The sun beats down on my face, I take short-shallow breaths as I run as fast I can with my hands still bound behind my back. I can still hear the villagers behind me, yelling and shouting piercingly. I can smell people ahead of me, I can only pray that they are peaceful and will help me. As I approach these people I see a fellow demon, I run up to him.

"Help…" I gasp out as I fall at his feet. He looks down at me with confused golden eyes; his companions look on bewildered as well. I look up at him, pleading; my words coming out broken and soft. His ears twitch as he begins to hear the villagers in the distance.

A girl in strange clothing, which I've never seen before, kneels in front of me, "what's wrong?" she asks while looking me over.

"She must have escaped from the villagers, they are coming closer." The white-haired demon says. The five people step in front of me, and I am hidden by a twin-tailed cat demon as the villagers finally reach my destination.

"Have you seen a fox wench pass by?" One of the men asks while carrying a pitch-axe over his shoulder, his eyes drilling into the people protecting me.

"We haven't, but can we ask what she's done… just so we travelers can be safe?" The other man with black hair smiles quizzically.

"She's killed thousands!" I hear a woman shout from the back.

"Woman and children," another chimes in.

"She's been in-prisoned in a cave for over a hundred years for her crime, I don't know how she escaped, but we must find her." The leader of the mob comes to the front. "If you see her, be careful she may seem innocent, but don't let the wench fool you. She's killed before, and she'll kill again… That's how filthy demons live, anyway." He eyes the half-dog demon that I had fallen before. I hear a low growl escape him.

"If we see her, we'll let you know." A woman, with long black hair and a boomerang strapped to her back, nods.

The villagers scoffed and turned and walked off. I look up at the backs of the people who saved me while chewing my lips. These people saved my life without a second thought, they didn't have to, but they did. They all turn and look at me, I avoid their eyes. I feel ashamed; my clothes are tattered, bloody, and dirty. My bright red hair is a mess and has random debris in it. I feel the restraints binding my arms being tugged at.

"I've never seen rope that wouldn't cut…" The monk said, his hand cupping his chin while he looks at the ropes that are tied around my wrists.

"B-Because there's a seal on it…" I mutter. "I've tried to break free a thousand times, not even fire would burn it." I continue looking at the ground. The grass is so green, it has been so long since I've seen and felt it.

I hear them whispering to each other, and feel the quick glances. "It's worth a try." The girl adorned in weird clothes smiles while slamming her fist in her palm.

The monk gets behind me and holds my arms up, pushing me forwards since my arms were bound behind me. "T-This is rather… uncomfortable." A slight blush creeps to my face while thinking about the position I found myself in.

"I can only imagine, just bear with it for a few seconds." The monk smiles down at me. Something speeds over my head and between my wrists. For the first time in years, my hands fall by my side. I gasp in shock as I hold my hands out in front of my face.

"T-Thank you so much…" I look up at the girl with the bow in her hands. She smiles and walks over to me, her friends close behind her, I can tell that they are cautious of me because of what the villagers had said.

"It's no problem; my name is Kagome, what's yours?" She holds her hand out for me. I reach up and grab her hand gently and pull myself up.

"M-My name," I question as I blink. I haven't heard my name in such a long time, I had almost forgotten it. "It's Miu." I smile at her. She is slightly pushed out of the way as a monk takes my hand into his.

"What a lovely name for a beautiful woman. I can tell that you have had many hardships in your life, would you like to bear my child?" He grins at me while caressing my hand. My eyes widen and a blush covers my whole face. He is quickly knocked down by the other woman who also has a blush upon her cheeks.

"Lecherous monk," She yells while glaring at him, his face buried in the ground. I scratch the back of my head and laugh nervously. She turned her gaze to me, and straightened out her dress as she half smiles at me, eyeing me vigilantly, "I am Sango, and this is Kirara." She motioned towards the twin-tailed cat which had shrunk in size.

I feel a small tug on the bottom of my kimono, I look down and see a small fox demon and smile softly down at him as I kneel down to him. "My name is Shippō!"

"Hey Shippō-chan," I giggle as I hug my knees and smile at him. I then look up to the only one who hadn't introduced himself. Our eyes meet and I stand up, "uhm…"

"What do you want?" He spat as he crossed his arms over his chest as his brows furrowed and he glares at me. I was taken aback, I pin my fluffy reddish-brown fox ears back. I tremble a bit while thinking to myself. I have already angered one of the members of this troupe.

"InuYasha," The girl, who had introduced herself as Kagome, roared. The dog-demon responded by snapping his head in her direction, looking at her, he shrugged his shoulders and turned away and walked off towards the creek that we were by. "Don't mind him, he's always grumpy." I nod my head slowly.

"Miu, is it?" The monk had regained his composure, and now had a serious expression on his face. He was approaching me as was Sango, the woman who had hit him. By the serious expressions on their faces, I could tell I had questions coming my way.