"She's freezing," Kagome looked up at Miroku with worry on her face.

"Yet she is still sweating," Miroku cupped his chin after taking his hand from Miu's forehead. Miu's chest rose and fell, wheezing noises sounding from deep within her chest. It had been a few days since InuYasha had rescued Miu.

Sango turned Miu on her stomach and started to change her bandages. By now she should have stopped bleeding. It seemed as though the wound was getting bigger. "I think we should take her to Lady Kaeda…" Sango sighed, not knowing what to do.

InuYasha was pacing around impatiently. "If we are going let's go," he spat. He picked Miu up gently, her head close to his chest.

Miu groaned then wrapped her nimble finger into the fabric of InuYasha's clothing. InuYasha grinded his teeth together, he hated seeing her like this. She should be fine; she should be walking around and picking at him or playing with Shippō.

Miu should be mindlessly digging her claws into a tree or gazing up at the clouds with her big green eyes. Her hands folded in her lap.

InuYasha has always been watching her. He would sit up at night and even watch her sleep. He would never admit to it He loved the way she would curl up, her fluffy tail tightly grasped and nibbling slightly on the tip of her own tail.

Every now and then, Miu would even let his name slip. He often wandered what it was that she was dreaming about. Probably something violent, like slamming him into the ground, or maybe something silly. He could never be sure with Miu.

That's why he loved her. Yes, InuYasha realized as he was carrying her through the trees. He loved this quirky strange demon. Her crazy red hair and her golden green eyes, she could even handle herself in battle.

He doesn't know when and he doesn't know how but Miu just stole his heart.

He saw Kaeda's hut and rushed inside, "Where are ya, ya old hag?"

"It's nice to see ye are well, child." Kaeda hobbled over to him, her old bones cracking with each step.

"Something's wrong with Miu," InuYasha looked down at the old miko.

"Set her down," Kaeda motioned to a cot that was on a floor. InuYasha reluctantly laid Miu down, and untangled her fingers from his shirt. Miu's eyes fluttered open for just a second.

"Miu, Miu," InuYasha looked down at her, hoping for a response. But none came. She was back to shivering and groaning every now and then.

Kaeda lightly pushed InuYasha out of the way, "get out."

"Be careful, you hag…" Kaeda smiled up at him, she understood how worried he was. InuYasha paced back and forth in front of the hut.

"What's going on?" Shippō asked as they finally caught up with InuYasha.

"The old wench is checking Miu out." InuYasha grumbled.

It felt as though hours were passing. The sun had disappeared behind the trees and the stars began to twinkle in the dark sky.

Kaeda finally exited the hut, her eyes down cast, "Miu is not well. She is losing energy instead of keeping it."

"What does that mean, Lady Kaeda?" Sango furrowed her eyebrows as everyone had their focus on the old one.

"I don't know what has happened to the child, but it seems as though her energy medium is missing." Everyone looked at each other confused. "We all have something that keeps our energy in check. It may be something physical or something in our body."

"Is there anything we can do?" Kouga had his arms folded.

"InuYasha," Kaeda eyed the demon who was nervously tapping his foot on the ground.

"What," He spat angrily out of habit.

"As her mate-"Kaeda began slowly.

"M-Mate," InuYasha's eyes widened and his face turned beet red in embarrassment. "W-We aren't mates!"

"That would explain a lot," Miroku and Kagome whispered to each other.

"They are really close,"

"And InuYasha is very protective over her," Sango put in.

"Poor Miu mating with a mutt like him," Kouga rolled his eyes.

"W-We aren't… we haven't mated!" InuYasha sputtered, his embarrassment meter skyrocketing. Everyone just gave him a look that basically said we already know about the feelings you two share.

"As I was saying, she's going to need your energy to help her. There's something I need thought. I need the leaves of the rankotshi bush."

"Rankotshi," Everyone looked confused. They've never heard of such a bush before in their whole life!

