Author's Notes: Written for Asking Me Where My Love Grows' First Kiss Challenge on the HPFC forum (why yes, this does make three entries in an hour and a half).

You just stay away from him, Ginny. Stay away.


Ginny had almost no memories of the past year.

She tossed and turned in bed, her trunk already packed, all set to go home for the summer. Her first year at Hogwarts – the year she had been waiting for as long as she could remember – and it was a blur.

Or, most of it was.

She remembered some parts.

She remembered classes – parts of them, anyways – making simple little potions and levitating feathers. She remembered walking in on Percy and Penelope Clearwater. She thought that maybe she remembered a Quidditch game or two from back in the fall.

And she remembered him.

Almost everything about him was blurred, but, for whatever reason, Ginny still had a scrap of memory. And what a clear scrap of memory it was too.

He was so beautiful.

Eyes dark, skin ghostly pale, the most exquisite features Ginny had ever seen. Harry Potter was nothing compared to this.

He looked at her.

Little Ginny, diary in her hands, staring at the man – the boy – standing before her.

He appraised her, taking in her shaking fingers and her look of terror.

"Ginevra Weasley…"


"Do you know me?"

"You're… you're Tom Riddle."

"Yes… Are you scared?"


"Don't be. Soon, everything will be over… everything that scares you will be gone…"

And he leaned in. He kissed her – her first kiss – and his lips felt cool and insubstantial against hers. Ginny remembered her heart beating so fast that she was sure she was going to explode, and then…

And then she had woken up in the Chamber with Harry at her side.

The memory made her tremble in fear.

Or, she told herself it was fear.

In the cover of darkness in her dormitory room, Ginny pressed her lips against the back of her hand, imagining it was Tom Riddle's mouth.