"Welcome home my loves," Jasper says, escorting his loves toward the front of his three story home. He ceremoniously picks Bella up and swings her around before walking up the steps to the front door. "I don't think I actually carried you over the threshold when we got married."

"No you didn't come to think of it," Bella answers with a quiet squeal at the suddenness of him picking her up. Emmett just chuckles at them, quietly loving the playfulness seldom seen from their male mate. He follows them up the steps and through the door. "When we marry you, Emmett, one of us will carry you too, unless you want me to do it now," Jasper teases.

"No, I'm good. I just love watching you two," Emmett smiles.

Jasper spends the next few minutes showing them the house leaving the playroom for last.

"Here is my favorite room of the house. I haven't actually used it yet because I was saving it for when I could bring Bella, but now that we're here, I plan on us using it often," he winks at them right before his face changes ever so slightly. Bella and Emmett realize quickly that the Major is here.

"I have many rules for you while in this room and I will go over them with you in time. The one rule you need to know right now is this room is MINE. You are not to come in here without my prior permission. For any reason. Also, don't even ask to use it without me. It will not happen. Is that understood?" The Major looks at them intensely.

"Yes Major," they both answer.

"Good, now, I have already made some calls and they will be prepared for us to visit Fetish in a few hours. Although I am not planning for us to play there tonight, you never know what may happen so be prepared. Remember that like in this room, whenever we are at Fetish, I am Master and you both are act accordingly," he continues to look at them to make sure they are getting what he is saying, "I know we haven't gone into full Master/Sub roles yet, but its time to start exploring that side of our relationship now that Bella can handle being with me full on.

"First, when we go to the club, you are both to walk behind me, but close enough for me to reach you if need be. Second, you are to speak to no one unless I give you permission to. There are unscrupulous individuals that frequent Fetish and think nothing of testing the limits of another Dom's pets just to see how far they can get. Do not get sucked in or you will be punished. And third, you are to do as you are told without question. Is this all understood?"

"Yes Major."

"Excellent, now," he walks over to Bella and raises her chin up so that she is looking into his eyes, "my darling wife, I want you to go take one of those long bubble baths you enjoy so much. I have some business to take care of with our Grizzly here," the Major leans his head toward Emmett slightly.

"Yes Major," she says.

"Good girl," he leans in and nips her neck before turning her toward the door and smacking her on the ass, giving her her leave. He then turns to Emmett who is standing there with his head bowed, awaiting his instructions.

"So, my big bear of a Vampire, there is something unfinished between us and we need to rectify that before I can take you among the more aggressive people of Fetish. If you go now, there is nothing that lets them know that you belong to me and I plan to rectify that now. Look at me, Emmett."

Emmett lifts his head to look at the Major. "Now Emmett, I know that I have marked you already, but it is time for Jasper to give you your mating mark," the Major swipes his finger along Emmett's neckline. "Your mating mark will be visible for anyone to see. It will serve both the purpose of bonding you to me and him, but also to tell anyone who thinks they will put their hands on you that you belong to us. Do you understand and agree? Answer freely."

"I proudly wear one mark from you and one from our Bella, I cannot wait for the mark that binds me to Jasper as well," Emmett answers.

"Good, good. Now, just go on up to our bedroom and he'll be there in a minute or two."

"Yes Major," Emmett says as he turns to leave. Just as he did with Bella, the Major smacks Emmett's ass as he heads toward the door to leave.

The Major takes a few deep breaths and lets Jasper come back out. Jasper runs up to the upstairs bathroom that he had fitted with a huge tub so that the three of them could all fit in with room to move. He finds Bella lying back against the side of the tub, water and bubbles barely covering her luscious breasts, her hair piled on top of her head and her eyes closed. He stands at the door just taking in her beauty as a smile slowly graces her face.

"I'd ask you to join me husband, but I know you are already on another mission," Bella says seductively.

"How did you know it was me and not the Major?"

"I can't really explain it. It's just a different charge in the air when it's the Major."

"Ah I see," Jasper says as he walks toward the tub. "And yes, I do have 'another mission'. I just wanted to come and get a kiss from you. Emmett is waiting for me."