"Yes, ye will find it high in the mountains guarded by a powerful demon. It had fruit on it like a strawberry. It's called the henazori fruit. It contains an enormous amount of energy, but…" Kaeda trailed off, a serious look upon her old wrinkled face.

"What, spit it out you old bitch," InuYasha growled, getting irritated by the second. Miu needs whatever the hell that fruit was called.

"It has to be fed to her after her mate has [i]pleased[/i] her." Kaeda didn't take her eyes off of InuYasha. Everyone in the group blushed violently.

"You mean…" Miroku did some gestures with his hips, which earned him a hit to the back of the head by Sango.

"Perverted freak," Sango shouted.

"Not quiet…" Kaeda shook her head. "You will undress her, then take her to the springs, clean her thoroughly. What the fruit will do is clean out the negative energy and it will replenish her."

"I… Oh ok…" InuYasha scratched the back of his head.

"The fruit will rot within twenty-four hours." Kaeda turned around, heading back in the hut. "So make haste."

InuYasha didn't wait, he was off within seconds. He ran through the forest. He had to do this fast. The others were ordered not to come. He reached the base of the mountain and looked up.

It was steep and it was rocky.

He started to climb, the higher he got, the harder it got to breathe. The cold air was cutting against his skin.

He reached the top and was surprised. The bush was in the middle of the mountain top. He walked to it and reached for a fruit. It was a light pink colour. He was sent flying to the ground, a spear dangerously close to his head.

"Who the hell are you?" InuYasha shot up at the demon.

"Why did you come here," She growled, her ears pinned back and her teeth grinding together.

"I need one of those damn fruits to safe my ma-… my friend!" InuYasha pushed the demon off of him. She was tall with dark black hair and eyes to match.

"Over my dead body," She circled him, holding her spear ready to attack again.

He ran forward, taking out his sword and swinging it at her. She blocked easily. "I don't have time for this shit," InuYasha brought his sword down, summoning wind scar. She dodged then attacked from behind, catching his shirt and ripping it.

She jabbed her spear forward, trying to stab InuYasha in the back. He whips around and grabs the tip and pulls her forward, punching her in the face and knocking her back.

She glared up at him as she rubbed her face. No one has ever struck her before. She got up and spun her spear around, the air around InuYasha felt like needles. He gasped for air as he fell to the ground. He grabbed his sword and swung it around himself.

It disrupted her field that she had and he was able to get up. He ran quickly and was behind her. He took the hilt of his sword and hit the back of her head. She fell forward, and landed on the cold hard ground. "Damn bitch," he groaned as he limped forward and picked a fruit from the bush.

He made his way down the steep mountain. He was trying to hurry. Miu needed him. He rushed into the hut. Lady Kaeda was changing wet rags that were placed on a sleeping Miu's forehead. "I got it," he was rasping for breath. He held up the fruit.

"Good, now take her down to the spring and wash her with this." She handed him some soap that smelled of cherry blossoms. He leaned toward Miu and picked her up.

The springs were a way off… He was dreading this. Should he be touching her in this sort of manner? What if she started to hate him after this? He removed the light robe she was wearing and blushed as his eyes wandered over her body. He sat her down and removed his own clothes.

This isn't right… he thought to himself. He took Miu in his arms and walked into the springs. He sat on a rock, with her in his lap. He shifted around uncomfortably. Her hair floated in the water and he looked down at her.

He took the soap and ran it over her shoulders first. He noticed that she started to breathe differently and that her skin seemed to glow. He took the soap and lightly ran it over her breasts, a blush creeping to his cheeks. He found that he was quiet excited from doing this.

Miu's pink nipples seemed to perk up as the soap passed over. He looked closely as he noticed that then took a finger and flicked it over. A small moan escaped Miu's lips and he pulled his hand back as he looked at her.

Her lips were slightly parted and she had a rose tint to her cheeks. He continued since she didn't seem to be in any discomfort. He slid the soap up and down her belly and sides, down to her hips. Her skin was so soft, he noted.

