Soon after that incident Germany followed Ireland's instructions on feeding and then let Casey outside to run around for a bit. However Blackie had to go outside as well. So he let him outside. Germany hoped that this would be over soon but it took over an hour before they both got back inside.

"What took you two so long? At least its time to get some sleep."

So he got ready for bed, got in his bed, and went to sleep.

Back in New York Ireland was having a great time with her brother, both of them in central park looking at the scenery that reminded them of home.

"About 90 years eh South?"

"I told ye not to call me that North, I'm a republic not the Southern part of ye."

"Come on sis, you get to call me North but I can't call ye South, baffles me. Its like how Prussia calls Germany West."

"Forgot to tell ye, I left me pets with Germany."

"Ye sure that he'll be able to handle those two? I can't forget the last time when you brought them over to visit France."

He giggled at the memory.

"Oh yeah, I remember the look on his face when Clover got in his hair. Still with him handling 3 dogs and a cat on his own how hard can taking care of two more pets be?"

The next morning Germany woke up with something fuzzy and long dangling over his face. But he got up went to the bathroom and saw a cat on his head.


Then she began to claw on his head and he began screaming but luckily Prussia came running in hearing the screams.


"No time to explain just get one of this cat's toys to get her off."

Soon Prussia was upstairs with a catnip mouse and Clover instantly got off.

"Looks, like you're feeling my pain eh West?"

"Don't talk to me."

After feeding the animals he took Casey out on her morning walk along with Aster.


Prussiacat went over to Ireline and asked,

"What's with you and sleeping on people's heads? And why did you do that to my owner and West's?"

"Excuse me for their hair being so soft then, besides ye know how I am around birds they're just too tasty."

Germouser came to both of them and said,

"That doesn't matter now let's just go meet with the others."

So they went outside and met with the other cats. However, while there Ireland spotted the nordic cats. She hissed and said,

"Oi, who the feck invited ye here?"

"We're nation cats too you know Ireline."

Said icecat.

"Oh, please I was talking about Swecat, Denmouser, and Norline. Who needs ye three?"

"I guess we're not the only cold cats around here. Except, our coldness is on the outside"

Denmouser said giggling.

"SHUT UP! Why don't ye go back with that puff ball that Swecat's owner calls a pet?"

"Leave Hanatamago out of this!"

Soon a literal catfight broke out until Germouser settled them down.

"Ireline, save the fighting for later, right now we need to discuss upon the nip shortage for South East Asian cats."


While Germany was walking the dogs eventually Casey started growling.

"Hey, what's going on settle down?"

He soon that England was walking by,

"Well, that answers my question."

Soon Casey began pulling at her leash running towards England, Germany did his best to hold her back but she eventually got the leash to slip through his hand and began to run after England who also started running as he heard her angry barking. So Germany tied up Aster's leash to a phone pole while he ran to get Casey.

"What the devil is this dog chasing me for?"

Soon Germany caught Casey's leash and saved England's skin.

"I'm sorry England, I didn't know that this dog would hate you as much as her owner."

England turned and looked at Casey for a moment and then realized,

"Hold on, you're watching over the dog of my ex adopted sister?"

"Yes, I am, after she left for America with her brother she needed somebody to watch over her pets."

"Well, good luck with watching over those two, one time I tried to feed that dog some nice beef I had and she bit me."

Casey started growling upon mentioning his cooking.

"Its best you go right now, this dog is pretty strong and I can feel her leash slipping a little."

So England ran and eventually Casey calmed down.

"Amazing, it seems this dog reflects her owner quite well."

Soon he untied Aster, they continued their walk and they went home.

Before they got home Ireline, Germouser, and Prucat walked home from the Catfrence.

"I never knew that a meeting about catnip would lead to a fight bigger than the one I started with those Nordic cats."

"Well, it's a good thing that Germouser is always there to break it up. I wonder if our owners will be giving us any wurst leftovers tonight for dinner?"

"Prucat, its best that we stick to our own food but its best to get home quickly."

"You're right Germouser, besides me owner packed some of the best cat food anybody could ask for."

So they sprinted home. When Germany got home he was worn out form what happened that morning but he knew he had to manage his time.

"Worn out eh West?"

"Ja, I just never knew that Ireland's dog was so much like her owner towards other countries. Or even more active than I expected, but Ireland trusts me with this so I have to do what I can to make sure everything goes well."

Over the next few days Germany did what he could to take care of the pets he was watching over, but was still getting worn out after every walk, or trying to prevent Clover from getting to Gilibird. Yet he noticed Casey getting less active than usual.

"Amazing, it seems that this dog is finally getting a little tired."

Over in New York Ireland got another message from Scotland this time on her phone.

"I heard from somebody that y' felt as if your time with him was going too fast, so Wales and I convinced that we laddie of a brother of ours to extend your timw with him for another month."

"Another month? That's great but I wonder who contacted him?"

She soon got her answer when she saw Northern Ireland smiling.

"North ye really?"

"Yes I did Erie, rather than being with me for only a couple of weeks. I figured that instead we should spend more time over here and maybe see other cities here while we're at it. I've got some tickets for a train to Boston, then we'll go to Chicago, Vegas, San fransico, and Los Angeles."

"This will be great North, I better call for more dog and cat food to be sent and then call Germany."

So she ordered an extra month's supply of her pet's foods to be sent to Germany's, then she called Germany."

Germany soon heard the phone ring.

"Guten Tag, who is it?"

"Dia Dhuit, Germany it's me Ireland, so how are my pets doing?"

"Oh they're doing fine."

"Well I hope ye can handle them for a bit longer Germany, because I'm actually staying over in the States for another month."

"What?" He said in shock.

"Yes, another month with my brother, and ye don't have to worry about food I called for more to be sent over. Also, I'm doubling the Guinness and Irish cream deal. So, I'm trusting ye to do this, goodbye."

When he got off the phone he thought to himself,

"The things I do for her drinks."

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