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One day Ireland was at her house with almost nothing going on. Then she checked the mail and received a note.

"Dear Ireland,

It's your deathair Northern Ireland, I'm sending this note to you because apparently Scott and Wales have convinced England via rock throwing, to let me spend time with you for a couple of weeks. However, we are to meet somewhere else since that was the condition. May I suggest New York City? If not we can go somewhere else.

Your deathair,

Northern Ireland "

She smiled at the letter,

"I'm going to be spending time with me bother again, oh North I've missed y' for so long."

She immediately started to pack up for her trip and when she was ready she started to leave the house. However, barking and meowing soon stopped her from going out. She turned her head to see an Irish setter and a cat with red fur that slightly resembled her owner.

"Oh, I almost forgot about Clover and Casey. I need to find someone to watch over you two. But whom can I pick? Well, certainly not those Nords especially with that white puffball monster Hanatamago, who's constantly picking fights with Clover. And never that half-baked ex pirate, his cooking would probably kill them. I guess I'll have to ask around"

She started calling everyone,

"Hello, France?"

"Bonjour Irlande, are we calling out of love my Irish flower?"

"No, I'm wondering if you can watch over me cat Clover and me dog Casey. I'm going to New York with me brother for a couple of weeks and they need someone to watch over them."

"Quoi? You want me to watch over your pets?"

"Yes, can y' do it?"

"I would like to but I don't think your dog likes me, she wrecked up some of my house the last time she was here. And your cat actually thought Pierre was food, and my hair would be a good place for napping. Do you have any idea how many times I had to wash and brush my hair to get all of the fur, feathers, and knots out?"

"I guess you're right I should have told you about how active Casey is. That and maybe if y' didn't leave the bird in sight and y' hair wasn't so thick and soft she would have left it alone."

"Well, I guess I could make an exception."

His voice started to change into a seducing tone,

"Show me directions to your bed and I'll do it."

He said kissing the phone.

"Oh that's just an immediate no, I said not until after I'm married so many times yet it seems y' don't get the message. Sorry but goodbye."

She hung up then called Russia,

"Hey Russia do y' think maybe y' can watch over me cat and dog while I'm away with North?"

" I'd like to but I have more important matter right now."

"Like what?"

Then she heard a banging and Belarus yelling to open up the door.

"Like getting away from my little sister's marriage plans."

"I see sorry Russia."

She kept on calling and she almost ran out,

"Okay, Italy can't do it because Casey eats his Pasta and Pizza, China can't do it because apparently dogs get scared when they see his kitchen, Japan can't do it since he's got Pochi and Tama to deal with, Greece can't do it since he doesn't get along with dogs too well, I've called almost everybody. I guess a walk might let me think things over, come on Casey."

So Ireland hooked up Casey to her leash and went out for a walk. While she was walking she eventually bumped into Germany who was walking Berlitz.

"Oh dia dhuit Germany, didn't know you were walking your dog too."

"Danke, ja I am it's a hobby of mine. So what are you doing with your dog out here?"

"Well, I was having a tough time finding someone to watch over Casey and Clover while I'm away with me brother in New York. I kept on calling for people to watch but it seems so far every answer has been no."

"That's a bit of a shame, I've had so much experience raising my pets. I have no idea who else would watch after my dogs and cat."

Then something hit Ireland like a ton of bricks,

"Germany, how about you watch over my pets while I'm gone?"

"What? Why me?"

"You have so much experience in pets and I know that you'll do great with Casey and Clover."

"But, I don't know if I can."

"Come on Germany I asked so many people today to take care of me pets, and I don't get to see North very often, and they hate pet Kennels. I'll give you twice the Gunnies y' normally get for taps. I'll even give you your own personal barrel."

"Alright it's a deal I'll do it."

So later on Ireland got her pets' things and dropped them off at Germany's house.

"Now Germany, remember to follow these instructions on how to take care of both of them. If they're not followed they act very crazy. Also, be aware Casey is very active. And if there are any major problems with them just call me."

"Ja, ja I'll take them in now."

"Okay, I'll get them right now."

Soon she gave Germany a green leash with her dog attached and a carrier with her cat inside.

"Goodbye girls, goodbye Germany."

So Ireland left for New York to see her brother while Germany was left with her pets.

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