"I know, and I am so happy you are finally going to mark him. Now there can be no doubt in his mind how you feel about him."

"He should never doubt that," Jasper says worried. "Haven't I shown him my love for him? What have I don't wrong?"

Bella reaches up and caresses her husband's cheek. "You've done everything to show him and he knows how you feel, but having the mating mark seals the deal you know. Remember how you felt after I was turned and we could finally mark each other?"

"Yes my dearest, it was the most amazing thing in the world. Especially after waiting for so long. I don't think I could tell you how many times I had to stop myself from latching onto you and making you fully mine."

"I was always fully yours, Cowboy, even before I even knew it," Bella leans forward and kisses her husband, "but we both belong to another as well, and he belongs to us. All that's missing is your loving mark on him and that feeling of completeness that comes with it."

"Of course you're right my love. You enjoy your bath and join us when you're ready," he says kissing her temple before turning toward the door, "I'm off to make love to our husband."

Bella chuckles quietly, "Such a tough job I know."

"But someone has to do it," he says laughing. He flashes to their bedroom door, opens it and sees a very heavenly, yet very masculine sight. He pauses for a moment taking in the vision of Emmett sprawled out on the bed, the sheet snaked up between his legs barely covering up beautiful cock, the head barely peeking out teasing Jasper. Emmett turns his head to look at the vision standing at the door.

"I want you Jasper, I want you now..." Emmett whispers sweetly, yet impatiently.

"Patience my lover, patience," Jasper says passionately, walking slowly toward the bed, his eyes never leaving Emmett's massive body, "Don't you worry, we'll both be getting what we want soon enough." Once he reaches the bed, Jasper reaches out and pulls the sheet away from the promise land slowly, painfully slowly causing Emmett to shiver in anticipation.

"My God Emmett, the sight of your naked body always takes my breath away. How lucky am I that you are mine? Let me show you how lucky you make me feel."

"Jasper, please, make me yours," the voice is sweet yet deep. Soft yet manly. The emotions coming from Emmett was enough to make Jasper wish he were human, just in this instance so he could release the depth of joy, desire and love he's feeling with tears.

"You're already mine, Emmett, but now I will give you what you need. When I'm finished, you can show the world..." Jasper bends and possessively kisses his man causing them both to involuntarily breathe in deeply. He trails his hand down Emmett's muscular chest and abdomen until he reaches his intended target. He starts stroking the engorged cock with a slow, seductive rhythm, earning a moan from Emmett's otherwise engaged mouth. Love and desire pour from both of them.

Faster than Emmett can register the movement, Jasper climbs on the bed and straddles his waist. His cock buried deep into Jasper's depths, wrapped in the warmth that only another Vampire could give him. Actually only his Jasper and Bella. Emmett cries out in surprise and pleasure. His hands immediately grab Jasper's hips and pull him harder against him trying to get even deeper into his lover.

"Damn it Jasper," Emmett growls from beneath him, "you feel so fucking good..." he starts pushing and pulling in and out of the tight ass. Jasper meets him stroke for stroke building the fire between them.

"Full...I love you filling me...only you, Emmett, only you," Jasper throws his head back while thrusting his hips forward.

Emmett wraps his hand around his lovers raging erection and matches the stroking that his own dick is receiving. "Only me what Jasper, tell me..." he reaches up with his free hand snakes it up to Jasper's neck and pulls him to look into his eyes. "What is it that only I can do to you Jazz?"

Jasper stares at Emmett, neither of them missing a stroke. "Only you, you're the only man who I want to touch me...ever. You're the only one who can fill me so..." Jasper lets out a feral growl as Emmett picks up the pace.

"You were saying, lover?"

"You're the only man I will ever let fuck me. FUCK Emmett...FUCK ME!"

Emmett immediately flips them over and throws Jasper's legs over his shoulders all without missing a beat. He pounds into the ass being offered to him with such abandon that he can't help growling so loud the windows shake. "And you my Cowboy, are the only man I will ever want to fuck, and fuck you I will." He continues his assault until Jasper projects his need to release and flips them over so Jasper was riding him again. Jasper's hips roll in all directions, continuously changing the sensation on Emmett's cock. Emmett moans out, increasing the speed of his hand stroking Jasper. "I know you want to...I know you need to cum. Cum for me baby...cum on me."

