered across his face.

He opened the door slightly and poked his head out, "And to what do I owe the pleasure of this visit my little witch?"

Suddenly exhausted (Damon had that effect on her) she sighed, "Damon, just let me in."

"And if I don't?" he chided.

Bonnie did something she thought she'd never do; beg Damon Salvatore.
"Pleeeeeeease, Damon?"

The look of shock flitted across his face before pulled away from the door and Bonnie's thin form slinked through.
"Thanks," she said softly, "Stefan here?"

Damon was in his usual spot of the bourbon tray, "Nope. Most likely with your best friend."

"Stupid question. You mind if I hang here for a while?" she asked, a little uncomfortably.

"Don't you have your own house?"

Bonnie rolled her eyes, and plopped on the couch, "Damon, I just need a break…from everything. This is the last place that anyone would ever expect me to be, so it's perfect." She sighed.

"True." He replied, downing the contents of the glass.

Bonnie was lying on her back, taking note of the intricate design of the Salvatore ballroom and how elegant it was when her phone rang.

She let out a long groan and rolled on her side and then forced herself off from the couch and to the area where she dropped her bags.
It was Tyler, "Typical." She whispered, and ignored the call and standing in front of a window where sunlight pooled in.

"Trouble in paradise?" Damon asked suddenly over her shoulder.

His cool breath tickled her neck and raised goose bumps across her skin.

"I already, told you. I just need a break." She lied, ignoring his intense gaze.

Damon gave her figure a once over, almost distracted that she still had her cheer practice clothes on; a tank top and Sofee shorts minus the jacket. His eyes ventured from her legs up, stopping when he noticed the dark spot on her waist where her tank rose up a little.

"What happened there?" he asked, raising his finger at the spot.

Bonnie hastily, covered the spot up and turned on her heel back to the couch, "I fell." She muttered.

Damon eyed her suspiciously, and moved to sit by her on the couch, closer that her liking.

"You fell? You're a cheerleader, aka a master of gravity. You guys toss each other around all day and you're trying to tell me that you fell?"

Bonnie shrugged her shoulders and replied, "Accidents happen." Which was partially true. She did believe that Tyler putting his hands on her was an accident…

Bonnie had made her way over to Damon's liquor stash and eyed him, "May I?"

He stared at her, eyes wide with shock, "Since when do you drink?" he asked, appearing by her side.

"Trust me Damon, there's a lot about me that you don't know." She replied, downing the contents of her cup.

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