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Neither Bella nor Emmett can stand to be away from Jasper for too long. They find that when they are both on the bed with him, he seems to respond to them. They are sure he does. Nothing big, just little, subtle movements of his hands or twitches of his face. They continue to to speak words of love and devotions directly to him while touching him in intimate ways that only lovers can feel.

Chelsea watches them care for their love for two days non-stop. "Bella, Emmett, you really should go hunt. You're not doing yourselves or Jasper any good by denying yourselves what you need. How will you help him if you're starved?"

"He'll wake up soon. We'll all go hunting together. Soon enough..." Bella says without taking her eyes off of Jasper's emotionless face. Emmett reaches across Jasper's body and takes Bella's hand in his left hand while holding Jasper's hand as well in his right. A small current seems to run through them. Bella and Emmett look at each other to confirm that they both felt something. Looking back at Jasper's face, they see his mouth twitch.

Bella takes her free hand and grasps Jasper's effectively completing the circuit causing a stronger sensation to fill the three lovers. A sense of anticipation fills the room and within a few short moments, Jasper's eyes fly open searching the room. His gaze lands on Emmett then on Bella then they close again.



"Are you..."

"Awake? Yes. Okay? Not sure yet..."

"Will you look at us please?"

"I can't."

"Why not?"


"Of what babe?"

"Please, just leave me."

"Why would we do that?"

"Why would you stay? I was a monster. I denied you both. I claimed to love Maria. You have to know before you go though, I never loved her. I couldn't love her. Only you two."

"We know that, Jasper. We never doubted it for a moment. Please just open your eyes," Bella cries.

"I can't believe I..."

Emmett interrupts him, "Can't believe you what? You did nothing that wasn't forced upon you. That bitch turned you into something that you would never be on your own. We don't hold you responsible. We love you. Please babe...look at us."

Jasper opens his eyes again and looks at the two most precious creatures he's ever known. He instantly sits up and throws his arms around them both. The emotions coming off of him are almost crippling. Guilt, sadness, fear, anxiety...every negative emotion...

"Please Jasper, don't feel like this. It's over now. You're back with the ones who love you and you are free again. Maria will never be a threat to you, to us again," Bella says, taking Jasper's face between her hands and leaning in to kiss him gently on the lips. "We love you. We always have and always will." The mood Jasper is projecting lightens quite a bit.

Emmett runs his hand through Jasper's hair. "Nothing will ever be able to come between us. Our bond is strong and it's forever. Now, I'm sure you need to hunt and I don't know about our Bella, but I much prefer your eyes to be gold, so how about we get you started back on your diet?"

Bella smacks Emmett on the shoulder. "Only you would think about food at a time like this."

They all laugh. "Actually Angel, he's right. I could go for a hunt. It's been such a long time. I was forced to drink human blood and my heart just wasn't in it. I avoided meal times as often as I could. Even though Maria tied me to her and I was a royal jackass, I knew deep down that I shouldn't be taking from humans. It's just not in me to do that anymore."

Bella and Emmett stand up and pull him with them. "Chelsea, we're going to go for a hunt. We'll be back..."

"Don't worry. Take your time. He's completely back. Your bond is solidified again. There should be no signs of separation anymore," Chelsea announces.

Before anything else is said, the trio runs out the door and deep into the woods holding hands. They are instantly drawn to a large group of deer moving toward a large creek. Jasper breaks away and grabs the largest buck, breaking its neck and drinking from it greedily. Emmett wraps his arms around Bella, pulling her back into his chest and they stand watching their beloved get his fill. After his fourth deer, he looks back at them.
"Aren't you going to join me?"

"Go ahead. You need it more than we do. Get yours then we'll get ours," Emmett says.

In an flash, Jasper is standing in front of them, his hand reaching out to wrap around Emmett's neck. He pull Emmett's head down to touch his own. "I say we all get ours now. I need you...both."

The kiss between the two men sparks a flood of lust that overtakes all three of them and they start ripping away at every bit of cloth covering their collective bodies. They can't seem to kiss enough. They can't seem to touch enough.

"God I need to feel you both...together..." Jasper cries.

"Let us take care of you," Bella says, laying back on the forest floor, pulling him down on top of her. She wraps her legs around him and his cock immediately finds its familiar home inside her. She pulls him down into a searing kiss while he slowly fills her. Their kiss builds as he starts moving in and out of her, making love to her for the first time in what seems like an eternity.

Emmett watches his loves reconnect for a few moments, stroking himself getting ready to join them. He listens to the wetness of their connection, to the soft moans, to the slight smacking of their skin. He strokes faster and harder and is so close when he sees Jasper look back at him over his shoulder with a slight nod and a knowing smile. Emmett immediately hits his knees inches behind Jasper. He reaches his hands out and grabs Jasper's ass cheeks and pulls them apart as Jasper continues to pump into their Bella. He presses his thumb against Jasper's hole until it slips in causing a pleasurable hiss to escape from him.

"Do you want me Jasper?" Emmett asks playfully.

"Yes Emmett," comes the breathless answer.

"Tell me Jasper, tell me what you want."

"I want you, I want your cock inside of me."

Emmett pushes his thumb in further. "Now? While you're fucking our beautiful Bella?"

Jasper throws his head back. "Oh God YESSSS..."

"Bella? Should I fuck Jasper now? Should I fill him up like he's filling you up?"

"Emmy...please fuck him...hard. I want to feel you through him..." Bella cries out. "Jassspppeerrrr..." she screams his name through her first orgasm.

Without any more words, Emmett pulls his thumb out and quickly replaces it with his rock hard dick. In one move he is all the way in and pressing Jasper into Bella. They all hiss from the sensation of being joined together, staying still for a moment revelling in the feeling.

Emmett moves first, pulling back slowly loving being inside his man again. Jasper moves back as well and within a few strokes they find a pleasurable rhythm, they start out slowly with loving touches and kisses. Little by little their passion builds and when they can't contain it any longer, they each take their pleasure, crying out into the forest.

Several hours and fallen trees later, they lay in each other's arms, silently reconnecting. They all hear someone speeding up to them and assume their defensive positions.

Within seconds, Demetri and Chelsea come to a stop in front of them and the immediately relax.

"We just got word. The Kings have put out the word to find us and bring us back to Volterra. They never intended to let us go, especially Jasper," Demetri says.

"There is no way I'm going back there. I'll never be anyone's prisoner again. No one will ever be able to hold me against my will again," Jasper growls.

"Do not worry. We have a long list of places we can go to keep ahead of them. That is if you want to stick together."

"Of course, there's power in numbers. Collectively, we're better."

Chelsea steps forward, "Well, we need to make a plan. But first, you three need to get dressed. Let's head back to the cabin and go from there."

The newly formed coven run back to start their new life of dodging those who would seek to capture them.