"YESSSSSSSS..." Jasper hisses as his seed flies onto Emmett's chest. Before the last drop falls, he leans in and sinks his teeth into Emmett's neck, high enough that no collar could hide it. His mouth grabs a hold and doesn't release as Emmett starts bucking uncontrollably in and out of his tight ass, his own orgasm bursting out of him. He cries out from the sheer intensity of the mating bite combined with his climax. What in reality lasts a matter of seconds, seems to last forever before they both float back to Earth holding on to each other, Jasper's teeth still embedded in Emmett's neck.

Emmett threads his fingers in Jasper's hair, "I love you Jasper. That was amazing." Jasper just barely nods his head, humming his agreement. The sensation of the humming moves through his teeth into Emmett's body creating a rippling effect all the way down to where they are still connected. Emmett's cock starts to react by hardening inside Jasper's ass. Feeling the reaction, Jasper slowly starts to pull back from his neck and sit up again. Emmett starts moving in and out again, but Jasper stops him. Before Emmett can show his disappointment, Jasper rises up and flips Emmett onto his side facing the door. He then lays down behind the bear and lifts Emmett's top leg sliding himself into his beautiful hole. They both sigh from the completion.

Jasper starts kissing and licking the sensitive new mark on Emmett's neck causing Emmett to moan out. Between kisses, Jasper whispers, "Watch the door love." He starts moving inside his mate slowly, almost torturing him with the pleasure. Within seconds, a beautiful feminine body was in the doorway, wrapped in a towel.

Bella takes in the sight and sighs, "You two are so fucking beautiful together. I love watching you guys together. Sometimes making love, sometimes pure fucking. No matter how you go at it, it's absolutely amazing to watch."

Emmett reaches a hand out to her, "Come here babe." Bella shakes her head, "No, I just want to watch for a little while," she says leaning against the door.

"Well at least let me see you, drop the towel."

"Yes, sir," she giggles as the towel hits the floor. She continues to watch her mates make love and feels herself getting wetter. As much as she wants to join them, she wants to keep watching them so she stays in her place. Knowing how turned on she's getting, Jasper says, "Touch yourself Bella, feel how you react to us."

She reaches down and realizes she's actually dripping her pleasure down her legs. She starts rubbing her fingers against her swollen clit, the instant charge causing her to suck in air. Her movements quickly match the ones she's watching on the bed. Her eyes locked on her men, she hears a voice tell her, "Stick them in Bells, fuck yourself for us," and she instantly obeys. She has two fingers stroking in and out of her overflowing hole just as Jasper is fucking Emmett. The trio are making all the sounds lovers do in the throes of passion and before too long they are all screaming out in their mutual climaxes. Bella can feel herself sinking to the floor, but before she actually hits it, she is pushed up against the doorjamb, her legs resting on something and a new, wet sensation in her center. She looks down and sees a mop of curly black hair between her legs which are resting on the shoulders belonging with said hair.

Her hands desperately search for something to hold onto and find purchase in the wood behind her head. Emmett's mouth is alternating between sucking her sensitive clit into his mouth, nibbling on it and sticking his talented tongue into her as far as it can go and swirling it around to lick her insides. "Oh Emmett...soooo good...soooofuckinggood..." she mumbles. One hand reaches down and grabs a handful of curls and pushes harder against herself. "I'm...gonna... OH MY FUCKING GOD EMMETT!" she sprays liquid all over Emmett's face and he happily licks faster trying to keep up. Before she can come down from her high, he runs her to the bed and lays her down so Jasper can pay some attention to her too. He spreads her legs and licks the insides of her thighs where her juices had dripped. He licks all the way to her awaiting mouth and enters her flaming pussy and starts pounding. "Kiss me Emmett," he begs. As Emmett leans in to kiss him, Jasper starts licking the remnants of Bella off Emmett's face, moaning from the taste.

