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Warning: may contain swearing, violence and disturbing scenes later on in the story.

It will be a sasunaru == boyxboy love.

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On The Edge




Kakashi is never the kind to be worried. However, when your only student fails to turn up for their tutoring, you start to feel the tingly claws tearing away at your insides, no matter how hard you try to convince yourself that everything is fine. He watched with empty eyes as the sun rose to its highest peak, casting its warm rays across the town of Okutama. Making up his mind, he walked out of the park and towards his pupil's home.

His student, Uzumaki Naruto, lost his parents just over ten years now; and no one knows exactly what happened. All they know was that Naruto, only six at the time, was found at the crime scene, covered in his parent's blood. Ever since that horrid night, Naruto became an outcast, a monster to the town. No one would take him in, no one would look at him, and everyone hated him.

Apart from Kakashi.

Being a family friend, he wanted to take in the small, unwanted blonde, wanted to give him love and become a parent to him. Unfortunately, they wouldn't allow it. Instead, they shoved him into a run-down apartment in the most neglected streets in Okutama. And he couldn't do anything about it.

Every day he visited Naruto, bringing him food and giving him the time and love that he's been forbidden from. He never left until the boy was sound asleep and the apartment was secure.

Sighing, he quickened his pace, the happy sunlight and warm breeze changing into a cloudy sky and a chilling wind. The streets turned from blooming flowers to burst bin-bags, rickety fences and ugly, graffiti-covered apartments. Climbing up rusty metal stairs to a line of flats, he turned the corner to Naruto's door, and stopped dead.

The door was crooked, hanging off a single hinge, swinging dangerously in the moaning wind. Soft, broken sobs drifted from the inside, and Kakashi felt his heart stutter before pounding harshly in his chest. He pushed through the door, worry overtaking his mind as he stared around the trashed room. Chairs snapped, blankets ripped, tables overturned and a sobbing teen against a cracked wall.

'Naruto…' he whispered brokenly, quickly running to the distressed boy. He quickly pulled the boy into his shaking arms, not failing to notice the bruises and cuts littering the slightly tanned face.

'K-Kakashi…' came the rough reply as he buried his face into the elders' chest, clutching with white, trembling fists. 'T-they…'

'Shh, Naruto, it's okay, you're okay.' Kakashi murmured gently, softly kissing locks of blonde. 'I'm taking you to my place, ok?'

His reply was a nod of the head against his shoulder and he carefully helped him to his feet. They walked out of the flat without looking back.


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