He then washed her legs and her feet. He never noticed what tiny feet she had, they were cute. His hand rested on her thigh. He swallowed hard as he looked down at her lap, her legs slightly spread. Did he have to wash there as well? He closed his eyes as he slid the soap her thighs to her vagina. He was done washing her then set the soap down.

He slid his hand back down between her legs. He noticed how strange noises came from her when he was touching her there and wanted to see why. He noticed how she had a parting down there; he's never seen a woman like this so it was all new to him. He slid his fingers around the lips, which he connected to some of the things that Miroku had referred to before. He also remembered him saying that girls go crazy when something was inserted?

Slowly he pressed a finger against her firmly. More moans coming from Miu, but they sounded very good to him. She got chills but her hips pressed up into his hand, making his finger go in deeper. He watched her reactions closely. His finger sliding in and out of her sweet pot, it was strange he thought. A smell he had never smelled before was coming from her, as were sounds he had never heard, yet they were so subtle and so sweet sounding.

After a few minutes of the repeating motion of his fingers, she tensed up and started to quiver, her inner muscles tightening around his single digit. She breathed heavily as she relaxed back against him. He took this as a time to give her the fruit. He took a bite himself, then pressed his lips to hers passing the morsel with his tongue. She chewed it and then it was gone.

Colour started to return to her skin, and he could feel her aura becoming normal again. He smiled to himself. He dried her off then carried her back to the hut and sat her on the cot, laying close by her.

Every one shared a look then nodded, ignoring asking any strange questions which would only lead to strange answers.

"Miu," InuYasha walked up to me. We were standing on a mountain which overlooked a huge lake that resided at the base. I looked up at him and he sat his hands on my hips.

I started blushing and bit on my bottom lip. "Yes, InuYasha," I wrapped my arms loosely around his neck, stepping closer to him. He smiled. He lowered his head, his lips hovering over mine.

"I love you, Miu." I felt the words on his lips. I leaned up on the tip of my toes and pressed my lips to his.

"M-Miu," I heard someone shout. My eyes snapped open to see a confused InuYasha. My legs were still under the sheets that were scattered everywhere. I was on top of InuYasha who had his back up against a wall and trying to hold me back. "The hell are you doing," his voice was rising and his cheeks were red.

"I'm sorry," I said sheepishly, shying away from him. "I was having a dream…"

"Some dream," Miroku winked in my direction. I couldn't help but blush. I tightened the sheets around me as I looked away from everyone who had a big smile on their faces, all except for InuYasha that was.

"Whatever," he grumbled and got up walking out of the hut that we were in.

"What's wrong with him," I watched as he walked out the door.

"He's just been…" I quickly got up and limped outside, the wound in my back was still sore.

"InuYasha's what's wrong?" I found him standing on the side of the hut, looking up at the stars.

"Nothing," he spat, not looking at me. "Go back inside, you're sick."

"No I'm not, I'm also not a kit anymore so stop treating me like one!" I stomped my foot, but couldn't help but cough softly into my hand. He stepped toward me but I held up my hand to stop him. "Listen; just tell me why you are so mad at me!"

"I'm not mad at you…" He crossed his arms over his chest.

"Then why won't you talk to me? You are so huffy… I'm sorry; I didn't mean for Naraku to show up and ruin everything for you, I'll just leave okay?" I closed my eyes and shook my head as I turned around. I wrapped the sheet I had tighter around my shoulders and started to walk off.

I felt a pair of strong arms wrap around me, and a face bury into the back of my neck. "It's not that, Miu." He hugged me tighter to him. [i]Please, don't let this be a dream.[/i] "Don't tell anyone… because this is embarrassing as hell, but… I was scared that I would lose you."

I managed to turn around in his arms and smiled up at him. "Is that all," I giggled.

"That all," he asked baffled and a little put off.

"You're so stupid, InuYasha." I quickly kissed him, my hands on his chest while he wrapped his arms around my waist, pulling me closer to him.

"You're stupider," he smiled against my lips. I hit him lightly against his chest, just made him smile more as we kissed once again.