Bella reaches out and grabs Emmett's rock hard cock and pulls it toward her mouth. He grabs a handful of her hair and holds her head still so he can set the tempo. He can't help himself and begins fucking her mouth with the same abandon that their mate is fucking her with. She tries to cry out in pleasure, but his huge dick is taking up all the extra space needed to make any sound. "That's it baby...suck me hard." She does as she's told and sucks on him so hard he hisses.

All three can feel it again...the mutual feeling they seem to always have right before jumping off the edge together. They all cry out and jump...

Sometime later, after the post-sex stroking, kissing and loving, Emmett looks at her and smirks. "I don't think I've ever seen you cum so hard. I mean you soaked my face."

"I think I had some help..." she turns to look at Jasper who was just looking at the ceiling, a crooked grin on his face. They all bust out laughing.


"Are you ready to go my pets?" the Major asks his two mates. They are standing in the foyer dressed as the Major instructed. Bella is in dress with a black and red lace bustier and a skirt of the sheerest red lace. Through the lace you can see the outline of her black thong. She is also wearing a short black bolero jacket. To finish the outfit she's in black, high heeled boots that come up just past her knees. Her hair is pulled up to show off her neck and shoulders. Emmett is wearing a loose white button down shirt with the sleeves rolled to the middle of his forearms. His black leather pants are hugging him in all the right places. His black biker boots are the final touch.

They both keep their eyes down as the Major circles around them making a final inspection before leaving for their introduction to Fetish. "You are both perfection. Now remember everything I have told you. I know that you will make me proud. I just hope you both take pride in what I have built for us. Remember that this club isn't just mine. It is yours as well and your actions will reflect on both me and the club," he notices them tense a little. He stops in front of them and lifts both their chins to look at him, "I'm not worried. I know you will both be perfect," he reassures them. "Now, like I said before, I don't plan on playing tonight, but be ready for anything. You never know what may happen in a room full of sex craved Vampires," his evil chuckle is barely noticeable.

Half an hour later they are standing at the hidden door of Fetish. There is no signage out front. No way of knowing what is behind the door. The only way to get in is by exclusive membership, being the guest of a member or in the case of the owners, a series of keys that unlock hidden locks that most humans have no way of seeing. Before unlocking the door, the Major turns to his mates.

"Remember, stand behind me on either side, close enough for me to touch you. Say nothing unless I speak to you first. If you need to say or ask something, then touch my hand. When we get in there, the first place we will go is my office. When we get there, Emmett, I want you to remove your shirt and boots. You will wear nothing but your pants. Isabella, you will remove your jacket but leave on those sexy ass boots. They accentuate your pretty ass nicely. Make no mistake, not only am I showing off the club to you two, but I am showing off my incredible good fortune of having the two sexiest mates on the planet. I will be possessive, I may even be a bit territorial, but remember how I feel about you. Now, let's go in." He pulls out his keys and with Vampire speed and precision, unlocks the locks in the correct order.

Once the door is open, Jasper walks through it and greets the doorman. "Hello Felix."

"Hello, Major. Long time no see."

"Yes, I know. It's been a while, but I plan on sticking around for a while this time. How have things been around here?"

"Actually pretty busy. Seems like more and more Vamps are interested in the dark side. I see you have brought some playthings," Felix pauses when he hears the Major growl.

"These are my mates, not my playthings, Felix. They are now co-owners in this place. Please do not make that mistake again."

Felix looks down submissively, "Yes Major."

"This is Isabella and Emmett. There should never be a reason for them to be here without me, but if ever you do see them, treat them with the same respect that you treat me. Is that understood?"

"Yes Major."

"Good. Now have a good evening." Jasper leads his mates into the club. They walk down a short hallway into Jasper's office. There is a large desk to the right and a huge sectional sofa to the left. He turns around and closes the door behind them. He takes a moment to look at his mates. Noticing a confused look on Isabella's face he says, "You look concerned my sweet. Please speak freely and tell me what is on your mind."

"Well, I was more curious than anything. When have you done all this? We've been together for a few years now and you were never gone long enough to run a business." Jasper can feel the worry coming from her. He reaches out to stroke her cheek.

"Oh sweetheart. I know it must be confusing. I've had the actual club for over 50 years. It wasn't until I started dabbling in my 'darker' side that it turned into what it is today. It's a joint venture with the other Vamps from the BDSM group. They do most of the day to day work. I have checked in a few times when I have been in the area for different reasons. The last time was two years ago. Remember when I had to come to Europe with Carlisle?" Bella nods. "I actually got to try out some of the up and coming toys on that trip."

Worry once again spread across Isabella's beautiful face causing the Major some concern until he realizes what he just said. "Oh no my Isabella, I didn't try them out on anyone. I just had myself chained up with the new chains Demetri had developed and he did hit me with a few of the crops so I could see what they felt like. Nothing sexual happened I promise. I just needed to know what it felt like so I could better know how to use them." He reaches over and lovingly holds her hand trying to reassure her that he had not cheated on her. "Please believe me, no one has ever turned me away from you. I promise I never strayed. I never cheated. You and Emmett are they only creatures I will ever love and definitely you two are the only ones I will ever touch in such a manner," he smiles as he pulls her in placing his forehead on hers. "Tell me you believe me my beautiful Isabella."

"I believe you, Major. I'm sorry I doubted you," she says shyly.

"Good. You must never doubt me. Ever. Are you ready to go and see the other side?" Both of his pets nod in the affirmative. Isabella quickly removes her jacket and lays it on the couch as Emmett does the same with his shirt and boots. "Damn, you two are almost too gorgeous to chance taking around the others, but I am so proud to call you mine I need to show you off. Come, let's go." He walks to the door and glances back just enough to make sure they are standing where they should.

The trio move out to the main room as a unit and immediately Vampires flock to them, mostly to say hello to the elusive Major. Several voice their shock, not only that he is there, but also that for the first time, he has brought pets with him.

"Well, well, well, if it isn't the Major himself. Finally decided to grace us with your presence your highness?" A tall, voluptuous, leggy blonde Vamp says as she strolls up to them. An equally tall brunette male Vamp is following close behind her. She is holding the handle end of a chain leash that is connected at the other end to the collar adorning her pet's neck. Her pet's eyes never leave the floor.

"Hello Miranda. It's good to see you again," the Major responds, his demeanor is on edge.

Miranda reaches over and runs her finger down the Major's chest, "I hope this is the first of many surprises, like perhaps I can finally get some time alone with you." This statement earns some growls in return, but not from the Major. He puts his hands up to silence his pets.

"Miranda, may I introduce you to Isabella and Emmett," he offers, "they are the only ones I spend my alone time with."

"Are you sure? If I can't have you, I would love to give this big, beautiful boy a go," she throws an admiring glance at Emmett, her lust for him building by the second. "Besides, I don't see collars on them. They can't possibly be that important to you."

With that, the Major growls loud enough to catch the attention of the entire room. He reaches back and grabs the hands of his mates and pulls them forward enough to be in front of him. "KNEEL," he says through gritted teeth and Isabella and Emmett kneel on the ground, their heads bowed. The Major pushes their heads to the side showing exposing their necks to him.

"Do you see these, Miranda?" he asks, pointing to the marks on their necks. Miranda only nods. "Good. Those are the only thing I need to claim them as mine. I don't need to completely humiliate them with animal collars to show the world who they belong to. They are not only my pets, but also my mates," Miranda starts to argue but the Major just holds up his hand to stop her from speaking.

"Yes, they are BOTH my mates and each other's as well. The three of us are together and will only ever play together. Stand my pets." Emmett and Isabella both stand and take their places behind the Major. "Everyone in this room listen to me and listen good. I will never be with anyone but my Isabella and my Emmett and they will only be with me. No one should ever ask me to share or play without them because it will not happen! Is that understood?"

As the Major and his pets walk over to his reserved table, all the Dominant Vampires in the room say, "Yes Major," simultaneously. All but Miranda.

That's what he thinks. Like I said, if I can't have the Major, then that specimen of male perfection beside him will be mine. And soon.